From The Jamestown Settlement To The Orchard Street Tenement

180px-JamestownsettlementSince you are learning about the Jamestown Settlement in history and playing a Jamestown simulation game, I thought I would offer a cross curricular blog prompt this week and post some fun interactive sites for you to visit on Jamestown which will hopefully add to your Jamestown learning experience.

Jamestown, Time Magazine This link takes you to a Time Magazine article and interactive tour of the James Fort. Follow the directions.

The Jamestown Online Adventure This is a fun interactive online simulation game. You will need Flash 7 or higher to play. Free download is there for you if you need to install it.

On The Trail Of Captain John Smith, A Jamestown Adventure Fun interactive game

Jamestown This interactive is from the History Channel and also requires Flash 8 Plugin to play. This is a great extensive site.

Please answer the following questions: Prompt 1

What do you find interesting about Jamestown?

Did you learn any new information from visiting these websites? Which site did you enjoy the most?

How are you doing playing the simulation game in history? Based on your game playing experience so far, what was life like at the Jamestown settlement?


Prompt 2

From Ellis Island To Orchard Street This is a great interactive website that explores immigration in 1916. Be sure the volume is turned up on your computer. You will become an immigrant and explore and learn what is what like to travel to America and start a new life in an unknown city. Follow the directions. You also will have help along the way to guide you on this journey.

What did you learn from this site?

What did you like best about this site?

Did any of your ancestors immigrate to the United States?


  1. Prompt 1

    I think that all those sites were really cool and interesting. One thing that I thought was clever was that John Smith took his gun and pretended it was broken to not show the Indian’s that the bow and arrow was better. Also it was amazing how fast they built the fort, and it was really tall, they built it really fast for how tall it was. Another thing I learned is that John Smith could get himself out of trouble all the time. It must have been really hard to come off of a ship that you have been on for months then when you reach somewhere nobody knows about and then try to build a colony.

    I thought that it was cool how archeaoligist believed that all of the fort drifted away in the river, but recently they found some remains. Another thing that was kinda funny was that when John Smith came back after being captured they tried to hang him. Also in the simulation it said that the spanish believed they ruled a long the coast so they were supposed to go more inland.

    Prompt 2

    Well I learned a lot from this site, but in third grade we studies about immigration and we had a field trip to Ellis island, but of course I missed it because I had hockey.
    I liked how you got to choose what you would do and it wouldn’t do it for you and just have you watch you got to interact. Yes my Grandma and Grandpa on my Dad side immigrated from Ireland. When they got here they were really poor, but my Grandpa was very successful and now owns three companies and a hotel in Ireland.

  2. It was very interesting that Jamestown suffered from so many diseases but they still came through in the new world. I learned that the John Smith almost died twice, but his life was spared. The English learned to coupe with the Indians, but when they started to want more land they had a war and the Indian tribe was diminished. I enjoyed the John Smith site the best because it taught me a lot about his life and had many fun game. On the sim I have just started level three. At the beginning, It was hard to grow a lot of food to supply the colonists. Now I am growing a surplus of food and trying to make a lot of money.

    I learned that 23 million immigrated to America between 1890 and 1924. You also had to pass an inspection to be able to live there. I also learned that during that time there were no T.V.’s or video games and I was during World War I. I liked that his site was very interactive and the you had a woman who migrated herself to help guide you there. None of my ancestor’s migrated to the U.S.

  3. Prompt 1:

    It was interesting how much work was needed to start a colony. They need a food supply, protection, and people that will help work to start the colony. They have to do all of this when they are worried about searching for gold even though that didn’t work. I was surprised how they slept in those small lean-tos when they were building the houses.

    I learned that it only took nineteen days to build a fort. The build a fort on the John Smith game took me about fifty days to make. That proves that it was hard to make and it took a lot of work. I learned that the settlers didn’t have any free time because they were always working. In the simulation game I am at the start of level three. At first when I got there, my computer turned off. I had to make it all the way back there. I am in the middle of trading for tobacco which will make me a lot of money. I noticed that it is important to have multiple ships moving goods between Europe and America.

    Prompt 2:

    I learned that to pass the inspection you had to be healthy, If the person who checks your eyes says that they look weird you may not be able to enter. I didn’t know how many people actually went to Ellis island. I liked how the site was interactive. It was like starting a whole new life in America. It was cool how you can pick your own name and choose your life. My maternal grandfather immigrated from Cuba with little money. He arrived in Miami and eventually moved to Connecticut.

  4. Prompt 1:

    Out of all the different sites, I liked the trail of Captain John Smith the most. It was interactive, which most were, but I liked how they also made learning fun. I thought it was cool how I usuallly answered the same as what actually happened.

    I think that Jamestown is a fascinating topic that I would like to learn even more about. We did do the United States play in 4th grade, but that has no comparison to how much we can learn now. I think that learning about our countries history is a pretty cool thing. I think one of the coolest thing about the story is that John Smith threw his gun away to let himself be captured. That is what I would have done myself, even if I would have been killed because of it. Hopefully, Pochahontis would be there and rescue me.

    I really like the Jamestoen simulation. I liked the Egypt one that we did last year, so I was excited tohear that we were doing the same program this year.I’m still only on level 2, but I am almost on level three. I need more shillings to be able to move on to the next level. I was afraid that the Indians might attack because I kind of had a hunting frenzy and sold a lot of beaver pelts for money. The Indians got mad, but they never did attack. Uh oh, I better knock on some wood…

    Prompt 2:

    I am happy I wasn’t the one in my family that had to immigrate across the ocean. It seems like having to go through the whole immigration process was so stressful! We think our lives are hare? THey had to answer questions about themselves to make sure you weren’t stealing someone elses identity. Well, we still knid of do that today, but its mostly just your signsture. Everyone who watches TV couldn’t eeven live during that time. No TV? What else are they going to take from us? As most cheesy movies would say, at least we have our dignaty.

    1. @kylieh15, Uh oh! Forgot to talk about my ancestors. I am half illegal immigrant. My great-great-great-grandpa was a master chef on a very fancy cruise line, but he ended up jumping off the side of the boat and swimming to America.

      My great-great-great-grandma moved from Canada down to America when she was only 6-months-old. But since she was so young, she never really became as certified citizen of America. And she could vote and she had insurance.

  5. I learned something from each website that was posted but my favorite one was The Time Magazine. I had never known how hard it was for the settlers to start their settlement. The Native Americans did not do much to help their cause in the beginning, storming the settlers and killing a couple.

    So far the Jamestown simulation has been very difficult for me. I have had to sit and watch my wonderful settlers succumbing to starvation and getting killed by Native Americans. I really have no clue what I am doing half the time! After a plethora of failures I have still decided to keep at it even though I will forever be doomed in Level 1. If life in the simulation was like this for me I cannot possibly imagine what it would’ve been like when the settlers really had to go through this.

    I really enjoyed the Ellis Island website. I learned so much about what it was like for an immigrant to come to America. It does not seem like the walk in the park, especially the health inspection. The lady who spoke and gave advice was also somewhat realistic and had a whole lot to say. I was disappointed you were not allowed to use a different name when it was asked for; I thought some people did when they first came over as immigrants.

    All of my ancestors came from India; even my parents are from India. The first person in my family that came to America came in the 1970’s. Other than that there isn’t much to say about my ancestors. They all came from the exact same state too. Due to this all of my family history seems tedious and uninteresting.

  6. What was very interesting to me about Jamestown is how different all of the indian tribes were. Some were extremely welcoming and helpful. Others were very cruel and just wanted to make war. It also surprised me how many different tribes there were in the area. I never had any clue that there were so many. Something that kind of bothered me was how the gentlemen did not want to work. I felt as if everyone should lend a hand so they could get work done faster, as well as having more food and such.

    I learned a lot from reading these websites actually. One thing that really sticks out though was rivalry with the indians. It seemed so strange how the indians didn’t always want to work it out, or trade. Well, it depended on the tribe, either way I feel like all of them should’ve wanted to trade because the indians would’ve gotten something out of it too. The website I enjoyed the most was the one with the interactive about John Smith. I felt like I was kind of involved in the story, because the games after the little movies went a long about what we had just seen. So, after hearing about it, I got to somewhat experience it. As in, I could kind of see what some things were like. I thought that that website taught me a lot and was very useful.

    I must say that I have never been the best at those simulation games. Yet, I am officially on level two! Last year when I did it, I did not get very far, but I was trying really hard this time! All I need right now to get to level three is more money. I already had reached the food and house goal before I got to level two. Also, they gave you more people when you got to level two, which is where I reached my people goal from. Life in the Jamestown settlement took a lot of work. I can tell, because in the simulation everyone is always working, working, working. That’s what had to happen to stay alive, they needed enough food and shelter to live. Also, they needed money to trade with Europe, and they needed to hunt to find beaver pelts and other things to trade with Europe. The simulation really does give me a feel for what those people’s lives might have been like.

    From this website I learned that it took a lot more than I expected to immigrate to America. You had to fill out a bunch of papers and go through health inspectors and everything else. I mean just think! What if you just happened to have a cold, but you knew that it would go away in a couple of days. You wouldn’t be able to pass Ellis Island, they would just say that you’re sick and can’t go through. That would be terrible! Also I realized that there were a lot of people who were immigrating to America at that time. Last, I was thinking that you really couldn’t bring that much to America, because with all of the traveling, you could carry what you could carry and fit in your suitcase and that’s about it.

    What I liked best is how that girl was giving us tips about coming to America. She really connected with me, and I think that with her telling her experiences that it helped me a lot more to understand what they would go through. It was nice to know that whenever I needed advice or something that someone would be there!

    Yes! My ancestors did immigrate to America. My great grandparents were living in Russia. They lived in a town right on the border of Russia. On the day of their wedding the snuck out of Russia and escaped to North America, Canada. Another one of my ancestors Escaped out of Russia by hiding in a wheel barrow covered in hay. He had to sneak pass a lot of police and guards, and somehow, he made it into the U.S.

  7. Prompt 1:

    What I found most interesting about Jamestown was that the colonists never gave up. There was illness, lack of food, enemies, and horrible locations but that never stopped them! Also, the colonists had spent so much time setting up a new settlement but had to abandon it soon after. Jamestown consists of a lot of good and bad history.

    I have obviously learned the basic facts of Jamestown in History class but I learned some more detail about what happened. Like how some of the diseases that the colonists got were from mosquitoes and other bugs. Also, they had to locate in a low, marshy area because they were defending against Spanish ships along the coast of North America.

    I like the Jamestown online adventure the most. It showed me what locations were possible at the time and all the different jobs the colonists had to do. Also, it showed me that every choice they made had a big impact on their future.

    In the simulation, I have lost many people but have successfully made it through the first level. At some points I am not sure what to do, but someone is always there to help. I have learned that the Native Americans did not like it when the colonists took advantage of the hunting because when you hunt too much they burn down your village and take your crops. Also, there was a lot of work involved in starting a new colony and it took the colonists a while to make the right choices. The simulation has been a fun way of learning about Jamestown.

    Prompt 2:

    I learned about the life that an immigrant has to live. I learned what they did for fun, what kind of jobs there was, the housework, what you can buy, what you can eat, and where you sleep. There was a map of an apartment and what things would be in it like an oven, gas lights, a sink, and the bedrooms. Also, at the beginning it explained what the health inspection had in it and what supplies you needed to pass through. I liked how there was a video for every step in the process of getting to America and for all of the daily activities. I also liked how it was an interactive game.

    I have ancestors on my mom’s side that are from Scotland and England but I am not sure who. I don’t know about my ancstors on my dad’s side

  8. I found it very interesting that they were able to survive even through disease and the Natives. Them willing to stay and survive is the reason we are who we are today.

    I learned things about the Indians and what a large effect they had on either destroying or helping the colony. I also learned how smart John Smith was. He used tricks to save his life multiple times. I enjoyed the National Geographic one because it showed ho the colonists were.

    I’m doing kind of well. I’m behind but not by much. I just stated level two. I know that I won’t be the first one done, but I still enjoy the game.

    I learned that it was hard being an immigrant back then because it was just hard to get a job to have a good life.

    I liked that you could make your name and choose what you do. It was a very cool site.

    Since I am half Irish, a quarter Italian, and some other things just about all of my family ancestors immigrated to America.

  9. Prompt 1:

    All of the websites that I went to taught me many interesting facts about Jamestown and John Smith. I liked the websites because they were educational, but in a fun way. I thought it was very interesting how they managed to stay alive and trick the Indians. I also thought John Smith was very important because he was smart and he stayed alive after many sicknesses that he got. My favorite website was “On The Trail Of Captain John Smith, A Jamestown Adventure.” It taught me many facts like that two thirds of the men didn’t survive their first year in America. I like the website because it showed a video while someone was talking about it.

    When I first started the simulation I was pretty bad at it, and I didn’t really know how to do it because I’m not good at games like that. I finally started to get the hang of it once my people started to die. Now, I’m doing pretty well and my people aren’t dieing anymore. Like in Jamestown was probably pretty hard.

    Prompt 2:

    I learned a lot from this site, too. One fact that I found most interesting was that they had to get checked by a doctor to see if they had any diseases just to get through. I had no idea about that. This website was very cool. My ancestors did actually migrate to the United States. My great grandparents on my dads side moved from Greece to New York, then to Florida.

  10. I found a couple of things that interested me. One was that they didn’t sail straight to Jamestown, the went around a bunch of islands, and came up along the coast of the new world. Another is the story with John Smith and the Indians. The last is that only three fourths of the first settlers survived. I really didn’t learn anything new about Jamestown.

    From my observations life was pretty dangerous in Jamestown. Settlers had to always be on the lookout for indian attacks. They also had to face with diseases. If I was the governer I would always be scared of rebellion.

    I did not learn much from this website. My ancestors did migrate from Europe. I’m not exactly sure what countries they are from.

  11. Prompt One

    One thing that I find interesting, and sort of funny, about Jamestown, is that when they built the fort, the settlers dug a small, dry moat around it, just to make the walls look taller! The walls were already about eleven to fifteen feet tall without the moat! Something else that was interesting was how the first president of the settlement did not agree to building a fort. It wasn’t until the neighboring indians attacked that he changed his mind! Also, another fact is that the James River had a completely different name before Jamestown was created. Another interesting fact is that event though the settlers landed and stayed in marshy lands and it was safe from the Spanish people, the water and mosquitoes brought disease to the small town and many people died from that.

    I learned a lot about John Smith from the third website. I didn’t know a lot in detail about him before but now I know more. The website explained what happened to him during his experience at Jamestown. Like he was at first a prisoner, then was able to work on the land, and finally he made it onto the ruling council. I also learned more about what was going on inside and around the fort. Such as there were military groups outside the fort during the day to practice drills. This area was called Smithfield. I knew that there were cannons posted on every corner, but what I didn’t realize that they were there in case the Spanish attacked (which they never did)! I like the interactive sites a lot, so I really liked the ‘On the Trail of Captain John Smith, A Jamestown Adventure’ website. I enjoyed the mini games, like the one where you had to match the pieces of the fort in the correct spots.

    I’m doing okay on the simulation game in history! I have learned a lot from it though. I’ve learned that it was hard for people to survive in the new settlement for the first couple of days because of the lack of supplies, shelter, and food. The people had to work and at the beginning of the game most of my people died. Then I got into the game. I was setting people to work planting crops and building shelter, and it got very efficient. During level two, the one that I am currently on, I have to earn money. I learned that the people had to split up the work evenly, or else nothing would get done right or quick enough. It is fun in my opinion.

    Prompt Two

    This site was very informational! I learned a lot about how people lived, eat, and traveled to get to America. It told me about the different foods people would eat, such as egg cream or a hot dog, and it also said things about what people do for fun, like go to the Nickelodeon! I found it interesting how Nickelodeon was named because it only costs one nickel! I saw what a passport looked like and the process you had to go through at Ellis Island just to get into New York. It went into more detail, like how the people there would check under your eyes to make sure you didn’t have eye disease. The website was very interesting and it was fun too! I liked how it was an interactive site so you could experience it better the best!

    Yes, my ancestors immigrated to the United States. They immigrated from Russia and Germany on my mom’s side, and on my dad’s side they immigrated from Russia and Poland. From what I’ve heard, they had to change their name at Ellis Island and eventually moved from New York to other places in the U.S. All in all, they had a busy life!

  12. Have to say, I like that snow, jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!

    Prompt 1.
    I think the most interesting thing I found about Jamestown was how at one point they just hoped that the Indians would save them from their own mistake, the indians came though. I learned a lot more about John Smith through this. Before I had thought that he had just written a journal and thats all he did to help. Now I know how he was locked up, captured, had a spirit of adventure, and was made leader. I enjoyed on the trail of John Smith the best out of all the sites. I enjoyed playing the games, after about five tries I beat the settlers record of building a fort in 19 days. I also beat the Indians by a lot in the boat race which I found fun. The animations were also very enjoyable. I enjoyed playing the simulation game a lot. At first all my people in the town died, luckily I had some pilgrims left in England. Now I am thriving and doing great, but my early death and my attack from the indians (just an accident, but the next time they attack I’ll be ready to shoot them). I see that it was very dangerous in the settlement, mostly from the indians and the lack of shelter.

    Prompt 2
    What I liked best about this site was how it showed you a lot of information, but it made it into a game so I could actually enjoy it. I learned a lot about how tough the Americans were to make sure that everybody had good health when they came into America. I liked making my own person (would have prefered more choices about what country I came from though, had to choose Italy.) My mother and my great great grandfather each came from Finland and Sweden to America. But I learned one great thing from this site, hot dogs make you look like an American!

  13. Prompt 1:

    For prompt one I visited all the sites and thought they were all informative and interesting, but the site I thought was the best was the Time magazine site. What I found about Jamestown that was very interesting was that even though the Indians in several occasions attacked the English people they grew in population because they were producing money. What I found on the site that I never knew was that the English people wanted to seem better than everyone else like people do today. The way they used to seem better was they built a moat right before the wall and turned the wood inward to make the wall seem bigger and make them seem like amazing builder. It probably also protected them more cause of the height.

    In the simulation game I am doing quite well even though I died the first two times I did it. After two days I have made it to level three the last level where you have to do things like planting tobacco to win. Using what I know from the simulation I think those people had pretty hard lives and had to work a lot. But overall I feel those people were like military people today, they basically wasted their live to start the country of America.

    Prompt 2:

    This so interesting and very interactive. It made me feel like I was really there. What I liked best about this site was not how you can interact and pick your path in life, the thing I liked was that you got to hear about what happened back then from I girl who knows it all. One thing in this site that I learned was that they ate things back then that we eat today like hot dogs, which the Germans brought to America. I don’t completely know if my ancestors immigrated basically came from the United Kingdom so they probably weren’t immigrants.

  14. i find that the europeans were very smart in starting a new civilization and i just think thats thats so interesting that they never knew about the country that we live in today. I learned lots from these new sites. like that they had dug more than 900 ft. of trenches, cut down and hauled hundreds of trees and upended them to form a triangular enclosure of about an acre.
    thats amazing how more advanced we were than the indians but they still managed to out wit us in many ways. I enjoyed the second one more because it was interactive. and that helps me learn personally. I am currently on the 3rd level in the simulation with a successful running civilization. From the simulation I learned that there is no time to sit and do nothing. and that it seems there is always more work to be done.

  15. I think that it was interesting how once the two main leaders that kept Jamestown alive died (John Smith and Powhatan) the colony almost did as well. I didn’t know that at one point Jamestown was actually burned to the ground but I did know that there were many fights later on. I also didn’t know that without Jamestown places like New England wouldn’t have been colonized when they were. It was pretty smart that Jamestown was built as a wooden fort for several reasons. One being that it protected the settlers from enemies such as angry tribes or even the unlikely chance of the Spanish coming and attacking.

    So far my simulation is pretty good. I’m on the third and final level, and I am about half way finished. I’ve been learning a lot about life in the New World back then and how hard it was to live there. I’m also realizing just how careful the settlers had to be with the Native Americans living there.

    I learned how hard being an immigrant was and how little you could actually bring to America. I liked how it showed you step by step what you had to do and what you could do.

    Both sides of my family came from Europe. On my mom’s side, my great grandmother and great grandfather, married then, came to America from Ireland. They didn’t have to go through Ellis Island and always told my mom that she was “sponsored” by someone in Boston so they didn’t have to go through the process. If you go back far enough my mom’s side is actually Norse. We found this out several years ago and that some of our ancestors were vikings and traveled to the settlements they made across Ireland’s coast. My dad’s side is German. We believe that the first (insert last name here) came to America as a Hessian in the Revolutionary War. Hessian soldiers were basically German mercenaries hired by the British to fight the Americans with them. After the battle of Saratoga many Hessian soldiers surrendered and lived in the area. My German ancestor was also one of the ones who surrendered and lived in America. It just so happened that he bought a farm in upstate New York, which is near Saratoga. And thus my family’s history was born!

    1. @john15, about the second paragraph: I forgot to mention that they had to be careful because they might upset, offend, anger, or give the natives there any reason to attack them. Dad’s side -German, came around 1777, while my mom’s grandparents came around 1923.

  16. Prompt 1:

    The thing I find interesting about Jamestown was how John Smith was captain and then he became captured. Also, how the John Smith became friends with the indians. I learned a lot more today about the indians and John Smith then I knew yesterday.

    I think my favorite website was On The Trail Of Captain John Smith, A Jamestown Adventure, becuase it was so much fun biulding the wall and playing all those cool games. Also I liked how it read “To You” instead of you reading it then it gets boring.

    I am doing great on my simmulation in History I am on level two going into level three, but the bell rang so I didnt get to tdo the quiz. The key of the game is to have a lot of money have a lot of food (crops and fishing) and not a lot of people in your settelment, if you have more than 100 people in your settelment people will start dying. Also, dont send more than six people over to the Native American tribe or else they will invade you and either burn your crops (not all of them) or burn down your houses (all of the homes).

    Prompt: 2

    I learned that Woodrow Wilson was the preseident back in 1916. And that the person showing me around was Victoria Confino. My name was Bella (can’t pronounce the last name or cant spell it) and I was from Italy. My age was 8 ( I was a youngling). I also learned that when you want to got to the other place you have to go through a health inspection. You walk through adn people stare at you and try to see if you are sick or not. They also ask you questions like: what is your name? where are you from? how old are you? There is also this eye man who lifts up your eye lids to see if you have any diseases (it must feel weird)!

    The thing I liked best was the listening part, where she talks to you and explains what is going to happen next and also what is happening now. She also explains what happened when her and her brother where there along time ago.

    Yes, all my ancestors migrated to the USA.

  17. What I found most interesting about Jamestown is that John Smith, who was only one person, could have such a huge effect on the colony. He was their best leader and made many decisions that saved lives, although at first they did not trust him. He was also responsible for most of the exploration of the surrounding areas, along with relations with the Native Americans. One sees his importance when one learns that when he left because of a gunpowder injury, the situation in Jamestown got considerably worse.

    I learned a lot from these sites. I knew some things about Jamestown before, but mostly broader ideas, and these sites presented many details. For one, if you had asked me before about the Native Americans that the Jamestown settlers encountered, I probably would have known about the Powhatan, but not much, and probably not anything about the other tribes in the area. Also, I learned that Jamestown had quite a topsy-turvy history. At one moment, they would be doing great, and then a year later, things would be terrible. The colony’s condition was constantly changing. Of all of the sites, I enjoyed The Jamestown Online Adventure the most.

    I have missed several History classes, so I am a bit behind in the simulation, but I have learned that it is extremely hard to keep the colony’s head above water. When I first reached the new world, I did not have enough wood to build a house, and my entire colony almost died while frantically chopping down trees and cutting logs into planks to make a house. However, I managed to pull myself up and make a house in time. Once I had a solid supply of food and shelter, it was not as hard, but I have learned from the websites that in the real Jamestown, that could be taken away from you in an instant. It would have been terrible, living in disease and famine, in constant fear of Indian attack. I am certainly glad that I live in the present day.

    The Ellis Island site gave me some information that I would never have imagined. It showed me that coming to America, for whatever reason, was excruciatingly hard, and even once you were there, it was no picnic living in New York. It included information about the crazy conditions on the boat ride to the U.S. The site also explained the surprisingly detailed process of inspection at Ellis Island, incuding the creepy “Eye Man,” whose job it was to check you for eye diseases. However, the most shocking information came to me at the stage when your immigrant was in his or her apartment. This was when the guide explained that her family was made up of 10 people, all crammed into just 3 rooms! Life must have been very tough, but the woman was very cheerful in explaining it. It is admirable that she can look back at that life with a smile.

    I liked the perspective of this site best. It put you in the shoes of an immigrant, and let you see things as they would see them, as opposed to simply presenting information out of context.

    As far as I know, my entire ancestry is European, so obviously, they were all immigrants at some time. Some came from Switzerland, some from Poland, others from England, also some from Germany, and some from Scotland through Canada, along with some actual Canadians. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a Swiss immigrant, which makes my mother a first generation American. I would certainly not be here today if not for immigration.

  18. Jamestown is very interesting. The most interesting thing is how all of a sudden everybody started to die. My favorite site is Jamestown. That video gives so much information. I am doing very well on the game in history. I think that life back then would have been very hard because you have to make your own food and houses. If you make another troop of indians mad then they will attack your fort.

    I learned from this website that you had to go through a lot of security to make sure you were who you said you were and that you didn’t have a disease. My favorite part of this site was how you could pick your name, gender, and where you came from. I picked Rosalia and Italy. Yes, some of my ancestors have immigrated to the United States.

  19. There were many new facts that I learned from these sites. I was surprized that the settlers were so quick to assume the Natives would take no offense at them staying in their territory. I also didn’t know that there had been a predecided list of leaders including John Smith, who had been held prisoner on the way to the New World.

    I enjoyed the second site because it was interactive and it let you make your own decisions. I chose to settle on the bay and make a village. I made most of my decisions based on the native’s advice because I didn’t want to make the same mistakes the settlers made in the 1600’s.

    I am not particularly far in the simulation game. I am only 200 shillings away, though. I’ve learned that life really would be brutal on the settlers, who couldn’t know what the next day would bring.

    I learned that although many aspects of an immigrants life would be hard, they were not looked down upon, and were, for the most part, welcomed to America.

    What I liked the most was the fact that you got to make decisions for yourself and decide what you would do. I enjoyed that you could create your own character and name them and decide their heritage.

    Much of my family immigrated, though I’m not positive it was to Ellis Island. I know my mother’s side of the family was from mainly Scotland, but then our last name was Cosh. In fact my grandmother’s middle name is Cosh because she married into the name Young. Young is my mother’s last name, but I have my father’s last name.

  20. I think Jamestown is an amazing point in history, and how it changed our way of thinking about the colony today. One of the most interesting points I found in the magazine was about John Smith. John Smith was a great leader, he directed many of the expeditions they had in the New World and make us think what it would have been like to be him.

    I knew quite a bit about Jamestown from last year, but I did learn a couple things. One thing, is that the Villagers were not respectable to the Native Americans. I thought that they were respectable because of all the trading and reunions they had. I also learnt that it only took nineteen days to build a fort. The last thing that I learned was that the colony never stayed the same, they always were changing something. The site that I enjoyed the most, was the Jamestown online adventure. The site really gave you depth in information and told you an extravaganza of things.

    I am actually doing pretty well on the simulation game. I am at the edge of passing level two, and I love earning money by selling beaver pelts. Life in Jamestown was obviously not easy work. You had to work hard at building houses, growing crops, fishing, and defending your on land.

  21. Prompt One

    Oh my godness. when you really read about Jamestown and think about the things that people thought back then, it is truly astounding. If you think about how people back then called today, America, the “New World”. I know it isn’t that appropriate, but I think it is haliorious about what they thought backk then. I mean I understand that they didn’t know any better or have books like we do today, but then again, probably 100 years from know, or maybe even less, the people will be saying what were they thinking about us. I found some very interesting facts about John Smith that were very suprising. Also, no matter what happened no one ever gave up, whether it be a battle, starvation, or a disease pool that always kept going. Not exactly saying they had successes, but personally, I think they did pretty good for the time period and the lack of technology.

    I have to say, all the online sites were very interesting, but the one I enjoyed the most was the Jamestown Online Adventure. I loved how you had to make your own decisions and suffer for poorly made decisions throughout the simulation.

    I think the Jamestown simulation is going very well for me, finialy. I started out having many problems. Lets just say, were not going to talk about how many times I had to start over in level one because all of my people died. But, it’s okay now. I learning many things about what happened when you didn’t work and were slackers, very disturbing. I very glad I wasn’t alive in this time period of discovering the “New World”.

    Prompt 2

    I learned much about immigrating from another crountry and how harsh it is when you get there, but one you pass out of thoses doors, it is well worth it. I learned how people lived back then, Victoria had fourteen people living in her three bedroom apartment!!Cramed living, right?

    I have to say what I enjoyed the most was exploring her apartment because it showed you the way people lived back then. I also liked watching the videos, I feel like it took this site to a whole new level with someone acctually guiding you through.

    Yes, most of the people on my dad’s side of the family immigrated from Ireland and the United Kingdom. On my mom’s side of the family though, she had annsistors immigrate from the UK also, and England.

  22. PROMPT 1:

    I learned a lot about Jamestown that I didn’t know before. I learned a lot about what they had to go through back then and how everything sounded like it was ten times harder than it would be today. I find it very hard to imagine what they had to suffer with. Diseases, starvation, lack of decent water, everything that they were used to was basically not there and they had to recreate everything.

    My favorite of the sites was the online adventure. I kept finding myself trying to find the perfect combination of decisions to get the best possible results… until I got bored and decided to go to the next site. 🙂

    I think I am doing okay in the simulation. not many of my people died in the first level but then in the second level everyone died! I fixed it and I am starting to do better. I have been taking really good notes for the quizzes so that I can get 100%s. on all of them.

    PROMPT 2:

    At my old school, we did a really long study on Ellis Island and immigration. We had to write diaries as if we were immigrants ourselves. Then we went to school one day dressed as our diary characters for “immigration day” it was really realistic. My character was in steerage and everyone in steerage had a package of saltine crackers to share and one glass of water each. The people in first class got Oreo’s and Goldfish and lot’s of other snacks. there was one of the teacher’s pet rats in the small steerage section. It was really fun! Everyone brought in a dish from the country that their character was from and at lunchtime, we had a huge feast with all of that food. :)!

    So basically, I already knew most of the information on that website… But I still thought it was very interesting.

    My ancestors all came from Germany. I forget how long ago and how they are related to me, but they came from Germany. 🙂

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