The Best Of Us Challenge

The Best Of Us Challenge

Do you have a unique athletic ability? One that you feel you are the best at and would like to challenge an Olympian if given the opportunity? What is this ability? Can you spin an umbrella? Are you a champion baton twirler? Can you balance a stick at the end of your foot?

Please visit the above Olympic site to get an idea of what The Best Of Us Challenge is. I am not asking you to participate. The purpose of this blog is for you to recognize that we all have special physical abilities regardless of athletic prowess. Please watch the main video to get an idea of what The Best of Us Challenge is all about, and then click on the videos below to view some Olympians challenging you and being challenged to do some interesting feats.

Please answer the following prompt:

What unusual physical ability/unique skill do you have that you could challenge an Olympian at?

Is there a particular Olympian you know of that you would like to challenge? If you don’t know an athlete’s name, at least name the Olympic sport in which you would like to find someone to challenge.

Think outside the obvious, meaning, this challenge isn’t about that you are a fast runner. Maybe your special ability is juggling for a certain amount of time, balancing a spoon on the end of your nose while turning in circles, or being able to do 500 sit ups without stopping.

As usual, please write in paragraph form and watch your spelling and punctuation.


  1. My unusual talent would be staring for a long time. I can stare extremely long if I daydream. Depending on when I notice Im daydreaming I can stare from 2 minutes to 6 or 7. If I try to stare I can only stare for about 1-2 minutes. I would challenge a olimpian skier or snowboarder because they would need to keep their eyes open for long perionds of time so they dont run into anything.

  2. Something that I can d that would chalenge an olypian to is balancing a baseball bat on my finger. its pretty simple actualy, all you have to do is keep it on your finger! If I could chanlenge an olyimpian to this it would be Joey Chestnut, he holds the record for most hot dogs eaten in a minute and holds the belt for it.

  3. My talent is that is that I can stick the front of my tongue to the back of my tongue. While doing this I can keep my tongue out of my mouth. I think I could do this for as long as a wanted if I had nothing else to do or no one else to talk to. If I could challenge any olympian I would challenge Michael Phelps because he is a very athletic man and I would like to see if he could do the little things. I honestly thing having a sticky tongue is hereditary because my mother can do the same trick I can but my father cannot.

  4. My talent is that I can lick the end of my elbow. When I do this I push my elbow back with my right hand and lick my left elbow. I would challenge Michael Phelps because he has unnaturally long arms and I would win.

  5. I can pogostick exteremly well. The first time I have ever tried to do it was at a grage sale. I bought the pogostick for 5$ and I still have it. I would challenge Rafeal Nadal to a pogostick competition because he is a tennis player and is not used to standing(hopping)still.

  6. I can play the guitar solo to the song “Knights of Cydonia” really fast. I practiced again and again until I barely needed to think to play it. Then I started playing it with my eyes closed. I wasn’t as good though. I would challenge John Bike, an Olympic handball player because you use your hands a lot.

  7. My unique ability is I can throw playing cards really fast and hard. For example one time me and my brother were in a hotel room and we took the room key and starting throwing it around the room. But I threw one so hard it hit the lamp shade and went right through. The person I would challenge is Anna Tunnicliffe, she won the laser radial olympics in beijing. I know she would kill me in sailing but I believe I can beat her at throwing cards the farthest.

    The first time I learned to throw a card was when I was watching myth busters and I saw them throw the card. So I went up to my room and started throwing the cards. When my brother got home I starting firing them at him and he came after me and he won because I was only 9. But after I told him all about it we had a huge war and at the end got yelled at by my Mom.

  8. My special ability is that I can put both of my hands flat on the ground. I would like to challenge Alex Ovechkin in a flexibility contest. You need to be flexible so you have a lower chance of an injury. I can do all kinds of other stretches too.

  9. My special ability is pulling back my left thumb back as far as it can go. I have been doing this for a while now and it never hurts. My dad once said that my thumb was triple jointed, but I don’t really think that is possible. I have pulled it back so far that you can see my knuckle on the other side of my hand! That only hurt a little. When I was little, I would always do this trick to scare off kids that were mean to me. It was really funny. I would ask a runner to compete with my talent because I have always wanted to meet one. Pulling back my thumb is really fun and cool. It also comes in handy when I need to scare people on Halloween!

  10. Thinking this over, there are many strange talents that I cannot do. No matter how many times I try to balance a spoon on my nose or carry ten basketballs at a time, it usually doesn’t work out. Although, if you would like to see something that I can do, ask me to rub my stomach, pat my head, jump around in a circle on one foot, and sing row row row your boat, at the same time. Yes, this may seem like a random combination of activities to put together, but I won’t believe that this is a completely pointless talent unless of course Jonny Moseley could do it longer than me. Yes, I would challenge Jonny Moseley, who is a snow skiier, I’m not sure what kind of skills a snow skiier would have in this challenge, but I’m willing to risk it.

  11. My unique skill is holding my breath. i can hold it for 1:31 minutes. It comes in handy when I swim. My dad can hold it even longer. If there was one Olympian I would challenge it would be Swan Johnson. I don’t think you need to hold your breath for gymnastics, so it’s a safe bet. I definitely wasn’t going to pick a swimmer!

  12. I am very good a balancing pole on my hand. The pole is three feet tall and is an inch and a half wide. I can usually balance it on my hand for a minute but sometimes more. It may not sound that long but it is very hard. I have also tried balancing it while walking up stairs, but I can only get up to fifteen steps. I would like to challenge Barbora Spotakova, javelin thrower, because I saw her do that on the website and I thought she was pretty good.

  13. One unique ability that I have is to throw a pitch at 60 mph. Once on a field trip to Great Explorations there was a small place where you could go and throw a baseball as hard as you could onto a mark on the wall. Then on a digital screen it told you the speed. Most of the time my pitches were in the 50’s but one got up to 60. The Olympian I would challenge is C.C Sabathia although he would obviously win with his whopping 90 miles per hour pitch.

  14. My special talent is probably balancing on one foot. I can hold it for 1 minute 15.3 seconds without losing my balance. I would challenge an Olympic swimmer. why? probably because you don’t really need to be able to balance on one foot in order to swim. I would definitely NOT want to challenge a gymnast because they have the best balance that I could think of, that is unless yoga becomes an Olympic sport. 🙂

  15. I don’t have many talents let alone rare and unusual ones, but I can hula-hoop for a long time. I can hula-hoop for twenty minutes easily, but it starts to get difficult after a while. My record would probably be somewhere around an hour. I’ve never really been taught any tricks. I can walk or turn around while hula-hooping but that’s about it. I can also spin the hula-hoop around my knees and ankles, a trick taught to me by a friend.

    If I could challenge any olympic athlete it would be a volley ball player because I would imagine them as the hardest challenge. Most sports don’t use your hips, and I figured maybe this one does.

  16. I would challenge an olympian at juggling. I do not juggle with my hands, although I wish I could. I juggle with my feet and a ball. I can juggle a soccerball about fifty times non-stop.

    If I could challenge an olympian at juggling I would challenge Usain Bolt. Everyone knows the great track runner Usain Bolt. I have also heard he plays a little soccer too. He is from Jamaca so he is probably pretty good at soccer. He is very fast, I am fast too but I wouldn’t go there, I would just challenge him at juggling.

  17. The unusual ability that I would like to challenge an olympian to is tying your shoes really fast. When I was little, I could never tie my shoes. So I practiced all of the time. Soon, I got really good at it, and now I can tie them really quickly! I would challenge Jenny Finch, who was an olympic softball pitcher. She ties her cleats all the time so it would be a close match.

  18. Most people know that I spend a good portion of my time on the soccer field. However what many people don’t know about me is that I am also a speed texter. I don’t like to talk on the phone but texting is my thing. I can text a whopping 165 characters in 30 seconds. I am good :). Although texting is not an Olympic sport, perhaps one day it will. Anything is possible. I would love to challenge Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps to a text off. He claims to do everything fast, but he has not met me yet!lol (Text talk)

  19. I would have to say one of my non-sport abilities would have to be somersaulting. By this, I mean the amount I can do in a row without messing up or getting dizzy. I think this would be an ability of mine because I don’t get dizzy easily and every other time one of my younger cousins come over to my house and show off the fact that they can do cartwheel and things like that, I joke around and do tons of somersaults pretending like its something special, until they tell me that somersaults aren’t very hard, so I challenge them to a somersaulting contest. Anyway, my point is that I have a lot of experience at this. I think that I would challenge an Olympic table tennis player (Ping-Pong). I would challenge them because I’ve always been fascinated by them because most of them devote their lives to something that is barely called a sport, but is still a great game in my perspective. I don’t really have any other reason to choose one of them except to be able to meet one in person. This would be a hilarious sport to watch if it was put in the Olympics because imagine rows of people rolling to a strip the size of an airfield, doing somersaults for hours at a time. Specially trained athletes, specializing in somersaulting across a field, for hours and somersaulting thousands of times.

  20. There is two kinda of unique skills I can do that I would want to challenge an olympian at, and you may think they are kinda of easy. The two skills are doing a word search and flipping a football into the air with one hand without dropping it. I am really good at handling a football with one hand and I am extremely fast at doing word searches. The unique talent is I think I could do them both at the same time. I think I could flip a football with one hand until I would be done with a fifteen word word search. Even though you may think it could be hard to concentrate on both activities but I usually can do that. That is really just multitasking.

    This skill I think would be easy to a smart basketball player because they have huge hands to flip the ball in and if they are smart they can do a word searches. So I would probably pick a snowboarder because they never have to handle a ball, but they are probably smart. So they would be able to do the word search fast but they would probably drop the ball fast when he or she wasn’t concentrating on the ball. So since I love snowboarding and snowboarders never work with a ball I would challenge my favorite snowboarder Shawn White.

  21. I believe my special ability is how fast I can spin a bo staff. A bo staff is Asian weapon that originated from farm tools. The bo staff was originally used to herd sheep and guild boats. As more warriors arose from Japan and China the bo staff became a practical weapon that was easy to disguise (like a cane or bucket carrier,) versatile, and powerful. My bo staff is about 5 feet, tapered at the end, and made of wood. My challenge is this: Who can spin a bo staff in the traditional form at the fastest speed? Ever since I started practicing with a bo staff I have practiced speed for spins and attacks. If I had the opportunity I wouldn’t know any Olympians to challenge. However, I would probably chose and Olympic fencer for three reasons. First of all fencing is considered the sport that has changed the least since it was created. Secondly, I have always been interested in fencing and how it must fell to play a sport hundreds and hundreds of years old. Finally, a think that a bo staff and a rapier are similar because they both are weapons invented and used a long time ago but now are sports for exercise and fun. Wish me luck!

  22. My talent is that i can hold the skinny part of a bat on my palm for 15minutes! i have always liked to do it every once in a while and it became a talent. I would like to chalange one of the olimpic runners because they are really skillful and they are good at a lot of what they do. I don’t think my talent is all that special but it makes me different.

  23. I think that my special abilty is standing on one foot. My record for this is 45 minutes and 12 seconds. If I had to challenge an olympian it would probably be Shawn Johnson. It would be a tough competition since she can balance so well on a balance beam.

  24. There are many unusal talents in the world. Some are strange and some are not that strange. The unusal talent I have is that I can jump rope on 1 foot while going forward. I would like to challenge one of the Olympic runners to this talent to see if he can beat me at this task. The challenge will be on a football field and the first one to make it to the end zone wins.

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