Cheerio! Off To Shakespeare’s London We Go!

PIC1073480136Students,  no need to pack any bags or get your passport! You are taking a virtual journey to Shakespeare’s London via Project Explorer. This is a great website chock full of fun things to see and do and learn about on your trip to London.

Using the left hand side menu bar, please choose one area to visit under the first three headings:

Looking For Shakespeare

Time Traveling

Tour Guide

Under the last heading, The Play’s The Thing, please visit “The Dream.”

Each page has content, images, and video for you to explore.

Please answer the following:

What did you find interesting and what did you learn on your journey?

What did you like best about your trip?

What are you looking forward to as we study Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

You are certainly welcome to stay and tour in London as long as you like!

I have added the Animated Tales from the BBC of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to a new page at the top. It will give you somewhat of an introduction as to what this play is all about. Enjoy!


  1. I thought that it was really cool that the classroom was the same one that Shakspear went to school in. It was also interesting that the desks were over 200 years old. I’m glad that there is electricity and heaters are used now! What surprised me was that in some feasts, they ate exotic animals like peacock. I never would have thought that you could eat a peacock but I guess it makes sense. There were also a lot of the same foods there as there are today. I found it very interesting that they used goat and sheep milk in the cheese! They also got the cheeses from many different countries. That would be cool to try all of those different cheeses. What I liked most about my trip was that the food sounded so good.

    I didn’t really like reading a book in play form in Mrs. Wells’s class but I am looking forward to this because maybe it will make me like it more. Then, in the future, I will be able to enjoy reading other plays for school.

  2. -Looking For Shakespeare
    In this section, I looked at “School’s in Session.” I thought it was really cool how they went to the school that Shakespeare could have gone to. Most of the room is still the same except the desks; they are 200 years old, which is still really cool. I still think it is unfair that only boys went to school during that time period. I liked the pictures that the website showed of the classroom.

    -Time Traveling
    I looked at the “Let’s Eat” section. I learned that during Shakespeare’s time, trade was big, so new spices and different food were coming in all the time. They didn’t have basic ingredients in there food, such as sugar and cinnamon, so it must have been different. I thought it was funny how the people thought that the more food you had the wealthier you looked.

    -Tour Guide
    I looked at the “Flower Power” section. I learned that there was this little secret garden, which had many exotic plants and flowers in it. The garden is a few hundred years old. There were some cool pictures.

    -The Dream
    After looking at “The Dream,” I am very excited to read the play. I think it will be very interesting and funny.

    I liked the website. It was good and easy to use, and the pictures and videos were cool. My favorite part was reading “The Dream” because I never really knew what the play was going to be about and it kind of gave me a clue. I am looking forward to study and read Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream because I have never read it before. I heard it was really good and I can’t wait to meet all of the characters, including Puck.

  3. I went to London a couple of years ago and I had a lot of fun! But, while I was there I didn’t learn half of the things that were on this website. One thing that I found interesting was that people could take a tour of Anne Hathaway’s cottage. It’s kind of weird that it was such a privilege to have stone floors pack then, since most houses only had dirt floors. A cool fact that I learned on my journey was that they have shops that are dedicated to just cheese. I would shop there every day!

    My favorite part of my trip on the website was the tower of London. During my trip I had a tour in there and I never knew about all of the ghost stories of Anne Boleyn who was executed. I think if I knew that people have said that they have seen ghosts, I wouldn’t have been as excited to get a tour!

    I’ve seen the latest version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I have to say I really liked it. It was really funny, too! But, I have never read the book. I’m looking forward to reading the play and being able to see the play from my point of view in my mind.

    Also, the actor in Puck’s Epilogue was really good at playing the part!

  4. The first place I went was Holy Trinity Church in Stratford. I learned that Great Britain had separated itself from the Catholic church much earlier then I thought it had. I also learned that he was buried in a church. I know that it doesn’t seem odd, but everyone I knew was buried in a cemetery. From the second stop I made, at the printing press, I learned Shakespeare was dead before most of his plays were published and sold. I probably already knew that, I just didn’t think of it. It must have been really tedious printing all of those copies on a printing press. The third stop, the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, told me that even the Liberty Bell was English. I also found it interesting about just how long it takes to make big bells. Several weeks seems like a long time to me. The fourth spot was, of course, The Dream. I liked learning about the play before we read it. I remember watching a play a few years ago, but we were outside and I was in the back, so I couldn’t hear or understand what was going on.

    I would say my favorite part was the Church. I don’t totally like going to church every Sunday, or maybe I should say Sunday School, but it kind of gives me something to talk about when I go back in about three weeks, after spring break. I kind of felt a little connection between, “Oh, he went to church every Sunday,” and, “Oh, I go to church every Sunday.” Just a little personal connection.

    I don’t really know what I’m looking for. As I said earlier, I’m not to sure about the purpose and meaning of the book. I’m a little more familiar with some of his other works, but I think if this is as good as the other ones it should be pretty good. I kind of want to see a little humor in the play because, to me, it seems like none of our books are all that funny.

  5. I thought it was really interesting that Shakespeare lived in such a huge mansion! Just too bad that it was torn down in the 1700’s. I also thought the article about different foods, and the market was interesting. I have been in London a couple of times, but I was and never saw any of those markets!

    My favorite part about the journey was probably the market, because you learned about the history of London’s markets, and foods. I knew that London had Markets, but I really never saw them when I was in London, so now i feel kind of bad that I wasn’t there. Everything looks so good!

    I am really looking forward to studying about Midsummer Night’s Dream, because why Puck is really that evil, or actually more sneaky than evil.
    I looked at that one picture one the side of the Dream article, and you could really see that Puck must be a huge troublemaker! He even looks like it!

  6. I learned a lot of interesting facts on my journey. During my trip to England, I visited The Beginning, The Tower of London, and London from Above. The most interesting fact that I found was about the trunke bed, and where the saying, “Good night, sleeptight,” came from. First of all, a trunkle bed was made like a hammock. So, when you lay on it, you kind of sink a little. To make the bed not sink as much, they would take a device, called a bed key, and tighten the ropes so that you will be able to lay on it flat. I learned what a trunkle bed was because I have never heard of it before. But, I have heard of a trundle bed, which is sort of similar.

    The thing that I liked best about my trip was seeing and learning more about The Eye. I think that it looks really fun to go on, and also to experience London from such a great veiw! I think that it is interesting that it never stops moving, so when you get on and off you have to be careful.

    I am looking forward to reading, “A Midsummers Nights Dream,” because I want to read more about Bottom and Puck. I also want to see the people in my class act it out. It will probably be a lot of fun and very funny to watch.

  7. The first one I did was on the record. What I found interesting was that in The National Archives they have boxes of documents from Shakespeare’s time, which are 400 years old. To look at the really old documents you have to put on special white gloves. If there is dirt, oil, or lotion on your hands it can damage the documents and can wear down the ink on the paper. The second one I did was the tower of London. Some people think that the tower is haunted. There is a famous ghost sighting which is Anne Boleyn. She was executed
    On the Tower Green. Also the Tower of London really is not a tower it is more then one tower. The first tower was the White Tower and it is in the center of the fortress. The Tower is very interesting. The next one I choice is Turkish Delight. The man says that he felt like a king after he ate it. During the meal that they had they were served red lentil soup, after were borek and a Turkish style pizza and then they had Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight. Which he says is very good. Last of all is The Dream/Epilogue. I liked how he said the epilogue I thought it was kind of funny.

    I thought that the Project Explorer was really cool. I learned a lot about London that I did not see and learn when I went there. I liked how they had videos and text too. I am looking forward too performing Midsummer Night’s Dream. I think that it is going to be really really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous. Now I would like to visit England!

    Looking for Shakespeare:
    While I was looking at this section I visited the “On the Record” section. It absolutely blew my mind. When I was in Washington D.C., my family and I visited that National Archives building and it was a trip like no other. We got to see the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I would love to go to Kew, England to see some of the most old and precious documents. But, I feel like they are more protected in England. Now don’t get me wrong, we have LOTS of security, but at the National Archives building in England you may only see the documents with reservation and a letter from your state representative. But, in order to go into the White House, you also have to have permission from your state representative.

    Time Traveling:
    While I was looking at time traveling I visited the “Let’s Eat” section. This was such an interesting section! While I was reading, I couldn’t believe that sometimes, in order to show off how wealthy you were, you would hold long and adequate dinners to serve as many as 1,200 people! Imagine doing the dishes after that!!

    Tour Guide:
    While I was looking at Tour Guide I visited the “Flower Power” section. It sounds so beautiful, but yet, kind of scary! It was talking about the ledged of the screaming plants they have in Harry Potter and how they really do exists! They were also talking about how it is kind of a secret garden. You just have to find out where it is, and once you do, it will be worth it.

    The Dream:
    This was such an informing page! I mean, I’ve seen this play before but I’ve never really understood it and now I’m excited that I get the chance to! I remember seeing I think the current tenth grader perform a Mid Summer Night’s Dream for us! It was actually quite interesting!

    I loved this site because it was easy to maneuver through and there was loads of information1 I absolutely loved it!

  9. I found it inncredible that after four hundred years Shaekspeare’s documents are still in pristine condition. I was impressed by the effort they put into preserving them. These documents are very valuable because they contain the words of the most ingenius playwright of all time.

    The best part of my trip to London was eating that mouth-watering turkish delight. Turksih Delight is a delicacy that came from Turkey. It is eaten as a dessert because it is very sweet and it is also one of the first desserts ever made. If you have never tried this dessert dish you’re really missing out and you should take a trip to you local Turkish store to pick some up.

    I have seen, “A midsummer night’s dream,” and it was a spectacular play. A brilliant story of romance with humor.The character Puck is usually the fan favorite as I have observed from the previous posts and I would also have to say that Puck is what I am most looking forward to also. This mischevious character is sure to bring a smile to your face with his pranks. Overall, I am very excited to be reading this play and I am also happy that we will be reinacting the scenes to get a better understanding. Shaeksperean English is much different than our English so some phrases may cause a slight bit of difficulty but luckily, we will only be reading in class.

  10. On my trip to England, I visited A Farmer’s Daughter, For the Birds, and London from Above. In “A Farmer’s Daughter,” I learned about Shakespeare’s wife, and her home. Did you know his wife, Anne Hathaway, was eight years older than Shakespeare? I thought that was interesting. Also, I thought it was cool that there is an actress witht the same name as her. (Granted, she was probably named after her but still…)

    The next part of my tour that I went on was “For the Birds,” in which I learned about falconry. Falconry is the training of Falcon. I learned that falconry is when you train a falcon to fly to wherever it believes there is a treat or prey. It will even sit on your arm for a treat, though you need a glove called a gauntlet, (Same with fencing) to do so.

    My last tour destination before “The Dream” was “Above London.” This talks about the London Eye. Did you know that it takes 30 minutes just to turn one rotation? Did you know, the wheel never stops moving, not even to get on and off. On a clear day, you can see 25 miles in any direction. It first opened in 2000.

    The last part I looked at was “The Dream.” I have to say, I am now excited for the character Puck, after hearing the ecstatic review from my tour guide Christopher. I can’t wait to read the book. Is it in the form of a play? We read a book on Ceaser last year that was in play form and it made it much more exciting.

  11. It’s 7 hours out of our day plus time for homework, so school must be important. That is why I first went the, “School’s in Session,” to see where Shakespeare went to school. Shakespeare probably went to King Edward VI Grammar School, which has become a present day school, but some things haven’t changed. The school no longer necessitates bringing your own candle but it is still an all-boys school. I also learned that students from ages 4-14 all were in the same room. It seems to me that if we are truly going to dive into Shakespeare we had best dismiss the girls in the class, invite in everyone from 8th grade to Kindergarten, and start studying Latin. The last surprise was that Shakespeare didn’t actually go to a college or university; therefore, for everyone who wants to become one of the best writers and playwrights of all time, say goodbye to your thoughts of going to college.

    Under the title “Time Traveling,” I looked at, “Let’s Eat,” about the food that was enjoyed during Shakespeare’s time. Truly I simply would have a very hard time in a life without sugar, and my brother couldn’t last a day. The food of the time also shows how different our world is today, as they dined on peacocks as a delicacy. Seeing as we live in the state whose flower is the orange blossom, it was also surprising to contrive not having oranges. Sometimes we can’t realize how much something is apart of our culture and us until it becomes unattainable. The other major difference seemed to be that instead of the supermarket, they had markets on the streets were people could buy directly from farmers, debate the price, and show of by buying the finest foods. Even if meals can be a pain sometimes and just one more thing to fit into schedules, food is a massive part of who we are as individuals and a community.

    Even under the topic, “Tour Guide,” there is still food under the title, “Say Cheese,” which is the final place I looked. Cheese was also a large part of when Shakespeare lived because it was a major food source from livestock. Cheese was also a matter of study with so many types and varieties. In addition to cheese, I looked at, “The Dream,” on Shakespeare’s famous comedy play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play is a story of lovers whose affairs are swirled around a bit by the mystical characters of Shakespeare’s imagination.

    I found the whole trip interesting but the best was, of course, the small bit on Shakespeare. Thank you for the fun introduction to the plot that you added. I am excited to learn more and believe we are headed for a great conclusion to our year; however, I have resolved that it might be best not to require candles.

  12. -Looking For Shakespeare
    In this section, I chose “A Farmer’s Daughter.” I didn’t know that Anne Hathaway was William Shakespeare’s wife. I always envisioned him being a single man. I found it interesting that they lived just a mile apart form each other in a village of Shottery. It is believed that the two met because of their fathers business. Anne’s family must have been wealthy because her house was very updated. It had a thatched roof, a bread oven, and a stone floor.

    -Time Traveling
    In this section, I chose “Tower of London.” I learned that the tower was made of thick walls and spiral staircases. The structure was made up of many towers, with the largest tower located in the center, it was known as the white tower. This very old structure was a very important part of the English monarchy. Anne Boleyn was executed in the green tower; some people believe that the Tower of London is haunted.

    -Tour Guide
    In this section, I chose “ Say Cheese.” I learned that cheese is a very important part of the English diet. Neal’s Yard seems to be the “It” place when shopping for cheese. This cheese shop has a very educated staff and the cheeses come from all around the UK. The cheeses that come from Neal’s can be made from cow, sheep, and goat milk. Most of the cheese, however, is made with rennet. Rennet is an enzyme that is added to the process of coagulation.

    -The Play’s The Thing
    “The Dream,” is about a sprite named Puck. He plays tricks on the other characters. Puck is quite the troublemaker.

    I am really looking forward to reading the book “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream.” My brother reenacted the play in the quad when he was in middle school. It was quite funny and great to watch. I am sure that reading the story will be even better.

  13. Looking for Shakespeare:
    I visited “Schools in Session” because so much of our days are spent at school. I found it interesting how they centered all of the learning around Latin and knowing Latin is your ticket into a university. I was also surprised how Shakespeare was not a “university wit”. His writing uses such good vocabulary. I think it was smart to have modern appliances such as electricity. It is so much more uncomfortable without it.

    Time Traveling:
    I visited “Make an Impression”. I liked how the website talked about how the printing press was used to print copies of all of Shakespeare’s plays. It was weird how it said that everything had to be assembled by hand. It is very different today. The letters were arranged by letters being set up the way you wanted it to and then it pressed against paper to make it print. It was such a long and complicated process to print or make copies.

    Tour Guide:
    I visited “Minding the Gap”. I liked how they call their subway system the tube. Their are maps and everything is just like in America. It is one of the biggest types of transportation in London. They also have boards that tell you how long it will take for the next train to arrive, just like in the U.S. When exiting the train they say “mind the gap, hence the name, which means to watch your step.

    I liked how I had the choice on what I wanted to write about, there were so many choices. I didn’t really like the past book/plays we’ve done before but hopefully I like this one more.

  14. “Say Cheese”

    I thought that the cheese shop I visited was very interesting. It’s just mind-boggling to me to think about all the cheeses that could be in that store! Cheese are very nutritious, especially for vegetarians. Cheese doesn’t necessarily have to come from cows. They can come from sheep or goats.

    School’s In Session

    I also didn’t know that students had to bring candles to classrooms. That is the equivalent of bringing a flashlight to class. I also thought that Shakespeare went to a university. But he was still a very intelligent writer even though he wasn’t considered a academic genius.

    Make An Impression

    I did not think this was very interesting. I already knew it took a long time for the printing press to work. But I never knew that printing errors were called “monks” and “friars.” Those are some weird names!

    The Dream

    This is about the play “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. The play is considered a comedy because everyone falls in love with the wrong person. The main character Puck is very devious and speaks to the crowd often.

    I do not know what to expect when we read “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.” I heard it is a very difficult book to read and comprehend. But I am very curious to read the book, too. I saw the cartoon, but it was really weird watching it. The characters looked very strange.

  15. I am excited about learning the characters in the book when we are studying this chapter cause they look very cool. The thing I liked the most on this make believe trip to England was learning about “the Eye” or the huge ferris wheel in England.

    For the part Looking for Shakespeare I wrote about the article “School’s in Session”. In it I learned about Shakespeare’s school that is still standing today. I thought that how it looks like the school’s today was so interesting. For the part Time Traveling I read and wrote about the article “Let’s Eat”. I learned about the foods that Shakespeare ate during is life and some about the foods now. One thing I thought was interesting was that foods we eat every day like oranges and sugar were just coming to England during that time. For the part Tour Guide I wrote and read about the article “London from above”, and it was about the ferris wheel the “Eye” and how you can see everything from it. I thought the thing that was interesting and cool was, that for all the main commercials and ads about England have the ferris wheel the “Eye” as there main attraction. Finally for the part “The Dream” was about the Shakespeare’s book “Midsummer’s Nights Dream”. The thing I thought was interesting was that the character Punk sounds a lot like me cause he always plays little tricks on the other characters in the book, like I do to my friends and they do to me.

  16. I looked under “Looking for Shakespeare” and then went under “The begging.”I learned that Shakespeare’s house was where his father had his glove making shop and the house was very large. His father didn’t only sell gloves he sold a pocket. It is a strap that goes around your waist and there is a pocket on the left or right side of your hip, because there were no pockets back then. They didn’t have pockets. I also learned that he lived on Stratford-upon-Avon. Cool! I also never knew where the expression “Good Night, Sleep Tight” come from. I found out that when Shakespeare was a child, sometimes he would sleep in his parents room, and his parents would have a trundle bed. He would sleep on the trundle and the expression comes from the trundle bed. The trundle bed was made out of strings that go back and forth until they made about 20 squares and then you would put a blank over the strings and sleep on it. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep on but, at least it was something. Anyway you would use this wooden tool thing and tighten the knots that tied the string outside the trundle bed so that the strings don’t fall. And the wooden tool would tighten the strings so it would be nice and tight, because if you laid on it without tightening it, it would be like sleeping in a hammock. It’s sort of cool where the expression comes from and I never thought that “Good Night, Sleep Tight” would come from Shakespeare’s time. It’s sort of cool. I think.

    The thing I liked best was the “Tower of London.” I thought that learning about how the first tower was “The White Tower,” then all of the other towers built on to it. The Tower of London is about 1,000 years old. The Bloody Tower was built 1225. Also, I found out that in 1483, a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old boy went into the Garden Tower and then three months later they went there again and Richard the 3rd was there and the boy never came out of the tower again, but Richard the 3rd did. So that’s how the Bloody Tower got its name. The first name for it was the Water Gate, because once there was a stream near there and water. The 2nd name was the Garden Tower, because there was also a big garden there once. Then the most awful name for a tower “The Bloody Tower.’ I just hate the name. Gosh!

    “London From Above” was really cool I am looking forward to learning more about Shakespeare and London, they both seem really cool. But, I would actually like to learn more about the EYE. I saw it in the movie “Fantastic 5.” I thought that London (even on a cloudy and a rainy day) looked so amazing and beautiful and spectacular. That’s amazing that the EYE never stops moving and it takes 30 minutes for a full rotation. You could have a picnic in the pod if you wanted to.

  17. One thing I found interesting and funny is how the guy lived in the same house that Shakespeare used to live in. I would annoy me if every day people kept coming to my house with the same purpose: to see where Shakespeare used to live. It would also kind of get me annoyed that none of those people actually came to see me.

    The thing I liked best is how we got to learn some British history. We learned about Shakespeare, formal British royalty, historical buildings and lots of other things. One of my favorite things of those is the “beefeaters” and how they got their nickname; they tasted food for the royalty to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. There’s a good side and a bad side to that job. The good side is that you get to eat pretty much free food. The bad side is if its poisoned, you die.

    I’ve already read A Midsummer Night’s Dream and thought it was pretty good. I’m looking forward to revisiting the play and maybe catching some parts I didn’t notice before. Shakespeare is a great writer, and you can always look forward to.

  18. I think that it’s cool that Shakespeare’s house was also his dad’s shop and that their were three or four apprentices living at the house along with the family. I read about the tower and I couldn’t believe that it had over 1000 of history. It is also made up of a bunch of other towers. The subway in London is so much easier and more organized than ours. The have one of the best public transportation systems in the world. This guy really likes Shakespeare. From what he said about A Mid-Summer nite’s Dream, it sounds like it is a good play. I’m glad for that because that means that this won’t be as boring as I thought. I thought it was interesting that the guards at the London tower haven’t changed their uniforms for hundreds of years and that them and their families live on site and can’t leave after 10:00pm. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens at the end of this play because it seems like a big calamity and nothing is going rite.

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