Who are Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens?

Welcome students to your first post of the school year, and to our first discussion on the summer reading choices, The Wednesday Wars and The Graveyard Book. I want to explore the two main characters of each novel, and so this blog prompt will have multiple parts that I would like for you to answer. I would suggest that you jot down on a piece of scratch paper all the parts of this prompt and use it as a tool as you write. Be sure to write in complete sentences, no text, spelling correct, and be as detailed and as specific as possible with your answers. Also, start a new paragraph every time you answer to a different part of a prompt, as you are switching to a new train of thought with explanation each time. (Think of how you would write it in essay form)

What words would you use to describe each of these characters? Based on these character traits, are you more like Holling or Bod?

We can say that Holling is a realistic character. Why?  Can we say the same thing about Bod?

How are these two boys alike, and how are they different? Think beyond the obvious.

Describe one favorite scene in each book that involves each of these characters and tell me why it is one of your favorites.


  1. I had for got to say who i am more like. I think I’m more like Bod because i am stubburn but always trying a new adventure and also beacuase i am also always trying to learn a new thing.

  2. I think Nobody Owens is bold, brave, curious, and someone who loves to explore the outside world. He is also corageous because he was raised by ghosts and lived in a graveyard. As you can see he is not your average boy. On the opposite hand Holling HoodHood is your average seventh grader. He is a little on the shy side and he is also very emotional. An important trait is that he knows right from wrong. Holling is kind and thoughtful toward his friends and family. Comparing these two characters, I think of myself more like Holling.

    We can say that Holling is a realistic character because we go through a lot of the obstacles that he does such as social problems, academic and athletic goals. Although with Bod we can’t say is realistic because we don’t live in graveyards or grow up with ghosts, or turn invisible or go through anything we want.

    The two boys are very much different, but they do have some similarities. Holling and Bod are similar because they both have goals that they want to reach. They both also have obstacles in their life to overcome. Also a way they are similar is the both are being taught something valuable in their own lives. Bod is being taught how to master being a ghost, and Holling is being taught how to be the best seventh grader he can be. A way that they are different are their personalities. Bod is outgoing and curious, and Holling is average.

    My favorite scene in “The Wednesday Wars” is when Holling beats all of the eighth graders at the track meet and everybody is waiting at the end of the track hoping that he wins. In the end he does end up winning and then Mrs. Baker picks him up and spins him around, and Meryl Lee gives him a kiss and even throws in a rose. The best part is, is that he realizes Mrs. Baker doesn’t hate his guts after all! My favorite scene in “The Graveyard Book” is when Silas and Bod were in the police car and Bod attempted to escape and Silas got hit by a van. Bod yelled “You hit my father, you hit my father!” This part grabbed my attention and it said that Silas really does care about Bod.

    I loved both books. I personally thought that the choices that were made were nicely deciced.

    1. @, Great Response, Brandee! I can tell this has taken a lot of thought. I like the way you draw personal connections such as mentioning that you go through the same kinds of obstacles as a seventh grader as Holling does. I’m glad you enjoyed both books!

  3. Nobody Owens was very inquisitive, he wanted to learn, and see everything there was to see. Bod cared about pretty much everyone he knew, dead or alive, he really cared about protecting Scarlett, and was concerned for Silas when he was away. He was determined, courageous, astute and excited about the world around him. I also believe he was confused, with who he was, where he came from, and everything outside the graveyard.

    Holling Hoodhood was a very nice boy. If he ever did something wrong, he felt bad about it. I think Holling really wanted to get along with everyone. He also wanted to have fun. It seemed like Holling was uncomfortable with himself in some situations, and he would think about matters a lot. Holling cared about his friends and family and wanted them to be safe.

    I think I am more like Bod than Holling, because I am more curious than I am worried.

    Holling is definitely a realistic character, a seventh grader, worrying if his teacher doesn’t like him. A similar story could definitely happen in real life. I realize that some things about Bod are realistic too. His story with being raised in a graveyard isn’t realistic, but Bod himself is. It is realistic for a boy’s family to get killed, and for him to have to be protected. It is realistic for Holling to have a friend, and then she moves away. It is realistic for a boy to want to learn, and have fun, and have friends. It is realistic for a boy to disobey his parents rules. It is realistic for a boy to have problems at school. These examples, and more could make Bod somewhat of a realistic character.

    Bod and Holling are very much alike, but they are also very different. They are alike, because they both definitely have people who they mean a lot to. For Bod, Silas, the Owens, and everyone in the graveyard really cared about him, and Holling is special to his family. Also, in return they are both very caring. They will always do what they can to help their friends in tough situations. When Holling’s sister ran away, he paid for her to come back home, and that was really something for a brother to do. It was very sweet. He did it all on his own. Bod got in a tough situation when he was trying to run away from the Jacks. He could’ve easily left Scarlett and saved himself, but instead, he came up with a plan to keep both of them safe. Even though Scarlett didn’t really appreciate it, I knew that he was making an effort to keep both of them safe. He really liked her and didn’t want anything to happen to her. Also, they both have had to get out of sticky situations. With Holling, first of all, when he thought Mrs. Baker didn’t like him, he couldn’t really talk to anyone about it. Second, when he showed Meryl Lee the designs for the new buildings he had to try to get out of getting blamed for it, because his dad was very angry.

    The two are also very different. For starters, Bod really doesn’t care what people think of him, and Holling is more insecure about who he is. They both live in very different environments too. Bod is very adventurous. He lived in a place, where he doesn’t get to go very far. Bod wants to see everything he can in the space that he has, so he’ll be occupied with his time. Holling is a lot more exposed to the world and what it’s all about. He is growing up with living people of all different ages, and is also surrounded by kids his age. Bod hasn’t really been exposed to a lot of kids his age and it is hard for him when he goes to school. Although, Bod is really friendly, and makes friends with people in the graveyard. Holling has been going to school for years, and has learned a lot. On the other hand, Bod has learned from what the dead people know, he wants to learn. He wants to know wat goes on in the world outside the graveyard. Bod wants to know all that Holling knows, about living, and different subjects that you need to know out in the real world. Two very different things are, Holling is more to himself, and Bod likes to ask a lot of questions. All in all, the two boys have had completely different experiences with living.

    The scenes that I liked in the Wednesday Wars the best, were the ones that had some humor in them. So, the comical scenes were definitely my favorite. Over all, I liked all of the scenes where he would talk about his fairy outfit. The yellow tights made me laugh everytime I thought about it. He would talk about how he was a afraid that Doug Sweitek’s brother would see it. And, I loved the part where Mrs. Baker announced to the class that he was going to be in the play. That gave me a good laugh. My first thought was how bad I felt for him. It made me connect to one of the characters. So, that was my favorite part of the book.

    In the graveyard book, the whole time I had been waiting for some answers. I had been thinking that Mr. Frost had to be Jack, but I needed to know for sure. I stayed up extremely late one night, my mission was to get the answers. So, I ended up staying up half the night finishing the book. Also, I wanted something frightening to happen. It finally did. That was my favorite part. Bod land Scarlett went to Mr. Frost’s house, I could feel something suspicious about it, especially when he left Scarlett alone in the other room. When he pulled the knife out, my heart started beating. I was waiting for something to happen. He got away, Bod did it! He escaped from the man Jack. To me, that was the best part in the whole book.
    In class today I got so many answers to The Graveyard Book, that I hadn’t been able to figure out. It brings so many questions and things to wonder about the book to my attention. I understand so much now. I’m really glad we got to discuss the book

    1. @ali15, Super response, Ali, and one that took a great deal of thought no doubt. I especially like how you use your reasoning skills to go beyond the words on the page, and I like the way you interject feeling in your words. That’s called writing with voice because this piece sounds like you.

    2. @ali15, In the paragraph about the differences, I spelled “what” wrong, I said “wat”. Also, in the last paragraph, I spelled “and” like “land”. In the paragraph about how the two boys are alike, I forgot to include the following at the end;

      Bod’s situations were difficult too. He had to get out of a locked room, with the help from Liza. Also, he had to get away from the man Jack, safe himself, and Scarlett. Both boys were in trouble in different ways, but to both of them they all took some thought on how to get through those tough times.

  4. I think that Nobody Owens is a very curious, brave, and well-minded boy who wants to increase his knowledge and explore the world around him. His family was murdered when he was just a baby and he grew up with ghosts. He lived in a graveyard practically all of his life so he wanted to see the world around him. Bod is very sensitive and kind to the people or ghosts around him. He is very generous to everyone, like when he tried to get the headstone for Liza. Nobody Owens is a well rounded boy who is more like me.
    Holling Hoodhood deals with a lot of realistic problems in his life, but so does Nobody Owens. They both stumble upon obstacles. For example friend problems, with Meyrl Lee, or with Scarlette. Holling deals with a teacher that he thinks dislikes him in certain ways. He also has problems with his friends around him and getting into pier pressure like the time he had to get the cream puffs or else the other kids would threaten him to kill him. Nobody deals with a man called Jack who wants to kill him. Both of the boys were also bullied in school, but they dealt with there problems and got there way out of it. Holling is more of a realistic character because he lives in a real home with real living people, while Bod lives in a graveyard with ghosts, vampires, and werewolf’s as friends.
    Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens live in two very different life styles but them seem to also be alike in someways. The two boys both very brave, but caring, and courteous as well. They both have problems in their life and solve them with risks they had to take. They are different because Nobody was more outgoing while Bod was kind of quiet and stuck to the rules. He listened better than Bod, who went outside of the graveyard when he wasn’t supposed to. They both are still very similar, but still pretty different.
    One of my favorite scenes in Wednesday Wars was when Holling saved his sister from the bus hitting her. I thought he was being very courteous and kind to his sister even though she didn’t always treat him nice back. That part of the book showed that he cared a lot and would help anyone if they were in great danger.
    My favorite scene in The Graveyard Book was when Scarlette came back to town and Bod and her met up and remembered the good times they had together when they were little. Scarlette also helped Bod beat the Jacks to save him from being killed. They made a great team and showed that they really cared about eachother. The scene was very interesting because it brought back the beginning of the book and helped close the book together. I never thought that Scarlette was going to come back, so the author surprised me, delightfully.

    1. @raquel15, Good for you, Raquel! This is a very thorough response which took a great deal of thought. I love your last line where you say “I never thought that Scarlett was going to come back, so the author surprised me, delightfully.” Just watch your “there” and theirs.”

  5. Nobody Owens is brave, curious, and above all, adventurous. He always wants too try new things, like exploring the tomb in the grave with the seer, going too school, which really did not end that well, and fighting off the Jack army. My favorite part of the book would have too be when they were in the police car driving off. Then his guardian jumps in the way of the car and goes flying. The part about it that is the best is when Bod understands whats going on and accuses the officer of ”plotting with his daughter because they were fighting in school”. Then the police offices start fighting and gives Nobody his chance to escape. I liked that because it was funny and it proved how smart Bod really is, and how much his guardian wants to protect him. It was sad what happened to Scarlett, but i enjoyed that part of the book because it was not a full happy ending like most of the books these days. I enjoyed the book for its action and mystery, by which I mean trying to figure out why his family was killed.

    He and Holling were alike in some cases, yet in others not alike at all, at least it seemed that way to me. They both just wanted to fit in and be normal, and they both learned a lot from other people, alive or dead. They were different because, well mainly in who they were. Nobody had powers and talked to ghosts. Holling went through school with death threats from students over cream puffs, giant fat rats, and a teacher who he thought hated him, she didn’t though.

    Holling was a curious, kind of scared, and quick to accuse before he has all the facts. My favorite part would have to be during his dream when his friends brother is holding the soccer ball over him and then he hopes for the big mercy speach but instead he gets. This is what it says in the book.

    ”Droppeth thine soccer ball like thunder from the clouds upon his head beneath thee”.

    I liked that part because of the comedy in it, he just thinks that it is going to end up good in his dream and suddenly he has to realize ”uh oh this is bad”. I enjoyed the book because of all the comedy, most of the time when I read it I suddenly started to laugh, surprising my mother.

    I would say both of them Bod and Holling are realistic because they act just like we do. They get scared, they act normal, and other items like that. I would say that I am more like Holling, in the part where i realize that i just want to be myself, not what everybody wants me to be. That and sometimes I think a teacher hates me and later it turns and we can be good friends.

    1. @mattj15, Nicely done, Matt. A very detailed response, and I like the last two lines of this response where you say how you just want to be yourself, not what everybody wants you to be, and also that teachers can like you too. 🙂

      Watch the use of “too” and the lower case “i.”

  6. If I had to use a word to describe Bod and Holling I would say Bod is a very curious boy who loves adventures and everything about the world. I think Holing is a normal middle school boy who wants nothing more than to go to school and live his life. I think due to
    these facts I would be both Bod and Holling because like Bod I’m curious and adventurous but like Holling I don’t really want to stick out I just want to be normal.

    I would say Holling Hoodhood is a very realistic character. Holling is a normal seventh grader that goes to school and has a regular family with a dramatic sister, a working dad, and a loving mom. I do not think Bod is very realistic one, because he has immortal
    powers and two, he lives in a graveyard with ghouls that raise him and no one notices it until he was a teenager.

    Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens are two boys of around the same age but both have different stories to tell. Holling and Bod are different in some ways like Bod is a teenage boy living in a graveyard, as Holling is a boy on the verge of a teenager living in a
    “Perfect House.” There are other differences for example Bod is an extremely curious boy who doesn’t really worry when he is about to do something he does not know the outcome of while Holling is not as curious as Bod thinks about everything before he does it. Bod
    and Holling do have a few of things in common like both Bod and Holling have some “problems,” in school, also Bod and Holling both have someone who cares for them.

    I have a favorite scene for both books, in “The Wednesday Wars,” my favorite scene was when Holling was running with the track team around the town. My favorite part of this scene is when the class rats who ecscape their cage get caught but get out of the box and chase Holling, he runs so fast he sets a record. I like this scene because to me it’s pretty funny how he reacts and I personaly like the rats.

    My favorite scene in “The Graveyard Book,” is when Bod is saved from the four short men who live in the under world take Bod with them to Gual by Ms.Lupescu while she is a hound of God. I like this scene because of all the action, Ms.Lupescu is a giant dog, and Silas comes back.

    1. @chrisl15, Great response, Chris. I can tell you thought this through, because your ideas flow. I like how you say “both boys have different stories to tell.” I also like how you connect to Holling in that you want to be normal and not stick out of the crowd.

  7. I believe Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens have vastly different character traits, but both are very intelligent, imaginative people. The Wednesday Wars was a book made more for kids to tell about what was going on in America during the Vietnam War. It showed how it affected people in ever day life and the struggle to cope with the fact that people very close to them were being sent to a war. There was also the constant threat of bombs. Holling is a typical kid in those hard times, with an average life and friends. He was a window, per say, for kids to enjoy a book and also learn of what it was like to live through that time.

    Nobody, however, was a much more unique person. He was a kid growing up in a graveyard, aspiring to live outside the gates. He had dreams and wanted to learn, and he was very eager to go out and meet people and see the world. I believe Neil Gaiman did an excellent job showing that while having a very strange and unique childhood, he was also still a kid, wanting to learn and have friends and go to school.

    I believe I am more like Nobody Owens. I think I’m a very unique person. I think I’m less like Holling Hoodhooh because he’s a very typical person, accept for his interest in Shakespeare and poetry. However, I would rather live in Holling’s shoes because I’m very interested in the Vietnam War, and I would’ve loved to protest and live during The Beatles’ time.

    Holling’s life was also a lot more realistic, obviously because he lived in a real period of time, and that he went through something some of our parents or grandparents could tell us about. He’s a typical pre-teen. Holling was a baseball fan, a son, a friend, and a brother. Nobody, however, is obviously very different. He was raised by ghosts and a vampire, in a graveyard, being a hidden from a murderer who killed his family as well as going after him. I believe that if he were raised by his real family, he would’ve been less of a person, and just like everyone else. He was taught most of his lessons the hard way, and had to grow up fast to stay alive and prepare to live out in the world on his own.

    I believe my favorite scene in The Graveyard Book had to be when Scarlett left Nobody after the Jacks were taken care of. It had a bitterly realistic quality to it. That how even though it seems like he would be on the top of the world then, he lost her. It’s the most realistic scene in the book. I also like the following events, and how Nobody stopped seeing the dead. To me it was like the ending to his childhood. And how he had to lose everything that was familiar to him in order to go out and see the world. He was a brave and courageous person, and if a sequel were made that was about the rest of his life, he would go on to do amazing things in the book.

    My favorite scene in The Wednesday Wars was when Holling went to see his favorite baseball player for the Yankees. First, it was hilarious that he was wearing tights. I think the author set that up to be comic relief for what happened after. When Mickey Mantle refused to sign his baseball, it was a very real moment. Like realizing that the person you idolized was really a fake. It’s surreal. Like how people all over the world looked up to Michael Vick, then he was arrested for beating helpless animals. Sometimes celebrity role models can turn out to be very horrible people on the inside. But my favorite part was when Holling’s friend gave up his baseball. That meant a lot to him, and it was a very strong gesture. Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like that to back you up. So, in the end, I think that the story came together when it was realized that it was about, your friends and family and the people around you, who were there for you when you needed them the most.

    1. @alex15, Terrific response, Alex! There are so many things I love about this response. I can tell it took some thought as the ideas flow nicely. I like how you say that Holling is a window that allows us to follow what is going on in his life and during those times. I also like your thoughts on how Bod perhaps might have become a different person if raised by his own family, which I never really thought of.

  8. Bod and Holling are very easy to describe for me. Bod is curious. He likes to explore his surroundings just like me. Nobody Owens is an interesting person. He’s hard to figure out and I think that’s why i enjoyed his character. What I didn’t like about him was that he was unrelateable, but I feel like he had some of my personality traits.

    Holling was a person who didn’t show much personality. He tried to be cool in most of the book,which I thought made the book kinda funny. Holling is the most relateable, but again I feel like I can’t relate to him as much because he is the total opposite of me.

    We can say that Holling is the most realistic. I aggree. Holling definitely is the most realistic because he goes to school like all of us, and he finds one teacher, who he thinks, hates him. We have all gone through that.

    Bod and Holling are obviously different. One lives in a graveyard and one lives a normal life. If you read between the lines I think that you will realize that Bod and Holling are similar in some ways. They both are curious. Bod likes to explore the graveyard while Holling searches around the building for cream puffs. They both have crushes, and they both like to have fun.

    My favorite scene in The Graveyard Book was when Bod first met Scarrlet. It was the first time Bod had ever met another human before. I think the scene was all so different to him, and that’s why I liked it. It was a change for the reader and Nobody, which made the book interesting.

    My favorite scene from The Wednesday Wars was when he accedentaly got chalk dust on the top of the cream puffs because everyone loves cream puffs. Also everyone has done something bad like that, and they didn’t fix it. It made me feel good to know that I knew the right thing to do.

    Overall, my favorite book was The Wednesday Wars. I thought the book was easier to follow, and the reading moved faster. Even though Wednesday Wars was my favorite book, Nobody Owens was still my favorite character. Also I enjoyed the summer reading and I can’t wait untill next year’s.

    1. @tatum15, Good effort, Tatum. I like what you have to say about the scene with Bod meeting Scarlet for the first time, and how it must have been so different for him. Watch your spelling and the lower case “i.”

  9. Yes, we can say that Holling HoodHood is a realistic character because I am sure that in 1968 there were other kids like him and stuck in the same situation as him. How he was the only kid in his school that was wasn’t Jewish or Catholic, he was a presbyterian. The Jewish lived in the northern part of the town and the Catholic lived in the southern part of the town and then then there was Holling and his family and lived in the middle of the town. Then when all of the other kids left for Temple Bethel or Catechism Holling was left there with Mrs. Baker, A teacher that hated his guts.

    I would describe Holling as smart because he reads a lot, kid to others, and honest for when he got the chalk dust on the cream puffs.

    One of my favorite scenes in the Wednesday Wars was when Mrs. baker was helping Holling with his cross country training and when the rats were out they started chasing after Hollingand he ran so much faster because he was afraid of two small rats. HAHA

    1. @chad15, Good job, Chad. I like how you say Holling is honest when he got the chalk dust on the cream puffs. What qualities make Holling a realistic character? Does he possess any traits that you may have?

  10. Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens are two boys with very different personalities. The words I would use to describe Nobody Owens are courageous, ambitious, unique, and adventurous. The spirits were right when they said Nobody Owens was one of a kind. When he was with Scarlett, he was always adventurous and courageous. For example, when he encountered the Sleer, he always kept calm and comforted Scarlett when she was terrified. Bod showed most of his ambition when he was with Miss Lupescu. He always wanted to know everything about the graveyard and its inhabitants.
    Holling Hoodhood is a shy, normal seventh grader who always panics when there is a situation. He was very shy at the dinner table with his family. He and his mom tried to stay quiet or change the subject when his father and sister fought. He finally stood up to his dad when they were in the parking lot of Temple Beth-El. When the kids in Mrs. Baker’s class threatened Holling if he did not buy the entire class cream puffs, he eventually caved and bought the entire class cream puffs.
    I am both like Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens. On one hand, I do panic at most situations like Holling. On the other hand, I am more ambitious and adventurous like Nobody Owens.
    I think Holling Hoodhood is a realistic character because he grew up like a regular kid. He goes to school, he has a family, and lives in a house. I don’t think Nobody Owens is a realistic character. Though he is a human, he was being hunted down since he was a child. He grew up in a graveyard and his parents are ghosts. His other guardians are Silas, a vampire, and Miss Lupescu was a Hound of God.
    My favorite scene in The Graveyard Book was at the beginning. The story jumps right into the man Jack killing Bod’s real parents and his sister. I was very curious and wondered if the man Jack was going to kill Bod. My favorite scene in The Wednesday Wars was when he goes to Baker’s Sporting Emporium to get his baseball signed by Micky Mantle. The only problem was he came straight from his Shakespeare play where he played Ariel the Fairy. He had to wear yellow tights and had white feathers on his butt. When he got shunned by Micky Mantle, I felt sorry for him and felt that I was rejected by my favorite player.

    1. @parkerl15, my bad. I forgot to indent and to add one more sentence.

      I also liked this scene because Danny Hupfer stood up to Micky Mantle and told him he was a jerk for not signing Holling’s baseball.

    2. @parkerl15, Nicely done, Parker! Don’t worry about indenting here, it doesn’t happen in a blog. I can tell where your paragraphs start and stop. If you want to next time, you can skip a space between paragraphs. Thanks for self correcting too!

      You’re right about the story jumping right in and grabbing you from the beginning!

  11. I would use words like out spoken, curious, and eager to describe Holling. He was growing up in a more strict environment and he was always threatened for something. Like when he had to buy every kid a cream puff because he had one the day everyone wanted one. He didn’t have to he could have to but he did so that he didn’t get hurt or bullied. But for Bod it was totally different he wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything. He was brave, strong, nice, sensitive, and very curious. He always wanted to learn because
    he lived in the graveyard and wasn’t able to see the rest of the world because he was sort of trapped in a box. he was very nice when he tried to get a headstone for Liz. And he was also very brave because he faced the sneer a lot and wasn’t scared a bit.
    I am not just one of them I am both because I am a little bit of Holling and Bod. I am out spoken, curious, brave, nice and sensitive. So I am a mix of both.

    We can’t say that Bod is a realistic character because he could fade and see in the dark very well and he could also see ghosts. But they also both have realistic problems with friends, teachers, and obstacles they had to over come. Holling went to school and did sports and has a real living family, and friends. Bod doesn’t go to school, he lives in a graveyard and his parents are ghosts. His friends aren’t even living except for Scarlet. So, we could say that Holling was a more realistic Character then Bod.

    Bod and Holling are alike because they both deal with obstacles. Like for example For Holling he had to find a way to get rid of the Jacks in a minute spanned. And Holling he had to get over the deal with Mrs.Baker as his teacher. They both also faced family problems. Bods family died when he was only two and Holling’s sister went a way for only a day or two and that felt like a long time for him. They are both different from each other because Holling was a normal person they lived in different periods in time and they grew up in different environments.Bod had friends that were ghosts, vampires, and witches. So, there were differences between both.

    My favorite part in The Wednesday Wars was when Merl lee and Holling went on a date. I thought is was cute how he brought her to the play and bought her a coke afterward. He was such a gentleman, also when all the teachers knew about it they all tried to help out. My favorite part in the Graveyard Book was when he took Scarlet down to see the sneer with him it was when you were on edge of your seat to know what was going to happen next. I t also was the first time that you see Bod being very brave and use his night vision.(When you can see in the dark)

    1. @katerina15, Good for you, Katerina! A well thought out response. I like how you compare Bod to being trapped in a box, which he was, sort of. And I like how you explain how you are a mix of both boys’ qualities. I thought the date scene in “Wednesday” was very sweet!

  12. I think that Bod is very curious about things that he doesn’t know about. Like when he wanted to know about the other graveyard that lived at the edge of all the graveyards. He was always trying to get off topic to learn more about the graveyard at the edge of Bod`s graveyard.
    He is also adventures, like when he found the tomb where the sleer was and he took Scarlet down with him. He could see how the dead saw but he went down and when he saw the man he wasn’t scared but he was brave and he stayed there and didn’t run back up the stairs. Also, when he heard the sleer he may have gotten the shivers but, he asked questions about them and wanted to know what and or who the sleer was.
    Holling Hoodhood is a boy who loves to read and now he knows that he likes Shakespeare, and he thought that Mrs. Baker hated his guts. But she doesn’t and he thought she gave him Shakespeare to read to torture him but he ended up liking it! One of my favorite parts in the book was when the rats had already gotten out of the cage, and the day that Holling Hoodhood had brought in the cream puffs that he owed Mrs. Bakers class, and the rats got into the cream puffs and ate them all. And yet he still had to buy a whole new bunch of scream puffs, but Mrs. Baker was nice enough to buy cream puffs for the class for him.
    I also liked it when like every time he would describe something; he would compare the person or rats to characters in a book that he has read. And I also liked the parts when he curses and no one else knows what he is saying.
    Another on of my favorite parts of Wednesday Wars is when Holling nails Doug Swieteck`s Brother with a snow ball in the nose. He only thrown the snow ball is because he wanted vengeance or to get back at him for putting up the pictures of him in the play being a fairy!
    I would have to say my favorite part of The Graveyard was when Bod was walking the streets and he had just done a dream walk inside Nick Farthing’s head, and when he was getting arrested by Maureen’s uncle, but my favorite part was when they accidentally hit silas. That is my favorite part because Silas came back for him even when bod turned Silas down. It is just so kind and touching!
    My favorite part of the Wednesday Wars was when Holling went down to wash the dishes when they went camping and Merry Lee went down with them and I just thought that, that was so sweet!

    1. @alexp15, Good for you, Alex! You mention some parts of “Wednesday” that no one had talked about before: the curses, which I thought were really funny, and Doug Swieteck’s brother. How come we never know his name?

  13. I was reading through some of the other blogs, and I saw a couple of times that Mrs. Cobb had asked why someone thought that the author waited until the end of the book to tell you the sister’s name. I think that it is because throughout the story, Holling kind of took his sister for granted. I think the author waited until that moment because he wanted us to realize with Holling how much his sister actually meant to him.

  14. Both Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens were well educated children’s. Holling Hoodhood is an average kid and tries to get along. He does his best to stay out of trouble. But sometimes he kind of forgets good things to do. Holling does awsome things just like saving her sister from an oncoming school bus.

    Nobody Owens is a courageous character. But since he grew up in the graveyard, hi has weird emotions. He also has a very strong sense of right and wrong. Of the two, I think that I personally am more like Holling. I wish that I could be as brave as Bod is, but I think that I am simply more of an average person.

    Holling is a very realistic character, both physically and emotionally. However the same can be said about Bod. While he may have special powers, his emotions are just the same of Holling. One example of this is Bod’s reaction to the girl Scarlett being afraid of him.
    One interesting similarity between the two is that, in a way, they both feel that they are being hurt. Holling feels that it is because of his religion, but with Bod, Scarlett becomes afraid of him because of his abilities and what he does to the villains. They are both courageous because battling strange enemies such as the Sleer and the Jacks of All Trades is quiet tough. These are just a few of the many similarities and differences between Nobody Owens and Holling Hoodhood.

    One of my favourite scenes from “The Wednesday Wars” is when Holling gets to the train station and finds out that his money got through to his sister, and she comes off of the train and they are reunited. I noticed that this is the first scene in the book in which Holling says his sister’s name. In “The Graveyard Book,” one of my favourite scenes is the scene in which Miss Lupescu and the Night-Gaunt rescue Bod from the ghouls. But still think that I can’t pick a favourite scene because that book didn’t draw me a lot of attention.

    1. @Thibaut, Nicely done, Thibaut. I like how you feel that Bod’s emotions are just the same as Holling’s, and that the two of them have been hurt in some way, which is an interesting statement. Both favorite scenes of yours are ones I like too!

  15. Bod is very curious, he likes to wander and spy on people just to figure out what they are doing. He likes to read and has a great imagination. He is always wondering what is happening out in the world. That sometimes gets in to trouble, and eventually gets him into a life threatening situation. Bod likes to do just about everything, which is bad and good at times. He believes a lot of what his teachers (Mrs. Lupescu and Silas) say, he thinks about what they say and keeps it in mind when he makes choices. That makes me think of a good listener. Holing on the other hand listens to what people say to him, but he doesn’t make his own descisions at the begging. As the story goes along, he starts to figure out that he can make his own descisions, and that’s when he starts to make some bad ones. Although as most people do, he starts to learn from his mistakes and makes some descisions that turned out good for him and others, and that’s what counts (all that ends well is well).
    I think that Bod was more like me when I was younger. He was careful with what he does, and afraid to do certain things until one day he decided to stand up and face the world, and I did that with roller coasters, friends, soccer, and many more.
    Holling is a very realistic character, when I think of him, I think of the average school boy, but by the end of the book he wasn’t, and that’s why I liked it. Bod is real to those who oppose him, befriend him, and comfort him. To many outside of his world he is only imagination.
    Bod and Holling are both alike in ways such as how their family treats them. Bod’s family (the Owenses) did not care as much for him as his guardian Silas. Just as Mrs. Baker cares more for Holling than his family even if he does not know it. They are different in a way because Bod has many powers that Holling does not. Bod was also raised by ghosts giving him much advise, but Holling was raised by normal parents and did not get much help.
    My favorite scene was when Holling asked Meryll Lee to dinner without realizing it because I though he delt with it well and it actually turned out to be a good thing. My favorite scene in The Graveyard Book was when Silas jumped out in front of the car and pretended to die. I thought that part was very well written, and it made me wonder who got hit and that was all I could think about until the end of the scene.

    1. @nic15, Good job, Nic! Don’t worry about the spaces, Nic, sometimes Word does that. I like how you describe Bod and how he was afraid at first to do some things, but then decided to “stand up and face the world.” And I like how you related that back to yourself.

  16. Holling is a normal kid because he lives in a house and goes to school. I would describe him as caring, strong, and curious. Bod is not a usual kid because he lives in a graveyard. I would describe him as liking adventure, caring, and lonely. I think that I am most likely to be Holling because I am not lonely. Also I am very curious and like to investigate.

    We can say that Holling is a realistic character because he lives with living people, goes to school, and does not have ghosts as freinds. We can not say that Bod is a realistic character because lives in a graveyard with ghosts which are not real and he can fade.

    Holling and Bod are alike because they are both tough and go through emotional and difficult times times. They both end up departing with their families. They are different because Holling has a real family and lives as a normal kid would live, but Bod lives in a graveyard and does not have a real family. Bod is home schooled and went to a normal school for less than a year.

    My favorite scene out of Wednesday Wars is when Holling jumps out into the road and pushes his sister Heather out of the way so that she does not get hit by the bus. This is my favorite scene because it is so exciting and shows what someone would do for someone that they love. My favorite scene out of Graveyard Book is when Mr. Frost (Jack) goes up to the room at the top of his house with Bod and tries to kill Bod with the knife. This is my favorite scene because it is so unexpected to happen and it makes Bod and Scarlett so shocked.

    1. @natalee15, good comment, Natalee. I like the many adjectives you use in describing each of the boys and how you are more like Holling. You bring up the interesting distinction of Bod being home schooled and going to a school for less than a year. We can tell by Holling’s actions how much he really did love his sister,

  17. Holling and Nobody have similar character traits and different character traits. They are both alike because Nobody and Holling are adventurous, curious, and most of all unique. Holling is unique because he is different from everyone else and is afraid to stand up for himself or to do what he wants. Like in the shakespeare play he wasn’t sure if he should go perform and stand out, but once he did, he forgot about all his worries and enjoyed himself. Nobody is unique because he does things no one else can do like talking to ghosts, and he also has a unique personality. He is kind, adventurous, confident, and to the outside word, mysterious. I think I am more like Nobody because I am sure of what I want to do in the future and I like to explore different places around the world.

    Most people can relate to Holling in different ways. Like Holling, everybody is self-conscious about school, parents, and sometimes friends. Also, a lot of people are still discovering what they want to do in life which is a major factor in Holling’s life. Nobody in some ways is a realistic character. He is because he doesn’t know what to expect in the real world but is curious to know. He isn’t because of what he knows about the dead, how he lives in the graveyard, and he communicates with ghosts.

    Holling and Nobody are alike because they are both independent. Holling is independent because he has always kept to himself and felt lonely even though he had people around him. Nobody has always been alone so he had to rely on himself to fit in at school, entertain himself during the day, and to survive his future in the outside world. A difference is who they had to enjoy and look forward to spending time with. Holling at the beginning of the story was lonely and confused, then Meri Lee came along and spent time with him and brought him hapiness. Nobody had Scarlett and was thrilled and couldn’t wait to spend time with her. But she moved away and Nobody was lonely for years, then she returned, all her memories came back, and she started to spend more and more time with him. And once again, Nobody lost Scarlett because she had all her memories removed of Nobody and the graveyard.

    My favorite scene in “The Graveyard Book” was the scene where the Jack men are chasing Nobody through the graveyard and experienced all of the obstacles that Nobody prepared. That was my favorite scene because it was exciting and I was always curious to find out what would happen next. My favorite scene in “The Wednesday Wars” was when the mosquitos were chasing Holling’s class around the campsite because it was very entertaining.

    1. @cennedi15, Good for you, Cennedi! A lot of wonderful things are said in this comment. I like how you compare yourself to Nobody and that he is “mysterious to the outside world.” “He doesn’t know what to expect in the real world but is curious to know.” Great line.

  18. I would describe Bod as a very fearless and adventurous boy. I would describe Holling as someone who isn’t afraid to be embarrassed in front of people, because he didn’t want to be a fairy in the play but he worked with it without making a big deal out of it. I think I am more like Bod because I am adventurous and I am not like Holling because I hate being embarrassed in front of other people.

    I think Holling is the most realistic because everything he does is something that could happen to all of us. He gets crushes, he has problems with teachers and he gets in trouble. We can’t really say the same about Bod because he lives in a graveyard and he can fade even though he is only human.

    Bod and Holling are alike because they both go to school and they both have crushes and they both have adventures. They are both different because Bod lives in a graveyard and Holling lives in a regular town and house. Bod doesn’t finish the school year and Holling Finishes school completely.

    My favorite scene in “The Graveyard Book” was when he killed the man Jack because from then on he would be safe, and he wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore. My favorite scene in “The Wednesday Wars” was when Holling and Danny stood up to Micky Mantle for not signing his ball. It was my favorite because I probably would have done the same thing if my favorite player didn’t care about his fans.

    1. @dulci15, Wonderful response, Dulci. Don’t worry about the indents in a blog, there aren’t any. How you have your comment written is perfect. I like how you say Holling isn’t afraid of being embarrassed especially when he wore the yellow tights, and I like your reasoning behind it. And I probably would have done the same thing as you in regards to the baseball incident with Mantle.

  19. I would describe Nobody Owens as a curious, brave, smart, and adventureous young man. His family was murdured by Jack Frost, who also known as “The Man Jack”. At the time of this tragedy he was only a baby. He too, was suppose to be murdered but he had wandered off to the near-by graveyard. From that day on he was raised by ghosts. He lived in the graveyard and did as the ghosts do. Even though he loved his graveyard home dearly, he always wanted a taste of the outside world. He longed to learn about life outside the graveyard.
    Holling Hoodhood was a dedicated boy. He tried hard to keep his family safe and away from harms way. He was insecure and unsure of himself. He did not feel that he fit in and he worried constantly. He worried about how much his teachers liked him and about family matters that were out of his control. Both boys have very unique qualities. I think that I am more like Bod. I do not shy away from adventure. I travel alot with my family and I love to learn everything I can about those who are different than me.
    I feel that both Holling and Bod are both realistic characters. Holling is not your average 7th grader, but he has very real traits of a middle school kid. He lives with his family and goes to school and he worries a lot about what others might think of him. Bod on the other hand, may not live in a realistic world…since most people don’t live in graveyards. Aside from that, Bod has very real characteristics. He loves adventure and is very curious. He wants to learn all he can about life outside his world. He is a generous boy. He shows the reader this when he helps Liza get a gravestone.
    Holling and Bod have very different life experiences but they do share some similarities. Both boys are dedicated and generous. Hollings pays for a bus ticket for his sister’s safe return. He does this on his own. Bod shows his dedication to Scarlett in the graveyard by saving her and not just himself. The boys have different living arrangements and some different traits. Holling is very insecure and very worried about what others think of him. Bod is a very free-spirited boy. He does not care what anyone thinks of him.
    My favorite scene of “The Wednesday Wars”, was when Mrs. Baker recieved the letter from Sgt. Baker stating that he was alive and returning home. I could feel her emotions jump off the page. I was so happy for her. My favorite part of “The Graveyard Book” was when Bod was escaping from the Jacks and saw that the graveyard gates were locked. He tried to fade and it worked, he slipped through the gates with Scarlett. I felt like he was still part of the graveyard even though he couldn’t be part of life there much longer. The graveyard accepted him for one last time.

    1. @demi15, Wonderful response, Demi. You offer a lot of insight and interesting thoughts. I like your perceptions about Holling, particularly about how he worries about what others think of him. Your last line is great: “The graveyard accepted him for one last time.”

  20. Nobody Owens and Holling Hoodhood. Two completely different authors, books, and characters, but both have a sense of adventure. Although Holling Hoodhood is a middle school boy in the middle of the 1960’s, he is in the middle of the drama in the Vietnam War, and elections by his sister. His father wants him to become an architect, and he is sure his teacher hates his “guts.”
    Holling Hoodhood is a reliable, loyal friend, and is scared of rats. He ends up finding a lot about himself through seventh grade. He found out that many centuries later you can still relate to Shakespeare. Holling found out from his sister that his father couldn’t tell him who to be and why to be it. His biggest mentor in the book felt like Mrs. Baker because she helped him break out of his shell and do the extra-ordinary, like run cross country.
    Bod or Nobody Owens, life was a little on the strange side. Growing up with ghosts, vampires, witches, ghouls, and hounds of god would to a normal person seem to make you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But Bod is used to it and grow up he must. I would describe this book much like the Odyssey because each chapter is a different adventure. When he is little his adventures are small and don’t linger out of the graveyard but as he grows up he has a bit harder of a time.
    Both endings of books are sweet and sour. For me the end of the Graveyard Book was extremely sad the type of book that makes your eyes burn. The end of the Wednesday Wars was sad as you are when you are done with school and you won’t see your friends for the summer or you are leaving behind your favorite teacher. For Mrs. Baker she is absolutely thrilled for her husband to get back but is sad to see her class that has grown so much leave. Over all they were both really great books that I would recommend to anyone in middle school.

    1. @sarah15, Nicely done, Sarah, I like this comment a lot. I agree that Holling grows up during the book and finds out a lot about himself. And I like your comment about comparing “Graveyard” to the Odyssey because of its adventures. And I agree that while both endings were happy ones, I was sad to see the stories end!

      1. @acobb7, I think I am like Bod in the way that I am stubborn and have a sence of adventure. On the other hand I think I’m like Holling because I don’t know which way to go yet in life.

  21. Nobody Owens and Holling Hoodhood are very different people. Bod is a very outgoing person who always speaks his mind. He is a very curious person, too. He is always asking questions, and he gets very exited when he gets to read a new book. Holling is more of a shy and caring person. But, Holling can be an outgoing person, too. He is into reading Shakespeare, acting the stories out, and memorizing some of the sayings. I think that I am most like Bod, because I ask questions a lot. I am also like Holling, because I am shy around people that I don’t know, but outgoing around people that I do know.

    We can say that Holling is a realistic character because he lives a typical life in that time period. He goes to school, he does a school sport, and he likes Meryl Lee. We can’t say that about Bod, because he lives in a graveyard, his parents are ghosts, he doesn’t go to school (but ghosts at the graveyard do teach him many things), and he’s not allowed to go out in the “real world”.

    Holling and Bod are different and alike. They are alike because they both love to read. They are also alike because they have the same relationship with another person (Bod and Mrs. Lupesku, and Holling and Mrs. Baker). They have similar relationships with these people because when Bod and Holling first met them, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Lupesku acted mean and like they hated them. But, in the end it turned out that they really cared about them.

    My favorite scene in the Wednesday Wars is when Holling and his sister are walking home from school when the roads were covered in ice. And Holling’s sister was walking across a street when a bus was coming by. And she didn’t see the bus coming nor could the bus stop. That was when Holling pushed her out of the way and saved her life, but at the same time he got injured. This was my favorite scene because it was really intense and it made me want to keep reading to see if Holling was okay.

    My favorite scene in The Graveyard Book was when Bod was taken by the ghouls and he was in a bag. This was when Bod found a nail in the bag and he started to poke holes in it. And then a vicious dog bit the bag making Bod fall out. He thought he was going to die, but then he figured out that the dog was really Mrs. Lupesku. She saved his life. This was my favorite scene from the book because it was very surprising that the dog was really Mrs. Lupesku, and that Bod was not going to be eaten.

    1. @georgia15, Super response, Georgia, and you make other points that were not brought up yet. I like how you make the connection between the relationships of Holling and Mrs. Baker and Bod and Miss Lepesku. You mention Holling’s injury due to the bus incident which is funny too, and you describe well the scene where Bod is in the bag when he was taken by the ghouls.

  22. I would use the words curious and adventurous to describe Bod. Holling is more paranoid and a bit of an over reactor. I think I am more like Bod because I love exploring through bushes and going on adventures.

    Holling is a realistic character because he goes to school and lives in a house. Bod is not as realistic because he lives in a graveyard and he can haunt people, enter their dreams and fade himself. Bod does have some realistic traits though, he is a human and he did go to school for a period of time, he also had a human friend.

    Holling and Bod are both humans, they both have people who are out to get them. The man Jack wants to kill Bod whereas Holling just gets bullied by Doug Sweiteck’s brother. As I said before, Bod lives in a graveyard and Holling lives in a house.

    My favorite scene from The Graveyard Book is the ending scene where he traps all of the Jacks. I like this scene because it is very suspenseful. My favorite scene from The Wednesday Wars was when Holling was being chased by rats. I liked this scene because it was funny and the rats died, which was good because I didn’t like them.

    1. @nicole15, Good for you! You logged on, so yeah! I like how you describe Holling as paranoid and a bit of an over reactor, and how you see yourself as more like Bod. Your last line is really cute….I don’t like rats either!

  23. I, personally, think that both Nobody Owens and Holling Hoodhood are very unlucky but courageous young men. Throughout their hard times, both characters took their difficulties as another opportunity to be bold and daring. But Bod and Holling have different lifestyles, for instance Holling goes to school everyday (even though me may not like to go all the time) and Bod went to school for a short period of time. Unlike Holling, Bod had to face a physical challenge with the Men Jack at the end of the book as predicted. But with Holling, he had to face the hate towards him from Mrs. Baker, or at least he thought so.

    I think Holling is realistic because he goes through what us, kids go through everyday except weekends when we aren’t in school, but his days were in the late sixties. But Bod on the other hand, I personally don’t think his character is realistic purely because I don’t believe in ghosts.

    I think Holling is most like me because I had a similar experience that I thought a teacher hated me then found out later on that the teacher helped me a lot.

    In the “Graveyard Book,” I really enjoyed when Bod and his friend were young and they went around the graveyard and went down to the old tomb and met the SLER. I just really admired how Bod was so fearless and brave.

    Also in “Wednesday Wars,” it made me happy and disappointed at the same time when Mickey Mantle did not sign Holling’s ball just because he wore tights even though Holling worked so hard to meet him. However when Holling’s friend gave the ball back to Mickey and said “it isn’t worth it,” that made me happy. I know a book is good when it has that affect on me.

    1. @elijah15, Nicely said, Elijah. I like the honest way you describe how you are more like Holling than Bod. Sometimes we have to give things time to discover a true meaning. I’m glad that these books made you feel a certain way.

  24. I think that Bod is a daring, graceful but Hollling on the oher hand is fast, smart and athletic at the same time. I think I am more like Bod because I love adventure and how he talks to people. I think we can say that Holling is a real person because he is a typical seventh grader. he has the anoying friend the tough one and the one who he likes and i think we can all relate to something like him or his friends. No we cant say the same about bod because no one was raised by ghosts. The two boys are alike because the both had to deal with bulllies, and they both were trying to fit in at school.
    My faveorite scene from the wednesday wars was when Holling was playing catch with the yankee players because i love baseball and the yankees he was playing with were so famous . My faveorite scene from the graveyard book was when he saw the lqast apple on the tree and tried to climb up and get it because it had me just waiting to see what would happen.

    1. @avery15, Good effort, Avery. I like your explanations for how you feel Holling is a realistic character because he goes through the same things as a normal seventh grader might. I had a feeling your favorite part of the book might be that baseball scene that Mrs. Baker arranged for the boys!

  25. Bod Owens is very, very curious, and very brave. He asks questions a lot to his guardian, Silas, and his teacher, Miss Lupescu. He is also dying(not literally) to know what’s outside the graveyard. When he ventures outside the graveyard to try to get more money to buy a headstone for Liza, it turns into a huge mess when the shopkeeper, Alamanzer, traps him, and eventually, with Liza’s help, Silas finds him on the street. Holling isn’t scared to do what he wants, or to say what he feels. He was a little embarrassed to go on stage with the yellow tights, but even so he took the embarrassment very well, much, much better than I would have taken it. He’s also curious because he wants to know why Mrs. Baker supposedly hates him. I think I’m a little more like Bod because if I were in his position, I would be just as curious, or more, to know all the answers to all the important questions, like “What is the rest of the world like outside the graveyard?”

    Holling is realistic because we can all relate to him. He is a real 7th grader, and everything that happened to him could very much happen to us. Bod, on the other hand, is more unrealistic. He lives in a graveyard. Not many people can say that! He can talk to and see ghosts, and that’s very unreal!

    The characters are alike because both Holling and Bod are looking for something. Bod, to find out his story and to learn more about the outside world. Holling just wants to know why Mrs. Baker “hates his guts.” Holling and Bod are different because of the level of their situation and level of their goals. Holling is just a normal boy, and his goals that are important to him now, but really won’t change his life in the long run. However, Bod is about to leave the graveyard forever, and that will really change his life a great big deal.

    My favorite scene in “The Graveyard Book” is when Miss Lupescu saves Bod from the ghouls. Bod realizes that Miss Lupescu doesn’t mean him harm, she actually cares about him and believes in him, when before this incident, he thought that she had been out to get him. In “The Wednesday Wars” I liked three scenes a lot. The first is when Mrs. Bigio apologizes to Mai Thi by making their class fried bananas with warm nuoc mau, a dish from Vietnam. According to Holling, Mrs. Bigio and Mai Thi hugged each other tightly and didn’t want to let go. The second scene is in Holling’s cross country race, when he is right behind the pack of 8th graders. Mrs. Baker tells Holling to pass those boys and he says, “And that was all it took.” The final scene I enjoyed was during Mrs. Baker’s class’s camping trip. Holling describes the beautiful sunrise he experienced at the river. He says that the river was “a sudden ribbon of silvery light, flickering and sparkling and flashing, carrying the new light on its back all the way down from the high mountains. This was definitely my favorite scene because of how clearly he describes the amazing sunrise. I thought that this was the scene in which Holling really paints his best picture with words.

    1. @anagabriela15, Sorry, I mixed up the shopkeeper’s name. It’s actually Abanazer Bolger, not Alamanzer. Sorry again!

    2. @anagabriela15, Super response, AnaGabriela. I love the way you take your time to describe your points, and your ideas flow effortlessly. You have a kind way of writing, which is a compliment! I think the quote you choose is very descriptive too, and I love how you end by saying, ” Holling really paints his best picture with words.”

      Thanks for self correcting!

  26. I think that Bod is a very courageous, eager, and curious boy who has the will to stand up for himself and other people. For example not many people who were not even involved with Nick Farthing or Maureen Quilling would even think about defending those who were being bullied by them. Holling Hoodhood is an athletic, presumptuous, clumsy boy who just tries to be a normal seventh grader. It is obviously hard for him since he is neither Catholic nor Jewish. I think I am most like Holling because I share many as the same traits as him although it is kind of hard to say I am Bod since he grew up in a graveyard.

    Holling is definitely a realistic character because he lives a normal life with a family. He goes to school and has good friends. It is also realistic because he met Mickey Mantle who is actually a real person and the book shows his real personalty because he was actually a mean person. Bod, on the other hand had his family killed when he was a baby and grew up in a graveyard. His whole childhood he was being hunted by a group called the Jack of All Trades. He had the ability to dreamwalk, walk through walls, and be invisible. To me, Bod is not what I think of as a realistic character.

    Nobody Owens and Holling Hoodhood are both the alike and different in many ways. They both like to take on new challenges and they both have obstacles to overcome. They learn a lot from their families and freinds. They both are very different because they grew up in different conditions. Bod grew up in a graveyard somewhere in Europe and raised by ghosts. Holling grew up in New York and was raised by a normal family. They different conditions proved to have an impact on their character traits. For instance Bod is not scared of much because he was taught that because he was raised by ghosts.

    My favorite part in the graveyard book was when Bod was about to be punched by Nick Farthing and he disappeared is the last second. I thought it was funny how Nick missed Bod and punched the stone behind him. My favorite part in the Wednesday Wars was when Danny stood up for Holling when Mickey Mantle would not sign Holling’s ball. I thought that that was really great of Danny to give Holling his ball afterward. Overall, The Graveyard Book and The Wednesday Wars were a very good selection for for the summer reading for seventh grade.

    1. @jack15, Great response, Jack! I like the adjectives you use in describing Holling, and I can see that you have given thought to this comment. I’m glad you enjoyed both of these books!

  27. I believe in the Wednesday Wars the main character Holling was depicted someone who is exerted as he lived often in response to others. He enjoyed jocularity and having fun. He also was willing to work hard for any goal whether to earn money for cream puffs in fear of others or to help his sister. Bod I saw first and formost as someone who was daring, to discover the answer of curiosity. He was not incautious through his adventures, yet sometimes he would push his restrictions. He was brave in his adventures, too, facing danger without fear. He also is inverted however he loves to ask questions to all and almost to the point of pestering to Silas. I think I am neither like Bod nor Holling but more of a combination of both. I am inverted because I will follow my own way but in another I will listen to others and observe their ideas. I also enjoy jocularity and fun, and I strongly believe nothing can out do effort, dedication, and the joys of curiosity.

    I think Holling could be considered as a realistic character because he really was a part of the world he lived in. He pondered his future and the events occurring around him. Bod on the other hand was harder to see as realistic because he was from a world twisted from ours, yet he also thought about his world around him not as it would seem to us but as it was for him. He also portrayed many characteristics I connect to realism, like his love for the Owens and his respect and admiration for Silas.

    I saw Holling and Bod as similar because they both were faced with conflict and in their own personal way (not with others) overcame their conflicts, through the gifts they were given. These may have been magical or the ability of laughter and dedication. They were different in the obvious ways: Bod fading to darkness and Holling being an average seventh grader, yet they were also different in other ways. Holling was patient while Bod would not wait but would venture forward with bravery. Holling also was someone who would often change event to event his perspective always a little different than it was before. While Bod, in a timeless world, changed very little in his years in the graveyard except for from radical events, such as his encounter with the ghouls.

    My favorite scene from the Wednesday Wars was when Holling goes to his sister. The author portrayed so many emotions through his words about the joining, it instantly showed the connection of love and the sorrow from their separation between them. My favorite scene form the Graveyard Book was when the plot twists swerving to a climax as Mr. Frost wheels on Bod and drops his disguise. This single event helped bring everything together in a wild rampage rush that carried the reader to the end.

    1. @jackson15, Nicely done, Jackson! I love when you say, “I strongly believe nothing can out do effort, dedication, and the joys of curiosity.” I also thought it interesting how you mention how you believe Bod views his world. Your last sentence is great!

      Do you mean extroverted and introverted? (exerted/inverted) I don’t think there is a word “incautious,” I think you would say someone is not cautious.

  28. I would describe Holling as shy but brave, in the book he isn’t really the most popular person and he is the only presbyterian, so on wednesdays when people go to where they need to go for there religions in like the middle of the day he is left alone with his teacher. In the book he usually hangs out with only a couple of people which shows that he is at least a little shy. I think that he is brave because he did the Shakespeare play and really put himself out there, and I know that it would never be me out doing that. Bod could be described as different and smart. I say different because his family was killed and was raised in a graveyard, that can really change a person. He was not like other kids, he was taught to do ghost stuff like fading, most kids can’t do that. Bod is very smart, he thought of the plan to stop the jacks.

    We can say Holling is a realistic character because he’s a seventh grade boy, he’s normal and what he experiences is normal stuff that might happen, I mean a lot of people might think that there teacher hates them. Holling isn’t that different from most kids, except for the fact that he is a fairy in a shakespeare play. I think you can say that Bod himself is a realistic character, he may live in a graveyard but he is a kid and a kid is just a kid, curious, excited about most things, and thinks he can’t get hurt.

    I think that Bod and Holling are different because at school, Holling (Well for one he goes to school normally) Isn’t real popular and has only one bully he has to worry about. Bod doesn’t go to school usually and was actually pretty popular even though he was supposed to lie low because of “The Man Jack”, who was still trying to kill him at the time, so it was very unfortunate that he was well know by a good bit of people at the school. Bod also had two bullies to fight off, or scare off as he did. The two characters are the actually a little the same too. Holling was brave in many ways, he was in the play as a fairy, saved his sister, went to the train station to get his sister, brave was bold too, he stood up to the bullies, went in the underground tomb, stopped the Jacks, both Bod ad Holling were pretty brave.

    My favorite scene in “Wednesday Wars” was when Holling was trying out for track and was running the course, it was very action packed, there was the rats, the eighth graders, it was just entertaining, and I felt like I was about to scream, “RUN!” when the rats got out. In “The graveyard book” my favorite scene would have to be when Bod was getting rid of the Jacks, it was very interesting how he did get rid of them, each one was a different way, but two went through the ghoul gate, this scene had a whole lot of action that I found entertaining.

    1. @conner15, Good response, Conner! I like the way you explain your reasoning for how the two boys are alike and different. I love your description of your favorite scene in the Wednesday Wars, a good book will do that to you!

  29. Holling Hoodhood is a boy who is trying to survive seventh grade and an evil teacher named Mrs. Baker. Some words that describe Holling are creative, a good student and unfortunate. I am a little like Holling because I think I am creative and a good student. I am not like Holling because I am not as unfortunate as he is.

    Holling is a realistic character because he has to deal with realistic situations like school and a country at war. These are situations that seventh graders now are dealing with too.

    I did not read The Graveyard Book yet so I can not compare the characters. I look forward to reading it and will answer the question then.

    My favorite part of The Wednesday Wars was when Holling was in a Shakespeare play and had to play the part of Ariel. Ariel is a fairy with yellow tights and feathers on his butt. This part made me laugh. The author did a phenomenal job of writing this chapter and must be a really good writer. I look forward to reading more of his books and hope they are as funny as that chapter was.

    1. @Ryan15, Nicely done! I like how you make the connection between life in the book and life for seventh graders now. I’m glad the part about Holling in his costume made you laugh, it made me laugh too!

  30. In the Graveyard Book I think that Nobody Owens “Bod” epitomizes a great friend. Bod’s willingness to put his life at risk to save others is remarkable. During the course of the book Bod goes to a great extent to please his friends, especially Liza Hempstock when he leaves the graveyard to purchase a headstone for her.

    One obvious trait that Bod has is his bravery. Bod never backed away from his challenges or took them reluctantly, he always handled them calmly and gracefully. One example of Bod’s bravery was when he defeated all of the Jack’s,not only did he display courage he also displayed intelligence and critical thinking. The valor that Bod had must be depicted as uncanny because no normal child could have mustered up enough courage to go against murderers that were armed. Then again Bod is not a normal child.

    The last trait I think Bod has is his stubbornness. One occasion when Bod’s stubbornness shows is when he leaves the graveyard, when Silas tells him he cannot go to school anymore. This results in Bod nearly going to jail and Silas smashing into a car. Stubbornness is the only bad trait that Bod has.

    I am a lot like Bod because I always try hard to be a good friend, I am brave, and I am stubborn.

    1. @raj15, I forgot to put my favorite part.

      My favorite part of The Graveyard Book was when the Sleer took in Jack Frost as it’s master and pulled him in with coils. I thought this part was really cool because this was where Bod took his vengeance.

  31. I would describe “Bod” Owens from the Graveyard Book as brave, daring, cunning, curious, clever, and intelligent as well as a good friend. I would describe Holling HoodHood from The Wednesday Wars as a paranoid whiny boy who is very melodramatic and easily consumed by peer pressure. I would say I am more like Bod because of the way I would handle some situations in the book are similar to the way he handled them, unlike most of Holling’s situations.
    Holling is realistic because his character is like someone we know or are. I believe we can say that “Bod” is a realistic character even though his life story may seem unrealistic.
    Holling and “Bod” are both alike because they both have saved a life before and they both care about their friends. Holling and “Bod” are both different because “Bod” is more of a calm person while Holling is high strung ,also “Bod” is a very quiet person while Holling is more social.
    My favorite scene from the Graveyard Book was when “Bod” gave the bullies what they deserved because I feel theirs no reason to bully. My favorite seen from the Wednesday Wars was when Lt. Baker was found at the end even though it was very predictable, and another reason I liked it is because I, personally, am a fan of our military.

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