What’s Seventh Grade Really Like? Your Words Of Wisdom

443Wow! Where has this school year gone? In one week you will be considered eighth graders! Congratulations!

As per my blog tradition, it is your turn now to pass the torch (so to speak) to next year’s seventh graders by reflecting back on what your seventh grade experience has been like for you, and what they can expect life will be like for them. When I introduce the blog to my new seventh graders for the first time in August, they will read the words of wisdom you have left for them, much like you did at the beginning of this year.

What would a new seventh grader like to know or need to know? What lessons have you learned as you navigated seventh grade? How different is sixth to seventh? Please be honest, candid, and humorous, but please be respectful should you discuss your teachers. How difficult is it to play sports and keep up with the academic load? What about the social scene? Sea Camp? There’s lots to tell. These are just some questions to get you thinking.

I will miss all of you! Promise me you will stop by and visit…..I’ll just be at the other end of the hall! I will always have time to talk books……I can’t wait for all the sequels!!

Happy summer and safe travels!


  1. First of all, I cannot believe that we are finished blogging in seventh grade. The school year went so fast, and I am really going to miss all the memories. All of the things that we have done and said is all behind us now and we just have to move forward, instead of starting a new life, you are starting a new grade.

    To sixth graders, now seventh graders,

    Seventh grade is a whole new year, new everything! New building, teachers, and lockers. But seventh grade is probably going to be one of your favorite years here at Shorecrest. When you start a new year, you are all excited and think that the first week is all going to be fun and play. But not when you get in to seventh grade, the first day you get to school you start to learn straight off the bat. I am not saying that it is a bad thing, it is just something you guys are going to have to get used to when you start progressing into higher grade levels. So, I know you guys are probably really anxious to know what the teachers are like. So lets start talking about them first. In a good way, OF COURSE!

    You have four main academic teachers, plus whoever your language teacher is (GO MRS.JARVIS!), Mrs.Belt, Mrs.Cobb,Mrs.Idinge, and Mr.Hodgson.



    Mrs.Belt was an awesome teacher, but unfortunately you will not be having her next year. But just because you do not have her next year, doesn’t mean I cannot still talk about her right. Mrs.Belt is really cool, she does not make anything boring. And if you like the Browns you are definitely on her good side. We did so much with her this year, and I learnt more than I thought I would in her class. She made us keep an interactive notebook, were we glued our notes in, we also did fun projects and drawings. The left side was your colorful side and the right side was the work side. Honestly I did not like doing it when we were in class, but in the end it really helped me study for finals. One pretty cool thing we do, if you like dissecting, we dissect a frog and a one foot long worm. That was really fun, it just smelt really bad! I think you guys are missing out on a Mrs.Belt year, but that is not something you should be sad about, you know in a good way.

    Mrs. Cobb,

    Mrs.Cobb is a really friendly teacher. One thing that you will find different from your grammar class from last year, is that this year you will be doing so much more writing instead of taking grammar tests. Im her class you read a lot of books. Two of the books that you read in class, are the Miracle worker, and the Outsiders. I think you guys will really enjoy how Mrs.Cobb teaches and gives tests. Instead of justing writing a regular question on a test, she will give you a question that really tells if you understood whatever you where doing. I think I liked it that way, because if I did bad on something, I could find a different way to listen in class, or study at home. The blog is another really cool thing that you do in her class, the blog is basically due every Wednesday of every week. Mrs.Cobb will put up a prompt and you have to answer it. I found it fun,because I think it really improved my writing.


    Mrs.Idinge is awesome! She is a really nice teacher, and will help you as long as you ask her. She is very lenient, but do not take advantage of that. If you do not turn in your homework from Monday through Thursday, she will give you full credit if you turn it in on Friday. Mrs. I is what we normally call her. She normally will only give marks if your shirt is not tucked in. She is really strict about that. Math is a lot different since you guys are going from every day mathematics to pre-algebra. Sometimes we do perplexors which are like long interactive math word problems. I think you will a lot of fun in Mrs.I’s class learning, and doing a lot of fun interactive projects.


    This class is all about history. It is not social studies anymore, it is history. You learn a lot about the Incas, Aztecs, Columbian Exchange and much more. You only have one test the whole year in his class. He is really cool, he is also the boys JV tennis coach. You do a lot of skits and plays in his class. Also you do this really fun Jamestown Simulation computer game. Another new thing you will learn about is the census, do you guys remember taking that questionnaire, well you guys will be making those and giving them to us. Have an awesome time in history, making skits, playing interactive games, and learning about the census!

    One tip, is to lock your lockers. Oh yeah, now you have FULL LENGTH LOCKERS. No more standing on top of someone, or having books fall on you while you are trying to get your P.E clothes. The full length lockers are so great! You have one big locker all to yourself. Locking your lockers is a lot bigger of a deal in seventh grade. If you don’t lock your lockers, people will take stuff out and not give it back. Also I would not like unlocking my lock turned around, lets just put it that way for now.

    If you are a sports fanatic, like me. You have to make sure you do not fall back with school. So in any sport when you have to be dismissed from school early because you have a tennis match, make sure you ask the teachers what you missed and if they could go over it with you. Another thing is that all the teachers are willing to help. The only difference is, is that you have to ask them for the help if you need it, or even just want to go over something with them. Now since you guys are older, the teachers are not going to force you to do anything , to learn or do good on a test. You have to be the one who wants to do good, get good grades, and just be an overall good student.

    Now since you guys are older,you will start having class trips towards the end of the year. For our class trip this year, we went to Sea Camp in the Keys! You take and eight hour bus ride to get there, and you stop for lunch and dinner on the way. It is really, really, fun! When you get to the keys, you get a dorm with your friends. You get to swim with sharks, snorkel, and do night wading. On the way back you get to feed tarpons, which is awesome! And…actually i’ll just stop right here and let you guys enjoy the fun surprises when you go to Sea Camp.

    One last thing that you guys will find different, is that you have final exams at the end of the year. You should study a lot and make sure you know what you need to know in order to be ready for the test. On the bright side, you only have to come to school for about two and a half hours, take the exam, and then you can go home.

    I hope you new seventh graders have an amazingly fun year, learn new stuff, and make new friends! I think you guys will enjoy seventh grade a lot and I am pretty sure that this may be one of your favorite years. Well, at least it was for me! Have a great year and don’t let the tarpons bite!

    Milan S.

    P.S. Mrs.Cobb, I am really going to miss blogging. The blog really let me express my feelings and answer really fun prompts.

    1. Thanks Milan!!!
      I really learned a lot of resourceful things from your blog. I’ll definitely make sure I lock my locker this year!

  2. Nicely done, Milan…..You’ll be blogging next year too, but it’ll be different! For future reference……it is learned, not learnt, smelled not smelt, etc.

  3. OMG! I can’t believe that the school year is already over. I feel like seventh grade was so short. I am going to miss seventh grade, but I am also ready for the new adventure that next year will bring (wether it be good or bad). Seventh grade was not all fun and games. There was a lot more responsibilities and hard work. Here are a few tips for you rising seventh graders.

    Science With Mrs. Beltl:
    For this class I can’t say much about how your year will go or give you many tips because sadly Mrs. Belt is going to work in the library from now on. All I can think of to tell you is that you learn Life Science. So if your ever passing through the library say hi to Mrs. Belt. She is really fun and cool.

    Math With Mrs. I:
    Mrs. I is cool and really friendly. You don’t have to much homework in her class, but the days that you do make sure you complete it otherwise you won’t do as good on the tests and quizzes. In math we had a test and a quiz for each chapter we learned, but Mrs. I always made sure we were ready. Don’t misbehave too much in math because Mrs. I commonly throws things at you (not to hurt you though). In her class you can become mathematician of the day, but it is really hard. We only had a couple of them this year and they were the people that did something amazing during class that day. Also, before almost every test you have what she calls “Stations.” Personally, I don’t like stations. It is when you have a certain amount of time at each table to do problems and whatever you don’t finnish is homework that night. Overall, if you listen during class and don’t misbehave too much you will have a successful year in seventh grade math.

    English With Mrs. Cobb:
    In English you read one book of your choice per month and fill out a one pager on it, which is just something to make sure you actually read the book. Make sure you turn each one pager in by its due date because you are graded on this. Also when you take a book in and out of Mrs. Cobb’s library make sure you fill out the card on the inside cover and return it to its correct place on the shelf (each book has a number). Something else to remember is to blog every week. The blog is usually posted on Saturday sometime and then you have till Wednesday at bedtime to complete it. Try to do the blog during the weekend if possible so that you don’t have to worry about it during the school week. In your blog make sure you try your hardest because they are graded. Also, check over it for mistakes before you submit it because you don’t want to make silly mistakes. Also, NEVER forget to capitalize your I in a blog response. Mrs. Cobb doesn’t like that very much. Also, Make sure you actually study for all of your grammar tests because they can be pretty difficult sometimes. Oh yah I almost forgot to tell you that you shouldn’t forget your homework in english because you will earn a homework point. It may sound good, but it really isn’t. Lastly, don’t rest your feet or break Mrs. Cobb’s three dollar table. HaHa! If you follow these tips you will do fine in english this coming year.

    Spanish with Senora Jarvis:
    This may not apply to all of you. It all depends on what language you decide to take. I took spanish and here are a few things to remember. Senora Jarvis is very funny and nice, but also knows how to get down to business. You have homework almost every class or long term assignments, but it isn’t very hard usually. You also read three books about Spain throughout the year and make sure you really listen during her discussions on those. For the tests on the Spain books you get one notecard to write information on to use during the test. In spanish you also have listening comprehension which is were you fill out a packet while listening to an audio system. It is kind of hard to understand what they are saying sometimes, but as the year goes on it gets easier. Also, Senora Jarvis rewards you with lollipops a lot during class so try your best. Lastly, in seventh grade you get to choose if you want to take the paper, pencil final or make a video on what you learned this year (speaking in spanish only). They are both pretty hard, but if you listen in class you’ll do fine.

    History With Mr. H:
    Mr. H (A.K.A. Senor Hache) is very cool and funny. In history you don’t have many tests or quizzes. Only one per trimester and sometimes not even one. This sounds good, but it is also bad because you have to make sure you listen during class or else when the final comes you won’t know much of the information on it. You do a lot of projects in history, but I don’t want to spoil them for you so I am not saying what they are. They are a lot of fun though. You don’t really have much homework in history either. Also, in history you get to participate in the National HIstory Fair (NHD). It is a lot of fun and just so you know the topic for this coming school year is going to be Debates in history. Try really hard on your projects because they are a big grade and don’t fall behind on it or else you will have to do it all right at the end. Mr. H is really fun so look forward to seventh grade history.

    You’ll have a good seventh grade year if you follow a few of these tips and many more you will learn along the way. One of the only things that will be new for you guys is finals. Finals are tests on the material you learned that year. They are worth ten percent of your overall average. My advice to you is o start studying early so you aren’t stressed out on the night before the test. You just have to try your best and after you take the first one it isn’t so bad. They are not as bad as you think. Finally, I hope you have tons of fun in seventh grade.

    1. Thanks Susannah! I learned a lot from your blog that I never would’ve figured out. I am really looking forward to the coming year!

    2. Thanks Susannah,
      Your tips will definitely help me through 7th grade! I’ll be sure to always capitalize my I’s in sentences. I’m looking forward to 7th grade!

    3. Wow, that was a lot of information! Thanks! It is nice to no all this, being new here at Shorecrest. All I have to say is that I hope Mrs. I dosen’t throw anything at me.

  4. 7th grade was a very stressful year for me, even more stressful than my 6th grade year. I would give you advice, but I have absolutly none since I can’t thing of anything to help you with. I’m just happy that the year is finally over so I no longer have to argue with my parents about school work. Mr. Hodgson isn’t anything like Mrs. Wells, he gave use 2 tests the whole year (that includes finals), but he also give mor homework. Another thing in that each language class is about ten times harder than 6th grade languages and you actually have homework that takes more than five minutes and you also need to study for you language tests. If you want to know what language to take, don’t ask since everybody complains about all three of them. The projects this year like History Fair and Science Fair are really easy. First of all, Doing the science fair is optional, and history fair is really easy. August and my documentary was only 4 minutes long and we got and A, just don’t try to be too funy when your making a documentary because we got points taken off for gaetting a pictue of a Pnada crashing a crash test car into a wall (our project was on crash test dummies if you were wondering). My seventh grade year was pretty much “The year I lose all of my friends” year because I by the end of Thursday, May 27, 2010 i will only have one friend left at this school. I you get bored, don’t decide to not listen on last, because you’ll be seeing the same lesson that you fell alseep through on your finals. Mrs. I is a really cool math teacher, unless you don’t pay attention. WARNING: beware of Flying markers. Mrs. Cobb is a nice teacher, but she gets angry when you don’t turn your one pagers in, so turn them in!

  5. Seventh grade has been so much fun, with all the activities, field trips, and well everything we’ve done. It’s been great and I’m going to miss it. But there were a few things that I wish I would’ve known at the beginning of seventh grade. One thing if you are doing a school sport try and do your homework ahead of time especially if you have a game or something, because this year if you miss a homework assignment it’s a zero until you turn it in. Also take good advantage of the time you have in advisory, because there is definitely more homework this year than there was in sixth grade. Another important thing is that when you take notes in any class make them detailed and readable. I’m studying for exams and it is kind of hard to study for a subject when the notes are unclear and have no details. Also this year there is a lot more writing you’ll be doing, so if you like writing good for you if you don’t then well you’ll have to learn to like it. I would probably say seventh grade year is the year where you get a wake up call. What I mean is that you have to change your way of going through school id you want to get good grades. There are more projects this year than last year for sure. They are not huge ones like the History Fair, but smaller ones that are instead of tests. These smaller projects are usually due a week after they are given, but can be less so DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. It might have worked last year but it will absolutely not work this year. Now for the teachers, I personally think they are all great. When I say great I don’t mean they let you talk and not pay attention I mean that they all have great personalities. There is definitely a way to get them mad so just don’t do that and they’ll probably give you some slack. As I said before this year is the best year so far and you will definitely love it.

  6. Dear new seventh graders,
    Seventh grade is a great year! It is a lot different from sixth grade! it requires you to do a lot more. You have multiple tasks during the week. I would advise you to keep yourself organized.

    The hardest part is probably the tests, projects, and quizzes. Don’t wait the night before to study! You might wonder why I didn’t say finals. Finals are easy, just as long as you study in advance.

    My favorite part of seventh grade was Sea Camp, is was a great bonding experience. My only advice about Sea Camp is to NOT, and I mean NOT sit in the back of the bus. It is near the bathrooms, and you do not even want to know what that smell smells like.

    Another favorite part of seventh grade was The Hunger Games. I understand that you guys will be reading that this year as required reading. It is my favorite book and my favorite trilogy. My advice to you would be to read the second book because in my opinion, Catching Fire is even better than the Hunger Games.

    Now for the teachers, well they are all great. A couple things apply to all of them though. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You also should take thorough notes, so you can use them for finals.

    Mrs. Cobb is great. You should always do your blogs and homework! You don’t want to get homework points… Also, keep up on your class reading and IR books. If you get behind, you will have a hard time catching up again.

    In history, Mr.H doesn’t give you many tests. Another thing you shouldn’t delay on is history fair. Also, for history fair, make your bibliography is perfect.

    There really is no need to tell you about Mrs. Belt because sadly she won’t be your teacher next year.

    Do not stress over math. Mrs. I makes everything really easy to understand and math for me was very easy this year.

    I hope you all enjoy whatever language you take!

    I hope this blog will help you out before you start seventh grade. Just relax and have fun! Seventh grade is a great year!

    1. Thanks Tatum! Seventh grade sounds like alot of fun, and thanks for the advice. I definitly won’t be sitting in the back.

  7. Dear 7th graders,

    Good luck! Starting 7th grade is easy at first but one thing is for certain you have a lot of homework! Juggling sports and after school activities aren’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. The year goes by fast and there are going to be a lot more tests each week then you are used to. If you are worried about the teachers don’t be they are all great, too bad you are going to miss mrs. Belt she was a great life science teacher, but you will get a new one, but I think he will be just as good. The full locker is awesome, you can fit a lot more then you did last year and there are three stages to it to put all of your stuff. The new building is also really cool with stairs and cool interactive boards the whole thing is amazing! Oh and a very important task to learn is to manage your time wisely, it comes in handy trust me. And probably the best part of all of 7th grade is Sea Camp!!! It is soooooooooo much fun you have a great time. You get to go snorkeling and hint hint bring a LOT of sunscreen. Well that is seventh grade for you it is a big leap but I am sure you can make it to the other side good luck!!

    P.S Exams, don’t worry you will do fine

  8. Hello upcoming seventh graders!

    I am here to tell you the inside scoop about seventh grade. Hmm. I can remember right at the beginning of the year when we were doing the same thing you are doing now, reading the words of wisdom from the grade ahead of you. I can’t believe it’s come the time to pass on my wisdom. It seems like the year has gone so incredibly fast. It’s ridiculous! I guess what I’ll do is tell you about each of the teachers and things that I’ve learned.

    Let’s start with Mr. H. Well, let me tell you, if you’d really like to impress him, come into class one day with a huge jet-i bomb made out of paper. Make it as huge as you possibly can. He will put it up in the class room, put your name on it to give you credit, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to have a jet-i bomb fight in class. Also, remember the name Juan Valdez, it just might come in handy some day. Any who, Mr. H is very nice and a very cool teacher, feel free to ask him anything!

    Mrs. I is next. In her class, you can talk, but don’t be incredibly obnoxious. If you are, she might throw a marker at you. That might not be a problem for you if you have extremely good reflex, but still, she’s tricky, and the marker comes out of no where. So, just be good, but you can still have fun and enjoy the time with who ever you’re sitting next to! Overall, Mrs. I is very sweet and very open so you can always talk to her!

    Now, Mrs. Cobb. ALWAYS make your “I”s capital. Also, do your blog. Like, seriously, don’t forget! If you forget a couple of times than it won’t have a dramatic affect to your grade, but if it becomes a habit your average will be affected. Do those two things and you should be good. I mean, along with the regulars, pay attention in class, again, don’t be obnoxious, and such. Just be a good kid and you should be set. Oh, and read your IR books. Actually, at the beginning of the year, I did not like reading, but now after Mrs. Cobb introduced me to some really good books, I really enjoy it. Mrs. Cobb is a very fun teacher too and has a good sense of humor!

    Well, I know you won’t be having Mrs. Belt next year, but I’ll still tell you about her. She was my advisor. Her advisory was really fun. Also, the class was cool because there was a lot of interaction that we actually got to do. There were also some really cool projects that we completed. Mrs. Belt is a really great teacher and I hope that the new teacher is as great as her! Go say “hi” to her in the library this year! She’ll like that!

    For language, I’m not sure who you’ll have, but you’ll either have Mrs. Long, Mrs. Jarvis, or Mrs. Grau. They’re all very kind and I’m sure you’ll love them! I had Mrs. Jarvis and she’s very high spirited and I learned so, so, so, so much in her class this year. What ever language you take, I hope you have a great time and learn a lot!

    The wheel teachers you all know, so I don’t think I need to explain them, but of course you have Mrs. Williams, Ms. Nelson, Mrs. McCarthy, and Mrs. Scoby. Then, you have Coach Martinez for P.E.

    One last thing! The whole seventh grade team as a whole is great. I had a great year and I’m sure you will too. Get your work done, do your projects. Just get everything done and it’ll all be great! Have fun! I hope you succeed(:

  9. Ethan

    Hello new 7th graders! I am here to write about how to manage 7th grade. The very first thing I should tell you is that there will be a ton of homework and I know everyone says this but turn it in on time. You may think that it is not worth much, but trust me, it does. Another thing is to never go to class unprepared. I lost some points because I did not bring my Mid-Summer Nights Dream book and that thing can be very easy to lose. Now that we are on the topic about organization, I might as well tell you that keeping your locker clean is one of the most important things to do because you can easily lose a very important paper in there (not that I would advise you to put one in there in the first place). My point is that, if you don’t keep yourself organized, you will have a very hard time in 7th grade. Also, pay attention in class because almost everything you learn will be on the finals.
    Other than that have fun in 7th grade.

  10. Dear future 7th graders,

    Seventh grade is not easy at all. Even though it’s not easy it’s a lot of fun. My advice to you is this. I would pay attention in class and take notes. If you do not do this it is very hard to pass or get A’s on your tests. The teachers can be very strict if they want to be. If you don’t do your homework you can get really behind in class. After taking two finals today, I would tell you that for history you really need to save your notes because if you don’t then you will not be ready for te final. One other thing is that math is pretty easy, but if you don’t do your homework your grade will go down very fast. One fun thing is sea camp. It is really fun and it is a time you get to spend with your friends. One of my favorite parts was actually the bus rides. The one bad thing is that you have to get up pretty early. The last thing I have to say to you is Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
    Hannah G.

  11. Seventh grade was a really fun year. It is a lot more work than what you had in sixth grade, but it is still fun. Some advantages are that you will have bigger lockers and new rooms. Also, the teachers are very different. They all have different styles. Like Mrs. Belt, who you unfortunately won’t have as a teacher next year, had a style of keeping a notebook with information throughout the whole year. Mrs. Cobb likes to use the new Polyvision board. Mrs. I likes to use the small white boards and do practice problems. Mr. H introduces yo to History Fair. History Fair may not seem fun to you at first, but if you move on to the county or State fair it gets really fun hanging out with your friends. I just want to say that it is a really fun experience and you should take it seriously.

    Also, a tip is to finish your homework as early as possible. You start to get more work in 7th grade, and a lot of you will become bigger contributors on your school sports teams. The Sea Camp trip was fun. I think that it was more fun than the Pathfinders trip. You have free time to hang out with your friends as well as an eight hour bus ride.

    A tip including your homework is to always complete it. That one assignment can be the difference between a high B and a low A. You’ll need that small boost because of the tests becoming harder and more complicated. Always take good notes. The notes can also be the difference between a high B and a low A.

    One more thing is The Hunger Games. It may seem like a girly book at first, but it ended up being my favorite book ever. I’m not a fan of books. Actually, I’m jealous that you guys will be reading that next year.

  12. Dear incoming seventh graders, seventh grade is a huge year and is miles different from sixth grade. Seventh grade can be much easier though, if you listen to the wisdom of this blog. I have broken it into segments to make it easy for you to follow.


    Mrs. Cobb the English teacher: Mrs Cobb is a great English teacher. She’s nice but not a pushover. She expects a lot from you and she will let you know when she believes you didn’t give your best effort. For example, many of you probably know, I had the misfortune of earning a twenty-three on one of my English tests. I disagreed with Mrs. Cobb on my grade but she never backed down and explained to me why I got the “poop grade” I got. Also READ YOUR IR BOOKS. I missed a couple of books this year and it really screwed my grade. The blogs are also extremely important. If you do a good blog every week you should be fine.

    Best Moment of the year in Science: When I yelled “YOU SUCK” to Ryan L. across the room. Never ever ever ever do this. I was young and stupid. I didn’t know the consequences of my actions. Just please be smarter than me.

    Mrs. Jarvis the Spanish teacher: She’s a great Spanish teacher. I mean there isn’t that much you can say other than the fact that she’s awesome.

    Best Moment of the year in Spanish: When she picked up the pencil that I had colored on with highlighter. It’s one of those you had to be there moments but if you were there….. Never mind.

    Mrs. Idinge the math teacher: I loved having Mrs. I as a math teacher. She is truly refreshing after a full year with Mrs. Kelly. Mrs. I doesn’t talk to walls, talk to penguins, have a shadow self, or make disturbing robot noises. Mrs. I is also pretty funny and always gives help where help is needed. She is also very good at relating to students and is very patient. Unless of course you test her patience. Then she’ll get mad.

    Best moment of the year in math: When she sent our whole entire class outside literally. She said that we need to start over and come in quiet. First we thought she was joking but then we found out she wasn’t.

    Mrs. Belt the science teacher: Unfortunately, you guys will not be having her next year but I will tell you about her anyway. Mrs. Belt was an awesome teacher and an even better advisor. She was funny and you knew that you were going to have a great time in her class. Her thinking point system pushed students to do their best day in and day out and I especially had a fun time just relaying off random stuff from the top of my head just trying desperately to earn a thinking point. We also had many great moments in advisory to go along with our great parties. It saddens me that we are Mrs. Belts last class but I’m sure whoever you guys have for Science will be cool to.

    Best moment of the year in science: The “Chickaduun” song made by Justin, Connor, Brandon, and yours truly. That had to be the best science chant ever made in the history of the universe. I mean you can not top that. If you want to see it go to this link http://writeoutloud.edublogs.org/sea-camp-campfire-videos/. You will be deafened by its awesomeness.

    Mr. H the history teacher: Mr. H is truly a beast. He made the whole grade want to go to history every day. He allows to do History fair which is one of the most fun projects you can do. His class is also very interesting. He is a very interactive teacher meaning that he basically teaches using all resources. We watch movies perform skits and a lot more. He is also funny and watch out for the “jedi bombs” because if you are not quick one of them could hit you in the stomach before you know it. He will also introduce you to Vicki. She is nice most of the time but if you get on her bad side she can get really mean. It’s almost as if she doesn’t have a heart. You also play jeopardy which can get pretty intense at times.

    Best moment of the year in history: When we almost left Elijah at the USF library. I had to run in and get him and tell him to get out of the place. Elijah isn’t that fast a runner so if we left him he would have stayed there.


    Drama is a huge part of seventh grade. If you think sixth grade is filled with drama imagine sixth grade times two billion. Trust me it gets bad. Rivalries start, fights happen, cliques multiply people come out of the closet. It all happens in seventh grade. We had every one of those things happen this year. Not to mention kids getting expelled and kids leaving. It all gets confusing sometimes but if you be like me and stay away from a lot of the petty drama and only get involved in the interesting and funny drama than you will be having a great time. You will also be fine if you never choose sides. That way you don’t make any enemies and keep your friends. Keep the teachers out of the loop also. There is nothing worse than having a teacher find out that two kids are planning to fight or something like that.

    Sports and Academics

    Seventh grade is very different academically and it can be a challenge to keep up with academics while playing a sport. I played three sports this year and it actually helped me to play sports. It’s kind of like giving me an extra incentive to excel in academics. My grades were ok this year with the exception of a couple of “poop grades” that I got.

    If you listen to these methods and stories from someone who jut spent a good 9 months in the seventh grade then you will do absolute fine in the transition.


  13. Dear rising 7th graders,

    Seventh grade is really fun. It may seem like it is going to be really hard but it actually isn’t that much different from sixth grade. My first tip is, if you take Latin, STUDY a lot. I learned the hard way that if you do not study for Latin that much, you will forget words and start the year off on a bad not. If you study, you should be fine but if you don’t, it will keep getting harder as you move on. Latin is actually a pretty interesting class if you if you really listen, and make sure you take notes because Mrs. Grau talks a lot.

    Basically, you have to study for classes a little more than in sixth grade but if you do that, it will be really easy. A lot of the stuff in seventh grade is memorization, like vocabulary words. It is just repetition that will help you pass. The classes aren’t that hard but you still have to pay attention.

    Sea Camp was one of the most fun things of the whole year. The bus ride there and back was actually way more fun than I thought it would be. When we were there, we learned some really interesting things. The cabins aren’t that hot if you open the windows but they have no AC so you should just bring sheets.

    My last thing to say is if you study for exams, they will be a breeze!

    Brandon C.

  14. Dear future seventh graders,

    Seventh grade is a lot different than sixth grade. You have to do History Fair, Fever 1793 project, English projects, and more. May people think that seventh grade is impossible. But as long as you pay attention, always turn in your homework, write long notes, and never procrastinate, you should make good grades.


    Not matter what language you take, none of them are going to give you an automatic “A.” In Latin, we had to learn at least a hundred vocabulary words, remember noun case endings, and verb case endings. We also did video notes, mythology reading, Latin Forum notes, quizzes, and tests. One tip I can give is to always check your homework carefully. I cannot tell you have many silly mistakes I made and cost me getting a good grade.


    I would say that science was the hardest subject for me. I cannot give you any tips because Mrs. Belt is not going to be the teacher next year. She is a really good teacher to have. She made everyone not only understand what something is, but to explain it in great detail. It is unfortunate she cannot teach next year.


    In English, we had do mini projects, read one book a month, do a weekly blog, and more. Mrs. Cobb is a fun teacher to have. She makes sure you have read each book by asking specific questions. As long as you do your homework and write long essays, you will be okay.

    Social Studies

    Mr. Hodgson was a fun teacher and advisor to have. We did something interesting every single class. The two biggest projects in seventh grade were History Fair and Fever 1793. Mr. H always gave everyone good ideas, informative books and websites, and tips to make every project better. One tip is to write long notes. Not only does he expect you to understand the chapter, but he occasionally grades it.


    Mrs. Idinge was a really cool teacher. She could always relate to everyone and she gave some really fun stories. She was also a good teacher. She gave little shortcuts to make learning the chapter easier. She also had help sessions for students that did not understand something. She also has a thing called Mathematician of the Day. If you do something intelligent you could win and get a homework pass.

    The best part of seventh grade was Seacamp. It was fun to snorkle and to see all of the little organisms underwater. The labs were interesting to do, especially the hermit crab race. The best parts of the trip was the campfire and the bus rides. The campfire was fun because we played fun games and roasted marshmellows. The bus rides were fun because we got to wtach movies, listen to music, and talk to your friends. One thing I would advise is if you want to sleep, go towards the back. When I was asleep, someone screamed in my ear or put music in my ears. I hope this information will help you in seventh grade

  15. You guys are really lucky because you get to read the Hunger Games which is a really good book. Books aren’t always as good when they are assighned but this book might be. Mrs. Belt was a really good teacher she let us have parties and at the end of the year we even got to throw paper balls at her. The only bad thing is that you get out late especialy if you have her before break, lunch, or at the end of the day. But you dont have her. Mrs. Idinge is a really cool teacher. She is not afraid to yell or throw stuff at you. She can relate to students. You should always be paying attention in Mr. Hodgsons class because you will need it on the finals. Don’t fool around in Mrs. Jarvis’s class. The full sized lockers are really cool you will always have extra room.

    1. Sea camp is really fun I recomend going but don’t bring a sleeping bag. I didn’t but trust me you don’t have to to figure out it is going to be extremely hot.

  16. Make sure to keep ALL of our notes and tests from history class. There won’t be a lot, but it will really help when it comes time to study for exams. Put lots of effort in to your history homework. You won’t have many assigments so they count for a lot.

    Do your blog and homewrk every week, it can really help or hurt or grade. If you can, get your IR one-pagers done early so in May you have some free time to study and don’t have to worry about turning one in.

    Sea Camp is very fun and you end up learning tons about marine biology.

    Pay attention in math and ask questions! Mrs. I is a great techer and will help you understand whatever it is you need help with.

    Don’t let exams scare you. (they aren’t that bad)

    7th grade is very different from 6th grade. You learn lots in academics and about yourself. As long as you do your homework and pay attention you all should do just fine.

  17. I still can’t believe the year went by so fast! Wow! But I really have a few tips for next year’s seventh graders!
    By the way, the first thing I’m going to tell you is that you should seriously not worry about any of the tests (especially the exams) too much, but the only thing to really consider is to keep up with your homework. Although all those fairs and projects might sound a lot, they really aren’t. It really is a lot of new stuff, and everything… but I started my history fair project about 2 days before it was due, and as you can see, I made it well through 7th grade! Of course it was a lot of stress, and staying up late finishing projects, but… you know what? Just don’t do it the way I did. But, of course 7th grade was a lot of fun… most of the time… except of course the part with waking up every morning at 6:00 A.M. and falling back to sleep again, then waking up for real at 6:30 A.M. and thinking about going back to sleep again… But then about at 6:40 A.M. woken up by a screaming mom, sleeping dad. But most of us already experienced that: it’s just the way life is. 🙂
    The next thing I would recommend NOT to do is not to think that at the end of the year, 7th grade is over, because it is actually the hardest part of being in 7th grade. Also, try not to get in too much trouble at the end of the year (especially the guys), because that is the time most of the teachers WILL give marks, and will write notes to the 8th grade teachers, saying that you are one of the trouble makers… The year will pass away quickly, and your lock too… If you forget your combination, or loose your lock, or even if you don’t lock your lock and SOMEONE might lock it backwards so Mr. Davis has to crack it open… I have a really good tip for that though. What you have to do is put a magnet at the back of the lock, and then push the lock up, so then it will look like it’s locked, but it’s not though. Hehe 🙂
    Anyways, I really loved seventh grade, and it went by really fast too, and I am really going to miss everybody this summer, but especially the people who are moving so somewhere else… 🙁
    I could seriously write a whole book about 7th grade if I wanted to, but I think you should figure it out yourself! 🙂
    From Sebastian

    P.S: Enjoy it, and you will love it. Just don’t get a bad, or uncomfortable feeling about seventh grade, because it is going to be great! Guaranteed! And lot of FUN too!

      1. I figured that out by accident! THe magnet got stuck to the ack of my lock, and then I had that idea. 🙂

    1. Inventors always find out stuff by accident. Maybe you could get a patent for that, you’d have a lot of business from teens! 🙂

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