From A To Z…..And Everything In Between


Prompt #1

For this creative prompt, I would like for you to write a short story (exactly 26 sentences). The first sentence begins with the letter A, the next sentence with B, and so on. Please write it in paragraph form. The story should make sense and not just be random sentences thrown together. The purpose of this exercise is to perfect sentence fluency. Have fun!

Prompt #2

In addition, please answer the following two questions:

In the seemingly endless war between vampires and werewolves whose side are you on? Explain.

Which whipped topping do you prefer? Cool Whip or real whipped cream? Explain.


  1. A baseball game is really fun.
    Balls flying out of the park like rockets.
    Catching the ball from the pitcher.
    Double headers for makeup games.
    Errors made in an instant.
    Fly balls being caugght by the outfield to end a horrific inning.
    Ground balls being feilded like vaccums.
    Hitting the ball out of the park and troting around the bases.
    Inning after inning of hitting and feilding with no mistakes.
    Just in time to see the first pitch of the game.
    K’s thrown by pitcher.
    Line drives drivin into the gaps.
    Makeing history every game.
    No hitters thrown time to time by the best of the best pitchers.
    O’s fill the crowd when a player makes a good play.
    Putouts made by the infield the they were programed to do so.
    Quiting is not an option.
    Runs scoring off of mistaks.
    Strikeouts thrown by the pitcher.
    T work helps a hitter find the sweet spot.
    Umpires makeing calls. (hey there not always the right ones.)
    V is the position you are suppose to be in to feild a ground ball.
    Walking batters is not good for a pitcher.
    X ray the injured arms of the pitcher.
    Yankees win the world seris.
    Zero zero bottomof the nineth two outs and Alex Rodriguez hits a walk off home run to win the game.

    I prefer wipped cream because cool whip tastes gross.

    I chose to be a warewolf becasue I would rather be like michael jackson that suck someones blood.

  2. “Amelia, I’m sick of it!
    Breaking and entering, that’s what this is!
    Coming in my room without permission is not cool!
    Door. (Guesturing to the door)
    Even if it’s open, if I’m not in here, don’t come in!
    Fishy almost got knocked over thanks to you.
    Gosh, I’m so mad I can’t remember what I came up here for.
    I have to do my math homework!”
    Just as I turned around to get it, she was halfway down the hall, tripping into a table.
    “Klutzy, that’s what that girl is.
    Lucky she’s smart…
    Maybe she could help me with this.
    Natalie, where’s Amelia?”
    “Over at Pheobe’s house,” she yelled back.
    Pheobe lived next door to us, I could run over real fast.
    Quickly, I threw my shoes on and shot over to Pheobe’s house.
    Rachel, Pheobe’s sister, was sitting outside.
    “Say, have you seen Mel?” I asked.
    “Try Uri’s house,” she replied.
    Uri lived two blocks down, near Valarie and Xander.
    “Valarie, where’s Mel?”
    “Wait a second…
    Xander says she went to Tiffany’s”
    You know, after all that, not getting home till ten, I never did get any help.
    Zero’s what I got in PE because the coach thought I didn’t try in the mile…Ha..If only she knew.

    I never read any of those Twilight books or saw the movies but I would be with the werewolfs because they seem tougher. They fight with their fists and claws opposed to biting people. Werewolfs are way cooler. And they don’t get driven away by vegetables.

    Whipped cream is way better. It yummier, light, and fun to squirt. Cool Whip is good but a little too heavy for my taste.

    1. @abby15, Abby! I’m sad. I didn’t realize Xander was a popular name, I though I made it up. Oh well great minds think alike I guess. Cute story though. =]

  3. A day in life when incognito.
    Before I tell you my story I must mention a few things.
    Can you keep a secret?
    Don’t tell anyone.
    Even your friend and family can’t know.
    Forever have I held this secret and it’s soon yours, too.
    Give me your time, for this story shall inform you of the greatest death of all time.
    Hear me out and don’t make any assumptions off of what I say.
    If you’re wondering who I am, well I was the apprentice of the Merlin.
    Just so you are aware of who Merlin was, he was and still is the greatest magician this world has seen.
    Known for his sudden death, those who remember it, never knew its cause; well I can tell you this much, I was there.
    Little can I say, but after his death I lived a long, evasive life with the enchantment he bestowed on me.
    Mystery captivated my soul as minutes turned to days and days turned to years.
    Nothing surprised me more then this will surprise you; I never aged, sickness was nothing and the idea of death seemed preposterous.
    Over the years isolation became my only option.
    People never to notice of me but I kept a low profile anyways.
    Queer as this story is so far it is no secret there are few who I’ve become known to; although this is the first I have spoken of my secret.
    Rarely in the past I have met others of my kind, one good friend was Nicolas Flamel who I met on one of my journeys.
    Strangely enough I am no alchemist or magician any more, I am only drawn to current events, or well, history to you.
    The time is right to tell me secret but there is one other I must first speak of who helped in the act; Xander who has died long ago.
    Unlikely, yet still you might already have tried to guess my secret but you are wrong, I am sure of it.
    Very time this has become for this is my last letter and death is sure to be near.
    Why is this necessary?
    Xander would have stopped me by now; he has always been such a good apprentice.
    You must realize that I wasn’t Merlin’s apprentice but I am Merlin himself (and it was Xander who died in my staged death as I lived on).
    Zero time is left and as I leave, you must know that the sword never came out because it was super-glued it the rock.

    Whether I am deciding between Vampires or Werewolves and Cool Whip or real whipped cream I must say I have no preference. I don’t like either Vampires or Werewolves so why should I have to choose between the two. For the option of Cool Whip or real whipped cream I will say that I will have whichever one is in my refrigerator, for they taste the same to me.

  4. All I said was that I would be home at midnight.
    But you thought I said 11:00
    Can’t you tell the difference?
    Drew, you never pay attention!
    Even when you know you should, you still don’t listen!
    Frank listens better than you, and he only listens when he is involved!
    Great job, Frank!
    Hey Drew, Frank asked you a question!
    I would appreciate it if you answered his question.
    Just so you know, Frank didn’t actually ask anything.
    Karen was the one to ask the question.
    Listening to people can help you avoid confusion like that.
    Making changes in your life can help you as well.
    Not only does it make you more pleasant to be around, more people will want to be your friend.
    Only after you learn to listen, will people want to be around you.
    People like being listened to.
    Quizzes that are given orally, can only be passed by those who listen to instructions.
    Reading directions is different from listening to them.
    Sometimes oral instructions are different from written ones, and they can help you on quizzes.
    Today, you failed a quiz because you didn’t listen when Frank asked a question about the directions.
    Under your desk, in fact, there is your copy of the quiz, it even has a big red “F” on it.
    Victor listened very well, that is why he got a 100% on the quiz.
    When you learn to listen, then you can be like victor.
    Xylophones are playing, but you can’t hear them because you aren’t listening!
    Yesterday, you were pretending to listen, but I know you well enough to have figured it out, Drew!
    Zero listening is what you do, this won’t help you in life!

    I would much rather be a werewolf because they are more similar to puppies. Vampires are more similar to kittens, and I am allergic to cats. Therefore, I chose werewolves!

    I do not have a preference between coolwhip and real whipped cream because to me, they are so similar that I don’t really care.

  5. At the store there was a boy named Bill.
    Bill loved to play checkers.
    Checkers gets very strategic with his friend David.
    David worked for a man named Evan.
    Evan always had his money on Bill.
    Funny words were said by Gloria during the game.
    Gloria was David’s girlfriend.
    Hockey was the sport that both boys played.
    I do not know who is going to win the game of checkers.
    Jumping excitedly, Bill double-jumped David’s piece.
    Kevin started laughing in the backround because Bill jumped out of his chair.
    Lying directly after that move David Jumped over Bill piece.
    Mischievously Bill set up David to jump him.
    Nobody moved and the room was silent.
    “Outstanding move,” said David.
    “Perhaps I shall move a different piece,” said David.
    Quickly he moved the piece.
    Ruckishly, Bill started to spaz-out.
    Sitting down now, Bill finally jumped Davids piece.
    Turning around the checker made Bill’s piece a king.
    Undisidingly the game was almost over, Bill should win.
    “Victory,” thought Bill.
    Without caution David said,”the game is not over.”
    Xylophones started to chime in the back round.
    Yelling David was David’s new nickname because he lost the game to Bill.
    Zero of David’s pieces were left on the board.

    I would be on the werewolf side because I think dogs a very cool.Cool Whip tastes better, and it was in a Family Guy Episode.

  6. Anyone know what caner is, or what it can do to you?

    Begins with the first step of being extremely scared and frightened and not knowing what killer is in your body.

    Cancer will put as much effort as it can to try to kill you.

    Do you want to help to fight back and find a cure for this thing?

    Everyone will be affected sooner or later, and or population will be done for.

    Find a cure and fight back!

    God will be with you to help you every step of the way.

    Hugs and kisses will comfort your way to success.

    Inadequateness will not be an option in this horrible bump in the road.

    Jealousy of the healthy will bring you down.

    Kids, teens, adults, and elders are all affected.

    Love, passion, and perseverance are all you need to win this battle.

    Maid, leukemia, prostate, and breast cancer are only an extremely small percentage of types of killers out there.

    Never look back and keep moving forward.

    Open your eyes and let out the fear.

    Protest and fight and keep trying to rid yourself.

    Quitting is definitely not an option.

    Running against cancer is!

    Sometimes battles are not won, but that does not mean give up.

    Today we know so much about cancer, but not enough to find a cure.

    Unstoppable is how you should feel.

    Victory is great!

    Winning is amazing!

    Xenophobia is what you should have come over once you won your battle.

    Yardsticks will not be enough to measure how far you have traveled to win this battle against cancer!

    Z is the end; you started at A and ended at Z, congratulations!

    If I were to choos between a vampire and a warewolve. I would definetely with no dought be a vampire. Mostly because vampires are are the ones that normally always win. Plus you would never have to go to sleep. Also vampires (well what I have heard) have special powers and can kill easily. Overall I like being evil!

    Cool whip or real whip, definetely the amazing cool whip. It tastes really good. I not only like cool whip because of the taste, but also because its fun to play with. Like smudging it on peoples faces and stuff.

  7. As I stepped into the dim light, outside, the whole world seemed to be passing me by. Before I could open my mouth, police sirens started blaring outside. Carefully I ran outside to check the scene. Down beneath the last level of the parking garage, there is a secret door, that no one knows about. Even though, I knew. For it was so secret that only the people of most important knew about it. Getting out of a car, was a man, standing there in a black mask, and covered in black clothing. He was heading toward the secret door, when the door opened from the inside and another man jumped out holding a large bag. I knew what the bag contained, and I panicked. Just as I started to move, then men were back in the car, heading down the street. Keeping my breathing steady I tried to chase the car, but I cold not keep up. Long after it seemed, the police showed up, they were two late. Men who worked for the police department held guns. No one else was outside, only me, I wondered if anyone was aware of what was going on. Only just like the snap of a finger, they were gone. Pausing every couple of seconds, I began to turn around, only to find another man jump out of the secret hole carrying another large bag. Quietly, he began running, realizing that his friends had left without him. Right then and there, he noticed me standing there, and he pulled out a very intimidating gun from the left side of his belt. Seconds after, I was dodging a bullet that he had aimed right at me. To think, I had gotten myself drawn into this situation, I was scared. Unless he had heard the police come, he might think I’m the one who would call the police on him. Very quietly, I hid behind a bush, so the next time he looked up, he would not be able to see me. With that, he left. Xenon made up the plant pot that I was hiding behind. You would not be able to describe the emotions I was feeling knowing that everything that we had worked for was gone. Zero ways can come to my mind to describe it, I’m not sure how we’re getting by.

    Between the battle of werewolves and vampires, it’s hard for me to decide which side I am on. I think I’m on the vampire side. Although, I do not like that they eat humans, but of course, some of them are vegetarians. Werewolves are cool, but I just don’t think that if I had to be one or the other, I’d like turning into a dog like creature. I don’t know, for some reason I guess I just like vampires more!

    Now, cool whip or whipped cream? Personally, I think both are absolutely amazing and can make most anything taste, well, amazing. They don’t taste incredibly different or anything. Although, I think I prefer cool whip only because whipped cream is usually in my refrigerator, not cool whip. So, when I get to have cool whip, it’s like a special occasion!!!

  8. Adrenaline rushes through my veins. But, I am not scared. Cause the wind rushing through my hair is exciting and exhilarating. Down we go down the drop. Everyone is screeching. From start to finish, my heart is pounding. Going down again, woo hoo! Hearing the camera snap, I smile for the picture. I smile with the biggest smile and show a peace sign. Just as the ride as coming to a close, I start to think about where these things came from. Katalnaya Gorka was where the first one was. Les Montages Russes was the name of the first one. My favorite is Space Mountain. Notice how times have changed!

    Oh no, we are coming to the end. Pushing on the brakes, it halts to a stop. Quickly, I run off to the end of the line to ride it again. Running, I trip over a rock. Ten minutes is the wait time. Unclean handrails go along both sides of me. Vacant seats appeared. When I sit back in the seat, I feel the excitement start to build again. Xyloid and rickety, the roller coaster starts up again. “Yahoo!” Zipping on the tracks, my adrenaline rushes and the wind blows through my hair.

    1. @tatum15, I am on the werewolves side. They try and stay away from the publics since they live in the woods. They are also more athletic, outgoing, and healthy. Vampires are out in the open and are tempted with the thoughts of killing people. Vampires are shy and pale.

      I like both whipped cream and cool whip because they are two different things. They both have different tastes and are used on different things. So, depending on my mood and what I am eating, I would have cool whip or whipped cream.

  9. August’s summer vacation has arrived
    Bringing everything I think of
    Clashing things into my bags
    Deciding what to bring, and what not to bring
    Excitement running through my mind
    Fearing to forget something
    Grabbing things I don’t even need.
    Holding on to certain things, to make sure they make the trip.
    In the moment, waiting for the the day to come when we leave
    Just then I realize I forget something
    Kindly searching the house
    Listening to my Mom yell
    “Mom I need my sunglasses”
    “Not my job”
    Oh man, I need to find them
    Politely looking through the house
    Quivering at the thought that I won’t find them
    Running around
    Saying everywhere I went
    Thinking where I left them
    Unwillingly trying to find it
    Wishing I could find them
    X-ray vision is what I was thinking about
    Yelling in every direction
    Zippy doo when I find them

    If there was a war between the two I would be on the werewolves side. I think that they are cooler and tougher and would win the war. I would want to be on the team that would win, and I think werewolves would win.

    I prefer cool whip better, even I like both I prefer cool whip over real whip cream.

  10. A girl, this story starts with a girl. Beacause of her indolence she often procrastinated. Could she help herself, maybe? Don’t think she was a couch patato or anything, she just wished that she was somewhere else. Everydayshe would wish that she were outside with her best friends. Far away they lived. Green grass surronded their homeand made for a delicious snack. Hay, their breakfast lunch and dinner. If she wasn’t gazing out the window, she’d be wondering what they were doing. Joking around with their friends as she did. Kidding around, playing, having fun. Laughing even, she wondered. Much was her joy when the bell sounded and she was free to go see them. Not that she minded the long drive, but wished that their home was closer to hers. Over the water swishing below, even over other roads with cars as small as ants. Peering out the window she could see that they were getting closer. Questioning the clock, the drive couldn’t be this long. Reaching their home gave her hapinness. Slowly the car creptdown the driveway, finally! Tearing out of the car, and right up to her two best friends. Under those furry coats were her best frends, their coats were groomed until they gleamed and she hurried out, reins in hand. Very thrilling was the feeling of four hooves thundering underneath her, the rush of sailing over a jump and landing on the other side.Wishing that she had more time with them, but knew she had to go. Yearning for a longer visit she hopped in the car, ready to drive back to reality.Xander the dog wagged goodbye as she buckled her seatbelt. Zap! She was back and the story began again.

    I am definetly on the vampire side. They’re really fast and strong. Vampires are always vampires and can’t switch back like the werewolves.

    Real whipped cream is wat better than Coolwhip. Coolwhip is really heavy and almost tastes fake. Real whipped cream is frothier, lighter, and tastes better with dessert.

  11. Almost everything is starting to make sense now. But I still don’t understand why he did it! Cans on the floor, nets skewed all over the desks, and tacks on the seats. Did he know he was going to get kicked out of school? Eventually it was bound to happen, but he went too far this time. Finding the supplies to pull this prank must’ve been hard enough, but going through with it? Goodness gracious…what do you do with a kid like this one? He is devious, sly, vindictive, and rude to most people. I applaud him, though, for staying in this school for so long, but I guess he wasn’t happy here anyway. Jeremiah was a flat out mean boy; I’ll tell you what happened. Kristi saw it all (she was hiding behind a plant), and she said that it wasn’t pretty! Late Tuesday night, the teachers were having a faculty meeting, and Jeremiah was at school because he forgot his jacket. Mr. Prince Epal (our principal) was telling all the seventh grade teachers that Jeremiah had to go because he had done too many things: vandalizing the hallways, bullying smaller kids, stealing money, etc. Nothing stopped Jeremiah from hearing this (as the door to the conference room was opened), and it’s rumored that he ran across the hall and just stole the supplies that he needed to pull the prank from the art room. Oh was it a catastrophe, but a silent catastrophe, of course! Piles and piles of toilet paper were scattered across the office of Mr. Prince Epal; Queues of ants were crowding around the mound of rotten food in the center of the room. Right when he completed his task, Jeremiah knew he had to scram! So before he ran, he took a piece of paper and scribbled something down on it really quickly: “Too many “no’s” can make a yes!” Usually, Mr. Epal wouldn’t even acknowledge something as small as this, but he was puzzled with what the sheet of paper had written on it. Vandalized as the office was, our principal just stood and stared directly at the note for several minutes, simply thinking. When he walked out of the room to alert the teachers of this “crime,” something inside of him caused him to turn around, walk out of the school, and search for Jeremiah to apologize to him. X-travagant* measures were taken to locate the boy that day. Young and vulnerable as he might have been, no one could find him! Zeal for escape was what caused Jeremiah to run that day, and it is still a mystery to be solved!

    *Sorry I didn’t really have an “x” word that made sense!

    For the seemingly never-ending war between werewolves and vampires, I have to say that I am one of those people who hasn’t read Twilight (I think that is how you spell it). Therefore, I don’t follow what’s going on in any of those vampire and werewolf series. I don’t exactly care about it, so I can’t really say which I like the most, or whose side I’m on. I can say, though, that they both have weaknesses and strengths, so it would be hard to pick anyways.

    I am DEFINITELY a fan of whipped cream!!! I feel like whipped cream is better because it’s the original. I see Cool Whip as a rip off of it! Sorry to all you Cool Whip fans, but whipped cream is just more real. I mean, most people like to put whipped cream in their hot chocolate, and it’s good…right? But now imagine replacing that creamy goodness with Cool Whip. Not as good, am I right? Enough said 🙂

  12. A not to long time ago in a not so far away place, there lived a family of elves. But one day, something happened to the elves. Cases were opened up. Daring steps were taken. Earth was missing the elves, the world was in chaos. From the people’s point of view, they were sad because the elves made the best cookies in the world. Grief splashed through the streets. Hollers for the elves were shouted all the time. In reality, the elves were no where to be found. Just because the elves were missing, people didn’t notice that things were changing in their town. Kindness was leaving the town. Lines crossed and so were their friendships. Mean was arising in the town. 🙁 Noticing this, one little boy in the town was sad about all the people had become mean because of the missing elves.” Oh, mommy, can’t we just look a little more for the elves and then everyone can be happy again?”
    “Please stop talking; I don’t want to be reminded of the elves right now.” Quietly, the little boy slipped out the back door of his house. Rounding the corner, he spotted the elves running into the forest. Surprisingly, he caught up to them and was told the whole story. Terrible sickness’s came over the poor elves. UEP or “Under Evacuation Process” took place. Very soon, the elves would have to leave the town to save everyone from the sickness. When the whole story was done, the boy asked, “Will you be back?”
    “X-rays that the doctor took shows that we will be back in around three weeks,” one said.
    “You are really missed in the town and people are starting to become angry,” the boy added.
    “Zoom away and tell them we will be back soon, okay?”

    THE END (Finally)

    I had to edit that story sooo much because I almost when over the 26 lines! Oh no!

    I am so for werewolves now. I mean, vampires are sooo last year. I am on team Jacob now. I know that wasn’t exactly the question, but I decided to throw that in there for everyone to know. I think that werewolves are cooler and faster.

    I REALLY don’t like whipped cream. But my mom says that I like Cool Whip so I guess I like Cool Whip. I don’t really like anything that you can’t chew. I also don’t like mashed potatoes either. (I know you’re thinking I’m weird by now

  13. Another normal day at school.
    But something seemed wrong.
    Coming through the door, I saw a man.
    Dark clothing is what he wore.
    Even his shoes were dark.
    Following him were two attack dogs.
    “Gosh” I thought.
    “Hope he doesn’t come towards me!”
    I tried to act not interested.
    Just then, one of his dogs barked at me.
    “Keep those things away!” someone yelled.
    Lunging at me, the dog took a bite at my arm.
    My arm had a pain in it that I had never felt before.
    Nothing had ever hurt this bad.
    “Oh no!” my teacher yelled as she ran out the door.
    “Please, stop!” I tried to scream.
    Questions are what the man was asking me but I couldn’t comprehend his words.
    Ruff! The other dog barked and jumped at me, knocking me down
    Something was unreal about this.
    That very moment I awoke in my bed.
    Unbelievable, it was all a dream.
    Very soon after I awoke, I noticed my dog was nibbling at my arm.
    “Wow!” I said, because it surprised me.
    “Xenos,” I said, talking to my dog.
    “You silly dog”.
    Zoom, he ran out of my bedroom.

    I would want to be on the werewolves side because vampires are just humans that suck blood and turn into bats. Werewolves are like dogs and can run really fast. They are more cool than vampires.

    I prefer whip cream because cool whip is not the real thing. It’s kind of like saying do you like real butter or fake butter more. Real cool whip tastes better.

  14. Antwan was a tail-less chinchilla. Bunnies were too afraid to play with him because his mother was a chinchilla, but they thought he was a bunny! Chinchillas like himself, laughed at him because he didn’t have a tail. Demetri, a small elephant shrew, thought Antwan was cool because he was different. Elephant shrews aren’t always the nicest animals, but Demetri, like Antwan was different that his family. Friendly Demetri wasn’t allowed to socialize with chinchillas because the two animals have always been enemies so from time to time Antwan and Demetri would sneak away from their families and talk about nonsensical things. Going to the pond was their favorite activity because they could swim and talk to the turtles. Hermit was the wisest and oldest of the turtles and was normally con fronted for advice. In the pond, one stormy afternoon, Antwan gained the courage to ask Hermit a question that has pondered him for his whole life. Just when Hermit came out of the pond for a breath of air, Antwan swam up to him and asked him, “Why was I born with out a tail, Hermit?”
    Knowing Hermit, he always had an answer. “That is a question even I can’t answer, Mr. Antwan,” replied Hermit with a puzzled look on his face. Little Antwan was depressed because not even Hermit, the old hermit, could answer his one simple question. Mysteriously, the next day Antwan found out that Demetri was missing. No one bother to look for him except Antwan. On the way to find Demetri, Antwan ran into Professor Xavier. Professor Xavier teaches mutants how to control their power and he discovered that Antwan was a mutant chinchilla, but Antwan didn’t trust Xavier. Quickly, he ran the other direction but was caught face to face with Wolverine! Soon enough, Antwan bolted back towards Xavier and he told Antwan that Demetri wast stuck under a rock and they couldn’t look for them now. Tomorrow morning, the mutant team would search for Demetri. Under cover the next day they all searched under every rock they could find. Virtually, there was no sign of Demetri. Wolverine, lost his temper an threw a boulder twice his size, up in the air. Xavier an the rest of the team were shocked to find Demetri under the boulder.
    “Yay! You found Demetri!” yelled Antwan
    “Zanglar is my real name I am actually an alien from the planist Zulton and I have come to destroy your puny race, but you and the X-Men have foiled my plans!”

    I would rather be a werewolf because they have always been my favorite monster since I was five. Who who wouldn’t want the ability to turn into a wolf?

    I honestly perfer whipped cream because its in a can and it can have many purposes.

  15. A long time ago, in the misty forest, lived a little old woman named Bridget. Bridget was known to be a scary old witch. Children would never walk into the forest because they knew if they did, Bridget would eat them.

    Down town lived two little girls, Elphie and Frost. Elphie wasn’t afraid of anything! Frost was…

    “Good morning Frost, will you come on an adventure with me?”

    “Hi Elphie, where are you planning on going?”

    “I’m going to go into the forest because I don’t believe that the little old lady’s a witch, and I want to prove it!”

    “Just one second, let me get my backpack!”

    “Knowing Frost, she was freaking out on the inside,” Elphie thought, “but she was too good of a friend to say no to her.”

    Leaving Frost’s house, they ran into the forest, and arrived at Bridget’s house in less then five minutes.

    “My mistake for coming, let’s turn around!” whisper-shouted Frost.

    “No, we are not turning back now!”

    “Oh, fine…” she huffed.

    Personally, Elphie was extremely excited! Quietly, Elphie knocked on the door. Rough footsteps were heard from inside. Spine-chillingly, Bridget opened the door with nerve-racking smile. Terror struck the both of them. Ultimately looking at the witch the girls gasped and spinned around. Vastly the girls sprinted as hard as they could to get away from the house.

    “What do you think of this situation?!”


    “You are so crazy for talking me into this!”

    Zestily they ran for their life all the way back home.

    I think werewolves are better, and vampires are just scary. Also they are better compared to vampires because they can sometimes be human, where vampires are always monsters.

    I like real whipped cream. Its more fun to get out of the container, and it just tastes better! Its really light and fluffy compared to cool whip.

  16. A basketball player is on the free throw line.
    Beads of sweat rolled down fromm his face.
    Championship game is on the line.
    Danny has a chance to tie it up.
    Eagerness is what he expresses.
    For he is their star player.
    “Good golly, what a game.” said the announcer.
    “Hope I make this shot.” said Danny.
    It was his most important moment in his life.
    Just shoot already he thought.
    Kind fans were silent as mice.
    Jeers and boos roared across the arena.
    Launched the ball from his chest with power.
    “Man, he was so close.” said the opposing coach.
    Neglect wore over the defeated athletes.
    “Oh man, I can’t believe I missed.”
    People began to leave their seats.
    Quietly, the home team’s fans walked away.
    “Really good game.” both coaches said as they shook hands.
    So close, yet no cigar.
    Tears were on Danny’s face.
    Unbelievable he thought.
    Vexation was what Danny was feeing.
    “Wonderful performance men.” said the losing coach.
    Xylophones were played on the radio in the lockeroom.
    “You played amazing;Don’t get hard on yourselves.” he continued.
    “Zoink!” That was the only sound Danny heard as the ball hit the rim.

    I personally think werewolves are better because they can be really strong. Vampires can only bite people.

    I like real whipped cream. It’s the best!

  17. A soccer game for our team was about to start. Behind me was our defense. Canterbury was our opposing team. Defense was our strongpoint. Everyone on our team is well-rounded. Forwards on our team are also very good. Games for our team have been easy, because we have won every game. Hoping we would win this game, our team took the field. It was our last game of the season. Just then the other team took the field. Kicking the ball, Chris started the game. Larry took the ball and dribbled down the field. Matthew was there to receive the pass from Larry. Nathan received the cross from Matthew, and shot the ball and it hit off of the goalies gloves. Oliver headed the ball in while it was still in the air into the goal. “Paul, you should have blocked it!” the goalie said to one of his defenders. “Quinton, it was not all my fault!” Paul said, defending himself. Right after the goal was scored we celebrated. Stephen on the other other team kicked the ball forward. Tom blocked the ball and kicked it up field. Unbelievably, the ball flew all the way to the other side of the field. Victory was within our grasp, as the clock winded down. We had won! Xavier, on the other team kicked the ball toward out goal, but it missed at the last second. “Ya, we are undefeated!” the team said. Zack dumped the gatorade on our coach.

    I did not really know that their was a war between those, so I do not really care.

    I do not even like cool whip or whipped cream, so I guess I do not care about that either.

  18. Al Horford got the B gang symbol shown at him.
    By the way it was by Paul Pierce the star of the Celtics about a couple of months ago.
    Creatively the NBA fined him 500,000 dollars while they only fined Al Horford around 10,000 even though he’s the one who made Paul Pierce do that.
    Dreadfully, the league just shunned the topic and no one but the people watching the game somehow that night knew about it.
    Extravagantly, some courageous fan took a video and put it on Youtube.
    Forever it will be known as the night Paul Pierce made his gang symbol.
    Greatly, this video was looked at so much lots of people know about it now.
    Hilariously, the first time I ever saw the video was only like two weeks ago.
    In the matter of seconds I knew this video I watched was one of the most funniest videos I had ever watched on Youtube.
    Just as soon as I watched the video I knew I would see if one of my friends knew about it too.
    Karim is who I asked and he said he knew it was a gang symbol.
    Loudly I asked him how he knew that and he said he had seen enough gang symbol over his lifetime and he knows one when he sees one.
    Mouth open in amazement I said, “Wow that’s so weird! What other gang symbols do you know about!”
    “Not as many as you think,” he said.
    “Oh I just thought since you are Karim Ali Oliver a person who always knows those kinds of things you would know a ton,” I boasted.
    “Please I was just kidding I know so many it would crash a computer hard drive,” he said confidently.
    Quickly I smack him across the face and I said, “Karim I hate when you lie and I knows lots of other people do too.”
    Rapidly because he wasn’t apologizing I kick him in the thigh hard.
    “Sorry that was really mean I will never lie again,” he said in a kind voice.
    “That’s cool,” I said calmly.
    “Unicorns aren’t even nicer than you dude.” he said to me while laughing.
    Vigorously I said I had to go talk to Justin about something I want the student counsil to do.
    “With all my being, Justin people are getting hurt and it would be a great investment for our school because we do have the money,” I said quickly.
    X-rays are what I was talking about, I said rapidly, “I feel that if Shorecrest got x-rays at the school for people who broke a bone or something I think everyone would talk about us and want to come to our school.
    “You know they are expensive unless we have a donation I don’t think we can get one wait doesn’t the…” he ended while I answered swiftly.
    Zoo, doesn’t the zoo have x-rays that they are donating? Yes, they do I thought again, yay now our school can get x-rays thanks justin for giving me the idea!” I said with excitement.

    If I had to pick I side I’m with the vampires because i think they are cool how they bite people and suck their blood and stuff. Also I truly am scared of garlic to just like they are.

    Obviously I have to pick real whipped cream there is nothing better than that. Cool whip is never very good to me it always tastes really weird, especially when it is frozen even a little. I put whipped cream on everything including: pancakes, ice cream, cake, pie, waffles, and even straight into my mouth from the can. That’s the way it tastes the best and that what makes it better than cool whip that only comes in a plastic container.

  19. A warm day at the beach was what Xandra needed, she decided.
    Before she could even sit down, the beach was already filled with loungers lying around.
    Carefully, she tip-toed between the various towels and umbrellas.
    Did she find a spot?
    Eventually, yes, she found a space just large enough to fit her blanket and basket of belongings.
    Finally, she could lay her items down and relax.
    Gazing at the ocean ahead and the sky above, Xandra became tired.
    Her eyes began to close as she drifted into sleep.
    In her sleep, she dreamed of many things.
    Just like in reality, she was at the beach.
    Kin surrounded her, though, such as her parents, her siblings, even her grandparents.
    Laughing and playing, they all seemed to be having a good time.
    More and more, she found herself wanting to join in on the fun.
    Now, she was having fun with her family until her aunt looked at her intently, demanding she wake up.
    Over her, as she woke up, was a starry sky and a lifeguard, saying the beach had closed.
    Picking up her things, she walked to her car.
    Quickly starting the ignition, she drove and arrived home in no time.
    Rest was what she now needed.
    Silently, she climbed up the stairs to the bathroom.
    Taking a quick shower and brushing her teeth, she was ready to go to sleep.
    Under the covers, she thought about her day.
    Vexation hit her until she realized that most of the day had been a dream.
    When she was at least content that it was a happy dream, she began to drift off.
    Xandra smiled at how tired she was; hadn’t she already had enough rest?
    Yawning, she closed her eyes.
    Zany dreams filled the rest of her sleep.

    I don’t really follow the whole Twilight, werewolf, vampire thing going on, but I guess I would side with the werewolves. I guess I would side with the werewolves because it would be a real pain not being able to go out during the day. Besides, I am on team Eric, anyways.

    I definitely prefer whipped cream. I tastes better, and when you eat cool whip, it’s all gushy and not as light as whipped cream. I’m not exactly sure that makes sense, but that’s what I think.

  20. As I touch those laces something happens, something spectacular, like a spark. Before I step onto that mound an extreme rush goes through me. Can’t think about anything except for my hand on those laces. Dusk to dawn i’m on that mound. Every second of those moments is like heaven. Finding that spot and just releasing. Grunt, groan and…STRIKE! Heaven. In that the inning was over. Just like that, no errors, or mixups just over. Keeping that rush I walk to the dugout. Listen to the order and wait. Molly, Dani, Dulci…finally 3rd in the order. Not 6th or 7th but third. Off to get my helmet. Pats on the back is all I feel as I walk down that concrete floor. Questions and answers “how did you do that?” Really on the outside I don’t know, but on the inside I know fully well how I did it. Same routine back to the front with my coach to watch the pitcher before I get up. Taking my bat and running to the plate I feel it again, that rush, that same rush I felt on the mound. Up to bat I feel it, the ball hitting the bat just seeing it in my head just drives me mad. Very fast, as fast as it took me to look up at the pitcher and see what was to come. When almost too fast it was on my arm, crushing and bruising with its laces. Xanthochroia, I can feel it, then blue then purple then…OWWWWWWW I drop to the ground so fast I didn’t see it coming. You, you did this with your inside pitching, why, I walked to first and stepped and dropped. Zzzzzz this is what was going on in my head as they dragged me to the dugout bench, sat down and…ahhh the cool feeling of ice.

    I think werewolves are way better. I think they are way more tough!

    I like real whipped cream because it’s more fun to spray in your mouth!

      1. @acobb7, When I looked up Z words and saw Xanthochroia, which means the yellowing of skin I knew I had to use it!

  21. After all, I was on a mission that ran longer than I expected.
    Because this wasn’t really true but I still wanted to have an excuse about being late I added that, “the mission helped me prepare for your class, Mrs. Xian.”
    Considering the fact I had visited my locker for books, this could be half true.
    “Detention!” was the fast return remark that sat me down at my desk.
    Exciting to start a day with a detention, isn’t it?
    First it was a lunch detention with the odiferous Mrs. Xian, and then my school day just got worse.
    Gasping for breath after leaving the lunch detention in the smelly classroom, I had barely made it three steps before I tripped.
    Head over heels I flipped over a chair, to see all my papers fly into the air.
    Instead of falling in a neat pile, the paper floated slowly down spreading out across the hall.
    Jumping to my feet, I scrambled around snatching the papers off the ground from under peer’s feet.
    Knowing full well that, I was running out of time I left the rest of the papers on the floor, and I dashed to my next class as the bell rang.
    “Late!” shrieked the teacher as a swerved around the corner.
    Mythology was my least favorite class and one I was now late to.
    “Now we are past interruption, take out your homework,” the teacher stated.
    Oh no! I though as I remembered the last few papers being kicked around in the hallway.
    Perhaps, she will let me get them, I pondered hopefully.
    Quickly, I muttered something about having to use the restroom before attempting to slip from the room.
    “Richard, where do you thing you are going?”
    “Show me your homework before you take another step.”
    Testing my luck, I said, “I think it was consumed by an arachnid.”
    “Unlikely,” she replied (not that I knew what an arachnid was but I wasn’t going to say dog)
    “Very unlikely,” she continued dryly, and this seems to be lying on top of missing homework for the 14th time.
    “Well, you are in trouble now, aren’t you.”
    Xian told me you have been late to all of your classes today.
    “You know,” I said as I reflected back on the day after a succession of five after school detentions.
    “Zeus’s Lightning Bolt’s” (in the words of my mythology teacher) “I think I just beat Max’s record on the most detentions in a day!”

    When I consider the “war” of werewolves and vampires, the truth of the matter is I wouldn’t mind a bit if they wiped each other out. (Not that I believe in werewolves or vampires as actual species.) If I had to be a vampire or werewolf, I would be a vampire. This is simply because I would like to fly around as a bat during the day, and If I bit someone, some legends say, they would be under my control unlike a werewolf, whose bite would only cause another raging hairy beast.

    Consider the following: You could enjoy the real rich flavor of whipped cream or chose to taste a combination of water, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated coconut, palm kernel oil, sodium caseinate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, and beta carotene. When I observe the previous statement, I quickly know I am for whipped cream, especially considering that the only relation to milk is a lactose free milk derivative, sodium caseinate. (This is sixth in the ingredients, all of which are listed by amounts.)

  22. A soccer player requires an immense amount of determination, talent, and training. Before you can step on the field you need to mentally prepare yourself. Cristiano embodied all of these characteristics. During his youth he taught himself the beautiful game. Even though his family did not have a lot he never gave up his dream. Fortunately, others saw his strong will and decided to help. Gathering all of the funds that they could, he headed off to soccer camp. He worked every weekend to be able to afford his stay. Instead of complaining he worked hard and never lost sight of his dream. “Just wait!” he thought, “ things will workout fine.” Knowledge of the game came easy to him. Little by little his dream was becoming a reality. Manchester United had found their newest star. Never the less Cristiano remained down to earth. Opportunity is what you make of it. Perhaps he was destined to succeed. Quality comes from within. Realizing that his humble roots made him not just a better soccer player, but also a better man. Stadiums were filled with fans whenever he played. True to his fans, he cherished them all. Unlike other celebrities he never forgot where he came from, and how he got started. Very hardworking and proud he was. Without a doubt he was more than just a soccer player. XOXO, he was loved by all of his fans. You can accomplish anything with hard work, that is his motto. Zero tolerance for FAILURE, made him a success.

    I am on the werewolves side they are much cooler… and they howl at full moons. Vampires cannot do that!

    Cool whip is a lot better than whip cream because it is a lot sweeter… just how I like it. Haha

  23. Although he thought he was safe, he wasn’t. Barney the Dinosaur was taking his usual stroll around the playground when it happened. Clueless was he of the events that were about to unfold. Darting out of the sky came a UFO! Exited about his finding, Barney rushed to go tell his friends. Frantically calling out the names of his dino-buddies, Barney didn’t notice the UFO was descending.

    “GOSH!” said Barney when he looked up. Hovering about twenty feet from him was the UFO! “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family,” is what he repeatedly sang out of fear, as if he were frozen in that part of time. Jittery, now, about what might happen next Barney couldn’t even whimper or squeal. Knowing this would most likely be his doom, Barney finished the song with a quivering, “Won’t you… say you… love… me too?” Looking up, our friendly dinosaur saw the hatch of the UFO slowly opening. Making a low moaning sound as it opened. Neon colored beams started to surround Barney and he knew what was happening. Obviously he was being abducted by the UFO. Poking his head out the door, Barney saw an alien! Quivering, our loving dinosaur cautiously stepped into the room where the alien was. Righteously, Barney pulled out his tranquilizer gun, as all children’s TV show hosts have, and knocked out his captor, hoping now he could find a way of escape. Several hours later after realizing there was no way out that he could find, the alien awoke. The alien said its name was Xalivueritstanvhaliegenbueughz (EX-al-U-wher-itz-tahn-va-hal-E-genz-BU-urk) III and loved Barney’s show and that he just wanted to get to know Barney personally so they could be best friends. Ultimately, the alien and Barney became best friends, just as the alien hoped, and traveled the universe together. Very upset about what he saw, Barney told his new best friend he had to go home. “Why do we have to go home now, Barney, its only been sixteen minutes?” asked Xalivueritstanvhaliegenbueughz. “Xalivueritstanvhaliegenbueughz, everyone knows why we have to go back!” ZOOM went the alien’s spacecraft, and then Barney finally explained, “Everyone knows that my bedtime’s 6:30!”

    I’m on the side of werewolves because they are beast(literally), and they aren’t a full-time werewolf like vampires, they are human most of the time.

    I think I like whipped-cream more, I can’t really explain why, I just do.

  24. At the beach, the sun was shining on my back, burning me slowly.
    Back at home sunburns were very unlikely to get, but chills from the cold snow were more common.

    Cool ice water ran down my throat to keep me from dehydrating. Dingo, my pet dog was barking at me since he was also thirsty. Even he, the husky that could run miles without getting tired, was now getting exhausted of the burning sun. Finally, my mom came back from the hotel to get Dingo (the Husky) some water. Getting water for Dingo had taken my mom so long because she had waited in line behind about two hundred people at the lunch buffet.

    He was satisfied after a huge, cool bowl of water. I saw him slurping the water rather quickly, and after about three minutes the bowl was empty.
    “Jahoo!!!” Kaboom, and we were all soaked. “Let me jump in too, Daddy!!! Said my little brother excitedly.
    My brother (Jim) jumped into the water and pleaded me to come into the boiling ocean too.
    “Not now, Jim.” I said.

    Over 2 hours I had been dozing in the steaming sun, still not really knowing what to do. Patrick, who was a friend I met at the hotel, just came walking towards the beach. Quietly, he snuck up behind me and tried to scare me, but I had seen his long black shadow. Rising out of my comfortable position was very painful since I had gotten terrible sunburns.
    “Sit down, Patrick. Today it is a very hot day. Unusual for this time of the year.”
    I said.

    Very many people had come to the beach after a while, but it was still getting hotter, and the sun had become unbearable by now. Water had been sold out at the beach bar, which a lot of people complained about, so they went to get some more from the hotel kitchen. Xavier was one of the bar keepers, and he had told us there would be more water soon, so we were delighted.
    You could never have imagined how hot it was…

    I would be on the vampires’ side, because vampires have a lot of advantages, and they can turn into bats!

    I prefer cool whip because it is a lot easier to use and it goes a lot faster too. It isn’t that messy to make, because the only thing that you have to do is buy it, shake it, and spray it.

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