What’s Your Alibi?

snowman_cYour footprints have been discovered at a crime scene, which has stirred the nation: the theft of Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You claim you didn’t do it. Give your alibi and explanations as to why your footprints were found at the crime scene.

This is a creative, persuasive write. You need to convince me that you of all people did not steal Frosty’s nose. Make sure your alibi is a good one!


  1. What is it with these people? I thought to myself. Just because my footprints were there doesn’t mean that I did it. Why can’t they just get Sherlock Holmes or someone to find out who it was. I hate this, it’s like the truth is a lie to these people, I’m always wrong just because I’m young, and anyways, aren’t older people better at lying?

    “All I was doing was going to my friends house to bring frosty back alive so we can play, but noooo, I just had to get “caught” by you guys. Why would a six year old boy steal his best freind’s nose!?! And where are the other people, I mean what makes me so “special” to have all this done to me! I need my mother, you guys have no idea what you are doing this is ridiculous!”

    “Kid!” said the officer ” Your footsteps were at the scene, explain why.”

    “What do you think I was doing Frosty is my BFF! I was going to meet him so we could go sleigh riding, and when I got there he was gone, I saw a trail of melting snow and of course ran after him. As I was running I picked up a few pieces of Frosty’s nose, and when I found him, we could put some of his nose back on before he died. Ask him yourself if you want the real person!”

    “Good point kid, alrite I’ll believe you for now. Men, get to Frosty! We have some questions to ask!”

  2. It was on the rainy 17th December and I was getting in the car to buy some little Christmas gifts. My mom dropped me off in front of the Dollar Free shop and drove away. Everything seemed normal and I went to the section that said “Christmas Gifts”. As I was looking at the different choices a young man came in and went in the same section as me. He purposely dropped one of the snowmen. He bent down to pick it up but took quite a while for him to pick it up. After picking it up and putting it on the shelf, he put his hand in his pocket and took it out in the following seconds.

    “Hey!! What did you put in your pocket?” I said.

    “Nothing, I was just checking if I hadn’t received a text” replied the man.
    He looked at me and ran out the store without saying any word. I went out of the store without buying the gift.

    A few hours later, I was sent to the police office because the owner of the store has denounced me. The police officer told me that they saw foot prints after I went out of a Dollar Free store and that the nose from Frosty the Snowman was missing.
    I was very surprised and I explained that it could not be me. They can’t be my footprints because I am on cruches!!!!

  3. They take me into a dark interragation room. There is only one light. I can distinctly see the officer’s face when he shines the bright light right in mine. I am stunned and jump back from the table.

    “A little jumpy I see. Could this be suspicious…”

    “No sir,” I said.

    “Well we’ll see,” he said, “Now plead your case!”

    “I was skiing down the mountain. I was overcome by the wind and snow particles brushing against my face. I decided to slow down and admire the scenery. I noticed that Frosty the Snowman was at the bottom of the hill. I decided to go take a look. I sped down the hill thinking about how I couldn’t wait until Christmas. Then, splat! I fumbled for 10 seconds down the rest of the run. My ski popped off and went kind of close to Frosty. I had to walk over there and grab it. By this time I wasn’t thinking about Frosty, I was thinking about if my arm was broken!”

    “That’s it,” the officer said.

    “Yes sir,” I said.

    “Then I guess you are free to go. We have other suspects waiting, so hurry along.”

  4. “Mr. officer,” I said as we sa down. “why would I take frostys nose?” he said he wasnt sure and I told him that me and my friend storm were playing football in the snow and he threw a really long pass and before I could get to it i was already at frostys fence line and the ball was already over the fence, so I jumped it and got the ball before anybody could see me and then me and Storm went back to his house so that it wouldnt happen again. the officer said” ok, but tis is your warning, if I catcyou again you be in the slammer!”

  5. “No! That’s impossible! You’ve got to have the wrong girl, I swea…” As I ran away shouting my innocence, I felt a hard object whack me upside the head as I fell to the ground.

    Two hours later, when I opened my eyes, I was in a small dark room on an itchy cot. There was a large, frightening woman across the room staring at me. She was practically growling into my face. I stood up to run, but had to sit back down from the pain in my head. I looked at the only source of light in the room, a very small light hanging outside bars, blocking my escape. “What was I doing here? The last thing I remember was…” as I tried to remember how I got here, the woman across from me, stood up, advancing slowly, lumbering towards me. I ran. I ran and pulled on the bars until the lady was right behind me. At that very moment when I turned around, the bars holding me up slid to the right and I dropped to the hard, cracked floors. As I looked up, I saw a cop in a blue uniform. I was so excited that I wrapped around his leg until he left the cell.

    He took me to a small room with two metal chairs, that was otherwise empty.
    “What am I doing here? There’s been a terrible mistake!”
    “There’s no mistake. You have been accused by Frosty the snowman for stealing his nose. As you know, he is our town’s famed citizen and if the media gets ahold of this, I’ll lose my job. You are in a heap of trouble.”
    “Wait a second! I did no such thing and I can prove it!”
    “Oh really? So sure, eh? Tell it to the judge and we’ll see how sure you are.” He gave me a glare as if this was a challenge to my honesty.

    The next day, I had my trial. My parents were out of town, my brother was too young to understamd any of this, and I couldn’t afford a lawyer. I asked to represent myself. Though laughed at, the judge consented. Hey, I did want to be a lawyer when I grew up. The judge calle me to the stand and asked me to give my reasoning that I didn’t do it.
    “You mean my alibi?” I asked. Looking surprised that I knew this, he agreed that this is what he meant.
    “I swear that everything I’m about to tell you is true.” (Or as true as it needs to me, I thought to myself.)
    “Here’s my story. I was walking to the store to get sokme food for my brother and I. My parents left us with nothing but meatloaf, give me a break! So I’m walking to the store when all the money I have for food flies away, see? So I started chasing it when it stopped. It was going to fly off again but I jumped on it. I then realized that I was in Frosty’s special section of the woods, so I ran off right away. If you go back, you would probably see my skid marks. Frosty was sleeping while this all happened. Frosty, I’m sorry somebody stole your nose but it sure wasn’t me.” I was practically in tears by the time I finished my story.
    “Its alright sweetheart. I believe you.” Frosty said.

    As I left the courtroom I thought about how helpful acting camp was. I got a call on my phone. It was my mom calling from home.
    “Hey Sweetie, did you have fun at Skylar’s house last night?”
    Yeah Mom, it was very…interesting.” I said, choosing my words carefully.
    “That’s great. Well I’m making dinner for tonight, do you have a preference on a side vegetable?”
    “Sure Mom. I think I’m in the mood for… carrots.” I said with a smug smile while I chewed on a perfect, almost nose-shaped carrot.

  6. “I’ll ask you one more time, Why did you do it?” The first policeman asked. Another Policeman walked in the interrogation room, smiling. I said,
    “Oh, I get it, it’s the good cop and the bad cop.”
    The first cop said, ” I think you did it and you are just lying.” The second cop said,
    “How do you feel about the crime?”
    I chose to acknowledge the second one’s question. “I feel mistreated and falsely accused.”

    A lady walked in and set a plate of donuts on the table.
    “But it isn’t as bad that now I have donuts.”
    I managed to save a jelly donut before the first cop swatted the plate away. I decided that these policemen weren’t going to leave me in peace unless I had proof that I didn’t steal Frosty’s nose. I began thinking. Then I told one of the police,
    “There is eight feet of snow outside! How could someone even find Frosty, let alone steal his nose.The nice police said,
    “He has a point, sir.” He recieved a punch in the nose by his fellow policeman.
    I continued, “How could anyone get to Frosty when he is in a glass dome! Is he even real?”
    The police replied, “Oh, right.”

  7. “Why would I need a snowman’s rotting carrot nose?” I said to the fat police man in front of me. It was the middle of December and snowing but some how he was still sweating like a pig.

    “That’s exactly what I want to know Miss,” he said

    “Yeah and you are no closer to catching who took the nose because I didn’t”

    “Don’t play smart with me I know you took it,”

    “No you don’t know who took it because I didn’t!”

    “Give me one reason to believe you didn’t take the carrot”

    I sighed the odds weren’t in my favor today. Everybody thinks I took some snowman’s carrot. My boot prints were at the crime scene and moneys been tight lately, the perfect reason to steal a carrot for food.

    “I’m allergic to carrots,” I said flatly
    “You could have sold it,” The officer said
    “Yeah, I just walked up to the store to sell the a rotting carrot,” My sarcasm heavy
    “How would you know the carrot is rotting?”
    “The whole town could see it was rotting. It’s not like frosty is famous for his green nose!”
    “Well then why were your boot prints at the scene of the stealing?”
    “I have a pair of UGGS! Every person in this stinkin’ town has a pair” The officer looked down at his boots and in dismay saw even he was wearing them. I smiled, maybe I wasn’t going to get caught after all.

    “What size shoe do you wear?”


    “I knew it the same size shoe at the crime scene!” The police man jumped. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t steal the carrot off the snow mans nose. Who did?

    I had more questioning tomorrow to find out if I really took the nose, but went home to fix myself hot chocolate. When I got home I took off my boots. My toes were sore because my boots were way too small. That’s when it hit me. The boots at the crime scene were and eight and these boots were a six! I quickly though of to things.

    1. I need new boots
    2. Those weren’t my footprints at the crime scene.

    I ran back to the crime scene yelling, “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!” The police officer turned around quickly and said,

    “Ya got any proof”

    “Yes,” I said “I’m allergic to carrots and these boots are a size six!”

    “Very well, lets see them,” The officer said.

    After yanking off my boots the officer quickly examined them and said, “Sorry we accused you my mistake”

    Then from out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall woman who had a strange hop to her step. She had long white in two pony tails down her back. She wore a fuzzy white sweater and matching pants with a pom-pom on the back. She also wore white shoes with pink stripes on the toes. Then I looked at her face. She was eating a rotten carrot.

    “Gotcha!” I said but she hopped away before anyone saw her.

  8. A light turns on it blinds me. Oww… I think I say. I see a faint glowing on the opposite wall where there is a mirror having no doubt that it is a two sided mirror. My eyes are starting to adjust, I see two tall burley men with tazzers and guns, which I think is cool and kind of creepy. They shine a flashlight in my face.

    The one on the left says, “Where were you last Saturday at precisely 2 pm,” I almost laugh at this question thinking of the crime movie hours before now. I answer earnestly, “At the archery and gun range down in New Jersey”

    “You weren’t at Rockefeller center, New York City,” the one on the right sounded more accusing toward me then the first but uninterested all the same.

    “Were you in town that day?” the first one asks.

    “Yeah I went to play hokey right across the street from Macy’s right after I went paintballing in the morning.” I say.

    “How early was this,” the second one says leaning back on the mirror holding his clipboard to the side trying to look like it was no big deal.

    “Noon why,” I ask almost as uninterested as the police officer.

    “Did you see the frosty the snow man exhibit,” the first officer says leaning over the table in the middle of the room. Looking at me like I was a pile of trash on the side of the street.

    “Yeah I walked by it trying to get to the hockey rink.” I say.

    “How can you prove this,” he says.

    “Check the Macy’s security camera,” I say mockingly.

    “We will,” The first one face is so tied up it looks like a bulldog.

    The next day I get a call all clear it says. Who ever said a rabbit didn’t take the carrot.

  9. Hello people of the court I am here to tell you that the foot prints found a t this crime scene. On the day of it I was walking with my friend Natalee and Carolyn. We were coming home from school. Natalee was very sad because she got a bad grade on a test and her pet rabbit died on the same day. As always when she gets sad that means the mad will come later. Last time she almost robbed a bank. Thanks to me I so happen to be there with my dad. She would have done it, too. Like friends we have the same shoes, too, just wanted to let you know and she was wearing them that day. She told us she wanted to be alone. I thought it was kind of hazardous, but I let her go, that was a big mistake! She took the path that leads right to this very spot. I declare the Natalee took the nose and ate it. The next day for lunch she was eating carrots.

  10. I woke up in the morning to find that it was snowing oustide! “This is the first time in twenty years it has snowed in Florida” I said to myself. I slipped on my T-shirt and a pair of jeans and sprinted outside to catch the snow in my mouth. The first thing I did was fall on the ground and make a snow angel. When I got up I spotted a crowd of people on the other side of the street, all crowded around a sculpure made out of ice. I got up and walked over toward the crowd and spotted a snowman made of ice. The man who was making it was about to put the finnisshing touch on it, the nose. The nose was made pure of glass, that had taken the man hours to perfect. Suddenly a hand shot out of the crowd and grased the carrot nose and wisked it right out of his hand. The man that took the nose was in a black hooded jacket which he had up over his head people started screaming and the crowd scattered. The next morning I woke up in a jail cell. I got up and asked aloud what was going on and the guard told me something about a snowman.

  11. I did not steal frosty’s nose because I dont like carrots. The Easter Bunny is the one who stole frost’s nose. I know the Easter Bunny took it because he is a rabbit and rabbits like carrots. I also heard him saying to his friend that he was starving and he would do anything for a carrot. My footprints were there because I had had walked by that area earlier that day and my shoe made a footprint in the snow. Then the next thing I know is that I was in jail explaining to the officer what happened. He let me go and that was the end of it.

  12. It was the first time it had snowed in Monaco since 2134. After the events of the Great Nuclear Wars of 2135, it never snowed. Or rained. The USA and Australia went to war in 2135, and so many nuclear missiles hit Australia and America and bombs, that the USA dropped ten Hydrogen bombs on Australia. All the nuclear emissions and fallout prompted a mass climate change, and the USA became an inhospitable wasteland, a burning apocalyptic island. All the citizens of America evacuated to Europe. And that is where I am now, 70 years later. How do I know all this? It’s basic 1st grade knowledge, and being a college student, I know a lot of basic knowledge.
    The USA has taken over several small countries, and different parts of our own homeland were taken over, and Monaco is becoming more dangerous to live in. Because of the snow, the government decided to celebrate and make a giant snowman, a snow-president, actually. They made a giant snowman supposed to resemble President Frost, and they called it “Frosty”. It is nothing more than giant balls of snow with giant coal eyes, and, if you would pardon the pun, a giant 24 carat gold nose. Why is this a pun, you may ask? Well, the nose is literally a carrot. I really don’t understand, but apparently it’s a tradition. I was wandering past one day, when suddenly the American Cyber Police rushed at me. They fired several shots at me, and one grazed my arm. They said it was just a “warning”.
    “What’s this all about?!?!” I demanded. They had bound me to a torture rack, and they used the ShockWhip 300 on me several times. ShockWhips were the Cyber Police’s favorite tool. A man in a trench coat walked up to me, and then yelled in my face.
    “Where’s the nose?!?!?!” he shouted. At least there were some questions, and not just pain.
    “I have no idea of what you are talking about!”
    “The golden nose of Frosty went missing, and you’re footprints were found on the scene, and where did we catch you but AT THE SNOWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    “I didn’t do anything, I swear! I was just wandering around, admiring the giant snowman, and your guys started blasting at me! I’ve been in school and on the French side of the city the whole week! I just came this way to see my friend Kyle! I swear! Kyle might know something, but I’m entirely innocent!”
    “HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM……… Kyle. TR-3897423, initiate torture. GH-86654, we’re visiting a certain Kyle…

  13. “I’m innocent!” I shouted at the police officer who had approached me. “Who would lead you to me? My family has been living here for generations! We are respectable people and I will not be treated like a common tourist.”

    “I have information from one Jared that said he was meeting you around here. Your footsteps were found here. I’ll give you ten seconds to tell me why your footsteps crossed the rope and went towards Frosty, and then his nose goes missing,” said the officer, thrusting a ShockWhip 300 at my chest. “One, Two, Three..”

    “Look,” I said, and walked over to the rope. “Here are my footsteps. There’s Jared. Both of us are innocent. I was hanging out near the coffee shop with my other friends. Jared and I were going to take pictures and send them to our family in other parts of Europe. Here, you can search me,” I said, putting my hands up.

    The police officer proceeded to search my pockets, my hands, my mouth, the rest of my body, and then made me walk through a metal detecter. “Aha!” the man cried triumphantly, hearing the loud buzzing sound being emitted from the machine. “Show me what you have,” he said, jabbing the ShockWhip into my back.

    “Here,” I said, and handed him my car keys.

    “Oh,” he said, looking dejected and angry. He ran another search and found nothing. “All right, prove to me you didn’t hide it,” he said, his voice wobbling with rage.

    “Here are my footprints,” I said, pointing to the marks my shoes had made. “Watch where they continue to,” I said, pointing and following the footsteps. They lead to a secluded coffee shop called “Fantaisie,” and up to an outdoor table. Some trash was left on the table. “They continue down here,” I said, walking towards the spot we had started at. “Then they end here,” I said, reaching the spot where he had approached me.

    “Then why did you cross the rope?” he asked, gesturing towards the snowman.

    “I was looking for a better picture. Here’s my camera,” I said, pulling out a sleek black futuristic device. It blinked to light and displayed a perfect picture of the snowman. I quickly scrolled through all of my pictures.

    “Well, If it wasn’t you, and it wasn’t Jared, then who did it?” asked the police officer, staring into space. “That thing was worth more than my car,” he said, looking distressed.

    “Here!” I yelled, and pointed to small tracks in the snow. “Look! These are rabbit tracks! The come right up to the snowman and come down the other side! Follow them!” I said, and the two of us followed the tracks to the end. There we found a rabbit hole, and right in our faces popped out a rabbit! Quickly, the police officer turned his ShockWhip to the stun setting and fired. The Rabbit fell over, and in its back paw held a golden carrot.

    “I guess you were innocent,” said the police officer, who took the carrot and placed it back on Frosty’s face. “You guys are free to go,” he said, and I quickly walked away.

  14. I was extremely nervous as I was walking down the long, dark hallway. There was no one in sight. I was told to enter room 415. I wasn’t quite sure why it was necessary for them to have to many rooms. All I did know is that I had been accused of stealing Frosty the Snowman’s nose, that hallway seemed like it was going to never end, and I felt as if someone was watching my every move. I could not see anything, and then I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I jumped, trying hard not to scream, as I turned around I saw an extremely tall man, wearing all black. He had on a black suit, black pants, black button down shirt, with black buttons, black shoes, and even black sunglasses. This did not boost my confidence at all that the meeting would go well. I was absolutely terrified. All of these thoughts were just circling through my mind. The man in all black pushed my inside of room 415. I looked around the room, all I could see was one desk in the middle of the room, with a chair on each side, and on top of the desk, a lamp, shining extremely bright. I had to squint to be able to see. Another man suddenly appeared. Once again, he was wearing all black, except he had a tie with one stripe of white in the middle. That eased my thoughts a tiny bit.

    “What were you doing at eight o’clock Saturday night?” the man asked.

    “I, uhh, was getting ready for my photo shoot for the next day,” I replied.

    “What exactly is this photo shoot?” he questioned.

    “Well, it was for the Christmas special, for People Magazine. I got hired, I was the model, and I had permission to take pictures with Frosty. I have evidence! All of the pictures from the photo shoot. There are videos too! I can show them to you if you like. In all of them, Frosty has his nose. There is absolutely no way I couldn’t stolen Frosty’s nose. It would’ve been pretty foolish of me to try to steal Frosty’s nose at that time anyway, considering how many people were on the set. You had the lighting crew, camera crew, costume crew, and so on. It just would not have made any sense!” I was kind of studdering while I blurted that all out.

    “Hmmm, it seems as if your pretty nervous, huh?” the man said suspiciously.

    “Yes, I am, and I’m not afraid to admit it, infact, I’m absolutely terrified right now,” I flat out said.

    “I guess you have a pretty convincing argument. We’ll have to see what the jury says tomorrow at court,” he concluded.

    Oh gosh, and I thought that was a terrifying experience! I still have to go up in front of all those people at court tomorrow! I sure hope I don’t mess something up! Wish me luck!

    1. @ali15, On the third line, it says “that hallway seemed like it was never going to end” I need it to be, “that the hallway seemed like it was never going to end.”

      On the seventh line it says, “the man in all black pushed my inside of room 415” I need it to be, “the man in all black pushed me inside room 415.”

  15. The police knocked on my door. I opened it. They walked in my house and asked me some questions. They asked me if I knew anything about frosty’s nose. I said no. They went through my house. They asked me what was on the stove. I said I was making a carrot stew. Hand cuffed me and took me to jail. I told them that there was a bag of carrots in the fridge, and if frosty wanted a carrot he could take some. Later they realeased me and we looked for his carrot nose. We looked through Frosty’s house. We looked under his pillow and there it was. The carrot that caused the trouble. Frosty and the police officers appolagized, and took me home.

  16. “What?” I answered after the police made that accusation. I would never steal Frosty the Snowman’s nose. I have proof I did not take it. I was at my friend’s house playing basketball. While we were playing, I noticed a dark figure walking towards a snowman. As my friend swished a three-pointer and won the game 10-9, I walked towards it.

    “Where are you going?” said my friend.

    “I see someone near your snowman. I think their trying to steal it!”

    “Snowman? Since when did I have a snow…”

    But I didn’t hear my friend. I finally got up to the snowman when I saw the dark figure was gone. I was shocked that the snowman was none other than Frosty the Snowman. I asked him what happended, and he said he wandered over here to wish everyone a happy Christmas. he then said that a tall man took his nose and ran away. So I retraced his footsteps by walking beside them. I never found the criminal. I guess that his footsteps were covered up by snow and mine did not.

    “Oh, I believe you” said the police officer. “I just wish we could have found Frosty’s nose”.

    After he said it, a news report came on about the F.B.I. finding Frosty the Snowman’s nose. The criminal was a homeless man, trying to get some food for his family. He said he did not know it was Frosty the Snowman’s nose and apologized. He even give Frosty his original nose. I guess you could say it was a good Christmas for Frosty the Snowman.

  17. It was a Saturday, one of my only two days off, and I was sleeping in. I was awoken by the doorbell’s chime and a brisk, knock at the door. I stumbled out of bed, and I headed toward the door. Still in my pajamas, I answered. The police officer introduced himself as Officer Clarke and that I would need to be interrogated downtown, at the station.

    “Have I done something wrong?” I inquired.

    “Well, not necessarily,” he replied, “But recently a local reported a missing carrot of the nose of an anonymous celebrity snowman. We’ve done some looking into it, and you may know him as “Frosty the Snowman.””

    I knew what this meant. I was being charged with a serious crime, grand theft carrot.

    I cooperated, and the officer allowed me ten minutes to change and grab a bagel and some water before we left in the police cruiser. He said my parents have already been notified of my whereabouts, and I should not worry.

    At the station, I asked the officer why I was a suspect in this crime.

    He said, “Well, almost everyone in Pinellas County is a suspect in this crime.”

    “Do you have any evidence?” I asked.

    “Of course,” said Officer Clarke, “We have footprints, and a few strands of hair, but no follicle means no DNA.”

    “Right,” I told myself.

    He started out with what I guessed was a list of routine questions. What was my name, my age, address, place of birth, etc.

    Then he asked, “Where were you on the night of the crime?”

    “I was at my friend Alice’s house,” I replied.

    “Do you have an alibi?” he said.

    I said, “Sure, Alice is my Alibi and my mom, I guess. She dropped me off.”

    I wrote down their phone numbers on a slip of paper he handed me. I waited a few minutes while he disappeared behind the one-way glass and emerged a while later. He said my alibis checked out.

    “You’re free to go then. Just don’t plan on going anywhere without telling us,” he mumbled.

    Out front, my mom was waiting for me in the car. I got in and buckled my seat belt before noticing Alice sitting in the back seat, grinning at me.

    My mom filled the silence, saying, “Alice is coming over for a couple of hours, okay? I thought maybe you guys could have some of that carrot cake I baked last night. Does that sound alright?”

    “That sounds great,” I replied. I had the weirdest sense I’d forgotten something. Oh well, the cake was delicious.

  18. “You have a visitor Parayath,” said a jail warden. He was scowling at me as I was hauled out of my cell with handcuffs by two guards. I was fairly sure that this visitor was my attorney. A few days ago I was convicted of stealing Frosty’s nose. I really did not commit this petty offense but now that I have been blamed for it I must prepare for the appeal.

    I will tell you how it really went down. I had been outside on the streets hanging out with my friends when they saw Frosty the Snowman waiting for a taxi. They decided they wanted to play a practical joke on him. I had told them not to bother an innocent civilian like him but they ignored me and approached the snowman. I came alongside just so that things didn’t get ugly. That is when my friend Clyde snuck up behind the snowman and then knocked Frosty down. When Frosty fell my other friend Scottie grabbed the snowman’s nose and dashed away with the rest of them. Soon later I also left. My footprint was the only one found because I had walked on the snow and the rest hadn’t. My friends had gone around. It wasn’t my fault!

  19. “Me? Stealing Frosty’s beard? Honestly I don’t understand how they could accuse me of this but let me think back to at that time of the theft. It must of been the day I went shopping and then to the movies.” I replied to my lawyer, there was no way I was going to get accused for the most ridiculous thing. I had saw the snowman being featured at the front office outside the mall. Right when i had walked in although I could of cared less it was pretty interesting.

    “Anyways” I continued “What proof do they have on me? If I haven’t made myself clear yet I was with my two friends Skyler and Lucy and we were headed to see that movie ummm… 2012, you should see it by the way, but back to my case. You said it had taken place that night, right? Yes, well if anything it was probably the night guard. That night after the movie me and my friends went back to my house and listened to music and ate dinner…”

    The lawyer just stood there shaking his head as if this interrogation wasn’t enough. He excused me to leave. Three weeks later I had received a phone call turns out my own friend was in with the theft of the nose but apparently no one can know it was her. She reported me instead, court charges tomorrow. Yay! (sarcasm of course)

  20. It was 2:00 PM, and I was sitting in the conference room with a police man.

    “Where were you yesterday at 5:00 PM?” asked the police man.

    “Um, At the soccer field, playing a game.” I said.

    “Really, so when did the game start?”


    “So, was the game almost over?”

    “Well, no, probably about ten minutes left in the game.”

    “Did you ever come out of the game?”

    “No, the coach had me play the whole game. The only time I came off the field was a half time.”

    “So, you stole Frosty’s nose at half time?”

    “What? NO! I never left the stadium!”

    “You have any way to prove that?”

    “Well, lets see, um….. oh yeah, I was talking to my teammate Steve the whole time. You can ask him.”

    “All right.”

    It was the next day. Steve and I sat in the conference room.

    “So Steve, you were talking to Jack the whole half time?” asked the police man.

    “Yes, sir, in fact I can also confirm that he was on the field the whole game, because I played right next to him the whole game.” replied Steve.

    “Okay, what were you guys talking about during the half?”

    “Just stuff about the game.”

    “Yeah.” I confirmed.

    “Alright, so how can you explain the footprint in the snow?”

    “Oh come on, you think that my footprint isn’t the same size as anyone else’s in the snow?”

    “Well there is one other person I going to interview that looked like it was the same footprint.”


    “Okay, kid, for now you are off the hook, you may return home now.”

    “Thank you.”

    It turned out that it was another person that had the same footprint. He was then found guilty because he had no alibi, unlike me.

  21. “I was just taking a walk and then saw that a button had fallen off of Frosty the Snowman. I went up to him and placed the button back on. When I left everything was there and on the snowman.”, I angrily explained to the judge of the court.

    “Well, then why don’t you have any backup to prove it?”

    “I do, just not here. But I can call her and she will come right away!”

    “Okay but she better be a quick driver or this court session is out!”

    She arrived in no time. “I was taking my dog for a walk while she was fixing Frosty’s button. I saw her walk away from the snowman and everything was in place, including the nose.”, my neighbor explained.

    “Here you are with the fingerprints found around Frosty’s nose.”, said a man while handing them to the judge.

    “Were going to take a print off all of you here in this court session and see if they match up with this one.”, the judge announced.

    Once everyone’s fingerprint had been taken, the judged compared each of them with the one found around the carrot nose. He announced,” The neighbor is the theif!”

  22. I woke up, my back aching from laying on the cold, hard floor all night in a jail cell. The officer took me into a small, dark room with just a candle lit for light. He started off by asking, ” So, you say you didn’t steal Frosty’s nose? Well then, tell your story.”
    ” Okay, well I was just going for a walk in the white, breezy park when I saw a guy sprinting by with a carrot in his hand. I thought it was the weirdest thing so I decided to head the way he came from. When I arrived, I saw Frosty. I just ignored it and walked away heading back to my walk through the park, when suddenly someone tackled me out of nowhere. It was a policeman. He handcuffed me and told me that I was arrested for stealing Frosty’s nose. The next thing I knew I was here.”
    “Seems like a pretty good story. Fine you’re free to go, but I better not see you here again!” said the officer
    “That’s fine with me!” I yelled back.

  23. “How could you?” My dad is a police officer… he thinks I took Frosty’s carrot nose! how ridiculous! Why would anybody want a carrot that has been on a snowman for however long it’s been there?

    “What? I didn’t even take the nose!” I screamed in his face.

    “YUCK!” He wiped some of my spit from his eye.

    “Sorry dad, it’s these braces. They tend to make people generate more saliva.” I giggled at his disgusted face.

    “But seriously honey, why did you take Frosty’s carrot nose?”

    “For the fiftieth time! I didn’t take the nose!”

    “prove it! give me proof! The detective found your footprints at the scene of the crime! Prove that it wasn’t you and maybe you won’t be grounded until college!”

    “I was going out for a walk, like I always do. I saw a poster on the telephone pole that said ‘Come see Frosty!’ so I went to the place that the poster said he would be. I walked to the crowd of people that was surrounding the snowman and I elbowed my way through to the front. I looked at the snowman for a few minutes and then I got a text message from an unknown number. I read the message… ‘I’ve got your nose!’ I was confused for a minute, someone bumped into me and I looked up and then Frosy’s nose was gone!”

    “Did you erase this text message thing-a-ma-jig?”


    “Show me!” He demanded.

    “Here it is,” I showed my dad the text message on my phone.

    “Well darn! I really wanted to ground you until college!”


    “I’m just KIDDING! Gosh!”

    I ran up and hugged him and he kissed my forehead.

    “I love you Dad!” I said.

    “I love you too, honey!”

    1. @nicole15, Just so nobody asks… my dad isn’t really a police officer. I just wanted it to end the way it did! I love endings where the dad and daughter hug!

  24. I would love to say our town was the center of the world. I would love to say we were New York or Boston flocked to by tourist and put on world maps as one of the most important in the world. I would love to, but if I did, I would be lying. However, we did have one thing, Frosty the Snowman, the legendary character who lives only one day. Now the headlines flashed, the articles filled the local newspaper (only 3 pages.) and there were only three suspects. I was a suspect, for what? I am a suspect for the theft of Frosty’s nose.

    There were not many facts to begin with to give the officer (who was also the head of the post office.) The officer however had the most important clue. We knew the footprints found on the scene were from a size 12 feet according to the tailor. We also knew that only children were the out at the time. Under this criteria there were three possible suspects Tom, Mot, or I. The officer’s clue was that at the moment he heard the nose stolen, thanks to the alarms, he looked up out the window and saw the clock in the reflection stating it was 12:15. This time was when I was walking across Frosty’s park thus I was the only suspect that had proof against me. The other two, who were twins walked across the park half an hour earlier on their way home, but I just thought of something I will present at court hoping I will still be deemed innocent.

    Three days later court was held I presented my evidence and stroke of genius, won the case, and found Tom and Mot guilty. How is this possible?
    (The needed information was given.)
    (See bellow for the answer.)

    ANSWER: When the officer saw the time he saw it as a reflection meaning the clock was backwards. Instead of the time being 12:15 the hands were on the opposite side making the time actually 11:45. 11:45 was the time the twins walked by not I.

  25. I was in a cold dark room with only one lamp turned on. All I could see was a detective looking guy with a pen and notepad. He looked pretty serious and I was nervous. He told me, “Now. You claim you didn’t take Frosty’s nose huh?”

    “Yes sir” I said

    “Then explain why we found your footprints right on the scene of the crime.”

    “Well, I was just making my daily paper rout in the neighborhood around the park. Then, Frosty jumped into the street. He was being chased by what looked like all of the rabbits in the city. I tried to help him by riding my bike in between them when all of the sudden, Frosty stopped. I tried to pull my bike to a stop but the road was too icy. I crashed into frosty and we both tumbled onto the cold street.”

    “Go on,” said the detective.

    “Then the rabbits attacked us. They stole Frosty’s nose and we both ran after them. The rabbits turned a corner and disappeared. Frosty and I went all over looking for them until he just couldn’t take anymore. He collapsed and I didn’t know what to do. He melted away leaving only his hat, scarf and pipe. The next thing I knew, I was whacked in the back of the head and in your jail.”

    “I see,” he said, “Fine. Your free to go. But don’t ever interact with anything magical EVER again.”

    “Yes sir,” I said

  26. The police officer was in a dark room with me. I was twidling my thumbs acting nervous-like. The police had accused me of stealing Frosty the Snowman’s nose.
    “What a joke” I said when I heard it.
    “Why did you do it?” the police officer asked.
    “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it!” I pleaded.”
    “What is your reasoning” the officer said.
    “It’s not my fault I wanted to touch him. Who wouldn’t want to when thre is no snow in Florida, anyways I didn’t touch anywhere near his nose!” I said.
    The police officer examined his papers. He saw that it said my finger prints were on the bottom ball of snow, and that another guy’s finger prints were on the place where the nose was.

    the snow on the website is awesome
    The officer said sorry and let me out of the room. On my way out I saw bugs bunny with a rotton carrot in his mouth!

  27. 2:00 A.M December 24th Anthony in his bed waiting for santa claus to come to his house when disturbing sound is heard and wakes up the tired Anthony.He comes up to the window and a large speaker comes down from a plane and says” Give back frosty’s nose.”
    “I don’t have his nose,”he replied.
    “How do you know?”the large speaker replied.
    “OK I’ll give you two reasons one I am sleeping and two I don’t live in the north pole with santa,”Anthony commented.
    “Well I need a finger print to show proof,” demanded the loud speaker.
    He gave the finger print and it turned out that the person to steal frosty’s nose was Bugs bunny and he ate the carrot right off of his nose.

  28. It was 11:47 P.M., and so far, everything looked fine. He was being well guarded. There were only thirteen minutes left until the big day. Tomorrow would be Christmas Eve, and everyone knew that he would be needed tomorrow. So far there hasn’t been any suspicious activity that would be considered a threat. Just then, The alarm went off! Someone had intruded and gone towards Frosty!!!

    At 4:32 A.M., A police officer came to my door, nearly knocking it down as well as waking me up. He dragged my into his car, and speed off to the station while I frantically asked what it was all about.

    We arrived at the station at 4:37 A.M.

    “Look son, the sun is almost up and we don’t have all day, everyone will be expecting him to be all nice and ready, that means complete, by sunrise when he makes his big appearance.”

    “I don’t even know what your talking about! And whose this “him” your talking about, what is he? Some kind of actor?”

    “First, don’t act all dumb kid, we know how all you kids are huge fans of him, plus of course you know who it is if you were the one that did it. Second, he’s no actor, he’s the real deal. Third, we have evidence that it was you. You even left your foot prints all over the snow!”

    “Okay, I’m pretty sure you got the wrong guy for the ,I guess, crime, but I’ll tell you what I did last night and everything that you need to know.”

    “Go ahead kid” the police man said, just as two other police men walked in. The second guy was tall and skinny, while the other was more of an average height, and was a lot more heavy. Because the only light in the room was on me, I couldn’t see any of the faces that weren’t about a foot or two away.

    “Yesterday I got up and did all of my normal morning things like eat breakfast, take a shower, and so on.”

    “Are you going to get anywhere with this, like I said, we’re on a time limit here and you wouldn’t want to see the reaction of this from the crowd OR us.”

    “Fine, fine, I’ll skip a few parts, now, I went outside to go meet my friends and have a huge snowball fight with forts, walls, and trenches, kind of like a military type of thing. I was almost to the spot we had planned when I saw cation tape in the way to the spot. I had planned to get there early so it was no surprise seeing only several people there.”

    “How many people exactly?” the shorter of the new two officers sceptically.

    “Why does that eve- Oh never mind, I’d say about four if that.”

    The officer wiped his face, nodding, then asked to turn the heat down.

    “When I got up to the top of the hill, that was where the tape had started, it was about 8:30, and we wanted it to be dark so it would make it a lot harder for several reasons. I started to ask them if they what the tape was for when we started to hear about three different voices coming from the other side. We dared each other to go see what or who it was about when one of them had fallen. I immediately jumped over the tape, sliding down the hill concerned for my friend’s safety.”

    “So you crossed the tape, even though you knew the are was restricted?” one of the officers said.

    “Well what would you do? I didn’t want him just to be alone lying there in the snow to freeze if he had gotten hurt! Anyway, I was sliding down the hill after my friend, realizing that the voices had gotten louder but quicker. I had found my friend at the bottom and he told me he was all right. Thinking that the voices might have been police officers, my friend started calling out to them. I tried to quiet him down, telling him they could be something else, but he was telling me that they would probably know why the tape was there. I gave in and helped him look for the source or sources of the noises. We then realized we were lost and that the voices had stopped. By the way officer, did you see another pair of footprints in the area?”

    “… That is classified information that will be… Withheld until the perpetrator is confirmed…”

    “I see. Well we were lost, it was dark and neither of us knew where to go. We wandered for what seemed like forever when we saw a dark figure of what looked like a tall man looking for something. We followed him around until we saw a snowman with a hat, black eyes, and a round nose. We wondered why or how someone would build a snowman out here in the middle of nowhere, but decided to keep quiet. When the silhouette looked our way, we ducked out of cover and ran right past the snowman. Luckily we found an exit a while away and headed home. Now, could you PLEASE tell me what I did!”

    “Now son, we all know that you were the one that stole Frosty’s nose!”

    “WHAT!!!! You dare accuse me of stealing the nose of not only a but my childhood hero!”

    “Kid, we have evidence, YOUR FOOTPRINTS were all around the area were Frosty was resting, and we have security futage that shows a kid going all around
    Frosty, then running away frantically, looking around like he was afraid of getting caught. Its clear that you were the only that could have done this.”

    “What about my friend or that man? Wouldn’t there be “evidence” that it was “clearly” them? And, may I ask officer, where were you last night during the scene of the crime?”

    “Why I was patrolling the perimeter of Frosty’s area of course. What else would I be doing?” The shorter police man that had walked in after I had arrived had been sweating the whole time, and just seemed to get hotter and hotter.

    “You there,” I said to the sweaty police man, “Hand over the nose!”

    “What are you talking about? How could it have been me when I’m the victim here!” the sweaty police man said.

    “What?” And as I said this, the man walked into the light, taking off a hood, revealing the pale white face, shiny with water.

    “Frosty?” the rest of us asked in unison?

    “Oh boy, it is Frosty. Now we can clear everything up and the case will be settled.” the tall one said in monotone eying Frosty.

    “Wait. Did you steal Frosty’s nose?” I asked the tall police man remembering the snowman I saw in Frosty’s area had no nose, so it must have been him. But just then as I looked up at Frosty I saw that his button nose was just where it needed to be. The police men most have noticed my confusion because they all started to look at me.

    “Okay fine I’ll admit it, no one actually stole Frosty’s nose. That was just a fake.”

    “But how? When I past Frosty his nose was missing and so was the tall man. I even saw him walk up to the snowman.”

    “Kid. That wasn’t really Frosty. It was just a regular snowman dressed like him.”

    “Okay. Then who was that man we followed around?”

    “That would be me.” the tall police man said, walking toward me.

    “But I don’t understand. Why you would go through all of this trouble just to FAKE a robbery?”

    “Oh you’ll find out eventually,” the first police man said looking at me, “just keep quiet and none of this happened but the interview/alibi part.” The way he glared at me made me understand he meant it.

    After all of that, the police men, not including Frosty who went to go refrost, drove me home before my parents woke up and knew I was gone. In the morning, my parents found out about Frosty’s nose being stolen and that I was a prime suspect, they freaked out at me and the police for accusing me. I had told her I had already worked things out with them and it would be okay. No one knew about the part that it was a hoax except for the people who were at my interview with the police.

    On Christmas Day, the news had reported that the case had been settled and that the real culprit had been found (which wasn’t me or Frosty or the police). According to the news the world’s Christmas present was that Frosty had finally been reunited with his button nose, to match those two great big coal eyes he has. Everyone in the city seemed happy. But more happy than the usual Christmas happy. But that their snowman had found his beloved nose. (I, of course, never told anyone what really happened to Frosty and his nose)

  29. “You can accuse me of this! I did nothing. You have no prof! Get youur hands off me!” I was carried off the crime scene just like that. No explanation. No reason of why I did anything what so ever. All I knew was that I needed to get a lawyer, and a good one too.

    That’s how it all started. That was how I was accused of stealing Frost’s nose.

    I beged to the jury at my court hearing, “It all started on the cold morning when I woke up and went for my morning jog. It was still almost completly dark outside. I believe I left my house at 6:00am for my jog, a little earlier than I usally do though. I was rounding a corner when I saw a dash through the dark foggy night. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten involved, but if someone was hurt I didn’t want to ignore the situation. So I silently followed this misterious figure in the night. As I tiptoed aroundthe courner, I saw a man, a little taller than I am, atacking this figure, I’m absolutly positive than it wasn’t a human of any kind. It looked like three round balls stacked on top of each other. I got closer to this fight, and I thought to myself could it be? Frosty the snowman? I mean it was the right time of year. Then, suddenly The man turned around and wacked me unconscious and that was all I could remeber before I was wokeen by a man in a police uniform at 9:00am yesterday morning. I was yanked up off the ground, had handcuffs put on me, and was shoved in a car without any explanation at all. And that is what happened Judge.”

    “Fine then. I believe that your were innocent and it was all a mastake. You are free to go.”

    Thats how it all ended….

    Untill I read in the news the next day that the man who knocked me out was a cereal killer on the lose, and he published in the paper that the next target…….was me.

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