Earth Day Everyday. Be A Poet.

GL-07 Store Glacier from Extreme Ice Survey on Vimeo.

April is National Poetry Month, along with Environmental Education Week and Earth Day on April 22. The video of the Disneynature movie Earth, the glacier video, and the interactive website links below are meant to get you thinking about Earth Day and all of its inhabitants, as well as ways we can go about respecting our environment and how to preserve it for future generations. We all can be doing something to raise awareness of our changing world and help make it a better and safer place to live.

Your task for this week is to write a poem either on Earth Day or our changing environment. In addition, I would like to know your ideas for ways we can help preserve and conserve the resources of the world we live in. Also, what interesting things did you learn from the websites below?

Electro City

This is a great interactive game from New Zealand. Let me know how you do!

United Nations Environment Program

Interactive atlas of the changing world. Follow the directions at the bottom of the atlas.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Interactive website

National Geographic Forces of Nature

Cool Interactive

Please check out the tabs (new pages) at the top of this page. There is an “elecam”  which is live streaming of the Elephant Sanctuary in Texas on Read Out Loud, a writing prompt on Think Out Loud, and on Speak Out Loud, video of behind the scenes with Grammar Girl.


  1. Wow! I remember playing that Electro game in Mr. Cruse’s class! I seem to have gotten worse though. I love how you can make your own little city and make buildings like, camp ground, paper mills, all sorts of different electricity buildings, and even ski places! My other favorite site was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle website. I thought it was really cool to watch how each resource was broken down and reused. I really liked this program, I am going to talk to my parents about starting it, and if everyone did their part it would help the earth so much. I think everyone needs to help. If everyone in the united states recycled one piece of recyclable material for one week, there would be 2, 126,772,480 pieces of recyclables. If everyone just gave a little effort, it would make a dramatic impact. This is a short poem about earth day.

    Earth is the planet we love
    It is our home, do we take care of it, kind of
    Earth day is a day to rejoice
    It is a day to celebrate the earth, but it’s a choice
    Earth is a beautiful planet with all its creatures
    But being beautiful is one of its many features
    Earth is a selfless act
    We are doing this for our children, and that’s the fact
    We imagine taking a nature walk with our child
    If we don’t improve our earth, there may not be a wild
    Earth day is an important way, not for the present
    The earth is hurting and I can hear its lament
    The earth is a place we can still save
    We just needs everyone’s help, and for them to be brave

    The Earth is quiet, dark, and still
    As I sit on my windowsill
    And wonder what exactly will
    This brand new day behold.
    Although this city safely sleeps
    My home back in the forrest weeps
    As it is transformed into heaps
    Of high grade building timber.
    The smog in the air makes me sick
    Lights go on and off with a click
    As factories and buildings pick
    The fate of our fair planet.
    For my plumes are slowly turning grey
    With every shipment sent away
    I hope they will return someday
    To their vibrant blue and green.
    But all I’ll do is sit and see
    As humans create catastrophe
    For what help can a parakeet be
    In such a great disaster?

    Well, there are all sorts of simple ways to help the environment. To conserve water, try taking shorter showers and turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth. Only put full loads of laundry in the washing machine, and only put full loads of dishes in the dish washer. You will be surprised at how much water you can save. A good way to conserve energy is to turn out all of the lights when you leave the house or when you leave a room. Basically, turn off any electronics that aren’t in use. Those energy-saving light bulbs work really well, too.
    The websites were really interesting. I loved the National Geographic site because I may have made the coolest volcano ever, and my hurricane was a category 5 at landfall (AAHHHH!). Besides that, I learned a lot of things about how volcanoes and storms and earthquakes… well… happen. I think I got a D on the ElectroCity game… :/

  3. Do you want to conserve?
    I don’t think you have the nerve!
    You have to plant, grow, and save
    Oh and don’t forget to take quick showers when you bathe!
    Pick up trash around the park
    And try not to kill a shark
    The gasses from factories are bad for the Earth
    So many people in China are giving birth!
    Well not everyone in the World will help
    But let’s all give out one big yelp!

    The Earth movie looks very good! I think I’m going to see it. I said all of the ways to conserve in my poem. I had a lot of fun with this blog!

  4. The Earth is a life source.
    The Earth must stay healthy.
    It’s the ocean, and we are the fish. Wanting to live,
    needing to survive.
    We breath becuase of the Earth.
    We stand becuase of the Earth.
    We live becuase of the Earth.
    If the earth is polluted or damaged, we can’t
    We can’t stand, and
    We can’t live. If we ruin the
    Earth, what will happen to us?

    It doesn’t take a lot to help save our planet. You can do simple everyday things. A strive for a better world. You can recycle newspaper, plastic bottles, and soda cans. Which a lot of people have. Conserving water is simple. When you brush your teeth keep the water off. Take shorter baths. How easy. Saving electricity is simple too. Unplug things you aren’t using. Turn the lights off when you come out a room. Try not to leave things on all day or all night. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, it’s easy.

    I like interactive websites. You can do what you want to do and put things how you want them. I remember Electro City from last year and that was fun. I got to create my own city and choose what’s in it and the energy it uses. I can’t remember what I got on it last year, but I think it was a 91 or something. Electro City allows you to put different camps and parks and energy resources in it.

  5. Earth was good,
    before we destroyed it.
    We must try harder,
    everyone helping a bit.
    Save the Earth
    and recycle a lot,
    before we make
    this planet far too hot.
    Earth is brown and melting,
    made so by our women and men.
    Use the three Rs to help
    our planet become nice again.

    I’m CLEARLY not a poet!
    I liked the first video, I guess. It was really more of an annoying ad than an inspiring ad. The second video was depressing, but it makes us face facts: something is happening to our planet. We only have ONE planet, and anyway we should take care of our planet(s), no matter how many we have. There like computers- just because you have two you don’t trash one of them; if you only have one you take REALLY GOOD care of it.
    I liked Electro City, but my town didn’t have enough people. I didn’t like the others as much, but they weren’t that bad. The map was, admittedly, boring (I’m still alive, though), but informative. The recycling site explained recycling, so I think I understand that. I don’t understand why there aren’t laws to force people to recycle yet. The forces of nature thing was cool (I guess I’m a destructive two-year-old at heart), but I couldn’t get my volcano to explode at the highest level.

  6. I’m thinking of a place where the sun will rise,
    Where the moon will shine at an opposite time.
    It is home to all life as I know,
    It has weather like rain and sleet and snow.
    It is all the colors of the rainbow,
    Like red and green and yellow and blue
    And many other shades and hues.
    And it gives us things to make items like shoes.
    However we use it so scarily fast,
    So now it no long looks like a not so distant past.
    And what the future will hold is so far untold.
    Be we shape this world with our actions and gold,
    and without thinking soon
    we’ll loose our place with a beautiful moon,
    Where the sky is blue and the grass if green,
    And birds can chirp and mammals can sleep,
    Where they don’t wake until the first peep
    Of a new sun’s day where we live and we play.
    On the place I am thinking of called Earth

    I know that there are many was we can save our home called Earth. One of the easiest ways it to conserve. To do that one must follow the three R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. To reduce means to buy the item that has the least packaging, or send the item with the least packaging, because each little piece adds up, and soon we won’t have anywhere else to put it all. To reuse is to have everyday items, such as a milk container, being used as your watering can for plants, or bird feeder for birds, or plant pot for a small flower. To recycle is to send recyclable materials, such as plastic and paper, to a recycling center, where they turn the old plastic or paper into newer items such as clothing or more paper.

    I found the websites interesting I didn’t know that so many places were in need of help with conservation, and that one agency is trying its best to help. I also didn’t know that they process of recycling objects was so efficient, I thought that people would have to do it all by hand, but instead a machine does the job for them. I also didn’t know that there was so many different kinds of volcanoes, as the National Geographic site showed. It was fun trying to write a poem on Earth, and I can’t wait to read some of them later!

  7. First, I would like to say that I loved the trailer for the movie, and I want to see it and hopefully learn more about our amazing planet. But I thought how that one glacier changed in the movie was pretty cool. Anyway, this is what I came up with for a poem:

    The Earth is a miracle,
    all in the shape of a ball.
    It it’s full of wildlife,
    filled with cities and a mall.
    It’s filled with human beings,
    and bugs and plants too.
    They all work together in their environments,
    to discover something new.
    We need to recycle,
    and clean up our Earth.
    If we continue to fail to do this,
    We will destroy our envrironment,
    or get attacked by a smurf.

    I wouldn’t say I much of a poet. All I can do is make a bunch of rhymes which can sometimes get a little silly. Still, I try to include as much information as possible with a little silliness in it to make it more fun, and not one of those boring poems.

    We all know by now that recycling is important, but some people fail to do that task. Sometimes I think people don’t know the importance of recycling or picking up trash. We recycle certain items so we can use those items and make new items out of them without having to use factories which can make lots of pollution. If we don’t recycle, it could lead to things like making items out of factories which produces a lot of pollution, which can pollute our environment, make lots of smoke which sometimes makes it hard to see and breathe, and it can kill animals and maybe birds too. When we pick up trash, of course grounds always look nicer, but it prevents animals from getting to them and picking at them and eating them until they sufficate. So recycling and picking up just one piece of trash could do lots of good for our environment and animals. But it would be better to pick up every piece of trash you see and either recycle it or throw it in the trash.

    I remember the Electro City game from Mr. Cruise’s class last year. Of course it’s a cheesy little game, but I don’t think many people grasp the concept of what the makers of the game are trying to tell you. It shows you how to run a good government and tells you what will be the right ways to make electricity and what to build. If you govern correctly, you will get rewarded with more money and a bigger population which gets you a bigger city. If you fail to accomplish that, you will get punished with a small, unpopulated, polluted and dirty city. The game has a great concept to it, but I hope people understand it and don’t go on it just to have fun.

    I didn’t find the second site as exciting of those others, but it was cool looking at cities from a close distance. I will remember that online atlas for future references, but I sort of grasped the concept on that one.

    The third site I understanded the meaning more. They showed us many ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. That site gave me quality information and I liked it.

    The forces of nature site seemed to be really cool. I didn’t create anything, but I wanted to and I wished I did. I will another time I can gurantee, and that will be fun.

  8. Hawk Fly

    Fly like the wind in the sky
    Fly with grace as small below run in fear
    Fly while screaming to the havens your shrill cry
    Fly through the mountains far and wide
    Fly! Fly! Fly! My friend hawk

    Life Dawn

    Steady mist along the ground hisses
    Crickets chirp
    Small feet scurry through the under growth
    Petals open
    Pink in the east
    Sheep bah
    Hawk shrieks
    All is still
    Orange in the east
    Mist gone
    Replaced by soft breeze
    Smell of dawn in the air
    White in the east
    Sun rise
    Ant crawls
    A new day has begun

    In my poems there are a lot of nature related things, yet some of you might be asking, well that’s great matt, you can write poetry, but what do your poems have to do with Earth Day? When I think of Earth Day I not only think of the things that I can do to improve the environment but also how the earth would be with little or no human disturbance. This is where my inspiration for my poems comes from. I think of an open meadow surrounded by trees with a back drop of snow capped mountains. In this meadow all types of life flourish. Small foxes chase each other round and round in dizzying circles while their mother watches them with wary eyes. Insects buzz and birds chirp as a cool breeze ruffles the grass and makes the pine trees sway. In the distance the whooshing and babbling of a small stream intone with every thing else. This is what I like to call the melody of nature. This, is what I picture in a perfect world.

  9. We have to cheer on this Earth,
    Which has always come since the day of our birth!
    Daylights follow dusk towards the gloomy nights,
    And bring us such a joy to our sights !
    Fresh air and clean water fresh up our souls,
    Without them, we suffer, and pay the heavy tolls!

    I enjoy Earth day. It shows me that people care about our planet and want to improve on it. One thing we can do is take shorter showers and shut the foset off when we brush our teeth. Another way to save energy is to turn off all of the lights off in the house when we aren’t using them. Also you can recycle all plastic items, aluminum items, and paper items. I learned how to reserve plastic items.

  10. Earth Day
    It’s a time for us to say,
    “This is our earth,”
    To life, it gave birth.
    One minute without light,
    Will be to her delight.
    If we don’t all do our part,
    This earth may fall apart.

    That is not my best of works, but it is all I could come up with for Earth Day. I liked those sites. The “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” one was my favorite. The whole layout and presentation of their video was really cool. I thought that they had a good idea about paying people to recycle. They would get the raw materials for cheaper than they would sell them to the companies that make the things from them. They make a profit and save environment all at the same time. I am bad at the Electrocity game. My people are usually sad and I am always buying electricity from other cities. I like how it is always a random playing field. It really keeps you thinking. I did not find much enjoyment in creating natural disasters that destroyed those things on the interactive website. The Disney movie looks like a good movie that I would like to see. The BBC is also in on it so it will probably be good times two. The glacier video was good but very short and a bit too fast. It would have been better if it had been one minute and had some audio in the background. I think that recycling, conserving water, switching to renewable energy, and turning off the lights when they are not needed are the best ways to save the environment.

  11. Our greatest gift is Mother Earth
    And the vast deserts and plains make up its girth
    The beautiful blue sky
    The gorgeous sceneries, can be easily complied
    You wonder if it’s all a big dream
    With a light shining in great beams
    And the big blue ocean in all its glory
    Swimming with a little fish named Dory
    The mountains reach their highest peaks
    All around our earth quakes
    And dreadful summer monsoons
    Bring out glowing winter moon
    Between the animals and plants
    This unique Earth is all we have and that is what makes it so extravagant

    The three “R’s” (reduce, reuse and recycle) are nothing new they been around since the Native Americans and possibly before. Defiantly, there are new ideas and great stakes at risk if we don’t put them into action. I think that we should definitely focus on alternative fuels. I think that the city should make tax rebates for those who do recycle. We need to reduce and possibly erase our carbon footprint on this world. I saw a recent T.V. show and it was about the polar bears not being able to get to their food because all the ice is melted. This reduces the polar bear population every year. Another idea that would help us be more aware and alert would be to put all the non-eaten food into a bag weigh it and see how much it is. That will probably tell people not to pack as big of a lunch or take as much.

    The websites were very cool and a good way to teach kids our age what is going on with all the stuff that we recycle. My favorite website was the one with the videos that would show how each recyclable is sorted and reused.

  12. The earth has animals
    Which are so cool
    So why do we pollute the earth
    And be so cruel?
    We should recycle and reuse
    Instead of polluting which
    Makes the earth think we abuse
    So why don’t we start know?
    Get of the couch
    I’ll show you how!
    Turn of your lights
    And go fly some kites!
    Now is the time
    Not then, but now
    We will clean up the earth
    And you will say ,”Wow!”
    Use garbash cans
    And only use the dishwasher when it is
    Full of pots and pans
    Global Warming
    It’s coming quick
    So we better give ourselves
    A pretty hard kick!
    Now use what I’ve taught you
    And go out and about
    Then the world will here
    what you have to shout!

    I thought the first site on the list was very neat and interesting. It showed me how to run a city and make all of the choices a mayor or city councilman would make. You can make your city clean by powering your city from the sun, the wind, or the heat from underground. It teaches you how to make your city/neighborhood a better place!

    The second sight you told us to go to was very neat. I loved it how we were able to use google earth and zoom up on the world. The site showed us places on the map. It also told about the place on the map that we chose, giving lots of information about it! It also tells about the environmental situation the country/place is in, and how they are green and clean!

    The next site you gave us to look at was very neat! It taught me about the cylce of recycling. It was a very long process, but it was so eye popping! I never you any of the stuff I learned when I looked at that site! It was simply amazing! I thought the coolest thing about it was that the items on the conveyer belt would be sorted. But not by hands, but bye machines and other things! It was so cool. It also taught me about the things that can be made from the recycled materials! I never knew the jet of an airplane could be made from that. That is awesome! This site was mind boggling!

    The last site you gave us to look at was very cool! It teaches you about the different types of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even volcanoes. The site taught me facts about each topic, but the coolest part was that we were able to make a storm/disaster of our own. This site taught me lots about the natural things in our world!

  13. As the glaciers melt
    And the water runs
    We think its nothing
    But we’re all bluffing
    As the ozone fades
    None of us go into a made rage
    About the stage we will soon engage
    As the rain forests die
    And we all let it slide
    We know in our mind
    That we will never find
    A cure for this mess
    Unless we confess
    About the raging thoughts
    That really bother us
    And I know we don’t want to make a fuss
    But we really must
    If we want something to be done
    About this big gun
    That seems to be killing off the planet earth

    There are so many ways to conserve energy and water. To conserve water: take shorter showers, run the dishwasher when its full, and run the washing machine when there is a full load. To conserve energy: turn lights off in rooms that you are not in, don’t leave the TV on when you’re sleeping, and change your light bulbs out with energy efficient bulbs.

  14. I think the world need to learn more about the problem of pollution and we need to be able to put a stop to it! We have had enough! People should start becoming energy efficient by using energy wisely. Also, we have to treat the animals with respect. Is it fair to them when we destroy their natural environments with garbage and trash. Countries should start using clean energy sources like wind, water, sun, and heat from under the earth. We need to become smarter by using solar energy by getting the panels and we also need to by energy efficient light bolbs.

    This is part of my first blog. I forgot to put it.

  15. In the morning light
    A haze falls over the town
    Smog, our hidden foe

    Smog is basically like second hand smoke for an entire city. The smog comes from factories giving off waste; they are just like giant cigarettes. This dangerous fog can be seen sometimes but other times it is hidden from our view in an innocent looking fog. The way we can prevent smog is to integrate new technology into powering the country. It would also open up new jobs and boost our economy. Some of these technologies are being used today but they are too unreliable which is why we need new research to make it more efficient for everybody.

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