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In an effort to foster global conversation, we welcome students and teachers outside our classroom walls across the U.S. and internationally to respond to our Voicethread. For those of you who do not know what a Voicethread is, you are in for a treat. A Voicethread is digital storytelling at its best. This wonderful tool allows you to share your thoughts with the world, which is exactly what this prompt hopes you will do. You have three choices as to how you will share your words: you may speak them, type them, or use a webcam if you are able to, and you may comment as often as you like and on any or all of the three pages.

Please answer the following questions: (Part 1 of blog prompt for the week)

What is the best thing about where you live? What is the worst thing about where you live? Of all the places you have traveled to outside of where you live, where is your favorite? Where would you like to go that you haven’t been yet? Of course, you need to explain all of your answers thoroughly and with details. For those of you who will type your comments, please use correct spelling and grammar.

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Part 2 of blog prompt:

This is the updated version of the original created by Karl Fisch. What are your thoughts after watching this?


  1. The best thing about where I live is that we are right on the water. I love living on the water because I think that it is very peaceful just walking along the side-walk. We also see a lot of manatees and dolphins and once we saw baby white-tipped sharks! (A local fisherman told us what it was)On the side-walk, that we have across the street next to the water, there are many people that like to walk or jog along it. Another good thing is that a lot of the people that walk or jog are our friends since we see them all the time and the ones with dogs ask us to dog-sit for them.

    One of the worst things about where we live is that since our house is very old (it was built in the 1930’s) during the winter it takes a LONG time to heat up and during the summer it takes a LONG time to get cool. Another bad thing is that there are a lot of old pipes and at night they start to “creak and groan” and it get a bit (very!) creepy.

    Out of all of the places that I have traveled to, I don’t have a favorite, they were all great! But since I have to choose I would probably say that it is Austria. I have chosen Austria for a lot of reasons. A couple of them are; I LOVE their food (they specialize in making bread)! When they bake the bread they melt butter on it and if you ask they will put blackberries on top and it is SO good! I also love the town/city of Insbrook! I think that it is so cool that it is surrounded by mountains and I love the architecture and the buildings. they have still kept many of the buildings that they had back in the 19th and 18th centuries.

    A place that I would like to go that I haven’t gone yet is Sweden. I have heard from a friend that went that it is beautiful there and that they have the best candy! There are mountains and valleys and, lakes I guess. Anyways, it sounds like it would be a fun place to go and I would really like to visit it one day.

    After watching the updated version of the “Did You Know?” really freaked me out. It is a scary thought that by the time we are 70 years old there will be a supercomputer that will exceed the capabilities if the entire human race! It is also creepy to think about what is happening in China. There are more honors students in China then we have kids! And the fact that they are about to surpass the U.S. (us) in being the top English speaking country. It is amazing…

  2. Watching the video made me realize several things:
    1. By the next generation, the U.S. will not be a superpower anymore. I think it hasn’t been the only one for a while, and that we will slowly fade out of the picture (like the Old World).
    2. No one has ever considered that our intelligence might flat line (or even go down) soon, like it did in the Middle Ages. Am I the only one that has thought about things like that?!?
    3. Soon, we might have non-living things smarter than us. Yes, I can see the benefits, but what happens if the whole system crashes (this is assuming we start to depend on it)? I like good old human intelligence better, even if we are kind of dumb.
    It was cool information!

  3. I live in Florida, I don’t like how we seem to only hve one season every year, SUMMER. I don’t consider a low of 45 very cold. Yet My parents always tell me that I am lucky I don’t shovel a driveway all the time. But Florida is a great place, My favorite place in the whole world is here. Gangsville, Florida, home of the Florida Gators, I love the campus there. Then in south Florida my grandparents orange grove/cattle ranch is a lot of fun fisshing there, and hunting. Yet I always want to go to new places, I never like to be in one place to long. I like the feeling of home, but you can only get that feeling if you are away from home so you can go there and breathe a sigh of relief. I always wanted to go to Belgium. My father went there and said that it was amazing, that in the summer the sun stayed up til midnight then it started to set. He said the city squares were always a buzz with something. Appartments on top of resturants, everybody happy, no real worries.

  4. I had viewed Shift Happens 2008 in History class and found it interesting so the updated version really caught my attention. It offered a lot of new information. It’s hard to believe that China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world. English has become an international language. With the increase in travel, trade, and modern technology, being able to converse in many languages has become a necessity. Just like Spanish has almost become the second language of America due to the increasing population of Latin Americans, it is a necessity for Chinese, who work with Americans in business and trade, to learn our language.
    The fact that the super computer will exceed the capabilities of the human brain by 2013 really didn’t shocked me. I know a computer can do more computations in a second then all words spoken by a human since beginning of time, but until a human develops a program for the computer it’s just a monitor. It can’t counsel people or show empathy, but I hear Japan is working on a computer program that will imitate human emotions. But that’s still not the real thing! I’m glad that we will get a very powerful computer for a $1,000 by 2049. It will be interesting to see if the predication comes true and my $1,000 computer out smarts the total human race. Although the video shared a lot of good things in our future it also gave us a heads-up on what issues we will face in the future. Overpopulation seems like one of those overwhelming issues. In the next five minutes, sixty-seven babies will be born in the USA, two hundred and seventy-four babies will be born in China, and three hundred and ninety-five babies will be born in India. That makes eight hundred and fifty-seven babies born in only these three countries in about five minutes. We need to wake-up now and take action on this issue as well as our education crisis before it’s to late.

  5. Wow! a lot has changed since the last time we saw that video as a class. After watching that video I was astonished. China being the number one country of English speakers. Also seeing that we are being taught for jobs that don’t even exist yet same goes for technology. Another amazing thing is that one out of eight couples met on line. Also the amount of Google searches there are. And the audience of facebook how radidly it rose. This is truly amazing we don’t realize how much is happening outside our little community. This video relates to the quote ” wake up and smell the roses.”

  6. Wow! I never even imagined half of those things could be possible. Here are some fun facts that I have treasured from the video clip;
    1. China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world.(um, are we comfortable with this?)
    2. India has more honor students than we have kids.
    3. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist.(Okaaay)
    4. 1 in 4 workers has been with their current employer for less than a year.
    -(Which is amazing considering my grandfather worked at one job for 45 years without one sick day!)
    5. 1 in every 8 married couples have met online.
    -(This is crazy…how long has there even been online dating services?)
    6. If Myspace were a country, it would be the 5th largest.
    7. It is estimated that a weeks worth of New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime during the 18th century. (ok, wow!)

    It was extremely enjoyable watching this video. After watching it, I have a new understanding of the outstanding accomplishments in the world right now.

  7. I personally think that the video was simply amazing. It is the kind of thing that makes you realize that you have surroundings, things can and will happen, and you have to be ready for change. In the video it was stated that a super computer would be invented in 2013, and it could do more than the human mind could do. Later, the video said there would then be a computer that could pass the mind capabilities of all the humans on Earth. I think that is simply amazing. But I have one question. If we are able to make the computer, then why will it be considered smarter than us? Will the computer have feelings like a real human being? No. Of course not. Why then would people be talking of this. I would have to see and use the computer myself. Another amazing fact in the video was that India has more honors kids than we have kids in America. That was a scary fact, and I don’t wonder why the Indian, or middle eastern people are the ones that have important jobs that have a huge salary to go along with it. I also thought the fact about how a college student wouldn’t even need the knowledge that they learned in their first year because it would be outdated by the third year. This movie was shocking, dumbfounding, and amazing!

  8. Woah! Just from the last time we saw a video like that a lot has changed. Everything has gone up, well thats common sense. China almost being the number one English speaking country really isn’t shocking at all. I mean they have to learn English as a second language. Neither is the India having smarter kids than us. To the rest of the world , besides freedom, americans are seen as not the smartest or neatest people. Americans are seen as loud and crazy, but I’m not saying its a bad thing to be loud and crazy.

  9. I thought the updated version of this video was a lot better. The facts were cool and the pictures were very cool also. Like the first video, the facts suprised me a lot.

  10. These certain videos are always my favorite to blog about! I love learning interesting things that are pretty incredible. One fun fact that was cool was that if Myspace were a country, it would be the fifth largest in the world! That shows that it must be such a popular website! Another of my favorites was that teachers are educating children and preparing them for jobs that don’t even exists right now! Wow, by watching that little four minute clip, I learned a lot more! I really enjoyed it!

  11. This video I thought was a little concerning, but informative and surprising at the same time. All of the technological advances in the recent years are really crazy. I am a member of Facebook, so I thought it was kind of cool to be a part of the wave of fifty million people who joined in two years. I also own two iPods (one broke) and that only took three years to reach fifty million people. The fact that one out of every eight couples last year met on online dating was a little disappointing to me. It just seems that the old times we used to barely know are changing so fast and it is important to hold on to that.

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