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The Headless Horseman

Please visit the above English website for some Haunting fun! First take a look around as the site is quite extensive, and be sure that you visit most of the links.

Pick at least eight (8) different categories from the left hand menu bar and read some of the stories from each one. Most are very short in length. Then answer the following questions:

Please give a brief summary of each story and tell specifically why you liked it. Be sure you mention the title of each story in your synopsis.

Do any of these stories really scare you? If so, what makes the story scary? Content? Words? Setting?

Do you have a scary story to share? Ghost tours or similar haunted tours are always good for a scare! This You Tube video explains the story of Robert the doll, a very famous doll residing in Key West, FL. I saw this doll in the museum when I was there a few years ago…….and it is creepy!!

And finally for you Skeleton Creek Fans


  1. None of these stories affected me in any major way via haunting except for Door #13.

    Door #13

    This story is about a 17 year old boy that got trapped and crushed in room #13 while doing routine watertight door drill. There have been claims that a young, bearded man walks up to the door and then vanishes from sight. There have been reports of knocking and the door being hot for no plausible reason. This story scared me because, 1. my birthday is July the tenth, and 2. I stayed in room 13 of a cruise ship.

    Radiant Boy of Chillingham Castle

    This story is about a “Radiant Boy” that haunts the “pink room”. His cries can be heard throughout the castle. Another supernatural being is supposedly Lady Berkeley, wife of Lord Grey.

    Clock Tower Ghost of Glamis Castle

    This castle was originally the homes of the Earls of Strathmore. Shakespeare chose this spot to perform “Macbeth”. Lady Glamis, the wife of the 6th Earl, is said to haunt the castle. She was burned at the stake, and her ghost has been seen above the clock tower, surrounded by a strange glow.

    Ghost Jester of Malahide Castle

    A ghost of a court jester haunts this castle. He is known as “Puck”, and fell in love with Queen Elenora Fitzgerald. She was imprisoned in the castle by King Henry the VIII. One night in December, he was found stabbed in the heart. He was seen in 1976 and pictures are around that show him.

    Phantom Monk-Minsden Chapel

    Minsden Chapel is haunted by a ghostly monk who appeared on Halloween. On midnight of Halloween, he descends a set of invisible stairs. The chapel bells are said to ring before he comes, and minutes after, he is said to vanish.

    Jumping Ghoul of Stockbridge Bypass

    There is said to be a ghoul there that, for a hobby, jumps out into cars. He mischievousness has caused 18 to be injured, and 8 have been killed.

    Roman Soldiers on the Road

    There have been sightings of a group of Roman Warriors walking on the road. Reports have said that after traveling, the group disappears.

    Henworth Grave

    It is said that if you go up to three little kids’ graves and run around them 12 times, then the little peeps are supposed to come out and play with you. They were burnt alive in their graves. (This story made me laugh. How preposterous is this story?):P

    I am sad and glad to say that no strange goings on have happened to me.

  2. “Molly the Tea Lady”
    The first story that I read was Molly the Tea Lady. It’s about a ghost, Molly. She used to work on the trains at Yeovil Train Station. She died on the platform at one of the stations in the 1960’s. She loved the trains so much that she haunts them today. She switches cutlery around, and turns things on and off. Molly does stop when she is asked to.

    The Lyceum Theatre is haunted by three ghosts. The first, is a monk. He walks around with a guilty expression. The second is a distraught ballerina. She was said to have hung herself and now walks around the theatre. There is also a third ghost, he is an actor who haunts the front door to the theatre. None of these ghosts scared me either.

    “Alexandra Theatre”
    The Alexandra Theatre has only one ghost. He used to be the wardrobe master. Witnesses have reports hearing footsteps and feeling a presence in the office. I was not scared of this story. It was just a little weird.

    “Ghostly Woman In a Taxi”
    A taxi driver was in his taxi with no passengers. When he looked in the rear view mirror he saw an old women. She was dressed in white and black and never looked right at him. When he pulled over to ask how she got in his car she was gone. I was not scared by this story. Had I been in the backseat with her I probably would.

    “Ghostly Walker and Dog”
    While driving one day a woman saw a man and his dog walking along the side of the road. She was lost and pulled up beside them. She notices they are walking against a strong wind, even though there is none. She asks her question and he does not respond, she now yells the question and he turns and glares at her. Frightened she drives away. I was a little scared by this story.

    “The Bell Witch”
    For years an evil spirit haunted the Bell family. The children were repeatedly scratched, slapped, and pinched. Blankets were pulled off beds. The witch was Kate Batts. She was the Bell’s neighbor. And even after Mr. Bell died she still terrorized his children. I would be scared if this happened to me, but not by the story. If a witch was hurting me I would be very scared.

    “Roman Legionaries”
    This story takes place in the Treasure House in 1953. While a plumber was installing a heating system he heard a horn blow. it kept blowing. Then a Roman soldier came through the wall with a horse drawn cart.
    Roman soldiers on foot followed close behind. Had I been in the house I would have been very scared.

    “Enfield Poltergeist”
    Mrs. and her children started hearing strange shuffling noises. Also knocking on the walls and furniture moving on it’s own. She called the SPR and they came to investigate. The only evidence found was a chair being thrown across a room. Sometimes the ghhost would take over the girl’s voices. The ghost said he was many different people. No one knows if the story is true. I was scared by this story. It sounds so weird.

  3. The Headless Grey Lady of Wolfeton House
    This is a story that said that one night at dinner he saw a figure that was an exact replica of the mistress except she was holding her on severed head. I think this one was strange because one the figure he saw was just sitting there and it had her on severed head in her arms.

    The Flying Dutchman
    This is a ship that appears in stormy weather off of cape good hope and if you see it means you will die a horrible death. This is scary because once a man saw it from a look out tower on a ship and shortly fell off and died.

    The hangman of Brigham, at Brigham Church
    This is a story of a man who was an executioner. (He hung people) He was depressed by his job so he killed himself (Ironic right?) He jumped off a church and was buried in the courtyard. His spirit had been scene until one day a man dug up his skull and buried it at his former house.

    Haymarket (Theatre Royal) Theatre
    This theater is haunted y a man named John Buckstone. He was even seen by an actress in 1961. This is creepy because someone witnessed him.

    Molly The Tea Lady
    Molly is a woman who died and now haunts a train station. Se has never been seen but she pulls pranks like turning things on and off. If you ask her to stop, she will.

    Ghostly Woman in a Taxi
    This is a story of a man who was driving is taxi with no passengers in it. When he looked in his rearview mirror, he was horrified to see an old woman dressed in black sitting their. He turned around to ask how she got in the car but she had vanished.

    Heworth Graveyard
    This is a story that says at midnight if you run around the graves of three children, who were burned alive in their beds, twelve times they will come out and play with you.

    Wem Town Hall
    This is about a picture that a man took of a fire and when it came out it had shown an image of a girl . It was said that in the 1600’s a girl died because she accidentally started a fire with a candle. It was tested and it had not been tampered with.

  4. Michelham Priory
    This is a story about three ghosts that go around the area. It wasn’t that interesting to me.

    Headless Ghost at Holy Trinity Church.
    This is about a ghost who had his head cut off and stuck on a spike. The head was buried later. They say the spirit still goes around the Church trying to find the head. I guess it has had no luck finding it yet.

    Battle of Hastings.
    This is about the Duke of Normandy, William. He died in battle and was buried on the spot by an Alter. They say that sometimes blood spews out of the ground and on the day he died in October he comes back and wanders the area.

    Henworth Grave
    They say that going to these young childrens grave and running across them 12 times will cause them to come out and play with you. Easy way to get some new friends!

    The Flying Dutchman
    He died as he tried to round the tip of Africa. He couldn’t make it and now he keeps on sailing around till the cows come home. They say that if you see him you will die a horrible death.

    Door Number 13.
    A boy was doing a normal drill but suddenly was caught in a fire and killed. They say that sometimes if you try to open the door it is hot for no reason. Sometimes you hear pounding on the door but nobody is there.

    Marston Moor
    They say that here warriors sometimes come and go on the battlefield. Maybe they don’t know if they won yet?

    Powis Castle
    Here they say a woman saw a ghost walk it signal her to get a candle and follow him. He showed her a locked box and the key hidden around the area. He says if she sends this to an Earl then he will trouble the house no more.

    And last but not least my story.
    On a deserted island in the ocean. A group of pirates landed to hide their treasure. They put it away and as they were walking back they found the boat gone. They all blamed eachother and started fighting. In the end only one man survived. If you find the island and go to it at night you may see the secret. One man covered in blood running as fast as he can. A bunch of ghosts seeping blood are following him trying to kill him. Try to stay out of the way. . .

  5. “The Anytiville Horror”

    This is an extremely haunting story of paranormal awakenings all over this families house, What will happen next? This story was . made into a movie in around the 1970’s. It was a huge hit and was considered a horror film, and has been a subject of hollywood horror films. They experienced many paranormal experiences in the house such as blood dripping from the walls, demented pigs flying around the house with red glowing eyes, and a fly infested attic. The man of this family couldn’t take it any longer and he killed and murdered his family in 1947.

    “Ghosts of Hampton Court”

    Do you believe in haunted ghosts roaming aaround corridors with sharp corners so you can not see what is about to come? This is about the ghosts of Hampton court and how many spirts roamed the corridors. One of the spirts is Anee Boyeln, when she haunts the corridors she wears a blue a dress. Also the ghost of Catherine Howard, was so happenly seen screaming eunning down the galleys.

    “The Flying Dutchman”

    This is about a ship that sunk in the sea many years ago before any of us ever exsisted. This is supposed to be a hunted ship were legends say if you take one simple little glance at the ship you will die of a long, painful, horrible death. These sightings have been reported by submarines and Navy run ships.

    “A435 – Hitchhiker of Ragley Hall”

    This is the old lady ghost who seemed to love to hitchhike, funny right? I could not imagine my grandma stopping on the higway asking for a ride. This lady has been picked by many people. One of the persons who picked her up said that she supposvely vanished after they dropped her off. Also one man saw a weird movement. He stopped to investigate and there was nothing. He started to drive and later uncovered an old ladies skeleton.

    “Jumping Ghoul of Stockbridge Bypass”

    This is a killer ghost, one of the most intimidating. This ghost jumps out into cars and causes accidents. He loves killing, murdering, and even more killing. His last twenty six jumpers, eight were killed, and eighteen were seriously injured.

    “Molly the Tea Lady”

    This is a haunting ghost, but she behaves. Molly used to work in the trains buffet, but died on the station platform. She likes turning things on and off, and also messing with anything she can get her hands on, such as cutlery. When she asked to stop her mischevous, she obeys. Atleast she listens.

    “Langston Priory”

    In around the 1960’s, there was a spirt who appeared and was all dressed in white. Who actualy looked like a nun. She was supposevly. In room #1 is were most of the occurens ocured. She shuffles her feet and tries to frighten people in the room.

    “Haunted Devon”

    This is a haunted site, and also it is a ghost, Devon. This is a ghost ho can get to here to there in the blink of an eyelid. You never know were he could be. he likes lurking around certain areas and scaring people. You will never know if he is next to you, sitting in your room, or somewere miles away.

    No strange, or scary occurences have ocured to me. I also hope I did not ginks that(touch wood). The scaries really did not scare me much, but some of them reminded me of realistic stories.

  6. Door 13
    A man was crushed by a fire in the engine room of a ship. His ghost is seen walking to door 13. It was not scary when I read it.

    Battle of Killiekrankie
    Highlanders were overthrown by rebel. Replays of the battle have been seen and a women picking up valiables. It didnt make me scared when I read it.

    Battle of Nechtanesmere
    Dead soldiers were walking around carrying torches. It didnt scare me when I read it.

    Bloody Tower
    Two boys were murdured by their uncle. They have been seen crying in their room. It wasnt scary when I read it.

    Phantom Hitchiker of blue hill
    A girl appears infront of cars and hits them. when the driver stops the girl is gone. If I was the driver it would have been scary.

    Radiant boy of chillingham castle
    A ghost is hear crying in a pink room. That would be freaky to hear.

    Green lady of castle may
    This lady haunts the castle and is believed to commit suicide.

    Bramber Castle
    The ghost were starved to death. They are heard crying for food.

  7. Headless Spectres at Blickling Hall

    This story is about a ghost, Anne Boleyn, who appears on the dayof her execution. She appears with her head in her lap, and dressed in all white. She is also in a carriage drawn my horses without heads, and a coachman without a head. I think that this story is kind of gross, because I would not want to see people and horses without heads.

    Royal Navy Ghoul at Faringdon Churchyard

    Officer Hampden Pye of the Royal Navy was killed by getting hit by a canon. It is said that his evil Step-Mother bribed the ship’s captain into causing the death. I think that this story is kind of sad, because it is pretty bad for a step-mom to want her step-son to be killed. But, not only want him to die, but actually bribe someone to kill him.

    Windsor Castle’s Royal Spooks

    Many ghosts have been seen walking the halls of the Windsor Castle. One of them is King Henry VIII, who many castle visitors say they hear moans and footsteps from. Another person is Queen Elizabeth I, who is said to have been seen in a black gown in the Royal Library. Other people that have been seen are Anne Boleyn, King Charles I, and King George III. I think that the fact that people have actually seen the ghosts of these people, is very cool because that’s a once in a life time chance.

    The Amityville Horror

    This story is about a family who claim to have experienced many paranormal activity. For example, they say that walls dripped blood, demented pigs with glowing red eyes would fly around, there was a pit in there cellar that led to Hell, and there attic is invested with flies. It is also said that the dad of the family, Ronald DeFeo, killed the whole family in 1974. Even though people have said that this was a hoax, I still kind of believe it because I am very gullible.

    The White Tower

    The White Tower is haunted by the ‘White Lady.’ She has been spotted at the window of the tower, waving to kids in the opposite building. One of the encounters with her was when a guard was making his rounds at the tower when he heard someone say,” There’s only you and I here.” The guard turned around to see that he was all alone. This story sounds like it could be realistic, and it’s kind of weird. I would have freaked if I heard that, and turned around to see no one there.

    Phantom Hitchhiker of Blue Bell Hill

    This story is about a man that drove through Blue Bell Hill in 1992. When he was driving, young girl appeared running at his car. She fell under the car when it hit her. But, when they investigated, they found out that there was no car. Something similar happened earlier on the same road. In 1974, a girl appeared infront of another person’s car. He carried the body to the side of the raod, and put a blanket over it. Later, the police returned with him, and found the blanket but no girl. This story really freaks me out because it is really creepy.

    Roman Soldiers on the Road

    Roman soliers have been seen roaming the streets. One person who witnessed the soldiers was in a taxi, when he saw a group of Romans walking on the street. Soon after, they disappered. I think that this story is really strange and interesting, because the guy who got to see the Roman ghosts walking, really has an interesting story to tell.

    Ghostly Woman in a Taxi

    This story is about a man named Brian Mohan, who was driving his taxi without anyone in the back seat. But, when he looked into his rear view mirror, he saw a figure of a woman dressed in black. He pulled over to ask her how she got intohis cab, but by the time he pulled over, he had dissapeared. This story really freaks me out. I can’t imagine anyone who would have this happen to them, and not be freaked out.

  8. “The Flying Dutchman”

    The Flying Dutchman was a ship that hit a rock and sunk in 1641. Many mariners are gravely scared of the phantom of this ship, because they say that if you catch a glimpse of the Flying Dutchman you will die a horrible death. I found this story very informative because I had heard of the Flying Dutchman but never knew how it came about.

    “Ghosts of Hampton Court”
    Annie Boleyn and Catherine Howard are two main apparitions in Hampton Court. There are many other minor ghosts such as two cavalier ghosts, a ghost dog, a ghost monk, Wosley’s ghost, and the ghost of Thomas Culpepper. This story included many more ghosts than the others.

    “St. Bartholomew Church”
    St. Bartholomew Church is the most notorious church for being haunted. This church is located in Smithfield where many deaths have occurred. Many horrible poltergeists roam the church ground and send tingles down your spine. This story is freaky because some really gruesome things happened there.

    “Borley Church”
    After the rectory was taken down in 1944 all the ghosts migrated to Borley Church. Many ghost sightings had been reported here. This site was controversial because nobody ever proved if the alleged was true. This was different because it had a more modern architecture.

    “Old Vic”
    The Old Vic Theater was my favorite because it was an ironic story about a woman named Lillian Baylis who haunted the theatre that she managed during her life.

    “St. Nicholas Churchyard”
    In 1977 the ghost of a woman who died in the civil war was seen at a graveyard at Cardworth. Since I am very interested in the history of the civil war I found this intriguing.

    “The Bloody Tower”
    The Bloody Tower is the home of two young boys who were killed by their uncle Duke of Gloucester. The two boys’ ghosts have been seen holding onto to each other and weeping. This story made me feel sorry for the boys.

    “The Hobgoblin Public House”
    A poltergeist named Bob haunts the pub by moving coats, making money disappear, and turning beer taps on and off. He must be a very mischievous ghost, that is why I liked this story.

    None of the stories scared me because I have my doubts about their credibility. A good scary story has many things to make it terrifying. Things as simple as word choice, sentence structure, and setting all contribute to make a scary story.

  9. “Door Number 13”
    There is only five words I could say about this story. Scared. Out. Of. My. Mind.
    But seriously,I could never stay overnight there now knowing about this little insident that happened on the Queen Mary. It is very sad how the little boy was crushed and died. It is a very bad situation, but he has know come to give payback. The boy is now haunting door number 13. I was very scared of this story because, for one, I’m a scaredy cat. Two, I can’t seem to accept the facts that there really are ghosts.

    “The Many Ghosts of Aston Hall”
    It was sad and scary about the sixteen year old girl and I’ve also heard thatthe worse way that a person dies, the worse the place where they died gets haunted. I would diffenently would not want to run into her at night, or day. It is very sad about the boy hanging himself. I can’t understand how a boy that age could recieve so many accusations that it would lead to suicide. Very disturbing. Also, I would love to be in their mind to know what really happened, about all the insanity and accusations.

    “Phantom Witch of Canewden Church”
    I was very distubed when I read that the public and everyone else who live around or goes to this church believes it will be haunted by witches and witch crat for forever. I believe that the fact that the public provided us with states that there will be witches forever. They stated that a witch was exucuted 300 years ago and yet still is seen haunting and wander the church.Also, they have had problems with certain spirits that take innocent people and drop them into the nearest ditch without any explanation. Creepy.

    “The Playroom”
    A baby died shortly after birth in the thirdclass children’s playrrom. I would deffinently not want to be dropped off for daycare in that room, ever.

    “Lady in White” I think this spirit is a good ghost and want the best for people. She is known for haunting Queen Mary. Possibly this vacation was the best part of her life and after she passed on, she decided to hang around the ship for a while longer.

    “Tower of London”
    The tower of london is now know as the most haunted place in all of England. First haunting were reported when this toweb was being built. One of the workers could not build a wall because everytime he would try to do something he would turn around and then look back, and it would be gone.

    “The Bloody Tower”
    Two boys were murdered by their uncle. I think that is horrible and down right wrong. People say they see them wandering holding each other in the room they used to live in.

    “The White Tower”
    I think this woman is a good spirit and watches over the guard of the tower, but also somethimes can be scary. If I were the guard working their though I would have been long gone years ago.

    I was born in Mariville, Indiana and I only lived there for six months, but my parents had lived their for five years before me. Our house was built on an indian graveyard. My mom still tells me stories how she would hear objects coming up the stairs while I was asleep and rocking my bed, but she said she believed they were good spirits. Yeah, okay mom. ???????

  10. Phantom Hitchhiker of Blue Bell Hill

    This story was a little scary because I have some friends who are ten, and this is very close to us.

    This story is about a little ten-year old girl who was seen standing in the middle of the road on multiple occasions. The first time, the driver didn’t notice her and crashed into her. She was bleeding so he moved her to the side of the road. When he cam back with the police, she was gone. Eighteen years later she was seen, appeared in the middle of the road, and was ran over. When the man stopped to find her, she had disappeared.

    A38 Willand to Taunton Road

    This story was bizarre but the man could be lying.

    In this story, a man picks up the same hitchiker three times on three different days. On the third time, the man asks him to stop a little while, while he picks up some things. After twenty minutes, the driver gets annoyed and leaves. Farther down the road, the driver sees the hitchiker again, shaking his fist and cussing at the driver.
    He went through the car, and then disappeared.

    Nun’s Corner

    In Grimsby, a man walked up the stairs to a higher level in his house. He saw an old – fashioned nun with no face. Almost instantly, she disappeared.

    Whitby Abbey

    In this story, a young nun named Constance, fell in love with a knight. The other nuns found out about her love and bricked her up alive. It is said her ghost still roams the area, begging to be freed.

    The Hangman of Brigham, at Brigham Church

    This story actually was a little spooky.

    A hangman in 1757 was depressed by his job as a hangman and killed himself. He jumped from Cocker Bridge to do the task. A grave carver drew a noose on his stone, but the stone soon disappered. A time later, a man was riding by on a horse, when he saw a ghostly figure with a noose around his neck. People continued to see the ghost until someone dug up his skull, then the hauntings stopped.

    I don’t believe that ghosts are real but if I did, I think the grave marker disappeared because the hangman’s spirit took it away, because he was ashamed of his job and didn’t want to be remembered by that noose.

    Drury Lane Theatre

    Really? A lucky, thespian ghost? In my opinion, as far as ghosts go, this seems like a pretty lame job.

    In this story, a ghost has been seen at Drury Lane Theatre, wearing a three-pointed hat, a white wig, and a cloak, and usually spotted as an actor is studying his lines. He is considered good luck.

    Battlefield of Nechtanesmere

    In 685 A.D. the Battle of Nechtanesmere was fought. A woman gave a report saying that she saw ghosts in soldiers uniforms, carrying torches, examining the dead bodies that aren’t really there.

    Molly The Tea Lady

    A very respectful ghost, worked as a tea lady aboard a train, when one day, she died on the station platform in 1960. She loved the station so much that her ghost is still there today. She turns things on and off but stops when asked to.

    Some of these stories were rediculous, some a little freaky. I haven’t had much ghost interaction myself but my dad has tons of tales of ghosts at Gettysburg,(his college.) I enjoyed this promt a lot, it was fun to read all the tales of ghosts. My favorite were the hitchiker stories.

  11. The first story I read was The Queen Mary. The story was about an old retired cruise ship. On the boat ther is supposed to be a haunted door 13. There is also a haunted playroom, pool, and a srange qhostly women walks around the lounge. I like like this story because you think about how big cruise ships are and think of what could be there.

    The second story I read was Woodchester Mansion. This never completely finished house sits fifteen miles south of Gloucester. In this haunted house there is said to be a headless horse. It has been said to be seen in the driveway. There is also said to be a floating coffin. I like this story because a lot of the houses in England are really scary looking and are probably haunted.

    The third story I read was St.Bartholomew Church. This church has had many exicutaions performed in it. One of the things said to be haunting this church are ghostly screams. Some screams are supposed to be those of a priest burned alive. There is also said that there is a monk named Rahere who haunts the are around his tomb. This story is very interesting because I have been to England and there are many graveyards and they’re very creepy.

    The fourth story I read was Alexandrea Theatre. This story is said to be haunted not by a visual ghost but a spirit. It is said you can feel the presence of the spirit. The spirit is said to be the spirit of a man who used to work in the theatre. I like this story because most of the ghosts were hung but this one died unexpectedly.

    The fifth story I read is called Charfeilds Ghost Railway Children. This story is about a train wreck that killed two children. There is a mysterious woman who used to always visits their gravestone “Two Unknown.” The children have been seen seen walking near the crash holding hands. I like this scary ghost story because it is about two children, creepy.

    The sixth story I read was called Roman Warriors on the Road. This story is about Roman Warriors being seen marching in the road. One man reported he was riding in a taxi when he saw them marching then dissapear. I like this story a lot, because it is out of the ordinary.

    The seventh story was The Battlefeild of Nechtanesmere. This story was about an old battle feild apperantly the soilders are still looking for life. A woman said she saw a group of soldiers carrying torches looking for alive soldiers. I like this story because I have wanted to visit a real battlefeild but this makes me think twice.

    The eighth story I read was called The Tower of London. This tower is possibly the most haunted place in England. The tower is supposed to be haunted by a man from a long time ago. The man was unhappy with the construction so with one hit of his cross he crushed the wall. I like this story because it is sort of funny. Next time the workers better get it right.

    These stories really do sort of creep me out. I believe it is the setting and a little bit of the place. Most of the stories take place in England. I have been to England and it is pretty creepy so I think this is why the stories affect me. I also think the place of the stories is scary. A lot of the stories are in graveyards and old buildings.

  12. “The Queen Mary”
    I read about the haunted ship called The Queen Mary. The fist thing haunted about it is that a boy got crushed when trying to escape a fire. Ever since the crew saw strange things like a boy or knocking noises and even it felt hotter in that part of the room! A baby died in the playroom and then they heard a baby crying. They also heard ghostly sounds of parties and laughing or shouting. Wet foot prints appear right in front of peoples eyes. There is also a woman dressed in white that has been seen.

    “Haddon Hall”
    Here there had been lots of ghostly figures, but one stood out to me. It was Prince Arthur was the one who saw a ghostly ,women who warned him.
    “ Unhappy Royal Prince.. One earthly Pageant awaits thee, yea, it is at hand; and then, ah! then, thou wilt drop into the lap of thy mother earth! Forth comes to Britain’s shore thy lovely, smiling bride – ah! and widow of a royal boy! “
    He died a sudden death and his last words were
    “O, the vision of the cross at Haddon!”

    “ Molly The Tea Lady”
    Molly was a girl who died and loved the station that she worked at so much that she haunts it. Although never seen, when people ask her to stop messing around she does.

    “The Black lady of Tamworth Castle”
    Robert de Marmion expelled nuns. The angry prayers sent by the nuns summoned Editha, a nun. She told him that if he didn’t take the nuns back he would meet a untimely death.

    “The Amityville Horror”
    Wall’s that dripped blood, flying demented pigs with eyes that glowed red, a pit that led to hell in their cellar, and an attic infested with flies. That’s what’s seen at the Amityville horror. Also Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family there.

    “Battle of Killiecrankie”
    Rebels were defending in a field and after there where strange happenings. One lady saw a whole replay of the battle and after. Ghostly soldiers have also been seen.

    “Mermaid Inn”
    A guest saw two ghosts in the middle of a fight. One of them killed the other then went though his pockets.

    “Red Lady of Pluckley Church Yard”
    Here there was seen a lady walking along the graves. She holds a baby she had that died very early. The bay was buried in a nameless grave. She goes around looking for it.

    1. @kylie15, I didn’t answer all the way. The stories didn’t scare me that much just the second one a little because the prince died a sudden death. The way it made it scary was the way it all played out, really. (The Robert video was very scary and strange never going to go there!)

  13. 50 Berkeley Square. London

    This story was about a house that had a blood murder. Two guys spent the night there and one guy saw a grewsome ghost and found his partner on the stair railing head twisted and eyes bulging out.

    The Flying Dutchman

    This ship sunk in 1614 in a bad storm. legend has it that if you look at the ship you will die a painful death. Many sailors have seen this ship and fear it.

    The hangman of Brigham, at Brigham Church

    This story is about a man who killed himself in 1757. He hung himself in Brigham Church. After many people have had sightings of this ghost.

    Black Phantom of The Liverpool Empire

    The Theatre is haunted by the ghost of a 10 year old Victorian girl. Who is heard crying at night in the stalls. The building is also haunted by the Black Phantom, who haunts the dressing rooms.

    The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

    this story is about a lady who died in the 1600’s and now is haunting the Raynham Hall. She was seen wearing a brown dress with no eyes.

    The Enfield Poltergeist

    This story is about a family who appears to have a poltrigeist in their home. The children have been lifted off their beds and things have moved by themselves.

    The Amityville Horror

    Now considered an elaborate hoax, The Amityville Horror is a very well known haunting. In the 1970’s George and Kathy Lutz claimed that their family had fallen victim to horrifying paranormal occurrences at their home. It is found that he shot and murdered his family in that house.

    The Crown Inn

    This 15th Century Inn, is inhabited by the ghost of a Grey Lady. She has been seen at a window waving farewell to customers as they leave.

  14. The Queen Mary

    In this story, the Queen Mary was haunted by a ghost in three areas of the ship. They were room number 13, the front of the ship, the first- class pool deck, and the playroom. In the playroom a kid died when it was a baby. There has been haunting in the room now. A man was stuck in room 13 when there was a fire and died. People have seen a man walking to the door and disappearing in front of it now.

    The Flying Dutchman

    This ship hit a rock in a huge storm and sank. Everyone in the ship died. The ship will show up on the water in stormy weather. If you look at it then you will have a bad death. Once a man was on a sailboat and saw the ship. He fell off the mast and died.

    50 Berkeley Square

    This story is about a haunted house. Once two sailors stayed in it. During the night they felt and saw a big and ugly blob coming in the room. It started to fill the room up. One sailor escaped. The other did not.

    Headless Spectres at Blickling Hall

    This story is about a man and women. Every night they are drawn to a castle by headless horses. The people are headless too. They hold their bloody and cut off heads in their laps.

    Old Vic

    This theatre was haunted by Lillian. This story was very scary.


    This theatre was built on top of a church and graveyard. It has three ghosts. They are a monk, a ballet dancer who hung herself in the theatre, and an actor.

    Lyric Theatre

    This theatre is haunted by a phantom. It is a manager. He got in money difficulties and he hung himself.

    Alexandra Theatre

    This theatre is haunted by a director. You can hear her in the stalls. Another person died in the same theatre. He was in an office and died unexpectedly. You can hear his foot steps.

    These stories do not scare me one bit. I do not believe in ghosts. I have never had a ghost sighting. I never will because ghosts are not real.

  15. “Headless Spectres at Blickling Hall”

    In this story, Annie’s ghost is supposed to appear on the anniversary of her death. She and her brother would come from a horse-drawn carriage and driven by a driver, both of them are headless. Annie would have a white dress, and her head would be on her lap. Her brother would also be drawn by headless horses.

    “Black Phantom of The Liverpool Empire”

    The story is about a ten year-old girl who haunts the Theatre. She fell to her death and landed into the stalls. The Black Phantom also haunted the theatre. He dragged away the spirit of the ten year-old girl.

    “Sedgemoor Battlefield”

    The ‘royal army’ leaded by Lord Faversham and the ‘rebel army’ leaded by James, Duke of Monmouth battled each other in 1685. The ‘royal army’ won, and even executed the wounded soldiers of the ‘rebel army.’ James, Duke of Monmouth survived, but was executed two days later. Every year on that day, ghosts of horsemen and the spirt of James reinact his escape.

    “Royal Navy Ghoul at Faringdon Churchyard”

    This story was about the decipitated ghost of Sir Robert’s son, Officer Hampden Pye. His evil step-mother was supposedly behind his death. It was also believed that she paid the Captain into killing Officer Hampden Pye. His ghost walks along the stones of the churchyard.

    “Ghostly Woman in a Taxi”

    In this story, cab driver Brian Mohan was driving along the road. Brian knew no one was inside the car, but he was terrified to see an old woman wearing black in the back seat. She disappeared after he got out of the car to confront her.

    “The Bloody Tower – Murdered Princes”

    In this story, two young boys were murdered by their Uncle Duke of Gloucester. They have been both seen shaking and whimpering in rooms they once used when they were alive.

    “The Amityville Horror”

    This is a very true and scary story in the 1970’s and was made into a movie. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo killed his family in that house. There were many bizarre events that happended at that house including walls that were dripping blood, an attic that was infested with flies, flying pigs with red eyes, and more.

    “The Old Ferryboat Inn”

    This story is about the spirt of 17 year-old Juliet Tewsley. She was buried directly below the Inn. She would return to the Inn to find her estrained lover. She commited suicide after her lover broke up with her.

    I thought that the “Amityville Horror” story was really scary because it is a true story. The details about what happended at the house were creppy and sounded like a a crazy horror story. I do not have a scary story to share.

    1. @parkerl15, I misspelled “creepy” and I used the wrong word. It was supposed to be “was” instead of “is” in the last paragraph.

  16. I first read Lady Lovibond it was about haunted shipyard and I liked it because it was kind of random how the guy killed the people and himself just because he was jealous, it just seems kind of stupid. I didn’t really find it scary but if I was actually in the shipyard I would be freaked.

    I then read the women in the taxi I liked it because it was mysterious how she was in the cab that was supposed to be empty and then just disappered. I think that it is very creepy because you’d think that the women could show up in any car and then just be gone and not even know why.

    After that i read Ghost Jester of Malahide Castle it was one of those stories that doesn’t really say much but puts a point across. I don’t think it was hat scary though because it’s not like I would sleep in the castle because that would be really scary.

    Molly The Tea Lady was about a ghost that isn’t really meant to be scary because she stays there because she loves it so much. I don’t really think that this was scary because she stops when you tell her to so she’s a nice ghost and I think that that would be really cool.

  17. “Lady Lovibond”
    This is the story of a “ghost ship” that went down in a shallow area of ocean off of England. The ship was crashed on purpose by the ship’s mate, who was jealous of the captain. This story was spooky because it included the creepy legend that this crash is reenacted every 50 years, and gave the dates of two sightings of the ship, both on the same date as and a multiple of 50 years from the original crash.

    “Sarah Siddons Ghost”
    This story was about the ghost of an actress being seen at a theatre where she had performed multiple times during her life. This story was an example of something that is present in a lot of the website’s stories: the ghost did not harm anyone. It was simply drifting along or sitting down, but someone who alledgedly saw it must have been scared enough to tell the story.

    “Molly the Tea Lady”
    This story was about the ghost of a lady who, in life, worked at a train station’s buffet, but loved the station so much that she stuck around after death. I liked this story, because in its description of the ghost and her activities, it made her sound more playful than sinister. This was especially emphasized when the story said that when the ghost is asked to stop her mischief, she does.

    “Powis Castle”
    This is the tale of an older woman who is staying at a castle being visited by a ghost. The ghost takes her to another room and reveals to her a hidden chest and key. It tells her to take them out and send them to the “Earl in London,” and it will then stop bothering the castle’s inhabitants. This story was interesting because the ghost was more articulate and personable than the ghosts in many other stories.

    “Phantom Monk – Minsden Chapel”
    This ghost story tells of the ghost of a monk at Minsden Chapel who, at midnight on Halloween, walks up a lengthy and invisible staircase. The chapel’s bells chime a bit before he arrives, and sad music plays a few minutes after he disappears. This story stood out from some others because it had a detailed description of the ghost’s appearances.

    “Talacre Abbey haunting’s[sic]”
    This story is very scary! It is about a group of paranormal investigators who, while investigating an abbey, heard “unearthly voices” and saw dark shadows passing by a door, and soon after these events, the door began swinging on its own and the candles started going out one by one. This story scared me because it painted a vivid and terrifying picture in my mind of the investigation team’s situation.

    “Heworth Graveyard”
    This story tells of a legend. The legend says that if a certain grave, which holds three children, is run around twelve times, at midnight, then these children will come and play with the person who has run around their grave. I liked this story not only because the ghosts were friendly, but also because they remind me of the character Fortinbras Bartleby in “The Graveyard Book.”

    “Battlefield of Nechtanesmere”
    This story is about a woman supposedly seeing the ghosts of old-fashioned soldiers checking bodies on a battlefield. The interesting thing about this story is that the battle that these ghosts were supposedly from took place in 685 AD, long before the deaths of many of the ghosts described in these stories. The year was even stated in the last sentence of the story, possibly to make this very point.

    The story that truly scared me was, as I mentioned in its summary, “Talacre Abbey haunting’s[sic].” I believe that what scares me about this story is the perspective. Specifically, it is set from the point of view of a group of likely highly-trained investigators going into an old abbey and, if they are anything like me, having the bejabbers scared out of them.

    I do not believe that I have any scary stories of this type to tell, for which I am actually fairly grateful, as I do not enjoy being scared.

  18. Drury Lane Theatre is a story about “Man In Grey”. Man in grey is a ghost that always goes in the same direction and goes thru walls. The ghost usually appears when the actors are rehearsing. I liked this story because it s original. It did not scare me.

    Blue Lady of St Werburgh’s Church is about a woman that took a photograph of a church. When she looks at the photograph closely, she sees a blue figure. Since then, she thinks that it is a ghost and that the ghost was married to Henry Gilbert. I liked this story because it is weird to see a ghost when a ghost is to be invisible. It did not scare me.

    Molly The Tea Lady is a normal woman that died on a train station. She loved the train station so much that she now haunts the station. This story is weird because she loves a train station so much that she is haunting it. The story did not scare me.

    Roman Soldiers on the Road talks about Roman soldiers who want to attack Peldon. When the soldiers are walking on the road, someone sees the soldiers disappearing. If I was the person watching the soldiers disappearing, I would be kind of scared. It was not scary at all since I didn’t see it.

    Radiant Boy of Chillingham Castle is about a castle that was built in the 12th century and several spirits wander the castles corridors, staircases and walls. I can imagine ghost going thru the walls of the castle. It is not scary.

    Marion de Bruyere’s Ghost at Ludlow Castle is about a castle that is famous for being haunted by Marion de Bruyere. Then the ghost kills a men for forgetting leaving intruders take over the castle. I liked this story because it is creative. I did not scare me.
    Abbey House haunting is about a num ghost that haunts a sixteenth century house in Cambridge. One nun appears 3 or 4 times a month in the spring. I liked this story because it is weird to see a num ghost. It did not scare me.

    Battle of Hastings talks about Normandy being invaded by Britain in 1066. When the people got killed, the blood turned into ghosts. It is kind of creepy to see blood turning into ghost. The story did not scare me.

  19. The Queen Mary

    This story was about a haunted boat called The Queen Mary. The playroom, firstclass swimming pool, and room number 13 were haunted. There have been sightings of ghosts on the boat and people claim to have seen people walking around then dissapearing. People also saw a ghostly like woman called the lady in white walking around.

    I liked this story because it was eerie just to think about these events happening.

    50 Berkley Square, London

    In this haunted house there have been many sightings of ghosts. Those sightings include a scottish girl, a woman who threw herself out of a window, a mass of brown mist, a shapeless creature, a man walking up the stairs, also a man’s glasses were taken out of his hands and flung to the ground, and other presences have been felt. Two sailors went to the house and one of them was killed as well.

    I liked this one because I just had to imagine seeing these ghosts and realizing how creepy it would be.

    Phantom Witch of Canewden Church-Essex

    It was said that this church has always had something to do with witchcraft. It has also been said that Canewden would always have witches. A witch that was executed about 300 years ago has come back and seen at the church. There are legends about the church. The results of these legends are that you have to dance with witches, see a ghost at the top of the tower, and you might be able to go back in time. Apparently as long as the tower stands in Canewden than there will be six witches alive in Canewden.

    I liked this because I liked learning about the Salem Witch Trials in the past so I found this interesting.

    Alexandra Theater, Birmingham

    The theater in Birmingham is haunted by a former director and a costume master. The office is haunted by the costume master. People say they have heard ghostly footsteps. Also, an eerie presence can be felt in the Alexandra Theater in Birmingham.

    I liked this because I do a lot of theater, and it was just creepy to think about maybe one of my past directors haunting one of the theaters I’ve performed in.

    Ghostly Woman in A Taxi

    A man was driving a taxi and he knew that the taxi was empty. He was surprised to see a woman sitting the back seat. She was wearing black and white and had a black bow in her hair. As he pulled over to ask how she got in, she had dissppeared.

    I liked this because it was just really creepy! Think about seeing that!

    Black Abbot of Prestbury

    In a village called Prestbury there is a ghost that appears. It is a Black Abbot. It appears three times a year, during Christmas, Easter, and All Soul’s Day. The church and the churchyard is where it is seen.

    I like this because it would be weird to say, “Hey! It’s Christmas maybe we’ll see the ghost of Black Abbot today!”

    Nun’s Corner, Grimsby

    A person named Robin Furman saw a nun who was a ghost on his stairs at his old house. The nun looked real, but then Furman realized that the nun didn’t have a face. Her face was replaced by a glowing light. Then, the nun disspeared. It happend so fast that Robin didn’t have time to be scared.

    I liked this because I thought it was funny would Robin Furman said that it he didn’t even have time to be scared.

    Graveyard in Arnos Court-Bristol

    There is a lady in black at the graveyard in Arnos Court. She is found crying over her husband that died in World War I. She talks to people who need help. There is another lady who was apparently buried alive and woke up to find that she was in a coma and was now buried underground and she died of shock.

    I liked this because if a ghost was in a graveyard then it would be kind of cool for them to support the people who needed it.

    These stories weren’t necessarily scary, but they were creepy. I mean they really were if you put yourself in those situations.

  20. “Headless Grey Lady of Wolfeton House” This story was about a judge who went to someone’s house for dinner in the 1700s. While the judge was eating dinner with the hostess, the judge claimed to have seen a figure of which was an exact replica of the hostess, but with their severed head under their arm. The next day, the hostess was reported to have killed themselves.

    “Royal Navy Ghoul at Faringdon Churchyard” This story also takes place in the 1700s. The story goes that Sir Robert’s son Officer Hampden Pye, who was in the Royal Navy, was shoot by a cannon in the middle of a battle. A rummer says that his step mother bribed the ship’s captain into his death. It is said you can see his headless ghost walking around the grounds of the churchyard where he was buried. You can still see one of the parliamentary cannon balls in the church today.

    “The Flying Dutchman” The ship hit rocks and sunk because of a heavy storm in 1641, off the coast of the Cape of Good Hope, around the southern tip of Africa. The captain knew that he was going to die and said that he would round the cape even if it took until doomsday. Many people from many different countries have all claimed to have seen the ship around the cape, including a German U-Boat, during World War Two. The ship was seen by a prince who would become George V and said that the ship had a red glow to it and that the lookout fell from mast after seeing the ship. Obliviously, the ship is considered a bad omen.

    “The Man in Grey” The most haunter theater in England is the Drury Lane Theater. The ghost that haunts this theater is called ‘The Grey Man’. His real name was William Terris and was an actor who had many lead roles of theAdelphi’s productions before he was stabbed to death in 1897. He seen at the theater walking in one straight path and mostly on stage with actors. His appearing is considered a good omen.

    “Jumping Ghoul of Stockbridge Bypass” This, as the name states, is about a ghost near Stockbridge who jumps into people’s cars. This ghost has caused about several accidents in the area that have caused eight deaths and eighteen severely injured.

  21. “Drury Lane Theatre”
    In a very haunted theatre located in London, there is a long dead man who still calls the theatre is home. He is known as a transparent shifting specter caught in between the shadows and the lights and is called the, “Man in Grey”. He silently walks always in the same direction in his elaborate flowing attire. However, I though this story was most amusing because of the unexpected ending that this ghost is considered good luck.

    “A34 Newbury By-pass”
    Do to the building of this new motorway it is believed there are now ghosts around the highway disturbed because the highway was constructed over a burial ground. I was interested in the story because of how the author included a quote that added depth to the story.

    “A First-Class Swimming Pool”
    What do you think? Should a haunted pool were there are hallow noises that appear to be from parties be first class? Perhaps not, but that is how it is on the ship The Queen Mary. There are said to be noises, wet footprints that are unexplained, and even apparitions that loiter around in old swimming suits. A story like this one seems realistic because it is one of many that support the, “haunting” of The Queen Mary.

    “Tower Green”
    In the memory of all of those who lost their lives on the green in front of the Tower of London, there still remain a few ghosts that haunt the area. There are the pair of ghosts one of which is know rumored to lead a parade ghosts and wander around lacking a key body part-the head. There is also been reports of a countess who returns to her death location in horrific fashion being seen being chased by the shadowed executioner. The wild thought of this story is what I thought was the best element.

    “Blue Lady of St Werburgh’s Church”
    A story I believe was brought to life by being seen on a reel of photographs. It is said that on the photographs appear to be a lady clad in blue drifting around the church. The church is in Derby.

    “Highgate Cemetery”
    Located in High gate, there is a cemetery from as early as the 1900s that has now fallen to disarray. It is now believed as haunted by a multitude of apparitions and ghosts such as vampires, smoke outlined figures with flaming red eyes, ghost cyclists, and a mad woman with long hair. This particular story caught my eye and was a great scare story because the how the author described the cemetery in its neglect.

    “Black Abbot of Prestbury”
    Prestbury in Kent has an unusual occupant-a monk ghost. The ghost seems to enjoy his leisurely walks in the church and churchyard. However, the ghost seems to believe that only three days are nice enough to venture to the world of the living, Christmas, Easter, and All Soul’s Day.

    “Ghostly Nuns of Usk Priory”
    There have been sightings of five ghosts that a have on nun’s attire. They are believed to be the nuns of Usk who saved their lives by giving their allegiance to the king. They also probably saved the priory.

    I thought some of the stories were certainly jarring (and others maybe not so much,) They all had strange settings and often were said to be a result of a creepy tragedy, too. Some of them also described the haunting or settings very well. I don’t have any great ghost stories to tell. However, my family’s old home sometimes has a strange occurrence. Sometimes due to the space and heating upstairs when you close a door another will open in front of you. This has been known to startle guests.

  22. The first story that I read was Grey Lady at the Liverpool Playhouse. The ghost had been sighted by people saying that taps had been switched on by themselves and that doors were slamming by themselves and some people think that the ghost haunts seat A5 specifically. I thought it was cool how the ghost haunts a specific seat in the theater. Also people had sighted an elegant women with a long coat and a gray hood. Also sighted, was a man looking for his daughter. I thought the man was interesting because he was living out a part of his life over and over again.

    I also read Roman Soldiers on the Road. I thought this story was very interesting because people have seen a part of a Roman army. It’s almost as if the soldiers are still acting out what they were doing when they died.

    Another story that I read was St. Nicholas Churchyard. I thought this story was cool because it tells of a woman who wears a long green flowing gown, who haunts the graveyard of the church. It is believed that she is the spirit of a woman who was buried in a grave after a battle during the Civil War. I thought this story was cool because she is specifically wearing a flowing green gown.

    I also read Dead Landlord Still serving. The story is about a man named Gustell, who was the landlord of the pub, When he died they brought his coffin to the pub for a wake. He has been seen sitting by the fireplace chewing a piece of straw, which I find very interesting.

    the fifth story I read was Culloden Moor. This story was basically that people have sighted ghosts of a battle in history. People have claimed to see things like a figure of a Highlander in the twilight hours. It is also said that if you stay at a bed and breakfast near the battlefield, you can hear the ghostly sound of a piper who died on the battlefield.

    I read Forms of Cavalier card players Wonson Manor as well. This story is about how four cavaliers have been seen playing cards. I thought it was cool to hear about ghosts that play cards, a fun game, rather than haunting a house or reliving their life.

    I read the story called Langston Priory. This story was very strange. It was about a ghost that is believed to be a nun. the ghost’s main activity was in Room 1. The ghost would politely cough to make it’s presence known then continue whatever it is that ghosts do. I thought it was odd to hear about a ghost who wanted to make it’s presence known.

    The last story I read was Black Abbot of Prestbury. I really liked this story. It was about a ghost that is regularly seen at the church and churchyard. I thought it was cool that the ghost always appears at the same three times every year. Christmas, Easter and All Soul’s Day. I think this ghost loves the holidays.

    None of these stories scared me at all. I thought they were all pretty interesting. I think that if I actually encountered a ghost I would be very scared but reading about them and watching them on television doesn’t really scare me… until I turn off the lights!

    I liked doing this blog because it reminded me a lot of when I visited my friend in Oregon. She showed me some ghost-hunting gear that she had, and her dad took us to a graveyard near her house. The highest reading we got on the meter was a 1.7 or 7.1, usually a 0.3 means there could be a ghost there.

  23. Ghost Ships

    The Queen Mary

    This ship is retired in Long Beach California. It doesn’t take much to spook me. This story did just that. Paranormal cries from the playroom, an spooky story of a young boy who died in a fire. Phantom sounds and wet footprints along with a ghostly woman dressed in white. It was a very scary story to me.

    The Flying Dutchman

    This ship sank in 1641 after hitting rocks off the Cape of Good Hope, on Africa’s south tip. Many sailors have reported spotting the phantom ship. It has been legend that the “lookout” fell to his death after seeing the phantom ship. I didn’t care much for this story. It was a little boring to read.

    Lady Lovibond (Goodwin Sands)

    I liked this ghostly story. I do enjoy drama. The captain of the ship was sailing to Portugal. On the ship was his new wife. They were celebrating their honeymoon. The ships First Mate ran the ship aground. All were lost. Every 50 years, on the anniversary of the accident, history is said to repeat. I would not be anywhere near Goodwin Sands around that time.

    Graveyard Ghosts

    Higate Cemetary

    This was once a very fashionable burial place. It had fallen apart due to neglect. By the 1960’s there were reports of vampires, crazy old ladies and glowing red eyes. These are just a few of the things that would keep me away from Higate Cemetary.

    St. Nicholas Churchyard (Birmingham)

    In 1977, it as reported that a ghostly woman from the Civil War times roamed. This story was not very interesting or scary, but I still would not plan a visit there.

    Heworth Graveyard

    This ghost tale was of three children that were burned alive. Legend is that if you run around their grave twelve times at midnight the ghost children will come out and play. No thanks, I’d rather play in my neighborhood. This story sounds like the tale of “Bloody Mary”. I have not played that game either.

    St. Marys Church Yard (Wansteed)

    It is legend that a horrific skeleton haunts this graveyard looking for his long-dead wife. This is quite a romantic ghostly tale. Highwayman Dick Turpin, an outlaw is also said to haunt this graveyard. I wonder what would happen if the ghosts ever met up. One thing that is for sure, I would not be there to find out.

    Graveyard in Arnos Court (Bristol)

    A ghost lady in black walks this graveyard crying for her husband that was lost at war. She also has been said to sit and speak to people who need guidance. I almost thought that I could actually visit this haunted place, that is, until I read that another ghost lives there. This other ghost was buried alive. I think that I will skip this one too.

    Red Lady of Pluckley Church Yard (Kent)

    “Red Lady” haunts the church yard looking for her unchristened child that died and was quickly buried in an unmarked grave. She cried at night as she searches for her child. This story made me sad. I felt sorry for this mom.

    Halloween is my least favorite time of the year. I get scared very easily. I did not like this assignment very much. It will probably give me nightmares.

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