Your Life In Six Words And Other Videos To Reflect On

I have a very special Valentine’s present……..and it’s better than chocolate……..
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There are three tasks for this week’s prompt:

Create a six word memoir
Respond with your thoughts on the following videos

Can you describe your life thus far in six words? It’s a challenge I pose to you. You must be creative and clever and let the real you shine through. Remember that these words need to reflect you……not just be six words. I’ll know the difference. Watch the video below for creative inspiration, but you are not allowed to borrow any ideas. I couldn’t decide which of the three of these I like the best, so here goes:

I would be nothing without books

I still get sick on boats

The best is yet to be

All I would like for you to do is type your six word memoir as I have done.

What do you think of this?

A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything (The Best Flip Book Ever)

The movie trailer for Gone With The Wind

Can you understand why Johnny was impressed with “the southern gentleman?”


  1. I have two mottos that I can’t decide between.

    1. Always live like you are dying.

    2. Always live, always cherish, never regret.
    You have to live like tomorrow is your last day. Always live to the fullest! Never regret anything because you will waste you life worrying about it. The last thing is to always cherish the moments you have with your loved ones. You never know when the people could slip away.

    I thought that the flipbook was so cool. I wish I could do that! My favorite was at the end where all of the dots came together.

    I think the southern gentlemen impressed Johnny because they had such good manners and treated their ladies nice. They weren’t like the Socs. They had money and they weren’t wild and crazy like the Socs.

  2. I would be nothing without dance.

    I thought the flip book was absolutely amazing. It showed that it took a lot of effort. I agree with Lina it could have been a little shorter. But it was really cool. I never new a flip book could be that long. Anyway, where did you find that video?

    I think the southern man impressed johnny because of his manners, as well as his respect to him. He had never really seen that before. Back where Johnny lived he was treated with pretty much the complete opposite. Which would be disrespect. The Gentleman was not remotely like a soc. And that’s why Johnny really liked him.

  3. I cannot decide which memoir suits me best, so here are both. I think they are a bit similar.

    1.Life is great, just enjoy it

    2. Life isn’t fair, just move on

    My favorite video was definetly “A brief history of pretty much everything.” The video somewhat basically sums up a huge theory , but sadly in our life-time we will never know if it is true or not. The flip book idea was really amazing. The video is only three minutes long, but it probably took whoever made that years. The person who made the flip book must have been really boerd, or just have a lot of patience.

    I cannot understand why Johnny would not be impressed by the southern gentelmen. They are everything opposite him, and I think he envys them. The gentelmen are proper and charming what else would he want to be. Also I think he is impressed more than most people, because he is a greaser. Greasers are sometimes known as hoods, and also known for being trashy and unsophistacated. Also he has not met anyone like that, and hasn’t been brought up to act like that.

  4. When you try things, you succeed.

    The flip book was amazing. It was literaly from start to present and it had some humor. That’s something that looks like it would take forever and would get realy annoying everytime you mess up. I can’t beleave that someone did that.

    He was impressed that they had class, were “real” and di things in a carring way. He Compared Dally to them. He thinks Dally id gallant and nice like the “southern gentalmen” he’s thinks and knows that there are people like that and wants to be where they are and away fro the fihgting.

  5. I would be nothing without tennis.

    I thought that the flipbook was really cool. It showed that it took a lot of effort. I think it could be a little shorter. I thought the history in the video was cool because it started out with the big nang theroy. Also how it was all on a flip pad.

    I can understand how Johnny was impressed by the “southern gentleman.” I think that Johnny was impressed with the southern gentlemen because they were honorable and brave. Johnny always liked people that stood up for themselves and that knew how to be kind. However, even just looking at this trailer, one can tell that the gentlemen do have faults, and can be improper and even mean at times.

  6. I have a few memoirs.

    1.Can’t do something, do it again.

    2.Before the game: 🙂 (smiley) In the game: >:( (angry)

    3.Want some fun, be number one.

    4.Punch your friends with great friendship.

    I personally like the second one because I play lacrosse and boy is it rough on the field, but thats on a t-shirt so I didn’t make it up. My favorite that I made was the first one. It describes me in sports. I used the word do instead of try because when you try you may fail. I always repeat what I can’t do to practice and when you get it right practice it the right way.

    I thought the flipbook was fantastic. I like the part with the people and their weapons and they would get more advanced and so would their weapons. I also like how the ape turned into a human. I thought the book took a lot of time and effort because if I had time I would count how many pages he used.

    Johnny would admire a southern gentlemen because they are indeed gentlemen:polite, proper, and handsome. Johnny would like to get away from the wildness and live a proper life where life was full of happiness instead of blood thirsty socs.

  7. I had a few memoirs

    1. Left foot, Right foot, Smile, Breath
    2. Look past what’s on the page
    3. If I wake up I’m happy

    I loved the flip book! I thought it was funny, showed talent, and was great. Sometimes, especially now with the Olympics going on, we don’t realize talents that people have that aren’t athletic, but are just as great. I think the person who made the flip book was amazing.

    I think Johnny liked Southern GentleMen because they had away with words. They said what was on their mind, but did it in such a way that it appeared charming, to Johnny, and not rude. Johnny was in a greaser gang where they used slang and cursed so the smooth words of the gentile men sounded cool and clever to him.

    P.S The one I think describes my life the most is number 1.
    P.P.S Congrats Mrs. Cobb!

  8. My six-word memoir:
    “Friends deserve more words than these.”
    Everything that I do, even my poetry, I have started or taken an interest in because of my friends.

    I thought the Brief History of Pretty Much Everything must have taken forever to make! I wonder, did the creator think much about it, or did they just have nothing better to do?

    I think Johnny likes the Southern gentlemen because they always talked like nothing was amiss. They kept a calm countenance and didn’t seem like they would have to hold anything back.

  9. Six word memoirs that describes my life:

    1. Can’t describe it: it keeps changing.

    2. Love: the greatest gift of all.

    I loved the flipbook! It was really cool! I’m sure it took a lot of time to make and it was worth it. Who knew you could create such an amazing story by just flipping pages?

    I think Johnny liked Southern Gentleman Men because they were very polite and charming, and he wasn’t really used to it. Johnny was used to gangs so his life was completely opposite. I think another reason was that he was amazed by the Southern Gentlemen was that even though they had money like the Socs did they were polite and respectful.

    Congratulations Mrs.Cobb!!

  10. Live Your Life In A Pool
    I’ve been swimming since I was 18 mouths old!

    WOW, the history one was really cool. If you think about it, it probably took a long time to make that. It was very fun to watch. I like how the showed time from the beginning and not just randomly in the middle.

    I can see why Johnny of all people would like a “southern gentlemen”. I can see how he would also relate that to Dallas, too. They are hard men that get into as much trouble as they want to!

  11. Never give up, play life’s game.

    I came up with this because there are a lot of challenges thrown at you in life, many mysteries and problems, but we all know in the end it will all be alright.

    I liked the flip book thing, I thought it was funny because it was true but over exaggerated. I wonder how much time that guy really had? I am also curious to know how big the book is.

    I can see that Johnny like southern gentlemen because they remind him of Dally, who he likes. And they remind me of Dally because they do things without thinking just because they can, and they are very unpredictable.

  12. All day I dream about soccer!
    I picked this memoir because it best describes me. Soccer is a huge part of my life.

    The History of The World video was amazing. I can appreciate all of the time that it took to create it, because I too like to make flipbook art. It included a lot of historical data without ever speaking.

    Johnny is a fan of the manners that the “ Southern gentleman,” portray. It was something that he had never experienced with his parents while growing up. He finally saw that there was more in life than just being either a greaser or a soc. He aspired to have the qualities that Southern gentleman had in the book “Gone With The Wind.”

  13. A six word memoir that describes me:
    Always find a way to smile.

    I thought that the history video was really cool! It must have taken a very long time to make that flip book. And it really did show what happened in history, too!

    I think that Johhny was impressed by “the Southern Gentleman” because they were very polite, and had a lot of manners. Johnny was not used to anything like that, because of how his friends and parents act. He was probably interested in manners because it is something very different and probably something he wanted to see.

  14. Life is like a Ferris Wheel

    You have your “ups” and “downs”

    I’m at the top… For now

    I think Johnny admired the gentle men because people were being nice to one another despite their differences.

  15. Express your own opinions to everyone

    I think that the video is very interesting in different ways. It was interesting because it showed what the movie is going to be about and which type of movie it is.

    I am not sure about this but I think he was impressed to see that they had good manners and that they were very polite.

    Sorry I could not log in because I don’t know how to log in with the upgraded website.

  16. My life is nothing with out the love for the game(baseball)

    My life is constantly changing and you never know what might come you way

    My life is like a never ending road trip… you start out brand new and a long the way you might get a flat tire, or get into a crash, but mostly its a smooth ride in paradise.

    That was a very intense video about history! what a long flip book! i can barely make one of those with just a ball bouncing up and down! My faveorite part was probably the part of evoloution because it showed how everything evolved from a bacteria into a man! I also like this part because we are learning about it in science class.

    I think Jonny liked the southern gentelman bedcause they were nice to each other and being raised in and around gangs and violence that can go a long way. I think that Jonny apreciated people that were nice.

  17. The game hockey, is my life.

    Those movies were very cool. My favorite one was the second one. The last one gave me a good idea what Gone With the Wind was like. The first one was very helpful to me, to write, and think of the six word sentence.

  18. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

    I believe that I have tried my best to set up for a great, long life ahead. I have made friends, been with family, hopefully started a lifetime of learning, and have had all the fun one could want along the way. To me, none of this is possible without my memoir. What is the first thing you say when you first meet someone, and how do you greet a friend every morning? Do you not first say, “What is your name?” and then as you get to know them, “How are you doing, and how did your game end?” or, “Would you like to come over?” The same is true with family whether aunt, uncle, grandparent, or half cousin twice removed. To me a student is only questions and their answers all revolving a few quick words. The first words I wanted to learn in Latin were who: quis, what: quid, where: ubi, when: ubi, why: cur, and how: quam. Of course, sometimes its best to just have fun without worrying about questions.

    Forgive me for not commenting individually. However, all of the memoirs seemed so well considered; in addition, to those from Mr. Mattas and his class (especially my personal favorite, his.) I also thought that the history short was an amazing flip chart, and I can only wonder how hard it must be to make. The trailer for Gone with the Wind showed how Johnny could be impressed by the gentlemen, who appeared well clad and patiently polite including the smallest of curtsies and nuances that most likely were unfathomable to Johnny when it comes to his time period and the, “Greasy girls.”

    P.S. Congratulations, Mrs. Cobb. Best of wishes.

  19. It is never good to assume.

    I thought that the history of the world video was pretty funny. I can’t imagine how long it took them to create that three minute video on a flip book. That must have taken a lot of patience! The video also ties in with science as well as history with evolution and all that, which we just so happen to be studying in science right now.

    I think that Johnny was impressed with the southern gentlemen because they were polite, maybe not the most polite in the world, but were much more polite and kind than Johnny had ever seen in his life. Because of this, in a sense, he respected them.

  20. Here’s two that I came up with! I couldn’t decided between them!

    Living my life to the fullest.

    Live in the moment, not past.

    (If it was seven words I would add a “the” in between “not” and “past” to make it grammatically correct, in the second one!)

    I loved the history video! It really is basically a history of, well, everything. First of all, it must’ve have taken such a long time to create. They had to plan it out, make all of the drawings, put it together, edit it, etc. It’s really, really amazing. I wish I could create something like that! Also, a part of the movie had to do with what we’re learning about in science right now, evolution. So, it tied in with our curriculum as well.

    I can definitely see why he was impressed. All he’s ever known was his life in the gang. He’d never been out of his town except when he ran away. The southern gentlement were very, very different from what he had been exposed to and he probably thought it was really interesting too. Maybe he would prefer that type of lifestyle. Just a thought. I think that it was a good thing for Johnny to read “Gone With the Wind,” because it taught him about different types of people.

  21. Music makes me who I am.
    I’m completely insane; deal with it.

    I am constantly listening I music and I have an “uncommon” outlook of the world.
    I wrote more but these fit me best.

    I thought the flipbook was really cool the way it went from bacteria, to man, and so on so forth. As cool as it was, I’m guessing that person has a lot of free time on their hands.

    I thought the “Gone with the Wind” trailer was cool but it didn’t really show many southern gentlemen. It showed yelling men and loving girls. But I know what southern gentlemen are and I’m sad to say that in a lot of cases, chivalry is dead, thought not completely.

    1. @abby15, Johnny liked southern gentlemen because they were courteous and kind and all the gals loved them. He repected and envied the southern gents.

    2. @abby15, I just thought of another one.

      When together, we’ll make it through.

      This is because when I’m with my friends I always feel better no matter what.

  22. Struggles have passed: Happiness will come.

    I love the video especially how every animal can’t survive so it gets eaten. I also love the music it’s so catchy. I also love how at the end it goes through all the planets and goes through the whole solar system. This was the coolest movie but I wish it was a little bit longer so it could show more modern history with all the presidents, Olympic, and historical moments.

    I understand how Johney would be impressed by “the southern gentlemen” because he probably want to be them. He probably like them because they had very good manners especially to girls. They were ladies men but were tuff at the same time. Finally they lived in a place where there wasn’t a fight between socs and greasers. These things are why Johney would be impressed and would want to be “the southern gentlemen.”

  23. I am going to get there.

    I really enjoyed the greatest flip book ever because it did what it said it would. It gave a great but concise depiction of major events in history. The pictures were really well drawn.

    Johnny likes the southern gentleman because of how they treat others. They seem like they always know what to say or how to act.

  24. Whenever you fall, get back up.

    That is a huge flip book.It was really cool. I could never have the patience or skill to make one of those. All of the drawings were really well drawn. I wonder why the artist made it, I’m guessing for fun?

    I can definitely see why Johnny was impressed with the southern gentlemen. They were all very polite and always kept their cool. I think that Johnny was impressed by that, because where he lives there isn’t a lot of sophistication or manners. Also, even though the southern gentlemen had the same money as the Socs, they still were respectful and polite.

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