Which One and Why? ~~ Summer Reading Choices

Welcome seventh graders to your first blog post of the year!

This blog prompt has multiple parts, so be sure that you answer all of them. Remember to proof for spelling errors, and you may self correct after submitting and posting by hitting the “reply” link under your post. I am always looking for the details and descriptions in your answers….the “why?” behind  your opinions. You must use complete sentences and write in paragraph form. You will not be able to indent your paragraph when writing in a blog to indicate a new thought or to indicate a response to a new part of the prompt, so just put a space between your (paragraphs) answers. (As I have done.) This makes  your comments easy to read.

Of The Graveyard Book and The Maze Runner, which one did you enjoy the most? For what specific reasons?

Describe your favorite part of the story of the book you chose. What is it about this part that you liked so much over any others? Be specific with details. Was it the character?  Or did this part make you feel a certain way?

You should always try and read some of the posts from your classmates. If you want, please comment on the posts of others……that’s how conversation starts! At the very least, be sure to check back and read my reply to you.


  1. I enjoyed The Graveyard Book the most. The book “dragged me in” to it. I also think it had a better ending to it. The Maze Runner was very good but, The Graveyard Book was even better in my opinion.
    My favorite part is when Nobody moves away. It was happy and sad at the same time. It made me sad usually books don’t make me sad though.
    This part made me feel sad, because he’s moving away. This part also made me feel happy for him; he is going to live on his own. But other than that I really liked the book.

    1. Good start, Laura. I like how you say you were “dragged into” the book….good way to describe your feeling!

      A few more details maybe on why those parts made you feel the way they did.

  2. The summer reading book that I liked the most is The Maze Runner. I chose this book because it is thrilling, adventurous, and very exiting. It just has an interesting setting to it and has strange events going on. My favorite part of the book is neat the end, when they go to the cliff to threw the square that is in mid air. They have to fight their way to the square. I thing this is the greatest fight in the book. The character I liked the beast is the main character because he figures things out and helps everyone escape to the real world.

    1. Corey, I really like your response. I like how you describe Thomas as someone who “figures things out and helps everyone escape to the real world.” So true.

      Just a few spelling errors/verb tense

  3. Out of the two books we were required to read I personally liked The Maze Runner the most. I preferred The Maze Runner more, because there was more suspense than there was in the graveyard book. I thought that the Graveyard book was too dull for me and it only got suspenseful towards the end. I also thought that the graveyard book was very hard to follow in some parts.

    My favorite part in The Maze Runner was when Thomas stepped out into the maze just as the walls were closing, showed that Thomas was brave and he really wanted to save his friends. He showed loyalty when he never left Alby. This part made me wonder what was going to happen to Thomas. It made me want to keep reading on because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Thomas. I really enjoyed reading this book and I have already ordered the next book The Scorch Trials!

    1. Nicely done, Tiffany. I agree with you in that Thomas was brave and loyal to his friends. He just wanted to do the right thing.

      We don’t have too long of a time till October!

      Be sure to capitalize book titles next time.

  4. Out of the two books I liked “The Maze Runner” better. The book reeled me in page by page. It had me on my toes the whole time I was reading it. My favorite part of the book was right after some of them had escaped the Maze and were in the room with the creators and Gally. First off, I was surprised that Gally was still alive. Second, when Gally threw the knife I jumped out of my seat and yelped. I still can’t believe that Chuck dove in front of Thomas before the knife hit him. I was heartbroken when Chuck died. Overall I thought it was a great book.

    1. Good start, Alexis. What was it about the book that kept “reeling” you in? A few more details would tell the reader why.

      The ending really was a cliffhanger!

      Book titles are not within quotes but actually underlined, which you are unable to do here. No worries, just capitalize next time and leave it at that.

  5. I personally liked the Maze Runner more than the Graveyard Book. The Graveyard Book just wasn’t exciting enough for me. I like books that keep you on the edge of your seat. The Graveyard Book didn’t do that for me until the last few pages of the book. Some of the ghosts in the book were depressing and they made me feel depressed. I am a happy person and the graveyard book was gloomy.
    The reason why I loved the Maze Runner was because it did keep you on the edge of your seat. My favorite part of the book was when Minho, Thomas, discovered the code to shut down the Grievers. After that I couldn’t stop reading. I was literally on the edge of my seat I was about to fall off.
    The ending was sad and confusing. I didn’t understand what happened to the rest of the world while they were in the Glade. I loved the book but was disappointed about the ending.

    1. I agree with you about the end of the book. At first I thought that they were safe and happy. Then, in the epilogue, it’s the first time you get to read about the Creators side of the story, and you realize that the kids aren’t safe at all. The Maze was just the beginning.

      1. Ya I know I wish they would let you know that the kids are going to be safe, but no you have to wait til the next book comes out.

    2. Sorry Mrs. Cobb I forgot to put Teresa’s name after Thomas’ name. So that sentence should be like this:

      My favorite part of the book was when Minho, Thomas, and Teresa discovered the code to shut down the Grievers.

    3. Brittany, good job! How did the author keep you on the edge of your seat? A few more details explaining why for the reader.

      I had to read the last few pages over a few times to understand what had happened; I wasn’t prepared for that!

      Book titles in caps next time

  6. During the summer I read The Maze Runner and The Graveyard Book. Personally I really did not like The Graveyard Book, at all. It seemed boring and not interesting. I know there was a plot but there seemed like none. It was just a completely different book. I went through The Maze Runner in like two days. The Graveyard Book took me at least two weeks. I definitely do not recommend The Graveyard Book to anyone.

    I really like The Maze Runner. It was so interesting. To me there was never a dull moment. My parents had to make me get my eyes off the pages and eat. I thought the book was very descriptive. I can’t wait for the second book. I really enjoy sequels.

    My favorite part of the book was when Thomas tied Alby up to the vines on the wall. He uses quick thinking. It was so thrilling. I like when books make sweat or cry. It was so descriptive. It was exactly like a movie in my head but better. I could imagine the characters faces.

    I really liked Thomas’s character. He is a huge part of the story. He understands what needs to be done, and he gets it done. When he needed memory, he sacrificed himself and let the griever poke him. He is very brave and daring. He brings out traits that you usually don’t see in a book or in real life

    Over all, The Maze Runner was a great book. It is unlike any other book. It’s different and unique in it own way. The author wrote an amazing story. He did a great job of describing everything. I could not take my eyes off it. I really enjoyed reading it and a recommend this book to any one who can read.

    1. Great response, Sydney! It’s a good for me too if I would rather be reading than eating!

      I like how you describe Thomas: That he knows what needs to be done and gets it done. I never looked at it that way.

      Watch those darn apostrophes
      characters’ faces.. and “sweat or cry?”

  7. The Maze Runner and the Graveyard Book were both great books!But, I liked the Maze Runner more.
    The reason I liked the Maze Runner more is because of its exciting parts and its adventurous parts of the book. I also liked it because almost every chapter ended with a cliffhanger!
    My favorite part of the book was when Thomas decided that he had to get “stung” on purpose by the Grievers. I liked that part the best because he was so determined to get it done and he was so confident that if he did that everything would be better.
    I was also disappointed in the ending because I wanted to know what happened to the other people and not just the ones who got out of the Glade.

    1. Good response, Chris! I guess you’ll need to read the sequel to find out what happens next!

      I also like your description of Thomas.

  8. I loved reading The Maze Runner this summer! I liked it better than The Graveyard Book for many reasons. The first reason was at the very beginning of the book. I loved how James Dashner hooked the reader in right at the start of the book. The Graveyard Book somewhat did that, but I think The Maze Runner left the reader with many more questions that forced him to keep reading. One of the questions I had was one that everyone probably thought, “ Where is Thomas?” Another question I had was “ Why doesn’t he remember anything except his name?” Another question that most people also thought was “ What and where is The Glade?”

    Another reason I enjoyed reading The Maze Runner more than The Graveyard Book is that I was able to relate to the characters more. I felt like I could do that because even though they were all boys (until Teresa came along) they were around my age. Since they were my age I understood more of the feelings they experienced like the fear of the Grievers, and the love for each other. The characters in The Graveyard Book were not close to my age at all, with the exception of Bod. Many of the characters in The Graveyard Book had been dead for many years. I also couldn’t connect and relate to them because they lived in a different time frame than I do, so they lived differently than I do now. For example, we have more technology, different clothing, and different ways of learning.

    The biggest reason I liked The Maze Runner more than The Graveyard Book is because The Maze Runner left me with unanswered questions at the end of each chapter. Because of the questions, I kept reading. Some questions I had were, “ How did all of the boys get to the Glade? Why are they in the Glade? What is the Maze for?” Even though The Graveyard Book provided the reader with many questions, the questions did not compel me to keep reading. Those questions included “Who is The Man Jack?” Other questions I had that were still left unanswered at the end of the book were, “Is Silas dead or alive, and what is he supposed to represent? What are all of the graveyard members supposed to represent?”

    I absolutely loved reading each page of The Maze Runner, but my favorite part was when Teresa arrived to the Glade in the lift. Not only did I like the scene when she arrived, but I also loved trying to figure out why all of the strange events occurred. One example was when Thomas was trying to figure out why he felt like he knew Teresa, and he’d heard a girl’s voice inside his head. The voice said, “ It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us.” Another example was when Thomas woke up one day and the sky was gray. There was no sun. The example that I thought was the most important was when the walls didn’t close. When that happened I realized that ever since Teresa got to the Glade, all of the events did mean something. Everything was going to change, and after that, it had to end.

    1. Great job, Caroline! This is a very enjoyable response to read, and I like how you went back to the book for referencing those questions.

      Hopefully, your questions to The Graveyard Book will be answered in class……..who/what WAS Silas?

      The last quote from The Maze Runner is one of my favorite from the book!

      1. Thank you! If there are punctuation mistakes in my comment do you notify me when you respond to it?

        My question was answered in class today. I did not expect it!

        Me too! I love getting quotes from my favorite books.

  9. I liked The Maze Runner more than The Graveyard Book because in The Maze Runner there was always something going on. Like when Thomas and Minho were out in the maze and they had to think quick about their next move or they might have gotten stung or worse killed by the Grievers. Then when the Grievers were invading the Glade all they had was the food and they had to survive in one way and with all of the grievers running around in the glade it was hard for them to do anything at all.

    In The Graveyard Book there wasn’t much happening for most of the book it was just Bod walking around the graveyard trying to learn all of the faces of all the ghosts that live in there. The only good part to me was when I found out that Mr. Frost was the Man Jack that had tried to kill Bod when he was really young. That surprised me I had no idea that, that was coming.

    Over all though I would half to say that I liked The Maze Runner more than The Graveyard Book. I just like a book with a lot of stuff happening at one time. It keeps me interested in the book because I don’t like reading that much but this book changed that for me and helped me find the types of books that I like.

    1. Good job, Aaron. Were those your favorite parts of The Maze Runner book?

      I’m glad that this book held your interest……I’ll help you find more books like this one in our library!

  10. I read The Maze Runner and The Graveyard Book over the summer. Personally, I liked The Maze Runner more than The Graveyard Book. I thought The Graveyard Book was okay, but it had multiple dull parts in it. I liked The Maze Runner because it is action packed. There are barely any dull parts that I didn’t like.

    The Maze Runner is definitely the most unique and interesting book I’ve read, and maybe the best book I’ve read. I really like all the imagination that James Dashner put into the book. He made up the Glade, some words that they say in the Glade, Grievers, and other things like being Stung and all the different buildings. He also created all the jobs. I am looking forward to all the knew, unique things in the sequel to The Maze Runner.

    My favorite part in The Maze Runner is when Thomas, Minho, and Alby were all stuck in the Maze. I specifically liked Thomas in this part. Thomas showed bravery and courage when he and Minho heard the Grievers coming. When Minho heard the Grievers, he ran, but he told Thomas to do the same, Thomas stayed with Alby. He does all he can to save Alby from getting killed by the Grievers. First, he tried to pull Alby up the large, ivy covered wall. That didn’t work because Alby was to heavy. Then, he tried to push him up the wall, but again, Alby was to heavy. So when the Grievers got close, Thomas tied Alby to the ivy and hoped it worked, and it did. I think that is a great example of bravery and friendship.

    I really think The Maze Runner is a fantasic book and, again, I am looking forward to reading the sequel. I totally recommend it to anyone thinking about reading it.

    1. Great job, Jack! I’m so glad you enjoyed this book so. You are the first person to mention something about the language in the book…..what did you think about that? Did it lend voice to the characters?

      Interesting how I thought more of you would bring this up…

      1. Thanks Mrs. Cobb! I thought this language was cool and creative. And yes, I had a voice in my head for every main character.

  11. I defiantly liked The Maze Runner more than The Graveyard Book. The main reason that I liked it better was because of the amount of action in the two books. I found that The Maze Runner had a lot more action than The Graveyard Book; therefore it made the book more exciting. The Maze Runner also built up a lot of suspense, which made me want keep reading, unlike The Graveyard Book where I found myself counting down the pages until it was over.

    My favorite part of The Maze Runner was probably when Gally threw the knife at Thomas and Chuck jumped in front of it. From the start, I knew Chuck was going to be my favorite character. He was nice, courageous, a good friend, and wasn’t afraid to share his emotions. He expressed a lot of these things when he decided to save Thomas’s life. I also thought this part was very sad because Thomas promised Chuck that when they got out of the Glade, he would find Chuck’s house and parents that love him.

    1. Good reply, Dylan! I like your descriptions of Chuck and your reference back to the promise Thomas made to him.

      Watch spelling….that was a very common mistake.

    1. I think that you meant to say, “Chuck” instead of what you wrote, which was, “Chunk” as in a big hunk of something.

  12. Of the two books I read over the summer, I enjoyed the Maze Runner the most. It kept me entertained and excited to read on throughout the whole book. It was a very entertaining book that had a lot of action and adventure. From a teenage boy being sent to a magical maze in the middle of nowhere, to learning the life style of the Gladers, to training to be a runner, to finally solving the maze. I also loved this book because there were a lot of conflicts, which got me to keep reading to see how Thomas resolved each conflict.

    The Graveyard Book, on the other hand, was very boring and hard to follow until the end of the book. There was no adventure or action in the book until the end also. Bod grows up in a graveyard, learning the life style of dead people for almost the whole book. It just didn’t interest me.

    My favorite part of the Maze Runner was when Thomas jumped out into the maze with Alby and Minho just before the walls closed. It made me want to read on a know what kind of conflicts he was in and how he was going to resolve them. It definitely made the book better when he jumped out into the maze, rather than staying in the Glade until Alby and Minho came back in the morning (if they came back.) I was entertained and excited to see what would happen with Thomas and the other two Gladers out in the maze with the grievers. Overall, I personally thought the Maze Runner was a great book.

    Sorry, this is my second post because i had to capitalize “I.”

  13. I would, for sure, choose The Maze Runner, over The Graveyard Book, because I personally love books where you’re glued to them 24/7. This was one of those books. It had many climaxes and there was always something exciting or suspenseful going on in this book, whereas the Graveyard book had only about one interesting part, which was towards the end. I think it was a really cool idea to have a girl come into the maze, he added a little twist to the story. That is one of my favorite parts of the book, and my other is, when they went back inside the maze to go find Alby, and they find that he’s alive. I think James Dashner did a great job on writing this book. I can’t wait to read the next one.

    1. Nicely done, Andreea! Can you give me more details on an exciting part that kept you on the edge of your seat?

      I agree with you on having Teresa show up in the maze. Was she the beginning of the end?

      Don’t forget to capitalize book titles.

  14. Out of both books the “Maze Runner” is totally my favorite. I picked this book because i love action, mystery, and suspense the most. I only read books on my own if they have action, mystery, or suspense. My favorite part of this book when Gladers had to go in the homestead to hide from the grievers, because when Gally came in through the front door of the homestead it just got me into the book so much more.

    1. Good start, Cooper. Can you give me more details on a suspenseful part of the book?

      Also, watch that lower case i, and book titles are not within quotation marks, but are actually underlined, which you are not able to do here. So just make sure you capitalize.

  15. I personally liked The Graveyard Book. I liked how it was a couple of stories all wrapped into one big main story. It was a little bit slow moving, but it kept me entertained. I liked the ending better because it really wrapped up the book well.

    The Maze Runner was good, but I hate cliff-hanger endings. I still had a lot of questions after I finished it. The grievers were scary and disgusting. I honestly didn’t like the whole idea and story line. I really didn’t think the ending was very happy because Chuck died and everything.

    My favorite part was when Bod met Liza because she was an outcast. She has a great story, and I love the character. She had a perfect personality to fit the story. She was a good friend to Bod and was always there for him. She ended up being very important. I liked it when she helped Bod when he fell from the tree top and broke his leg.

    1. Nicely said, Zack. I thought Liza was a great character too…..mean on the outside but goodhearted on the inside.

      The Maze Runner definitely leaves the reader with questions at the end because of the twist of events….that was done on purpose.

  16. Out of the two books I read this summer, I would have to say I liked the Maze Runner the best because it was so interesting and always had me wanting more. I could barely put the book down! Compared to the Maze Runner, the Graveyard Book was dull and uninteresting, but I was on the edge of my seat and filled with questions in the Maze Runner.
    By far, my favorite part in the Maze Runner was when Thomas decided to tie Alby up to the ivy in order to save his friend. Even though after a few failed attempts, Thomas refused to give up and ditch his friend, leaving him to the Grievers. This to me shows real determination, friendship and bravery to put his life on the line to save Alby. The Maze Runner is a very fascinating book and I can’t wait for the sequel.

    1. Good reply, Zack. Can you give me more details with some examples from the book that left you wanting to read more?

      I agree with you about Thomas’ loyalty to his friends.

  17. Over the summer I read to books ”The Graveyard Book” and ”The Maze Runner”.
    ”The Maze Runner” was one of the best book I’ve read in my life. It was filled with life adventure and friendship when I finished reading the Maze Runner I had the same expectations for the Graveyard Book, but I was just let down. ”The Graveyard Book” was hard to understand, and I just go lost in the story.The book was also not as exciting as ”The Maze Runner” and I like exciting, adventurous, and thrilling book and that just wasn’t it for me. Not to sound dumb or anything but the ”Graveyard Book had some pretty challenging words in it, but the book was okay.Overall think ”Maze Runner” is my favorite book so thank you Mrs. Cobb for giving us these cool books to read!

    1. Good start, Jordan, and you’re welcome! I’m glad that you enjoyed The Maze Runner, and it’s also good that you read two totally different types of books.

      Can you tell me what your favorite part of The Maze Runner is?

      Also, be sure to use spell check…..to/two
      Book titles are not in quotes but are actually underlined, which you are not able to do here. Just be sure to use caps.

      1. I got it Mrs. Cobb, thank you. I’m still getting used to blogging, so I have a question. Can we use Word to pre-write our blog thoughts and then copy and paste it in to the Moodle web site?
        (That’s what I’m doing now)

        It seems like when I blog on Moodle I cannot proof read my posting as well until after I see it posted. Then it is too late.

        As for my favorite part of the book, I really enjoyed a scene at the end. In the scene, Chuck jumps in front of Thomas when Gally throws a knife at Thomas. It was really touching that Chuck would die for his friend Thomas. It really showed the friendship and bond they shared and the reaction Thomas had to Chuck’s death was intense!

  18. I enjoyed the two summer reading books this year. I preferred The Maze Runner because it was suspenseful. I read The Maze Runner in one day because I couldn’t put it down and I just wanted to know what happened. The Graveyard Book was okay, but it was way too easy to predict. I knew Mr. Frost was going to be the original man Jack because he was really interested in the murder story at the house he moved into. If that was me I would have been spooked out that three people had been murdered in the house I had just bought.

    My favorite part of The Maze Runner was when they started unraveling the mystery of the repeating patterns in the Maze. That was when Teresa triggered the Ending. I really liked how from when the doors to the Maze didn’t shut, the book just became nonstop action. Thomas showed he was willing to sacrifice himself to help them all escape the Maze so he let the Grievers sting him so he could go through the Changing and remember what they needed to do. I really didn’t expect the last code word PUSH to mean push the button so that really surprised me. The end wasn’t my favorite part of the book though because Chuck was my favorite character and I didn’t want him to die. I thought it was really nice that he sacrificed his life to save Thomas. It made me really sad at the end because Thomas was just sitting there crying because he couldn’t uphold his promise he made to Chuck to get him home. I will look forward to the next book to come out so I can see what happens in WICKED next experiments.

    1. Great response, Luke….and I especially like your last line! Your comment is enjoyable to read, flows, and you answer with details and examples from the book.

  19. Between the Maze Runner and the Graveyard book, I would say that I liked the Maze Runner more. The Maze Runner was an action-packed book full of suspense and excitement. This book kept me reading and I found myself wanting to see what happens next. I like the way the Gladers used order and teamwork to survive. My favorite character was Minho because he was courageous and he said what he thought. If I was in the Glade I would like to have friendship with people like Chuck.

    My favorite part of the story was when Thomas slid though the doors at the last second to help Minho and Alby. It showed the reader that he’s the kind of guy that risks his own life for people he barely knows. The plan involving the vines showed he could think smart under pressure. I can’t imagine how hard it would be not to panic when you hear the awful sounds that the Grievers made. He was very brave in that situation, especially because he did not know what was out there. There are not a lot of people that will risk their lives to save a friend, and that’s why Thomas is special. The Maze Runner is a good book and I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

    1. Good for you, Chase, and I like this response very much! Thomas is a great character and I was pulling for him throughout the story.

      I’m looking forward to the sequel too!

  20. Out of the two books we had to read this summer I liked “The Maze Runner” the most, for for all the reasons every has basicly aleady said. But, mostly because I was excited about it from begining to end. There was always something going on to make me want to keep reading, unlike with “The GraveYard Book” when I had to force myself to finish it.

    1. Good start, Leigh. Can you give me some more details and examples from the story of The Maze Runner that show why you wanted to keep reading?

      Thanks for self editing your comment. Be sure to use spell check next time. Also, book titles are underlined not within quotation marks, but that’s hard to do in a comment. So just be sure the title is in caps.

  21. My favorite part of “The Maze Runner” was the very begining when Thomas is confused and scared, and Newt and Alby are trying to get him to relax. Then right after that when he’s trying to remember how old he is.

  22. I definitely thought that The Maze Runner was a better book I just don’t think The Graveyard Book hit me as much as The Maze Runner did. I personally didn’t like The Graveyard Book not that it wasn’t a good book it just wasn’t my style of reading. The Maze Runner on the other hand was an amazing book. I loved the way at the end of every chapter the author would leave you wanting more. I also thought that I could relate to this book. I think Thomas and I have some things in common like that we thought and observed our surroundings the same way. I think the author did a terrific job of explaining all the characters and the different places especially how he explained the glade.

    I had several different favorite parts, but if I had to choose one it would be the part when Thomas jumped into the maze at last second without even thinking about it. What Thomas did showed he was the kind of guy that would risk his life to save people he barley even knew, and the thing he did in the maze were amazing trying to save a guy who he thought was probably dead, while the guy who had been going in the maze every day for two years was a coward and ran to leave them to die, and imagining what was going through Thomas’ mind( him being the newest guy at the glade and going into a maze that that he didn’t know anything about except the fact that there were horrible monsters that were going to kill him). What Thomas did, showed he was a brave and courageous guy. I really enjoyed reading about each character and learning their character traits. I really liked this book and I can’t wait till the sequel is out.

    1. Nicely said, Seif, and thanks for self editing your comments. Your response is very enjoyable to read and thoroughly explained with details and examples from the story.

      Proof for spelling…..barley/barely……just a typo probably!

  23. Both of the books that I read over the summer were pretty good, but if I had to choose one, I would probably have to choose The Maze Runner. I would have chosen The Graveyard book, but the first few chapters were torture to read and that lowered the rating of the book by far! Why? There was a lot of talking and it wasn’t a real page turner. I’m a get to the point kind of guy and I can’t stand it when there’s a long part where people are just talking and not doing. For an example, let’s say you and your friend want to go to the park. Instead of going there, you talk about it and decide again. But other than that, The Graveyard Book was a good book, but not better than The Maze Runner.
    The Maze Runner was, what I thought, the better book. Mainly because I like Action/Adventure and there was suspense on every page. I think I finished the book in two to three days. I couldn’t put the book down! The plot of the book was different than any other book that I’ve ever read before and it was really interesting.
    My favorite part of The Maze Runner was actually the ending when they jumped into the griever hole and slid down the weird slide. But right after that, my least favorite part of the book came up. When Gally pulled out a throwing knife and tried to hit Thomas with it but Chuck dove in front of him and took the blow. It was kind of creepy that the scientists somehow got all the kids into the simulation, but overall I would still choose The Maze Runner.

    1. Nicely said, Kalju Jake, and I like this response very much. I’m glad I was able to introduce you to a type of book you have never read before…..I have many more on the library shelves!

      I like the analogy you make about the park….clever!

    2. I agree KJ when Gally threw the knife at Thomas and Chuck died instead, that was without a doubt the worst part of the book.

  24. I preferred The Maze Runner to The Graveyard Book for several reasons. First, I loved it because it was action-packed, dramatic, mysterious and captivating. At first, I thought it was BORING as could be, but once I reached about the middle, I went on a speed-read. (That doesn’t mean I skimmed it, it means I read at a fast pace because I was excited) I really like the fact that Tom and his friends have their memories wiped clean. It makes a better story, at least a more interesting one, in my opinion. I also liked the fact that they had to survive on their own. I, however, didn’t like the fact that it was all just a test, a stinking test! Do you know how much of a letdown that was? All they went through, the build up of escape might be impossible, the suspense, the heartbreak, to just be a test? However, I still enjoyed the book. I liked The Graveyard Book, but it just couldn’t stack up to its competition, what with it being a slow paced book you were absorbed in, not that it’s a bad thing. I also felt that it was pushing it, what with not only having ghosts, ghouls, and a witch, but also vampires and werewolves. Warning, Twilight alert! Any who, that’s what I thought of the books. I hoped you enjoyed at least The Maze Runner, and this is Chase, signing off until next time.

    1. I enjoyed this response very much, Chase, and it’s obvious you enjoyed this book too…..you’ll probably want to read the sequel.

      As far as the ending… I agree…..it certainly was not what I expected….and kudos to the author for pulling it off……

  25. First I would like to say that I think this blog is one of the coolest things I am doing in school. I am so glad I finally figured it out!

    Anyway, about the books,I would have to say that the Maze Runner (underline) was my favorite book out of my summer reading! I loved it! It was awesome! I loved it so much because of the basic story line of the book. I believe it was all very interesting. From the beginning of the book when Thomas first stepped out of that strange box, to the very end. My favorite part was when Thomas, Minho, and Alby where stuck in the maze for the night fighting the Grivers ( I think that is how it is spelled.) I also liked the part when Minho finally punched Gally in the face. I think he really deserved that! He was a very mean fellow!

    I was also so sad, heart broken, and mad when Chuck was killed because of Gally. I think Gally should have been banished a while before in the book. Chuck was very sweet and one of my favorite people in the book. I am still so sad that he died. Also, I think it was very clever how in the book the people were named after famous people! Well, I could go on and on and on about this book, but i think I am going to stop now.

    I really did not like The Graveyard Book (underline.) It was merely because I just didn’t like the story line. How it started off in the scene when Jack Frost was trying to kill Bod and Bod’s family, to when they were dancing the Macabray (I am not so sure how to spell this.) I didn’t like how throughout the whole entire book Jack Frost was out to kill bod.

    I really wish I knew what Bod’s real name was. I will really wonder for a very long time. I fine it sort-of upsetting that I will never know. As I was saying the Graveyard Book (underline) was NOT my favorite book in the world. I just don’t like the thought of killing people in this book. I do have to say, I am glad that the Jacks are gone, and Jack Frost was caught in the Sleer.

    Also, my last comment of this book is, I am glad that Scarlet came back into the book. I really was not expecting her, I actually almost forgot her! She was very nice and I am glad that Jack Frost did not kill her when he was pretending to be Mr. Frost, the nice guy who “liked” Scarlet’s mother and just drove Scarlet home from school and the raveyard. Also I thought it was funny how scarlet was wanting a “mobile” phone the whole time when she was included back into the book as a teen. I liked it so much because I was able to relate to her! Before I got my phone, I was always bugging my parents to get me one!

    1. Wonderful response, Sarah and written with voice. I like all the details from the books you put into your comment and your personal observations too.

      Just watch that darn lower case “i” and some sp/cap for next time

  26. Between the two summer reading books the “Maze Runner” was my favorite. The book had a lot of action and I love action. James Dasher did a great job at hanging you off the edge at the end of each chapter. It was the perfect book for me. I didn’t really like the “Graveyard Book” because it was too slow pace for me.

    My favorite part of the book was when Thomas ran in the maze to save Minho and Alby and he started to run away from the one griever. I knew that the problem couldn’t have gotten worse but then I read that there were three more grievers in front of him. As a newbie, Thomas had no chance in surviving. That was the most action packed part of the book for me; it just totally made me want to read the book more and more.

    1. Nicely done, Tanner, and I could see why you like action packed books better.

      Thomas did pretty well with those grievers!

      Book titles are just underlined……don’t use quotations. When typing in a comment box just put the title in caps.

  27. I liked The Maze Runner better than the graveyard book because it had a more unique and unpredictable plot and there was no confusion about what or who people in the story were. My favorite part of the maze runner was when Thomas learned that he could use telepathy to talk to Teresa. Overall, I loved The Maze Runner for the suspense and the action.

    1. Good reply, Katie. Since you like books that are suspenseful and full of action, can you tell me some parts of the story that fit these adjectives?

      I thought it was neat too how they could “talk” to one another!

  28. I don’t like to read a lot so I was surprised that while reading the maze runner I was completely glued to every single page. On the other hand, while reading the graveyard book, I was reminded of why I don’t like to read. I felt that there was no point to the book, no climax. Not only was the Maze Runner incredibly written but I also forgot I was reading. It was almost like there was a clear movie playing in my head. That to me is the most important thing about a book, being able to see a clear image playing through your mind. One of the many things The Graveyard Book was missing. I constantly got frustrated during my time reading the graveyard book due to the fact that I was confused of what was going on. However, I never once had to think of what I had just read in The Maze Runner.

    At first, I did not know why all I wanted to do all day was read The Maze Runner. Then I came to the conclusion that it was everything I want in a book, exciting, nervracing, action packed, and also a little bit of romance. I remember I missed dinner to read The Maze Runner. It’s one of those books where you think it cant get any better then it already is and then, a minute later, your eyes are even more glued and you are more hooked than you were before. Every page of the book made me eager to see what exciting information was waiting on the next. I even forgot where I was sometimes because I kept getting lost in every word. Every chapter was filled with action and excitement. Another thing The Graveyard Book was missing.

    The most heartbreaking part of the book to me was when Chuck jumped in front of Thomas to block him from being stabbed by the knife in which Gally threw. It was also very touching to see how far Chuck would go to save his friend. I can still remember the image playing through my head. As chuck was stabbed by the knife and when chuck hit the floor so did my jaw. A flood of emotions came to me at that point. Happiness, that Thomas did not die. Amazement, that Chuck would go to such great lengths to save Thomas. But the biggest emotion at that point in time was sadness, that Chuck would never get to see what the world he never knew would be like.

    The most intriguing part of the book to me was when Thomas risked his life to save the Gladers and find the way out of the maze. I loved when all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together as Thomas remembered more and more as he went through the changing. the most jaw dropping part of what he remembered was when he realized he and Tearesa helped create the maze with the creators.

    The book as a whole was my favorite part but if I had to choose my favorite part in the book I would definitely have to say it was when Thomas ran out into the maze to save Alby, who had been attacked by a griever and Minho, who was now dragging his sick friend on his back trying as hard as he could to make it into the Glade. Thomas new that the walls were about to close any second and it would be impossible for the two exhausted boys to get back into the Glade. Knowing that, Thomas knew he had to do something. With that, Thomas sprinted into the maze. the most exciting part was when the walls closed behind them. It kept me on my toes when the greviers began to chase Thomas. It was so exciting when Thomas and Minho realized they had become the first people ever to remain alive after a whole night out in the maze.

    Overall, this might have been the best book I have ever read in my life. Not only was it amazing but I could also relate to every single character at one put in time. To everyone who wants to just sit down and enjoy a book I more than recommend this amazing novel!

    1. Oh, well done, Taylor! I just hear the excitement in your voice when I read this. I can’t believe you missed dinner!!

      I think you are the first person to mention even the possible romance angle of the story.

      Proof for spelling and watch the pesky apostrophe!

  29. The best summer reading book was The Maze Runner without a doubt. The Maze Runner was filled with heart pounding detail and was beyond impossible to put down. The end of each chapter in the book ended with a big statement that made you want to find out what was going to happen next. The Graveyard Book was also a very good book but it didn’t have as much suspense and action as The Maze Runner. When reading you almost knew what was going to happen next in the story.

    My favorite part of the book was when Thomas was faced with the decision to go out in the maze right before the gates where about to close and possibly be closed out and die or stay in and let Alby and Minho have a lesser chance of survival and know that he could have done something to help. I like that he makes the decision to go out in the maze and save them. This was one of the many character traits shown by Thomas, the trait to go out and do what needs to be done. This is a very suspenseful part in the book where a character needs to make a hard decision and this is why I like this part of the book so much.

    1. Great response, Zack. I guess it’s pretty much agreed upon that each chapter of The Maze Runner ended with a cliff hanger of sorts. I like writers who use this tactic to keep the reader’s interest up.

      I agree with you about Thomas and his get it done attitude. He wanted so badly to be a Maze Runner!

  30. sorry Mrs. Cobb I forgot to capitalize The Maze Runner in the first sentence and The Graveyard Book in the second sentence.

  31. Over the course of the summer I read The Maze Runner and The Graveyard Book. I enjoyed both books very much, but ultimately The Maze Runner was the better of the two in my opinion. James Dashner’s enthralling book was a page-turner throughout. It is filled with action, suspense, cliffhangers, and intriguing questions in practically every chapter. The Maze Runner was a thrilling, fast paced, and very interesting book.

    Although The Graveyard Book was a fun read with a good plot it lacks the ability to reel you in and keep you turning the pages. In comparison The Maze Runner had a fantastic plot and was hard to get up and stop reading from. I hated when I had to stop reading it and go to bed or somewhere else. Also The Graveyard Book had lulls and periods where it was very dry and boring. The Maze Runner was very rich in detail, which helped to describe the setting. I remember when Thomas had just come up from the Box, and he emerged into a perfectly described world called the Glade. The description was so clear I could picture everything perfectly in my head.

    The Maze Runner had so many fantastic parts like when Thomas ran into the maze to save Alby and Minho, or when the gladers were battling through the horde of Grievers that choosing a favorite part was painful task. I eventually realized that my favorite part was when the anti WICKED people rescued the surviving gladers. It was very action packed and frantic to run away from WICKED. I really wasn’t expecting the anti WICKED people to break in shoot the scientists and bust out with the children. I really loved hearing about what had happened to Earth because ever since they vaguely started describing ‘’The Flare’’ I have been gnawing at the bit to find out about it. I especially liked the scene when ‘’The Flare” was described because I find post apocalyptic stories fascinating. In my opinion The Maze Runner is a captivating and enticing tale of bravery and wit.

    1. Well done, Timmy and I enjoyed reading this. I like how the writing flows, and your comment is filled with the details and descriptions I am looking for. Good word choice too!

  32. I read two books this summer for English class: an amazing book as well as a not so amazing book. I enjoyed The Maze Runner the most because I always thought the only type of book I liked was romance and drama, but The Maze Runner changed my mind. It was filled with action and exciting cliff hangers, always leaving me wanting to know more and what was to happen next. The lacking book in my opinion was The Graveyard Book, because it lacked the interesting features The Maze Runner had, as well as the content I thought it would have from my first judgment of it. While reading The Maze Runner, I could not stop or put the book down! Every night at dinner I told my family about the chapters I had read that day because I couldn’t get the story out of my head!
    My favorite part of The Maze Runner is the first chapter. I love to start a book when it’s written from the middle of a story. For example, The Maze Runner opens with, “He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.” I also like very descriptive stories and the first chapter of The Maze Runner is extremely descriptive! Another part that I love about The Maze Runner is the words James Dashner uses, words that let you imagine the story in your head, as if a movie is playing, while you’re reading it. This helped me understand The Maze Runner a lot clearer, especially the opening chapter.
    I really enjoyed reading The Maze Runner, while I didn’t enjoy The Graveyard Book at all.

    1. I like your comment a lot, Jessica. I’m happy that you’ve found a type of book that you wouldn’t normally read.

      I like vivid descriptions too where I can picture exactly what’s happening in my mind.

      I like that you used quotes from the book for examples. What examples from the first chapter did you like so much?

      1. My favorite part of chapter one is, when Tomas is sitting in the very beginning of the book. It almost sounds like the first day at a new school or going to a place you don’t understand or now. You are just sitting there confused and clueless, you want to cry but you can’t it’s just so scary! I like how I can relate to parts of books and I can feel how the character would feel, like in this situation.

  33. Out of the two books the one I liked the most was the Graveyard Book. I liked it because I like books about murder and the undead.

  34. Maze runner was my favorite book because it was full of action like when the Gladers fought off the Grievers while Chuck, Theresa, and Thomas jumped in to the Griever hole. It was also a bit of a mystery because you never knew what was actually going to happen when the Gladers got out of the maze.

    My favorite part of the book was when Thomas ran out into the maze to help Minho and Alby protect themselves in case the Grievers came out and attacked, because he knew they had no chance at making it back to the Glade before the doors closed. That was my favorite part of the book because it was a very intense moment when he first runs out into the maze because he knew he wasn’t allowed to do that.

    It was also very clever how Thomas outsmarted the Grievers and saved Alby even though he had to carry him up the wall and risk his own life.
    I also thought it was very cunning the way

    Minho and Thomas tricked the Grievers into falling off the cliff in the maze and survived a whole night in the maze which had never been done before.

    1. My last paragraph came out mis formated.It should read like this.

      I also thought it was very cunning the way Minho and Thomas tricked the Grievers into falling off the cliff in the maze and survived a whole night in the maze which had never been done before.

    2. Nicely done, Savanna! Lots of details and descriptions are in this comment.

      Thomas wanted so badly to be a maze runner, didn’t he?

      Watch for cap of a book title

  35. Between the two books I liked The Maze Runner the best. It had action, suspense, and multiple climaxes. James Dashner really pulled you in and never let go. Every chapter left me with lots of suspense. Especially when Minho and Thomas spent the night in the maze. It left me feeling excited and eager to find out what will happen next. It was very nerve racking when Thomas had to climb the wall and get out of the grievers reach. This made me never want to put down the book.

    Although The Maze Runner was very exciting, The Graveyard Book is not. In my opinion, it did not pull you in, keep you wanting to read, and it was not enjoyable to read. I did not find it very interesting. It was a bunch of ghost raising a child, and the child wanted to get refenge on the Jacks of All Trades.

    Overall I liked The Maze Runner the best, and also one of my favorite books I’ve read in my life.

  36. I really enjoyed both The Maze Runner, and The Graveyard Book. It was hard to decide which one I thought was better, but I think I enjoyed the Maze Runner the most. Probably because I could relate to how Thomas felt, when he was randomly dropped into a world he knew nothing about, and could not get out.

    My favorite part of the book is when Thomas gets everybody into the maze. Then they are all surrounded by who knows how many Grievers, and then Griever start attacking/rolling towards them. All the Gladers are as brave as nights in shinning armor, whether they know it or not. I mean I would be way to chicken to even take one step into the maze. I thought it was amazing when Thomas fought through the Griever crowd and jumped through the hole into the “Griever den”. Then his friend, chuck, finds a button that says kill the maze, and just as a Griever was about to kill Thomas, Teresa pushes the button and kills all the Grievers. I loved this book because there was constant action and you were able to use your imagination a lot. I would like to read another book like this.

    1. I like this response a lot, Kai. I especially like hearing your “voice” in it, and the way you “talk” to the reader.

      I also like the personal connection you make to Thomas and your descriptive words.

      Watch for capitalization of a name

  37. I enjoyed the Maze Runner the best, because it had more action than the Graveyard book which was mostly talking. I enjoy books that make you want to keep reading, but the Graveyard book made me want to not read it. My favorite part of the Maze Runner was when I fist got introduced to the “Runners.” This part made want to keep reading this book. I like books with action, and things that make me want to keep guessing what’s going to happen next…

    1. Good start, Killian, and I can see that you prefer to read action books!

      Can you describe some action parts of the book that grabbed your attention?

      Proof for spelling

  38. Over the summer I read both The Maze Runner and The Graveyard Book, both were very good books. Out of both I definitely liked The Maze Runner more. I think that because The Maze Runner had more action and adventure that more boys liked it (I know that’s why I liked it more) and because The Graveyard Book had more drama and feelings in it is why more girls liked it than boys. I’m not saying The Graveyard book was a bad book it was just boring at times. The Maze Runner kept me guessing through the whole book and I like that.
    My favorite part of The Maze Runner was when almost everyone was willing to step up and fight, that part was great, because they were all so brave. It made me feel like I could do anything.
    My favorite character in the book had to be Chuck, he just seems like such a nice likable guy, the way he just always wants Thomas to be his friend. Also how he is so brave at times. I was on the verge of tears when Chuck was killed I wanted to scream, NO! I would have liked to see Chuck through the series at Thomas’ side.
    I think Thomas might just be the bravest boy I’ve ever heard of, if anyone else I know were in some of those situations they might have passed out, maybe even me. I don’t like to think about me being in that situation though. Through and through I just thought The Maze Runner was a better book.

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