The World Is Full Of Interesting Things

Students, please watch the following videos. The prompt questions are at the end of the last video. Enjoy!

Nokia ‘Dot’ from Sumo Science on Vimeo.

“From the makers of Wallace and Gromit comes the smallest stop-motion animation ever. The lilliputian main character, aptly named Dot, stands a mere 0.35-inch-tall. According to Popular Science, the animators “used a 3D printer to make 50 different versions of Dot, because she is too small to manipulate or bend like they would other stop-motion animation characters.” Then each print-up was hand-painted by artists looking through a microscope. Once the set and characters were ready to go, the directors attached a CellScope (a cellphone camera with a 50x magnification microscope) to a Nokia N8 and let the cameras roll. You can watch the final cut above” (

Singing Fingers

Sour had their fans tightly choreograph an incredible routine using only their webcams.

Pixel Animation

Star Wars As Never Seen Before

Text 2.0 Reading A Whole New Way

What are your thoughts after watching the above videos?
How has technology changed the way we view, create, read, understand, etc. the things around us?
What do you think the future holds?


  1. All of these videos were really cool, but the one I found the most interesting is the Singing Fingers video. I found that being able to draw pictures to record stuff is really cool. My next favorite video is Pixels. This video had many old games and just random items like cabs and buildings into pixels. Its amazing that all our movies are made of pixels. My next and last favorite video is text 2.0. I like how it only gives you the key information an not the unimportant stuff. Also that it pronounces the word.
    Technology has changed so much. New apple devices have come out with more advanced stuff. Also in the past 5 years phone companies with from 2g phones to now 4g phones. Everything has gotten much smaller and more advanced. In the future we will probably be living somewhere else or develop somewhere else. Also we will have cars that either fly and we could just teleport to where we want to go. I think all of us are going to be shocked what will happen in the next 30 years.

  2. I thought all of the videos were great! Especially the Pixels one. I loved how they changed a real city and turned into a pixel world. I also liked the Sour video. It must have been incredibly hard to coordinate all of that. I wonder how many times they had to rehearse that? I didn’t like the Star Wars remix video. Singing Fingers looked like it was a really fun app. I am probaly going to buy it. The Dot video was weird. I don’t know what to say about that one. Text 2.0 looked really helpfull. Sometimes when I am reading a book I start talking to someone and lose where I am. Text 2.0 would tell me where I was. Sometimes my bookmark falls out and I have no idea where I was in the book. Text 2.0 would help with that too. The bad part about it is people in the future would always use technology to read a book, not a normal book, and people would start relying on technology. I can’t imagine what technology would be like in the future. Everything is so high tech now.

  3. Wow best describes my over all feelings about these videos. I thought the Starwars video was boring. The Sour video was impressive and complex but I found it boring. My reactiom to the Text 2.0 video was, ” wow, people cant just do it them selves??” I loved the other three videos. Technoledgy has come a long way. I think by 3000 we’ll be able to regrow limbs and eletricute knowledge into our brains, avoiding school completly.

  4. I think all of those things were pretty cool. All of them except Text 2.0 seemed like a waste of time. I am not trying to criticize, but those things were useless. Setting a world record for smallest stop-animation is cool to have your name in the record book, but how many people have that much time to do something like that. The only thing that will help the world from those was Text 2.0, the useful one.

    Technology has changed the world completely. 100 years ago, mass produced books were rare and now, there are such gadgets as Text 2.0, which is amazing. We see differently. If we could go back in time, there were no such things as stop-motion animation. We can create so much more now. We learned how to make products that use electricity. Even hearing is different. A long time ago, before radios, you had to be in person to see a person speak or perform. Now, iPods and MP3 players allow music to be heard anywhere if you download the song. Reading has changed a lot. To find out about the news, newspapers were always read. Now, newspapers are published online for easy access. Books are being made differently. The Kindle allows books to be downloaded onto it and read electronically.

    The future holds great things. Soon, books may be made as holographic and the words can be displayed in the air. Like people in the 50’s said, we may be able to create flying cars. Not even as models, but mass-produced flying cars. Music may also be holographic. Soon, there could be an iSee, a device that shows the music video in 3D with the lyrics along the side of the projection. Books will probably be outdated and headbands around your head may contain every book known to man. They could sound into your ears so you won’t have to read. The future will be full of many cool and inventive things. We are already high tech, but in fifty years, compared to the future, we will be ancient.

  5. I think that life is full of interesting things; you just have to find them. Technology has come a long way from cave paintings to today. Our brains have gotten way more complex and detailed. We have gotten a little spoiled because we used to go everywhere for everything, but now most of what we need is in our own very home. My favorite was in singing figures when the guy makes a piano. I may have to get that app. Writing out letters, graphs, and stuff for work has all been transported to computers. Now we don’t have to go everywhere just to tell someone something we can just e-mail, text, or call them. There are so many more choices these days. I think the future a lot better for us like hovercrafts, teleportation and other great things. Makes my excited!

  6. First off, wow. All of the videos were amazing. I think that my favorites would be the singing fingers and Text 2.0. Singing Fingers seemed like so much fun. It’s a combination of what people love to do: sing and draw. Text 2.0 seems so helpful and it makes reading easier. The most helpful feature, I think, would be how it knows that you’re skimming and it pulls out all of the unimportant information.

    Our technology has improved and evolved so much. In, say, the 90s there were movies with the most ridiculous effects and now we have movies where you can’t even tell that they’re not real. Not very many years ago people didn’t even the ipad was possible and we have that. People are even creating clear computers and phones. Our animation has changed and in my opinion, for the worst. I liked how the animation looked like drawings come to life, now they’re just computer generated and it just isn’t the same.

    I honestly have no idea where technology is going. I could say that there will be flying cars and all those things we hear and see in movies but I believe that scientists will come up with even better things. Perhaps the computer that you can talk to and what you say the computer will do. I think that there will definitely be some remarkable inventions but whose to say what they’ll be? Who knows what they’ll come up with next? The minds of this generation seem to have little limits and they won’t cease to amaze us.

  7. After watching those videos I have realized that Technology is a huge part of our lives. Technology is slowly becoming part of everything like entertainment, communication, and music. Technology has come a long way, and there still more coming. I think that soon there will be phones with holograms so you can see the person you’re talking to. I also think that there will be cars that fly and instead of driving you type in the address and it takes you to your destination.

    I thought all the videos were great, but my favorite one was the SINGING FINGERS application. I am a big fan of music, and seeing this application was spectacular. I just think it’s amazing how it can record sound and then play it back in any order.

    I also thought it was amazing how SOUR and his friends were able to make that video. It must have taken a long time and a lot of work, but it was worth it. The coolest part is that they did it all with their web cams!

    I don’t know what we would do without Technology!

  8. I thought that the videos were kind of funny. They had no point but they were funny. I liked the Nokia Dot the best. I think that without technology we would still be cave man trying to make fire. We would be totally lost if we didn’t have technology. I think that in the future technology is going to become so advanced that we wouldn’t even have to do jobs. ”Technology will rule the world.”

  9. Well I think that there were some cool things in these videos but I also think that there were pointless videos. I really thought that the singing fingers video was pretty cool. I think it was cool how you could make a beat and play it back. You could probably write a song with it. I think that I might buy it at the app store on iTunes. Just sitting here writing this, it makes me want to go buy it but maybe later.

    Another cool video in the list was the “Sour” video. It made me think how long that must have took. Just the fact that the lights, colors, and how the people made it look like they were right next to each other was just too cool. All I thought about while watching the video was making one of my own.

    The video when the different old video games that came together to destroy the world was ok. It wasn’t that cool. I felt that the video wasn’t going anywhere. It did the same things with the just different characters. The other video that was really pointless was the star wars video. It made no since and it made me think that the person who made it has no life.

    In the future I think that there will be a better version of the text 2.0. Truthfully, the one right now is not that great. Hopefully in a couple years, they will have a better version that makes you want to buy it. I also hope that the people who made that commercial make a better one. This one was not exciting and didn’t really make me want to buy it. I hope you liked my critical comments.

  10. All these videos were really cool but I liked signing fingers the most. Again I say these videos are awesome. I think all of these videos had to have taken a long time or at least the quality of the videos made it look like it took a long time to make. Technology really changed a lot in everyday life. Before technology life took so much more effort but now it’s so easy. I love the period in time I was born in. But now us human have become more intelligent and we see things differently. Now we may look at an item that might look pretty cool but way back when people might look at it and say awesome. I think that the future will be different in not that big of a way. I think stuff like time travel, and teleportation is impossible. With that said a lot of things will be invented like flying cars, but we will still have the same way of life because we have invented almost everything.

  11. Out of all the videos I thought the one with the fingers was the coolest. I liked the colors and the sound effects. I thought the first one with the doll wasn’t interesting. So I like the finger one it was cool.

  12. All of these videos are very interesting and diverse. My favorite one is pixels. I really loved how they took old video games and added them to the real world. They were wreaking havoc and simply put, it looked “cool”. The singing fingers look like they can be lots of fun. I love how the iPod records the sound it hears according to your fingers moving on its surface. Technology has done things that people hundreds of years ago could have only dreamed about. People can now fly in planes, talk to others around the world, and see things in entirely new ways such as through microscopes or satellites. If you don’t understand something now you can just go online and look it up. People can stay connected from long distances. I am not sure what the future will hold. I think flying cars will eventually become available. However, I don’t think this will be available to the public for a long time. People have been saying that flying cars will be available for 70 years. It hasn’t happened yet, so I don’t have much faith in the idea. Books will most likely be replaced by online reading sources. I hope this doesn’t happen because I prefer books to electronics.

  13. I really enjoyed all the videos, but the most interesting one for me was, “The Singing Fingers,” This video had so much cool technology in it. To think, a device that can record sound then play it back over and over again, t would be considered crazy even twenty years ago.

    The funny thing is with that video, is that there is no supreme purpose for this advanced piece of machinery, the people in this video are just having fun recording all different types of sounds. Also you can go to the store and buy this, it’s no top secrete board that makes people laugh; this whole video experience could be yours.

  14. I though the movies were okay. My favorite one was the Pixel. I like that one because it was the one the it interested me the most.All of the other ones I did not like because they were boring. Technology have changed in a lot of different ways.
    They have changed from phones to TV. When I saw a picture of an old phone I did not know what it was until my dad told me what it was. Since I have been around thin phone I did not know what it was.
    In the future I think that thing will get modified more and more. Just like today’s world. Like once you by a mac computer once you step out the door it is already outdated. It is that because people keep wanting to make thong better.

  15. The video I thought was most cool was the webcam routine video. It is very cool that people throughout the entire world can do such an amazing routine together on the internet when they’ve probably never even met each other. In the future, I think that everything will become electronic: school, reading, working, and more. We might be able to say we go to a school in China when we live here because it will be all over the internet. Today, many college courses are over the internet, and there are students from all over the world. Half a century ago, people would say what is possible today is crazy. In our lifetimes, many things will change. But all this technology can be bad too. I heard that there is this person who worked at a telephone company, and now, he gets sick whenever he gets close to anything electronic. Also, because of technology, sometimes I feel that learning something like math isn’t as important, because I can just reach for a calculator or my phone’s calculator. Someday, I think we will be completely dependent on technology, and if a disaster happens, like a blackout or a solar storm, all electronics could disappear; it would be a disaster.

  16. I thought that most of the videos were amazing. These six videos basically summarized how far technology has come. The only video I didn’t like was the star wars video. It was very boring and it wasn’t nearly as hi-tech as the other ones.

    Nokia ‘Dot’ was a really cool video showing how far stop motion animation has come. This video was not only a bunch of high-resolution pictures played together really fast, but also the object they were taking pictures of was only .35 inches tall! I thought it was amazing how they used the 3-D printer to show the different versions of Dot.

    I found Singing Fingers so interesting that I got the app on my iPhone. It is very fun to play around with. I also thought it was cool how they combined drawing with audio.

    Sour and Pixels were my two favorite videos. Sour was really cool how tightly choreographed it was and how they mixed a way of communication with music.

    I found Pixels very cool how they took small things like cars and turned them into pixels, and then on to larger things like cities, and eventually the whole world was a pixel.

    Personally, I don’t like reading, but I think Text 2.0 could possibly help me enjoy and understand reading a lot more. It has a lot of cool features that make up the new way of reading.

    I think the future holds amazing possibilities. If technology keeps expanding at the same rate it is now, it’s too much to think about where we could be in 100 years.

  17. Wow! Those videos were really cool. My favorite was the Sour video.

    The “Dot” video really showed an improvement in today’s technology. It was very impressive how they were able to shoot a video with the camera so far zoomed in. And how they still were able to make the extremely small doll make realistic movements was amazing!

    The Sour video was really cool. They must have had to take so many practices to get that down perfectly! I still don’t understand how they did some of those moves.

    The pixels video, I thought, definitely had the best animation. It must have taken so much work to create all of the pictures of those pixels. I don’t get how they were able to animate the buildings turning into pixels.

    The “Singing Fingers” video was really interesting. It actually wasn’t that shocking to me because the Apple company makes so many leaps in technology every single day.

    The Star Wars video I thought was kind of stupid. I didn’t really understand it and it looked really ridiculous.

    The text 2.0 video was awesome! I want to be able to read with that cursor all the time. That must’ve been a big jump for technology in reading.

  18. My favorite videos were Pixel Animation and Nokia ‘Dot’. Information is now immediately available instead of traveling some- where to get a source, sending a letter, or even traveling long ways to talk someone. Also, instead of looking a word in the dictionary in five minutes you can look it up on your computer in one minute or call or email someone across the world. In the future, I think we may have little microchips that can expand into an ipad’s and our cars will drive are themselves. We might even teleport in the future instead of use cars.

  19. The videos were so cool. My favorite was the sing fingers. It’s so cool that you can record sound as you draw and make new beats and sound out of it.
    I also thought it was cool that, in the pixel one, how pictures and videos are available almost instantly.
    Technology has come a very far way. From having to write letters and now being able to send e-mails. From having to wait three months to send a message to a friend when now it’s done instantly.
    It’s hard to imagine what waits in the future but if we are still making huge progress, like today, I can’t wait.

  20. I liked all the videos. I liked the singing fingers the best, I think that that’s really cool how you can draw record and replay at the same time. I also think this is how everything in the future will be. There will be no paper or anything everything will be technology.
    Reading is another thing that is going to change and has already changed in many ways. First there was only like one copy because the books were hand write, then they published them, now there are kindles and Ipads and Itouches to do that. I think in the future there will only be technology and thats all “books” will not be real and thats sad.

  21. I think these videos were really cool. As for the video ‘Dot,’ I never knew that you could make a stop-motion so tiny. Also, I thought the Text 2.0 video was pretty cool. It’s funny how they can trace where your eye goes. It would be impossible to do the stuff in the videos without the technology we have today; they wouldn’t be as creative or understanding without it. After seeing these videos, I can’t tell what the future holds for us. To me, it already looks like we are in the future. If there’s one thing I know about it, it’s that the future will be bright.

  22. After watching the videos, I realize technology has become very advanced. My favorite videos are “Singing Fingers” and “Sour”. I liked Singing Fingers because it caught my attention. Also, it looks like people would have a fun time with it. I also liked Sour because it was truly amazing how incredible it looked. I especially liked when they were making the raindrops go through each webcam.
    In my perspective technology has changed us in so many ways. It has allowed us to become lazier, know more, become more productive, save time, and have time fun. It has helped us become lazier because now we don’t have to hand write things, don’t have to walk everywhere, and can sit and become a couch potato. It has helped us become more knowledgeable because it provided so many ways of innovation and has helped us solve many problems. Technology allowed us to become more productive by saving time. It has helped us save time by being able to call someone on your cell phone instead of taking the time to walk or ride there. Also, it has helped us have more fun. As shown in Sour and basically all of the videos, we can have fun and waste time on silly things that are cool and enjoyable, but sometimes doesn’t change you, and also, it could make you become famous about how completely stunning or weird your video or picture is. I think that we are taking advantage of what we have. We are taking advantage of cars, electricity, fossil fuels, world-wide communication.
    In the future there will be a lot more technology. There will be robots and holograms and more. People would have become more clever with technology and have thought of more magnificent ideas about what to create next.

  23. I thought all the videos were very interesting. I think it is cool how people can make videos that look futuristic today. My favorite video was “Singing Fingers”. “Singing Fingers” is, in my opinion, the most futuristic video of all the videos at the top of this page.

    It was cool in “Nokia ‘Dot'” how they could make the stop-motion animation so small. Also, it was interesting that they used a 3-D printer. I would like to see that. In the Sour webcam video I liked how they got so many people in different places to choreograph that routine. I think that changes how people could make routines on video. Rather than doing one single video with one camera, they could do multiple videos of people by themselves, and put all of those together like the Sour people did. In “Pixels”, it was cool how they put the real world and animation together in the video. I think that changes how we can view videos. The “Star Wars Uncut” was one of the most interesting videos of all. I liked how it changed the points of view. First, it started with lego Star Wars, then the action figures, after that, it mixed real people with animation, then, it switched off between people only, animation only, and people and animation mixed. The last video, Text 2.0, extremely changes the way people can read with all its different features.

    I think that if we can creat all these interesting technological features now, the world will be amazing in the future. All the features in the future will be so technological and so complex. A MacBook Pro will be old news in the future. People in the future will probably create a laptop that, if you are writing, you can say what you want to type, and the computer will type it for you. I am looking forward to the future.

  24. I thought they were all pretty cool. The one about the pixels kind of scared me. The part when the earth turned into a huge, black cube kind of left me with unhappy memories of it, but the rest of it was awesome. I thought just the whole concept was really creative.
    The one about text 2.0 was totally unbelievable. It was also kind of hard to understand though. I think it would be really cool to own one. It is awesome to think about what the future will bring.
    I am really excited to see what kinds of technology will come. I think it is good to keep up with all of the newest things. I also think its funny that they come out with a better one shortly after. Sometimes, I wonder if it is planned as a money making strategy. That is my view on technology and what is coming.

  25. After watching all the videos, I had lots of questions to think about. I wondered how the ipad could track where you were reading, or how it could make musical drawings. I even had to watch some videos twice to see if it was for real like the SOUR music video. I thought that it was so cool, so I told my friends we had to try it some time even though we probably won’t succeed at making it look similar. I also thought the Pixel Animation video was cool, and I wondered what types of effects they had to use to make it.
    I think technology is great, but it is making tools or objects forgotten like the dictionary. Now, including me, everyone goes on and is too lazy to open a dictionary. But like I said, I think technology is great, and it should keep becoming more enhanced and efficient. I can’t even guess what new gadgets there will be in the future, but I’m very excited to find out.

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