The Hunger Games

MF_1763Did you know?

Katniss is a plant with broad leaves shaped like arrowheads…….coincidence or on purpose that Katniss’ skill is with a bow and arrow?

Cinna was a poet in one of Shakespeare’s plays who tried to start a rebellion. He conspirated against Julius Caesar and was killed.

Venia is Latin and short for Lavinia, the legendary mother of the Roman people.

Portia means pig in Latin and also a character in one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Now you know!

In an interview, Suzanne Collins was asked the following question: If you were forced to participate in The Hunger Games what do you think your special skill would be? Her answer?

“Hiding, I’d be scaling those trees like Katniss and Rue. Since I was trained in sword-fighting, I guess my best hope would be to get hold of a rapier (thin, light, sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting) if there was one available. But the truth is I’d probably get a four in training.”

So, if you were forced to participate in The Hunger Games what would be your special skill and why? What score would you hope to earn in training?

There is a lot of food symbolism in The Hunger Games, which we will talk about in class. On reaping day, Katniss and Gale eat the following foods: Goat cheese with basil leaf, blackberries, and bread from the bakery. Goats represent sacrifice; basil can mean both hatred and best wishes; blackberries represent bad omens, and bread is symbolic of life (sustenance) and is also a symbol of metamorphosis. (transformation from one thing into something new)

Knowing the meanings behind these food items, can you explain what you think their relation to the novel might be?

Would you eat Greasy Sae’s “winter specialty” of mice meat, pig entrails, and tree bark? Probably not, but if you were starving perhaps you would in order to survive.

What is the most interesting and different food item or thing you have ever eaten? My father used to eat “brains.” I do not know from which animal, but I remember seeing it in the refrigerator and being told it was a delicacy.  I remember eating tongue (deli meat like bologna……but was a cow’s tongue in the butcher) when I was a little girl. (I really did!)

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  1. If I were to participate in The Hunger Games, I would probably chicken out or like kill myself. But if I had to participate I would love to be able to camouflage with the surroundings. This would allow me to jump out of people and set traps without being knowing. I would hope to get a 7-8 because I wouldn’t want to be above or below average.
    All of these foods represent the games. The Games are about sacrifices, betrayal and hope. And in the end it is all about who can trust who ,and who can keep a promise.
    I so would not eat her soup because I have know idea what is in it or any animals that are horrible to eat.

  2. Katniss the plant that is the shape of an arrowhead is not a coincidence for sure!! I would have a couple of special skills, archery, sword fighting, hiding, and being able to tell what to eat and what not to eat. I am really good at archery. I have a bow and arrow at home, and when went I went on a school trip with my class in Australia, we took an archery class and I made the target every time. Sword fighting because I use to take ballet, so I am very good with my hands. Hiding, because I am really good at climbing, like Katniss, so I could climb really high and tall trees. And finally, being able to tell what and what not to eat because I love to cook and that would have to help me in one way or another. I probably earn a 10 in training; I would find something to “wow” the judges.

    The relation of the food to the novel is probably the emotions of life. I am not entirely sure though. All of the things you listed seemed to be an emotion that we go through everyday.

    I would only eat Greasy Sae’s “winter specialty” if I was starving. The worst thing I have eaten in my life is foie gras. Foie gras is a French pâté that is made out of the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened. The enlarging of the liver is usually caused by force-feeding the duck or goose with corn so it enlarges. After that they are killed and then they are flattened with a machine and a 2-inch slice is usually 100 Euros. I was forced to try it by my dad and I spat it out.

  3. If I was forced to be in the Hunger Games I think my special skill would be bow and arrow and I’m also very good at climbing. I don’t know what I’d score in training. I think both Katniss’ skill with a bow and arrow was purposely matched with her name, as well as the snack from the morning of the reaping is prevalent to the plot. I would eat the winter specialty, it only sounds mildly disgusting to me. I haven’t eaten anything very gross other then the basic childhood stuff; for example sand, glue, and bugs.

  4. If I was forced to participate in the Hunger Games my special skill would be strength because I am really strong. I would hope to earn a twelve for training but I know I would not get one. I think the goat cheese relates to the novel because it represents sacrifice and Prim gave it to Katniss and then Katniss sacrificed herself for Prim. I think the basil represents hatred and best wishes in the novel because Katniss hates the capitol for what they did and it represents best wishes because Prim and everybody else in district twelve wants her to do well.
    I think blackberries are related to the novel because they represent a bad omen and it was Prim’s first year of putting her name into the reaping and she got chosen, and I think that is pretty bad because Katniss had her name in a lot of times and never got chosen. The bread ties in with the novel because it represents life and Peeta gave Katniss bread when she needed it badly which gave her life and hope, and before they even knew they were going to be together. It also means metamorphosis because after that it went up because Katniss learned her strengths and saw how good she actually was and became a lot better.
    The wierdest food I have ever eaten is pickled FROG LEGS. They were not as bad as they sound though. I have also had raw snails.

  5. If I was forced to participate in the Hunger Games my skill would be one on one combat. This would be my strength because I am strong and quick to react. I am also a quick problem solver, for instance, last week I had a bag of ice. The ice eventually melted and I put the bag on the ground. I
    forgot about the bag and stepped on it. A small hole was create and started to leak; I immediately grabbed the bag and instinctively rotate the bag so the water wouldn’t leak. I did this without even thinking. Those would be my greatest skill. A side ability would be I have acute senses. If I focus hard I can hear small sounds or see the slightest of movements. I would hope to get a 9-10 but a 12 would be nice.
    I think the relation of the food and the story is, the symbol of the goats means sacrifice it probably is the sacrifice that the tributes need to make. The basil means hatred and best wishes. The hatred is might represent the hatred the capitol has to the districts or the hatred the districts have to the capitol. Best wishes are probably addressed to the two tributes that will have to fight to the death. The blackberries mean bad omens which mean bad future, especially to the tributes. The bread means metamorphosis that most likely mean the tributes will change a lot by time the Hunger Games are over. Now about Greasy Sae’s winter specialty, I would eat that whether I’m starving or in perfect health. Honestly I haven’t eaten anything interesting or different. I asked my mom and my dad and both of them said they can’t think of anything.

  6. I didn’t know that Katniss is a plant with broad leaves shaped like arrowheads. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Katniss’ skill is with a bow and arrow.

    If I were forced to be in the Hunger Games my specialty would be using my surroundings as an advantage and being able to think of a plan in no time. While some people need weapons to kill people I don’t, I can use my surroundings to hide and while I’m hiding I would be thinking of a plan to assassinate my enemies. If my enemies were to find me and corner my I would quickly think of a plan to get me out of the sticky situation. I would probably get a 7-10 in my training even though hiding and planning aren’t some things you can impress the game makers with; I am pretty good with weapons.
    Even though I don’t need them as much as others if I got my hands on some I could be pretty deadly.

    I think it’s amazing how Suzanne Collins ties everything together (especially the food). I think that goat, which represents sacrifice, ties in with this story because Prim always trades goat milk ( Prim has a goat) and when Prim was chosen for the games Katniss sacrifices herself to take her sisters spot.

    I think the bread, which represent sustenance life, ties in with this story because when Peeta threw Katniss the bread helped her survive and reminded her of a way that till now has help Katniss and her family survive (hunting).

    I would definitely eat Greasy Sae’s “winter specialty” if I were starving. Even though it’s disgusting anything is better than dying. I would try to avoid it as much as possible though.

    If eaten many disgusting things such as brains, tongues, and eyes. Those things were bad enough but the most disgusting thing if eaten is probably escargot (snails). I was on a Cruz and my friends dared my to do it so I thought, “The worst that can happen is I don’t like them.” Well, I was wrong after eating one I threw up about 5 times.

  7. I like how the author has meaning behind the name like with Katniss and it being and eatable plant that is shaped like an arrowhead. With Cinna who in Shakespere’s play conspirated against Julius Caesar and Portia meaning pig were the cleverest I think. I had to think on what my special skill would be. I think it would be hand-to-hand combat or archery because I have shot a couple of arrows before. I would hope to get a 12 so I would intimidate the other tributes. There really is a ton of symbolism in this book with everything. The food is very clever how all of what the food stands for is evil or sad, being such a sad day on reaping day. I would totally eat Greasy Sae’s winter specialty if I were starving. I have eaten pretty strange stuff before, such as a worm, numerous bugs mostly ants, and bug larva. They really don’t taste to bad.

  8. For me, camouflage is the definite way to go. I can easily see why Katniss is jealous of Peeta for his ease in this ability. You see, being able to camouflage doesn’t only mean hiding from other competitors, but also becoming a stealthy hunter. My homemade ghilly suit would blend in perfectly within the environment, making other tributes easy targets. However, my strategies will not easily be noticed. In the capitol I’ll appear to be a scrawny, kind faced tribute with no chance of survival. Accept I’ll blow away the competition earning somewhere among the ranks of 10-12. My competitors will be forcing up their paranoia meter even higher than it already is. Chaos sure is beautiful.

    These slight delicacies are another way of Suzanne Collins demonstrating her ability to represent elements within her novels. For instance, the goat cheese (sacrifice) demonstrates Katniss throwing forfeiting herself to take Prim’s place as a tribute. Basil (hatred / good wishes) shows the ongoing mind game between fellow tributes entering the Competition. Meanwhile, the blackberries (bad omens) represent the gruesome fates met by all but one player in the Hunger Games. Then, the bread (sustenance) simply tells how important it is to say alive and how tributes must adapt to their surroundings in order to survive.

    Usually, an appetizer of Greasy Sae’s “winter specialty” would make me shiver in disgust. But, in a dreadful situation that Katniss had faced I would have no choice but to chow down. Although I wonder, wouldn’t the tree bark be sappy and crunchy?

    I’ve always been a kid who loves to try new foods. Yet some of these foods can be quite odd. The strangest of which would definitely have to be a caramelized cricket. It was two years ago at the Tokyo Bay Japanese steakhouse. I always crave a nice Asian bite, and this joint hit the spot. Sure enough, the sushi chefs are frying cricket. So I dared myself to eat one and man was it good! It tasted like a nice, crunchy piece of honey covered candy.

  9. If I could have a special skill it would be hiding. I was thiking about having the skill of sword fighting or archery bet there is the chance that there wouldn’t be a sword or bow and arrow in the arena so those skills would be no better then usless. In training I would want to get about a nine so I don’t look to good infront of the other tributes. To tell you the thruth though I would probably get a four or five giving my current condition of not being able to use my left hand because I either broke or jammed to of my fingers.
    I think the goat cheese ties into the story because the tributes are being sacrificed. I also think the basil is used to show how much people hate the idea of sending children into an arena to fight to the death, but it also means they are going to give the tributes their best wishes and hope they win and return home safely. The blackberries show how sometime there will be a sign that says who will be the next tribute. The bread also show how the tributes will change when they enter the Hunger games.
    I would eat Greasy sae’s wint6er special but only if I was straving to death.
    I would say the most interesting thing I have ever eaten would be sushi. That isn’t very interesting but it’s the best I’ve got.

  10. If I ever had to participate in the Hunger Games, I would probably be the first to die, but if I had to name a special skill, it would be hiding in trees and keeping quiet. I’m not saying I’m great at hiding from others like Rue, but it seems easier than using a bow and arrow or throwing a spear. I would hope for a score around five or six, but I would probably get a two or three. I could always try to make other contestants think I was just trying to get a bad score, though. Either way, I think being able to use a bow and arrow like Katniss is really cool.
    I think the author intentionally included the food Katniss and Gale ate on the reaping day. A goat symbolizes sacrifice, and Katniss sacrificed herself to save her sister during the reaping. Basil represents best wishes, which Katniss received on the reaping day. Her adding this is very clever.
    I would only eat Greasy Sae’s stew if I was starving and desperate for food, but I do know someone who would eat her “winter specialty” when they wanted a little snack. My dad has a friend who eats the weirdest things. One time he was over at our house and brought gator meat because there was a gator game on tv, and he also ate an eyeball from a fish he caught in the ocean because he wanted a snack. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted another bowl of Greasy Sae’s soup.

  11. If I were forced to participate in the hunger games, I would use my agility, my sneaky nature, my evil alter-ego, and my reflexes to win. I would try to find a place that has a crevice (such as a crack between two rocks.) Then, I would make nets to use to trap animals. I would have to choose a bow and arrow as a weapon because it would be light yet effective. *evil grin*

    I would NOT eat Greasy Sae’s winter food, because it sounds revolting. I would rather die than eat that. YUCK!

    I don’t think that the food has any relation to the story whatsoever. (sorry, it’s my opinion)

  12. I love how Suzanne Collins gives everything in her book a deeper point or symbol. I find how Katniss’s main skill, archery, to be quite fascinating. The fact that Suzanne Collins can craft this symbol into her story so effortlessly is brilliant. I really like where Suzanne Collins got the name Cinna. I believe that because of the name and all of the hidden meanings in this book that he will try to rebel against the capitol.

    If I was forced to participate in The Hunger Games then I think my special skill would be strength. I am very strong and if a weapon wasn’t available to me then being able to duke it out with another opponent may be handy. If I could find a large stone then being able to use that as a weapon or to maneuver it to make shelter would be incredibly useful. I would hope to receive a seven or eight as my score. I want this score because it wouldn’t be so high to draw unwanted attention from other contestants. It would also be good for the reason that possible sponsors would want to send me a “gift”.

    I believe that the food Katniss and Gale eat represent’s the day of the reaping. The goat shows how they must sacrifice themselves to participate in the games, or when
    Katniss sacrificed herself for Prim. The basil represents a hatred for The Hunger Games and how everyone wishes the contestants the best of luck. The blackberries are a symbol of the awful things that will soon come in the games. Bread shows how the games will change you into a more dark and cruel person. I, if on the brink of starvation, would eat Greasy Sae’s winter specialty. I am confused as to why tree bark is an ingredient and I would most likely skip out on that. The most interesting type of food I have ever had would be chocolate covered bacon or deep fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. These odd foods were courtesy of The Florida Sate Fair.

  13. I did not know that katniss was a plant, much less one that is shaped like an arrow head. That is definitly not coincidence! Suzanne Collins is a great author and shows a whole lot of symbolism in her writing. THE HUNGER GAMES is by far the best book I’ve ever read! If I had to play in the games, I would love to have ninja powers, such as throwing stars, just like Ian. Throwing shurikens are a lot more efficient than throwing knifes. The Gamemakers would most likely not provide shurikens, though. So as a backup, I would have amazing knife throwing skills. In training, I would show a little bit of my skill, but I would not try to get a 12. I would most likly get a 9 or a 10. I would not dare eat Greasy Sae’s soup. I would eat my own arms and legs before I would eat her “soup.” One time, I had french fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake. It sounds weird, but strangly delicious.

  14. If I were to participate in the Hunger Games, my special skill would be the ability to read minds. I would be able to know what everybody is planning and where they are going. In the training, I would hope to earn something around a seven so I could seem average. Then nobody would know what exactly to think of me.

    I think that all the foods show that everything has a purpose. There is nothing in the book or in the world that has no meaning or reason.

    I would eat Greasy Sae’s “Winter Specialty” only if it was the only food I could eat.

  15. I don’t really want to be thinking about ever being in the Hunger Games. I think it would be really scary, and also that I would be a very easy target. I am not very good with a bow and arrow, or a sword, well not that I know of. I think my best hope to survive in the Hunger Games would be out running the people who are trying to kill me, hopefully they would get tiered first and give up…hopefully. I also might be good at climbing trees, because at my house in Maryland we have a couple of smaller trees that are really fun to climb (I’m just not very good at getting down). I think the best score that I could hope for would be a six, if I were lucky. I might do a little better if I had a soccer ball at my feet.
    I think the author is telling what might happen in the future, with the foods meaning. The goat cheese represents sacrifice; Katniss gets sacrificed. The basil means both hatred, and best wishes. Katniss hates the capitol, and Gale and Katniss wish each other good wishes that their name don’t get drawn. Blackberries represent bad omens, and it’s definitely a bad omen that Prim’s name got drawn. The bread represents long life; hopefully Katniss will live long in the games.
    I definitely wouldn’t eat Greasy Sae’s winter specialty rite now because it sounds disgusting, but if it meant the difference between life and death I would definitely eat it. I can’t really remember eating anything disgusting. One thing that I did eat though, and didn’t know what it was, was fish eggs. When I found out what they were I was grossed out.

  16. I think that Collins wrote about a girl named Katiness who has a specialty with bows and arrows on purpose. One because Collins wanted her to have an extreme advantage over the other players of The Hunger Games. And also I also think that it has something to do with the plant after whom she was named. I also kind of think that the leaf of the plant kind of looks like a bow….?

    If I was forced into The Hunger Games. Then I would first scream and cry (just saying…). And also I would love to have a special ability over the others by having more experince in one, hunting and two, strategizing and three, running. I would pick stratgizing because maybe I could figure out a way so that the other contestants would in a way kill themselves by walking into a trap I made. This is because I could never handle killing someone. I would wan’t have a hunting experince because if I were to kill someone whick I am NOT I think that this would be a nice boost in the competition. Also I would love to have a running esperince so i could run for my dear life when in battle. I hate fighting! So, I would probably just run away. And scream for my LIFE. And I can scream super duper LOUD!!!!!!! So that may come in handy also.

    The ceremonial dinner’s food represented parts of the book. I think that the goat represented sacrafice. I believe this relates to the book because number one, Katniss sacraficed herself for Prim, and two, I believe all the players of the Hunger Games are scraficing themselves for death. Basil represents both hatred and best wishes. Hatred relates to the Hunger Games because well, this one is kind of obvious, the Capitol was so angry and hated the rebellion so much, they are now making CHILDREN kill eachother. I think this is absolutly HORRIBLE. Best wishes represents the Peacekeepers giving the players good luck, and well, basically, DON’T DIE!! Blackberries represent bad omens. These bad omens refer to the horrible Hunger Games. Bread symbolizes life and metamorphosis. Life is related to Panem because this is what it is basically all about. Life or death. And in the end of The Hunger Games, only one life will be left. The metamorphosis symbolizes the changing of the players stratigies throughout the games and adapting and changing to their new lives in the games…for now.

    I would defiantly eat Greasy Sae’s food if it was the only thing that I could eat. Sure It’s COMPLETELY GROSS. But, if I had nothing else….I would HAVE to. If I had a choice though…I don’t exactly think that I would be choosing Greasy Sae’s food over chocolate….if you know what I mean…..

  17. My special skill would be deception in the Hunger Games. I would make alliances just to backstab people, and I would prepare to be meek only to come out fighting. I know it sounds cruel, but I don’t care as long as I get to see the next day. Also, I would be good at using a bow and arrow. In the past, I have taken gun-shooting lessons, and I was pretty accurate. I don’t think it would be too hard to pick up the skill of the using a bow and arrow.
    The goat cheese represents the sacrifice Katniss made for Prim by entering the Hunger games for her, no doubt. I think the basil represents best wishes more than hatred because I’m sure Katniss and her family are only concerned about her survival. The blackberries represent that out of the thousands of names that could have been picked, Prim was chosen. Because of how many times bread is used in the story, it shows how important life is to the family.
    Besides the tree bark, the soup doesn’t sound weird to me at all. I would probably eat it because people eat pig meat all the time, mice were once eaten at a certain time, and a little tree bark never hurt anyone. The weirdest thing I have ever eaten is either frog legs or sushi. I know it’s not that weird, but if you think about it, you’re eating raw fish and slimy amphibian legs.

  18. My skill would be shooting guns. When I go to Michigan I hunt with my grandfather. I also play air soft with my friend Ben. I am also good at hiding. These skills would help me kill my enemies in the Hunger Games. My strategy would be to hide and get food at the beginning of the Hunger Games. Then at the end of the game, I would come out and kill the rest of my enemies. I would hope to get an eight or better so I could get sponsors.
    The foods in this book symbolize the Hunger Games. The foods meanings are the same as the Hunger Games characteristics. I would only eat Greasy Saes Winter Specialty if I was starving. The worst food I have ever had was fried blood sausages. I ate it when I took a trip to Puerto Rico. It is made of rice and pig blood which was stuffed inside the pigs intestines.

  19. Well during training, I think that I would want to be best at hand to hand combating. It is an advantage if you are skilled at hand-to-hand combat. You don’t have to be super strong or accurate at throwing. I think that the smaller tributes would have the best chance in hand-to-hand combat. Well the game makers probably would overlook me and give me a 3 to 7.

    I think that the food that everyone eats is a kind of way that they know that it is the day of the reaping. If I lived in one of the districts, I wouldn’t eat the food because I think it is sort of a curse. It may not make sense but I am kind of superstitious.

    If I were in Katniss’ position, I would eat anything.
    Well the weirdest thing that I have ever eaten was ostrich. I ate it ate this event called the Beast Feast. It didn’t taste too bad. It was like breaded and tasted a little like cinnamon.

  20. If I was forced to play in “The Hunger Games” my special skill would be hiding and climbing things. I am really good at hiding. Once, when I was six, my aunt and I were playing hide and seek, I was in a closet and she peeked in. I thought she saw me, but it turns out all she saw were the clothes I was hiding behind. Also, last year when we were at Path Finders, we were tree climbing and when everyone was half way up, I was already at the top. It was amazing. The best I think I would be five to seven, hopefully. I think the food had a special meaning that will show up later on in the book. The goat cheese represented sacrifice. The basil represented hatred for “The Hunger Games”. The blackberries were a symbol of terrible things that were coming to “The Hunger Games”. Finally, I think the bread represents life.
    In real life, if I wasn’t starving, I would never in a million years go near that greasy junk, but if I was starving to death I would eat it. It is one of those things where you don’t really have a choice. I honestly don’t think I have eaten anything really weird in my life. I’m always way too scared to try. On the other hand, my mom and dad devour things like a bunch of wolves. They have eaten toads, horses, and more. It is kind of sad and gross.

  21. Those small facts fill in a lot of the gaps in the book.
    If I were forced to participate in The Hunger Games my special skill would be being creative with my attack methods and figuring out my opponents’ strategy because I am very creative and can easily catch on to different procedures. I would hope to score a five or six so I could at least not be the first target to be killed.
    The goats represent sacrifice for when Katniss sacrifices herself for her sister to go to the games. The basil can mean both hatred and best wishes because she hates the capital and the people in District 12 want her to have best wishes. The blackberries represent bad omens in the book it could have meant that there is bad things are ahead. The bread is symbolic of life and is also a symbol of metamorphosis. The bread could represent that she has a chance and she is a new person now.
    I would only eat Greasy Sae’s “winter specialty” of mice meat, pig entrails, and tree bark if I was starving and had no other choice other wise I would try to eat food I am familiar with.
    The most interesting food item that I have ever eaten is alligator. I ate this when I was nine on a cruse by mistake and it was okay.

  22. If I were forced to participate in the hunger games, my special skill would be building shelters. I used to have fun building forts with my friends at the park near my house. Most of them lasted a while, but the older kids would come and tear them down. I don’t really see how I could show that in front of the judges. I would hope to get an 11 like Catniss, but a realistic goal would be a 4.
    To be honest I don’t like how much food has to do with the story. Don’t get me wrong I love how symbolic it is, but it was almost like saying food can tell the future. Goats represent sacrifice, and Catniss sacrifices herself for her sister. I think that the basil means best wishes because of Catniss being admired for her bravery and her passion for her family. The blackberries, which mean bad omens, are just saying that the odds are against Catniss in almost everything she does on the reaping day. Bread is symbolic of life, and it seems to me that it means there is a good chance that things will turn out okay.
    I don’t think I would. The reason being, after I finished the soup on an empty stomach, I would still starve a few days later, so why torture myself. The strangest food I have ever eaten is not very strange. I do not eat many strange things, so the strangest thing that I have ever eaten would have to be a mushroom. It doesn’t seem that strange at first, but come on, it’s a fungus. It was definitely enough to make me throw up.

  23. If I was forced to play in “The Hunger Games” my special skill would be hiding, kind of like what Victoria said. One time when I was 8 or 9 my friend and I were playing Hide and Seek, and I hid in our pullout trashcan which was very narrow Since I’m small, I can sneak around or dive under people’s legs so they can’t catch me. I could fit into small spaces and secretly walk around steeling people’s weapons.

    Goats represent sacrifice, which would probably be Katniss, because she stood up for sister and took her place. She sacrificed her life for her sister, so she could stay alive and have a good life. The bread symbolizes life and that’s when Peeta gives her the bread and she sees the dandelions and it gives her the idea that her family will be able to live if they eat dandelions. The basil which can mean hatred or best wishes in the novel is when Peeta and Katniss are not sure about their feelings. Peeta wants her to do great, at least in her mind, and he also is annoying her because she’s not sure if he’s luring her in by telling her that she’s great and giving her best wishes. There are also blackberries, which represent bad omens. An example in the book would be where she sees the Avox girl and the little boy in the woods and the boy had an arrow through him. That could be a bad omen that warns her to listen and not disobey rules or she might turn out like that. It could also be telling her that the Games are going to be very challenging and she could turn out badly. I’m not sure if that is right. I had trouble with that one.

    The weirdest thing that I’ve ever tasted was cat food. It was the dry type. I was about ten years old. I was bored and I always wondered what cats thought that was so tasty about cat food. It was TERRIBLE. It almost didn’t taste like anything, but it smelled weird and tasted gross. I’ll always have that taste in my head, and whenever I think about it, I can almost taste it.

  24. Throughout the book, “The Hunger Games” the fabulous writer Suzanne Collins puts all sorts of codes that secretly describe the character by what they eat, what’s their name, and many others.

    If I were to have a special power that would help me throughout The Hunger Games, would be, the ability to have extremely quick reflexes and to react to the things going on around me at lightning like speeds. The Game Makers would throw knives, shoot guns, and try to attack me in hand to hand combat and I would just dodge out of the way of the knives, the bullets, and punches that without the special power I would more or less die. The judges would be envious and I would hope to get an eight or nine on the scoreboard.

    I believe that these foods represent good wishes from Katniss’s loved ones and to be stay alive as long as possible, to know that you are making a sacrifice for your district, and to unleash as much hatred so you can win the games.

    If I was about to starve, I would definitely eat at least some of it to survive just one day, although, I would not eat the tree bark, this would cause extreme stomach aches and overall dehydration which would kill you under these circumstances. Also the intestines are something to watch out for and make sure they are cooked. Overall the mice meat is the safest to eat and they are loaded with protein.
    The most interesting food I have ever eaten is most definitely “Tripe”; I first tasted it at a Brazilian restaurant three years ago and since then, I have found nothing that taste like that.

  25. I think if someone had the name Portia, and she took Latin and found out the translation, it would be hard when everyone found out and made fun of her Latin name :(. If I were forced to participate in The Hunger Games, I think I would be pretty upset, but my skill would archery. I’ve always wanted to learn archery and I think that if I was trained well enough, I could land a 5.
    I think that they ate goat cheese since it represents sacrifice because all of the tributes must sacrifice a boy and girl. I think they ate basil because best wishes and good luck if they pull your name in the reaping. Also, I think the bread represents metamorphosis because if you win the HUnger Games you change into a different person, or even just getting pulled at the reaping and dying.

  26. If I had to compete in The Hunger Games my special ability would definitely be camouflage. Think about it if you cannot see me you cannot kill me. Also that would give you the ability to sneak up on any other tributes and kill them or steal their weapons.

    The meanings of the food that Peeta and Katniss on the day of the reaping made sense. The goat represents sacrifice because Peeta and Katniss are sacrificing themselves for the good of their districts so the district has a little more food. The Basil means both hatred and best wishes because the people of District 12 do not agree with what is going on and hate the Capitol. On the other hand they wish the tributes luck. The blackberries represent bad omens to watch out for bad omen’s the last couple days to know what is coming. Finally the bread represents life and metamorphosis because life is what they have right now but they might be dead soon. Also metamorphosis because they are moving from and place well known to a faraway land.

    I would definitely not eat Greasy Sae’s “winter specialty” of mice meat, pig entrails, and tree bark because you have no idea of what kind of diseases and other viruses are in that. I would rather die than eat that.

    Probably the most interesting thing I have ever eaten is sweetbreads in New York. I do not want to go into detail about what sweetbreads are but I will give you a hint, It comes from a bull. They were surprisingly good.

    Katniss is a plant with broad leaves shaped like arrowheads…….coincidence or on purpose that Katniss’ skill is with a bow and arrow. Facts like those are what makes Suzanne Collins a great author, little facts like that really tie in everything in the story.

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