“The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth” I.i.134, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The character, Helena, in A Midsummer NIght’s Dream spends a lot of time contemplating the nature of love, mainly because she finds herself in love with a man who does not love her back. Despite his neglect of her, Helena cannot hide her devotion to him. There are many difficulties associated with love.

How well is love depicted in modern stories? Which stories or films, television shows, or commercials are good examples of love stories and why? Have you read any recent books or seen any recent movies or television shows, etc., that are poor examples of love stories? Explain.

Part 2 Of The BBC Animated Tales Of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is on “View Out Loud.”

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  1. Today, there are two different types love stories. One type of love stories are movies/shows that keep you wanting good things to happen. The other type is movies/shows were you don’t really care what happens. However, there is more to a good love story than just wanting good things. In a love story the moral and theme play a big part. If the theme and moral are boring than you are not going to care what happens. There is one more thing that makes a good love story. Even though people don’t think this actors play a big part in whether you like the story or not. If you don’t have good actors the movie is not exciting. But with entertaining actors, the movie is fun and loving. The movie “Titanic” is one of the best love stories I have ever seen. “Rose, you’re no picnic, all right? You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known.” This quote was said by Jack from “Titanic”. Jack thinks that Rose is amazing even if she is spoiled. Personally I think that shows a lot that this movie is a great love story. “Notebook” is another great love story. It is about a boy a girl falling in love when they are you even though they are in different social classes. The whole movie is the boy when he is really old telling the girl that is really old about their love when they were young. However, the girl has memory loss and she does not remember their love. When the boy reads the story he does not say that it is their love story. At the end she finds out and they fall in love again. A example of bad love story would be the show called “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”. It is about a girl getting pregnant at the age of 15 and the father and her were not in love.

  2. Love is depicted in a lot of entertainment today. A good example of a love story is Twilight the movie and the book. It is about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. They are in love but Edward is a vampire and Bella is a clumsy teen so it is hard. They both love each other and try to make it work. The story is about the two of them working things out because they are in such deep love. Another good example is Mall Cop because the mall officer is in love with the girl who works at the hair extension kiosk. He really likes her and he risks his life against bad guys in the mall to save her.
    A bad example of love is the television show “Rock of Love” because it is really fake. A rocker guy has contests for girls to come and judges them to see which one he will fall in love with. The girls on the show usually just want the limelight, it’s not a very honest way to fall in love.

  3. Real love is rarely depicted in books, movies, or television shows. If it was, writers, producers, and actors would probably lose a lot of money. I think most romantic relationships we see or read about are based on fantasy not love or devotion. A perfect example of this is The Bachelor, a so called reality show. The purpose of the show is to find your true love out of 25 people producers pick and of course they pick people that will draw an audience rather than people who have the same ideas about life or religion or goals. The bachelor or bachelorette has thirteen weeks to pick the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. What’s the chances that you will find the perfect match in thirteen weeks with a pool of 25. Obviously it’s not likely to happen since most participants separate prior to the wedding bells.
    I find it difficult to give an example of a love story that has been depicted in movies because most of depictions aren’t realistic. The one movie that does come to mind is Legally Blonde. Although a comedy, it shows the difference between a good relationship and a bad one. In the beginning Elle, the main character, is in love with Warner, a preppie jock. They make the perfect prince and princess couple. Warner loves Elle because she is gorgeous, preppie and fun. But when Warner decides that he needs to get serious about life he dumps her for a smart girl. When Elle tries to show him that she is just as smart as him (really smarter) he can’t take the competition. Elle learns the hard way that love is a relationship that must be built on trust and respect. She finds this in Emmett, who is not the preppie, jock type, but rather the type that stands behind the one he loves.

  4. Part two of a Midsummers Night Dream is very confusing. I always get confused about who is who. It seems like it is a whole messed up love circle. Today people still write about love stories and the complications. One example is the Secret Life of the American Teenager. It is just a whole messed up love problem. It is a girl who gets pregnant by a different guy but she is dating a different guy and there is always problems with her friends too. I think the movie Notebook is a great example of a love story. Another one is P.S. I Love You. It talks about a girl whose husband dies and she can’t get over him and gets letters from him and she won’t date another guy. It is a sweet love story. A can’t really think of a bad example other than like reality shows like Bachleor or Shot at Love. They are just now true love so I never watch them. I don’t really know any movies that have bad examples.

  5. In times now, love is depicted well. I think a lot of people think they are in love when they are possibly too young to be in love. I think a great example of a love story is Grease. Sandy and Danny meet each other over the summer on a beach and really like each other. When they go to school, they don’t really know that they are at the same school. When Danny finds out Sandy goes to his school he tries to keep his cool reputation but it causes him to lose Sandy’s love. In the end they don’t really care and pronounce their feelings. I think a horrible example would be shows like “A shot at love”. These people try to find love but love doesn’t just appear it happens over time. That is why love shows aren’t very good. They normally don’t really love who they choose.

  6. If you read a modern story it will have love in it, however it will most likely not jump out and bite you on the nose. It will be more hidden. When we read the outsiders love was without a doubt in it. It wasn’t the main theme though. Recently I saw the movie Media Goes to Jail. You may think that this movie is not a good example of a love story but it actually is. There is this guy in it that has a fiancé but ends up meeting this long lost friend who happens to be a prostitute. He ends up getting her off of the streets but she goes to jail. Later in the movie he leaves his fiancé on the day of their wedding and marries his old friend. I did see a commercial a few days ago that was a poor example of a love story. It was the e-trade commercial with the babies.

  7. I don’t think that love is depicted in modern stories as well as it used to be. I think that the “golden era” of love stories was the 20th century. It seemed more sincere then today’s, now it seems kind of fake and over the top.

    A good example of a love story is Grease. It is about a girl, Sandy, that fell in love with sensitive guy at the beach. When she transfers to a different school that happens to be the one he attended, she finds out that he pretends to be a tough guy at school so that he can “fit in”. She realizes that this is what he wants and changes her image so that she won’t reveal his secret and so that they could be together.

    A poor example o a love story is a movie called 50 First Dates. I like the movie but I think that the “love” between them is kind of fake. It is about a girl that had an injury to the head that caused her to forget anything that had happened in the last 24 hours. It also caused her to think that the date was her dads birthday and always went through the same routine. A man comes along and falls in love with her and in the end they fix everything and it turns out good.

  8. Love is not very well depicted in modern media today. But there are some that are good including Enchanted. In the movie there is a guy. He love a girl named Nancy but there is a girl that come from some animated world she thinks she is a princess then the guy ends up marring the princess. This is a good example because it shows that the guy truly loved the princess. An example of a bad love story would be the reality tv shows that try to get people together like date my mom or bachelor these are people that come from almost everywhere and they don’t know each other so they only know from the pictures they have seen. This is bad because picture do not show as much emotion as reality.

  9. Love in modern movies and shows are depicted sometimes as it is in real life. Other times it can be too perfect. Great examples of modern movies that depict love are almost all the Disney movies. Most Disney movies have the fairy tale happy ending and some life lessons included. One Disney movie that is a good example is The Little Mermaid. It’s about two people, one who is a mermaid and one who is a human. The mermaid’s dad doesn’t want his daughter to be with the human because there lives are so different. In the end the mermaid gives up living underwater to live on land with her true love. Another great Disney example is Beauty and the Beast. It’s about two people, one who is a young woman who falls in love with an ugly beast. Which shows that love isn’t just about what’s on the outside but what you’re like on the inside. One bad example of a love story is definitely the Bachelor. It’s a t.v. show about a man and a bunch of other desperate woman who are trying to find a husband. In the end the man has to pick one person to spend the rest of his life with.

  10. I had a lot of trouble with this, as I don’t read or watch anything romantic if I can help it. The only example I can think of is Twighlight. I thought it was kind of stupid, but I liked the pats about the vampires in general. I think that it was an okay example, as its unlikely someone’s “true love” will go to their high school. I think that love is badly portrayed in shows nowadays because life doesn’t fit into a neat little square like that. Also, there’s always a happy ending, except for the ‘evil’ people, and in real life there is almost always a loser.

  11. Love is very well depicted modern stories. I see many movies and shoes that talk about love. A good movie example would be the disney movie Cinderella. This movie strongly shoes the love for two people wishing to be together. Another example would be Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is about a women who falls in love with a beast and they dance together all night long. A telivison show that shoes this would be What I Like About You. This show is about two sisters who live together in New York who are always meeting new people and falling in love and learning how to handle love. A poor example of a love story is wife swap, which is a show about wifes swaping places and having to live with other men and learn how the other wife lives. There are many good and bad examples of love storys. I agree that shaksperre takes a big part of that topic. Most of his plays are about a love story.

  12. Love in modern times is the same as it was hundreds of years ago, but it is definitely depicted differently. I don’t think that love these days is portrayed well in movies, television shows, so on and so forth. Too many times I see the same story: the girl likes the guy, or the other way around, the person tries and tries to get the other person’s love, and in the end it’s all a happy ending and they live happily ever after. I think at least half of the time people get their hearts broken and don’t end up with the other person. I bet plenty of people would read a book or watch a movie about that. It would relate to a lot of people, so it would be popular. I saw the movie Twilight a while ago (Adrianna and my cousin from New Jersey made me see it) and I thought it was a little too unrealistic and a little too weird. I’m sure the book is great, but I’ll probably never read it because of me being a guy and such. But I think people should try to take their personal heartbreak experiences and make stories out of them. It would definitely make a great story.

  13. Today, love stories can be very strong or weak. Many movies can be cheezie and fake, but then again there are also movies that will make you cry, laught, and love. The love plot in the book has to have meaning. It can’t be “let’s go off and get married!” The love and action has to lead up to a certain scene where they kiss, hug, or say “I love you.”
    A movie that is a good example of a love story is Pirates of the Carribean. In the movie, there are two people that are deeply in love. They are Elizabeth and Will. I think it is will I am not sure. But in the movie they help each other when they get hurt, scared, or confused.
    Anothere example of a good love story is in the book The Outsiders. In the story Dally loves Johnny and Johnny is the only thing that Dally has ever cared about. When he finds out Johnny dies he hits the wall so hard and curses. Dally then was killed under a street light. He obviously didn’t think there was a reason to live anymore without Johnny.
    A bad love story is the movie Bruce Almighty. First of all, the movie has Jim Carrey in it so it won’t be a serious love story at all. He ends up cheating on his wife. Then he uses his “goddly powers” to try to make her come back to him. It was very fake love and it was worthless.

  14. It really depends on a persons opinion wether a love story is fake or real. One persons idea of love could vary from the next to next, but in my opinion I would really like to know who comes up with the ideas for these chick flicks or romantic movies. One question I would definitely like to ask is have you ever fallen in love or are you in love at this moment? Seriously, unless you go back and watch old films its like all the romantic movies are the same. A girl falls in love with a guy who falls in love with a totally different girl. Does anyone have originality anymore or is it just lets do what sells best? Any love reality show on VH1 or MTV is fake. I don’t care if it makes money. I don’t understand ,unless its love at first sight which I doubt, how you can fall in love with someone in one month, and then propose. When they’re is more than one person competing for your heart I think it defeats the whole purpose of true love. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any real love stories except for Romeo and Juliet ,but I think by now everyone knows thats a real love story.

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