Seventh Grade Rocks Out On 60’s Day!


What a great day!

Please answer the following questions about 60’s Day:

What did you like best about the day?

Please reflect on each of the stations you visited telling me somethings you learned at each rotation and what you liked about each one.

Do you have any ideas on how the seventh grade team can make 60’s Day even better for next year?

What are your thoughts after seeing the movie? Which character do you like the best and why?

Any final thoughts?



  1. I loved 60’s day! My favorite part was making the music video. This was my favorite part because it was really funny to watch everyone dance.

    Dancing Rotation:
    We learned about the jerk and the freestyle. It was fun to watch the dancing video because we were able to see how they danced in the 60’s.

    Music Video Rotation:
    Like I said before, this rotation was my favorite. I liked how we were able to make up dances with our classmates. Also, it was fun to go through the process of making a music video.

    Mr. H’s Rotation:
    I learned that schools used to get better treatment because of the race of the students. My favorite part was when there was a “leak” in the roof at the bad school and some people got wet.

    Mrs. Grau’s Rotation:
    I learned that she used be a cheerleader. Also, I learned a little about the Vietnam War. I enjoyed seeing pictures of Mrs. Grau when she was a teenager.

    To improve 60’s day, I think it would be fun to add an art rotation.

    Overall, I liked the movie. But I think it could have included more from the book because they left out a lot of scenes. My favorite character was Darry because I think he was the most believable character and related most to the character in the book.

  2. The best thing that they did for sixties day was the way veryone dressed up. That was hilarious to see everyone look so “old”. There were some really creative costumes, too. The nerds were really cool.

    At the station were we learned the dances, I learned the twist and the stroll. At the station were we made the music video, I learned to cooperate with people I don’t usually “hang out” with. During the station were Mrs. Grau showed us pictures from the 60’s I learned how President Kennedy really died and what it was like when he did in the schools and buisnesess. Last but not least, I went to Mr. H’s station were I thought it was interesting but not surprising how they treated the black schools then.

    I like the movie, but it jumped over a lot of parts from the book. My favorite character from the movie was probably Dallas. I like dally because I thought he was pretty cool, and he had a really good accent. Some of my other favorite characters included the following; Johnny, Pony, Soda, and Darrel.

    The thing I would improve is the dancing. It was kind of boring and nobody did it.

  3. I thought 60s day was pretty fun at points. I loved making the music videos they were so fun and funny, but the only bad thing was the song got stuck in my head from listening to it so many times. I didn’t like the history lesson too much because I got water poured on me with Mr. H. With Mrs. Grau I liked our lesson I learned a lot about the 60s that I never knew. I didn’t like the dances too much cause I can’t dance, but they were fun especially the dance called the monkey. I did like how we got to dress up, but I think we should get to be a little later 60s and not just the early 60s. I think they should add one more rotation where you get 2 make your own gang and get a spray on tatoo of your gang symbol. Plus I think we should get burgers from like burger king and get shakes for lunch.

    I thought the movie was awesome and funny especially how the greasers acted. My favorite character was two-bit cause he was laid back, liked mickey mouse, and was the both kinds of tough. My final thought are that it’s a cool experience, that should be switched a little, but it really cool and fun.

  4. I thought sixties day was awesome! We got to eat ice cream and root beer at the same time! My favorite part was the segregation simulation. I loved to see everyone get wet!I also liked the dance in the gym. It was entertaining to see everyone try out their new moves. Almost everybody was a greaser. Only about five people including me were something original.

    The one thing I would change about sixties day is the music selection for the music videos. They weren’t very good, and they were really corny. Oh, and maybe you could bring the screen that was used for the movie, closer to the audience, because I was in one of the front rows and I had to lean closer to watch the movie.

    I think Ponyboy was exactly how I expected him to be, maybe it was because I had already seen the movie, but the actor must have actually read the book to understand Pony’s personality.

    Overall, sixties day was a memorable experience! I would recommend to keep reading the outsiders instead of having the sixth graders read catching fire. I don’t think they would enjoy it as much.

    1. @brennan15, Oh we are reading The Outsiders in addition to The Hunger Games. I won’t give The Outsiders up!

  5. My favorite part of 60s day was when we all got free root beer floats. I also liked having a day were we can all just relax and have fun. I also enjoyed making a music video to a very cheesy song.

    For the first station I went to the music video station. I think we can all say that nobody could go through their part without laughing. For the second station I went to Mr. H’s room where we learned about how unfair it was to go to school in the 1960s. Then I went to the station were we got to learn about what school was like in the 60s. I tought it was cool that she brought her old school yearbook. And the last station was fun beacuse it was really fun to learn new dance moves from the 60s.

    I think that 60s day was great and they shouldn’t change anything for next year. I thought that this was really fun and enjoyable.

  6. I really enjoyed sixties day a lot, and I thought all of the stations were really fun and cool. I don’t know if I had a favorite, but if had to pick, my favorite part of the day was making the music videos. I liked making them, because we got to be creative, and watch how the other groups made their parts. I also liked it because, we weren’t all doing the same thing, and we could watch and learn from them. There was a very interesting and fun day and I think we should do something like it again.

    As my group started with the music videos, I knew it was going to be a fun day. I enjoyed making
    the music videos, and I liked how we had to think outside the box. When we got into Mr. Hodgson room, and he started splitting us up, I wondered what in the world is he doing? Then when I realized what he was doing. It made me think about how unfortunate the African-American’s were and how cruel the white people were to them. Mrs. Grau’s class was really fascinating, and I liked how she showed us stuff that happened and she showed us things and people that were famous. I really enjoyed the dancing class, and even though we knew most of the dances, it was still fun to watch other people dance.

    I thought that sixties day was really good, but there were a few things that could make it better. One thing that could make it better is to have two rotations, then break and then have the other two later. Another thing that could make it better is always have people doing something in the gym. I thought that after about thirty minutes, when you could free-dance, everybody just went and sat down. Although I think these changes could make sixties day better, I still think that it was an awesome day.

    The movie left out of a lot of parts, but it was still pretty good for what it was. I thought that everything happened really fast, compared to the book. I liked Johnny the best, because I thought he was the one most like they described him in the book. Also I liked how he showed how he didn’t like his parents,and he didn’t want to die even though he used to talk about killing himself. I thought all the characters were really good, but I enjoyed Johnny the most.

    In the end I think that sixties day was very fun and that the seventh grade team should continue to do this.

  7. The thing I liked best about sixties day was the music videos they were so much fun. It was funny to see all the people try to act out all the words and sayings. It was also cool to have the contest on E-bytes. I also liked the root beer floats. I love vanilla ice cream so that was a treat. I also liked the movie, which was the main thing I was looking forward to in the day. I couldn’t wait to get into the theater and watch a movie. It actually felt like I was in the movie theater, too, it was awesome.
    My first station was the music videos. It was so much fun and to see all the different acts were really funny. It took a little bit to get the right place to put the camera but we finally got it. The music was interesting but that is what made it fun.
    My second station was the segregation lesson. That was fun to. I liked how Mr. H made it visual and interactive for us. I was on the white side and it was so clean cut and nice, but on the black side everyone was crammed and the roof was leaky. It also reminded me of what happened back then and makes me feel grateful that I live in a time were everyone is free and equal.
    My third rotation was Mrs. Grau and that was cool to see the latest headlines in the 60’s. I still can’t believe Kennedy died he would have been an awesome president. It was also cool to see the adds in the magazine. They are still like the ones we have today. Like Coke, and cloths and hygiene. It was also cool to see the people in the yearbooks Mrs. Grau was really pretty.
    My Fourth rotation was the dancing. The moves back then were pretty different from the ones we have today. But I have to say I liked the twist the most. It was cool to see the record player I haven’t seen one up close before. I really liked their music back then but I think I would rather stick to my music.
    I think next year you should have a green screen in the back of the music video so that you can put cool affects in the background and stuff. Also I think next time you should have the kids eat lunch before you watch the movie it will be better so that you are full and tired and ready to relax.
    I liked the movie it was good and all but I think they left out the key things, like the court hearing and Sandy. But the characters were like I expected them to be. My favorite character was Johnny because I thought he was most like the character in the book. He fit the description and he acted just like him, too.
    Overall, I thought the day was fun. I got to say the dressing up part was the cherry on top.

  8. I really loved everything about sixties day, the dancing, the rotations, the dressing up, performing Outsider skits, and much more. I really wish we could have it again, it would be really fun and I actually think I am going to miss it a lot. But out of all the things we did on that great day, I think watching the movie was the best thing about it by far. The movie really surprised me; the characters in the movie had a huge resemblance from the characters in the book. I know that they are the same characters, but I think you relate to the characters in the book differently from the movie and also the other way around. The movie surprised me because it skipped more than I what I thought it would skip, but it still turned out great. I think the movie made us even closer than what we are to the characters. I cannot stress on how many times I keep saying this, but the movie was fantastic.

    Learning to Dance:
    My first rotation was with Mrs. Belt and Mrs.Idinge, they both taught us dances from the 60s. Some of the dances that they taught us I already knew, but I still learnt a lot of new ones. My favorite dance was the monkey; it is also my favorite animal. I thought how they taught us what to do through the dancing line was really cool; sorry I cannot remember what it was called. It is a good way to show off your dance moves and have a lot of fun. I also thought that what they called the jerk was different to what we called the jerk; it shows how dances change over time. Overall I think the dancing rotation was pretty fun and I learnt a lot of dances that I did not know from two of my favorite teachers.

    Performing our skits:
    Since the movie was my first favorite thing to do on that day, performing the skits was my second. I had a blast showing off our own skits to the rest of our class, I think our part was the best; not to boast or anything. I had a lot of fun working with my class to perform the best skit we could, I think it introduced me to people that I do not hang with as much as I should, you really cannot judge a book by its cover. I also liked that Mrs. Scoby recorded them and put them up on e-bytes, I think it made us perform even better when she was recording us. And thank you Mrs. Cobb for letting us use your Outsiders books.

    Which School got treated better:
    Mr. Hodgson’s rotation was really fun; he taught us how the color of your skin can depend on how you are treated. I cannot believe that only fifty years back, that was what life was like. The blacks got bad textbooks, bad utensils, bad classrooms, bad teachers, and bad money donations. I also learnt about Pennsylvania and how big it was back in the day. My favorite part during the simulation was when Mr. Hodgson poured water on to my table and it scared the life out of some people and drenched others; I was one of the ones who got drenched, not literally.

    Back when she was a cheerleader:
    Mrs. Grau used to be a cheerleader; it is kind of hard to believe that. I cannot believe that Mrs. Grau used to be a teenager, and she got to meet and see up close John F. Kennedy. I learned how they could advertise and encourage smoking back when Mrs. Grau was young. My favorite part was seeing pictures of her, and looking at a yearbook from the 60s, she also had a magazine from the 60’s. I liked Mrs. Grau especially because she actually remember what it was like to live back then, and all the big changes and famous people that were there and happened at that time.

    What could be better:
    Overall sixties day was planned out pretty well. I think that you could have lunch before the movie. And maybe add another fun rotation in, were the whole grade can participate. Also for the dance, maybe you should be able to do whatever dancing you want and choose to do the sixties dances if you would like to.

    The Movie:
    As you already know, I really enjoyed the movie. I think they skipped to much information that was needed to pull the movie together, but it was still more than what I expected. I thought it was a bummer that they skipped the beginning and the end, I watched the scenes, but it is nothing to get excited about. My favorite character was Dally, mostly because he was tough on the outside, and loving and caring on the inside. He really cared about Pony, and he was a great actor.

    After Thoughts:
    I only have one afterthought, the lady on the video who was teaching us how to dance at the dance rotation was kind of weird, and HILARIOUS.

  9. I liked 60’s day a lot. I liked seeing how everyone was dressed. My favorite part was making the music video. It was my favorite part because it was really funny to watch everyone dance. I also liked how Flik made us a special lunch And how they had Coke.

    The first station I visited was Mrs. Grau’s room. I learned many of the things that changed in the sixties. It was very interesting. I also saw how people would dress to school even if they didn’t have uniforms. My favorite part was looking at the pictures of Mrs. Grau. The next station that I went to was the music room. It was really funny seeing Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I do 60’s dances. The next station that I went to was Mrs. Scoby’s and Mrs. Cobb’s station where we did our music video. There I learned how to make a music video and how to dance to an Outsiders song. I thought this was fun because I have never made a music video before and we had a weird song called reaction. The final station that I went to was Mr. H room. There we did a simulation on segregation. I thought this one was really fun but also kind of sad because it was unfair that the white people got all of the new stuff and the black people got all of the used stuff.

    I think that next year you should show the previous music videos so the future people now what to do and so they have a better understanding of what to do. It would of been nice to see them.

    I loved watching the movie. I liked seeing all of the actors and actresses. They all did a good job. After seeing the movie, I was able to understand the book a little bit more and it helped me actually see the characters so I could tell what they looked like. I liked Ponyboy the most because he had the biggest part in the book and movie.

  10. 60s day was so awesome! I really loved everything. IF I had to choose though, my favorite part would be the dance and the root beer floats. I have had a root beer float before but it was a long time ago. I had forgotten about how much I love them! The dance was also really great. I liked how at first we tried out the dance moves we learned with Mrs.Belt and Mrs.I listening to 60s music. I also liked how we switched to more modern music at the end. It was really fun and I really enjoyed myself!

    The first rotation I went to was Mr. H’s segregation lesson. I thought it was very realistic and at the same time kind of fun! He showed us the differences in schools and how each one was treated. Next, we went to the Dance rotation. It was fun getting to learn all of these dance moves. We were able to learn the steps, arm movements, and what music you would dance to. Then, we went to see the 60s back then with Mrs.Grau. I loved seeing the different pictures and learning about what was happening at the time. My favorite part was getting to se her yearbook pictures. Finally, we went to the music video. I was so glad that we were able to practice it first. It was really fun to get to see what every bodys dances were.

    60s day was overall really fun! I think that if there were one more fun rotation that it would have been even better. I thought that there were not enough rotations and that one more would make it seem more fun. Another thing I would change is the dance. I think that it would have been even more fun if we had the Greasers and Socs have a dance off. It would be fun and interesting to see the differences.

    The movie was very good. I did notice that they left some parts in the book out though. My favorite character was Johnny because his character and expressions were exactly like what I pictured in the book. He was an interesting and entertaining character to watch. I loved the way he spoke to try and show what he was feeling too. Overall, I loved the movie!

  11. Sixties Day was the best time I had in seventh grade so far. My favorite part was the movie it was kind of funny because the screen was smaller and it was even darker in the theater than in actually is in the movies.

    I think Steve was my favorite character. Tom Cruise looked a little funny in his character though. I think Steve was in more scenes than Soda in the movie. It was a only a day later when I watched Top Gun which came out three years later. It was cool to see how Tom Cruise changed as an actor.

    I liked seeing what everybody was wearing. I have to give props to Paul’s awesome switchblade comb. It was really cool. Also it was cool that we made gangs with gang symbols.

    My first rotation was the segregation class. I liked how Mr H taught it. I was in the African-American school. It was funny that even though I got the bad tools, I still finished all but one question.

    My second rotation was with Mrs. Grau. I thought the magazine was really cool and there was some valuable information about the sixties. It was very cool that Mrs. Grau got to take pictures of JFK up close.

    My third rotation was dancing. Half of the dance moves I already knew. It was fun to learn about the stroll and doing an interesting dance through the middle.

    My last rotation was the music video. It was cool to see the way different groups made there dance for there part of the song. All I learned to do at this station was to have FUN.

    I liked when we got the rootbeer floats. Unluckily for me I only got the tiniest bit of icecream. The only thing I would change is the schedule. It felt very long between the beginning of school and break and it made me hungry. It was worth it because of the rootbeer floats during break.

  12. Sixties day was great! It was perfect to get a visual of people in the sixties after reading “The Outsiders.” My favorite part of the experience was figuring out exactly what to wear. I raided my mom’s closet. I also really liked coming to school and seeing what everyone outfit.

    Station 1—I enjoyed visiting Mrs. Grau’s room and learning about change in the sixties. After all she herself was a primary source. I especially liked seeing the photos she had taken of JFK days before his assissnation.

    Station 2 – Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I were dancing machines. They introduced many styles of dance from the sixties. My favorite was learning the twist.

    Station 3—We put what we learned into action. I really liked video taping our dance group. I can’t wait to see the voting results. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

    Station 4—In Mr. H’s room we actually got to experience what it felt like to be segregated in the 1960’s. It must have been awful to be looked at as a lesser person just because the color of your skin. Ironically things change and today we have an African American.

    All in all it was a great day there is not much that I would change. Perhaps I would have enjoyed more time in the gym for the Sockhop!

    The movie was a total disappointment. I know that movies are never as good or a detailed as reading the story, but I really wish it was different this time… I was let down. The characters were cast well. My favorite character was Dallas Winston. He was just as I had pictured him.

    1. @demi15, Sorry Mrs. Cobb but in the first paragraph in the last sentence it should read “I also really liked coming to school and seeing everyones outfit.” and the last line of station four should read “… we have an African American President.”

  13. My favorite part of sixties day was dressing up. I thought that was really cool looking like the movie stars in the movies. At the dance station I learned how to do many sixties styles dances. In Mrs. Grau’s room I learned a little about the styles and that some companies still have the same logos and slogans. I did not learn very much in the music video station. Mr. H’s station I learned that black people were rally not accepted by the community. I thought the movie was good, but left out a lot of things. I do not think there is any way you could improve sixties day.

  14. 60’s day was so much fun! (:

    My favorite part of the day was watching the movie. I was really excited to watch it after I read the book, and I thought it was pretty good. I also liked dressing up, that was fun.

    The first rotation I went to was Mr. H’s room. I thought he did a good job showing us a hands-on lesson about segregation. The second rotation was Mrs. Grau’s room. She taught us a lot about her time in high school in the 60’s, and I found everything she said really interesting. I thought it was really cool how she was so close to President John F. Kennedy four days before he was shot. I also thought it was cool how she showed us pictures of her prom dresses in the 60’s. The third rotation was dancing with Mrs. Belt and Mrs. Idinge. I thought it was kind of fun. The dances they did back then and the dances we do now are very different, but it was fun learning new dances, such as the twist. The last rotation I went to was making the music video. I thought that that was a fun and a creative idea. I liked watching each little group put together a little skit from the lyrics, and when we put it all together it turned out really cool.

    I think that the 7th grade team can make 60’s day even better by doing a little adjustment during snack. I heard some people didn’t even get to have a root beer float and I don’t think that’s fair. Also some people don’t really like root beer, so I think there should be a variety of more snacks.

    I thought the movie was pretty good! I think they did a really good job relating it back to the book. The characters in the movie really resembled themselves in the book, especially Johnny. My favorite character was Darry. I thought he did a really good job acting his character out.

    Overall I thought 60’s day was really fun and I had a great time! (:

  15. My favorite part of sixties day was watching the movie and making music videos. I think the movie way great, and the actors portrayed the characters very well. Unfortunately, it did skip some important scenes, but movies are usually like that. I also like the music videos because I liked working in the groups to come up with our own ideas.

    The order I visited the stations in was the segregation simulation, the slideshow and pictures with Mrs. Grau, the dancing, the movie, then music videos. During the stimulation, I thought of how unfair it was for the poor or Africans who were treated worse than others, and I was glad we live in a time like ours, where everyone has equal rights. I was amazed at the low security at the time in Mrs. Grau’s pictures! It must have been a peaceful time to have people so trusting of each other. Although I usually don’t enjoy dancing, I thought it was fun to do the sixties dances, they seemed like such happy dances! I really enjoyed the movie, and I thought it gave me a better idea of sixties clothing. I liked how we got to create our own steps to the music video and I learned what sixties music kind of sounded like.

    The only thing I did not like was the schedule, and I think everyone agrees. I think the schedule should go first rotation, second rotation, break, movie, lunch, third rotation, then dancing.

    I thought the movie was amazing! It’s probably one of my favorite movies now. I think I liked Johnny the best. He definitely acted like I imagined him like in the book. I was truly sad when he died.

  16. My favorite part of sixties day was doing the simulation that Mr.H did with us. At the dancing stations I learned different dances from the sixties. My favorite one was the twist because it was the easiest. In the music video station I didnt really lean anything. In the simulation I learned how people werent fair to eachother. Some people were treated well and others weren’t. In Ms. Grau’s room I learned what people did in the sixties. It would be better if we did something instead of a music video.

    The movie was extremely good. The actors did a great job getting into character. My favorite character was Dallas because he did a lot of exiting things. He also did what ever he wanted no matter what anyone said. He always got what he wanted.

  17. I thought that 60’s day was a lot of fun. I really did not have a favorite part of 60’s day, I just thought the hole day was fun. If I had to choice a favorite part I would say that I liked to see how everyone dressed up so differently.

    I liked most of the stations. I thought that the history lesson was kind of funny. In our group, the “air conditioning” linked on lina . I thought that the music video took a lot of time to get it just right, but it was still a lot of fun. I think all of the 60’s dances were really funny. I think that you should make the dance at the end more exciting. Maybe you could add decorations or something. I think you have to do something though. At the end almost everyone was sitting in the bleachers.

    I thought that the movie was pretty good. I did not like how they cut out a lot of the parts in the book. I didn’t have a favorite character either.

  18. The thing that I liked best on 60’s Day was probably the dressing up. It was really funny how some people dressed up (nerds, greasers, socs, etc). Some people really had interesting outfits, and props that they wore or had!
    I also liked the root beer floats, although I do not like root beer by itself. I only liked the ice cream with root beer on it, but I just couldn’t drink the root beer!

    I really thought it was interesting how Mrs. Grau looked in the sixties, and how she showed us all those magazines. She also explained how it was in the sixties, and we learned an awful lot more about her.

    Then there was Mr. Hodgson’s station. First, I was very confused about the two tables, and my table getting all those ripped up “notebooks”, which had no color at all. We also had broken pencils, which we could only sharpen with a pair of scissors. This of course gave me a little clue, but I was only sure after I heard Mr. Hodgson say “This are brand new notebooks for you,” and, “Here are brand new pencils… I just sharpened the for you…”. Then I was sure that it had to do with two different schools in the sixties. The schools for black compared to the school for white.

    The next station was the dance station. I thought it was interesting to see how dancing is different from back then to now. If we look at them now, of course we laugh, because we think it’s ridiculous to dance like that, but they danced like that in the 60’s! It was still fun, though to dance like in the 60’s.

    There was also the music video station, which I thought was interesting, too. I liked the videos, and it was fun to make and plan them. As I watched the other videos I always thought that they were a lot better than our video, which they were!

    The only thing that the seventh graders next year could do better is bring more ice cream!!! The second time I came to get root beer floats, there was only root beer left, and as you may already know, I don’t like root beer!

    I liked the movie, but I thought it was too short. I wouldn’t have cared if they would have shortened it a little bit, but that was just too much. Compared to the book, the movie is horrible, which it is in most cases. Although the movie was too short and too fast, I was still able to understand.
    My favorite character in the movie was probably Dally, because he was really kind of like I had imagined him as I read the book. The tall, reckless guy that always makes trouble.

    My final thought is that 60’s Day was very enjoyable and fun. The only thing that I didn’t like that much was the dance in the gym. It was getting boring after a while. But it was still fine.
    There is also one thing that bugged me the hole day, and it was that I forgot my shoe laces in the car!!! Oh, Well, I guess it can happen as you see.

    1. @sebastian15, I feel the same way about the whole root beer thing! By the time I got there for my FIRST root beer float they were out of ice cream!

  19. My faveorite part of 60’s day was the movie and dressing up. Everyone looked rally funny and there was like 5 socs and the rest were greasers. I was a greaser. I also loved the rootbeer floats during break and the lunch was very good.

    My first rotation was Mr. H’s room and he let us interact with eachother about segregation and how things were very different on either side of town, I learned a lot from this rotation about segregation. (unitentional rhyme). Our next rotation was Mrs. Grau and she showed us a magazine from the 6o’s and things werent different when it came to magazine styles and Coca-Cola is still sponsoring them today! She also showed us pictures of president John F. Kenedy four days before he was shot it was amazing how close she got to him. She has a black stipe from a flag at her high school that she showed us. Finnaly, she showed us pictures from her prom and the dresses they wore. My third rotation was dancing with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt and I thought that it was ok, and the dances that they used to do are very different from dances we do today. I thought evryone was a little shy to dance to though. My last rotation was the Music video and That was one of my faveorites! We had an awesome group and I think that we will get first in the voting!

    One thing you could do next year for 60’s day is make the dance at the end of the day more exciting by playing our generation of music intead of swing music.

    The movie wasnt anything I thought it would be, they left out a lot interesting parts, but the cast was very detailed to the book, and my faveorite character was dally, he was the toughest and I thought the most laid back.

  20. Sixties day was okay. My favorite part was watching the movie, since all you had to do was sit there and even though it was boring it was still the best part of the day because it did not require any dancing or moving.

    My first rotation was with Mrs. Grau and she really took us back in time with all of her old items and her wonderful stories of her life in the 1960’s. I learned about how some things have actually stayed the same since the end of the 60’s.

    My second rotation was learning dance with Mrs.Belt and Mrs.Idinge. I really didn’t like this rotation because I was not very good at the dance moves but I still did learn about a whole lot about them.

    My third rotation was making the music videos. I actually enjoyed this one because our group had really good moves.

    I really didn’t like the outsiders book and I didn’t like the movie either. But I do pefer sitting down over dancing.They did take parts out of the movie.

    The segregation simulation was realistic and it was a good reminder of what seperate but equal really was.

    Maybe if we had a time machine we could have gone back in time to the 60’s. Realistically, I don’t think anything could be made better. It’s okay as it is.

    1. @raj15,
      Finally, the movie was not that good in my opinion. I liked Dally the best, though. I liked Dally because he had a defiant nature and he had a toughness and a rep to go with it.

  21. Thank you! For the effort it must have required to have 60s day; I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. My favorite section of the day was simply seeing us, as a class, all come together to represent such an important era. Everyone was well dressed, and in my opinion everybody did a surreal job of representing greasers, socs, and of course, the, “nerd.” Even though my favorite aspect was the creative and original costumes, a day is always so much better with a root beer float (even if there is no more ice-cream.)

    Regrettably, I missed the majority of the rotations because I was attending my younger brother’s performance, The American Dream. I must say in addition to the performance (which was spectacular,) it was interesting to see how some people didn’t seem to notice my hair greased back, denim clothing, 60s style, yet others couldn’t resist asking why on earth had I had taken such an extreme alteration in fashion. (Most of them didn’t seem to think the new fashion was a good idea.) The only rotation I did have the opportunity to visit was Mr. Hs segregation simulation. The simulation helped us understand just what, “separate but equal,” was truly like not just from listening or watching put from having no room, a mess referred to as a textbook to complete a worksheet, and wet socks after the roof supposedly fell through. I did see the first few moments of Mrs. Grau’s presentation but could only take in the clothing and items without an explanation.

    I can’t say much in terms of improving 60s day, even though I am a nitpicker. The one improvement I would recommend is a slight improvement to the dance at the end. The main problem was obviously the lack of dancing and an excess of sitting on the risers. I also thought that as much as a few complained, I think sticking to the 60s music is better than straying to modern genres. Please encourage Mr. H to keep his simulation for a few years so that hopefully one day my brother may also enjoy getting wet.

    The movie was as I expected it to be, not even comparable to the book; however, I still enjoyed seeing the director’s interpretation of the characters especially Dally, Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy. For some reason, I wasn’t exactly found of how Johnny was represented even though the actor did a fantastic job.

    In terms of final thoughts, I don’t have much to report except for you greasers: May you stay tuff and may your hair stay greased.

  22. Sixties day was an awesome experience. It was really cool to see everyone dressed up like we were in 1961. It felt like a sixties environment. My favorite part of the day was definitely the music video. I had never done something like that and I saw how much rehearsal, time and energy it took to perfect a music video. My scene was the fight scene and it was really fun. We basically got to pretend that we were killing each other. I took that a little to literal the like the third time when I accidentally punched Connor in the face. I lost control of my hand socked him right in the nose. I wish I had a Twix candy bar so I could rethink the moment. He was OK though, which made me feel a lot better. Are song was also pretty catchy which was nice because we kind of got into the groove of the music.

    I thought most of the stations were pretty cool. I really liked the dancing station. It was my last station and it was fun. I learned about all of cool dances from the sixties and got to try them out. I also found out that Mrs. I can dance. I mean, who new that the seventh grade math teacher could show her stuff in algebra and the twist. I also really liked Mr. H’s segregation station. It really showed the poor treatment of blacks opposed to the good treatment of whites during the sixties and beyond. Me being black, it really made me think about what my father and grandfather had to go through in this country. I thought Mrs. Grau’s station was pretty cool because it gave us an inside look t someone who grew up in the sixties and had a kind of eyewitness perspective of everything that happened in the sixties. Whether it was the assassination of Kennedy or Man walking on the moon she basically told us the mood of when things happened and why they happened.

    I think that the seventh grade team did a great job on sixties day. Everyone thing was great except for one huge problem. I was in the back of the line greatly anticipating my root beer float when the I heard about the most horrible thing. They ran out of ice cream!!! I was heartbroken. I was hoping that what I heard were false rumors but then I saw it with my own two eyes. I had never had to go through something so horrible in my life. Well, maybe I am being a little over dramatic ,but still, next year just bring more ice cream.

    This was like my twentieth time seeing the movie so I didn’t have any new thoughts. My favorite character was still Two-Bit. I love his kind of careless attitude and how he is going to do his own thing and no one is stopping him. Although I like the movie there is one thing that I just can’t stand and that is their southern accents. Most of the characters in The Outsiders have southern accents and they all live in New York!!! No one from today or from the sixties that grew up in NYC talks like someone from Alabama. I think that the producers missed that one.


  23. What was the best part of 60’s Day for me? Well, I have to say that it was just hanging out with friends. I really enjoyed talking and relaxing all day, without the stress of homework, and the occasional classroom boredom, weighing down on me. It’s always such a pain knowing that we will probably have to turn in homework in class and review it and then learn a whole other subject! But on 60’s Day, it felt so good knowing that we didn’t really have to “learn” anything for real! Everyone looked great, so it was funny to see people let loose and stuff!

    The first rotation that I went to was history. Mr. H. divided us up into two different “schools” and social classes. At first none of us had any idea what he was doing or why he was splitting us up, but then when we really got into the simulation, we sort of started to figure out what he was trying to show us. At my “school,” the building was old, leaky, and cold, we had bad pencils, and not enough of them, the “textbooks” were all ripped up, and the “room” was cramped. It taught me about how life really was and how much the government and upper class people neglected the african americans. The second rotation that my advisory went to was Mrs. Grau’s class, where she showed us pictures from the 60’s. She showed us some pictures that are of her, some of the people then, and, my personal favorite, she showed us a magazine from that time. It was interesting because you could see all of the advertisements and what things were like. The third rotation was the dancing with Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I. That was fun because you got to see how the people danced (which in my opinion wasn’t very fun, but it was funny), and it was interesting to learn about the pop culture. The last rotation that my group went to was the music video. It was a great way to end the day because it was fun, but I didn’t really learn anything!

    Ways to make this day better are several things. On the top of the list was both to organize the dance A LOT better, and the make it so that there are only two rotations at first so we don’t have to wait for the rootbeer floats for break. Otherwise, the day was really fun, and at the moment I can’t think of anything else to change!

    Um…my thoughts on the movie varied. It was kind of shorter than I had expected it to be, and unfortunately, it left out most of the good parts in the book. Like when You see Johnny’s mom outside of the hospital, and other big parts that I’m blanking out on right now! My favorite character was probably Dally because he is able to somehow change personalities throughout the book and the movie. He has a caring side, but he doesn’t choose to show it. His actor played the part excellently!

  24. Let’s see, I thought the whole day was pretty fun all and all. I enjoyed everything a lot and I’m not sure I can pick one thing in particular that I liked the best. Well, maybe the best part for me was just dressing up. I thought that was really fun, and I liked how Flik was all jazzed up and everything and had sixties music playing. Also, the teachers dressed up as well, so it was fun to just see everyone in their Soc and Greaser outfits. I really enjoyed that and it wouldn’t be sixties day without the costumes!

    The first station I visited was the music videos. I thought it was cool how there were songs specifically about “The Outsiders” and I thought our song was really catchy! Although, we didn’t have much time to prepare for them. I liked it though, because you don’t get to make a music video everyday in school! After that I went to Mr. H’s room. I really, really liked the simulation. I really got a feel for what the schools were like. Personally, I like when activities are interactive, it gives me a really good understanding of the lesson and his simulation definitely worked. Also, it was a surprise when Mr. H poured the water on our heads making a “leak” in the ceiling! Then, I went to Mrs. Grau’s room. It was good to hear about the sixties from somebody who was there and who was telling us from what she saw. She also talked about a couple of the websites that some of the websites we created were on. She made those topics kind of come to life. Last, we went to the dancing. I really liked the dancing. I didn’t really know which dances were from the sixties or anything. I learned a lot of dances and I think everyone definitely enjoyed it.

    I feel like we should’ve had more time to work on the music videos, and maybe putting some effects in them would be cool. But, besides that, I don’t have much else to say!

    I really wish they could’ve included everything in the movie! But, what can you do? Some things have to be cut out! Although, it’s a shame, because I was really into the movie, and I was like, “Wait! What happened to that part?” I think that the movie stayed pretty true to the book though. I didn’t expect Pony to look like he did, but Johnny looked exactly like what I thought he would look like! The character I liked best was probably Dally. I kind of just felt like I connected to Dally and could see what he was all about. I get him even better now. When he died, I was also really sad. I just didn’t think it should happen! It was definitely a surprise when I was reading. Even though I already knew it was coming in the movie, I didn’t want it to happen! Also, I felt really bad for Dally when Johnny died. You could just see the sadness in his face and he was just broken. Dallas Winston doesn’t love anything, except apparently Johnny. I guess he had it coming (him dying). One thing is that I really wish that Pony could’ve read Johnny’s note to Dally, because if I were Pony, I would live with that over my shoulder the rest of my life. I would know that if I had just shown him that one thing, I could’ve saved him, or could’ve had an effect of his life. That one little thing, I think would’ve made a huge effect on the whole book.

    I actually really enjoyed “The Outsiders.” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did like it a lot. My favorite chapters were the last four. I hope the books that we read in school in the future are as good as this one.

  25. The thing I liked best about 60’s Day was making the music videos because my group had the rumble scene.

    The first rotation I went to was making the music video. I can’t think of anything that we really learned there. My second rotation was Mr. H’s where we learned about discrimination in the 1960’s. The third rotation I went to was Mrs. Grau’s. It was about life in the 1960’s. The final station I went to was the dance station where we learned dance moves from the 1960’s. I thought it was funny how I knew some of the dances such as the Monkey and the Twist.

    I don’t really know anything that you can do to 60’s Day to make it better for next year besides to organize the dance.

    The movie was exactly how I thought it would be. It left out a ton of the book, especially the last four chapters or so. I think my favorite character was Dally because his character was most like the character in the book.

    I don’t really have any final thoughts besides what I’ve written down.

  26. I was not here on 60’s day but Mrs. Cobb told me to write what I learned about the sixties. I learned that people dressed weird back then, there was a rivalry between the “Greasers” and the “Socs”, also that the rich kids would live on the east side of town. Also I learned that the most popular cars back then were Corvairs, Mustangs, GTO’s, the “hippie van”, and Chevelles. Cigarettes were very popular back then and even very young kids smoked. John F. Kennedy’s assassination happened in the 60’s. He was the first Catholic president and the youngest at that time. There were hippie’s taking LSD and smoking pot. The Vietnam War happened too ( which my dad served in that war as a paratrooper). The 60’s can be remembered as a decade of freedom and exploration.

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