It’s How You Play The Game ~ The Hunger Games

imagesThe Mockingjay (jabberjay and a mockingbird)

Tracker Jackers “Killer wasps that were spawned in a lab and strategically placed, like land mines, around the districts during the war” (Collins 185).

“During the rebellion, the Capitol bred a series of genetically altered animals as weapons. The common term for them was muttations or sometimes mutts for short” (Collins 42).

If you were to create a muttation from two known animals what would it be? What would the name of your mutt be and what would be its purpose?

The Cornucopia. A symbol of abundance.

If you were a tribute in the games what would be your strategy at the start? Would you make a run for the cornucopia? Also, would you try to form an alliance, or would you prefer to work alone?

Our Hunger Games Simulation

We will need five generic questions that can generate specific answers for our game simulation.

In preparation for our simulation, can you suggest one generic question that can generate a specific answer?

Let’s see if we can come up with five. If you like one that someone else offers, please say so in your response. One good possibility is: What is your favorite food? We’ll pick the top five.


  1. My mutt would be a mix between a human and a colossal squid I would look exactly like a human except the arms. The arms would be tentacles with hooks on them. They would be soldiers for the Capitol.

    My strategy would be to go around the circle of tributes, and collect all the smaller stuff around them, like knives. Then I would survive in the woods.

    My question is What is your favorite type of wood?

  2. If I had to make a deadly muttation, it would be a waspana. It would be a cross between a wasp and a piranha. It could swim in the streams to bite you and eat you without you seeing it, and it would fly and make nests and sting you. OUCH!

    I would not go to the Cornucopia. I would run and make life interesting and ask my sponsors for stuff, or steal stuff from sleeping competitors, and maybe kill them in their sleep. Or maybe not. The cannons would wake everyone up fast. So would the screaming. Okay, I’ll just steal stuff.

    NO ALLIANCES. It will just be me, myself, and I hiding out to the end, but doing different crazy stuff to interest the gamemakers so they wouldn’t send a fire in my direction.

    Q: If you had to name a language, what would it be?

  3. I would make a combination of a cheetah and humming bird. It will be the fastest animal in the air and on land. Its purpose will be to send messages, for example if you don’t have money to pay for a letter you can ask this mutt and it will send it to that person. The cheetah-humming bird would be able to cross water and land on its journey. This will change the way people send messages. This mutt would be called the cheetah that flies. It would be able to speak English so people can talk to it.

    My strategy would be to get some things in the begging and then run as fast as I can and get grass, leaves, and choose scrub and burry myself. When people pass by they would not be able to see me. When there are not many people left I would go and get food and water. I would last long enough to go out and kill the last guy. I would win and be really happy!
    I think the crayola colors idea is really good, and I really like Katies.

  4. If I could create a mutation of any two animals it would have to be the bald eagle (for its wings) and the cheetah. I would choose the cheetah for its speed and the eagle for its wings. I think it’s a good combination because this animal would have speed and flying techniques to its advantages. I think it would just be a cheetah with beautiful, large wings or a bald eagle with a long, funny tail.

    This animal would be able to collect things (like actual items) and bring them back to whoever has sent it get them. So, if you ever see one and you are in the actual games of the Hunger Games you could send it to get water or something else.

    My strategy in the games would to be making no friends. This is because I would have to end up killing them. And I can’t kill a friend. I probably WOULDN’T kill a friend.

    And that is why I would choose to work alone. Also, in these games, you can’t really trust anyone exceot for yourself.
    I would choose it run to the Cornucopia and get the necessary living items and then dart back into the forest. I would not want to stay there.

  5. If I were going to create a muttation I would create the Rhinoguar. The Rhinoguar is a mixture between a rhinoceros and a jaguar. I think this mutt would be very useful in a war because both the rhino and the jaguar are good killers. The rhino would be good because of its natural armor around its body, it also has a very good sense of smell and hearing, and surprisingly the rhino can run very fast when roused. The rhino also has an advantage in battle because of its long pointy horn. A jaguar would be good because they are very stealthy, and quite. They are also good at climbing trees, and attacking from above. The Rhinoguar would be about the size of a jaguar. With leathery, thick, hard skin (like a rhino.) The color of the skin would be the color of a jaguar’s. There would be one razor sharp horn on top of its head (kind of like a unicorn.)
    My strategy in the beginning of the Hunger Games would be to grab something that might be of some use that is farther away from the center where all the career tributes would be fighting. After I grab something I would sprint as far away as I can to try to get away from everybody. I would prefer to work alone in the Games instead of forming an alliance because you can’t trust anybody in the Games, because after all they are trying to kill you.

    If you could be any animal what would you be?

  6. The mutation I will make will be a bear and a cheetah. The bear will be for its sense of smell and the cheetah for its speed. In the game I wouldn’t form an alliance because I wouldn’t want to be stabbed in the back.

  7. I would mix a hawk and a tiger. I would call it a Higer. The purpose on the Higer would be to follow people. Hawks have amazing hearing and Tigers have incredible eyesight so the mutation would have really sharp senses that are great for hunting and keeping rack of the people in the districts or really any person.

    It would definitely be a very hard decision for me. Haymitch’s strategy is smart but what Katniss did may have been smarter. I wouldn’t go to the mouth of the cornucopia I would pick up the items that are surrounding it. I also would linger too long either. I would go in, get something good, and get out. The difficulty with making an alliance with someone is, one, whether or not you can actually trust him or her, and, two, having to kill them in the end after getting close to them. If I were absolutely desperate I would join an alliance but I would try to avoid it the less attached I get to the people the easier it will be for me to kill them.

    I know that Amanda suggested this to you in class, but I think it’s a really good one. What is your favorite silly band?

  8. I picked a dolphin and a deer this together makes a dodelphiner. Dodelphiner’s have good hearing and have very good hunting skills. They are smart have good communication and can camouflage under water and on land. They can be silent but they can also send signals very fast to one another. They can move swiftly on land and in water, swim and run. Also they have four stomachs so they can digest quickly and eat many types of foods. You can watch and copycat how the dodelphiners move, hunt, and live their lives and that can help you in the Hunger Games a lot! If I was a tribute my skill would be very good hunting skills. I would make a run for the cornucopia and I would form an alliance with two people and get both of them weaker than me and kill them both. A good question could be what is your favorite crayola color crayon?

  9. If I had to create a mutt it would be a combination of a turtle and a crab. I think I would call it ” Torcrab.” I would have a crab and a turtle because they are my favorite animals. Its use would be to make a very good pet. I f I was ever in the Hunger Games my strategy would be run away. I would do that because it would be the smartest thing to do in my opinion. It would because I would think that people would be faster then my so I would not take that chance. Also I would hope to find water and food around the area. I would be able to make tools from trees and branches. I would hope that the know body would fallow me to where ever I would go. So from this I would not go to the cornucopia. If I had to form an alliance I would not take it because only one person can win so if someone was on look out he or she could stab me at night.
    If I had to choose a question for the games it would be ” If you had to go any where in the world where would it be.”

  10. If I could make a mutt it would probably be a rhino and an eagle this would be a rheagle which would be used as a form of travel in the air. Its tough skin would protect you and it would fly high and far.
    For the start of the Hunger Games I would probably to reach the thing closest to me and anything else while remaining safe and then sprinting away as far as I could to stay away from other people.
    My question is: If you could speak any language then what would it be?

  11. If I made a mutt it would be a mixture of a Black Marlin (one of the fastest animals on the planet) and a sloth (one of the slowest animals on the planet). I think it would just be really funny to see that the slowest animal and one of the fastest animals combined.

    If I was a tribute my tactic would be to make a run for the cornucopia. I can do that because I am much bigger and stronger than most other people.

    One good generic question would be: What is your favorite artist or song?

  12. If I were to create a mutation of two animals it would be called a chelaphant (mutation of cheetah and elephant). It would have the speed and agility of a cheetah, and the strength and power of an elephant. Its purpose would be to make you think. It’s stronger and faster than you, so you can’t run away from it or fight it. So you will have to outsmart it.

    If I were a tribute in the games I would try to form an alliance with the tribute from my same district unless she is some freak. Maybe before the games I would try to convince all the tributes except the career tributes to team up against the careers and then split up after all the careers are dead. During the sixty seconds that I’m on the capsule I would search the arena for weapons that would help me a lot, if there wasn’t anything worth it I would run try to form an alliance and run as far away from the cornucopia as possible.

    The question I‘m suggesting is:
    If you could meet any one from history who would it be (has to be dead)?

  13. I would mix a monkey and a rhinoceros. My mutt would be called monkcerosey. It would be used for training in power and climbing abilities. It would also be a great warrior when the battle is in the jungle.

    My stratogy would be to run to the jungle and try to find a source of water then use Haymitch’s idea of staying alive. At the end of the games I would go out and fight using stealth. I would never form an alliance because I could get back stabbed (literally).

    Q: What are your two favorite colors?

  14. If I was a mutation from two known animals I would be a combination of a humming bird and a rhino. It would be called a rhiming. It would be able to fly really fast, but also since rhino’s have very tough skin any weapons fired at it would simply bounce off. The rhimings purpose would be to hunt the tributes that disturb its home.

    If I was in the hunger games my first strategy would be to camouflage myself and climb up a very tall tree. Once I have reached the top I would look around to see if there is a water source nearby. I would stay in this tree for a while making sneaky trips to the nearby water source. Whenever another tribute walked under my tree I would pounce on the killing them before they can make a sound. Also if I saw another tribute camping out near my tree I would take their stuff when they went to bed (also the food they had caught) . If anyone ever saw me while I was making a trip to the water I would flop down on the ground and play dead. I would not make any alliances because I would never turn my back to them because at any moment they could decide they didn’t need me anymore and kill me.

    I really did like the crayola colors idea since I love crayons!

  15. If I had to create a mutt between two animals I would choose a horse and a cheetah. This would be a helpful mutt for the games, because cheetahs are the fastest animal, and horses because you can ride them. You would use this mutt to get away from the other tributes. They would be called a Cheese.

    If I were a tribute in the games, I would run for the cornucopia. Although I would only run towards one or two things that I think would help me survive. Then I would run as far away as I could to get away from my competitors. I would like to make an alliance, although I probably wouldn’t because I would be afraid they would kill me. So I would prefer to work alone.

    A generic question that everyone would have different answers on would be: What is your favorite day of the year? This would have to include a month and day.

  16. If I were to create a muttation, it would be called a Riterrier. That is a mix between a rhinocerous and a Jack Russel Terrier. It purpose would be to have the strength of a rhino, and the speed and swiftness of a Jack Russel Terrier. In the Hunger Games, Gamemakers could activate them late in the Games, and they could easily wipe out tributes.

    My strategy in the Hunger Games would not to make a run for the Cornucopia, but to make an alliance with the Career Tributes because they are them most dangerous. Even though I am not a Carrer Tribute, I would still make an alliance with them so they don’t find me weak and go after me. After I make and alliance with them, we would make a group run to the Cornucopia and kill whoever is there. After we kill them, we will take stuff out of the Cornucopia.

    I agree with Kai’s question.

  17. If I were to create a mutation of two known animals, I would mix a blue whale with a giant panda. This creature would be absolutely massive and would be able to swim in the ocean and slowly crawl on the ground. His diet would consist of forty-million shoots of bamboo and would be pronounced the slowest mammal on earth. Its main purpose is to just to have to the ability to be marveled at by scholars.

    If I was a tribute in The Hunger Games, I would sprint as fast as I could to the farthest point inside the cornucopia, while the others behind me would fight all the other tributes, this would give enough time to build a barricade, with all the supply boxes against the walls of the cornucopia, then find a long distance weapon to harm anyone who dared come into the cornucopia. There would also be no need for alliances with my tactic because I would have all the supplies to myself and all I would have to do is to be waiting. Then when someone is desperate enough to fall for my trap, I quickly harm them fatally.

    A great question for our simulation is: What is your favorite car?

  18. If I were to create a muttation, it would be a mix of rottweiler and a eagle. It could sense you from quite a distance because of it’s keen eyesight and sense of smell. It would be very vicious, and it could soar like an eagle.
    If I were in the Hunger Games, I would search for a source of water and set up a camp. Then, I would salvage what is left from nearby bodies until I could find something to hunt with. Then I would hide in a tree near the camp, light a fire, and wait for people to fall into my trap. I would make alliances but only with the young and vulnerable tributes, make them trust me only to find a knife in their backs.
    My question is “What is the name of one of your relatives, and which kind relative is it (ex. uncle, aunt, cousin)?”

  19. If I had to make a mutation, it would be a cross between a Venus Fly Trap and a python. It would be able to eat humans and other large things, but look like a large Venus Fly Trap. It would be able to uproot its body and use the roots as tails to slither away. This mutt would be called a Venus Serpent.
    I really don’t think I would last long in the games because I personally would rather die than murder someone. I would definitely forget the cornucopia and run. I would probably get wounded at the cornucopia, and I don’t deal well with wounds. I would definitely work on my own, because I don’t have an excellent judge of character.
    Q: What is your favorite song?
    Q: What is your favorite store?
    Q: What is your favorite game?
    Q: What is your favorite type of food?
    Q: What is your favorite kind of candy?
    I love the crayola color one. I am fascinated by colors.

  20. If I had to create a mutation of two animals it would be cheetah and a lion. It would be called a lionettah and it would be made to be the fiercest and fastest animal of the wild. It would be to protect and lead because it would be the strongest and fastest animal. The lionettah would be the ruler of the wild because it is a combination of the two strongest animals.

    If I was a tribute I would run and team up with someone I think I could trust. Then we would fight everyone off and then we wouldn’t kill each other we would work together and survive and then eventually it would get really boring because we are the only two left and we refuse to fight so they would just have to let us both win. That would be my strategy.

    In my opinion I think a good question would be asking everyone their favorite song. .

  21. If I were to create a mutation between two animals, it would be the cheetah and the great white shark. It would be one of the fastest and strongest animals-on water and land.

    If I were a tribute in the Hunger Games, at first I would run for the Cornucopia, find as many supplies as possible, at go to the woods and sit right behind a group of bushes. I would live for as long as possible with those supplies and when only one person is left, I will show myself and fight him/her.

  22. If I were to create a muttation, I would create a “Mingo”. It would be a mix of an Asian Dingo and a monkey. It would have the ability to hunt and have rotating paws from the dingo, and it could easily scale trees in a heartbeat from the monkey. Its purpose would be to eliminate any pests that live in trees and could also be used in the Hunger Games to get tributes that are hiding in tall trees.

    My strategy would be to grab any weapons nearby, take out as many tributes as I could, and then running into the woods. Once I was in the woods, I would find a good water source and set up a temporary camp. I would try to build as many alliances as I could, and then when they get comfortable around me, I would kill them all.

    My question: What is your favorite celebrity?

  23. If I got the privilege of creating a mutation it would be a cross between a lion and a shark. I would call it a speedom. I know your probably think the name makes no since but there is a reason. This reason is the name is a combination of the two animals skills not there name. Both of the animals are extremely fast and are both considered the ruler of the kingdom of their terrain.

    My strategy would grab what was ever close to me and run for the hills. I might make an alliance with someone but there is always the consequence of that person turning on you and killing you.

    My question is what’s your favorite book?

  24. If I were to create a mutation from two known animals it would have to be a unicorn and a monkey. I would call it a unimonkey. It would be able to climb trees and be able to do whatever a unicorn does ( I don’t really know what a unicorns do).

    If I was a tribute and stuck in the games, my strategy, at the beginning, would be to go in the opposite directions the other tributes are going, but first I would try and get water. I’d stay far from the cornucopia. I know this might sound wrong, but I would form alliances with everyone, but not trust them at all. If one wanted to plan a meeting somewhere alone, I wouldn’t go.

    What is your favorite silly band. That would be a good question because there are hundreds of different types of silly bandz.

  25. If I could create a muttation it would be called a wimp. It would be part wolf part chimp. It would be called a wimp so that people would underestimate it. It would be an omnivore that could be very smart, climb anything, sprint very fast, and have excellent hunting skills. The wimp would hunt in packs and it would be breed to search for and destroy the enemy and could remember orders, out smart the enemy, and get around traps and barers easily.

    My strategy at the games would be to make smokey fire and then hide so the carrier tributes would come to investigate and then get a torch and catch the perimeter around them on fire to kill off all the career tributes. Then I would make an alliance with one person. As an alliance we would then kill everyone else. After we kill everyone else I would betrayed the person I made an alliance with a win the games.

    Two good generic questions are: If you could have any animal as a pet that would not harm you what would it be? Also, if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and what would your house look like? Be specific.

  26. I think these are all great questions! I haven’t ever considered what two animals I would mutate two into one, but i would be a ‘cheetle,’ a combo between a cheetah and a turtle. I would be able to run at lightening speed, and if i am threatened i would be protected by my shell! I would be prefer to work alone so if threatened I could just dash off and away!

  27. 1. It would be a cross between a viper and a various flowers, it would be called ‘toxic flora’ and would secrete deadly poison from it thorns that killed in seconds. it would also be sentient.

    2. I would attack the person next to me as soon as the gong went off (probably breaking their neck), run to the cornucopia, and disable the other tributes, not attack them. As soon as I got away, I would choose a safe spot near water and employ flight, then fight throughout the rest of the game.

    3. “what computer company do you belive is best?”

  28. frist i would run for the cornicopia grabing the nearest weapon killing anyone who i think is a threat or who ever atacks me, trying to find a long gun or bow (which I have shooting trophies for), then grab frist aid kits and bags that might have food in them. After I found a bow or a gun I’d Run for the trees climb up one exzamine the things I got from the cornicopia. After that i’d find places to keep my useful stuff (throwing the other stuff away). Hoping through the trees i’d start picking off tributes that i find, and if the capital wants to see me escape a deth experiance well the……………………………………….




  29. My mutt would be a mix of a owl and an eagle. It would be called an Owlgul.It would have great eyesight, and soundless flight. It can have a very high top speed, and can communicate over long distances. This mutt would always stay near water, so when you see this creature, you will know that water is close.

    My stategy would be to rush into the cornucopia, get a spear and shield, and duel the careers. Since the gareers are a big threat, if i eleminate a few, i would have better chances of winning.I would create an alliance with the smallest and weakest tribute and defend him. he/she is bound to be picked off, plus i would hate to be alone in the woods.

    My question would be “what type of gatorade is your favorite?”

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