Every Picture Tells A Story



Every picture tells a story, and that is exactly what I would like for each one of you to do. Please choose one of the images from above and write a clever, imaginative, and thoughtful short story. Create a title.  You must have a hook at the beginning to grab the reader’s attention and an introduction to let the reader know what he/she is about to read. Two paragraphs must follow which should include the details and descriptions, the heart of the story. The final paragraph should be the conclusion, which provides a satisfying ending to your story and one that leaves the reader with a parting message or something to ponder.

Your story must be four paragraphs, and I am looking for your best effort as far as content is concerned. Spelling and punctuation should be correct. Read over your story to be sure it makes sense. While I want you to have fun with this, I am not looking for anything silly. Work on getting your last sentence of each paragraph to lead off into the first sentence of the next; this is called a transition. Think of the book you are reading now in terms of how the words flow from one paragraph to the next. Your story doesn’t have to be exceptionally long, but it must include all the key parts of an essay and show your best effort work to receive full credit.

The Fun Theory


  1. Through the Woods
    All alone. In the middle of nowhere. Bright light shone on my face. I sat down on a small rock trying not to panic.
    Ten minutes ago I lost my hunting group. Every year on my dad’s birthday he, his friends, and I go out to hunt deer. I have been going for three years since I was ten years old. When I spotted a deer I dashed (not a smart thing when hunting)towards it. My adrenaline was pumping and all my focus was on the deer as I unconciously strayed from the path. Finally I got in range of the deer and boom! boom!I fired two shots dead on. I pumped my fists in triumph and that is when I realized I was lost.

    My brain is on hyperdrive trying to contemplate a plan. I have no phone no GPS- nothing but a loaded rifle. There has got to be something I can do. Then all of a sudden I hear a deafening screech. The sound was so startling I jumped in alarm. Slowly I made my way through the clearing and obsereved my surroundings. Nothing much to be found and then just as I was about to turn back I saw an eagle sprawling on the ground under some bushes. It was in really bad condition as if it was shot. There was blood spurting everywhere and it continued to strugggle. There is no way I could just leave the scene so I tried to pick it up. The bird made another screech and attempted to fly.

    Boom!I shot the bird. That was my last bullet. I had to put it out of misery and there was nothing else I could do. It would have died a much more gruesome and pain filled death if I hadn’t done it. Now I have to forget the bird and keep going. I rummaged through my cargo pant pockets to find a hershey bar. I quickly ripped it open and ate the whole thing in one bite.
    How am I going to survive in the woods? I thought about the story I had read in fifth grade, at least the boy in that book had a hatchet.

    Time passed,I must have walked at least six miles. It was nearing dusk. I was looking for a path or a clearing that would lead me closer to my group. A gust of wind hit the tree tops that instant there was noise I looked up to see a grey silhouette. Hooray! I am found. The helicopter descended, my dad jumped out and we hugged each other.
    My dad said “I was so worried about you why did you run off.”
    “I shot my first deer,” I said gleefully.

  2. Every time I go down that path in the woods, I remember the day I running from the stranger. I’ll never forget that day. I was walking in the park with my friend, Eric, and we were going back to camp from the campfire, it was at night so we ended up getting lost. After a while, we realized that we were lost. We kept searching in the woods for hours, every forty-five minutes or so, we would hear a call for our names, but never could grasp the direction the sound was coming from. After a while Eric said, “Obviously this isn’t working, lets split up.” I didn’t agree with his idea, but eventually after another hour, I gave in and ended splitting up.

    After splitting up, I saw a flashlight in the distance, a few of them. As I got closer they began to fade, except one, it was one of the campers from my cabin, I was so excited to see him, once I could spare one smile, a bullet flew right through his head and he fell to the ground, Immediately I sprinted in the opposite direction, after about twenty minutes my shock level decreased, but I turned around and there was a man, in a black trench coat. His eyes had this tired, evil, hungry look to him, and I became very frightened.

    Instinct told me to scream for help, but I knew that wasn’t going to do any good for I had been doing that for the past hour with no luck at all. So I took action and stuck my left leg under his right, and pulled, he fell to the ground, I ran back the way I came and soon enough I was at the camp. I felt some hope but then realized that nobody was there and they were all looking for me, I ran around the cabins trying to loose the man, but no luck. After turning many corners I found a slit in between two cabins and the mess hall.

    I then realized two things: I had lost the man, and I had my phone in my pocket all along. I reached in, but no service. I felt the end of the road for me, nothing left to do. Then I heard a scream, a deep dying scream. I silently sneaked around the cabin, and found my counselor with a bloody knife in his hand, and the man on the ground. I was so happy, I was speechless. This day I will never forget. Ever.

  3. On january 7, 2007, Billy Madison discovered something that you would see in the Twilight Zone. On that day, Erik Beck, Steve Nelson, and Bobby Miller insisted Billy to go inside the house of 325 Acorn Way. Erik, being the sceptical one out of the four,tried to pursuade Billy.
    “There is no such thing as paranormal, just go in the house” he demanded. But Billy had just watched ” A haunting” on discovery last night and could not be pursuaded. Steve Nelson, being the aggessive one, threated billy that he was going to take out his sling shot on him. Billy siged and took a deep breath.
    “Okay, I’ll do it, but let me take your phone. That way, if i get lost or-” billy hesitated.
    “Or what?” asked Erik
    “I don’t know. Just let me bring your phone incase something happens” mumbled Billy in an annoyed tone of voice.
    Erik handed Billy his Moterola Razor with a sour look on his face. Billy slowly walked inside the abandoned house looking back at his four companions. The house looked normal dispite the freezig cold temperatue. It felt like tiny pieces of crushed ice were inside youre body running down your spine, causing all of your hairs to stand up. Billy looked to the left and saw a decaying wooden stair case that looked like acid was spat on it. He slowly walked towards it closing his eyes and holding his breath as if it were a scene in a scary movie where the monster pops out at you screaming. He knew when he was at the first step because he could hear the obnoxious squeaking of the steps. Billy was releaved to hear himself depart from the last step. He saw three doors upstairs, The knobs had large old fashion key holes. He pened the closest one from the stairs and walked into a petite room where there was a pink crib. He walked closer to the crib, the was a baby’s cry that could faintly be heard and then there was a crackle, a louder crackle followed it. Then, it felt like some kind of dry sand was sucking him down to the fist story (which was at least a fifteen foot drop). The floor boards collapsed under him, he was able to hang on to the remaining floor boards but he didn’t have enough energy to pull himself up and he couldn’t get his phone because his grib wasn’t tight enough to let go of one hand to grab his phone and dial. All of a sudden, it seemed as though everything stopped, His panic was gone and he couldn’t hear his heart beating either (it was beating very fast before). All he could here were footsteps approching where he was hanging.
    “Grab my hand” said a voice
    Then, it was as if time proceeded and he could hear every thing again. Billy was pulled up by a large masculine hand. When he had both feet on the ground, he looked up to see who had saved him but it was so dark he could not see a face, only a dark shadow of a man.
    Billy asked in a shrill voice, “Who are you?”
    the man replied,”My name is Ned Black”
    “Thanks for pulling me up, I wouldn’t have had any other options besides letting go if you hadn’t come” said Billy in a more normal pitched voice
    “If you hadn’t come in here this wouln’d have happened in the first place this wouldn’t have happened, now I suggjust you get out right now”
    Billy was too scared and timid at this point to explain his purpose at the house, so he sprinted out of the bed room door and down the squeaky stairs. What had seemed like and hour was only about seven minutes, but by the look on his friends faces, it seemed like an hour for them too.
    “You guys! I was in this one room and then the floor boards collapsed on me and I was hanging on to the floor boards that were still attached, but then this guy named Ned Black came and helped me up! It was so freaky!” said billy spilling his gutts out to his friends.
    “Dude, Ned Black was the owner of that house, he died thirteen years ago”

  4. Madeleine and Emily on their Backyard Adventure

    “Come on Madeleine, hurry!”
    “I’m coming, I’m coming!”
    Two best friends went off for a hiking trip into the forest behind their mountain house in North Carolina. Their was a path made of mulch and twigs. This path lead up through the mountain and back down. If they were both going to hike through the whole path then it would take them about 4 hours. The two girls were only going to go through the path, but stop have way and get off at a shortcut. This way would only take them about an hour and a half. Madeleine was twelve and Emily was twelve also. They both were born in April, 1997. The two friends decided to take their dogs, Sunshine and Midnight, for a walk on the path behind their mountain house as I mentioned before. Madeleine’s was a girl chocolate lab and Emily’s was a boy golden lab. Before they set off for their adventure they got a snack and fed their dogs.

    The girls set finally set off and started walking and talking and had lost track of where they were. Madeleine suggested that they go right, but it seemed that Midnight had already begun to go left. The girls trusted their dogs in sense of direction, they knew that the dogs could find their way back with their eyes closed! (not really). Madeleine and Emily left around 12:00 PM that day and the current time showed 1:09 PM. Emily was wondering if they had gone to far or if they made a wrong turn. Emily was starting to think someone or something was following them. After awhile it seemed Madeleine had felt the same way. The dogs were getting tired and started to slow down. It was now 3:00 and the girls saw something’s shadow in the light of the sun shining through the trees. It was black and shimmered in the light. The dogs started to growl and bark, but the girls quieted them as they slowly turned around and began at the opposite way.

    Sunshine and Midnight kept glancing back at where the shadow had fallen. The girls were now a little disturbed by what the dogs were barking at. They started to run down the mountain and could see the thing that was stalking them. It had a black bear! They girls were actually sprinting now down the mountain and after about 5 minutes the bear had gradually disappeared in the forest. By the time that 5 minutes was up they in the backyard of their mountain house.

    The girls ran to the door, ripped their shoes off, and dove in the door to tell their mothers what had happened on the trip. Both their mothers had been drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee, that caught the girls’ noses and had brought them to their mothers, on the porch facing the beautiful mountain view. The girls had been so overwhelmed their mothers couldn’t understand a word that came out of their mouth! After that experience they had put up an impervious fence that not even a black bear could tear down! In the end Madeleine and Emily both enjoyed the amazing experience with the bear.

  5. “Oh my gosh were going down ahhhhhhh were going down” crash. We have crashed in the middle of the Canadian woods. I have survived, no one else survived. I am alone. All alone. What will I do? How will I survive? I need to get some food, get water, and build fire. Oh and I need to build a fire. Ahhhhhhhhh a bear! run, run, run, ouch. A bear made a huge cut down my back just chased me but I outran him by crawling into a small cave. Ok now I have found a cave now to get some food because I found a small pond during the chase. Oh there is the bear again and he is eating some dead dear if only I could scare him off and get that food. If I could make fire then I could scare him off but all I found was two pieces of wood. Yes a fire I finally got a fire after two hours of banging sticks together. Know I need to make a fire pit and scare the bear away so I can have some food. Now I have food. Plane! Plane! Plane! It’s landing! It’s landing! I am free. Yes I am free.

    1. @chad15, Okay, but not in paragraph form. Where are the paragraphs? Title? It would be easier to read and make better sense if it were in paragraph form. Please follow the directions next time.

  6. The Goo
    I was alone in my house, it was a normal thursday night. I was just sitting down watching t.v. because I was bored, all of the sudden I heard a crash, it was the window in my brothers room. I went to check it out and nobody was there, I got really scared then and was going to call the police if someone hadn’t cut the wires and I had a signal. The power went out and i heard somebody walking behind me, and SMACK!!! I got hit in the back of the head with a frying pan, I was knocked out.
    I woke up in the middle of some woods and had no idea how long I’d been out, but I did no it was long because it was about three o’ clock according to my watch. Up ahead I saw a human figure at least 100 feet away I yelled over and said, “Hey, Hey! where am I” but he just stood there, The next second he was gone, just disappeared. All of the sudden he showed up behind me and i fell down from fright, he seemed angry at something, or something.
    “Hey you, are you a prescott?”
    “Yes, why? who wants to know?”
    “I’m Glen and your family is the reason that my family died, I am the only remaining Ivy left and I am taking a stand, starting with getting rid of you and your other siblings so that the Prescott family will come to an end.”
    On that note i ran , as fast as I cold, actually faster than I could, I guess the woods are enchanted. I thought that I was free of Glen but I wasn’t he was showing up everywhere.
    I was running for hours and finally I stopped to think, thought that if I could run faster maybe I could do other thing like teleport like him and I could, we were evenely matched. I was able to meet him face to face, a million things went through m mind, would I die, would he die, could i stop him, but I stopped there, if there was a way to stop him I should try to figure it out. I noticed that when I stopped I hid in the trees, the powers didn’t work there only on the path did they work this was very important.
    I set a trap In the trees that would kill him before he killed me, I chopped down a tree (it was on the side of the path so I had super strength) and set it back up so it looked but wasn’t stable. I hid behind the tree knowing that he would see me and when he got close, bam! I pushed the tree down on top of him, and just like that he died.
    After he was dead i didn’t know what to do, I was still in the woods, I checked Glens pocket for anything that could get e out and I found a key. I looked around for a key whole and there wasn’t one so i decided to try to do it in the air and it worked, I could see my house through it and I stepped through. I heard a struggling at the door, It was my parents, so I quickly closed the portal and ran into my room and turned on the t.v. and my mom came in.
    “What did you do tonight?” said my mom
    ” O, nothing just watched t.v.” i said back.

  7. Have you ever wanted to go on a trip that was very far away from home and that’s really, really, really fun? Well last summer I went on that kind of trip. My family and I went to Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Idaho. It’s right next to Lake Coeur d’Alene. My story is about the last day of our trip when we rode our horses down a forest path that looked almost exactly like the one in the picture.
    My horse’s name was Mule, my sister’s horse’s name was Brandee my mom’s horse’s name was Bonnie, and my dad’s horse’s name was Popeye. It was a beautiful day at Red Horse and we were taking a road that took us off the property. Our guide’s name was Lee and his girlfriend Brittany came along, too. When we got off the property we got into the lake and our horses started swimming across. Now, every thing was going fine until we spotted a crocodile across the lake. Normally we would scream and try to get away, but it takes a while for the horses to turn around in water and we didn’t want to spook the horses by screaming. So, our guide, told us to stay calm and slowly curve the horses into a crescent and try to veer away from the croc. Unfortunately, the horses had already spotted the crocodile and had begun to rear up on their hind legs. They tried to gallop under water but it was almost like they were being pulled under. Suddenly something grabbed my leg and pulled hard. I felt my shoe come off and I saw blood. The funny thing was I didn’t feel hurt. I looked down and remembered that I had a mini pocketknife in my shoe. I saw the crocodile float down the river with my knife in his throat. I realized that the night before I had opened it so it could dry from my fishing trip. If I hadn’t opened it then my leg wouldn’t still be attached. I felt so grateful.
    “We still have that other one on the shore”, said Lee jokingly, ”I don’t suppose you have anymore knives with you”?
    “No”, I said flatly still in shock. When I looked up at the croc on the shore it started to move. Its movements were jerky as though it were petrified. All of a sudden Lee started to laugh. I looked at him as though he were crazy. He told me later that the crocodiles were fake and that they do that trick to all the families who signed up for the family ride on the last day. I still remember that to this day. (even though it was only a few months ago)

    1. @ben15, What does this story have to do with the image of the path? All you write about is a story about swimming with the crocs. Where are the four paragraphs? Please follow the directions next time.

  8. Flying In The Air
    I would love to go in one of these giant hot air balloons. I would imagine myself in one of them looking at the area and at all of the birds singing and hiding because they are scared of this giant multicolored balloon.

    These eight hot air balloon are flashing out in the sky and they are the colors of the rainbow. They are all starting to fly out into the white and grey sky which is not a good time to go out on a hot air balloon trip. They fly out just like what birds would do when they would hear a hunter shoot at dears, rabbits… The hot air balloons are coming out of a myriad tree forest.

    The forest is on a large extended piece of collin. In the middle of the forest, there are no tree which is probably used for landing hot air balloons. The trees are green and there hasn’t been a fire because there is no smoke or dead trees. If you look closely at the picture, on the far end of the forest, there is a path without trees that is probably used for hiking or going to the hot air balloon station.

    1. @thibaut15, Sorry for that I accidentely submited it so hear is my conclusion.

      This ended by a wonderful trip going to the other side of the mountain to look at the beautiful land scapes and sunset behind the mountains. It was full of other hot air balloon, birds, and animals.

  9. I was overwhelmed with joy because I was going to go on my first hot air balloon ride! In the car all I could think about was being in a basket tied to a big colorful balloon floating through the air. We were going to be with other balloons in the air. I thought it would be cool to wave to the other people in their colorful balloon and hope they would see me and wave back.

    When we got their and I saw two balloons waiting for me and my family. I felt as if I was floating towards them I was so excited I would have wet my pants (luckily my mom told me to go to the bathroom before we left). Me, my dad, and my brother were in one balloon. My mom and my two sisters were in the other. they got to “take off” first because you know ladies first. Then we “took off.” since we were the last balloons out everyone was far above us. I was not expecting what was going to happen next.

    Both balloons had run out of gas. I finally knew when our guide started to look panicked as he tried to light the burner and it wouldn’t light. So we were floating to the ground just below the balloon with the other half of my family in it. Our guide then broke it to us that he was not an experienced pilot but neither was my mom’s. Since they were inexperienced they had forgotten to refill our balloons. So at least our family as whole was going down and not just half of us.

    There was a big bunch of “Ows” as we wentthrough the trees and landed in the forest. We were suspended in the air by the trees high off the ground. We had to find a solution. The trees had lots of branches, so we decided to use them to climb down to the ground. It worked quite well for everyone accept for my little brother who is only seven. The rest of my family landed about ten minutes later. We asked the guides when the next person would land. The guides said all the people land around the same time because the earlier the “take off” the later the landing. We were only scheduled to fly for a two hour ride some people came for six hour rides. That whole process only took about thirty minutes so it would be an hour and a half before anyone would see us and it would take another hour before the rescue helicopter came. I was so overwhelmed I just couldn’t stay awake anymore so me and the other kids all went to sleep. Besides there is nothing to do in the middle of the woods anyway.

    I woke up to hear the chopping of helicopter baldes. At first I was in a daze so I did’t care. Then I realized we are going to leave, so I jumped up and started waving at the helicopter along with the guides, my mother, father, and brother (my sisters are heavy sleepers). The helicopter saw us and finally we were going home. I woke up my sisters faster than my parents could react. I was just as excited to leave as I was to get there. After this experience I never even thought about going on a hot air balloon ever again.

  10. The Great Balloon War

    Date: December 17,3000
    The annual Balloon War reinactment has just started and everyone is very excited. The Balloon War was a war fought in 2035 between two alliances. The north, and the south (USA). This great war started as a game for some balloonists out on a Sunday morning flight. One person pulled out a BB gun and shot at another balloonist’s balloon just before they took off. The pilot could not tell what had happened untill he looked up to the the hot air ripping his balloon more and more. He was angry. So angry infact, that he pulled out his shotgun. The other pilot was too busy laughing to notice any of this was happening. When he looked up, he was falling. He was around 100 feet high when he was shot down. This unlucky pilot plunged into the river below never to be found again. This tragic incedent resulted in “The Geat Balloon War”.

    This reinactment was very seriouse and at leased ten people have died in each one. This is my first time in the Balloon War and I’m both nervouse and excited at the same time. My only gun is a pistol. All first timers get only handguns and waaaay too much amunition. I mean, one shot to my basket would send me flying to the Moon! All right. Everyone is up and the first shot has been fired! I heard a scream and I looked up. To my despare, my best friend’s balloon was a ball of fire headed towards the ground. NOOOOOO!!! I screamed as loudly as I could. I look around to see who shot him and it was his own father! I couldn’t believe it, but his dad must take these things really seriously. His gun was aimed towards me. I poulled the rope and soared towards the clouds. He missed me but I knew he was still coming after me. I pulled up my gun and fired. I missed and he was aiming right at my balloon. I steared away but it was too late. I was headed for the ground.

    I was falling towards a river. The same river that the pilot with the BB gun landed in to start this whole war. I landed with a SPLASH and climbed out of the basket. I still had my gun in hand but was rushing down the river towards a waterfall. I cried for help but knew there was no use in trying. I was done for. I remembered seeing on T.V. that someone did the highest bellyflop from around 300 feet high in 2786. This drop was only about 100 feet high. When I was pulled down, I tried to do a bellyflop. I landed with a CRACK! and it hurt unbaribly, but I was alive. I continued to float downstream for a good hour but it felt like a lifetime. The current finally eased up and I was able to get up onto land. It was cold. I was shivering the moment I steped out of the water. Stranded in the woods miles from home somewhere in New York in December isn’t ever a good thing. I knew I needed to get help and fast.

    I decided to try to make a fire. It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Technolagy hasn’t really advanced much at all since 2010 so I had to use two sticks not some futuristic flamethrower thing In all those old “futuristic” movies. I noticed another balloon drifting above me and called for help. I screamed and yelled but they didn’t seem to notice me. I walked upstream for days, surviving on animals I would have to shoot. I probably had lead poisening from eating raw meat that was shot with a lead bullet. I finally reached the waterfall and noticed a path to go up the cliff. I walked up and there were balloons everywhere that had crashed. I managed to get home after being lost for almost a month. It was January 10, 3001 and I was just happy to be home with my family.

  11. The unforgettable field trip

    Me and my classmates were on a school field trip. Jimmy, Josh and I got lost because we fell behind and took a wrong turn. Jimmy thought he found a trail back to everybody else, but he found a beautiful path. So we decided to see what was at the end of the trail, then all of the sudden Jimmy vanishes. Josh and I gave each other weary looks, and heard the screams of Jimmy saying ” Josh and Patrick he is after you.”

    I whispered to josh saying “On the count of three run back up the trail, one, two, three.” Josh screamed at the top of his lungs saying “Run for your life, ahh, he is after us run.” We came to the end of the trail and heard leaves cracking and turned around and show the end of a shadow. We took off running again and heard the screaming again, “Josh and Patrick he is after you.” So we ran to a intersection and turned left this time.

    The class was just a few feet away and Josh and I ran up to the teacher yelling “Jimmy has vanished and says the person is after us , and, and, and we saw the mans shadow.” Mrs. Smith said “That is illogical” and would never happen in a nature reserve.” “And were have you two been, Jimmy is right at the back of the line turned around and pointed to the ground.” Stunned he wasn’t there she blurts out with a gasp “Where is he.”

    We led Mrs. Smith back to the beautiful trail and went to were Jimmy vanished. And what do you know, Jimmy was sitting on the side of the trail waiting, when he saw us he jumped up and said “Why did you run away” in an angry voice. I thought to myself that is impossible and said “You disappeared and we heard you say Josh and Patrick he is after you.” jimmy started laughing and said “No I didn’t I said Josh and Patrick I have found the bathroom.” Jimmy, josh, Mrs. Smith and I all began to laugh and walked back to the bus and went back to school.

  12. FBI Training Exam
    (I used the balloon picture.)

    On the elevendy-second of February, the FBI decided that the United States would never be attacked by land, but by hot-air balloons. So, since the FBI always want to be extra prepared, all of the hot-air balloon books in the Library of Congress were checked out. When the event finally took place, FBI agents knew exactly how hot-air balloons worked, but no one knew how to fight them.
    The mock mission was to save the stunt dummy inside a hot-air balloon that was cooling down and slowly falling (but not slow enough to survive when it hit the ground). In total, there were three FBI agents who wanted to attempt. The first one thought that if he just kept shooting, he could blow up the balloon and catch the dummy on the way down. He failed badly, blowing up the balloon but dropping the scorched dummy. He ran home and cried to his mom.The second tried to hang glide to the balloon and hang glide out, but he missed the balloon and fell into a lake. He was given an “A” for effort, but he was not allowed to join the FBI. The second FBI comforted himself that he did better than the first guy because his dummy actually survived.
    The third FBI wannabe decided to use a hang glider with a leaf blower attached. That way, he could steer the hand glider easier. The wannabe easily got to the balloon and grabbed the dummy. Where did his hang glider go? He looked down and saw a small red heap on the ground. Now the agent faced a dilemma. He had a parachute, but it could only hold one person. Suddenly, he had an idea. The wannabe used his parachute but still was holding on the the balloon and landed on the ground safely.
    The three FBI wannabes could have avoided their problems if they had been more prepared, less forgetful, and (except the third FBI) less well, mentally limited. If they had planned out their ideas they all could have been successful. The moral of the story is that if you want to succeed, follow the Boy Scout Motto, Be Prepared!

  13. The Race

    I saw an ad about a balloon race so I got out the money and paid for it. It was in December so I had a week untill the race. The prize was a trip to New York to see the Yankees play in home plate seats and an autographed ball from each of them.

    While I was waiting there was a tornado. My ballon was thrown all around my yard and torn apart. It was terrible. I had four days untill the race! I drove to every balloon store in Florida. At the very last one I found a big enough balloon for me and all the stuff I was bringing to the race.

    At the start of the race I had a bad start. I was in last place. I was 40 yards away from the person in front of me and gaining. I passed them and a bunch of the others because I took a short cut over the ocean. As I passed the second place person I thought I could win this. And Just as I thought that the first place person just randomly stopped. “Whoa, I hope he has a parachute ” I thought. At last I had the lead! As a crossed the finish line I jumped with joy. ” I won!” I screamed.

    After the race I had a very good time at Yankee Stadium. I met every one on the team including A-Rod. I got all their autographs and a belly full of chickin wings. The seats were comfy and the food was delicious. As I left I thought ” what a great prize.”

    1. @christian15, Knowing you when you said what the prize was I just thought, “Of course Christian”. That part with the guy in first was funny. Good response.

  14. Lost in the Woods

    KRAAACK!BOOOOM! I woke up in my camping tent by the sound of the lightning. I was now sitting up in my sleeping bag pondering about how I would get to sleep. I tried putting my pillow over my head and pulling the sleeping bag over my head, but nothing seemed to work. It was then that I realized my shoes were left outside. It had not rained yet, but I did not want to risk the feeling of walking around in wet shoes. I went outside and picked up my shoes. I noticed that the bottoms of the shoes were muddy, so instead of putting them in my camping tent, I walked over to a nearby tree and put them there. After I bent over to put the shoes down, I stood up and found two ominous eyes staring right at me.

    There was growl coming from the creature in the dark, and its open mouth revealed its jagged teeth. I ran off into the forest, not turning back, sprinting as fast as I could. I wanted to stay on the trail in front of me, so I could easily find my way back. It was dark, so it was tough to stay on the trail. I realized the only way to get the animal off my trail was to turn off the path. I made a hard right, and once I had recognized that my plan was not working, I curved around a tree. When I had turned I could get a better image on the predator. I was astonished to see a big grizzly bear running on all fours. At this point I turned around to find that the bear was finally gone. I quickly swung my head back around, tripped over something, and blacked out.

    I woke up with an afflicting pain in my forehead. It was now daylight. “Ugh,” I groaned. I pressed my hand against my wound. Then I looked at my hands and saw blood covering my palms. I glanced near my feet and saw a fallen tree branch. I must have tripped and busted my head on the rough ground. I tried to stand up, but found that there was a sharp pain in my ankle. I knew it wasn’t broken, for I could still move it around. I got up leaning against a tree. I tried to remember where I had came from, but the image in my head was too vague. I limped around for half an hour, until I finally found the trail I was on before. The only thing is I did not know witch way to travel on the path. I guessed and hobbled north for about fifteen minutes, and then saw a man in the distance. It was my father.

    At this point, I did not care about the sourness in my head nor my ankle. I ran over to my dad and he said, “What were you doing out here? I came looking for you when you did not come for breakfast.”
    “Dad you would not believe it, I…” I told him the whole story from beginning to the end. I even showed him my forehead when I told him that I fell.
    “All right let’s go back to the site,” he said, “I am getting hungry.”
    We both chuckled and walked back to the camping site.

  15. The Noise

    I woke up, wondering where I was. As I could see, I was on a path in some forest type thing. I had that feeling that something was watching me. I continued on the path trying to find a way out. Then all the sudden I heard this noise, coming from behind a large tree. My knees started to shake as I began to run away from the noise. I had to stop to catch my breath. Whatever was out there to get me, I think it can wait a second for me to catch a breath.

    Finally, I found a opening in the forest of neverending. I was so tired from running away from whatever it was that made a noise and me that I collapsed onto the floor and fell asleep. I woke up right away. There was something moving in the back of my shirt. I got up, shook all around, and began to jump so whatever was in my shirt would get out. I don’t know what it was or how it got there just all I knew was that it was out of my shirt.

    In the meanwhile, I realized that when I was flipping out over whatever was in my shirt I lost my way and yet again became lost in the woods. As I continued on the path I was wondering who would come out in the middle of a random forest that no one has ever heard of and build a path. I made no sense what so ever. There it was again! The noise I heard from before! It freaked me out so much that I screamed my head off and ran around in cicles.
    Then something started coming out of the bushes. OMG! It was a couple of my friends playing a prank on me. So I told them, “Not cool”.

    On my way back home they told me how they got me out there. They said that I fell over and bumped my head and I was out cold. They thought it was a perfect opportunity to play a prank on me. So they dragged me all the way out here and just hid behind the bushes. Until one of my friends giggled and I guess that was the noise I got all freaked out about. Then I joined in their laughter and we hugged and went home.

  16. The Great Ballooning Pioneers

    April 21, 1969, northern England. Jenkins, Stenson, Blottings, and Kunderlings are going to be the first to balloon over to Iceland. There is a catch. An unknown war between England and Sweden is going on and the Swedes know what is going on with the balloons. Onlookers in balloons are eager for them to start. They untie at 10:47 AM. They fly in a diamond shaped arrangement. The winds are in their favor as they head westward. Their food was to last up to ten months if necessary. The men are in their 40’s and eager to accomplish what they have set out to do.

    Little did they know that the Swedes had sent a spy and have successfully placed a rat inside Jenkins food supply, it objective: to eat away the food so Jenkins dies of hunger. What the Swedish didn’t know was that the rat was about to give birth. The start of the journey has gone well. The winds are still strong and heading the way they planned. Suddenly, Blottings sees danger. About 70 feet above them is a Swedish fighter plane. They were prepared, though, and Jenkins drops a piece of wood. The pilot thinks it is a special item important to get the Iceland people to aid England in the war, and so he dives past the balloons after the block of wood. as he passes, Stenson drops a grenade into the engine of the plane. In five seconds, the men are watching a flaming ball of metal fall into the ocean. The men celebrate the achievement by having a biscuit with honey.

    A week has gone by. Jenkins has discovered one of the 14 juvenile rats, but he doesn’t think that there are more rats on the balloon. The men are oblivious to the fact that the wind was blowing so strongly has now had them pass Iceland. Suddenly the men look in front of them. A huge red hawk bigger than all of the men combined grabs Blottings’ balloon and tears it to shreds. Blottings falls farther and farther until he hits a little island with a *splat* that can be heard from the other balloons. The hawk flies away with the balloon for her nest. The others become alert and worried. What other creatures does this fog hide? The men are just settling down when Jenkins finds the nest of rats and sees the amount of food that has been eaten. He only has enough food to last for 5 days. Due to the shock, he falls out of his balloon, which tips all the food out of the balloon, but he manages to grab the edge first. Kunderlings swoops over and has Jenkins fall into his own balloon. As the balloon tips, the fire touches the balloon itself and the whole thing bursts into flames.

    It has been a month since the men have first started and the wind has blown them onto a large island that is unknown to everyone but them (and whatever lives on the island). Jenkins has the flu and Kunderlings has broken his wrist due to the rough landing. The men have had a rested month, but are not rested enough to handle what is in store for them. They have set up camp in a clearing near the beach so they can fish. It is night-time and the men are armed with guns and ready to fight. Suddenly, the bushes rustle, and the men turn. Behind them a giant cat rears up and sinks its teeth into Stensons neck. Their is a loud crack because of his neck being crushed, and he screams in agony. Jenkins turns and shoots, but the bullet only scares the animal so it runs away, the bloody, dead corpse dangling in the beast’s mouth. The men are petrified, but they are able to fall asleep. This is a bad idea, since something is watching them. That something is a 30 foot long wolf, with canine the length of your arm. It lunges out and crushes Kunderlings leg under its paw. It carries Kunderlings’ screaming body into a cave. Jenkins walks to the beach and sees a major landmass. He decides to swim. He is half way there when he feels a strong current below him. He looks and finds tuna the size of buses fleeing from something. In terror of what the beasts are fleeing from, he turns around and sees a cave with ice hanging from the roof. He suddenly realizes that that is no cave but a shark that makes a megaladon look like a minnow. He escape is futile and is soon enveloped by the shark. That ends the adventures of the brave pioneers.

    (The names are the last names of the guys)

  17. The Halloween That Everyone Will Remember Forever

    Finally, it was Halloween! Everyone loves Halloween. I mean you get a bunch of free candy, and you can dress up like anything. Everyone in my neighborhood thought it was just a regular Halloween. But, they were all in a lot of danger, and none of them knew it.

    It all started when an old lady and an old man down the street were throwing a Halloween party. The weird thing is, is that no one has ever seen the couple outside, and no one has ever met them. I knew something was wrong, and my gut was telling me that we shouldn’t go. I told my mom my thoughts of the party, but all she said was, “It’s all in your imagination, and I bet the couple is very nice.” I knew she was wrong, I just knew it.

    When we arrived at the party, everything seemed normal. There was Halloween decorations everywhere, music playing, food, candy and colorful flashing lights. The only thing that was weird was that, the couple that lived there, were no where to be found. It was very strange because usually the people hosting the party would be there at the door to welcome you in. Everyone just ignored the fact that they weren’t there, and just started to dance. I wanted to find them, so I went around the house, but all I found was a black cat,(which freaked me out).

    When I got back to where the party was going on, something crazy happened. The lights went out, the music stopped, and you could hear the doors locking. And then came a woman’s voice, “Hello! Welcome to the never ending Halloween party! I hope you enjoy your stay…for the rest of your lives!” And then the lights came on and then came a man’s voice, “Just kidding! Happy Halloween!” Everyone didn’t move, we were still recovering from the scare. But then everyone started laughing. When we got home my mom said, “I told you nothing was going to happen.” Even though nothing did happen, I’m never going near that house again.

  18. The Surprise On The Hidden Pathway
    It was the night before Halloween and I had just discovered a path in the forest near my house, I had decided the perfect night to go down the path was tomorrow. I knew that was a good night for two reasons, one my friend Lucy would be coming over and she is big on adventures and two it was Halloween so it would be worth remembering.

    As excited as I was I had waited til the moment had come, and Lucy and I had set off out through the woods with only a flash light and a pocket-knife. We went at about five o clock hoping we would be back before dark but we had no clue what to expect. The path had huge oaks and aspen trees the color of evergreen. Lucy had noted that the trees created like a tunnel which only made the walking scarier. It seemed never ending and when I tried to see what was ahead it just got darker and darker.

    Suddenly it started to rain but only a few raindrops seemed to seep through the thick walls of trees around us. If only we had a clue where we were headed to what seemed like nowhere. But then I saw something move in the distance. Not know what so expect Lucy went in to investigate I stayed back and chickened out.

    Turned out it was squirrel and to my disappointment I had got a phone call from my mom saying we must get home soon she has a surprise. Annoyed we obeyed and headed back. When we arrived we realized it was already twelve. All our mom said when we got back was computer then pointed at it. We looked at the screen and all we saw was a map showing the trail goes all the way to Colorado and we live in Florida.

  19. A Trail in the Woods

    Joe decided to go hiking. It started out as a regular hike, but then it became much more. When he takes a shortcut, the most amazing thing ever happened. His adventure came all out of curiosity.

    Bill was walking through the woods when he saw a sign that said the trail was not to be hiked. Now most hikers what carelessly go by, but Joe decided to go see what was down the trail. He was walking along when the trail started to get rocky and the trees were taller. He started thinking of turning back.

    Then there was a sign that read, “The treasure three obstacles away.”
    Then Joe got very exited and ambitious. He thought that he could easily get their. He started jogging ahead.

    He came to his first obstacle. It didn’t look too hard. It was just a small cliff that was about four feet off the ground. He got over it and came to one that was four and a half feet high. It kept going until it was ten feet of the ground. He found lots of rocks and had to carefully stack them on top of each other. He carefully climbed up and jumped, but as he jumped, the rocks fell over and Joe barley got to the top. He kept going.

    The second obstacle was a giant rock Joe had to push out of his way and was nearly exhausted. Then he came to his third obstacle. It was a big rock wall. That was it. A wall that was twenty feet high and he couldn’t go around. He was stuck. The he found a small hammer and realized what he had to dot. Four hours later he busted through, dripping in sweat. Then he found the treasure, a big trunk filled with gold, about $1,000,000.

    He hauled it home refusing to loose any he loaded up his car and went home. He had to be exact $1,569,467.00. He was so overjoyed. He couldn’t believe it. In the end he spent a little every day knowing heed have a lot of money for a lot of time.

  20. Megan had the best day today. She aced her english test, got her school pictures and they were great, and on top of that, she realized that the test next week is cancelled. She was so extatic for the rest of the night because she knew that nothing could bring her spirts down.

    Her day just kept getting better. She did great at volleyball practice. After that, her mom made her her favorite dinner. She didn’t have to worry about homework because she didn’t have any! Next, the show that she is obsessed with came on. Her day just couldn’t get any better!

    Megan was excited to have a pleasent sleep. She hadn’t slept well all week. There were so many things going through her head as she drifted into a deep sleep…

    Megan was laying on the ground of an empty pathway in the woods. She opened her eyes and jumped up to her feet. She was confused and frustrated. She didn’t know where she was or what to do.

    She needed to find a way out and the only way out was forward. She was scared to death. She could hear voices whispering and snickering. That just made her run faster. The pathway just kept going on and on.

    She began to stop because she knew there was no way out. Suddenly, a creature jumped out of the bushes. It was a ghostly figure with shaggy hair. It had a broken leg so the ghost walked with trouble. The ghost started walking toward her slowly as she walked back. Then he started running. It became a chase. He was chasing her and for a man with a broken leg, he sure could run. She could feel him catching up. She looked behind herself and didn’t see the log in front of her. As soon as her world turned black, she woke with terror and screamed. She realized that it wasn’t really a dream because the ghost was standing over her.

  21. Off the Trail Madison Free

    The trail had always been ours. Every year when our families went camping we would go there. It was a tradition. Not going would would the same taking away Christmas or 4th of July. We had worn down the trail so well that all we even had to do was bend back the occasional roaming vine. It was always our secret.

    Nothing had ever happened to us on the trail until last year. We heard a strange yet familiar noise. I knew the sound, but could not place it.I hesitate, but Courtney being the adventurous one pulled me off the trail. As we rounded the turn the noise grew and grew. Then I knew what it was, a black bear cub. Once we saw it we looked around in every direction searching for the mother. We were sure she would be very close by.

    She wasn’t there. At first we weren’t sure what to do. We could leave the cub, and hope he found is way, or try and help him. We debated taking him back to camp, but his mother would never take him back after human contact. We decided to try and get a view of where the mother could have gone. There was a trail leading away from the cub but split off in many directions. I climbed a tree, and got a pretty good view of the forest. There were movements in a couple bushes, but only one big enough for a bear.

    Then I saw her barreling towards the place where we were. The cub started yelling and I shouted “Run she’s coming!” Courtney and I sprinted back down the trail. Once we had covered some distance we stopped and listened to the sound of the mother and cub together again. The two of us walked the rest of the way home. When we were asked if anything exciting happened we simply replied at the same time ” Nope, not much happened same as always.”

  22. It Came from the Trees

    Andrew was looking really forward to his camping trip this year. Every year, Andrew invites three of his closest friends, Paul, Brian, and Michael, to camp out in the woods for two nights. Since all four of them were thirteen, their parents decided they could go camping by themselves. They were going to camp out in Oakwood National Park, deep in the forest. They all thought it would be fun, but what they didn’t know was that they were about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives.

    It was early Saturday morning, 7:50 A.M. to be precise. It was chilly, and the ground was very moist and soggy. There was a slight brezze, and there were some clouds in the sky. The four of them settled camp in an open space, near a river and a lot of trees. Andrew and Michael would set up the tents, while Paul and Brian gathered firewood. “If we split up, it would be a lot easier to find firewood” said Paul.

    “I agree” said Brian.

    The four of them worked hard throughout the day, taking little to no breaks. After Andrew and Michael finished setting up the tents, Michael went looking for Paul and Brian. Andrew decided to stay in his tent. Then, night fell. There were the sounds of crickets, the glowing fireflies, and the luminescent full moon. Andrew was wondering were was Michael. All of the sudden, the joyful weekend was turning into a scary horror movie.

    “I can’t find Paul or Brian,” shouted Michael outside in the dark night. “I think they went missing!”

    Just then, Andrew immediately stood up and got out of the tent, panicing about his friends’ disapperence.

    “Okay, maybe they took a nap while finding the firewood,” said Andrew. “Let’s go find them.”

    They sprinted into the woods, shouting Paul and Brian at the top of their lungs. It was around 10:00 P.M. when they started our search. It seemed to the two of them that time had slowed down the more we shouted. Andrew’s heart was pounding nonstop, and he didn’t think that we were going to find them. Then Michael shouted, “I found them!”
    Andrew ran towards Michael, hoping that Paul and Brian were okay. They weren’t. They layed down, unconcious, covered in blood and both were at least five feet apart from each other. They both tried to do CPR, but there was no luck. Suddenly, Brian started coughing. We rushed over there while he was trying to speak.

    “I…I’m sorry,” he spoke solemnly. “I tried to stop him but..but.. he came out of nowhere.” “It’s…It’s like he came from…from the trees.”

    He fell back down onto the ground. They both cried for their fallen friends were attacked by a creature from the trees. We were still crying until we heard a grunt. An animal grunt. The two of them turned around and saw the creature about twenty-five feet away. The creature that had killed both of their friends. It was a bizarre beast, it had the size of a bear, but looked like it had the speed of a cheetah. His arms looked very hard, almost looking like tree bark. Suddenly, he chased them. They ran for their lives, running at their hardest. Andrew sprinted slightly faster than Michael, with the beast only a few strides behind them. All of a sudden, Andrew heard a shout in agony. It was Michael. The creature had used its huge, sharp claws and punctured Michael in the back. Andrew still ran, fearing he would die if he stopped. About five seconds later, the same had happended to Andrew. Before he died, he wished this was all a dream. Then, Andrew heard some voices.

    “Andrew, sweetie, wake up” said his mom.

    Andrew immediately arose from his bed. He rubbed his eyes and wondered where was he.

    “Where am I”? said Andrew.

    “You’re at home, silly” said his mother.

    Wait a minute, Andrew thought. Andrew thought he was murdered by the beast.

    “Come on, you’ll be late for your trip” said his mother.

    Andrew was confused. Did his wish come true? Or was it a vision?

  23. My Guardian Angel

    I thought that it was going to be another ordinary summer, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The long school year had just ended and my family and I were heading to Kentucky to spend summer with my grandparents. This was something my family did every summer. I would spend the days lounging on the patio, reading books, and hanging out at the playground down the street. The events that took place that summer changed life as I knew it. One afternoon while playing at the playground in the scorching sun I felt dizzy and fell off the monkey bars. I screeched in pain, but no one was around to hear my screams. Right before my eyes a boy appeared, helped me up, and walked me home. His name was Johnathan. He was about my age with dark brown hair. As quick as he appeared he was gone. I watched as he entered the spooky house at the end of our street. It was the house that I was told to stay clear of.

    A couple of days passed and I was feeling much better. I couldn’t wait to find Johnathan. I returned to the playground and after several long hours, I decided to go home. Suddenly, Johnathan appeared again. From that day on we were inseparable. The house on the corner was no longer creepy to me. We played there in the garden for hours. I loved my afternoons with Johnathan. As my summer came to a close, Johnathan and I vowed that our friendship was forever and that we would meet again the following summer. Year after year when I visited my grandparents our friendship grew even closer. We could talk for hours about anything. The only thing that was strange about our friendship is that the more I changed, the more Johnathan remained the same.

    It was the summer of my thirteenth birthday when the mystery of Johnathan became more clear. One afternoon after a day of play, my mother told me a story that I could have never imagined. Her best childhood friend had lived in the spooky house at the corner of the street. His name was Johnathan. He and his family had been brutally murdered when he was just a young boy. I couldn’t believe my ears, it all started to make sense. Johnathan never changed he always stayed the same. The next day at the playground Johnathan confirmed my suspicions. Johnathan was a spirit. He helped me that day we met at the playground and he had watched over me ever since. His spirit remains in the neighborhood protecting the children from the evil that lurks.
    It had been several years since I had been able to return to my grandparents home in Kentucky. They had moved to the city to be closer to us. Through the years I have often thought of Johnathan. My memories of the playground and “The Spooky House,” always make me smile. This year I am returning to Kentucky with a daughter of my own. I hope that she will love this place as much a I did. As she darted off to the playground, I told her not to fear the spooky house on the corner of the street. I let her know that an old friend lived there. When she returned for dinner after a long day at the playground, she could hardly contain herself. She told me of a wonderful new friend… His name was Johnathan.

    1. @demi15, When I posted my story. The indent for my new paragraph did not show. A new paragraph was to begin with the sentence. “It had been several years…”

  24. BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! I heard the bullets go off throughout our house. One hit the wall behind my head and burst into flames. Okay, these were definitely not ordinary bullets. I heard the other two bullets sound off below me. I heard a girlish shriek that only could have been made by my twelve year old sister, Chrissa.
    “Mandy, Mandy, Mandy! Help!” I heard her scream. Mandy, yes guilty as charged, that would be me. I’m fourteen years old, my mom’s eldest child. After hearing Chrissa scream, it clicked it my head head what was happening. I sprinted downstairs to where Chrissa’s room was, the whole room being engulfed by flames. Yeah, definitely not ordinary bullets! She was standing by her open window, wanting to jump to the layer of roof below, but was too consumed by fear. Taking a big breath and bigger strides, I ran at my sister. My leg felt like it was on fire but I ignored it for now. I tackled Chrissa so that we both flew out the window. We hit the roof below with a large thud, rolling until we were both hanging off the edge of the roof. One of the police’ car was below. I released my hands from the roof, plummeting untild I landed on the policeman’s car. My leg was hurting more and more but I ignored it, reaching up to catch a falling Chrissa. I didn’t know where my mom was but I couldn’t think about that now. I had to get out for Chrissa’s sake. As quietly as the wind, and before anyone could see us, we slipped into the darkness beyond.

    I guess I should explain who we are. We are fugitives of the law. Well, sort of. My entire family has been falsely accused of treason. I won’t go into specifics on that. Let’s just say, that when things go wrong, people just look for someone else to blame for their problems. That someone else, would be us. My mom, sister and I ran away when first accused. We haven’t seen our dad since. We don’t know if he got away, or if he’s even still alive. I again try to shake these thoughts out of my head. I suddenly start feeling the sharp, burning feeling in my leg. I collapse to the ground, unable to tell if I’m shrieking or not. I know that I am giving away our location but the pain is so bad that I don’t care. Chrissa looks terrified, but finnaly gets up her courage to prop me up against a tree. She kneels to the ground and pulls our dad’s Swiss Army knife from her pocket, (Hey, I didn’t know she had that!) and cuts away the leg of my jeans. There is a huge, jagged, partially blackened cut on my upper thigh, that is bleeding. She washes the wound, and the bloody leg of my jeans, then using the fabric as a temporary bandage, tying it tight around my leg. When I finally get up the strength to stand, we continued walking throught the forest to our destination.

    Finally, we arrive. We are standing in the exact center of the forest, in a wide clearing. There it is! Our uncle’s hot air balloon! He warned us that all the pieces were not yet assembled, and that it hadn’t been tested, but we didn’t have time to worry about that now. He was going to race it in the hot air balloon race tomorrow but he won’t be now! That race will be the perfect cover for us. I set to checking the fuel and the connection of the balloon to the basket. Chrissa sets up camp for the night and gathers some edible plants. We eat, and fall asleep for the night, unaware of the perils that will lie ahead tomorrow.

    We wake as dawn breaks. Hey, that sounds cool! I make a mental note to right that down if we ever get back. I set up the final pieces of the balloon, while Chrissa disperses of the remains of our campsite. We climb into the basket. Ready for liftoff. “It’s working!” I scream somewhat surprised as we begin to rise. Down below, I see our uncle run into the clearing. He is shouting at us but I can’t understand what. Oh, well. He’s probably just mad that he can’t enter the race. I try to convince myself that thats is all it is. Anger and surprise. I see other balloons raising into the sky. After an hour or so, we hear a gunshot, which we all believe to be the start of the race. We head towards the set destination for all balloons. But we begin to hear more and more gunshots. The cops! Oh, no! We begin to fuel our balloon along faster and faster. We cross the finish line first but go a bit farther before we finally land. The police run up just as we are announce us the winners. Well the cops can’t very well arrest the winners of a big race, now can they? So we were moved to a room in a warehouse where the police FINALLY heard us out. They captured the real perpatrator, released our dad from custody, and our mom was eleased from the hospital with minor burns. All that, and we won the balloon race! It was good day! It was then, that I relised what my uncle had yelled. “Good luck!”

    It had helped.

  25. It was a late afternoon and my friend and I were playing catch, thats when we heard the sirens and took off towards our houses. By the time I got to my house I could already hear the planes in the distance rumbling, full of bombs. My family went to the bomb shelter and we waited for what seemed like an hour. When the bombs stopped falling, we headed for what was left of the forest to take cover or find anyone still alive. We found my friends’ family and we started to go look for survivors. We found only about fifty out of the hundred towns people stil alive. Only one side of the town was bombed and it literally split in two, except for one house which belonged to a man named Tim Tebow. M houses were completly cut in half and other fractions missing and I wondered how this could of happened. So I went to the library to look in the half that was left for hauntings in Gatorville. What I found was so creepy. No one had ever opened the book again before I had. The book said that there once were two towns ,one called Seminole Land and the other called Gatorville. They hated each other, so on day they decided to see who was number one they fought for days and days and Gatorville ended up winning the battle. They took the Seminole land and combined the two towns, called it Gatorville, and the map showed that the half that was bombed was the part that was Seminole land eccept for Mr. Tebow’s house and that house is what was in the picture. So I conclude that Hitler was a gator fan.

    1. @avery, I like the story but in your mind, everyone was a gator fan. Were the gators even around back then? Either way I thought the story way funny.

  26. (top right picture)

    Wyoming Life

    I used to be the most popular girl in my school. I had a million friends, and I lived in Miami, Florida. Now, I live in Wyoming. Just so you know, Wyoming is the least populated state in America. This is my house, it’s the creepiest house I’ve ever seen, and I actually have to live here. Everything in it reminds me of death, sorrow, and mold, lots of mold. You know that feeling when you know someone’s watching you and they’re breathing right down your neck, causing all your hairs to stand on end? I used to think this was just my subconcious acting up, but one day I found the real reason why.

    There’s an urban legend here, and it has something to with how back, during World War II, the house served as some sort of temporary morgue for the dead killed in bombings. Well, during the embalming process, they would drain the blood and it would end up in an underground aquafer. Since none of the citizens knew it, they all went on drinking the water, oblivious to the fact of what they were doing. After a while, almost everyone in town went crazy with bloodlust. This resulted in a massacre until no one in the town was left alive. Eventually, the town was demolished and rebuilt, except for my little house in the woods. I know this doesn’t sound very creepy, but it still made me wonder.

    One evening, after dinner, I got into a fight with my mother about something I can’t even recall anymore. I figured I would burn of some anger if I took a walk in the woods. This was a dire mistake I still can’t come to forgive myself for.

    It turns out, there isn’t a path in these woods, so I decided I’d do it Hansel and Gretel style, and leave a bright colored accessory or bracelet every ten yards or so, so I could find my way back.

    As I got deeper into the woods, I heard a rusling sound from the bushes, and decided that it would be smart to walk a little faster. In thinking this, I completely forgot my trail, and soon found myself quite lost. As walking turned to running, I looked over my shoulder to see a man limping towards me. It wasn’t the pitying kind of limp, it was a kind that was very disconcerting, as he never showed me his face and had no problem keeping up with my pace. I tried to lose him, but every time I looked back he was closer than before. I was ready to scream, and he sensed this in my face. He made one final pounce and was on me. He was fighting furiously, still shielding his face from the moonlight as he clawed at my neck. Just as I thought I had the upperhand, he bit my neck. I felt dazed, lightheaded, drained, and wasn’t sure what was going on, but I think I screamed. Sure enough, I heard the reasuring sound of a policeman calling my name and the sound of dogs along with gunfire. Soon my vision became blurred with red, but not before I could see my attacker’s face. It was cold, pale, and dead. He had red eyes, black hair, and looked drained and weak, somehow. This was the last I saw of him.

    I woke up in a hospital bed, surrounded by my family and friends from Miami. I was told I had been in the woods for four hours, so my parents called the police. The police told me my attacker escaped after being shot in the abdomen and I suffered severe blood loss. The police had arrived ten minutes later to search for me(they said the bracelets helped) and later found me being attacked by the unknown perpetrator. After giving them a detailed description of my business in the woods and a description of my attacker, I was allowed to speak with my parents. They said we were moving back to Miami and never, ever coming back here again. As you know, it was pretty hard to pretend to be disappointed.

  27. Haunted by Outdoor Memories

    My family, some friends, and I decided to go on a camping trip that would change my life forever in ways that I could never imagine. It was also the camping trip I would always regret for the rest of my life.

    My parents dragged me and convinced me it might be “fun” to go on a camping trip in fall. They had also convinced a few of their friends to come. One of those families decided to bring their son, Fred, also. Lucky for me Fred was my best friend and was the only reason I had thought that it wouldn’t be so bad. I was wrong.

    Our parents had been looking for a good place to camp while they caught up and talked about boring adult things. Fred and I had decided to leave the group and go have some fun instead of being bored to death. I saw the tallest, greatest, most amazing tree in the forest and instantly I knew we were thinking the same thing. I challenged him to a race to the top. Immediately, we scurried straight to the top at approximately 200 feet.

    Little did we know, a starving pack of wolves had sensed our presence and had closed in on us. At about 130 feet we had practically collapsed and our arms had felt like Jell-O. After about five minutes rest I called, “Race you to the bottom!”

    Fred, glancing over the edge of his branch turns ghost white out of fear and manages to squeal, ” I don’t think you want to do that…”

    “Why not?” I responded looking down upon him. I looked over his shoulder, seeing twelve or thirteen wolves just on his side. Scared out of my mind and suspended on a branch about 90 feet up (which isn’t a good combination I might add) turn my head toward Fred and yet again, we were thinking the same thing, ” We’re going to die.”

    We were slowly inching down hoping that if the wolves got distracted we would be able to escape. What was one of the most terrible and taunting things for that hour and a half was that we could hear our parents and their friends calling our names but we tried to ignore them, knowing that if they found us instead of us just dying, everyone would. I was checking my camping kit for things that might be useful. I eventually came upon a flare gun and came up with a crazy idea. I would fire the flare toward the wolves scaring them away while we jumped down from forty feet which is where I decided would be a safe distance from the flare. We would travel down the path, find our parents, tell them of this terrible experience, leave right away, and never go camping again. Sadly things didn’t turn out as great as Fred and I had hoped. Once I fired the flare we jumped, which was good, but what wasn’t good was that the flare only dazed the wolves for a good seven seconds and that when Fred landed he had broken his leg. Knowing that they would go straight after Fred because he wouldn’t put up much of a fight, I throw stones, branches, my pack, anything that was in my reach at the time. Luckily, it worked and they weren’t going to eat Fred anymore. Unluckily, they had their minds set on eating me now, so I sprinted not like my life depended on it, because it actually did. Right as I had started my marathon, I had told Fred I would be right back with help. After a chase that seemed like it took all of the night , but was just forty-five minutes I had finally lost them and in about fifteen minutes found our camp. While I led them on a journey that would take about twenty minutes I explained to them every single detail that had happened with Fred and I. We had spotted the tree, which was pretty obvious, I had found the spot where Fred had been but something was wrong. Fred was gone. We searched for about three hours and with no luck we decided to go back to camp and call it a night hoping we would find him in the morning.

    That night I couldn’t sleep because I kept hearing his voice in my head saying things like, ” Why did you leave me Johnny? You said you would help”

    ” I’m sorry, I am, I’m trying. I just need more time. Just, just…”

    ” Johnny, I thought things were going to be okay, just like always…”

    ” Stop it! Get out of my HEAD!”

    ” Jooohhhhhnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…”


    My mom walked into my tent and asked me if I was all right. I told her I was and that we should start looking again. To me it seemed like I was the only one who cared about his disappearance, probably because I felt it was my fault. After searching for a few hours, we knew it was a lost cause and I felt like all of the life had been drained out of me. We packed our things and went to the car for a four hour drive that I would sleep through. When we had arrived home all of the lights were on just as we left them. I turned over my shoulder ready to make up something like a joke saying that I told my parents I was right about going camping. Then suddenly, I had realized Fred wasn’t there and my whole body became ice cold and I felt like I had just been stabbed.

    We unlocked the front door turned on all of the lights. When my dad asked me if I was hungry, I told him I wasn’t and went to grieve in my bedroom. Looking up I saw a dark misty figure of Fred that said in a voice that felt cold and like it was going right through me, “You can’t get rid of me that easily.” I would have been ecstatic except the way he said it gave me the chills and told me he wasn’t in a peppy mood.

    (end of part 1)

      1. @acobb7, I’m thinking maybe over winter break I’ll reply and write part two. We’ll just have to wait and see until then.

  28. All neighborhoods seem to have one. A house always silhouetted in the shadows of night as if unsure whether to attempt to blend into the vast inky sky or simply vanish to smoke all together. A house the moon seems endlessly baffled by, almost irresolute uncertain if it should shine upon such a house like a flashlight shone into an endless cave or if it should let the house out of its light because of the shame of helping; helping the house look more sinister in the moon’s ghostly white light. The one in our neighborhood was almost picture perfect like it was wrenched out of an old book. The book that our house was wrenched out of must not have been a happy fairy tale. The book must have been one with a house in one of the darkest of places that reeks in only a way an author could contrive. When it was pulled from the book it came from it was plotted at the end of our street around the bend. There the bright street lamps ended and the bright river that slides smoothly through our smiling little community falls down to trickling creeks that snake through the woods like a twisted spider web without pattern. The grass seems to have culminated that it will not grow around the bend but will only remain as withered brown and ragged patches that hiss in the breeze. Here at this house is where we dared ourselves pushing to reach out to fear. Perhaps we pushed ourselves a bit too far. Especially since one would take the risk alone.

    In order to brace our fear a group of children, I included, formed a group named HHPS (the Haunted House Prevention Society.) WE were determined to help our phobia of the house. We concluded alight in the top window would show our fear was conquered. Among the decision of the group on what we must achieve was the matter of who should perform the task. My uncle always said we all have something; all may have something, but I have bad luck. The house appeared to have started in a good thought with a pristine white, forest green trim, and columns. However these colors now where dull encrusted with the wear of grit in the seams and cracks of the first floor. Then above there was the second floor. The second floor was contorted, demented going from strait respectable lines to what appeared to be the creativity of a madman. The windows of distortions appeared to want to slide off the house with their broken shutters dragging behind. Finally there were the columns, which lost their decorative purpose after the second floor. The whole to the second floor leaned forward as if a starving animal desperate to lunge forward and only being deprived of its wish by the columns that held it back. Here in a widow’s watch rested the window were the light most shine, a shine in a building that vanquishes lights of hope. I hoped it was possible.

    A few nights later I peered out over the short brick wall that looked on to the house. The sky held the moon above it and black clouds outlined in mauve threatening a deluge. As the sky swirled and thunder crackled, I scrambled across the damp lawn to the old door huddling inside before I could reconsider. The beam of my flash light drifted across the room, what appeared instantly to be the room in the house of an artist. Lining the walls were paintings laid out in perfect symmetry. Great smiling paintings in slightly faded yellows, oranges, reds, azures, bright greens, and lavenders covered from ceiling to floor depicting joyous scenes of sunrises, rolling meadows, blue birds, the beautiful aspects of nature, laughing people, and much more. The most capturing of all the paintings was a life-sized portrait of a man in a white and green outfit with sparkling blue eyes under this blonde hair with an ear to ear grin, a paintbrush in one hand, and a tool box in the other. The picture almost seemed to glow in bright happiness unblemished by fading or cobwebs were it stood at the staircase. I knew my destination was not downstairs so I promptly set up the stairwell reassured by the colorful paintings. As I walked step by step I became aware of the set of paintings that went along the stairs. They all showed sunflowers repeated frame to frame. However I then noticed that the first of the flowers were all golden but then the next were browning around the edge. Then the following flowers had withering leaves then and on and as if I was being forced to watch the gorgeous plant die with every step until the last painting were the sunflower was dead a brown shriveled brown. Waiting at the top of the stairs was another man sized portrait. It was the same man but now he was unfocused, unsure as if extremely worried. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were black with tears. He stood staring out eyes wide, expression bothering, and mouth cocked in a crazed grin. My heart that was already beating rapidly almost stopped only to resume beating more loudly seeming to echo down the silent halls. I couldn’t help it I ran.

    I ran through the second floor like a madman crashing in to walls, terrified, and trying not to look at the paintings on the walls. They were paintings of horrifying meanings in blacks and deep colors of fear that seemed desperate to tear the hope from the world. They were paintings of ominous scenes with tragedy and misfortunes often resulting in ends to horrible to describe. There were eyes that stared blankly at you, views of houses just like this one, desolate, stretching into the distance, and paintings that could have been stroked only from evil, terror, and madness. Then up ahead was the window of the widow’s watch and above it the last picture of the house. The same man-sized shape but only a creature on the canvas hunched over, jaw gaping, tongue lagging out, and red eyes shinning out from the darkness that encased the form. Deformed claws seemed to reach from the painting followed by hairy arms back to the gloom. It was all too much. I flung the lantern and bolted not stopping just falling and stumbling to escape. I ran out the front door all the way home before collapsing in exertion. Many a few days later they tore down the house and then hulled away the debris and rubble. However, still on dark, stormy nights if you stand at the bend before where the house used to rest you can see and thin outline of shadow on the trees. There are the strait well planed lines and then the twisted second floor with the widow’s watch a pentacle of vivid poisonous black. Finally, as you stand in the silent dark, you can just hear the sound of a whistling man that loves to smile in his work, the sound of the mumblings of a troubled man, and then a bone chilling howl of a wretched creature that echoes across the night shaking the shadowed lines of the house around the bend.

    1. @jackson15, very descriptive story. Be careful about your syntax and sentence structure. Some of the sentences make no sense, the words you use are used incorrectly and make for a very confusing read. You don’t always have to use big words. Don’t feel you have to impress me. Oftentimes, saying something simply and getting straight to the point packs the biggest punch.

  29. The Mysterious Haunted House

    “I had been warned, but he didn’t know it was this bad. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was it? I can’t get it out of my mind. Why did I do it? Why did I accept the challenge? If I had known about it…” This is What Darren keeps saying to himself when he isn’t answering my questions.

    You are probably confused, so I will start from the beginning. Eric was Darren’s best friend. They were bored one day so they decided to go to the mall to hang out. At the mall Laurence, The ‘tough guy’ said that Darren was afraid of everything. Of course, Darren disagreed and… well… Laurence did the unthinkable. Yes that’s right. He said if Darren really wasn’t afraid, he would go to the spooky old house on the far end of Walnut Street. As you can probably guess, Darren accepted this challenge.

    When Darren got to the house he stood on the edge of the driveway, considered turning back, and walked on. He went straight up to the front door and knocked three times on the door. Nothing. He knocked three times again. Nothing. Darren thought to himself for a minute and opened the door. He stepped into the house, the floorboards screeched as he stepped on them. Darren didn’t know what to expect. Then, right in front of him was a door, there was a sign on the door that said ‘This family will live on forever!’ Darren then did what his mind was screaming for him not to do. The door’s hinges were rusty, the door creaked loudly as Darren stepped through the door. Darren almost ran away screaming, he would have except he was in complete shock.

    What was it he saw? He saw… well, I don’t think you should know… no! you’re too young! you’ll get nightmares… Fine! I’ll tell you, but you’ll regret asking… It resembled a man but covered in mold. It’s skin was horrible! Chunks of skin were missing and even an arm was gone. A strange sticky substance much like gum, only much stronger and less edible, had it’s lips tightly shut. Because of the sticky substance, the only sound that the thing could make resembled the humming of a tune… a tune that sounded much like “Yankee Doodle Dandee”… at least that’s how Darren thought it sounded like… I wish I knew more!

  30. Hi year 7,

    We think the idear of piano stairs is great.It is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time.do you really have piano stairs in the U.S.A

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