Character Study: The Perfect Gift and The Psychologist Is You

cohdraNKNgft7There are two writing prompts for this week, and both have to do with the beloved characters in the book The Outsiders. How well do you know them? Both writing prompts require some thought; you’ll need to apply what you know about each character from the storyline in the book to effectively answer them. Please be sure your comments are your own. Remember to write in paragraph form.

The Perfect Gift

You will need to pick three characters from the book to answer this one. Consider this: If you were to choose the perfect gift, a different one for each character, what would it be? To answer this it might be easier to think in terms of what each character needs or wants from what you know from the story. Remember, a gift doesn’t always have to be something material that you see. Be sure to explain WHY you have chosen each of the particular gifts, and HOW they are each perfect for the characters you have chosen. Again, please do not borrow any ideas from another classmate. Some gifts obviously may be the same, but your reasons should reflect your own opinions.

A Psychologist For A Day

For this writing prompt I would like for you to pretend that you are a psychologist for a day. Your patient (pick one character from the novel) has come to you seeking advice for a problem or set of problems based on what you know from the storyline. What advice is the character seeking? What questions would you ask your patient, and what advice would you give? You may answer this prompt as a narrative or in dialog form.

Check out the last two music videos at the page at the top. The first one by Hank Williams explores social ostracism, and the second one sung by a young Bob Dylan relates to either the Socs or the Greasers.  Be prepared to discuss in class this week.


  1. he first person I would give a gift to is Randy, Bob’s friend. I realized just how much he knew Bob, and how his death really affected him. So I would give him a video camera. I believe a video camera would be able to capture the moments he wanted to remember, so if he lost another person, he could remember them in more than just memories. I believe it would have made an impact on his life if he had a video camera during Bob’s life.

    The second person I would give a gift to would be Darry. I remember being athletic, but always tight and stressed. I would give him tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I think it fits into the personality he has, along with the person everyone else wants him to be. The Globetrotters are athletic, but they aren’t serious at what they’re doing. The just go up and do tricks while managing to get the ball in the hoop. I believe it would be good for him to see something like that.

    The final person I would give a gift to would be Johnny. If he were still alive, I would give him an iPod that had audiobooks like “Gone With the Wind” and several similar others. I believe that if he enjoyed listening to Pony read, he would like having an on demand system to listen to books. That way, even if he didn’t have someone around, he could listen to a story about southern gentlemen.

    “The doctor is in”
    Journal of Kyle, Psychologist
    Tuesday, June 15, 1964
    Today I was visited by a most intriguing patient. It was a boy, of age around sixteen to seventeen. The juvenile’s name was Sodapop Curtis. He had a head of hair, almost tawny, flowing long below his collar. It was full of grease, and it gave him a rugged looking quality. He came in proclaiming that he was troubled in the form of his girlfriend.

    He told me that his girlfriend had moved to Florida. Apparently, she was laden with a pregnancy, which she kept sub rosa. When her parents ascertained her pregnancy, they were irate. She was instantaneously moved to Florida. He came in agonizing about his possible son and the loss of his girlfriend. He requested a solution to his plight, saying he was quickly losing sleep. I set to work.

    The first thing I asked was, “Have you received any news of this child and her mother?” A quick response was that he had sent her a letter, which had returned unopened. Listening to this, I inquired about the length of his relationship. I was told he was involved in a deep relationship spanning a prolonged time. My final question was if he had met her parents. I was given a sullen “no.” From my understanding, he had a hopeless relationship with the parents, and they’re opinions had ascendancy over her’s.

    I wasn’t sure about how to advise him on his predicament, but after a short wait, I was sure I knew what to do. I told him that he needed to find a distraction. Whatever passion he had, he had to follow it and do it so much that it would distract him forever. That way, his mind wouldn’t stray off to think about her.
    The end of today’s journal entry
    “5¢, please”

  2. I think three specific people from the book can benefit from gifts. I think these three people are missing something. If I could give three different gifts to three different people, I would give the gifts to Darry, Ponyboy, and Cherry.

    I would give Darry the ability to wear his heart on his sleeve. This would benefit many lives including his own. This would allow him to show Ponyboy how much he cares for him and how much he loves him. This would help him not be so harsh and critical to everyone.

    I would give Ponyboy a time machine. I would give him this gift to him before Johnny died. I would give him this so him and Johnny could go back in time and meet the southern gentlemen. He could also go to the future and get himself some hair dye.

    I would give Cherry a perfect boyfriend. I would give her someone that she could talk to. She should have someone that isn’t always rolling in the bad neighborhoods. I would give her someone that everyone knows is nice, not someone who has a good side only around her. She deserves someone like that.

    If I were a physiologist for a day and Sodapop walked into my office, I would try to help him as best as I could. I would ask him what was wrong and he would ask me what to do about Sandy. I would tell him to ask her what she wants. If she wants to get back together then they should get back together. If she wants him to leave her alone, then you should leave her where she is and get over her.

  3. The three characters I would give the perfect gifts to from the outsiders book would be to Ponyboy, Johnny, and Darry. I would give ponyboy his Mother and Father back. I think that would make his life a lot happier, and his parents could have helped keep him out of trouble. I would give Johnny a better life with Parents that actually cared about him, which would have probably made him a better person and he wouldn’t have to worry so much about what could happen to him instead of spending his time in the moment. Also a better another thing I would add to his better life would be boldness so Johnny would have to walk around his whole life being a laughing stock. Lastly, I would give Darry a full time Collage Scholarship to the best collage around. I would get him this because he really seems like he wants to learn and have a good education but he just can’t because he is so busy taking care of ponyboy, and sodapop. So this would be a scholarship he could refuse.

    If I was a physiologist for a day, I would definitely want Ponyboy to be my Patient. I would help him handle the Anxiety fro the two awful deaths that occurred to him. The death of Johnny and Dally, two best friends practically family members. I would ask him how he plans on going on with his life after all of the commotion happened. But the most important question I would ask would most likely be would would you want to change about your life so far if anything? Now thats something I want to know. It might have been fun to be a real physiologist for a day but it could have also been depressing from all of the good and bad and frightening stories. Anyway, I enjoyed this blog post.

  4. If I could give threes gifts to three characters they would be Johnny, Ponyboy, and Darry. I would give Johnny a new family because if he hadn’t died he would have been crippled sitting around while his parents beat him. So with a new family he could have loving parents. I would give Ponyboy a better relationship with his brothers especially darry. I would give Darry free time, because he always seems to be working and he just needs some time just to goof off.
    If I was a psychologist for a day my patient would be darry.I know that under all that muscle, Darry just wants to experience what it is like to be a child again, and have no worries. I wouldn’t say anything to Darry, I would let him lie down, close his eyes, and take a trip back into time. I would allow him to think, when did he begin to mature, and did he want to? I would also tell him to show his feelings about ponyboy more. I would let him tell me about how he feels about his parents being dead. I would just let him tel me anything he wouldn’t tell a gang member.

  5. Three characters that I would choose to give presents to would be Johnny, Soda, and Bob. I chose these people because they are the ones who I think need something the most. For Johhny, I would give him a family that really shows that they love him. They would also have to be parents who don’t beat him. For Soda, I would give him Sandy back. I think that he really did love her. Having Sandy come back would make him really happy. And for Bob, like Johnny, I would give him parents who care about him. Bob’s real parents did care about him a lot, but the problem was that they never told him no. His new parents that I would give him would disapline him, and actually tell him not to do something.

    If I was a psychologist for a day, I would want my patient to be Darry. I think that it would be good for him to let out all of his feelings. I would ask him about how he and Pony are getting along. If he said that they weren’t getting along, I would tell him to tell me how he feels about the whole situation. The advice that I would give him would be to just relax when he wants to yell at Pony. I would also tell him to try to be less stressful and to just have fun sometimes.

  6. First of all, I would give Sodapop Sandy back because he really loved her. If she hadn’t moved to Florida, Soda’s life could have been completely different. Sandy could have been his wife. Soda’s life was almost ruined because of her moving. I would also give Darry a chance to be a kid again. He grew up too fast and deserves a second chance. I think that Darry is really a good guy and shouldn’t have anyone holding him back. Lastly, I would give Johnny new parents. Ones that actually love him and care for him. Johnny has had a very rough life and having those terrible parents makes everything ten times worse. I feel bad for Johnny and would do anything to help him.

    If I were a psychologist my patient would be Darry. Here is how it would go:
    I walked into my office and my patient, Darry Curtis, was lying on the couch. I sat down and took out my pen, and began asking questions. I first asked how his current life was at home. He said that it was fine. He sounded kind of hesitant about his answer so I wasn’t really sure if He was really telling the truth. I started asking him about his life before his parents died and surprisingly, he kept the same facial expression the whole time. Darry really didn’t seem to have any problems emotionally accept that he just acted too old and never seemed to have enough fun.

    I would tell Darry to try to ease up a little. Although he needs to work two jobs in order to keep his family in a home, he still needs to maybe take a few days off every once in a while and just have some fun with his brothers. I would also tell him to try to understand Ponyboy more. Pony is softer than the rest of the gang and
    Darry needs to realize that.

  7. There would be so many things I could get for the characters in “The Outsiders,” but if I had to choose three people to give them to, Ponyboy, Bob, and Dally would be the three. I would give Ponyboy a portable DVD player. I know he likes to watch movies and it would save him time, money, and hassle. I would give Bob moral boundaries. I would try to tell him what and what not to do because not having boundaries eventually cost Bob his life. Lastly, I would give Dally Johnny back because Dally was so upset that Johnny died that Dally kind of committed ‘murder by cop’.

    I am a psychologist for a day and my patient is Randy. He wants to know how he could leave the whole gang without being called a traitor or a chicken. I told him that it doesn’t matter what everyone else says or thinks as long as he does what he believes is right because he saw what happened to his best friend Bob.

  8. I would give a gift to Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally. I would give Ponyboy a gift card to a book store. I would do that because he loves reading and he could choose any book he wanted to. It could also ease his mind of anything that may trouble him. I would give Johnny a new set of parents. I would do that because he doesn’t have anyone to actually care for him besides the greasers. I think that it would be a change for him because he would not leave his house anymore and he would not get beat. For Darry, I would give him a cook book. I thought that he might like it because it seems that he is a very good chef and he could cook things that Sodapop and Ponyboy have never had before. Cooking can also keep his mind off of anything that worries him.

    If I were a psychologist my patient would be Ponyboy. He wanted me to help him with some of his problems. He told me that he is trying to deny his friends death but it is not working. He says that he does not know how to keep his mind off of him. I asked him if he was a close friend. He said that he was one of his best friends and that they did almost everything together. I also asked if he had any hobbies that he had. He said that he liked reading. My advise was to try to accept his friends death and move on with your life. I also said if that he could not do that then do something to keep your mind off of him like reading. I know that he will be able to handle this and if he had any questions I told him to call me.

  9. I would give Johnny a new family that cares about him. Johnny needs a family that cares because the parents he has now beat, yell, and worse to him. Johnny would ask them for stuff and they would respond kindly. Johnny could leave with them and go to the country where he could live in peace and out of the craziness.

    I would give Pony a new iris color (if that’s possible). Ponyboy has always cared about how he looks. Also the evidence from the book says that he hates green eyes even though he has green and gray eyes. He wishes his eyes were grayer.

    I would give Soda a new education (if he wants it). Soda needs a new education because he is really heart broken that Sandy left him. Soda needs something to get his mind off things. He could use an education because just living on street smarts isn’t always the best.

    If I was a psychiatrist and my patient was Bob I would first ask him about his problem. His problem is that no one gives him limits. He can do anything he wants and gets away with it. First I think he should talk to his parents and his friends. If they still act like they do. I would tell Bob to set limit on himself. If Cherry is right about Bob then Bob should follow his own limits with ease. If this doesn’t work I will ask the police to give him a very descriptive lesson in discipline.

  10. The three people I chose were Ponyboy, Johnny, and Darry. The gift I would give Ponyboy would probably be his own home movie theatre and library. I know he loves to read and watch movies so I think the would love this present! I would give Johnny a pair of nice parents who would love him and never think of hurting him. I believe he deserves way more than that. And last but not least, I would give Darry a scholar ship to any college he wanted to go to because I know that he never had the money to go and I believe that would help him and his family a lot.

    The door opens and a boy, around age sixteen, steps in. “Hello”, said I, “May I help you?”
    “Sort of. Well I guess,” the boy said. “I have a problem. It’s kind of private so I’d like ya more if you didn’t mention it to anyone.”
    “Alright. Don’t worry. I wont tell. Now you said you had a problem? What is it about?”
    “Um well it’s about my folks. They hate me.”
    “I’m sure they don’t despise you in anyway. What things have they done to make you think that they hate you?”
    “They just hurt me and they don’t show me any respect. It’s just wrong. I just wanted to know if you had any advice on how to deal with this.”
    “First of all, you shouldn’t keep this to yourself because the things they have done to you are no permitted in parents. Second, wait what did you say your name was?”
    “Oh okay. Well Johnny, how do you respond to your parents after the abuse you?”
    “Well sometimes I run out of the house, other times I hide.”
    For the next hour, Johhny and I talked and he let out his feelings and I feel he is one of the kids in the book “The Outsiders” that have a lot of feelings that they don’t really express when they are just chit chatting with someone.

  11. I would give Johnny, Bob, and Randy a present. I would give Randy the chance to stay out of this whole mess, because he always didn’t like it. I would give Bob another gang that could say no to him because he obviously needed some boundaries. I would give Johnny Dally’s pride earlier before he died.

    Cherry Valance came in today wanting some advise because her friends were out of control. They were going to fight each other soon, they hated each other and she didn’t know why, and they were not allowed to be seen together because they were Greasers and she was a soc. I told her that she should make them compromise in some way, and if they have to fight then they should at least not hurt each other. I asked her if she had ever done anything to stop her friends from hating each other, she said she tried but it didn’t work.

  12. The three characters I would choose to give gifts to would be Cherry, Soda, and Dally. I would give Cherry a new boyfriend that isn’t a jerk and doesn’t like to get drunk all of the time. I think she should have a boyfriend that is a good influence. I would give Soda his horse, Mickey Mouse, back. I think that he really loved that horse and was so depressed after it went away. I would give Dally a set of caring parents that would set down the standards. I feel like if he had better parents he wouldn’t be such a wild, rebellious kid.

    If I were a Psychologist for a day I would want to talk to Sodapop. He would tell me all of his problems about his brothers fighting. I think it would help him relax more if he just let everything out that is on his mind. I also think that Soda would talk about Sandy and how she left him for Florida. I would tell him that it would be okay and that he should get another girl and slowly move on. I would also tell him that he should try to get back into school. Even if he is failing his classes there is always room for improvement. I think he should go to school and try to get smarter. I think if he let all of his feelings out he would be much better suited.

  13. The first character that needs a gift would be Johnny. Johnny has lost his family and now his life, because of the accident. I would defenitly give him his chance to walk again to be free again. Most people are going to give him his parents back, but if he got his parents back it wouldn’t keep him from dying. The second character I would give a present to is Soda, he needs Sandy back. He loves her and she loves him, plus Sandy is Pregnant. They want to be together so I would wish that Sandy’s parents would let them be together. The third character I would give a present to is Darry. I would give him the gift of not working so much to have more free time off of work, so that he could have fun and play with his friends and hang out with the gang.

    Soda came in and asked”How can I get Sandy back.” I felt bad for him and told him that he should have asked her to marry him after they had “you know what” and then they could have lived happily ever after. Now i don’t think that there is a chance to get her back, unless you go to the grandparents house and ask her to marry you. He said thank you and left.

  14. First, I would give a present to Johnny. I would give him all series of the book that Ponyboy read to him when they were in the church. I would give him that because he loved that book and he even asked Ponyboy to read it to him again even after reading it once.

    Next, if Bob would still be alive, I would give him the kind of parents he wanted because his parents never said no. So I would give him more severe parents so he could be happier in his life.

    Last but not least, if chocolate cigarettes existed, I would buy Darry a packet of them. Darry loved chocolate and loved cigarettes and he even mentioned it in the book so I think that Darry would love that present.

    If I had to be a physiologist for one day and got to chose who would my patient be, I would choose Pony boy. I would ask him why do you think that Darry screamed at you when you came home late? And I would answer his answer by saying the truth even if Ponyboy would probably not trust me. I would tell him that he screamed at you for your own good. Darry has always cared about Ponyboy and he just wanted you to protect you.

  15. If I were to give three gifts to three people in The Outsiders I would give it to Jhonny, Cherry, and Ponyboy. I would give Johnny the same parents but make them care for him, because his parents didn’t care how late he stayed out and they didn’t care about what he was doing. I would give Cherry the right to stop fights whenever she wants. I would give her that because as it says in the book Cherry hates fights. Finally, I would give Ponyboy a jar of grease because the book clearly states that Ponyboy loves his hair. And the reason he loves his hair is because it signifies that he is a greaser.

    If I were a psychologist for a day and I would have to have a session with Johnny’s parents because of the way they don’t care about Johnny. If the came in for advice they would probably ask about what they could do to help their child succeed in life. They would also ask how to help him in life. I would ask them how are they treating him and as a result what are the issues he is having. I would tell them that they should be spending more time with their son and should be taking more control as a parent.

  16. Two of the people I choose both happen to be brothers; what a coincidence, I choose Darry and Soda. I also choose just a nobody, Johnny. I am affirmative that all of us love materialistic things. Most people have material items, such as clothes, phones, and etcetera. I know we could not live without them unless we absolutely had to. But for Johnny, he does not need something material; he needs love and a nice family.

    Johnny has best friends that care and look after him, but he doesn’t have a family to go home to and have fun with and spend time. Throughout the book the author is always pointing out facts about how Johnny is not loved at home, and how his parents would not care if he was home or not. The gift that I would give to him would be love and a great family; a family who really cares about him and treats him well. Also if Johnny did come from a loved family in the book, it would change the story so much. Johnny has gone through a myriad of problems in his life, and if he deserved a gift it would definitely be that he could have a loving family. If Johnny was given the gift that I choose for him, I think he would be completely different person. It just would not make the Outsiders the Outsiders. I think that if he had a family that loved him, he would not be so down and sad all the time. Also he would not be discouraged, and feel like a coward most of the time. Johnny would truly be a different person if he had a better family, he would have a much better background, and be treated how he should be treated, which is GREAT!

    The next person that I would give a gift to would be Soda. Soda is a loving, caring, and kind person with a great heart that I could not imagine breaking. Soda has really stuck through the incident with his parents, and I also like the way he stands up for his brother Pony. I also like that Soda tells Pony the truth, that Darry really dose love Pony, and there would be nothing that anyone could do to make him stop loving Pony. If I were to give Soda a gift, again it would not be materialist thing, I would give him back his beloved, Sandy. Sandy meant everything to Soda; it is kind of the same connection with Darry and Pony, but even bigger. Soda loved Sandy so much and even talked to Pony about maybe even marrying her. I could not imagine the joy that comes to his face when he thinks of Sandy. I know that Soda also loved a horse, Mickey. But I think that Sandy is a lot more important than the horse, I mean Soda really wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but she left. Anyways, that is just my opinion. If Sandy was back with Soda I think that he would have definitely proposed to her. Soda did not deserve for that to happen to him, he is a great person who has never done anything inappropriate or bad. I think that it hurt Soda even more that she left because she did not tell him that she had to go. If Sandy told Soda the reason she had to go I think he would not be as he is now. If Sandy came back everything would be better.

    I would give Darry his parent’s back, not just so he could spend time and love his parents, but so he could go to college and live the college life and maybe even get a professional job and earn good money. I think Darry is just one of those characters that you have to feel sorry for. In the book Darry does so much for his two little brothers, and really is raising them well. Darry is a great person and he really deserves to go to college and excel greatly in whatever he wants to do. I think it really shows that Darry really cares about his family because he dropped out of school and missed a great college opportunity for himself. I also think that Darry is very well at managing his life, he works two jobs and supports his two brothers, and I guess we really think that that is nothing, but after you add all of it up, it really is something.

    If I were a physiologist for a day, my patient would be Johnny. If Johnny were to come to me, he would start like this, “My parents hate me, I have no one who really loves me and wants to take care of me.” I would tell Johnny to look at the positives and not the negatives, I would tell him to look at and see how much his gang loves him and that they would do anything for him if he needed anything, and also that they would take care of him. I would also tell him that there is nothing that you can do if your parents do not love you (I know it sounds a bit harsh) and that you should not keep thinking about how they beat you and shout at you. I would tell him to stop thinking about them and to start a new life without them in it. The last thing I would tell him is that he will find a beautiful wife and he can start a family with her, and also when they have kids, he could treat them great and well and see the joy on their faces when he tickles them or bees funny. So that is what I would tell Johnny if he came to me with advice and saying “ My parents hate me, I have no one who really loves me and wants to take care of me.”

  17. The three characters I would give to would be Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop. Each of them want different things. I picked their gifts on their personalities. I also picked them on specific things the book mentioned.

    Firstly, I would give Ponyboy a Kindle. Then he could read all he wanted on a single device. Also, he wouldn’t have to fill his entire room with books like the book said he did and he could just have one tablet to read. Ponyboy would enjoy the Kindle.

    Secondly, I would give Sodapop a new car. Then he could drive to Florida to find Sandy and not affect any of his brothers’ lives by them not having a car. Then I would also give him the cashback from the car so he could buy Sandy something nice. But, before i would give Soda the car, I would tell him not to drive too fast. Having a new car would help Soda a lot.

    Lastly, I would give Darry a weight bench. Then he could lift weights at home and still keep his muscles but also get a better job than roofing houses. Then he could be an accountant or other desk job and get a better pay, but still have his pride in showing off his guns. I’m sure Darry would use the weight bench a lot.

    If I were a psychologist for one character, it would be Ponyboy. He would come and ask me how to handle everything that is happening in his life. I’d tell him to focus more on the little things. He could try to get better grades and get better at track. Then he could focus on trying something new or getting even better at one of the two previously mentioned. Ponyboy would thank me and as he walks out, I would tell him to stay gold.

  18. The Perfect Gift

    I would give gifts to johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally. I would give johnny braveness back. He needs braveness because he is so fearful. I would give Ponyboy a new appearence, to look like Paul Newman. He wanted to be like Paul Newman in the beginning, because he was tough
    and handsome. I would give Dally, if he was still alive, his life before he went to jail, so he was not so hard. He would be happier than he was when he was not so hard.

    The Pysychologist is Me

    If I were a pysyschologist for a day, then my patient would be Darry. He had a lot of problems in the book. His problems were he hit Pony and he ran to the park, then Pony was with Johnny when johnny killed Bob,and Pony and Johnny ran away, and he thought it was his
    fault. I would help him through these hard times, and he would get over it.

  19. The three characters that I would give gifts to would be Ponyboy, Bob’s parents, and Johnny. I would give Ponyboy the gift of using his head before doing things he might regret. He needs the gift of common sense. In the story Ponyboy is marked a couple of times for not using common sense when he should. An example of this is when Ponyboy decides to walk home from the movie theater alone instead calling one of his brothers or friends to pick him up. This causes Ponyboy to be jumped by a gang of Socs. For my second gift I would give Bob’s parents parenting classes. They need to know that sometimes, tough love is hard, but it is what Bob needed. He needed to hear the word “No” from them. He would probably have lived if he understood boundaries. My third and final gift would be bravery for Johnny. Bravery would help him stand up for himself against Socs and his harsh parents.

    If I were a Psychologist for a day, my patient would be Ponyboy and he would want to know why Soc are better that Greasers. I would explain to him that this theory is in his head. It may seem that socs are better than greasers because they have a lot of money, drive nice cars, and wear nice things, but that doesn’t make them better. In the book Cherry Valance says that things are hard all over, and that you can’t always get what you want. Ponyboy sees it the opposite because to him it seems that things are only hard for the Greasers and that the Socs get whatever they want whenever they want. In the end of the book, all and all, Socs and Greasers both… see the same sunset. I would help him realize that we are all the same

  20. I would give gifts to Bob, Johnny, and Darry. I would give Bob discipline from his parents. If he had received that needed discipline he wouldn’t have done all those crazy things and would not have gotten in trouble. He also wouldn’t have been killed, Johnny wouldn’t be dead, and Pony would be happier.

    For Johnny I would give him a copy of Gone With the Wind. Even though it is a simple gift Johnny would appreciate it. When Johnny reads this book it allows him to escape from his tough life and cruel parents.

    For Darry I would give him the chance to go to college. He works way too hard and hardly gets anything for himself. Darry would really appreciate this gift and deserves it.

    If I were a physiologist for a day my patient would be Darry. He would come in to my office just after Ponyboy ran of with Johnny. He would want to know why Pony thinks he hates him. I would say that Ponyboy just doesn’t understand that he is like that to protect him and keep him out of trouble. I would advise him to show Ponyboy more recognizable affection, and make a point to show that he cares about his brothers equally.

  21. If I were to choose three characters from the book “The Outsiders” I would have to choose Ponyboy, Johnny, and Cherry.

    First, I know from the beginning of the book, Ponyboy has always pointed out eyes and hair. So, I know today there is such a thing as “colored” contacts. I would give him any other color than green because at the beginning of the book and throughout it he tells the readers that he hates people with green eyes and he hates how he has green eyes. This would help him because then he could have one thing he didn’t have to worry about. I believe this would give Ponyboy a little more self confidence within himself.

    Next, I would give Johnny a home. No, I’m not talking about a place to live where there is a roof over his head. I am talking about a home where he can go and feel safe, loved, and cared for. He never had that and he, unfortunately, never will. But he did have friends that loved him every bit possible, you could even call them “brothers” and then would think twice about it. He could have a home where his mother and father cared for him and was happy that Johnny was with them. This would help Johnny with self-confidence and believing in himself. Really, if you knew that your mother and father didn’t care what happened to you and didn’t love you; wouldn’t you question your own judgment as well? So, I think if he had the warmth and love it would help Johnny as a person.

    Finally, there is Cherry. She has so much to gain, but even more to lose. If I had to choose to give her back something it would not be an object it would be a statement of advice. Decision making skills. She is a very smart, well most of the time, young girl. She has a good gut and instinct, but as I have learned, using that doesn’t always end up that well. I think this piece of advice will help her because of the tricky situations she has been put in.

    If I were a Psychologist for the day, my patient would be Ponyboy. He came to me because he was troubled with the thought of if his brother, Darry, really loved him or not. My advice to him first would be he really does love you, but of course Ponyboy would need more information than that. First, I would ask his these questions: What has happened between you and Darry where you believe the love between you two is not there? How many times have you felt this feeling of being unloved from you brother Darry? What did you feel like when Darry started to cry at the thought of him losing you at the hospital? When I said that question, it clicked for him. That even though Soda shows it more than Darry, Darry probably loves Ponyboy even more. He wants to show him discipline and sometimes even if you’re positive he hates you that is when he loves and cares for you the most.

  22. Perfect gifts:

    Sodapop: I would give Soda his horse, Mickey Mouse, back. In the beginning of the book, Ponyboy tells Cherry about how Sodapop once had a horse, but it got sold. What Pony didn’t tell Cherry, was that Soda had cried all night when Mickey Mouse got taken away. If Soda got Mickey Mouse back, he would most likely be less sad about his girlfriend leaving because he will have his horse to talk to about how great she was.

    Darry: I would give Darry a chance to go to college. With a college education Darry would be able to get a better job, and he would be able to quit both of his other jobs. This way, he will only need one job and still be able to provide for him and his brothers. This is a good gift for Darry because he is smart, he just didn’t have the time to go to college.

    Johnny: I would give Johnny parents that actually and truly care about him. He deserves caring and loving parents, sadly he doesn’t have them… or, didn’t. Maybe if his parents cared about him, he wouldn’t have ended up killing Bob, and maybe he’d still be alive.

    If I was a psychologist for a day, my patient would be Ponyboy. Pony would ask me how he was supposed to handle all the big events in his life that many people have never gone through. I would tell him that if he went on with his normal daily routine and focused on school and his family, then eventually his traumatizing events will seem like they had happened so long ago that they aren’t as bad to think about anymore. I would also tell him to think of the good things that have come of these events, or the good things that happened before the events.

  23. I would give Twobit a knew switchblade. This is because Dally took his and was killed before he could give it back. I would give Ponyboy a library card. I would do this because he can read, and watch movies whenever he wants. I would give Sodapop a horse. This is Because Soda would always visit this horse untill the owner sold it.

    If I was a psychologist, I would choose Johnny as my patient. He would ask me questions about his home life. He would also need help getting bad memories out of his head. I would tell him to try to avoid being at home for as long as possible. I would tell him to clear his mind every time he thought of when he killed the Socs.

  24. If three characters could have any gift in the world: to Darry I would give money, Johnny I would give love, and Bob I would give him some to say no to him. Darry I would give money to him because then he won’t have to work so much and then maybe he would have enough time to go back to school. If Johnny were to find a lover maybe he wouldn’t be so dependant on his parents to love him because then he has the gang and a lover. Finally I think Bob was always doing what he did to make someone stop him and say no. So as a gift I would give him a parentally figure to say no to him.

    Cherry had came to me on this day asking for advice. She wanted to know what she should do about the situation with Dally and Bob. The first thing I asked is what made her fall in love with Bob, and what made her fall in love with Dally. I also asked does she feel a relation in comparison of them. My advice to her was Bob may be your first love but when he chooses to get drunk its always looking for an answer, whereas with Dally he gets drunk but he could chose not to.

    1. @elle15, Sorry I know this is late but as I was rereading what I wrote I found multiple mistakes. Would you take the edited version? If so here it is:

      If three characters from The Outsiders, could have any gift in the world I would give: to Darry I would give money, Johnny I would give love, and Bob I would give him someone to say no to him. Darry, I would give money to him because then he wouldn’t have to work so much, and then maybe he would have enough time to go back to school. If Johnny were to find a lover, maybe he wouldn’t be so dependent on his parents to love him. Then he would have the gang and a lover to treat him with love. Finally, I think Bob was always getting in trouble, getting drunk and doing other things trying to make someone stop him and say no you should not be doing this. Yet, his parents would think its their fault he was doing this instead of telling him not to do it. So as a gift I would give him a parental figure to say no to him.

      When Cherry had came to me, on this day, asking for advice. She wanted to know what she should do about the situation with Dally and Bob. The first thing I asked, is what made her fall in love with Bob, and what made her fall in love with Dally. I also asked, does she notice a relationship (or difference) in the comparison of her reasons for loving them. My advice to her was Bob may be your first love, but when he chooses to get drunk its always looking for an answer; whereas, with Dally he gets drunk but he could choose not to.

  25. If I had to pick three characters from the book to give the perfect gift to, this is who I would choose…

    First of all, I would give Johnny a family who cares. I’m not exactly sure how I would do this, although I believe it would be the best thing in the world that I could give to him. All he really wants is for his parents to care about him and they just don’t. They don’t even care if he doesn’t come home at night and he just sleeps out on the streets. The gang is the closest thing he has to a family, and they care about him a lot, but I really just think it’s important for him to have real parents who care about him, because that’s what he really wants. If I could give this to him, I believe it would turn his whole life around and it would really make him happy.

    The next gift I would give would go to Darry. I would give him a college scholarship. He is very smart but his family didn’t have enough money to send him to college. Also, he had to raise his two younger brothers, because their parents passed away. I really connected to that and wished that he could’ve gone to college, and I still think he should be able to. I think he’d really appreciate it as well. Besides, he was really good at football and could play on a university team. I’m sure that Pony and Soda would be able to get by. He has been raising them well and they’re pretty good kids. It would really make me feel good inside if I could give him this gift.

    The last gift, but not least gift I would give to Sodapop. There was one thing in his life that was extremely important to him, that was taken away. This was his horse, named Mickey Mouse. Soda loved his horse with all of his heart, but then one day he was taken away. Soda was extremely saddened. I wish that I could make him that happy again by giving him back his horse. That would probably be the best thing Soda could receive. Although, he seems to be a pretty generally happy guy. I guess, this would make him even happier. That would probably make his life a lot better too.

    Now, out of all of the characters in “The Outsiders” I think the one who I would like to talk to as a psychologist would be Steve. The reason is basically because he has a lot of anger. When Pony asked him why he fights, he says that he fights out of hatred. I would start off by asking him who exactly are his enemies and why they are his enemies. Then I would try to solve this by figuring out where his hatred and anger comes from and what targets it. I would try to calm down his emotions and he would probably answer that his hatred is mainly against the Socs. I would try to figure out if there’s anything specific that they do that angers him. After that, I would try to find solutions to calm down the situation. I might even try to put him with a Soc and have them talk out their problems. I would hope that I could help all of the conflicts between the Greasers and the Socs.

  26. Happy holidays! And yet again we are in the road-jam of what to get for him or maybe her. If I may make a suggestion, I would give Two- bit his blade. It was his cherished possession that meant a lot to him, and it appeared to be devastating to him upon his discovery that it was lost with Dally. Two-bit against his typical character even was willing to rob a store for this single lost item, and it became a part of who he was and how he was represented in the gang. For Bob, I would give him a taskmaster, (strict and a bit obstinate) someone who would simply say no and set the limits, because that is what he always wanted. He was constantly trying to have anyone let him know how to stop, and his parents seemed unable to correct or punish his actions. It is most likely a result of his limitless world that resulted in his death when he pushed to far for a limit by attempting to kill Ponyboy. I would give Curtis family as a whole, the opportunity to go to the country, where Ponyboy could go to a good college nearby, Sodapop could get another horse, Darry could take a break from his work, they could be close to where they used to live so that they could visit the bustle of the city, and they would all get their dream home. Ponyboy returns through out the book back to how he would live in the country, always hoping his wish could come true, and if I could, it would be moving to have the opportunity. Although, I would still advise they keep their small city home, too because you never know when on a past memory you decide to jump the fence into the affordable twenty-five cent drive-in movie or have a rumble in a familiar empty lot.

    The patient walked in the door swinging open to give way to his massive form. Slightly taken back by his size, the excess of grease in his hair, hands of a hard worker, the fashion that quickly stereotyped him as a greaser (a white T-shirt, a leather jacket, and the omnipresent pair of rolled up jeans,) but his eyes where caring hidden amongst his other hard features. He was so intimidating with his low voice as he greeted me, I couldn’t resist glancing at the folder on my desk with his name even though I was already sure of it was Darry Curtis; however, on second thought I considered that his voice wasn’t threatening as it could have been. After returning the greeting, I commenced the rather monotonous usually trying to avoid a monotone when I asked the same generally questions. These included what do you do for a living, who are your close relations (a pair of younger brothers, “Sodapop,” and “Ponyboy,” all of them orphans,) and where about do you live? After I culminated this routine, I took another glance at my folder under his carefully observant eyes. The paperwork in the folder stated that he had come with a specific question. Upon my inquiry, he replied, “My younger brother has run away because even though I love him, I guess I pushed him to hard; what would you advise?”

    I faltered and then slowly returned his question, “You do really love him?”
    – “Yes” came the response, and then he slowly began to tell the whole story.
    I considered before giving my advice. Before the clock had passed more than a minute, I told him that he had then meant the best, his brother would come to understand, and that he should try his best to see him home but have a forgiving and open heart. He didn’t seem to need to respond, but instead, he stood a left after a short thank you. After he had vanished around the corner, down the hallway, I stood up to close the door wondering to myself, “What will happen?”

  27. I would buy Soda his horse Mickey back because he really loved it, and it was something he could trust. He really missed it when somebody bought from the guy that always kept it. Soda and Mickey spent a lot of time together, so I think it will be the perfect gift for him.

    For Ponyboy, I would get black hair dye, so he could make his hair like he wanted them to be, and like they used to be.
    As you may already know, Ponyboy hated it when Johnny cut, and bleached his hair, so I also think that it would be a great gift for him.

    I would give Johnny a copy of Gone with the Wind because he liked it so much when Ponyboy read it to him in the church. He would probably be very happy with it, because he really liked the southern gentleman in the book.
    He was very polite, smart, and handsome.

    “Hello, sir.” Said a boy named Johnny, who just busted into my office while I was just packing up to go home (It was 2 A.M).
    “Hello young man, what can I do for you?” I responded
    “Well, something terrible just happened, and if I won’t confess this terrible thing, I will make me go crazy!”
    “Oh, ok. The first thing you can do is calm down. When you’re ready, I want to ask you some questions.”
    After about two minutes he responded: “I’m ready, sir. But first, I want to explain what happened. I… I killed someone, but he tried to kill my friend, so it was for self-defense.”
    “I’ve heard worse… anyways, let’s get to the questions. What was the first thing you thought of when you saw your friend almost getting killed?”
    “Well, I remembered my switchblade in my back pocket. Eventually, I pulled it out on that guy, and killed him. I had no choice. Either my friend Ponyboy dead, or Bob the Soc.”
    “After you realized what you had just done, did you start to panic?”
    “Mentally, yes. Physically not really. Ponyboy did, though. He freaked out, but I hope he is thankful that I saved him. But know that I have done this crime, what should I do next? I need your advice.”
    “I’m really sorry, but I can’t help you with that. But what I would suggest is ask someone you trust, and you know that is not going to tell anybody, especially not the police.”
    “Thank you so much, Mr… I mean Dr. Steinberger!”
    “Good night.”

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