What Is Your Human Footprint?

Footstep in SandWhen I refer to the human footprint, I am not asking you what your shoe size is, or how big your foot might be. In this case, the human footprint, ecologically speaking, refers to how much of the world you use in your lifetime.

For example: “When you eat an egg, you’re not just eating an egg. You’re eating the gas truck used to deliver that egg, the coal used to generate electricity for its refrigeration, and the resources used to boil, fry, or poach that yummy egg. And that’s your human footprint – how much of the world you use in your lifetime.” (http://channel.national geographic.com/channel/human-footprint/consumption-interactive.html)

This is an interactive website which means that not only is there content for you to read and information to input, but also images and video to watch.

Please visit each of the ten items at the top page menu bar. You will be asked to input some info, and the results of that info will pop up on the right hand side. You will be surprised! Also, please watch the informative videos on each item that you can find by visiting “Look Behind The Scenes.”

Please visit this National Geographic site and answer the following questions:

I would like for you to write at least ten facts that you found most interesting about your human footprint. ( at least one for each item)

What surprised you the most? What did you learn about yourself that you didn’t know before?

Have fun!


  1. For my life time I will need about 57 hens laying eggs for a year to cover about my whole life time. Hens produce about 211 million eggs per day. That is equal to 77 billion eggs every year.

    There are 65,000 dairy farms in the U.S. Cows pump up to 6.5 gallons of milk each day which is a lot of milk.

    In average, for my life time, I will do about 225,388 miles.

    Americans use about 40,430 gallons of water for their life time. It is equal to 5 minutes of shower, non-stop, for 98 days.

    For an American baby, the baby will need about 6 tankers of crude oil to make a year of diapers.

    In the life time of an American, he will eat about 3,500 pounds of fresh potatoes. 28,080 potatoes are equal to 13,924 pounds of potatoes or 6.96 tons of potatoes.

    In my life time, I will eat about 113,515 slices of bread. It is equal to more than 2 tons of slices of bread.

    It takes about 43 trees to make a life time of newspapers for each U.S. citizens. To make all of the U.S. newspaper for one year, it takes 191,000,000 trees. Without these trees, 100o tons more carbon is released.

    For the U.S., there is an average of 28 pounds per year or 1.1 tons over a life time.

    Yearly, Americans recycle enough cans to power 1,118,000 homes for one year. The higher rated types of cans recycled are soda and beer cans.

  2. I was surprised how it would take 19,826 eggs weigh 1.3 tons and how it would take 57 hens to lay a years supply of my life’s amount of eggs I eat.

    I can’t believe it takes 191,000,000 trees to make all the newspaper for one year in the US. Also I am amazed how little the UK reads newspaper.

    I think it’s cool how a cow can produce 6.5 gallons of milk each day, and how the US average person drinks almost the same amount of milk in a lifetime as me with 26,112 glasses while I drink 24,258.

    I was shocked how much less the Japanese drive with 298,207 miles in a lifetime while the average US person drives 627,000 miles.

    I think it is weird how a year supply of bananas for the US takes up 894 square miles.

    I thought that the US drank the most sodas so I was shocked to see that the UK drinks more than the US.

    I was so surprised how 28,433 5 minutes showers equals 98 days of nonstop water running, and how close Japan average water usage and my average water is.

    I didn’t know that the US and the UK both eat over 27,000 potatoes in a average lifetime, and that Ireland annual potatoe harvest for the lifetime of 91,000 americans.

    I think it is so weird how people in Japan only use 1,558 diapers in a lifetime and I would use 4,380 diapers in a lifetime.

    I was surprised to see that people in the UK have an average of 102,678 slices of bread in a lifetime while I would only eat 5,475 slices of bread on average in my lifetime.

  3. I eat five bananas a week. To me five doesn’t seem like a lot, but these five all added up. If I continue eating bananas like this in my life time I will have eaten 20,217. That’s around four times as many as an average U.S.A citizen.

    Another thing I found interesting was how few eggs I eat compared to an average citizen. I have always thought I eat a lot of eggs. I found it interesting that really I’m below average.

    Unlike my thoughts on eggs I know don’t drink a lot of soda. I only have one to two glasses a month. The calculator didn’t work for my decimal. I did like in the video how they used recycled cans for the project.

    Similar to the soda I don’t read or receive the news paper. I hardly read it and it is probably only 10 times a year. Some of the objects on the website I thought about, but the news paper was something I never thought a bout and was surprised to see.

    Potatoes are a food often served at my house. We don’t eat French fries just baked potatoes. I eat two to three a week. This means in my life time I will eat about 8,086 to 12,129. I found it interesting that compared to the averages I ate so few. I think this is because I don’t eat anything made from potatoes just the potatoes themselves.

    I am not a straight milk drinker I only have it in my cereal, but that is still about six glasses a week. I found it surprising that my number was still so low. I also found it very interesting how many cows there are. They equal the size of Louisiana which I found surprising.

    I was not sure of my mileage. I guessed around 12. I was still very far below average. I actually liked that because it really was amazing how many gallons a fuel efficient car needed to use a lifetime’s mileage.

    When I am told the water I use in a shower I always feel guilty. I am not a quick at showering. I have hardly ever taken a 5 to 7 minute shower. I wish I could and am trying to minimize my shower time, so I liked how “Human Footprint focused on that.”

    Diapers were my favorite fact because I have always wondered ho the baby diapers worked. I was very surprised how low the number was compared to what I thought about the diapers.

    Bread I found very surprising because it said to hit the average you would need 80 a day. I only eat four or five a day and the number was still very high. I thought it was cool how they made the flag with all the bread and that and the bananas were my favorite display.

    The thing that surprised me the most was the diapers. I had no idea how much time and material was in diapers. There were barrels used just to make enough for one child. It also used a lot of plastic. Then when they showed the stack of diapers there were hardly any.

    The thing about me that was surprising was the bananas. I never knew I ate so many. I really liked how they made it rain bananas. I also noticed that Japans number was low and it surprised me.

  4. Shockingly, and average Japanese person eats 27,559 eggs in their lifetime! That’s about 23,516 more eggs than I would eat in a lifetime.

    Even though the trees used for nwspapers prevented 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide into our air everyday, about each U.S. citizen reads enough newspapers that is made from about 43 trees in a lifetime.

    I also found out that out of the 9.2 million American cows, each one gives about 6.5 gallons a day. That’s a lot of milk!

    If an average U.S. citizen were to use up all the miles in there liftime, they would be able to drive around Earth at the equator 25.18 times.

    I know that everyone occasionly has a banana, but I never would have guessed that 894 square miles of bananas equaled a year’s supply of the entire U.S.

    Amazingly, Americans power 1,118,000 homes for one year by recycling cans!

    Foran average U.S. citizen, taking a 7minute shower instead of a 5 minute shower would be like running the water for 38 more days.

    It is crazy how an anual harvest for potatoes in Ireland can feed 91,000 American’s their lifetime supply of potatoes.

    A year’s supply of diapers use up 6 tankers of crude oil for each American baby!

    An interesting fact I learned was for about every 3 years, and average American eats their weight in bread. That definitely is true about me!

    The most suprising and discusting fact that I learned was about the crude oil in the diapers. Who knew that diapers could be so gross! I learned that when I was a baby, I wasted quite a few diapers filled with crude oil!

  5. I can’t believe that in a lifetime the average American will eat enough eggs to equal out the weight of a Mini Cooper.

    In the U.K. they average out to read about .5 newspapers per week. WOW!

    The average American will drink about 26,112 glasses of milk in their lifetime. Holy Cow!

    All of the parts from a car come from all over the world tens of thousands of mile apart. That is a very long way.

    5,067 bananas. That is enough that if they all fell on you at once they would probably all crush you.

    If you recycled all of the soda cans for one year in the U.S. you could power about 1 million homes that’s a lot.

    The average person in the U.K. takes one shower every two days. They must smell very bad.

    The average person eats about 10,000 pounds of potatoes in their life that 5 tons.

    I can’t believe how much oil is used in diapers. I never knew it was that much.

    We eat so many loaves of bread in our lives. 4,376!

    The thing that surprised me the most is how different the Japanese facts were compared to the U.S. and the U.K.

  6. 19,826 eggs 1.3 tons, that is a lot of eggs, that many many eggs almost weighs as much as a mini cooper. Also all the hens in the world lay 211 million eggs per day, that is 77 billion eggs in only one year!

    I bet you did not know that 1000 tons of carbon dioxide is released intto the air just to supply an average american with newspapers.

    In my average lifetime I will drink 214,279 glasses of milk, that is a lot of milk, I wonder if that is good or bad?

    Okay,this is a pretty amazing one, if an normal american use up all their miles in their lifetime, they would be able to drive around the equator 25.18 times, that is a long, long way.

    I know I don’t eat a lot of bananas a week, but in my lifetime I would eat 12,129 bananas, i don’t even think i have seen that many bananas in my life.

    Do you know that americans could power 1,118,000 homes if they recycled cans for one year!

    An average American would take 28,435 showers in their lifetime, also we take 14,000 more showers than a normal japanese person would take in their lifetime.

    I would eat 4043 potatoes in my lifetime, but an average american would eat 28,080 potatoes in their lifetime.

    It would take 5.65 million barrels of crude oil to supply one american with a lifetime supply of diapers.

    I was so suprised when I saw that an average american would eat 87,520 slices of bread in their lifetime.

  7. Hi,
    I’m am in year 6 and I’m from Australia.
    My blog address is chris13.edublogs.org.
    It is great to see your blog posting on environment issues. I never knew any of those things on that website even though I’m passionate about the issues. Here are some facts I didn’t know.

    Hens lay 211 million eggs per day and I am heaps below average.

    If every US citizen had a newspaer it would use 191,000,000 trees per year. I am 15,000 papers ahead of the US average.

    Dairy cows take up farmland the size of Louisiana.

    I drive 400,000 miles less than thwe average american. That is with me in the car.

    I’m streets ahead of the average for the bananas.

    28433 5 min. showers is like having water on nonstop for 96 days

    UK eat the most potatos.

    I am 100,000 slices of bread on average compared to the UK.

    1. @Chris, Hi Chris and thank you for joining our conversation! I agree with you in that it is so important to respect and take care of our environment everyday! I will ask some of my students to visit your blog site. Please check back often to see what we are up to and invite some of your classmates and teacher too!

  8. I was very suprised that in my average lifetime I will eat 16,172 eggs. I will eat less eggs than the average american would.

    I found it amazing that 19826 eggs equal 3.1 tons. When I found out that that’s about the curb weight of a Mini Cooper I was stunded.

    In my average life time, I will read more newpapers than the average person living in Japan, the United Kingdom, and America!

    Amazing! 1000 tons more of carbon dioxcide is released into the air every day without these trees. Thats a lot of carbon dioxcide, mabye we should cut down on the use of paper we use for newpapers to help the enviorment.

    Everyday there are 9.2 million American cows working hard just so we can put milk into our ceral every morning. Thats a lot of cows!

    At this rate, I will drive 563,469 miles in my whole lifetime. I tought I would drive more miles in my lifetime, but after I think about it, 563.469 miles can take you a long way!

    A fuel-efficient hybrid would need to lug along 13,630 gallons of fuel for a trip 627,000 miles long.

    5,607 bananas will travel 11 million air miles just to reach our mouths! Thats a long way for bananas to travel to reach our mouths.

    A years supply of bananas for the entire U.S. would take up 894 square miles. Thats a lot of space just for bananas alone!

    In my average lifetime I will drink 4,043 cans of soda. That is less than the average American will drink.

    1. @elizabeth15,

      I’m sorry. Was the blog supposed to be in by 12:00 pm on Tuesday or Wednesday? I’m sorry if it was supposed to be in by last night, I must have misunderstood. Sorry.

  9. I am never watching car commercials again. Wel, I didn’t really watch them in the first place but still. I was shocked when I read about how much gas a hybrid car still needs. They call themselves eco-friendly.

    Wow, there are a lot of cows in the U.S. Cows occupy a chunck of America about the size of Louisiana. Got milk? Which is really what I should drink more of. I hope chocolate milk counts…

    I like bananas. But I sure am glad that they travel 11 million miles to us instead of the other way around, and at this rate, I will eat an average of 8,086 bananas in my life time.

    I don’t really love potatoes. But I was still suprised when I saw that more people eat potatoes that have been processed than fresh. If I did like potatoes, I would go for the fresh ones. Although I do like french fries…

    I didn’t know that making diapers took so much oil and plastic. A third of a ton of plastic? No wonder diapers are so expensive these days.

    I sure do eat a lot of bread! It’s amazing that someone took all this time to gather this information. Which also means that someone had to count out 87,520 slices of bread, weigh it, and then figure out how many loves of bread that equals.

    Want to make an omlet that weighs about as much as a Mini Cooper? All you need are 19,826 eggs! Eggs have a lot of protine in them. Plus, you can use them in all different ways! Which is why it’s not easy being allergic to eggs.

    I think I should cut down my time in the shower. When I read that 28,433 seven minute showers equals water running nonstop for 136 days, I almost jumped out of my seat!

    Don’t forget that you can recycle newspapers, too. That’s why they put the word paper in it and it take a lot of trees to make them. For one year, we take 191,000,000 trees from our environment. I don’t read the newsPAPER that often, but my mom and I like to do the crossword puzzles together.

    My family recycles. But one thing that we do not recycle, is aluminum cans. We used to but then we found out that when they burn the trash the aluminum melts and it’s recycled anyway. So we stopped recycling them. I do agree that a 43,371- pack would be so much easier because you would only have to buy one whole pack in your lifetime!

    P.S. Everyone, please remember to wash your hands when your in the bathroom, after P.E., and when you get home from school. I should know. I’ve been absent for the past three days lying on my couch with a 101.7 fever! But I am feeling much better and will most likly be back tomarrow!

  10. I couldn’t believe how many eggs Japanese natives eat.
    I couldn’t believe the difference between Japan and UK in the amount of milk they each drink.
    I couldn’t believe the people in the UK only take an average of about 1 shower every two days.
    I couldn’t believe how many rubber ducks they could get.
    I can’t believe how much more bread i eat than the rest of the world.
    I cant believe how little Japanese babies use diapers.
    I cant believe how much soda people drink especially in the UK.
    I can’t believe how many newspapers people read.
    How do people no† even eat bananas.
    I cant believe thaty

  11. Wow! The U.K. eat a lot of bread. They also eat a lot of potatoes, and drink lots of sodas. I would think that Americans would eat more bananas than the British. If the average Japanese person uses about half of what we use does that mean they reuse diapers! They also take half as many showers as us. The Japanese also don’t drink much milk. I think it is interesting that the Japanese reading the newspaper and eat eggs a lot more than the U.S. or the U.K. I never realized how much the average American drives!

  12. I can’t believe that I will eat about 12,129 eggs in my lifetime although it is below average in most countries.
    It is hard to believe that the average American will use 43 trees in one lifetime
    I think it is interesting that Jersey cows occupy a chunk of America as big as Louisiana.
    I am surprised that even a hybrid would take 13,630 for an around the world trip on the equator.
    I was surprised that 5,607 bananas will travel 11 million air miles to reach the consumer.
    I was extremely surprised that the average person in the U.K. will drink more soda in their lifetime than the average person in the U.S.A..
    The most interesting thing I saw about showers was that if you take 28,433 seven minute showers that all together the water would be running for 136 days.
    I was surprised how few potatoes I eat to the average person.
    I was very surprised that crude oil was used to make diapers.
    I was surprised that the average American eats their own weight of bread in just three years.

  13. I thought it was crazy that the average American eats their own weight of bread every three years. I never would’ve thought that I could that much bread. I’m realizing that bread is in a lot more of the things that make up your meals throughout the day than I thought.

    I had no idea that diapers were made of oil, wood, and plastic. I never would’ve expected that! It’s really weird when you think about it. Wow, a lifetime of diapers takes 715 pounds of plastic! That’s crazy!

    8,086 potatoes in my whole life! Really? That is actually a lot of potatoes! That would equal a lot of french fries!

    From the second I read the facts about the showers, I was shocked! The average of showers someone in the U.S. takes for their lifetime is, 28,433 showers. If someone takes seven minute showers that is like running water non-stop for 136 days in a row.

    What really surprises me is how little soda Japan drinks. The difference between the averages of soda cans that people drink in their life times between the U.S. and Japan is 44,384 cans of soda.

    Okay, so a year’s supply of bananas for the U.S. would take up 894 square miles. Did they actually put all the bananas out and count it? Haha.

    Again, Japan is so much less than us. Japan’s average lifetime mileage is 298,207, while ours is 627,000.

    The U.S. is lacking on calcium compared to the U.K. Their average cups of milk they will drink in a lifetime is 38,320 cups. Ours is 26,112.

    43 trees would be needed for each U.S. citizen, if each citizen were to read the average amount of newspapers for a U.S. citizen.

    Hens produce 77 billion eggs every year. Wow! That’s a lot!

    I didn’t realize how much of everyday things, that I use. Some facts really shocked me.

    The most interesting thing I found, was the showers. I was honestly extremely surprised that taking seven minute showers for a lifetime would use that much water, equal to leaving running water on for 136 days.

    1. @ali15, I thought the water facts were very interesting. I have a friend in California who puts a bucket in the shower and collects all the excess water to use on her plants outside. Now that’s conserving water!

  14. I cant believe that 19,832 eggs weigh the same amount of a mini cooper.
    its amazing that 1000 tons of carbon is released without the amount of trees that produces the worlds news paper.
    Its hard to believe that together Americas cows is the size of Louisiana.
    Its mind boggling that US average is 1.1 tons in a lifetime.
    The US lifetime of soda reaches 3.4 miles.
    Its crazy to hear that 28,433 5 minute showers is like keeping the shower on for 98 days.
    Also, the US average of shower is 700,000 gallons per lifetime.
    Ireland’s annual harvest supplies lifetime of potatoes for 91,000.
    Its hard to believe it takes 6 tankers of oil to make a year of diapers for the US.
    The average American eats his or her wait in bread every 3 years.
    The American lifetime of miles is equal to driving around the equator 25.18 times.

  15. I don’t really use a lot, but it is really bad that people use that much in one lifetime. A question comes to mind and it is, what would the world be like one thousand years from now. I read 1 newspaper every week. I don’t read every article though. I can’t believe an average person in Japan in a lifetime eats 27,559 eggs. That is a lot. Also, in the U.K. they drink an average of 38,320 glasses of milk. I drink 2 per week. I don’t know how many miles I drive per day, but in a lifetime in the U.S. a person drives 627,000 miles. People need to start riding bikes or walking to places that aren’t far away. An average person in the U.K. eats 8,216. Does anyone know how we can recycle banana peels? Did you know that an average person in the U.K. and the U.S. drinks more than 10 cans of soda per week. That’s an average of at least one per day. Also, the average person in the U.S. showers one time per day. The average person in the U.K. eats 58,734 potatoes in a lifetime. It is two times the amount in the U.S. In the U.S. an average baby wears at least 3 diapers per day. Also, the average person in the U.S. eats their weight in bread after three years. This stuff is amazing.

  16. I believe the consuption of products available to us daily are taking for granted in this countrey. I believe we must make the best of everything we have, for we are very lucky to have them. I’m sure everyone was suprised by the statistics, did anyone realize the Japanese use a lot less of everything than we do? Go Japan!
    Here are some of the statisctics I found, and how I relate to the rest of the world’s community.

    I was very suprised to find how much more bread I ate than the rest of the world. Actually, 40,000 more than the average for the U.K., which was in second. I have to go easy on the p.b. and j’s after school.

    I don’t eats eggs at all, for the most part. I eat maybe a carton of eggs over the span of a year. I have problems eating unborn chickens.

    I tend not to read the newspaper because these days there is nothing happy in it, besides the comics. It’s depressing for me to read that, especially before school. By the time I get home it’s usually recycled.

    I don’t drink milk. I don’t have anything against it, but I drank a lot it when I was younger, so I grew into being sick of it.

    I apparently drive a lot. The first number I entered didn’t even register! I guess I owe it living so far away from school,and hanging out with my friends frequently.

    I don’t eat bananas.

    I thought I would have an embarassingly high number for soda but mine was actually lower than average. I drink about 6 cans a week too. I always thought that was a lot. I’ll be sure to tell my mom.

    I take an average amount of showers. I always thought it was wasteful the way showeres work. I was right! There should be a better way to baithe without wasting so much water.

    I don’t eat potatos.

  17. I was shocked at the fact dairy cows could collectively occupy an area of land about as large as the state Louisiana.

    I thought it was unbelievable that in the United Kingdom the British average number of showers they will take in a lifetime is barely over half of the U.S. average, this in turn infers that the British probably take about 7 showers every two weeks.

    I was surprised that the average person will consume 1.1 tons of bananas over the their lifetime.

    The fact previous also made me realize I eat approximately four times the bananas an average U.S. citizen would, about 4.4 tons (68 times my body weight.)

    The fact that on average a U.S. citizen will eat about the weight of a mini copper in eggs was shocking for me.

    I was startled about the fact that the number of trees that need to be cut down for an average US citizen could keep 1000 tons of carbon dioxide gas from entering our atmosphere.

    I was taken back that at my current rate I will drink about one forty-third of the average amount of soda drank in the U.S.

    When I read that to create the average number of diapers a toddler uses you would have to have 6 tankers of crude oil, I was alarmed and even more so when I considered the fossil fuels that would then be used to transport and run a production line for those diapers.

    I was appalled that a tire will be sent 7,000 miles from were it is created to were it is assembled on to a car (this is about the distance a average U.S. citizen will drive in nine and a half months!)

    The final fact that was surprising for me was the fact that the average American eats his of her weight in a mere three years.

    What startled me the most and what I learned about myself was the sheer enormity of the average sums and my sums. This made me then consider how easy it is to become fixed on only what we can contrive from what is in front of us. We often become unaware. For example, we think it was only the last sip of milk we poured down the sink and not the energy used for milking the cows, fuel to transport it, and the electricity we used for refrigeration.

  18. I will only eat 12,129 eggs a lifetime. I was suprised by how Japan average for one lifetime is more than three times bigger than my lifetime average eating eggs. I was shocked that in one year, seventy-seven billion eggs have been produced by hens.

    I was amazed that each U.S. citizen, for a lifetime of newspapers, takes forty-three trees. Forty-three! I think we should stop wasting trees and read the newsaper online.

    I was suprised I only drink 12,129 glasses of milk for a lifetime. The U.K. average is 38,320 glasses of milk a lifetime. Wow! They really get their calcium! Haha. I thought that U.S. average would be bigger.

    I don’t eat bananas. I thought it was crazy that the average U.S. citizen eats 1.1 tons of bananas over a lifetime.

    I was suprised that people from Japan drink very soda. Their lifetime average is 5,333 cans of soda, or less than 1.4 cans of soda a week.

    I never knew that 28,433 five minute showers equals running the water continously for ninty-six days. Just by adding two minutes to the five minute shower, would add thirty-eight days running the water nonstop.

    I was amazed that Americans eat almost twice as more processed potatoes than fresh potatoes.

    First of all, I never knew crude oil was used to make diapers. But to use 5.65 barrels of crude oil for one American’s lifetime average of diapers. That is crazy!

    I was completely shocked that the average person from the United Kingdom eats 102,678 slices of bread per lifetime. That almost ninety-four slices of bread every day. Ninety-four! How is that possible. The Japenese average lifetime of bread is 6,560 slices, or approximately six slices of bread a day.

    My lifetime average for is 428,236 miles, or nineteen miles a day. I also never knew that it would take over a year for trip from Seattle to Miami and back. Even a fuel-efficient hybrid would have need 13,630 gallons of gas for the trip. I wonder how many gallons of gas a Hummer would need for that trip? Haha.

  19. I like the eggs. I thought that it was neat that i consumed more than the average person.

    I thought that it was sad that all of the trees were used to make the newspapers.

    When cows are milked, they give 6.3 gallons of milk a day.

    It was cool the miles I drove would go around the Earth 25 times.

    I thought it was funny how few bananas are eaten in Japan.

    I found out that I drink less than half of the U.S. average of soda.

    I thought that it was nasty that the British only average 14,400 showers in a lifetime.

    I thought that it was cool about how Ireland’s harvest is less than ours.

    It was cool about how crude oil is used to make diapers.

    The joke about the mayonnaise was pretty cheesey.

  20. I think it’s just amazing how much trees are killed, and how much newspaper the Japanese read in their average lifetime!
    The Japanese read about double the amount of newspaper in their average lifetime what I read!
    What I noticed, is that the Japanese have the highest amount of things, like how much they read newspaper, and how many eggs they eat per week.
    Their second place in how many showers you take in a week.
    I recognized that the UK is mostly the leader in the food charts.
    But it still didn’t beat the year’s supply of bananas for the entire U.S in square miles. It’s 894 square miles!

    Everything that I learned on this website is amazing, but there is one thing that isn’t so amazing, and that is the fact that for example the amount of eggs you eat in one week, if you calculate it, your average lifetime is only twenty years on that website!
    But the strangest thing about the website is that they ask you how much diapers a baby needs a day, but somehow, astonishing too because I didn’t know that a U.S lifetime of diapers uses seven hundred and fifteen pounds of plastics. That’s over a third of a ton!

  21. Eggs- Hens are constantly laying eggs for us to eat! 211 million eggs are laid per week, which equals out to 77 billion eggs every year.

    Newspaper- It takes about 119,000,000 trees to supply everyone in the U.S.A. with newspapers for only one year long.

    Milk- In the U.S.A. there are 65,000 dairy Farms and at each farm every cow produces about 6.5 gallons daily.

    Car- Between my whole family driving to where we need to go daily it is about 85 miles a day. I did not know we drove that much. In fact it was to many miles for the computer to even add up and give me information on.

    Bananas- 5,600 bananas will travel 11 million air miles just to give us a yummy snack.

    Soda- I drink about 2 or 3 sodas weekly. This equals out to 12,129 empty soda cans in my lifetime. Every year Americans recycle just enough cans to power about 1,1118,000 homes for one year long.

    Showers- 28,433 5 minute showers equals the water running nonstop for 98 days straight. 28,433 7 minute showers is the same as leaving the water on for 136 days nonstop. A lot of people take showers for even longer than that so just imagine how many days that would equal out to.

    Potatoes- During Ireland’s annual harvest they only supply enough potatoes for the lifetime of 91,000 Americans.

    Diapers- I guessed that babies might use approximately 5 diapers a day. A U.S.A. lifetime of diapers uses around 715 pounds of plastic. That is over a third of a ton.

    Slices of Bread- I would say that I take in about 3 to four pieces of bread a day. This equals up to about 4,380 slices of bread in my lifetime. That’s a lot of bread! Did you know that the average American eats about his/her weight in bread every 3 years.

    Something that really surprised me was the facts about the shower. I knew that showers wasted a lot of water but I would have never guessed that much. I personally take about 7 minute showers which uses up a lot of water, especially consider how many showers are taken a day by just Americans. I had no idea! This makes me think about taking shorter showers from now on.

  22. I find it remarkable that my lifetime consumption of eggs is over 19,000. That’s just about the weight of Mini Cooper, amazing.

    Wow, there is plenty of milk left in my future about 28,000 gallons more! Thats 2,000 more gallons than the average U.S. citizen. I guess that’s good news for the 65,000 dairy farmers in the U.S.

    I think that it’s incredible that I will be driving about 540,000 miles in my lifetime. That is like driving around the equator 25.18 times. I wonder how much money I would have to save up to make that trip.

    The average U.S. citizen eats about 5,067 bananas in a lifetime. To get to my lifetime average you need to add about 23,234 and that is ape… I guess you can say I go bananas for bananas!

    In the U.S. a person will take an average of 28,430 showers in their lifetime. In Japan that average is 24,501. Strangely our friends in the UK only take 3-4 showers a week, which is a lifetime average of 12,129… How stinky!

    My parents always tell me to watch my soda intake and I do because its bad for you. My weekly average is 4, and I am trying to cut down. But in the UK, it’s far different. They drink 12 cans of soda a week, that is 49,717 in a lifetime. For me it’s only an average of 16,172 cans a lifetime. That is a HUGE difference!

    I don’t read the newspaper everyday because we don’t get it everyday. I do like the Sunday paper, but most of my news comes from CNN. It is a good thing that we don’t get a daily paper, since a lifetime of newspapers means losing 43 trees.

    I thought that eating 4 potatoes a week, 16,172 in a lifetime was a lot of potatoes. But the average citizen in the UK out does me again. They eat 14 potatoes a week for a whopping 58,734 potatoes in a lifetime. That is a lot of starch!

    In one lifetime an average U.S. citizen will use 715 pounds of plastic in the form of diapers. That is over one-third of a ton. Wow, that must be some clean babies.

    I love bread! I was stunned to hear that I was at the bottom of the chart for my bread consumption as compared to others from around the world. My five slices a day puts me at a lifetime consumption of 5,475 slices. What stunned me further was that the average American eats their own weight in bread every three years. Mind blowing!

  23. At first, I didn’t think I ate a lot of eggs. Then, I saw how many hens it would take to produce the amount of eggs I ate in one year. I thought that was really surprising.

    It really hit me when I saw how much carbon dixoide was put into the air when you cut down trees. One thousand tons is a lot of carbon dixoide that we don’t need. One way that we can help is to recycle those newspapers.

    I am so grateful for those cows. They work so hard and they produce six and a half gallons of milk each day! Wow, that’s a lot of milk.

    It was astonishing to find out that Americans drive 627,000 miles each day. It was really amazing to see that you could drive around the equator 25.18 times and it would be the same distance. No wonder our planet is so polluted.

    I know that when I eat something I don’t think about how it got to my mouth. I think it’s crazy how in a lifetime it will take 11 million air miles to transport just bananas. Think about all of the other stuff they have to transport.

    I think it’s really great how we recycle so many cans. We recycle enough alumimum cans to power 1,118,000 homes for one year. That’s really amazing!

    I can’t believe that we use 25 gallons of water per shower! It just shows that we don’t think about how much we are wasting. If all of us cut our shower time down by 2 minutes we could save so much water and use it for something else.

    It was sad to see how many processed potatoes we eat. If we eat only fresh potatoes everyone would be happy and healthy.

    It really was surprising when I saw that it took crude oil to produce diapers! You would never think of oil associated with diapers.

    It really was dissapointing to see that the average American eats his or her weight in bread every three years. I am so shocked.

    The most surpirsing thing was the bread. I just can’t believe that an average American eats their weight in bread in just three years! I learned a lot about myself. I didn’t know that I used so much fuel and money just by eating a banana. Now, I will be more grateful and appreciative for the little things.

  24. I was amazed when I saw that 19,826 eggs weighed as much as a Mini Cooper. I was also surprised that the Japanese eat 27,559 eggs for one lifetime. That would be about one egg for breakfast every day!

    I was in shock when I found out that without the trees that newspaper took out there is 1000 more tons of carbon dioxide in the air. I could not believe that the people from the United Kingdom only read 1/2 of a newspaper each week.

    Another thing amazing about the British is that they drink ten cups of milk each week! The cows that are making their milk go through the trouble of making 6.5 gallons of milk each day.

    An average american citizen drives 627000 miles in their lifetime. That is like driving around the planet 25.18 times!

    I guess most Americans are not big fans of bananas because I eat as many bananas as a British person would eat. I guess Americans do eat a lot of bananas because a year’s supply for the entire U.S. would take up 894 square miles.

    I could not believe that with the number of soda cans recycled more than one million houses can be powered every year.

    WIth all of the showers that an American uses in their life it takes up 700,000 gallons of water. It is very surprising that we take twice as many showers as the U.K., but then again they only take a shower every other day.

    I don’t understand why there is so many Americans eating 10,000 pounds of potatoes in their life. I know that people eat french fries, but I did not know they ate two potatoes every day!

    Another thing that is hard to figure out is the difference in diaper use between each country. Is it that babies in Japan don’t go to the bathroom as much, or their parents just are not good with changing diapers? I was also surprised with how much oil the diaper uses. They use a ton!

    I do not know if this happened to any of you guys, but sometimes the multiplier on the bread was sometimes broken because if I typed in any number it multiplies it wrong. For example if I typed in 93 pieces of bread every day it would say 101,835 pieces in my lifetime comparing to the U.K.’s average of 102,678 pieces in a lifetime. Although, I though it was interesting that the Japanese only eat 13 times less that Americans.

    Overall, I thought that the Human footprint is a cool website and the team did some pretty awesome things. The thing I was most surprised about myself was probably that I eat way less potatoes than the average American. I hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to blog about other websites like this in the future.

  25. My average for eating eggs in my life is 24,258. That is a big number for just one person imagine the whole world. Hens are being forced to surrender their eggs for us. If we all just cut back a little image what difference it would make on those hens.

    To make newspapers for the U.S. it take 191,000,000 trees. That’s just the U.S. just think about all the other countries. They should start putting the newspapers online so we don’t waste trees. We need trees for all living things to live.

    My average for milk is 8,086 for a lifetime. That is a big number considering I only drink about 2 glasses a week. Think of all the torture all those cows are going through. Also imagine how many milk cartons are being made to send all that milk out.

    In my family we drive a lot weather it is to hockey practice or sailing practice. Just my family drives 788,856 miles thats just and average of the daily bases. What about all the road trips?

    I eat a lot of bananas, my average in my lifetime is 56,602. That is more than I expected, I like the taste of them though. So what can I say?

    I was in shock when i saw that the U.K. had the highest average for drinking soda. Their average is 49,717 that is huge. Just think of how many cans are being used?

    Showers I take a lot of them and I never thought of how much water I am wasting until now. If you take 28,433 7 minute showers you will use enough water that it will equal having non stop running for 136 days

    My average for eating potatoes is 8,086. That is a small number to some people but for others it is huge.

    For a years worth of supplies for babies it takes 6 tankers of crude oil to make them. I would never even think of diapers having to be made with oil.

    U.K. must eat a lot of bread because there average was 102,678. When I put in how many slices of bread I ate a day it came out be around 26,000. That is very little compared to the U.K.

  26. oh sorry I forgot to say what surprised me the most.

    I surprised at the fact that diapers need 6 tankers of crude oil for one years worth of supplies. I learned that eat to much bananas and I should think about cutting down a little.

  27. I thought I ate alot of eggs but all of the other counries ate more, Japan eats a whopping 27,559 eggs in a lifetime.

    I cant believe newspaper kills 43 trees per American person. Americans and Brittish don’t read very many newspapers compared to Japan.

    This part made me realize how simple mammals like cows can make such a big difference, a large portion of my diet consists of dairy products.

    The amount of bread eaten statistics are just amazing.

    I can’t drive yet but I thought Japanese would drive much more because they make a lot of popular cars.

    I don’t eat very many bannanas but 5706 bannanas travel 11 million air miles to get to our mouths.

    The U.S. and the U.K. drink way too much soda I mean that would be horrible for your health.

    I take double the amount of showers the American’s take. I had always thought that people normally took 2 showers per day. U.K. has an extremely bad sanitation routine.

    I eat very few potatoes. I’m guessing that most of the world’s potatoe consumption has occured when the potatoes were in french fry form.

    Diapers actually have alot of space and room. I never knew it took oil took make diapers.

    How do the Brittish eat over 90 slices of bread. I don’t even get to 10

    I did’nt realize how many dairy products I eat on a basis

  28. I think it is really interesting that I will eat more bread in my lifetime than an average Japanese person, but less than the average American. I also thought it was cool how they made an American flag out of bread.

    I was astonished by how many diapers a US baby uses compared to Japan. I also thought it was gross how much oil they use to make a years worth of diapers.

    I was really surprised by the fact that my lifetime potatoes was less than the US, UK and Japan. The fact that Americans eat more processed potatoes than non-processed.

    After reading this, I will definitely shorten my showers because I found out that taking 28,433 five minute showers is like leaving water running for 98 days straight!

    I was shocked how much soda the average American drinks in their lifetime. I would drink thousands less than that if I keep drinking only one can per week.

    I thought it was cool that I would eat one thousand less bananas in my lifetime than the average American.

    I live so close to school and other places that I barely spend any time in the car, I wasn’t very surprised by the amount of time the average American spends in the car, but that much?!

    I was thought it was astonishing how many cows are hard at work pumping milk. I knew there were a lot, but 9.2 million is insane!

    I get most of my news from the internet and TV so I make no impact what-so-ever. I thought it was amazing how much carbon dioxide we release each day just so that people can read the daily paper.
    1000 tons is a lot that’s the same as about 500 rhinos, or so I found on Google.com.

    I didn’t know that people ate that many eggs! The average American eats the same weight as a Mini Cooper in eggs in their lifetime!

  29. I was very interested to learn about all that.

    I was surprised that an average American eats their weight in bread every three years.

    It was interesting that every day chicken lay about 211 million eggs every day.

    I was shocked and very sad when i learned 191,000,000 trees die to make one persons life worth of newspapers.

    I found out there must be a lot of cows because all the dairy cows in the united states together would coverthe size of Louisiana.

    I was sad at how many miles the American drives in his lifetime, a large 25.18 times around the world at the equator would equal it.

    It was interesting to find out how many bananas Americans eat in their life, 1.1 tons of it.

    It was great to hear that soda cans get recycled every day to make 1,118,000 houses, thats great for the Earth!

    A life of taking showers every day for five minutes each is life taking a 284335 minutes, thats nonstop for 98 days, very bad for the Earth!

    Americans eat a giant 3,500 pounds of potatos in there life, and that is a lot which surprises me.

    The most surprising of all to me was how to make diapers you use crude oil and if you use all the diapers an average American uses in their life it is equal to 5.65 barrels of crude oil!

  30. My faveorite part was the eggs I was supprised at the amount of eggs used in the video and how many eggs we eat a week. Also, the bread video was cool I thought because they made an american flag out of it.

  31. I thought how they knew the average for all of the eggs you eat and all of those in a lifetime was amazing.
    My second favorite was how many miles you drive a day was cool that is a lot of gas and tires though!
    It was amazing how much potatoes we eat in a lifetime 3,500 lbs all I can say is wow!
    The crude oil in the diapers supprised me because I can’t imagine how they pay to make them 5.65 barrels of crude oil is a lot for diapers I thought.
    In your lifetime that would be a lot of water to take a five minnuet shower every day taking a shower for 98 days sraight is a long time we would probably become raisins.
    With all of the soda cans being recycled you could make one awesome fort.
    1.1tons of bannanas is a lot of bannanas in one lifetime, that was cool to find out.
    How could people read that many news papers I was stunned I would same trees if people would just watch tv!!!!

  32. Ten things I found most surprising were-
    Hens produce about 211 million eggs per day.
    To make all of the US newspapers for one year it takes 191000000 trees. (That’s a lot of dead trees.)
    There are 9.2 million American cows making milk every day.
    Driving 627000 miles is like driving around Earths equator 25.18 times. (Maybe I should just spend my life doing that?)
    A year’s supply of bananas for the entire US would take up to 894 square miles.
    Yearly, Americans recycle enough cans to power 1118000 homes for year.
    28433 5-minute showers equal running the water nonstop for 98 days.
    In a lifetime Americans eat 3,500 pounds of fresh potatoes and 6920 processed. (Maybe I should lay back on the fries.)
    It takes 6 tankers of crude oil to make a year of diapers for US babies.
    The average American eats his or her weight in bread every 3 years. (Why does bread have to be so good?)
    What surprised me the most was the amount of bread we will eat in a life time.

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