Seventh Grade Rocks Out On 60’s Day!


What a great day!

Please answer the following questions about 60’s Day:

What did you like best about the day?

Please reflect on each of the stations you visited telling me somethings you learned at each rotation and what you liked about each one.

Do you have any ideas on how the seventh grade team can make 60’s Day even better for next year?

What are your thoughts after seeing the movie? Which character do you like the best and why?

Any final thoughts?



  1. I LOVED 60s Day! I am so sad that it is over though. It was so much fun and I am going to miss it next year. I liked the dancing rotation the best. I loved learning all of those moves. The most fun part was dancing with all of my friends. Also I liked seeing the old records.

    I think that instead of the outsiders songs that we did, each advisory gets a song from the 60s. The ones that Mrs. Cobb showed us to help with the Ipod project. I think that would be more fun. I didn’t really like that rotation, but other than that I loved 60s day.

    I thought that the movie was very good. All of the actors and actresses played their part very well. I liked Two-Bit the best. It was funny to see all of them watching Mickey Mouse in the morning. I like all of the characters. I cried when Johnny and Dally died. I love The Outsiders and I don’t want to move on from it.

    I liked Ryan L. with his fake ciggarette. That was pretty funny. Also I thought that it was funny that flick put up fifties signs and just put a line to make the five look like a six. I want to come down to seventh grade next year and be a greaser again.

    1. @allegra15, From the rotations I learned how African Americans were treated diffrently. It was very unfair. Also I Learned some cool new dance moves! The place were I learned the most was Mrs. Grau. She went to the doctor and he told her she was eating to much and she need a ciggarette. Smoking was very popular back then. Also John F. Kennedy was cathloc and that was part of why they didn’t vote for him. I never knew that. It was very interesting to see the year-book photos. The way they dressed, also the way people were seperated by how good they were in a subject. I like that rotation a lot.

  2. @mark15, 1. I mostly liked that we didn’t have classes and we didn’t have to wear our uniform. The entire day was fun though. Root bear floats, burgers and fires, dressing up, it was so fun.
    My first station was with Mr. H and we learned about segregation. He put us into groups and simulated what it was like in a certain school. It was cool how he did everything, especially the “leaky roof”. Next I went to Mrs. Grau’s station where we learned about events and people that were in the 60’s. We saw how differently people dressed and looked. It was weird to see how much different everyone looked back then. Third was the dancing station with Mrs. Idinge and Mrs. Belt. We learned old 60’s dances. I learned about 15 dances and I can’t remember about 5 of them. Dancing has definitely changed. My last station was with Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Scoby. We made a music video for a song about the outsiders. It was fun to see how different people mad their bits.
    I have no ideas on how to make it better.
    The movie was really cool to watch. It was easy to understand because we read the book, and it was also like a review for the test that’s coming up. It was missing a lot but it was still a great movie. I didn’t really have a favorite charter because I had read about al the characters in the book that weren’t in the movie very much, like Darry and Steve and most of the gang.
    So 60’s day was the best day of school so far. Thanks for all the fun.

  3. Okay, sixties day was AWESOME!! I think I liked making the music videos best. It was awesome to just watch everybody do their own part in it. I think that was the best part of the day.

    For the music video station, I just learned not to fall onto the blinds or it will affect the video. In Mr. H’s class, I learned how seperate the two different schools were. One had a leak in the roof, broken pencils, and freezing tempatures. The other had perfect new textbooks and a field trip to another state. Big difference. In Mrs. Grau’s station I learned how much change happened in the 60’s (the yearbook pictures were hilarious too). I liked learning all those 60’s dances. . . even if they had really weird names. Ex. The Hitch Hiker, The Twist, The Pony, etc.

    60’s day was really good and I’m not sure what else you can add to it. Well, maybe make the end of the day dance a little better.

    Well, the movie did miss a lot from the book like Mrs. Cobb had pointed out that it would. My favorite character would have to be Dally in the movie. Maybe because he was awesome in the fight scene. I just wished they had put more length in the scene where Dally dies. When the cops are chasing him he just turns around, pulls a gun and gets shot. There was no having any of the gang act sad or anything. Just Dally falls.

    No final thoughts. . . I kind of said everything I needed to say.

  4. My favorite part of sixties day was the Social Studies simulation. I thought it was cool how we actually got to experience segregation instead of just hearing about it or reading about it in a book. It gave me a feel of what it was like back in the sixties.

    The first station that I visited was Mrs. Grows. What I learned was that common household items that we have today, that we think we can’t live without, were not given to people back in sixties. People and things have changed so much since the sixties, for both good and for the worst. My favorite part was seeing the pictures of President Kennedy; I think its cool how close Mrs. Grow got to President Kennedy to take those pictures. The second station that I visited was dancing with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt. I learned how to do interesting dance moves that I never thought I would be able do.  My favorite part was the partner dancing that we got to do at the end of class.

    The third station I visited was the music video station with you and Mrs. Scoby. I learned how much work it takes to make a short music video. My favorite part was actually making the video! The last station that I visited was the simulation with Mr. H. I learned how bad segregation was back then between white and African American people. My favorite part was watching the “leaky roof” drip on the older school kids.

    I honestly feel that sixties day was amazing! I don’t know how I would make it better, maybe playing more songs at the dance/Sock Hop. Other than the songs sixties day was perfect!

    I feel like the movie left out a lot of stuff and some characters that I was looking forward to seeing. It was a good movie though, and helped paint a picture a bigger picture in my head of what the sixties looked like. My favorite character was Dally. I thought the actor did a very good job of portraying the role of Dally!

  5. I think the best part of 60s Day was learning the dance moves, which were so easy! I have two left feet and I can still do all of them.

    In my first station (with Mrs. Grau), I learned that the things they did at school back then were really tacky, especially the whole “letter sweater” thing. The thing I would have hated the most was not having any privacy.
    My second station was the dancing. I liked the Stroll the best.
    In the music video station, I started to wonder how famous people can stand having to do music videos over, and over, and over…even if the stuff in the music video was really cool, I’d just get bored!
    In my fourth station, I think Mr. H had an effective way to teach the severity of segregation. Even though I wasn’t in the “leaky roof” group, but I could still hear that group screaming because they got wet. That was the funniest part of the station!

    I don’t think 60s Day needs to be improved, except for the dance. At the end, there was modern music, and people were doing non-60s dances or not dancing at all! Personally, I don’t think it was so much the dance itself as the people. A lot of kids didn’t care enough. It was supposed to be fun, but no one was doing the dances. The event doesn’t make the fun, we do.

    I liked the movie, especially Dally’s and Two-Bit’s actors. I know that a movie often has to be shortened, but do they really need to leave out that much?

    Still, 60s Day was the most fun I’ve had at school this year.

  6. I really liked 60’s day! I think my favorite part was when we were all in the gym at the end. I thought it was really cool that we were listening to actual sixties music and dancing sixties dances!

    The first station I visited was Mrs. Grau’s, I learned many of the things that changed in the sixties, I also saw how people would dress to school even if they didn’t have uniforms. My favorite part was looking at yearbook pictures and pictures of Mrs. Grau. The next station I went to was the one with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt, I learned how to dance. This was fun because we got to see a lady dancing to sixties music and wearing sixties clothes! (Then we got to copy what she was doing.) Then I went to Mrs. Scoby’s and Mrs. Cobb’s station were we did our music video, here I learned how to make a music video and how to dance to an Outsiders song! I thought this was fun because I have never made a music video before; it was exciting! The last station I went to was Mr. H’s class, I thought this one was really fun but also kind of sad because we learned about segregation, I think it was really unfair how African Americans didn’t get the same new school suplise as white people but yet they have the same potential as white people do. It was still fun because we got water dumped on us without expecting it and in the beginning we had no idea what was happening.

    I think next year when you do the music videos you should show ones from other years and then make new ones. Maybe even ones from sixties artists.

    I loved watching the movie and seeing all of the actors and actresses, they all did a great job. It made the book make more sense and it helped me actually see the characters and give me an idea of how they dressed and looked. I liked Pony boy the most because he had the biggest part in the book and movie.

  7. I don’t know what I liked best about 60’s day. I liked seeing how everyone was dressed. I felt like I was in the 60’s! Well, not really but pretty close. My favorite part of the day, in my opinion, was watching the movie. I thought the movie was really good even though there were some parts left out.

    My first station was the dance station. The lady that was dancing on the video was funny. Most o the dances I already new though. I also thought it was fun when we did the stroll in a really be line.

    My second station was the music video station. I liked this station because our portion of the song is funn. It was also fun to see the whole thing start to pull together. I have a cold so my throat started to hurt because we were all laughing by the time we were done with that station!

    My third station was the simulation. I was the group that didn’t have as good of conditions. It was really hard to find the answers in the “textbook” when a smiley face cut out in every page. It’s hard to beleive that some people lived like that. Thank goodness that we are past that time and are flying into the future. One part that I didn’t like about the simulation was that Mr. H dumped the water right in front of me and it splashed into my hair.

    My last station was looking at Mrs. Grau’s yearbook and other photos from the 60’s. That was creepy because J.F.K. was killed only four days after Mrs. Grau took that picture. The 60’s were much different that now. People weren’t as cautious about everything and everyone wanted to be like everybody else.

    I really liked 60’s day, but, unlike everyone else who answered the blog so far, I think you could change some things. Nothing really drastic or anything though. I think that the scedule should change a little. I think that we should have two stations, then break, then station three and P.E., then lunch, then the movie, then station four, then the dance party. One reason I think we should have the movie after lunch is becasue I was really hungry during the movie. An I was also hungry during station three. So I was thinking about how hungry I was and not about the station. Not that the stations required too much brain power.

    I was sort of sad about how some of the scenes were not in the movie. I was confused as to why they didn’t have where Ponyboy gets jumped by the Socs in the begining and it just went stright to the movies. I think that was an important scene in the book. My favorite character was Ponyboy. Duh. I think that all the actors did a really good job. I was also supriprised that they took out the hearing scene, because that wwas why PPonyboy was writing the story in the first place. I don’t know why, but I felt like the movie was really short. I think it was because we were reading the book and reading takes longer than just watching the movie.

    One final thought that I had was that I thought that everyone looked really good. I’m going to miss it next year! But we will be in Washington D.C. so I think we will all be having fun at the same time!

  8. It is hard to pick a favorite part of sixties day, so here are my top three:

    Seeing all of the costumes
    Rootbeer floats

    I went to the music video rotation first. I cannot wait to see all of the videos on e-bytes, but I guess I will have to be patient. I really didn’t learn anything about the sixties-or the Outsiders- but I did learn that the camera will not film you when you are on the ground. That could come in handy sometime(maybe). I had a lot of fun anyway!

    My second rotaion was with Mrs. Grau. I learned that there so much change going on in just one decade. I also learned there really were large social groups in the sixties, just like in the Outsiders.

    My third rotation was the simulation With Mr. H. I belonged to the white school and it was super funny when he poured water on the kids at the table across from us. I learned that the schools were supposed to have equal funding, but they actually didn’t.

    My last rotation was dance. It was ok. I’m not exactly what you call skilled when it comes to dancing. I learned the people in the sixties were up and about and loved to dance.

    Next year, I would include an acting rotation where you either act out a scene from the Outsiders or have a conflict between the Greasers and the Socs. I think that it would be cool.

    I really liked the Movie (not as much as the book). My favorite character was Cherry Valance. I liked how she stood up for herself.

  9. I liked when we saw The Outsiders movie, that was really fun.

    The first station I went to was the music video station. I thought it was really fun how we got to make up our own moves. The second station, I went to was in Mr. Hodgson’s class. I thought it was interesting to hear how there was such a difference between the black and white schools, and how the white schools got new text books, and the blacks got hand-me-downs. Then I went to Mrs. Grau’s class room, and learned what happened in the 60’s, like Wood Stock, she showed us an interesting picture. Last, I went to the dance station and learned all those crazy dance moves (like the twist) from the 60’s, to me, that was my favorite station.

    I also have a list of idea’s for next year’s 60’s day, but I’ll only share one. I think they should decorate the gym, and make it a actual 1960’s dance.

    Again I thought the movie was fabulous, my favorite character was Two-Bit.

    I think we should get a letter grade for our outfits.

  10. I liked 60’s Day a lot! It was really fun to see everyone dressed up in sixties clothes! My favorite thing about the day was the dancing to sixties music, the Outsiders movie, and the clothes!

    I loved how we were in groups and we got to move to each station. The first station I went to was Mrs. Grau’s classroom. In her class, we learned about what it was like back in the sixties from a person who was alive in the sixties. A lot of cool things happened in the sixties and it was fun to learn about them and see pictures of the many cool things that Mrs. Grau shared with us. The next station I went to was in the music room with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt. In this station you learned all of the sixties dances like the twist and the mash potato. They had some really weird names for the dances back then! The next station I went to was the music video station. My group did most of the sixties dance in our video! Next we had our root beer floats at break. We watched The Outsiders next and I really enjoyed watching it. It really helped me understand the book better. Mr. H’s station was the next room we went to. I was part of the black group of students. It was cool to learn about segregation when you were the one being treated not equal. It was fun when he gave us the torn up textbooks and the broken pencils. Everyone at our table was freaked out when poured the water on us/leaking roof! The dancing at the end was so much fun! I liked dancing to sixties music with everyone!

    The only thing I would change to make sixties day better for next year would be to watch the music videos that we made!

    The movie was very good and I loved the characters! I thought that it would have been even better if they didn’t cut out a lot of the scenes that they did. My favorite character would have to be Johnny. He did a great job in the movie. All of the others did a great job in the movie as well I just liked Johnny more. I really enjoyed this movie as well as the book!

  11. 60’s day was very enjoyable. I’m glad that we are able to celebrate that day in school. It is not every day that we get to go back in time and dress up like we are living in the 60’s. What I liked most about sixties day is The Outsiders movie. I always get excited when I finish a reading book and then get to watch the movie based on the book. I always compare what is better, the book or the movie. I love seeing the characters like Dally come to life. I did not have a good idea of what his character looked like until I saw him in the movie.

    In my first station, which was Mr. Hodgeson’s class, I learned that the sixties was not always a fun time. Mr. Hodgeson’s class was about segregation. We got to do a little lab in which one group of tables was the black school who got all the bad things like short pencils and leaky roofs. The other group of tables was the white school who got all the good things. I liked this lab and it taught me a lot about segregation. The next place I visited was Mrs. Grau’s room. We learned all about the sixties and how it was a time of change. My favorite part of Mrs. Grau’s class was when we got to see her back in high school. The next station I went to was Mrs. Belt’s station. We got to learn how people danced back in the sixties. It was fun dancing to all the old songs and learning the dance steps they did back then. The last station I went to was the music video station. This was one of the best stations. I liked seeing what all my peers did to each verse of the song.

    60’s day could be improved by decorating the school to make it look like a school back in the sixties. It would be fun to see the decor of a 60’s school and it would make me feel like I am actually taking a step back in time.

    I liked The Outsiders movie a lot. It is a very good movie and it followed the book very closely. My favorite character was Dally because I wanted to see how an actor would take on Dally’s part.It must have been a hard role to play because you would have to be tough and make the gang look up to you. I thought 60’s day was really fun and I loved it. Keep doing 60’s day!

  12. Out of everything we did that day, I liked seeing everyone in their sixties costumes the best. Some people looked really different from how they usually do. Overall, I think that the best costumes were probably the nerds'(the ones dressed up as nerds’, that is).

    The first station that I went to was the one where we made music videos. We didn’t learn much there, but we had a lot of fun! My group had a fight scene, so we liked pretending to have a “rumble” with each other. Next, I went to the station where we learned about segregation in schools. The teacher presented this really well by splitting the group into a “white school” and a “black school” and having them both do a worksheet, but with different resources. Even though I was in the “white school,” I still learned a lot about how ineffective the “separate but equal” policy was. At that rotation, I best liked when the teacher poured water on some kids in the “black school” and said that it was a leak in the roof. After that, I went to the station where the teacher gave us a general overview of the sixties with an old magazine. We learned a lot there, including some about the terror of the war in Vietnam and a great deal about how different high schools were then from how they are now. I liked learning about how much the world changed during just that one decade. Finally, I went to the station where we learned how to do some dances from the sixties. The teachers taught us the stroll, along with the twist and a bunch of other dance moves. My shoes were too small, so my feet hurt really badly there, but I liked it when we made up a couple of our own dance moves. That was the last station I went to, other than the dance at the end of the day, which was pretty similar.

    Sixties day was very fun, and I can’t really think of many ways to improve it next year.

    The movie left out a lot from the book, but it probably had to, or it would be really, really long. All in all, it did a pretty good job of conveying the story in an interesting way. Out of all the characters, I best liked Two-Bit, as he was tough and brought some comic relief to the story at the same time.

    All in all, I really liked Sixties Day, and I wish we could do things like that every day.

  13. I think what I like best about Friday was just being with my friends. I loved looking at what everyone was wearing. I really liked how everyone acted like they were greasers, socs, and nerds.

    The first station I went to was history. This is where we learned about segregation and how they affected schools. I really liked this station because of how he split us up. In my “school”, we had to share pencils, seats, and ripped up textbooks while the other school had new pencils, new textbooks, and they had a new building. My second station was with Mrs. Grau. This is where we learned about how the sixties changed the world. What I really thought was interesting was the different hairstyles they wore back then. They were really funny looking! After this, I went to the music room. This is where we learned some of the different dances they did back then. I thought the names of the dances were really funny. Finally, my last station was making music videos. We didn’t really learn anything, but it was a lot of fun.

    I think one way to make sixties day better is to give more options for snack. I heard a lot of people complain how they didn’t like soda or they were still hungry.

    I really liked the movie. The only problem was that I couldn’t hear the actors that well. My favorite actor was Ponyboy. He was a really good actor.

    I love sixties day! I wish it was like that every year!

  14. I thought sixties day was pretty fun. I love root beer floats so that was definitely a plus. Seeing the movie was great and I loved seeing my friends try to look tough. Someone actually brought a tube of grease so they all spent the whole day messing with their hair.

    My first rotation was Mrs. Grau. This was cool, hearing all these stories from someone who was really there through everything in the sixties. She even saw President Kennedy four days before he was assassinated. In my second rotation, I learned sixties dancing which was interesting and though some of the dances were cool, (i.e. the twist) on most of them, I had to bite my lip to keep from cracking up. (You have to admit, the monkey and the jerk were pretty strange.) My third rotation was the music videos. I hadn’t been to advisory all week and I got put into a group last minute. I felt bad because they’d been practicing and I hadn’t but it was fun. We all just followed what Justin did because he knew what he was doing. Jakob, Thibaut, Stephen, and Brandon had a short part of the song but it was really funny so I enjoyed watching that. My last rotation was my favorite. In Mr. H’s class, we learned about segregation and how “Separate but Equal’ was anything but that. I was in the African-American school where we had smiley faces torn into our books and chewed up pencils. As we attempted to read about Philadelphia from our torn pamphlets, the white school was preparing for a trip, to Philadelphia. This was really cool because it was fun and we all cracked up and freaked out when he dumped a water bottle on us but we klearned a lot and the majority of us realized the seriousness in that problem.

    No offense, but I really thought the dance was going to be better than it was. Everyone sat the whole time, it was really disorganized, and when we did switch to modern music, no one knew the songs. It was like heavy rock/rap thing; not very good for dancing. that could be improved for next year.

    I loved the movie! It stinks that they left out the beginning and end, but Ali told me the beginning scene existed with the same actors, so I went and watched it, I guess they cut it later. I love Matt Dillon and he did great at portraying his tough-guy role of Dally.

    If you want to see the beginning scene, go to:

    All in all, I enjoyed sixites day and would like to do something of that sort again.

    1. @abby15, I agree with you about the dance in the gym. Next year, it will be more organized. Last year we had some bands play and that worked well in keeping everyone focused.

      1. @abby15, I watched the video and I liked it a lot. They should’ve included it. I wonder why they cut it…?

  15. I thought that 60’s day was a lot of fun. The best part of my day was dressing up and seeing everyone else in their 60’s day attire. It was a good way to male the way more fun. Also, I liked how Flick decorated, dressed up and served us a special lunch.

    The first rotation that I went to on 60’s day was dancing with Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I. This was one of my favorite rotations because I love to dance and it was funny to compare our type of dancing to 60’s dances. Back then they did really similar and repetitive dance moves.

    The second rotation that I went to on 60’s day was making music videos with Mrs. Scoby and Mrs. Cobb. This station was a lot of fun from my point of view because you had to make up like little skits/dances to your song and perform it. I am so excited to see all of the music videos. I would definitely do that again next year.

    The third rotation that I went to on 60’s day was a class on segregation with Mr. Hodgson. I thought that Mr. Hodgson thought of a really good way to show us what segregation would have been like back then by putting us in a real life simulation. It made it even more fun when he pretended like the roof was leaking in the colored school and poured water on me. Just kidding, it wasn’t very fun getting wet and it also surprised me. Over all I really like that rotation though.

    The last rotation that I went to was learning about the 60’s with Mrs. Grau. It was very interesting to see what they went through and how much different their lives were from ours. I also liked hearing the stories that she remembered from when she was a kid. Some of them were really cool.

    As far as the movie goes, I thought that it was phenomenal. I would defiantly watch it again. At the beginning of the movie I had no idea which characters were which, but after a while I was able to figure them all out from what we read in the book. My favorite character in the movie was Two-bit because he was really funny. It was funny how he would wake up in the morning and watch Mickey Mouse for fun. He was always trying to make things better for the gang and he lightened everyone up.

  16. After seeing the pictures, I feel very upset about sixties day. It looks like it was a lot of fun. parker15 said it was a lot of fun. After reading the previous posts I feel even more terrible. I did learn a lot about the sixties though. Like that one of the greatest days in baseball history occurred. Also, a lot of inventions were made, like astroturf. Also, there were great writers and great books, like “Where the Wild Things Are.”

  17. I liked the movie the best.
    The music video was fun, it was my 2nd favorite station because you got to act out the parts. I learned that you should have fun doing a music video.
    The next rotation was Mr. H’s which was my favorite because he had two classes that were different. I learned that black schools are very difficult to do well in and white schools have a better school.
    The third rotation was Mrs. Grau’s which was my least favorite but i still liked it because she showed what people looked like in the 60’s. I learned how people dressed in the 60’s.
    The final rotation was my least favorite but I liked it because it taught you how they danced in the 60’s. I learned how people danced in the 60’s.
    I would make it better by having PE be dodgeball.
    My thoughts were that the movie was great and dramatic. I like Ponyboy the best because he made a awesome story for his teacher. I don’t have any final thoughts.

  18. My favorite part of the day was probably the rootbeer floats or the music videos. It was really funny to see how everybody interpretted the lyrics to the songs, and the dancing was really funny to watch. 🙂

    I liked the station in Mr. H’s room. That was a really good lesson on segregation. Everybody thought it was fun that we got to pretend we were in two differentschools, except Lina. I do not think she liked the leaking roof part.:) I learned a lot about what it was like to live back then.

    My next station was with Mrs. Grau. I really liked hearing all of her stories about growing up and seeing the pictures of all of her friends. I thought it was cool that she got to see President Kennedy in person.

    The dancing staion with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt was really fuuny. Some of the dance moves were really weird. In a way, they kind of danced like us, because they picked a pretty simple move and just kept doing it over and over again.

    I really liked the musci video station, because everybody kind of just got to do their own thing. Nobody knew what the otehr groups were doing, which made it cool to see them all together at the end.

    I think that one way to make the day better next year would be to organize the dance a little bit more. Nobody was really dancing, and the modern CD that we put on at the end was the wrong one. Nobody knew where the right one was, so they just put on one of the boys’ varsity basketball CD’s.

    I really liked the movie. It did leave out a lot, but it was really good anyway. My favorite character was probably Dally. He is not the nicest, but he was always there for his friends when they needed him. He was really misunderstood, and I wish that he did not have to die at the end. It would have been better if Ponyboy had read Johnny’s note sooner.

    I do not really have any final thoughts except that overall, it was a really fun day.

  19. I enjoyed watching the movie.

    I really enjoyed the simulation in Mr. Hodgson, it really exposed the difference between black and white schools in the 1960’s.
    I was taught about the sixties also by Mrs. Grau. She taught us about how conformity ruled the early 1960’s and change abruptily started in the mid-1960’s.
    My next rotation, we were taught dances.
    The final rotation, was the music video, which was fun and entertaining.

    I would make it better by having 60’s day as all the 1960’s so we could ware hippie clothing.

    I really enjoyed the movie, it was very good, and I kind of liked it more than the book in some ways. I definitly liked Two-Bit, or Dally. They were real cool!

  20. The thing I liked most about sixties day was probably Mr. Hodgson’s station, or lunch. Mr. Hodgsons was my favorite because when the two groups were split up into the two different schools I was placed into the school that had the colored skin people, so in that case there was a “leaky Roof” and Mr. H poured water on my head. It was really funny. Also, the reason lunch was my favorite was because we were able to drink soda. We never do on a regular school day.

    The first station I went to was the dancing with Mrs. Belt. I thought it was pretty fun. My favorite part was the line dance, where we stood in two lines across from each other and then two people would dance down the middle. The music was interesting too.

    The second station I went to was the music video’s. I thought it was really cool. My group did a great job. One of the teachers watching us said that song will stick in my brain forever.

    The third station I went to was the Segregation station with Mr. H. I already told to above what I liked. But I do have another thing about it that I liked. I liked that he didn’t tell us what we were doing until we reached the end of the simulation. And that we had to guess.

    The last station I went to was to Mrs. Grau’s class. I thought It was really cool to see the cheer leading uniform they wore. It was very different than the ones we have today. We also saw a magazine from the sixties which I found interesting. I found things in there that I had never known before. It was really fun.

    I don’t think you should change a thing for next years group. I thought it was great.

    After seeing “The Outsiders” movie I really understood the plot of the book a bit better. Although the movie was not the best movie I had seen, I thought it was still a good thing we watched it. I liked the book better.

    The character I liked the best would probably be two-bit because I thought he played his role very well, and he made the movie have a bit of humor to it

    Sixties day was fun! 🙂

  21. Sixties day was so much fun. I loved seeing everyone dressed up. It was really funny. My favorite part of the day was Mrs. Grau’s rotation and the lunch. Someone should suggest having coke all the time. Plus I learned a lot about the sixties in the rotations. The first rotation I had was with Mrs. Grau. It was really neat to actually listen about someone’s experiences while growing up in the sixties. Then I had the dance class. It wasn’t my favorite class, but it was still fun. The thing that really sticks out to me about that rotation was how easy the dances were. It wasn’t hard what so ever. Third rotation, music video. This one wasn’t my favorite. I don’t think they should post them on E-Bytes because I personally think it maybe embarrassing. Then my last one was history. This was my second favorite. I went in there with my standards really low, thinking it would be like an actually lesson plan from the sixties. It was not anything like that. It was really an eye opener.

    I barely have any suggestions for next year. First is about the dance. I think you should have kept the lines the way you were planning because a lot of people didn’t get to go down the middle. Second is about the music videos. You should think about getting it a little smoother. I haven’t seen them yet but it may get annoying seeing people run on and off the stage.

    The Outsider movie was…okay. It did nothing for the book in my opinion. The book is so amazing but the movie just wasn’t the same. When I read the letter from Johny in the book, I almost started crying. I was dreading seeing that part of the movie because I thought I would break into tears, it wasn’t sad at all. My favorite character in the movie was Dally. I think he did a good job taking on that tough roll.

  22. I liked PE best about the day because we played softball. My

    first station was Mrs. Grau, and I thought it was boring and

    really did not like it. My second rotation was the dance

    rotation and I hated that the most. I didn’t like to dance. My

    third rotation was the video one, and that one was ok(My

    advisory was the best). Jakeup’s group was really good. My last

    one was Mr. Hodgsons one about black and white schools and I

    liked that one. It was funny when Mr. Hodgson made it “rain” on

    us(I was in the black school). I think that they should make PE

    an hour, but that is not going to happen.I really liked the

    movie, and I have no thoughts because I read the book and I

    understood it. I liked Dally the best because the actor was a

    good fit for his personality and looks. I have no final


  23. I think the best part of the day was seeing how peoples imagination flowered when given guidelines for dressing up. There were so many different comprehensions of just two groups of people.

    My first station was the dancing. It was really funny in our advisory because so many people fell over from exhaustion. My second station was the music video. It was OK, but our advisory kept getting confused about when to go on and off of the stage. My third station was in Mr. H’s class. I enjoyed it because it revealed what it was like to be a minority during the 1960’s. My last station was with Mrs. Grau. It was awesome because it showed the sixties through the eyes of someone there, not just recollections about the time period.

    I think that the dancing should have been more organized. Also, I think they should be broken up into groups for stations by if they are a Greaser or a Soc, not by advisory.

    I loved the movie. I liked Dally the most because he made it seem more like you were watching it from the street, not from a movie screen. It felt like you were sort of there.

    Final Thought: DON’T STOP SIXTIES DAY AND THE OUTSIDERS!!!!! 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

  24. My favorite part of 60s day was probably the music video. In this rotation we were able to express our selves we could make it as fun as we wanted.

    My first rotation was the music video. There I learned how to think on my feet, we really did every bit of our planning right before we went to do our part of the music video. My second rotation was Mrs. Grau’s room. There I learned that there was a lot of change in the 60s. Mr. H’s room was my third rotation. The simulation we did was extremely fun and entertaining. There we learned that life for blacks in the 60s was very different and more difficult compared to white people. My last rotation was learning new dance moves from the 60s with Mrs. Belt. I think that it is very interesting to see how much dancing has evolved since then.

    I think that next year the seventh graders should be able to choose there own music from the 60s. It probably would have been more fun if we made a music video for the music of our choice.

    I think that the movie should have gone more by the book. It’s almost like it leaves too much out, if we hadn’t read the the book first I don’t think that I would have really understand it. My favorite character was two-bit, he seemed like he had a sense of humor and seemed like he would be a really good friend.

  25. 60’s day was actually surprisingly fun. I had expected it to be another one of what teachers think is “fun” but it really was fun. However, I have to say the thing I liked the most were the ROOT BEER FLOATS at break!

    Out of the four rotations, Mr. H’s simulation on segregation was the most interesting. In the beginning of his simulation, I had no idea what was happening, except for the point that there was one group with sharpened pencils and colorful paper. Yet, my group had pencil stubs, ripped-up paper and water leaks (which luckily wasn’t poured on me but the person next to me.) In Mrs. Grau’s rotation she told us about what it was like for her when she was at school in the 60’s. What was cool about that was looking at her old pictures and yearbooks. Another rotation we had was the dancing rotation with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt. When we had learned all the different dance moves, all I could think about was: this used to be cool? In comparison to how we dance currently, it was pretty different. Finally, my last rotation was the music video where my group (Sionna, Caitlin and I) acted out the chorus to our song. I thought our entire advisory’s dance was hilarious.

    Honestly, I thought that the day was perfect as is.

    The movie was much better then I expected. Since you had said not to get our hopes up and that it skipped a lot of the story I had expected it would be bad. IT WASN’T, I loved the movie. One thing I couldn’t get out of my head the whole time was the two characters: Dally and Johnny. I thought they were the exact same as I imagined them; Johnny with his big black eyes and Dally with his ice cold blue eyes (and his sharp attitude). The one thing about Dally I was disappointed about is that I was expecting him to be more overpowering.

    Overall I thought that 60’s day was fun and definitely worthwhile.

  26. The best part of the day had to be seeing all the guys that were greasers show up in leather jackets that were too big for them. I thought it was funny because they all look like bikers instead of greasers.

    The first station I went to was the dancing one. Most of the kids were really tired afterwards. One thing that I really found interesting about that station was that the dancing seemed easy. Compared to what todays dances are, these ones I could actually do! My second station was the music video. That one was fun mainly because we could laugh at each other all the way through. It was also fun because we had to improvise everything since we didn’t really have a plan. My third station was Mr. H’s simulation, it was great because he could actually make us feel the difference between the way people were schooled back then. If that happened today, the unemployment would be even worse! Of course, Molly came in late and didn’t understand what was going on, and when Mr. H. said it was cold in here trying to say the heater is broken, she said “No, it isn’t cold in here!” Mrs. Grau’s station was the last. Her’s was fun because we could get her point of view on the decade. It wasn’t like looking back on what happened by looking in the magazines, it was actually listening to stories from the sixties.

    It would be a whole lot nicer if people would dress up as socs more. And it would be nicer if we could do greaser/soc activities.

    I thought the movie was good, but it was a little dramatic. I like two bit the best because he was always just trying to make things fun or funny.

  27. Oh my godness.60’s day was an absolute blast!! I think the best part of my day was shooting the music video because, one, I loved the song; it was so catchy and was stuck in my head all day! Two, I think it helped us as a team and as an advisory to be working together. Loved it.

    Well, my first rotation was dance. I thought it was very interesting. I never knew there were so many “types” of dances from the 60’s. The twist was my favorite. My second rotation was the music video. I loved this station. I thought it was a great experience and showed teamwork. I learned that trying to fit a class of eight teen in a small area is pretty hard. My third rotation was Mr. H’s class. I loved his simulation. It was very clever how he incorporated the slave trade into 60’s day. I learned how different schools worked and the disadvantages and advantages of different people. My forth rotation was Mrs. Graw’s room. I loved the history she incorporated into her class. The yearbooks and pictures of her were so cool! I think she is the cutest thing. (Laugh)

    I thought 60’s day was amazing. But, there is one thing I would like to point out. Maybe it is just our grade, but we all kind of ended up sitting down at the end of the dance on Friday. I think there should be more games or something to make sure all of the kids is involved in the dance.

    I absolutely loved the movie. Although it could’ve been longer and incorporated more things from the book into the movie. I LOVED the character Dally and Ponyboy. They were so believable and showed so much emotion. I felt like I was actually there seeing it happen.

    I really have no final thoughts. Just that is was an amazing, fun day. =)))))))

  28. I left Sixties day early so I missed the dance at the end of the day and Mrs. Grau’s class. One of my favorite part of sixties day would was coming in and seeing everyone in goofy hairstyles (and with some of the girls too much makeup). I have to say the two funniest things were watching that lady on the screen teach us sixties dance steps and watching my advisory perform their songs. The songs that we were given to create a skit for were so corny because of how they were written about the plot of The Outsiders. The songs were so corny that all I could do to keep myself from laughing at the rest of my advisory was to remind myself that I had the chorus. Having the chorus I had to go in front of the camera three other times then most people in my advisory. (This only worked because in the chorus I was waving my hands up and down so I probably looked even more ridiculous than everyone else.)

    I really liked Mr. H’s simulation. It was really night and day difference from one side of the room to another. On one side the kids got long, sharpened pencils and “fresh off the press” textbooks. On the other side of the room we got broken pencils that could only be sharpened by a knife and textbooks that looked like a kindergartener got a hold of it after getting art supplies. I was in the “less privileged group” we were all bending over trying to look at our packets when Mr. H dumped water all over the table getting everyone at least sprayed with water.

    I liked the dance class but found it easy because I already knew all the dances. (What else are you going to do during rehearsal when you haven’t been told what to do yet?) But watching that lady show the others how to do the dance made everyone’s sides hurt from laughing so hard. It was also fun when your dancing through the middle of the lines and your partner is just walking through doing nothing. Any ways I enjoyed it a lot.

    I didn’t see much of the movie but what I did see was ok not as good as the book though. (I can’t think of one movie that is better than the book.) A suggestion for next year is to make lunch sooner. I was starving and didn’t even get to it. I don’t know how the rest of the day went so I can’t really comment about it. How was the dance? That is really what I was really looking forward to about sixties day.

    1. @sarah15, I like the both of your funniest things!! I have to say that both of them were pretty funny!! 😀

  29. 60’s day was fun. I liked looking at how all of the people dressed up. I thought that it was fun to watch the movie after reading the book. First I went to Mr. H’s room for his lesson and it was interesting on how he taught it. It taught me a lot because it was actually interactive. Second, I went to Mrs. Grau’s room. It was cool how she had a magazine about the positives and negatives about the sixties. It was also really cool how she had a picture of President Kennedy, up close to her, four days before JFK was assassinated. Third, I went to the music room for a dance lesson. I didn’t really like that rotation, and I felt kind of bored during it. My last rotation was the empty room to create our advisory video. It was cool to see what all of the small groups put together for their own little piece of the song, and I like how it was made into an advisory competition.

    I can’t think of many things that can be improved except we should have more time to make our music video. The movie was good. I didn’t think that it left out as many parts of the book as I originally thought. My favorite character was Darry. Darry acted really tuff and tough, and he just seemed like he was cool.

    I just wanted to say that Stephen S. did a really good job at playing his character and Ryan L.’s fake cigarette was funny.

  30. My favorite part of sixties day was that in Mrs. Growl’s rotation, she showed us pictures of her when she was in high school and that she was able to take pictures of President Kennedy. I was amayzed that the president wasn’t as protected as he is now and that practically anyone could get close to him. I was also pretty fascinating to see her high school year book photo, along with all of her classmates and buddies. I also liked when we went into Mr. H’s rotation and he separated us into two groups, the colored school and the white school. I thought it was funny when he pretended there was a leaky roof and dumped water on our heads. One other thing I liked for sure was that we didn’t have classes! I don’t mean this like I don’t like school, but I would just like to speak for the rest of the 7th grade and say that was probably the best part of it. I was at my sister’s performance early in the morning so I missed two of the rotations. It was a shame because I heard that they were fun.

    I think that next year that instead of rootbeer floats, there should be milkshakes. Also, instead of listening to sixties music the whole time, we should have more of our generation music. Otherwise, the movie was pretty good. Dally was the cutest. But I would definatley say that the book was ten times better than the movie. For some reason, it is always like that.

    Pretty much, overall, that was a fun day. I liked the bright lipstick that some people wore and some of the girls, really looked like Soc’s. I also thought that having all the teachers dress up too was cute and I really liked the fact that sixties day was when the 8th grade was in D.C. because we got the whole 7th and 8th grade building to ourselves!

  31. Don’t get me wrong here, I loved every minute of 60s day, but my three favorite parts of 60s day were Mrs. Grau’s rotation, the dance in the gym, and The Outsiders movie.

    Dance Station
    The best part of the dance station in Mrs. McCarthy’s room was seeing a real, functioning record player. I’d seen them before, but just in museums. When our generation was born, the world had already been thrown into the CD era, and my parents had already hidden the record player away somewhere (or thrown it out, I have no idea). But either way, I had never seen a working record player. You can imagine the expression on my face when I turn around and Mrs. I is working one. 🙂

    Music Video Station
    There wasn’t really much to learn about the 60s at this station, but it was fun anyway. If I learned anything here at all, it was not to miss out on when your group is practicing for their part during advisory.

    Segregation Station
    I learned just how drastic the difference between African American schools and white schools was. At the white schools, the students had new buildings, brand-new textbooks, extra desks, and field trips. At the African American schools, there were old buildings with no heating, torn and drawn-on textbooks, over-crowding, and not even good pencils to use. My favorite part about the segregation station was the leaky roof (Mr. H’s water bottle). It splashed all over Lauren, who was in my group, and her paper. I only felt a few drops of water because everyone crowding around the table blocked most of the water from reaching me.

    Mrs. Grau’s Station
    This station was probably one of my favorites. A piece of jaw-dropping information (well, at least to this generation) that I learned was that you didn’t need to have photo IDs or go through security at the airport. Mrs. Grau showed us her Press Pass to see President Kennedy, and it didn’t have her name or anything else identifying her on it. Something else that shocked my class was that the pictures that Mrs. Grau took (okay, that’s shocking all by itself) showed President Kennedy with one guard. Just one guard! Nowadays, we see President Obama with a bunch of security crowding around him, keeping him safe from who-knows-what. Mrs. Grau also showed us her 1964 yearbook. We looked at the yearbook picture of the man who built our new 7th and 8th grade building. She made sure we noticed that there were no girls on any sports team. There were only guys, which is very unfair. Something I found a tad funny is that back then, the sports uniforms for guys had really, really short shorts and the cheerleading uniforms for girls had really, really long (at least to today’s comparison) hems. Today, that’s switched around. Cheerleaders today have super-short skirts and the guys’ uniform shorts (basketball, soccer) are down past their knees.

    I don’t think there really is a dramatic way to change 60s day to make it better. One of the only things I would consider changing is the scheduling. I think kids would like it more if we had the first and second rotation before break and third rotation and PE after it, and then adjust the rest of the schedule slightly, as well.

    The movie should’ve included so much more from the book, but I still loved it anyway. It was a really, really good movie! Obviously, this crowd is rough, but there is so much more underneath the surface. “Rough” is just skimming the surface of the greasers’ true personality. Anyway, I clicked on Abby’s link she put on her blog response for the YouTube video and I agree with her. They definitely should’ve put in the beginning scene; I liked it a lot. I liked a lot of the characters, but one of my top picks is Darry. (The reason I didn’t pick Johnny is just because I thought the movie made him look unclean compared to the rest of the gang.) I just like him because he loves Ponyboy and Sodapop so much but doesn’t know how to tell Ponyboy. Sodapop understands already, so it’s not as bad with him, but Ponyboy just doesn’t get it. Darry is taking on the weight of the family (well, really just the brothers) for them but Ponyboy still doesn’t know how much Darry loves him. Darry cares so much for his little brothers that it automatically made him one of my favorite characters (please don’t ask me why, it just does for some reason).
    Question to Mrs Cobb: When was The Outsiders movie made?

    I don’t really have any final thoughts other than wanting to say a big THANK YOU to the seventh grade teachers plus Mrs. Grau for helping to organize 60s day!! I think everyone enjoyed it and it’s going to be one of the highlights of our seventh grade year! 😀

  32. I really thought that sixties day made a great addition to the seventh grade school year. It was fun and exiting. I enjoyed the stations and gained a lot of knowledge about the decade. The first station I went to was Ms. Grau’s station. It was interesting to see some of the photographs from her yearbook and the different ways the people dressed. Next, I went to the dance station. Some of the dances are ones that we still use today like the twist. Third was the music video center where we had the role of creating dance routines to a song each advisory was assigned. It was very entertaining to watch each group and the dances they came up with. Last, was the simulation. We got to learn about segregation and how that took affect in schools.

    If I had the opportunity to change anything about sixties day I wouldn’t change much accept for the dance. It was lacking the good qualities of other dances. Other than that it was a wonderful day and I had a great time.

    The Outsiders was an interesting movie to watch after reading the book. I don’t think that we could have gone in depth the way we did if we had just seen the movie. The book is 0very specific and talks about each topic for a while. The movie is vague and does not go as in depth.

    I have no additional thoughts other that the ones I have stated above.

  33. What did you like best about the day?

    Please reflect on each of the stations you visited telling me somethings you learned at each rotation and what you liked about each one.

    Do you have any ideas on how the seventh grade team can make 60’s Day even better for next year?

    What are your thoughts after seeing the movie? Which character do you like the best and why?

    I liked in my first rotation, how Mrs. Grau showed us how close you could get to the president, just because you were working for the newspaper. No wonder he was shot!

    In my second rotation, I visited the dancing in the music room, I liked seeing how some of the dances then, are still being used today.

    In my third rotation, I went to the music video room, where we saw all of the motions, reflecting on the movie.

    In my last rotation, I walked over to Mr. H’s room, where she made a simulation reflecting on Segregation.

    Well, I have seen the movie already. But this time, I understood it a little better. (Considering that the last time I have seen this was when I was at least nine) I liked Soda, he was the most like me. And considering, that we are alike, I felt like I would really get along with him.

  34. The one thing I liked best about the day is going to Mrs.Grau’s room, it was my second rotation, I liked seeing all the pictures she showed us. After seeing how close you could get to the president I was really amazed. If you really think about it a lot of different events happened. A lot of them were sad, including the death of my grandfather.

    My First rotation was Mr. H’s room. His was very interesting. It was a simulation on segregation. I was in the black school. They were treated very poorly with old textbooks, no heaters, old crummy pencils, and old buildings. It was the easiest way to learn and maybe the best.

    My third rotation was with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt where they taught us 60s’ dances. A lot of the dances a still around today, but only a little bit. It was very interesting to see how our world has become different from the different styles of dancing.

    My forth rotation was the empty room. My group had really put a lot of work in ours and I hope our music video wins! It was fun to see everyone’s little piece. We had to go through it a lot, but that’s the way to get the best results.

    The only way to make 60s’ day better would be to go back in time and live thought it! Although I think instead of root beer floats we should have milkshakes. The movie was pretty good. They did leave out lot. You always love the book way better in the end. My favorite character was Johnny and it was the same for the book. As Ponyboy said he is like a puppy that has been kicked too many times. I also like Soda a lot from the way he feels about his family.

  35. My favorite part of 60’s day was doing the music videos, which was my third rotation. I liked that so much because I was grouped with my friends and I thought it was fun making up all of the dance moves with them.

    I liked Mrs. Grau’s rotation, my first rotation, where we learned about what life was like in the 60’s in our area. One thing I learned from Mrs. Grau’s rotation was that a lot of life changing things happened in the 60’s and that if they didn’t happen maybe there would still be some segragation.

    My second rotation was with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt where we learned some of the 60’s dances. I thought It was pretty cool that in the 60’s they still had a way to show off their dance moves that was just a little different than ours today.

    My final rotation was with Mr. Hodgson, there we did a simulation. He separated us into two groups, one was crowded and another was not, and we had to answer questions he gave us on a sheet. The group that was not crowded had better materials to work with and the group that was crowded had really messed up materials. The whole point of the simulation was to show us how in the 60’s white schools got better materials and black schools got their left over materials. I personally think that this simulation is a very good way to show how all white schools and all black schools were not even.

    If changes should be made at all I think we should do a game in P.E. that is 60’s related.

    I liked the Outsiders movie a lot but in the end I thought the book was better. The movie was good because in some important scenes I didn’t really understand what emotions the characters were having so seeing it visually really helped me. I also think the movie went too fast in the beginning and needed to be slowed down a bit. I liked Johnny the most because he really did a great job of looking like “a puppy who had been kicked too many times”.

  36. Sixties day was a very fun experience! My favorite part of the day was making the music videos. I thought that was so cool how we made our own music video. I also liked learning the dance moves. That was really funny.

    The dancing rotation was really cool because of the records that were played. I learned how to do the monkey dance move. You move your arms up and down with you thumbs stuck out. Mrs. Grau’s station was really cool when she showed us the pictures of her in school. I think that it is so cool how much the world has changed in thirty years. I liked the music video station a lot because of how much fun it was. I liked how many times we got to practice because my group needed it.

    Sixties day could be made better if we got to choose between a root beer float or a coke float.

    The movie was not as different from the book as I thought it would be. They covered the scenes well. My favorite character is Johnny because I feel bad that his parents don’t care about him.

  37. 60’s Day was probably the best day of school so far this year. There were many good things about it but I had two specific favorite thing about sixties day. One, was how we got to just hang out and how we could just talk to friends most of the day. My other favorite part about sixties day was the food. the rootbeer floats at break were great and FLIC’s cheeseburgers were great, probably the best food they’ve had all year.

    My order of rotations on sixties day was Mr.Hodgson, Mrs.I and Mrs.Belt, and finaly the music video station. In Mr.H’s station we learned about secragated schools in sixties. I learned that African-American’s had a harder life during the time of secragation, and they didn’t have as much as the white people. In Mrs.I’s and Mrs.Belt’s station they taught sixties dances. I learned a bunch of dances and found that people in the sixties had a different taste in music and dance. At the music video station taught by Mrs.Scoby and Mrs.Cobb, we made a music video for a song about “The Outsiders”. This station was the most fun overall. I liked how we could use our owne imaginations to create our owne music videos, of course this also led to funny things and this made it very fun.

    I think sixties day could be improved by not making us go around with advisories but friend groups, I don’t really know how this would work but I’m sure that there would be a way.

    After watching “The Outsiders” movie I sort of got a different idea of the story. I could finaly stop thinking and just see the picture, Soda, Pony, and Darry all right there instead of an imagination in my head. My favorite character from the movie was Two-Bit Matthews. He was my favorite because he was always wearing his Mickey Mouse T-shirt and being funny.

    Finaly, I belive this years sixties day was a success. It was very fun and I belive everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

  38. This is attached to my main blog because I forgot to mention Mrs.Grau’s station:

    In Mrs.Grau’s station we learned about life in the sixties and also a little about Mrs.Grau’s life. I found it interesting how much life has changed since the sixties. I thought it was especialy amazing how dumb securtiy seemed until Kenedy was assasinated. Mrs.Grau said she was atleast fifteen feet from President Kenedy three days before he was assasinated. It is just so amazing how much things ahve changed.

  39. My favorite part of sixties day was when we got to dance at the end! It was extremely fun because we all got to show off our amazing dance moves that we learned earlier that day. I am very sad it’s over though. I also loved Rued Beer Floats, I never tried them before that day but they were very good!

    My first station was with Ms. Grau; although I don’t take Latin I noticed she is a bunch of fun with lots of information. I learned a lot in her class and I didn’t run out of questions! My second rotation was recording with Ms. Cobb and Ms. Scoby. My partners and I had loads of fun with our mad dance skills! Our group was perfect: four greasers and one Soc. Libby were brave! My third rotation was with Ms. I and Ms. Belt, although we had a tough advisory we all nailed the moves by the end of the lesson! My last rotation is with Mr. Haches’ class. I wasn’t sure about what it was in the beginning, and then I caught on. I was in the segregated black school, and I learned a lot! I walked away from that class with more knowledge added to my brain and a wet arm from the “leaky roof”!

    My idea’s for next years sixties day is maybe make a play of the outsiders, although that would be really hard it would be loads of fun. I actually don’t have any suggestions except one, INVITE US!

    I truly didn’t like the movie that much because it was a little fast for my enjoyment. I like watching slow movies, and this was not one of them. My favorite character was Dally because I thought he was a strong man, and I liked Soda because he looks like he knows how to treat a girl well, while still keeping his ‘cool’.

  40. I really liked the fact that we could learn a lot of things about the 60’s. For example we learned dance moves that were used back then. I am a bad dancer so I realized that the dance moves weren’t that hard!!! Then, Mrs. Grau rotation was interesting. We got to see year book pictures and how they dressed in the 60’s. Mr. H rotation was interesting because we learned how the people treated each other. The way they treated each other was very bad and should have not been like that. The movie was great. It would have been better if the movie would of have more details in it because I think that it left to much stuff out!!! Lastly, The movie was good. We had lots of fun preparing it and then presenting it.

    It think that the end of the day when we dance should have been a little better organized but beside that, it was good.

    Just like I said before, I think the movie left out too much information. I liked Darry how he always stood out for Ponyboy.

  41. The best thing about 60’s day was to get to dress up and see how cool or nerdy your friends looked! I am so glad that we got to have fun but, at the same time we learned about new things. But the best thing about 60’s day was my 1st and 4th rotation. My 1st rotation was the music video! It was so much fun. My 4th rotation was the dancing. It was so cool to know how they danced back then and it is sort of funny too!

    My 2nd rotation was Mr.H’s room. Dulci and I got the water poured on. That wasn’t so much fun at that point. But the overall class and to see how the greasers and the socs were treated was interesting sad and fun.

    My 3rd rotation was Mrs. Grau’s room. That was fun. It was kind of funny to see how they dressed and looked in the 60s. I though that it was cool to see how close you could get to the president if you were the newspaper reporter.

    My two favorite characters were Dally and Cherry Valance, because Dally is cute and he takes on a strong responsibility of taking care of the gang. I thought Cherry was so brave to stand up for herself and I feel like I am like Cherry, sweet, sticks up for herself, and brave.

    I would change one thing (to get more ice cream, cause there wasn’t any left and I didn’t get any). So make sure that you have enough for next year. But the thing I would change, is to make sure that the dance was more organized and maybe you could hold a dance competition for the best 10 60s dancers and they could get a dress down day or something, just and idea. But besides that everything was so great.

    P.S. I loved your dress.

    1. @alexp15, Thank you! 🙂 I am sorry about the ice cream, and I have a mental note of that for next year. I love your idea about a 60’s dance competition…..hmmmm Whatever we do needs to be more organized.

  42. August15

    I thought that sixties day was very cool and fun. My favorite part was when Mrs. Grau showed us her pictures and objects from when she was at Shorecrest. I thought it was very interesting and she explained the differences between now and back then.

    My first rotation was with Mrs. I and Mrs. Belt, I thought it was a little fun but dancing around in front of everybody was a little embarassing. I learned that they had a “jerk” dance too, back in the sixties, but it is a little different from our “jerk” dance now. The next rotation was the video, I thought it was fun but people, including my group, were not organized enough. In Mr. H’s rotation, we learned how different black and white schools were differnt back then and how unfair they were. In Mrs. Grau’s rotation, I saw that, in times back then, people were so sure that the world was perfect and new and all good, compared to now with global warming, natural disasters…etc

    I think sixties day could be improved by having the dance more prepared and the video presentation more prepared as well.

    I thought the movie was very good, but when you have read the book, and you have been studying it for a long time, it seems that it is missing a lot of important parts.

  43. I thought the whole event was great, but to be totally honest with you, it wasn’t doing something that I liked. I like not doing something. And that was going to class. I love all my teachers and I think they’re all wonderful, but after a while we get a little bored or tired. I liked learning about the sixties instead of doing our regular thing.

    The first thing I did was make a music video. I thought it was kind of corny, but it was fun coming up with stuff and listening to the music. I would also say that it was a cool thing to do because it lets us use our creative ideas to show how we would represent our part of the video. The second place we went was to the segregation simulation. I was one of the black people, and I would say it was uncomfortable. At least I didn’t get the water poured on me though, because that made a mess. I kind of combined what I was hearing from other people with what I could actually see because the “textbooks” were so bad. I think it was a good representation of how life was like for people in the 60s. The third thing my group had was the history lesson with Mrs. Grau. I don’t take Latin, so I haven’t had her yet. However, I thought she was nice and interesting. I liked how she went through the life magazine about the sixties and showed us what is was like firsthand. I thought her cheerleading outfit was cool, too. I finished off the day learning dances. I have never minded watching dancing, but actually dancing is weird for me. There was a video with a strange lady who went back and forth between dances way to fast. For someone who doesn’t even like dancing, that was hard to follow.

    I know this will probably sound lame, but I don’t really have anything to say on what to do better. I thought everything was pretty good as it was, and that it really got me into the “sixties” spirit. I didn’t have a real problem with the dance like everyone else seems to. I thought it was fun and had a good time talking even when I wasn’t dancing.

    Personally, I thought the movie was a lot like the book, but I thought the whole thing was kind of bad acting. It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t feel a lot of emotion behind the words, like I see in the movies I like today. As for picking a favorite character, there really was a lot to choose from. I thought they all had a lot of similarities, but my overall favorite would be Dally. I thought that the bad kind of behavior he has makes him different. I believe we all wanted to kind of see the attitude he has throughout the movie from more than one person, and I think that he filled the role. I like to see it when things go as expected, but a little twist is always interesting.

  44. My favorite part of 60’s day was the just dressing up in general. I think that it gave us a chance to become someone new for a day. It gave us a chance to be an actor or actress.

    I liked Mrs. Grau station because it was real stuff. You got to hear about it from someone who actually lived there. I liked the dancing station because you got to dance with your friends. I loved the music video station! It showed how teamwork can pay off. I liked the history station because it was interactive. I also got cooled off at that station. ☺

    I think the sock hop could be better. I think you should have more games like limbo. Those were fun.

    They left out so much in the movie! The book was so much better! My favorite character in the book was Cherry. This is for two reasons. She is the only girl besides Marcia that they mention directly. I also like how she stands up for what she believes in.

  45. I really liked 60’s Day. My favorite part about the day was break and the movie. I liked break because we got to have root beer floats and it tasted really good. It was also fun to talk to my friends about what they liked about 60’s Day. I liked the movie because it was exactly like I pictured it in my mind. It was interesting to watch and I just wished there was an extended version.

    My advisory went to do the music video first. I thought that we did a good job performing the song. I really didn’t like the song at all, though. Then, we went to Mr. Hodgson’s classroom to talk about segregation between white and black people. I thought the simulation was gave a real good understanding of how they were treated in the 60’s. The funniest part was when Mr. H spilled water on Dulci and Alex to pretend that the classroom was leaking. We then went to Mrs. Grau’s classroom and she talked about the Vietnam War, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. She also showed pictures of herself while she was in high school. Finally, Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I taught our group dance moves. I am a really bad dancer, but it was still fun to do.

    I think that one way we could improve 60’s Day is if we had a contest to see who was the best Soc, greaser, and nerd. It would also be fun if there was an athletic competition between each advisory.

    I thought the movie was really good. It covered the book mostly, and skipped very few parts. My favorite character was Johnny because he was truthful and was nice to everyone. He saved Ponyboy’s life and after they ran away, he turned himself in so that Ponyboy could reunite with his brothers. He kept the entire greaser gang together.

    I do not have any final thoughts.

  46. 60’s Day was so much fun! Out of all the things we did I liked seeing everyone dressed up in their 60’s outfits the best. I also liked how Flik made us a special lunch.

    First I went to Mr. H’s rotation. There, we learned how unfair the schools were and about desegregation in the schools. He did a really good job of showing us the differences between the two schools. After that I went to Mrs. Grau’s. Her rotation was very interesting, she taught us a lot about the change going on during the 60’s. She showed us the differences between then and now. It was cool to see Mrs. Grau’s pictures from when she was in high school. After that I went to Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I’s dance rotation. It was cool seeing the different dances and how they have changed since then. It was fun dancing with friends and learning the dances. My last rotation was the music video. It was fun to see everyone’s piece come together and make the video. It was really difficult to get on stage fast enough but it was fun watching it all come together.

    The only thing that I would have changed about 60’s Day is to make the dance a little more organized. No one was dancing even when the more modern songs were playing. It would have been much more fun had people participated.

    The movie was very good, but after reading the book, it left out way too much inside information. I definitely liked the book better than the movie.

    They did do a very good job at casting the characters. My favorite character was Cherry, it took a lot of courage for her to stand up for herself and do what was right.

  47. What I liked best about sixties day was probably seeing everybody dressed up. I think it showed how everybody saw the characters in the book. Another thing that was fun was the music videos. I really liked Karim, Connor, John, Jared, Kyle, and Paul’s scene for the rumble. It was funny and went really well with the song. I also liked pretending to be a mustang. 😀

    Please reflect on each of the stations you visited telling me somethings you learned at each rotation and what you liked about each one.

    The first station was the music video. I already said what I liked about it above. I think Ali, Katerina, Dulci, and Alex’s chorus scene was good, too. I don’t think I specifically learned anything about the sixties. I thought Mr. H’s simulation was fun.I learned a lot about how people were mistreated. My “textbook” had a ton of holes in it and my pencil was sharpened with a knife. I really liked the leaky roof part. I thought Mrs. Grau’s lesson was very interesting. I was surprised to see the cigarette add had a whole page in the magazine. It also didn’t have a warning on it. I thought her prom dress was cute, too. dancing with Mrs. Belt and Mrs. I was interesting. I really can’t dance so this was definitely the most tricky. I learned how to do The Pony, which our group called The Ponyboy.

    Do you have any ideas on how the seventh grade team can make 60’s Day even better for next year?

    I think that the seventh grade team could make sixties day more fun by making the dance more fun. Nobody really danced, and I think it was because we didn’t know the music playing.

    What are your thoughts after seeing the movie? Which character do you like the best and why?

    I really liked the movie. Johnny was my favorite character because he was exactly like I imagined him in the book. I thought that the movie was 85% like the book which was more than I expected.

  48. I liked Mrs. Grau’s station, it was fun because we went over the time period and she had the presidental things when she saw JFK. The danceing was so boring and all you did was step to one side. The video station was really cool because Milan and I came up with some of the movements and it still incorporated the book with it also. The simulation in Mr. H’s room was really.

    Make the new coming 7th graders actually dance.

    I thought the movie was really cool and the character I liked best was Johnny because the descripton actually fit him

  49. What I liked most about 60s day was the rotation with the music videos. I thought that it was really fun and also enjoyed watching them a lot. I also liked watching the movie too. I thought that it was really good and it followed the book pretty well, but I don’t think that I would have understood it very well if I didn’t read the book.

    In Mr.Hodgson’s station, I don’t think that there were very many things that could have been improved. The simulation was very fun and I learned things at the same time. I thought that it was pretty funny when Mr.H dumped the water all over our table. I learned that in the 60’s African Americans were not treated nearly as well in schools as other people were. In Mrs.I and Mrs.Belt’s rotation, I didn’t really like the dances but I learned that they were pretty easy. In the music video rotation, I had a lot of fun. I don’t really know if we learned anything accept for the words to the songs, but it was still really enjoyable. Mrs.Grau’s rotation was really interesting because it was cool to see the 60’s from a perspective of someone who was actually there. I learned that there was a lot less protection for the president before Kennedy was killed.

    I think that 60’s day was really fun and I don’t really know about any improvements that there could be. It was really fun to see everyone in their costumes. 60’s day was one of my favorite days of the year.

    I really enjoyed the movie. My favorite character was Two-Bit. He really entertained me because of all of the funny things that he said. I really like it when he said “Hahaha! check out those pants!” to that Soc. Two-Bit was a really funny character and made me like the movie even more.

  50. I thought 60’s day was really fun. One of my favorite parts was break. I really liked the idea of the root beer floats. Another favorite part was the movie. Although it took out some of the book, I really liked watching it because I thought I got a better understanding of the book.

    I thought that the rotations were very interesting. Mr. H’s rotation was interesting , because it taught us about desegregation. I was also fun trying to find where the answer with papers that are dirty and have holes and drawings on them. He also make it so the roof leaked and the room was cold. Mrs. Grau’s rotation was also interesting because she showed us what it was like in the 60’s. Mrs. Belt and Mrs. Idinge taught us how to dance the way they did in the sixties. It was fun learning the different dane moves. There was also the music video witch was fun because we got to act out thing that happened in the book and make it into a music video.

    I think that there are a couple ways that 60’s day can be better. I got a little hungry because we did three whole rotations before we did break. I think that maybe they could make two before break and two after. I also thought that they could put more of our songs in the dance because they only played two and it got a little boring.

    I thought the movie was really interesting. As I said before, it gave me a better understanding of the book. I did not think that the movie sowed enough of the book, but I understand that it would pretty long if they put the whole book in. I liked the movie and I’m glad the made one of the movie.

    My final thoughts are that I really liked 60’s day and it was a cool experience.

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