The Role Of A Lifetime

You have been invited to audition for a part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Which role do you want to play? Why does this role appeal to you? How will you prepare for your audition?

As always, I am looking for a response that is filled with details and descriptions and shows depth of thought.

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  1. If I could choose any part for Midsummer Night’s Dream it would be Theseus. I like this role because Theseus is strong and kind. His strength comes from his defeating of the amazons and taking Hippolyta as his queen. Another example of his authority is his decision to make the Athenian law known by telling Hermia to either marry Demetrius, die, or be a nun. His kindness shows at the end of the play by allowing Lysander and hermia; Demetrius and Helena to marry.
    I would prepare for the role by learning how to speak with distinction from all other auditioners. I would carry myself in a way like a king or royalty do, very proud and vain.

  2. If I were to try out for the play a Midsummer Night’s Dream I would ask for the role of Puck(Robin). Puck is a funny and great character. This appeals to me because he is a little boy who seems to be sneeky and mistvious. He is always playing funny tricks on people. Although he also does good deeds for people who are good. I thought that he is also very smart and independent. Puck had one of the best pranks in my thought. When he had turned one of the craftsmen into a donkey I thought that was funny. I could not believe that is who Titania woke up and loved. I would be so happy if I recived the role as puck in this play. He is definatly my favorite character out of everyone in the book. I also love his voice in the movie.
    To prepare for the audition I would spend time reveiwing my lines and practicing all my gestures. I would also practice in a voice that is simmalar to what is used in the movie. I would spend time learning to be sneeky and mistvious. Puck would be a great part to audition for.

  3. If I cold play a part in the play Midsummer Night’s Dream I would be Puck. This role is for me because it is funny and energtic and I feel that I have those qualities. Also in the play Puck kind of does his own thing and causes trouble. Not that I would like to cause trouble but it would be funny. If I were to audition for the play I would prepare by reading over my lines and try to remember them. Then I would say them in front of someone that I trust. After that I would practice his laugh because it is a strange one. After I’m done with that I would read the play with the other actors to know when I was supposed to say my lines.

  4. If I could play a role in Midsummer Night’s Dream, I would want to play Hermia. This role appeals to me because she is a very strong, independent young woman with an undying love. She had enough courage to run away from home, knowing she would certainly be put to death if she was caught. Also, her lover Lysander would do anything for her, and she would do anything for him. That love would be a good thing to have.
    To prepare for an audition, I would start by selecting an excerpt from one of Hermia’s lines and then if there were any word that I didn’t understand I would look it up, for a better understanding of the point she was trying to get across. I would then proceed to practice the lines with the right emotion and maybe use a few small props to prepare myself for the audition.

  5. If I was chosen to play a part in the play it would be hard to pick a part because there are so many characters throughout the play, but I would be Puck for sure. One reason why is I love anything funny and what Puck does is definetely funny. Preparing for this role would be a blast because you could just go around pulling a bunch of pranks. Even though I would probably practice the tricks he pulls, it would still be very funny seeing how the prank works out.

  6. If I could choose any part to play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream it would be the part of Puck. Puck is a boy who just wants to have fun. The way he has fun is by tricking people and playing pranks on them. It would be fun to be Puck because I like joking around with people and just having fun. Puck is lively and fun and that’s how I am, so if I was playing the role I wouldn’t be acting as much as having fun and doing what I usually do. I wouldn’t want to be Helena or Lysander or someone in their love square because it wouldn’t be fun to have love problems. Puck has fun with himself and nothing else. To prepare for this role I would learn pranks to play on people. I wouldn’t play pranks that are harmful to someone, but pranks that are just funny and amusing to me. I would also forget about any troubles in my life and just try to have fun playing the part. I would have so much fun playing a part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; especially if I played the part of Puck.

  7. If I had an opportunity to play a role in Midsummer Night’s Dream I would audition for Puck. I would audition to be Puck because he is always up to no good. He seems like the right kind of character for me. We share the same similarities. For example he is always messing around and that is what I do. He also always seems like he is having fun and that is my goal for every year. He laughs, plays, and always has a smile on his face. That sounds like my kind of character.
    To prepare for my audition I would select one of Puck’s famous passages and make sure I have it down and understand the message of it. Then I would start acting it out and having motions and movements. That way when it comes time to do both pronunciating and acting I will know how to do both at one time.

  8. If I was given the opportunity to audition for a part in Midsummer Night’s Dream, I would want to play Helena. She has so much personality. It would be such a challenge to play her character. I love the fact that Helena never gets what she wants till the end of the story. She is always left out of the love triangle and is constantly diminished by Demetreus, her true love. He may have loved her before Hermia came into the picture, but now he treats her as if she is repulsive. Expressing the emotion of having it all and then losing it to another would be so demanding. Just imagine the body language that must go along with the verbal acting to capture your audience. I think I can express the sorrow Helena felt when she lost Demetreus. I know that I can put on the show when it comes to her constant crying. I love the fact that her crying does not even subside when Demetreus, who is under a love spell, professes his feelings for her. Instead of reveling in Demetreus’ love, Helena thinks he is mocking her. It is not until she is married to Demetreus does she finally feel happiness, which would definitely be the climax of my part.
    Preparation for the audition would not be easy. Although I have a lot of practice crying on the drop of a dime, I would still need to work on a true cry of sorrow by thinking about something that would stimulate this reaction in my mind. I would have to practice expressing sadness in my voice and in my physical actions and make sure I’m not too dramatic. I think I would start practicing in front of a mirror paying close attention to my facial expressions. Once I got the voice and physical parts down I would video tape myself so I could get a better look at what areas need work. A dress rehearsal would also help get me get into character. Next I would try out my acting in front of my family who always offers constructive criticism. I would also watch the movie a few times, studying Helena’s every move and looking for ways to improve the performance. This will allow me to portray her perfectly.

  9. If I had to play a part in the story “A MidSummer Nights Dream”, I would be Puck. I would be Puck for two reasons. One reason is that he makes the story funny and interesting. The second reason I would play him ib that I relate to him. When I’m not in the class room and play jokes and pranks. The last raeson why I would play he is that story would not be the same without him.

  10. If I had the oppurtunity to act in a Midsummer Night’s Dream I would choose to act as Puck. Puck appeals me because him and I are sort of alike. Most of my friends think I am funny when I joke and I also try to make others laugh when they are feeling down. Personally I think Puck fits my personality just perfectly and the keys to become a good actor is to become the actor not just physcially but also mentally. What is so intresting about Puck’s behavior is that he might of gotten things mixed up but overall it made the play more exciting and suspenseful. When I practice playing Puck’s part I will play tricks on my family and friends as a warmup so I can use my laughter while I am rehearsing my lines. Another thing I would do to help me practice is to watch comedy shows or movies to get me an idea on facial expressions and body gestures to bring the audience attention more on me so they understand more about one of the main conflicts that takes place during the play. In the end I hope all these techniques can help me get the part so I can play someone that represents me!

  11. If I could audition to be any character in a Midsummer’s Night Dream, I would audition for Puck. I would do this because Puck is funny. He has one of the most important parts in the play. Puck is a mischievous fairy. He is playing tricks on all the mortals. He is my all around favorite character. I would prepare for this role by going around and playing tricks on people. I would practice sneaking around being unseen. I would also practice walking like a fairy. A fairy walk is sort of like walking on your tip-toes with a bounce in your step. I would also practice my mischievous laugh. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  12. If I was invited to play any part in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the character that I would choose to play would be Robin or Puck. The reason that I would choose Puck out of all the others is because he is the one that makes all the fun happen and lightens people up for a good joke. Another reason that I want to play his role is because I would have magical powers that I can use on other people. He also is full of enthusiasm. The good thing about Puck is that he knows when the joke is over. For example, in the book when Oberon tells him to change every thing back to normal and he does it with out any further ado. Finally, Puck always has a good laugh whether it is just him or his audience.
    To prepare for this interesting part, the three things that I would work on to make the best of myself would be my laughing, running, jumping, squatting vanishing, and, of course, my memorization of lines. To memorize my lines, I would take the script and practice in front of the mirror and in front of my family and friends. For the running, jumping and squatting, I would work on these outside to test my athletic ability. However, I’m not so sure about the vanishing part.

  13. If I had to play a part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I would pick to be, thats a really good question “which character would we play”. To be honest I have no idea. I mean there are so many to choose from. I guess I would play Helena. It would be difficult in my opinion to play her role. I believe this because she gets her heart broken by a guy who goes and falls in love with her best friend because she is prettier. Also to be so devoted on loving a guy who had broke her heart. Well it shows that Helena believed that Demetrius was the one who was her sole mate.

    To prepare for this role I would have to find some way to believe that Demetrius ,speaking as if I was Helena, was my true soul mate. I don’t understand even if it was really true love how she could still be in love with him when he has now changed his mind, and is falling for her best friend. Anyways I would also have to flip through our book and pick out the words from her lines or whole lines that I didn’t understand, and try to decipher them into modern English.

  14. In the old time additions would be held in a community hall or in some sort of meeting place and would take place from sun-up to sun-down. In our play that we are hoping to put on I will undoubtedly addition for the part of the grand Duke Theseus. To prepare for this part I would start off by learning about the dukes of Athens and base me personality off of that individual’s. lets say that I find a duke that was very kind yet strict, I would probably have a kind voice but would get a bit touchy on the subject of any exceptions to the rules. Then at the addition I would make myself sound royal and probably strut while saying my lines. These are the things that I would do to addition for the part of Duke Theseus.

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