A Holiday For A Hero…….Who Doesn’t Have One

ice_storm_047Students, we have many holidays that are dedicated to individuals or special people whose legacies we wish to celebrate. A sampling of some are Columbus Day, Presidents Day, and Martin Luther King Day, which inspired this blog post.

I would like for you to think about someone you admire who is not honored with a holiday. This person may be someone from history who is not currently being honored with a holiday, another famous person, a family member, or someone else you admire. (no classmates) Imagine that you have been asked to create a holiday for someone you feel is deserving of one.

Please tell me your definition of what makes a hero.

How does the person you choose to honor fit this definition?

In your response you must include the following information and tell me “why?”:

Name of the person to be honored

A title for the holiday

Date for the holiday

Songs or music for the holiday

Specific foods for the holiday

Holiday colors

Any special clothing, decorations, etc.


  1. To me a hero is a person who you can trust, a person who is not selfish or needy. A hero is also a person that you can go to when you’re down. A hero is also a person who you can count on to be by your side in hard times or in good.
    My hero would probably be my great-grandma, Gigi. Gigi has always been there for me and always will be. I know that she’s a hero that needs a hero too. Her husband, my Papa passed away so I promissed to my Papa to take care of her in sickness and in health. And, most of all my Gigi is my best friend who won’t ever let me down.
    The day that would be devoted to her would be called Gigi Palooza. It would be on February 1st, because Gigi was Clark Gable’s biggest fan, he was her romeo. Clark Gab;le’s birthday was on February 1st.
    On that day we would all wear gold and clothes from the 1930s, because Gigi was born in 1918. Gigi also has like her own room theme, she decorated her apartment with gold and very beatiful things. My Gigi would always dress to the nines. So on Gigi Palooza Day we would all dress to the nines.
    On Gigi Palooza Day we would all eat popcorn. Popcorn is Gigi’s all-time favorite food.
    We would also have a tradition, we would all watch Gone With The Wind. GWTW is Gigi’s favorite movie.

  2. I don’t think a hero has to have any super powers, or big muscles. When I think of a hero, I think of someone with a big heart, someone who acts selflessly, not caring what he or she will get out of a deal, or job. A hero will always think of another person.

    The person I have chosen to honor is my soccer coach. My coach’s name is Vicki. Since the moment my mom moved down here, and then when I moved, she has been someone we turn to ask questions, or someone who made me feel better just by hearing her laugh. She has been by far the best Coach I’ve ever had. Coach Vicki is constantly making up ways to make training fun. She does not expect to be paid for her constant effort to make our team, and others grow. She is completely selfless and is my hero.

    The title of the holiday would be Think Big Day. I chose this name, because at my team’s soccer camp, we went over to Coach Vicki’s house and made up skits. My line in one of the skits was “think big”, ever since then that is what she always says, and I think it really describes the way my coach lives. The date would be July twentieth, because that was around the time we had the camp.

    Some songs for Think Big Day would be our team’s cheers. We have made up a lot, and we yell them out before every game. I can’t think of any foods that would be specific to this holiday. The main colors would be yellow and blue, because those are the colors of my team. My coach loves sparkles so for decorations there would be very many glittery decorations.

    I love my coach like a second mom, and partly hope I never grow out of the Oldsmar Legends.

  3. A hero is someone that leads people, sets an example, and in harsh times will always be there for his/her people.
    To me Luis Urzua is a hero. When 33 men where stuck in a mine half a mile underground with 700,000 tons of rock above them this man kept hope, he helped the rest of his crew stay calm and helped distribute the supplies so they would not run out. Imagine being stuck in the pitch black for 17 days without no communication with anyone “outside”. He was the one that kept the supplies lasting for those 17 days without any communication and kept them with hope for the whole 70 days they were down there. He would get this holiday not just for that because he volunteered to be the last one to come out of that distressing human trap.
    If he had a holiday it would be called Urzua Day and it would be on the 13th of October, The colors would of course be red, white, and blue because those are the colors of the Chilean flag. The music that would be listened to would be traditional Chilean music or the anthem because that is what they heard when they had all come out of there. It would be a very joyful day and a record because something like that had never happened.

  4. A hero is someone who has been through and made it through strong. I think of a hero as someone who is kind and there for you. If I had to choose a hero it would be my brother, P.J., because he has broken his arm twice and he still rip sticks even though that is how he broke his arm and he is always kind and giving. He will always be there for you. If there was a holiday for him if would be called P.J. day and it would be on July 15th because that is his birthday. The music for that holiday would be Scatman’s world because that is his favorite song, ever since he got home from camp this past summer that has been his favorite song because his counselor played it for him, and the main food would be chocolate cake because he loves chocolate cake. The holiday colors would be blue and black because those are his favorite colors and the colors of his casts. For clothing everyone would wear their pajamas, or p.j.s, because that is the name of the holiday. I don’t think there would be any specific decorations because that would just be a bit too much.

  5. My definition of what makes a hero is a person who is nice, deserving, gives, and is flexible. They would have amazing talents, a wonderful personality, and a stunning smile.

    In my opinion one of the best people who demonstrates these qualities the best is Dianna Agron. She is a star on “Glee” who is an amazing actress! She plays the roll of Quinn. Dianna an amazing person! The name of the holiday would be Dianna Day and it would be on April 30th(it’s her birthday). The songs for the holiday would be all of the songs she sang in “Glee”. Foods for the holiday would be birthday cake, of course, and whatever her favorite food is. The colors would be pink and purple, her favorite colors. And for the day, all girls would dress up like her just for the fun of it.

    I would have chosen one of my family members or a teacher, but then the rest of them would feel left out.

  6. A hero to me is someone who always helps out and can make you feel better when you’re sad. I would have my mom be the hero because she always is cleaning around the house and never receives too much recognition. If I am ever sad she will tell me everything will be all right. If I didn’t break a personal best at a swim meet, and I’m sad, she’ll tell me there will be more meets and chances. The holiday would be called Carolyn Day because that is my mom’s name. The holiday would be on February eleventh because that is my mother’s birthday. The festive song of the event would be “ I Heard It Through The Grapevine” because that is one of her favorite songs. For the majority of the day people would only eat salads because my mom loves them. The main color would be yellow because that is our house’s color and everyone would wear an “I heart Carolyn t-shirt”.

  7. A hero is a person who you can trust. It’s someone that will put someone else before themselves. They’re person that can set good examples.

    I would give my aunt Sandra a holiday. She is also my godmother. She is a great example and she has been a person I could put my trust in since the day I was born. She is defiantly my favorite out of all of all of my aunts. She is very close to my family and I. Whenever she comes into town the two of us always spend a lot of time together.

    The holiday would be called “Sandra Day” since her name is Sandra. It would be on September 2. That’s her birthday so she would have her birthday and Sandra Day all on the same day!!!
    Songs by Buddy Greene would be played on that day. He is her brother and my uncle. For food everyone would eat foods that had some type of chocolate in it. Chocolate is her favorite!!! The colors would be blue, purple, and pink. I’m not really sure why but those sound like good colors. Everyone would wear clothing and jewelry that she designed.

    This holiday would be celebrated all around the world in honor of Sandra Blalock. I love my aunt Sandra and I hope she recovers soon from the knee surgery she had this week.

  8. I believe a hero is brave, valiant, trustworthy, couragous, kind, considerate, and lifts you up when you’ve fallen down.

    Sadly, I cannot find anyone who fits this category. However, I would honor all the people who did good deeds out of kindness and didn’t boast about it. (No true hero would)

    It would be called “Gen Day” (gen is short for generosity) and it would take place on August 8 because lets face it, August needs another holiday besides Labor Day. The foods that would be eaten would be comfort foods. The colors would be gold and white.

    Everyone one Gen Day must do one generous act of kindness to symbolize all the unspoken deeds.
    Posters of smiley faces would be hung on the front door. Finally, the holiday music would be any classical or upbeat music. (But no depressing classical)

  9. A hero is someone you can look up to, someone who you can be a role model for you, someone who you can look at to help with your mistakes. A hero also is someone who always makes the right choices in life.

    If I were to make a holiday for any hero, it would be my dad. His whole life he has been working very hard. He started when he was a kid in a small apartment in New York and has worked and studied his way to becoming a Columbia alumni and now is an insurance lawyer and has a wife and takes care of me and my brother.He has helped me in many ways in life. My dad started my brother and I playing tennis. He has devoted lots of time to practice with my brother and I. Some days he comes home from work early to practice with us. He has spent hours driving us back and forth to tournaments all over the state.

    The holiday for my dad would be called “Litsky Day” because my dad has given a good reputation for my family. It would be on December 4th which, of course, is his birthday. Some songs that would be played are songs by “Bruce Sprigsteen” and “Jimi Hendrix” because he really loved those artists and grew up listening to them. My dad and I have gone through some good times and bad times, but still will always love him.

  10. A hero is someone who you look up to, and who you admire. You can’t be the absolute same as another person, but a hero is someone who you try to be like because they have good qualities. Examples for some of the qualities would be that they’re a hard worker and always try their best, they’re an honest person, and they’re a good friend.

    The person who I would choose to honor with a holiday would be my friend from dance Megan. She’s older than me, but she is still a great friend and is nice to the littler girls. She’s a great dancer, she’s competed at the regional and national competitions multiple times and at Ireland’s national competition too. She’s dedicated to dance, but she balances it with school. She’s a senior in high school, so that means she had to apply for different colleges. She’s in the IB program at her school and she got a scholarship for USF’s medical program. I think it’s really awesome that she’s still able to do well in school and be a great dancer.

    The name of the holiday would be Megan Day. I know that’s not really original, but I think she’d be fine with that. The holiday would be the second Saturday of December. Our regional competition is the first weekend of December so I think it’d be a nice and fun break for the dancers.

    Even though we do Irish dance, there would only be one Irish song, and that would be at the end of the day at 8:00. Otherwise, the rest of the day, you would be hearing music such as Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, and others such as that. There wouldn’t be any specific foods, but maybe just yummy food that everyone likes such as pizza, apples or watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies. The holiday colors would be green, blue, and pink. Green because of the Irish dance, blue because her dance dress has blue on it and i think of that being her color, and the pink because she kind of likes that color and it looks good with green and blue. You wouldn’t have to wear anything in particular, just as long as it was comfy.

  11. A hero is a person that you look up to or want to be like. It could be someone that you admire or support. Tom Brady is my hero because he plays my football position and has made it really far in the NFL. He makes me want to be just like him and be successful as a football player. If I had made a holiday for him it would be called The Brady Bash and it would be on August 3 because it is his birthday. It would be the biggest party on the block. It would have all the latest songs and the best gourmet catering services for foods. The holiday colors would be red and blue because they are the colors of the Patriots. I think that people should wear whatever they want to wear to the party because he wouldn’t want people to be uncomfortable in suits.

  12. Hero might be a short word but it has a long list of meanings. A hero is someone who will do anything to protect someone they love even if that means sacrificing themselves. A hero is a person with only good intensions. A hero is a person who always wants to help people no matter what. Yes, Hero is a short word but it has a long list of meanings that show people who they should really inspire to be like forever and always!

    If I had to create a holiday for one person it would be Miley Cyrus. I can remember when I was just seven watching the very first Hannah Montana and thinking to myself I want to be just like her when I’m older. To this day Miley Cyrus is still my favorite singer and actress and has been for years. To me a hero is someone who doesn’t care what people think of them and continues to do what they love no matter what anybody says and I think she is a perfect example of that. She has inspired me to do the same.

    The name of my holiday would be of course Miley Cyrus day. The date of Miley Cyrus day would be when the first ever Hannah Montana ever hit T.V which would be March 24, 2006. This would be the perfect date because it would mark the start of a superstar and my inspiration. Every radio station will play her songs all day from the first song to the last. Disney Channel would have a marathon of every episode from the beginning to the end. The holiday colors would be her favorite colors and all the colors on her most famous outfits. Everyone would get to wear a wig on this day and get together down town and sing Miley Cyrus songs all day long.

  13. My definition of a hero is a certain individual that makes a positive change in to a community, a state, a country, or the world.

    The hero I chose is rich, smart, and giving. I chose Bill Gates. Bill Gates fits my definition of a hero because he has made a positive change in the world. Bill Gates created the first computer operating system that changed the whole world forever. Gates also gives a lot of his earnings to charities. If Gates kept all of his money to himself then he would be the richest person in the world by far.

    If this holiday were to become a reality it would be called Windows of the World. I don’t know all the facts but the holiday would take place on the day Bill Gates first had the windows system copy written. I think that the colors of the holiday would be red, green, blue, and yellow (those are the colors found on the windows logo). For music I think techno would be the main genre of songs. Every year Bill Gates would send 1000 computers to needy schools in a country and whatever country was picked the parties would be celebrated using the festivities of the nation.

    The holiday would be awesome!

  14. I think the definition of a hero is someone that helps someone else.

    If I could make a day for a hero it would be called “Doctors Day” because a doctor is someone that helps you stay healthy and that will help you even if you on the verge of death. On this day all doctors of any type would be honored. The day would be held on June second because there are not a lot of holidays in June. On this day there would be a parade of doctors the holiday colors red and white like the Red Cross symbols.

  15. I believe that a true hero is someone that you both admire and respect. Someone you can have fun with, but also a person who you can a have a serious conversation. And finally someone who treats you as you really are. Now that I think about it, I only know one person who fits this special category. This person is best friend in the world, but also my brother. He means so much more to me then I let him take credit for. He is always the one who calms me down when I’m frustrated and someone who teaches me everything from how to make up a bed, to doing Spanish homework.
    So by honoring my brother, for being the best brother I could ever have “Brothers to Remember Day”, which would be on my brothers birthday, May 16, every year we would hang up light green decorations, because that’s my brother’s favorite color. Also, we would set up speakers to play his favorite reggae music from Bob Marley, such as “Three Little Birds.” Then, my brother would be treated as a king and spend his entire day, basking in the ambiance of his special day.

  16. To me, a hero is someone who risks their life every day to help save thousands of lives. Someone who would give away everything they had to help their country and are always thinking about their buddy.

    I would dedicate my holiday to the Navy SEALs. The Seals are the most elite fighting force and are deployed all over the world. They are frequently in battle and never know when they will be called right back into the heat of it. They save many lives every day when they could be home with their families.

    I would name the holiday “Frogman Day,” and it would take place on May 1, when all SEAL teams were redesignated. Songs for the holiday would be picked by the Navy SEALs. They would be whatever songs they liked. The colors for the holiday would be Desert, Arctic, Woodland, Digital, Urban, Blue Tiger, Red Tiger, and Fall camo. The clothing for the holiday would be Army colored clothing and Ghillie suits.

  17. A hero is a person who saves a live, a community, a family, and things like that. For example, George Washington was a hero because he helped save America from the British. My hero is not a person. It is rather a group of people. The Army. They risk their lives everyday to make sure that the U.S can have a good future. The holiday would be called National Guard Day and It would be held on June 6th. On June 6th, the U.S invaded the beaches of France also known as D-day. The holiday music would be the U.S anthem. There would be no special food because the Army doesn’t eat that much. The colors would be camouflage that the army wears.

  18. To me, a hero is somebody that you look up to. It is a person that does things that influence you. Someone who is a good citizen, and would give their life for others.

    My hero is Ronde Barber. He is a corner back for the Buccaneers. The thing that I like about him is that he’s not one of those football players who does stupid things and gets arrested; he is a good guy. Him and his twin brother Tiki have wrote many books and I have read most, if not all, of them. But, his brother retired and did some bad things. Ronde has stayed a good guy, though.

    My holiday for him would be called Ron-day. It’s a pun, I know. The -de in Ronde is pronounce like day, so I took advantage of that. Ron-day would be on January 1st, because he deserves to be first. One song for the Ron-day would be “All I Do Is Win” because Ronde is just that cool. There would be no specific foods, but everybody would be wearing the colors red and white because those are the colors of the Bucs. I guess for clothes everyone can wear Ronde Barber jerseys.

  19. My definition of a hero is someone who makes a difference in your life in a good way. The person I think that really falls into that discription is my grandmother. After my grandfather and grandmother divorced she took care of her two children ( my mom and my uncle ) and provided for them. She worked her way from a teacher to the head of shorecrest. I think the holiday should be called Mary day. It would be on every leap year. I don’t know why leap year but it sounds like a good date. The music would be happy. I am not sure what food would be eaten. I think the colors would be black and white because she likes them. Everyone would where casual clothes.

  20. If I could make a holiday for a hero from today, I would say there should be a Les Paul day. Les Paul was an honorable man who made one of thee most significant electric guitars in history, thee Gibson Les Paul. The holiday would be called Les Paul Day, because it is thee holiday honoring Les Paul. It would be on June thee 9’the, because that was thee day he was born. The music for thee holiday would be music that Les Paul wrote during his career, because he was a guitarist. I can not think of any kind of food for the holiday because Les Paul really wasn’t involved withe food. If there would be any colors for the holiday they would be orange, brown, and white, because these are thee colors on an average sunburst Gibson Les Paul. And as for any decorations, I would say little paper guitars would be hanged up, but I really see no point in that because that would be pretty out of place. And to me, thee definition of a hero is someone who helps make things better in life and supports other people, and Les Paul did both of these, he helped invent one of thee most successful electric guitars, and he gave to charity often, which makes Les Paul a hero to guitarists everywhere, who have at least one used a Gibson Les Paul in their careers.

  21. Despite my previous post, I do have a hero today. She constantly makes me consider new material for thought and I greatly enjoy her class. She is flexible with my choices in literature and there’s always room for opinions in classroom discussions. If she had a holiday it would probably involve reading because it seems to be a big part of her life and she makes an effort every day to make it a big part of ours as well. The holiday doesn’t have a title; but if it did it’d be a very self explanatory one. The song would be “Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd.

  22. A hero is someone who is courageous, modest, has honorable qualities, and like Kai said they’d have a big heart. They would be willing to sacrifice their freedom for other people even if it meant they’d be hurt.
    I think there should be a U.S. Secretary of State Day. This is one of the toughest positions in our government. These individuals have to deal with the foreign relations issues with almost every country around the world. They have to travel a lot, eat strange foods, and learn different customs and languages. This can be a dangerous job because one mistake could lead to a disaster. It’s a very pressured job. The holiday would be sometime during the summer because to me it seems like a summer holiday. The food for the holiday would be different foods from around the world. The main songs for this holiday would be “You Got That Right” by Layard Skynyrd and “History Will Teach Us Nothing” by Sting.

  23. My defenition of a hero is a kind, noble person who always does the right thing. I think a hero doesn’t need superpowers or anything. All they need to do is be nice, tell the truth, and resist temptation (aka. come over to the dark side, we have cookies).
    The person I chose, my mom, fits this description. She is almost always kind and understanding (unless she’s really, well, you know, mad).
    It would be called ‘Marcia Day’ and it would be held the day after valentines day so that everyone could eat valentine’s candy!!

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