Remembering 2010 ~ Live and Learn and Pass It On ~ and Looking Back (Ahead!) to the 60’s!


Students, tell us your most memorable moments from 2010. What does 2010 represent for you?

Are there any words and phrases that you heard too much of in 2010? They might be buzz words, catchphrases from television, advertising, movies or songs, or they just might be “filler” words that people dropped into conversation too often. Are there any that will keep going strong in 2011? (idea courtesy of The New York Times Learning Network)

Have any of you made New Year’s resolutions?

Live and Learn and Pass It On

Do any of you have any life lessons that you have learned and would like to pass on? A life lesson is an experience that you have learned from and want to share with others.

For example…..I learned that if your puppy has a baby bunny in its mouth, it does you no good to chase it around the yard with a shovel… will eat it anyway! (I know, ewwww!)
I have also learned that talking on the phone while following a recipe leads to disastrous results.
And I have also learned that while I strive to be the best teacher for my students, they give back to me in immeasurable ways.

While the mayhem ensued at Shea Stadium, I was sitting on the roof of my aunt’s house with a bunch of friends listening to the concert…..and having a great time! Can you imagine singing without ear plugs (back then) in that noise level? The music revolution begins…..

Get ready for The Outsiders!


  1. 2010 symbolizes new beginnings and memories.

    One significant event stands out to me the most, my Bar Mitzvah. In late November, I was called to the Torah to become a man. The two hour long event was rewarded by a magnificent party that my parents had planned for months in advance. The six months of studying with my tutor really paid off. It was rather interesting to see both my Jewish and non-Jewish friends congregated in my synagogue to support me. And as for the party: It was bangin’!

    Another enjoyable moment is me and my brother transferring over to a new ice rink. It was compelling getting to know all of my new teammates and see which ones I had already played against. These memories with my new team will always be distinct to me for I am having the most fun than with any other hockey team. Plus, I’m with a group of really great and awesome guys.

    This past break, my family and I went on our first vacation since about two years ago. We were restrained from traveling because of my and my brother’s hockey. We went to San Juan, St. Thomas, and St. Maartin. What made the cruise better was meeting these two guys. One was my age and the other was my brother’s age. We would always ditch each other and you can imagine how hard it was to find each other on such a massive ship. But overall, it was a blast. Yet, what’s sad is the food got to be so old that I couldn’t wait to get back home so that my mom could cook again.

    Beast. “Hey man, that shirt is beast!” “Did you go to the concert? It was beast!” “I am such a beast!” Beast can be defined as anything that is pure awesome. It can be annoying to hear this word used repetitively, but you’d be surprised to find out just how often you use the word yourself. I, for example, think that I use it occasionally. Others may disagree, but that’s my take on it.

    You may have taken notice to how many people comment, “Epic fail!” It’s so aggravating to see this word in context or have it used against you. After all, would you really want someone to call something you did an epic fail? I think that people use this to make themselves feel better if they can’t do something better than another person.

    I believe these phrases are here to stay for a while.

    I do not have a New Year’s resolution, and I have never made one unless a teacher asked me to do so the day after break was over. My reasoning is that if you have a goal in life, you should set it as soon as you think of it. This is so that you can achieve that goal ASAP, and move on to accomplishing something else. For example, pretend that I want to become a better hockey player. Why should I wait to the end of the season? I need to set the goal early on so that I can reach the outcome quicker. This is why resolutions are pointless.

    Here are some life lessons.

    Don’t care so much about what others think.

    Little siblings are unknown masterminds.

    You can’t open a coconut with your bare hands.

    Don’t fret when your electronics aren’t working.

    Don’t text and drive! 🙂 Haha!

    I have a feeling that 2011 will be a year of hidden opportunities, but no matter how concealed they are, you’ll always be able to find them.

  2. 2010 represents friends and fun. I have seen a bunch of friends this year and made a bunch more.

    I learned that you have to be careful with the things that you like. I learned this because I wasn’t careful with my computer and I broke, even though I got it fixed I still learned that I have to be more careful with stuff like that.

    One really memorable moment for me in 2010 was traveling in our R.V. after camp. We we went to a bunch of different places. My favorite stop was when we went to Dollywood and a bunch of other cool places near there. Traveling with my mom and siblings was a lot of fun.

    In a concert full of screaming people I wouldn’t use earplugs, it seems pointless to me.

  3. To me, 2010 represents fun times with my friends and cousins, and also on vacations! One of my most memorable times was when we went skiing during spring break and winter break. Other fun times were with friends at sleepovers or getting ready for Bat Mitzvahs together! I also had fun at cheerleading competitions!
    A phrase that was said a lot in 2010, but I think it will still be said in 2011 is “you would.” I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, because I was in Utah skiing during New Years and I didn’t have much time to think about it.
    A life lesson that I have learned in 2010 is that you just need to live your life one step at a time and have fun while you can!

  4. 2010 was an…interesting year for me. My most memorable moment would probably be going overseas to Asia over the summer. It is so different on the other side of the world. For one thing, the airports are so much nicer, and in Hong Kong, the buildings were huge! It was like taking a trip to New York; except there were a lot of Asian people. Our hotel lobby and hallways smelt soooo good! I couldn’t get over how good it smelt. It was so relaxing, but when you walked outside, it was so crowded. The streets there are packed with cars and people. In Hong Kong, almost all people walk to different places. I loved the malls there! The smallest one was seven stories!!!! Yes, the smallest.

    In Beijing, it is so polluted! You can barely see anything. It’s very different from Hong Kong because there it is so modern; in Beijing, it’s very ancient looking. It was cool seeing all the old ruins and houses. It was also interesting going to the Olympic Garden where most of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games venues were found. The Birds Nest and The Cube were my favorite. They were very different from most building that I’ve seen. The Great Wall of China was gigantic. It is so hard to climb; it made me feel overweight. I couldn’t believe that people used to walk that. The steps aren’t even, so it’s scary walking up and down. Every minute, you’re hoping not to fall. It was interesting learning all the history behind Beijing.

    The last city we went to over the summer was Phuket, Thailand. There were a lot of mosquitoes there. I loved their food. The beaches are beautiful and calming. My family and I saw a show that had elephants in it. I never knew that elephants could do a ton of tricks like I saw. My sister loved the show so much, that we ending up actually riding one. It was really scary at first because I felt like I was going to fall off, but after a little bit, it became soothing. Riding an elephant was the best thing that we did in Phuket. 2010 represented excitement to me. Going to Asia was such a great experience.

    I have definitely heard the word “like” way too much. So many people say it without trying to. Even I say it a lot. It gets annoying sometimes, but I’ve gotten used to it. “Like” I bet will stay strong, but I think Facebook will too.
    I haven’t really made any New Year’s resolutions.

    A life lesson would probably be to try to spend a lot of time with your grandparents because someday they might be gone, and you won’t see them anymore.

    I probably couldn’t be able to sing without earphone because you could lose the place in the song and probably get off key. But they weren’t that sophisticated back then, so I guess they got used to it.

  5. My most memorable moment in 2010 should be in North Carolina when we went on the Grandfather Mountain hike “Black Rock”. This hike is about 5.000ft high. Also I think a memorable moment in 2010 is when I make my first 500m race on swim team. 2010 to me represents adventure. For my New Year’s resolution I chose to go to districts in swim team again for the 500m race and beat my personal best time of 6 minutes and52 seconds.
    I will work hard to get this goal.

  6. My most memorable moment in 2010 should be in North Carolina when we went on the Grandfather Mountain hike “Black Rock”. This hike is about 5.000ft high. Also I think a memorable moment in 2010 is when I make my first 500m race on swim team. 2010 to me represents adventure. For my New Year’s resolution I chose to go to districts in swim team again for the 500m race and beat my personal best time of 6 minutes and52 seconds.
    I will work hard to earn this goal.

  7. Rehearsals for the play, I can’t decide on a specific day, are forever burned into my brain (for good reasons and bad). I could never forget Caroline’s “Jolly Rancher Candy Cane” song. Of course she makes up the most random songs but that one is the most memorable.

    So much happened to me this year. I really can’t pick just one thing. I would have to say that 2010 represents change. I was definitely not the same person in 2009.

    Okay, I am so sick of the word beast! People think it’s cool, but it’s not. It’s very annoying. I remember one day at lunch my friends and I tried not to say the word like. We simply couldn’t do it. If people would say like in the correct form, I wouldn’t be bothered by it. Like will probably never die out so yes it will be around in 2011.

    I used to make New Year’s resolutions but I could never remember what they were so I gave up.

    I’m sure Savanna will put this too, but never give a French girl Mountain Dew and a squirt gun. It will result it madness, trust me. And never stand on a chair in the bathtub. I did not do this myself but someone I know did. Lets just say they won’t do it again.

  8. 2010 was an interesting year. I remember in the beginning of the when every one was freaking out. My most memorable moment was not really fun, but I do have a happier one. The most memorable moment for me was when I broke my finger in a basketball game. I played the whole game so I didn’t think it was that bad, but it still hurt like crazy. I did score ten points eight in the fourth quarter, and our team still lost. After we left we went to a walk-in clinic and the x-rayed it and sent me to a real doctor. The doctor said my finger was broken so bad I had to get cast and miss the first week of basketball.

    This moment is much happier. I did a basketball camp and for half the day we scrimmage with five on five teams and on the last day they do awards. On the last day, I was sitting with my friends from the camp and we all were thinking this one kid on my team was going to get an allstar and couple kids thought I was going to get cause only one person per team can get an allstar and he was on my team. I ended up getting it was pretty funny.

    I don’t really make resolutions so I can’t think of anything to write for that. I didn’t really realize it was New Years Eve until 10:00. I learned that reading isn’t that bad. I didn’t like reading before the teachers before Mrs. Cobb picked out extremely boring books. 2010 was a very fun year.

  9. Well because I really just can’t remember most of 2010 I have to say my most memorable moment was one from a month ago. My most memorable moment was when my brother and I had the privilege to sit in court-side seats during the Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks basketball game. It was only the second basketball game my brother and I have ever been to. At one point in the game I was cheering so loud that one of the players on the Knicks turned around and looked me straight in the eye. I am a huge Heat fan.

    For me 2010 really represents all things strange. It has been a very wild year for my family. One phrase I have heard way too much of is ” I always feel like somebody is watching me.” from the Geico commercial.

    My only New Year’s resolution is to try my hardest to never give up on a round of golf and always play through at least nine, even if it is the worst round of my life. I have only one life lesson to share it is: Make your haters your motivators.

  10. My most memorable moment in 2010 was when I saw a baby sea turtle hatch from his nest. It was super cute. For me, 2010 was a great year, but it could use some improvement. Then again there is always room for improvement, so overall it was great. I could definitely try to improve my study habits.

    One thing that I hope people stop talking about is the oil spill. It happened, and now it’s done. I think we should let it go, and just try to be more careful. And some of my family’s jokes are kind of old. They tell them over and over again and continue laughing.

    I did make a new year’s resolution to improve my study habits. I don’t always study well. I also would like to try to be more organized. Life will just be easier that way. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this year turns out.

    I have learned that one of the most important parts in our lives right now is our studies, so try to stay focused, because if something else bad happens right now, I don’t think I will be dwelling on it in the future. So make sure to take a look at what really matters.

  11. The most memorable moment of 2010 was definitely when I when to South Africa. I was the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. It was totally different than America. The animals if Africa were much better than anything we would see in America, or anywhere else in the world. The people were very friendly but they didn’t speak English so it was hard to talk to them. I learned a lot of Zulu words. I bet out of all my trips I have in my lifetime that will be the best one.
    Words like “beast” and “bananas”. And no more saying “bees knees”, now it’s the “vampires pianos”.
    My new year goal is to get all A’s. Dout it will happen but I’ll try.
    Never get hurt, when you get hurt then it hurts.

  12. 2010 was a huge year for me. The best and most memorable would have to be becoming good friends with Kai. I love to hang out with her because she is so much like me. I also really loved playing basketball at school.
    The one thing I think was overdone this year was words like beast, epic, and fails. I am tired of hearing them.
    I don’t usually make a new years resolution, because I never keep it.
    The one message that I would like to pass on from my past experiences with my friends is if you give to much soda to two people things will get pretty crazy, fast.

  13. My most memorable moments from 2010 are last year’s football season and when I went skiing in Snowmass, Colorado. I had a good football season with one two-point conversion and had some good kick and punt returns. In Snowmass I saw my dads cousin and his son that is bilingual.
    A word that I have heard too much is “Annoying.”
    My New Year’s resolution is to get better in all that I play sports.
    A life lesson I would like to pass on is think twice before you do something.

  14. To me, 2010 means a fun time with friends. My most memorable moment was when I did the play. (Even though when I did it on stage I chickened out and sung quietly), But I enjoyed going to rehearsals and meeting new friends.
    I hear the word “Beast” and “like” all the time. I can’t say that the word “like” really bugs me because I tend to use that word a lot, but when people say “beast” I get very annoyed.
    I didn’t choose to have a new year’s resolution but my mom said that I had to. My mom chose one for me and it as that I would have to eat healthier. Since I had to have a resolution that I chose myself, I chose that I would like to try and keep my room more tidy. So in the end I had two New Year’s resolutions.
    Something to live by is “There are more fish in the sea.” My friends would always say this when I was feeling down.

  15. It is very hard to say what was the most memorable part of 2010 because for me it was a year filled with excitement, fun, joy, and adventure. One of the most memorable parts of 2010 was when my friends and I all went to Busch Gardens for my birthday and we met and took pictures with David Price, Desmond Jennings, and Reid Brignac from the Tampa Bay Rays. Another memorable moment was when I went shopping in Miami and went to Dash which is a clothing store created by Kourtney, Kim, and Klhoe Kardashian. It was cool to see Dash because it is also featured on the three sister’s reality T.V show “Kourtney and Klhoe take Miami.

    The one saying that has definitely been overdone and used way to much is “beast”. The reason I’m sure its overdone is because my mom even says it now!

    The one message that I would like to pass on from my past experiences is that you have to stick up for yourself when you think its right and to not let anybody break you down.

  16. One of my memories of 2010 was when I went to see my sister while she was graduating college, At the ceremony,or something. I’m not exactly sure what it’s called, but they had a speaker, and it was Meryl Streep. I love famous people, so I thought that was awesome and so was seeing my sister graduate. I also went up to New York to see my sister and celebrate winter. We saw a broadway show of Mary Poppins and we also got to seae the Rockettes. One of the cool things about that is tat my old Ballet teacher’s sister is a Rockette. They were awesome and they were all in sync.

    I think that “like,beast”, and many other words were used way too much this year. I think also, that like will definitely will be used next year and I’m not sure about “beast”.Oh yeah, another incredibly annoying word used by a couple of my friends is “SPARKLES.”

    I don’t really have any new years resolutions, because they will never be acheived.

  17. Well, some pretty bad stuff happened in 2010, some good stuff balanced it out though.

    My cat died, my theater manager died, my great aunt died, and my aunt’s father-in-law died.

    However, we also bought my grandfather a mustang (He was so happy!), I got Madame De La Grande Bouche in Beauty and the Beast, and I got three superiors in Junior Thespians. Early in the year, my friend and I were asked to sing at school events twice!!!

    So there were some bad times in 2010, but some good times too. A word to describe it: Balanced.

    Goodness, will everyone stop using the noun “beast” as an adjective???? It was SO annoying last year!

    No, I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions… it was different in Grade School when people forced me to, now nobody reminds me until it’s too late. 🙂

    Well, I have learned A LOT of things I should pass on, but here’s just a few of them.:

    1. When you’re on a FLO-RIDER, if you eventually don’t let go of the trainer’s hands, she’s going to push you… and you WILL fall.

    2. Let your parents know BEFORE you have a spending spree with their credit card on facebook.

    3. Sometimes, watching old movies is a good time for a nap.

  18. I can’t really think of trendy words, but I can think of trendy things instead. My top three would have to be Angry Birds, Betty White, and Facebook. (Did you know Time magazine voted its founder either man or person of the year? I can’t remember which, though) Angry birds is a great and fun game, though challenging at times. I also hope Betty White’s career does not become used or glorified. She is funny the way she is. Another memorable event of 2010 would have to be the BP oil spill. Chaos and destruction in a nutshell. Finally, this one personal, my uncle got married this past summer.

    No, I did not make any New Year’s resolutions because they would be broken by February. It does not mean I have no goals for this year, just none right now.

    I have learned (from watching someone else) that stuffing a cookie with butterscotch tasty does not make. Why, sugar overload, that’s why! Also, before exercising vigorously, never eat too many sloppy joes.(Especially before jujitsu!) Also goes for tacos.

  19. I do have some memorable moments from 2010, but I don’t want to go into them considering most of them are bad moments. I am so glad that year is over. The word beast has been used a lot in the past year, but I like that word and I hope it sticks around for 2011. I have a few resolutions but I rather keep them to myself, and as for life lessons, the most valuable one I learned is to keep my mouth shut when I have some thing mean or sarcastic to say. Have a happy New Year! Go 2011! 😀

  20. 2010 was surprisingly a really great year for me and I really can’t believe it is over. Now that I look back, I realize how many great memories I have and it’s truly alarming! There are too many great memories to just put in least to greatest order, but if I were to just choose one particular memory as a highlight of my 2010 and a great way to end my decade of childhood, I would choose the memory of being back stage, opening night of our middle division play, Beauty and the Beast. This memory is important to me, not only because of the certain significance of the night, but for the many emotions pumping through my veins that night. I remember the mood of the entire cast being both highly electric and all very nervous and seeing all my new great friends from both lower and upper grade minutes before the curtains would open and “Bell” would hit her opening line, that particular moment was truly priceless and I will remember it forever.
    Unfortunately, my new great friends from the lower grades decided to give me a very unique nick-name that will annoy me forever. It is, “Sancho Panze.” I have asked all of my friends in my grade what that means and no one has known anything about it. It seems to have come straight out of the blue and even several of my 8th grade friends adapted it and use it as a joke. At first when it started, I didn’t really like it, but after several months of it, I’ve learned it to live it.
    Right now is about the time where my theater buddies from different grades, that are reading that last paragraph are laughing and remembering a certain 5th grader.
    I really don’t have a new year’s resolution and I have never had one before; it’s more of a life reevaluation plan, which tells me to be a better person all around, from being more mature, to studying more.
    The Beetles are one of my favorite bands ever! I love their music and the overall magic of Sir Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star, and George Harrison. Overall together they made over 300 songs and sold over a billion albums! You have to remember how talented the voices of this band had to be. Now days we have synthesizers that can smooth out the music and make flat notes, tuned. In the 1960’s, the age of The Beetles all the help the music would get was a small box that would expand the music making it sound like it was being played in a very large room, ultimately causing the music to sound a little better.

  21. I have so many memories from 2010 I don’t know where to start.

    First off, in January I spent Christmas vacation in Ohio! Many of my dad’s family members and friends live there (my grandma, my cousins, my aunt Anne, est.). I also had a white Christmas when we visited. I went over to my friend Aubri’s house and played in the snow for hours. She kept wanting to go in but I insisted on staying outside and having a snowball fight. ☺ We also debated if cold weather was better than hot weather. New years eve (2009 becoming 2010) was fun too because we watched “The Hangover” with Aubri’s family and my dad and sister.

    In March my dad was a five-year cancer survivor! Also, my birthday was March 30th. Sadly my mom and sister were out on a cruise ship on spring break from March 25th to March 31st, so they missed my birthday. My dad felt bad for me and threw me a surprise birthday party! My nanny, Carmen, said Amanda and Wendy were coming home with me after softball practice (Wendy and I carpool everyday and Carmen said that Amanda’s mom couldn’t pick her up). We got to my house and did homework and at about 5 o’clock Wendy had to go to karate, but Amanda stayed. We went in the backyard and my friend Kaitlyn came over with a present and a HUGE cupcake. I thought she was over just to say happy birthday, but then my friend Laura came over with a present and then I realized that my dad threw me a surprise birthday party. I ran over to him jumped into his arms and hugged him. After that, Taylor Anne and my friend Elena came over and then Wendy came back from karate for the party (my dad invited people who were in my neighborhood).

    In May (I think it was may) Hannah shadowed Wendy! I was really excited because Hannah was my best friend from camp and having her shadow was really exciting! Also, Sage and I threw a surprise birthday party for Wendy. We invited most of her friends and she thought she was going over to Sages house to swim and sleepover, when really everyone was hiding near the front door so surprise her. When she came in, she walked a couple of steps inside and Sages mom turned on the video camera and everyone jumped out of their hiding spot. Her face was priceless☺; her face was a perfect mixture of confusion and surprise! We all ran up and hugged her.

    During summer I went to England for two weeks. The plane ride was about eight hours! The plane had built in TV’s on each seat. I watched about three movies and sleep for a couple of hours. The time difference took a while to get used to but I managed. We visited about ten different “rocks” (my dad calls museums, castles, and other educational places rocks). We had to usually walk everywhere that was the bad part. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. We went to two musicals: “The Phantom of the Opera” and “We will Rock You”. They were both amazing performances! Every time my dad had to drive far away every minute we had to say left so he would stay to the left of the road. We also went to my dream college! Kings College Cambridge! It was amazing, huge, and just a dream. The bad part was that we dared my mom to be spontaneous on the last week of the trip because she plans far in advance! She was planning that trip for about a year or so. Every day for the last week of the vacation she was spending a couple of hours trying to find a place to stay for the night. My dad wanted to go to an airplane show so we brought him to one. There was a huge playground so my sister and I played on it for a long time. There was a cool spinney thingy that we were playing on. I was sitting down while she was running on it and all of a sudden I was lying on the ground next to my sister and she is holding her foot in her hands. Luckily there were doctors there so two men helped my sister. On the way to the hotel, my sister was obsessing over (in her opinion) a “super hot doctor”.

    In the summer we also went back to Ohio to see my grandmother and more family members again. I saw Aubri again and went to the community pool about every day and went to the county fair. We saw my great uncle Jim who was dying of heart failure. About two or three weeks later he died the day before his brother, my grandfather, was going to see him. It was a very sad evening for my family.

    In November, I was in “Beauty and the Beast” as a wolf and villager. If you were there on Wednesday night, I was the wolf with no leg fur (I couldn’t find the other leg because it got dropped in the dressing room.

    In December, we got terrible news that my dad’s mother died. My sister and I were in tears for about an hour. I cried the entire night (I don’t know about my sister or mom or dad though). My dad came home from Sam’s Club right when my aunt Anne called to tell us. She was in tears on the phone. When we told my dad, he was in the middle of unpacking the car. He put the stuff in his hands down and started to tear up but kept it in. We all were sobbing in the garage for about 20 minutes in the open garage door in about 40-degree weather. My dad wanted some alone time so he made up the excuse that he had to finish unpacking the car. I was in my mom and dad’s bed sobbing my eyes out trying to get a hold of myself. When I finally did, I went to go check on my dad. He was out in the cold, praying. I came out and asked if he was O.K. He said he was, but I knew he was holding his tears in, so I gave him a big huge and didn’t let go. I finally said to him, “You don’t have to hold it in, cry.” He started sobbing in my arms and I started sobbing in his. The morning after, I started to wear a cross ever since. It was my nana’s cross, but the reason I put it on was because of my grandma, so I guess it has a little bit of both of them in it.

    Christmas was a hit! I had a spectacular time (and wore the socks Hannah gave me, the ones with puppies on them)! I baked loads of my grandma’s secret recipe of Snicker Doodles.

    I made two New Year’s resolutions: Land my loop jump in ice-skating and to get straight A’s for the entire year.

    I would pass on to other people, never let your cat get over 20 pounds (my cat is about 27 pounds and has a picture in a college because of how fat she is). Also, never cook cookies with Wendy unless you like your cookies with double the amount of sugar☺. And never sneak up behind your sister when she is focusing on her make-up unless you want a zombie sister and a big bruise on your arm.

    And I absolutely LOVE the Beatles!

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