The Tell-Tale Heart And Character Resolutions

Prompt 1

Please watch parts 1 and 2 of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” This is a great version starring the wonderful actor, Vincent Price. Total time is less than ten minutes.

What are your initial thoughts before we begin discussions?

Prompt 2

Happy New Year! Many people make new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are decisions to do or achieve certain things. They usually involve making personal changes.

Using a recent IR book, pick a character you know well and make up three resolutions for that character. Explain in detail why you made these resolutions for your character in regards to what is happening in the story.


  1. I think the Tell Tale Heart is a way creepy story because of the crazy, mad man. I thought the actor played his character very well. I don’t think it’s worth killing someone over an eye. I also don’t taking an hour to open a door is really a good way to spend your time committing a murder. But my favorite part of these videos is that the actor articulates his words in such a fashion that he plays his character so well.

    The character that I’ve chosen is Percy Jackson from the Lightning Thief Series. Well his first resolution should be to not get kicked out of school. He really can’t help it but come on at least try. Getting attacked by evil monsters is not an excuse (well maybe it is but still). His second resolution is to trust his friends and Anabeth a lot more often. This is because after the dispute with Luke, Percy’s goal was to stop him by killing him when the time was right, but Anabeth thinks there is a way to stop him without killing him. His last resolution should be don’t talk back to the gods because they can and will kill you. He already has a few enemies that are gods and the rest Titans and monsters. My advice is to do what you need to do not do what you’re not supposed to do.

  2. I think that “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a little difficult to follow, but it is still clear that the narrator can say anything he wants, he is mad. Why should he kill an old man just because he happens to have a scary eye? It would actually have been easier for the old man to just leave, in which case he would not ever have to see the creepy old man again. There is also the well-known phrase, “If you have to tell people you are, then you aren’t.” In this case I think the opposite would be true: The narrator has to try (unsuccessfully) to convince us he is not mad, so obviously he is mad.

    My character is Mibs from “Savvy” by Ingrid Law. Her first resolution (and her most important) would be to learn to scumble her savvy. In the story, she just turned thirteen and discovered her savvy. Every Beaumont has to learn to work around their savvy or make it seem normal to others, which is called scumbling. Her second resolution would be to make some more friends, considering how no one at school liked her. Mibs could make it here goal to get out more and meet some people who aren’t as nasty as Ashley and Emma. Her third resolution should be to take some time and figure everything out. Between Will Junior, Bobbi, and figuring out whether she’s running from anything, Mibs has enough to worry about without her savvy. The only clear solution is to devote some time and concentration to it.

  3. I think that the “Tell-Tale Heart” was an interesting story and I have to say that the man, Vincent Price, in the videos was a good actor. I did think that the narrator was a mad man. No one should kill another person over a stupid eye. He could of just told the old man, that the old mans eye was bothering him, he could of just asked the old man to put an eye patch over it. What I would have done if I were in the narrators shoes is I would have just quit and find another job. Like most parents say violence is not the answer. If I were the old man, I would feel very awkward, nervous and weird if I found out that someone was watching me every night, to come and look at me to see if my “eye” was open.

    In this book I read it was about fairy’s and monsters and fairy tales is was called “Artemis Fowl.” It’s not like little kid story if was very interesting. But one of the main characters was a boy named Artemis Fowl. I think his resolutions should be to be nicer to people and not threaten to kill people every time he doesn’t get his way and the last thing is to take off time of his playing games on people and start spending more time with his mom, because his mom is sick. I chose those reason because he was a very mean boy and those goals would help him be a better person and to be closer to his family.

  4. My first thoughts were that this poem was scary and weird. I thought the man was very crazy because anyone who kills another person is crazy. The first time I watched it I didn’t get it, but then I went back and took notes. I also thought it was weird that he kills the man because of the mans eye.

    Brian from Hatchet would make many different resolutions. One is that he will never leave without his hatchet or a knife. He wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for those things. Another is that he would always eat and have a plentiful amount of food. This is because he spent long periods of time conserving food for the future. The next thing is that he would always carry some type of rope or string. He always could of used some type of rope to make something, or tie something together. The last is that he would always carry a picture of his mother and father in his wallet. This is so if he ever gets lost again, he will always remember what they look like.

  5. “The Tell-Tale Heart” was very interesting. Vincent Price did a great job of making the story seem dramatic. Even though the man kept saying he was just nervous you could tell he was mad or insane. If you kill somebody because of their eye you are definitely insane. After he killed the person he was very nervous and scared. He thought the thumping noise was the sound of the man’s heart.

    The person I am going to make three resolutions for is Michael Oher from “The Blind Side”. One resolution would for Michael be to stay out of trouble. If he gets in trouble his football career could be over. He could be fined and/or suspended from getting in a fight or doing something he is not allowed to do. In the book, he gets in trouble for hurting a person after the person said something mean to him. He could have gone to jail.

    Two, don’t trust anyone to much. If you make friends with someone they might be nice to you just to get an autograph or a picture. If he doesn’t want to be taken advantage of he should try to make friends that wouldn’t bug or annoy him.

    Three, Michael should make his own decisions. In the story, the family that took him in (the Touhys) were die hard Ole Miss fans. When it came time for Michael to pick his college to play football a lot of colleges wanted him. He chose Ole Miss and other schools thought that the family could have persuaded him with a car, a bed, etc. just to get him to go to Ole Miss. My point is to let Michael make his own decisions because you never know what people will complain about.

  6. “The Tell Tale Heart” is a creepy story about a mad man, who wants to kill this other man just because he has a bad eye. He says he’s not mad, just nervous, but believe me, he is definitely mad and kind of scary, too. This story scared me and was very unusual and unique. I thought Vincent Price did a really good job of acting out this difficult story. It seems like a tough character to play so I think he did well. Edgar Allen Poe is a incredible writer and adds so much detail in his stories and poems. This particular story really freaks me out, which shows me he did a good job writing it.

    Happy New Year to you, too!

    I chose the character Katniss, from “Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire.” I think her first resolution would be to stop the hunger games with the help of Peeta and Haymitch. Its a hard goal to strive for but I think the three of them can do it. All of them have already experienced the hunger games and know how harsh it is, so I do believe they can accomplish a lot and end this nonsense.

    The second resolution would be to help her mom with all of her patients. She has so many sick patients and we all know that Katniss is so good at helping and curing people. We know this because she did help save Peeta in the hunger games. It would take a little pressure off of her moms back if she helped, even though she has so much going on in her own life.

    The third resolution would be to kill President Snow. He has done so much harm to all of the districts and starting the uprisings. He also threatened to kill Katniss and all of her family and friends. He helps with the hunger games and lives in the Capitol. I do think in the future she will kill or threaten President Snow. He is just a awful, mean man.

  7. Prompt 1
    That video was very weird and disgusting. Edgar Allen Poe was such a strange and insane man. I have no idea how he came up with those strange poems and stories. The Tell Tale Heart is the strangest one. The weirdest part is at the end when he rips up the floorboards and pulls out that handful of blood. The Tell Tale Heart does have some hard words in it, but not as many as The Raven. I do not like the Tell Tale Heart poem.

    Prompt 2
    I am going to use for my character Catherine from the book Rules by Cynthia Lord. Catherine is a twelve year- old girl who has an autistic little brother. She is always getting frustrated and annoyed when her parents are all nice and sweet to her brother but pay no attention to her. Her first New Year’s resolution I think would be to not get frustrated and mad so easily. Catherine always goes to her brother’s appointments and has a friend that is also autistic their. Before he goes into his appointments she will talk to him. Her new neighbor is her age and Catherine wants to impress her. I think her second New Year’s resolution would be to not be embarrassed saying that she is going to the dance with an autistic kid. Catherine and her neighbor hang out some times. Catherine is always lying to try to make herself look cool. I think her third New Year’s resolution would be to be able to be herself and be comfortable.

  8. My first impression of “The Tell Tale Heart” video was the amount of emotion put into it. Even aside from Vincent Prince’s outstanding acting,I hadn’t previously noticed the amount of describing words and feeling Poe put into this poem. I found myself wanting to know how it ended, unlike some stories or poems I’ve read.

    I think the character most in need of New Year’s resolutions, in any book I’ve read, is Jace Wayland, from City of Bones. Jace is rude, stubborn, and just plain inconsiderate. For the first resolution, Jace needs to go a little easy on the sarcasm. He probably cracks a facetious remark at least twice a page. Next, he needs to thinks about what he says before he says it. He usually doesn’t, and he may end up hurting others on accident. Lastly, Jace needs to lighten up a little. He takes life way too seriously. For him, life is just death and demon killing. Sure, everyone loves Jace the way he is, but these are just things I would work on if I were him.

  9. Before I watched this video and before we started reading “The Tell Tale Heart” in class, I already knew what it was about. This is because we had seen the show earlier in the school year. I like the story. I think it is very interesting, and it’s not like the typical book or story that you read. Sometimes I think that I would like to know what was going through Edgar Allen Poe’s head while he wrote his stories. I wonder how he came up with the ideas, and I wonder more about his life and what he was like. I’m sure he was probably a very interesting person. This video was very intense. It kept me wanted to not let my eyes wonder of the screen whatsoever. I liked having a visual of the story. Vincent Price did an amazing job acting out the role of the narrator.

    January 1, 2010

    It seems like I haven’t taken a look at this journal in forever. I thought it was about time. So, here I am. Life has been pretty good since Sarah and I caught Henry in the dredge. I mean we’ve pretty much been claimed heros. It’s pretty cool. Of course, Sarah is taking advantage of it, but what do you expect from her?

    Well, today is January first. It is officially 2010. I’m glad about that. I guess I’m just ready to start over. I mean I’m doing well, but I just feel like I should make a new Ryan. I feel like I should be the Ryan McCray that does NOT risk their life because Sarah is interested in sneaking around places we shouldn’t be going. So say goodbye to that person I just described up there. Sarah will probably laugh when she sees this, but I wrote a list of New Years Resolutions. She probably believes I will break them, ALL of them. Don’t worry, I won’t let her get to me.

    1. I will not under any circumstances sneak into any forbidden places in Skeleton Creek, or other places that life may take Sarah and I.

    2. I will always be prepared with the needed materials to help escape, just in case I happen to get trapped in a secret room (like the room in the dredge). Even though I will not place myself in any situations that could result in that happening.

    3. I refuse to give in to Sarah’s requests if she could get us in trouble, not matter how demanding she is.

    4. I will try my hardest not to break my leg again. Casts are extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

    and the usual…

    5. I promise to try my hardest to get straight As in school.

    So, I’m going to start checking back in with my journal more often now. I mean, just because she’s a hero doesn’t mean that Sarah will stop using her video camera, and most likely getting into other people’s business. I guess I can keep writing. I mean, what harm can it do?

  10. The Tell Tale Heart is a great scary story. I t scared me way more than I expected. It isn’t like other scary stories though. Just by hearing it you can tell that much more thought was put into it than most scary stories. The narrator definitely is insane, even though he denies it. The Tell Tale Heart is not an easily explained story.

    My character is Catherine, from the book “Rules” by Cynthia Lord. Catherine’s first resolution is to stop trying to teach her brother David so many rules. She needs to spend more quality time with him, and accepct that he is different and won’t change.

    Catherine’s second resolution is to make more friends. Her only real “friend” is her new neighbor Kristi. I think that making more friends at school would also help her not to worry so much about David.

    Her third resolution is to show others her wonderful artwork. Catherine is an excellent artists, but she only keeps her artwork to herself. If she showed other people her drawings they would have a reson to talk. In doing this she would become less quite and make friends.

  11. My initial thoughts on this Edgar Allen Poe epic tale is that it is a very frightening tale with crazy twists throughout it like how the man who killed the old man thinks he’s not mad. Also I think it is one of those tales that puts you on the front of your seats wanting to know what happens next. Since i’ve heard this tale before I never thought I would think it was good, but after listening to Vincent Price and his outstanding acting and storytelling I want to hear the tale over and over again. Now I am excited to go into discussions about this tale and figure out exactly what the whole tale means.

    The character I chose to make New Year’s resolutions about is Troy White from the book I read “Football Genius”. One resolution I think he should have is listen and respect adults especially his mom. Some instances are like when his mom says during the falcons game to just stand there and not do anything instead of just standing there he goes up to the coaches and players and starts bothering them even though later in the book that ends up helping them.

    The second resolution is not stealing cause in the boo he steals footballs from Seth Halloway a Atlanta falcon from down the street and then hides from the cops when they try to get him after he was stealing. That is one of the main points in this book.

    The last resolution is one main resolution most americans need is to be a better person. He needs this cause at points in this book he talks back to his mom to other adults around the falcon franchise, and he is at times mean to his friends which is never good for a friendship. This isn’t as big of a resolution than stealing and listening for this kid but it is a important thing to get better at.

  12. My thoughts on the story are that first of all it sounds a little scary. This was also one of the plays we saw at the being of the year, so it is easy to picture in your mind. It sounds like a good story.I think it is easier to understand then it was in the “Raven.”

    I am doing mine on Todd from ” The Ask and The Answer” Todd is ready for a new year and a lot has happened so far.These are Todd’s new year resolutions.
    1. Save Viola from any danger there is, because he really cares about her.
    2. Kill the “Mayor” or “President” for all that he as done.He is a really mean guy and needs to get killed!.
    3. Try not to get caught by 1017- the spackle.He will probably kill Todd the first chance he gets.
    4. Win the war for good, meaning peace. It would be wonderful and would take away a lot of stress.
    5. Get to Viola’s ship before anyone else does. That way the thousands of people would be on their side,meaning Todd and Viola.

  13. Prompt 1
    True to form, Poe seems to be presenting another slightly creepy story with “The Tell Tale Heart.” This sentiment is truly presented well through the fantastic acting of Vincent Price. However, underneath the intimidating exterior, this story has an excellent message. This message is one concerning guilt. In this case, the guilt is portrayed by the main character’s hearing of the old man’s heartbeat after the murder. Just as guilt could in real life, this beating forces the man to come clean. Both in the story and in real life, the only true way to avoid this is not to commit the crime in the first place. This is an important moral, and we should take it to heart.

    Prompt 2
    The main character in a book that I recently read is Alex Rider, teenage spy for MI6, the British military intelligence service. One new year’s resolution for him might be to forget completely about MI6, as by the end of the book that I just read, he is tired of being a spy and simply wants to be a normal kid. Another resolution, which in a way ties in with the first, would be to avoid getting in trouble, as once, it was his arrest which led him directly into the hands of MI6. Finally, he might want to resolve to catch up on his schoolwork. That is not to say that Alex is a bad student, but when he is sent on missions, he misses long periods of school and returns with lots of work to make up. If Alex could follow through on these three resolutions, his life could certainly calm down quite a bit.

  14. I think “Tell-Tale Heart” is one of the creepiest stories I have ever heard in my life. It is about a man who assassinates an elderly man because of his eye. He hid the dead body in a place no one could ever find it. Then, the police comes and interrogates him because they heard some shouts. Eventually, the man hears the old man’s heart, driving him crazy. The story ends when he tells the police he killed the elderly man and is arrested. The video does make a good example of the story. Vincent Price does a phenomenal job acting, amking viewers believe it was him in the story. His eye would twitch throughout the story, and would raise his voice often. I cannot wait until we discuss this story in class!

    My character is Danny Walker from the books “Travel Team” and “Summer Ball.” The first New Year’s resolution I would give him is to not let people put him down. In “Travel Team”, Danny was cut from the Vikings travel basketball team. He doubted his size and skills and thought he wasn’t a good player. Also, his coach from the book “Summer Ball” said that he was not going to play in college or in the pros and should think about changing sports.

    The second New Year’s resolution I would give Danny is to never quit. In “Summer Ball”, he tried to leave camp by faking an injury to his knee. This was an important lesson in the story. He tried to leave because he thought he was a horrible player and his coach hated him.

    The final New Year’s resolution I would give Danny is to always be honest. In “Summer Ball”, he lied to his parents about not really being hurt. His dad was so mad that he would not tolerate quitters and would not speak to him. Honesty is one of the most important life lessons and he should try to tell the truth.

  15. I thought the actor really got into character. The tone and expression of his voice was always perfect along with his facial expressions and hand motions. He really showed just how crazy the narrator of The Tell Tale Heart really was! He was very dark and a little scary.

    The main character in the book Airborn, by Kenneth Oppel, is Matt Cruse. He is a cabin boy aboard a luxury air (blimp) cruise line. His ship is the Aurora. He is very adventurous and loves action and challenges. He has wanted to move to the next level job as sailmaker. If he could make a new year’s resolution, I predict his resolution would be to work even harder and push to get promoted to a sailmaker. Another resolution he would make would be to eat healthier. Matt tends to eat quite a bunch of snack food in between meals. He realized he had gained a few pounds. He knows if he continues his bad habits he could become overweight and it would make it more difficult for him to be promoted to sailmaker. His third resolution would be to send more money to his family. He did not get an opportunity to send his yearly pay to support his mother and sister last year. This year he would plan to send last year’s and this year’s payment to his family.

  16. I really didn’t know what to expect from the video. Although my mom had told me that Vincent Price did mostly horror movies, so that freaked me out. I thought that he was a great character actor. He was a mad man consumed with murdering the elderly man and ridding of his body. Very creepy. I am very glad that the beating heart gave him away.

    I would like to make Katniss Everdeen the character from the book “Catching Fire” my choice to make New Year’s resolutions for. I would like for Katniss to concentrate more on being more honest with her friends she keeps things from them in an attempt to protect them, but shes only making things harder on herself. An example of this is not telling Gale that he was in danger when President Snow threatened to kill him and his family. Katniss should also try to be more open to receiving help from others. She makes life harder on herself by doing things all herself. For example when her dad died she felt that it should be all on her shoulders to feed and take care of the family. Although life has been hard for Katniss, she needs to keep a more positive attitude. It will help her when things get tough and it will help her enjoy the good times and not spend so much time worrying about things not in her control.

  17. My thoughts on the videos are that it was very creepy and that actor did a great job of telling it. I could tell he got very into the character because I was starting to believe he was a mad man! When I first read the poem I imagined that the narrator would be somewhat like Vincent Price. I thought that the tone, face expressions, and emotions he presented in this video were remarkable and truly represented the mad and guilty man he was playing in this video.

    The character I have chosen is Josh Newton for the series of “The Alchemyst.” His first resolution would be to have more trust in other people. So far, the only person he mainly trusts is his sister Sophie, and he doesn’t always listen to her. He especially needs to have more trust in his guardian Nicholas Flamel because he is risking his life for them.

    The second resolution for Josh is to not be selfish. He makes bad choices like going off with people he knows he shouldn’t trust, but he does it for his own personal needs. He needs to realize the affect he has on other people with the choices he makes.

    Josh Newton’s final resolution is to be more careful with his items. So far he has lost his MP3 player, laptop and everything that goes with it, his cell phone, and his cell phone charger. He has to learn how to be more cautious with his stuff or else he might leave behind something that is more important than electronics.

  18. My initial reaction to The Tell-Tale Heart was that I thought it was just wrong of the narrator to try to kill someone because they didn’t like their eye. The narrator says he isn’t mad but judging by the way he reacts the the old man’s eye, he seems pretty messed up to me. The video seemed more emotional than just listening to it on the Knowing Poe website. Overall, then story seems very disturbing but also unique just like all the rest of Poe’s work.

    I would make New Year’s resolutions for Percy Jackson from the Lightning Thief series because his actions almost get him killed quite a few times in the series. He is always very quick to make decisions which is good when he is in a fight but is also bad because sometimes his plans almost gets him killed. He needs to think things through more so that he can succeed in whatever he is doing. He is also too confidant in himself in some cases. He thinks that just because he has a sword that he can kill anyone. Even the gods. This almost got him killed a few times and he needs to learn that he isn’t the toughest person in the world. Lastly, he can be lured in by the enemy very easily. If one of his friends or family members are captured, then he goes after them no matter what. This can be very good because he cares for the people that he is around but he also just doesn’t know when to give up. Eventually, something too big is going to get into his way and he is going to get himself killed.

  19. This was the second time I had heard or seen this story and my initial thoughts have been the same. I find the story quite sad and humorous. I find it sad that a nice old man was killed for no reason but for the fact that he had an “evil” eye. I also find it sad that the narrator didn’t just leave the body of the old man in one piece after he killed him. H narrator had to cut the head off first, then the arms legs and feet. Also I find it sad that the old man obviously didn’t recognize that the narrator was crazy. I mean there had to be warning signs of some sort. People just don’t get this mentally deranged overnight. It must take years or some kind of act of severe trauma or just plain mental illness to get anywhere near the level of insanity the narrator shows in this story.

    I also found parts of this story humorous. I found it humorous that while the narrator keeps stating that he isn’t mad and his actions aren’t either, any person in half of their right mind could see that the narrator’s actions are bizarre. I also found the beginning of the story very funny on how he asks how people could call him mad. I thought Vincent Price did a very good job of playing the role especially in that part. It made me want to see the rest of the movie. Although I thought the movie was kind of weird I liked Poe’s style here. He made me as the reader read more into the words that weren’t being said instead of the words that were and I like that.
    I just finished reading the book The Million Dollar Throw and the main character Nate Brodie would probably have some interesting New year’s resolutions. One he would have, is to improve as a pure quarterback. Football is his life and he would always try to find ways to improve his game. Also one he also would have I to be the number one team in the state or even country. He won his league this year with a perfect throw in the final 30 seconds of the game to his best friend and favorite target Pete. The final New Years resolution he would have is to not worry so much. He keeps worrying about his family’s financial problems instead of having fun in the months up to the throw. It turned out his dad got a better job and he had fun doing the throw.

  20. My thoughts on The Tell-Tale Heart are that it is a creepy story. I think that the man was, in fact, really crazy. I kept asking myself why somebody who wasn’t crazy would go and murder someone because of their EYE! I still can’t figure out why he thinks he isn’t insane.
    For the second prompt, I am doing new years resolutions for Sticky Washington from The Mysterious Benedict Society books. His first resolution would most likely be to break the habit of polishing his spectacles when he is nervous. He should do this because when he polishes them, he is showing the enemy that he is nervous and that could be a weakness in future situations.

    Another resolution would be to not let Constance’s “insult poems” bother him. This is because Constance as a person doesn’t really think about what other people will think of her poems, she just makes them up. He should realize this and just not take offense at her poems that are directed at him.

    The last resolution would be to only point out definitions and fun facts when they are absolutely necessary. Sticky is always reciting definitions and saying fun facts, but these thinks take up valuable seconds that cannot be wasted when you are trying to escape from evil spies and things like that. If he only said these things when necessary, then they would have more time to escape from bad guys.

  21. I think the poem “The Tall Tale Heart” is a very mysterious poem, written by Poe, with many different intensions. I was very creped out by this story, but not exactly in the “ooooo scary” way, but more in a mental train of thought way. When I was annotating the poem and then watching the video, I was so absorbed by this poem that it really makes you start to think, “Was he really crazy?” I was very creped out by the fact that this man’s motivation to kill is an eye he feels is causing him trouble not only emotionally, but also mentally. That is why I feel he starts to question himself. Later in the story, I feel like him, and only he, hearing the beating of the old man’s heart is an analogy for his guilt of killing this man. The guilt finally got to him so bad that he cracked mentally and literally went crazy.

    I think Stanley could improve on having more confidence in him. If he had more confidence he could stand up for himself more and not second guess himself, even if he is wrong. I believe he could toughen up a little, mentally and physically. Once he got out of camp green lake he could go to the gym with his dad’s new invented shoes. Stanley could trust himself more. He could never second guess himself and step up to the plate.

  22. First of all, I would like to say that they were great videos and that the actor was exactly as I imagined the character from the poem. I think that the Tell-Tale Heart is pretty creepy, and like most of Poe’s writing, has many loose ends for you to think about yourself like if the narrator was the old man’s servant or if he were a relative of some sort taking care of him in his old age. Something that makes this story creepy, disturbing, or whatever your thought of it is, is how the narrator denies that he is crazy and supports that with things that are completely insane and inhumane.

    I am doing a New Year’s resolution for Seph from the book the Wizard Heir. I would say that his first resolution would be to focus more on school and to goof off less. I believe that his second resolution would be to master his wizardry. The third and final resolution would be to become less selfish.

  23. I believe that Poe shows in his story The Tell-Tale Heart what he is truly best at. It has been said that Poe is a leader of the short story. Many consider short stories difficult because of the lack of space to create a meaningful plot that captures and connects to the reader. Poe in The Tell-Tale Heart creates a full plot and a suspenseful story through his vivid words. He creates a picture and emotions that are so realistic for the reader that he may portray the messages of guilt and anxiety in a total of eight pages from the perspective of the murderer and his emotions. I also believe that even though Poe creates such a full image, being able to see an actor struggle through the emotions of the murderer brings new depth to any piece of literature. Vincent Price was fantastic as the murderer bringing the meaning of the story forward through acting.

    For my New Year resolutions I have chosen the character Hugo from The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I believe his first resolution should be perfecting his magic tricks. With his newfound life as Professor Alcofrisbas he can always improve, as we all can through practice. Secondly Hugo should resolve to widen his knowledge of Georges Melies’ films and works so that he can learn more about his new life-long mentor. Finally Hugo should return, even though he may not wish to, back to the train station to settle his past as the clock keeper. New Year resolutions point us to the best for the New Year even if you are imagined.

    This blog is late, I simply wanted to post anyway.

  24. “The Tell-Tale Heart,” was nothing quite like anything I’ve ever seen before. When the narrator murders the other guy because he didn’t like his eye I was somewhat confused. I realize there must be some inner meaning. Overall I enjoyed this poem because of it’s pace. I think Poe used his pace to change how the story is read. The pace builds excitement especially when the narrator starts going crazy.

    Recently I have read The Titan’s Curse. I have three resolutions for the main character Percy Jackson. The first resolution is for him to take a nice long vacation. Percy is constantly on the run when he is not at Camp Half-Blood, monsters are at every corner planning his demise. He has already been to a countless amount of schools. At least for one week I think the villians in the story should cut him some slack. Everyday he is fighting these beasts off. Basically he almost never gets to calm down and enjoy his life.

    The second resolution I have for Percy is to try to get to know his dad Poseidon. Poseidon, the sea god barely has time for Percy. Percy doesn’t know his father well at all and they have only met a few times. Maybe they both could work together like a father-son combo.

    My final resolution for Percy is to obtain better weapons. Percy now has to face some of the most sinister forces known to mankind and he has to be able to defend himself well and hold his ground in a swordfight. He may need another weapon to go with Riptide.

  25. This story seems kind of creepy. That guy has some issues if he thinks that a bad eye is a reason to kill someone. I think the way that Poe talks is kind of annoying. It makes you pay more attention to the words than wahat they actually mean.

    I am making three resolutions for Percy from the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. First, he needs to talk about his feelings more with Annabeth. She is his girlfriend, so he should not keep secrets from her. Second, he needs to not trust people so much. One of the sweetest campers turned out to actually be a spy. Last, he needs to stop ruinig his mom’s boyfriend’s stuff. Percy just had a pegasus land on his car. (That left a mark.)

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