From The Sixties To Elizabethan Times

Check out the View Out Loud page for video highlights of “Sixties Day.”

On this same page you will also notice a BBC animated video of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Part 1. The video is about ten minutes long, and it’s purpose is to familiarize you with the story of the play in simplest terms.

Elizabethan England Please visit this website and have a look around at all the different links. I want you to get a feel of what life was like back in William Shakespeare’s time and be prepared to discuss this time period in class.

The Virtual Globe Theater Please visit this site for a virtual tour of the Globe Theater. Click on the navigation links on the left sidebar. You can zoom in and out. You will need Quicktime to view this, and it’s a free download.

Clemson University’s Virtual Globe Theater Tour This is another virtual site of the Globe Theater for you to explore. Click on the image to get started, and then use the arrow keys to navigate your way around.

Please answer the following questions:

What is it about Elizabethan life that you found interesting? Tell me the most interesting thing you learned.

If you were to watch a play in the Globe Theater, where do you think would be the best viewing spot?

What are your initial thoughts after viewing Part 1 of the video?

Finally, in this play, a dispute between a father and daughter has serious consequences. Should parents have the right to control their children’s lives? How should differences between parents and children be resolved?


  1. One of the most astonishing things I found out about the Elizabethan Life was about marriages. In a marriage the women would not wear white, which I thought would have been the case. Instead if they were rich they wore their best gown of velvet and other expensive materials, but otherwise wore a cotton, flax, or wool gown.
    Another thing I found interesting was that yellow was the color of morning and it wasn’t a good color to wear. I also found that at a wedding a rich person wore their hair loose, to show purity, but after a commoners wedding they had to wear a bonnet to show their marriage.
    One thing that I already knew but still leaves me in wonder was the fact that Queen Elizabeth I was a virgin. To me that’s weird because back in olden days, especially in nobility, carrying on the family name was very important.

    In the globe theater I think viewing from the Middle and Upper balconies was best. From there I could see the entire stage, but from the ground I could see nothing.

    After viewing part one of A Midsummer Night’s Dream I felt that this play is going to turn out crazily and that the plot being set up is already headed for disaster.
    Personally I think that parents should have some control over their children’s lives, but not completely like that though.
    I think that a parent and a child should come up with a reasonable middle when they are in an argument. However, in this situation of marriage that’s slightly different and a hard compromise to come up with.

  2. I learned about the food, the Queen herself, and the (of course) tortures.
    I was amazed that the poor actually had the diets that were better for you (they were still bad)! Of course, in those times, they didn’t know about needing a balanced diet. They thought that things from the earth and dairy were “below” the upper class.
    I thought that Queen Elizabeth is an incredibly interesting person. She had a pretty bad childhood (not from the poor’s perspective) but led a country okay and died incredibly old for hat time period.
    The tortures were REALLY bad. They were also very unreliable techniques to get true information. If someone was in a lot of pain, they would say almost anything to find some relief, so a lot was almost certainly made up.

    The best spot would be the center of the second floor. You wouldn’t be too high or too low, or too far to one side. You’d be in just the right place (said Goldilocks).

    That movie was really strange! I like animation, but everything looked really bad, especially the fairies. If you didn’t know the plot it would tell you, though.

    I think that parents should control some aspects of our lives (like cleaning rooms), but not others (like marriage). The differences could be solved by talking the problem out ad finding a compromise. Thinking that you’re the only one that’s right or getting really angry is not helpful at all (parent or child).

  3. On the Elizabethan site I found that the most interesting thing was the type of things that they did for entertainment. If you look at what we do today something are very different but somethings are very similar. An example of something different would be the bear baiting and hawking, but some things that are similar would be the sport tournaments.

    If I were watching a play in the Globe Theater I would never pick the row right in front of the stage. If I were to sit there I might not see the people in the back. I would also not want to sit anywhere in the first row because peoples heads might get in my way of the stage. So I would sit in the first row of the second floor balcony. That way no ones head would get in my way and I wouldn’t have the stage in my way of the actors. This position would also give me shade from the sun if it were a hot day.

    After viewing part one of the video I feel that I really understand the basic concept of the book that we are about to read. When I watched it with the characters acting out the parts, even though they were cartoons, it really made what you said about the three plots make sense. I think it is funny how he made it a square of people who all loved one another but no two loved each other.

    I think that parents should be able to control their kids life to a certain extent. I feel that they should be able to tell their children what to eat and when to do chores and homework but I do not think that parents should be able to have any say in who their kids marry. Chores and homework are one thing but love is a topic that should be completely controlled by that person. I think that if a parent and their child have a disagreement about who they are going to marry they should talk it out. Once they both have stated how they feel it should still be up to the child who he or she marries.

  4. These webpages were very interesting and had very important information on them. Something that I found interesting was that in the village life section was that the village life changed with the seasons. Also they lived and worked in family sections or areas. I have learned that one of the games were a lot different.

    If I were to watch a play in the Globe Theater I think the best viewing spot would be front row in the crazy crowd were you can’t sit. I think front row because no one can jump in front of you and you are right in front of the show. I thought the video was funny because I liked the way they looked. I felt bad for Hermia because I think she should marry who ever she wants. It was weird how everyone was in love with someone else. That was the confusing part. But i think i finally understand. I think that the daughters or sons she be able to have feelings for other and be able to go farther with them They should be able to love and marry who they want. IF the parents have a problem with the decision they should talk it over with the other parents.

  5. I thought the Elizabethan website was interesting, but at the same time it was shocking! The first topic I looked at was the clothing section. They had to wear so many layers of clothes. It wouldn’t be that bad if you lived in a cold area, but if you lived somewhere hot it must’ve been torture! There was also punishment for not wearing the right clothes. One punishment was even death! I also learned that woman didn’t have any rights at all.
    If I were to watch a performance in the global theater, I would rather be on the second floor. It would be perfect because you wouldn’t be to low you couldn’t see the whole stage and you wouldn’t be too high that you were looking down on the performers.
    Parents should defiantly set boundaries for their children, but they should never try to control their child’s life. If a parent were to do that, the child would most likely break the rules and defy their parents instead of obeying them because they would be so sick of rules.

  6. When I read about Elizabethian life and read about how they dessregarded Jews I thought how horrible that must have been for them. I also read that they tortured people by boiling them! Now that must have really hurt! I think the best viewing spot in the Globe Theater is from any balcony in the front because if your on the floor then it might be hard to see over someone’s head, but then again you could sit in the back on the top seats. I think “A Midsummer Nights Dream” is going to be a really good book. I myself have read “Romeo and Juliet” for pleasure, so I think this will be fun! I completly disagree about having parents complete control their kids life. The child should make their own decisions and having their parents guide them, not taking complete control.

  7. The Elizabethan period was a time of new ideas. Knowledge was sought by all especially in the science and literary fields. The arts were also extremely popular during this period. Plays were all the rage and playwrights and theater owners were reaping the benefits of notoriety and wealth. Although the theater history was very interesting, the topic that captured my full attention was Elizabethan Sports. It amazed me that today’s sports of golf, baseball, and hockey were developed during this era. They had team sports as well as individual sports. They also had rough sports like football and wrestling and bloody gaming sports. The website indicates that the sports were much rougher then those of today so safety rules and practices were probably not followed. It sounds like betting was also very popular during this time period. It is amazing how some things don’t change, but I’m glad I don’t have to play tennis with a glove and wood balls! Ouch!
    I loved the virtual tour of the Shakespear Globe Theater. I enjoyed having a full 360 tour. If I had the chance to see a play in the Shakespear Globe Theater, I would sit in the middle on the second floor. Since the stage is built up, the second level would almost give me a perfect eye level view of the stage. Although being on the ground floor may make you feel as if you are part of the play, I don’t think I would enjoy standing for hours.
    The Midsummers Night Dream video was somewhat confusing at first. I had to watch it a couple of times to follow the characters. I think the names threw me off. After a little diagraming, I was able to determine who like who. I like the video animation and charactures. The storyline caught my attention immediately and kept me interested till the end. I loved how the spell changed the course of true love. I’m looking forward to Part II.
    The amount of control a parent should have over their child is tricky. Of course a parent has to have a lot of control over a younger child, but as a child grows, the amount of control should decrease. As the child shows self-discipline and the ability to make correct choices, parental control should diminish. If children are doing harmful things to themselves or others then parents need to step in. There are always disputes between kids and their parents, but I think a good parent has the ability to resolve the dispute reasonably. Talking it out and seeing each others side is the way our family resolves the issue. Accepting the fact that you (whether it be the child or the parent) are not always right and seeing the bigger picture as well as the possible results of your actions may help resolve issues before mistakes are made. You also have to remember that we learn from our mistakes. But open lines of communication can resolve almost anything.

  8. When I looked at the medicine and the ways they healed people, it suprised me because they used tobacco and arsenic as medicine!!! Shakespeare I always thought was hard to understand. I just thought that seeing the clip cleared it up a little bit. I think the plots are very interesting and I think a main reason I may get confused is because there are so many characters and a lot of plots!!
    Parents should NOT have the right to control their children! Boundaries are one thing but not allowing is not right. Even in the times of Shakespeare they should not have done that. I think that there should be rules that are agreed to by both the parents and children.

  9. I think that the most interesting thing I learned about Elizabethan Times are the sports that they played. The Elizabethan Times were very proper, and people were well-kept. I wouldn’t expect people back then to be killing animals, and playing violent blood sports. They played sports that showed their strength. Even sports nowadays are not that violent, and things are not as well-kept and proper as back then. I think that the best place to sit in the Globe Theatre would be directly across from the stage, in the first row on the first level. That way, I could see everything without a pole or something else getting in my way. If I was sitting on the second or third level, I would probably be too high up to see exactly what was going on. I think that the video was very dramatic. I also thought it was wierd how Helena wants Dimitrius to neglect her, because when he does she likes him even more. It’s funny how its like a love square: Each person likes one person, who likes someone else. I think the other videos are going to be really good and entertaining.

  10. The Elizabethan times seemed to be horrible and very prejudice. The people during that time did not accept Jews and Catholics they only followed Protestant religion. Executions were popular the only question was what form of execution method did the person in question deserve. Tortures and Executions were painful and violent. Examples are The Rack, the Scavenger’s Daughter, the Collar, the Iron Maiden, Branding Irons, the Wheel and Thumbscrews. The Poor law was a Law enforced on three categories of people “Deserving poor,” the “Deserving Unemployed” and “Undeserving Poor” other that did not fit in the categories were considered beggers. What I found interesting about the time was that they had no other thoughts, they just lived the way they were taught by their parents and didn’t think for themselves. They were also not very open mined.

    Normally in plays at the globe theater the less wealthy would stand in front of the stage for the price equivalent to a modern day penny. The more wealthy sat in seats of the floor or even in boxes. Yes, they had box seats during Shakespeare’s time. If I were to watch a play in the globe theater I would sit in the Globe Theater for a play I would want to sit in the middle box. I would like this seat because of the great view of the stage and also I would be shielded from the sunlight.

    After watching the short clip of A Midsummer Nights Dream it makes me want to know the whole story even thought it is pretty straight to the point. In the play there is a love dispute between Helena, Hermia, Lysander, Demetrious, and the father. In my opinion parents should have no say in arranging marriages because if the two to not love each other then there may be more of a dispute making it a bigger issue so if two people love each other they should have a right to love each other. To resolve this problem it should be handles like this, “Father I shall not marry… for my love is not strong for his/she…I truly love…may I have the permission to marry…” This would easily resolve issues like this because it would make the father realize how strong the love is between the two. It may seem weird but you never know it may work.

  11. When I went to the Elizabethan page there were a lot of things that I learned. One thing that I thought was very peculiar was the horrid methods of torcher to the people for doing crimes we thingk as today as small, but she made quite a big deal out of those crimes such as; The wheel, Iron Maiden, and The Rack. For instance, most of the sports that they played back then we still play today such as archery, bowling, dice hammer throw and wrestling. The fact that I thought was most interesting that I found was that so many new things from the new world or present day America. Finally, she supported a lot of Shakespeare’s writings and how much she was into theatre due to that the theatre industry was expanding rapidly.

    After doing the simulation on The Virtual Globe Theater, the spot that I decided was the best was the middle gallery because its not too far away and not too close, just so you can see everything that is going on on the stage for a perfect viewing of the show. And on that level I would want to be in the very center of the Globe Theatre, it would be compared to now being in a Super Bowl box seat at the fifty-yard line so you could see everyone and every thing that is happening to make the best of the show.

    After watching the video segment Part 1 of Mid summers Night dream it sounded like a good book and exactly like you told us it would be in class which helped a lot to make it more clear and understandable. I think that parents should have control of their children’s lives but to an extent and age. I think they shouldn’t go as far as making arranged marriages but should support their child and their education so they are guided in the right direction in life. If there is a conflict between the parents and the child they should do a mutual agreement so they both can have what they want. Also most parents do things for reasons and that most likely because they want the best for their child.

  12. The Elizabethan times did not sound too much fun. First, you couldn’t eat meat, and it was almost all fried. Also, they had violent times, strict laws, and cruel punishments. The era also took place during a vicious war, which went on from 1585-1603. That’s insane to have a war for almost twenty years and live through bad food and laws.

    After looking on the virtual tour of the Globe Theatre, I would most likely want to sit in the second deck of the theatre, and right in the middle so I can face foward and see the whole front of the stage. Another thing is you can sit down and not be in the front standing up the whole time. That’s were I would sit, and I would like to see a performance there.

    After watching the short part 1 clip, I would say this movie has many different themes to it. To me, it looks interesting, funny, creative, loving, suspensful, serious, and mischievious all at the same time or in different parts of it. I can’t wait to read the book and find out what the conclusion turns out like.

    I say the parents should only control half of their kids lives. What I mean by that is that they should let kids have their freedom on making decisions that involve what sports or other career they want to do and have a future in. Parents should also let kids choose who they love and want to marry, and how to live happily ever after. But they should also have some boundaries for kids and not so much leeway. Parents shouldn’t say yes to everything kids ask, for example, ‘Can I have a pet pony.’ The chances are a parent would say no. So parents should give kids some decisions to make, but don’t spoil them by giving them everything they want.

  13. I learned many new things about Elizabethan life. I first explored the clothing that the men and women wore during their times, and I thought it was shocking! Each wear so many layers of clothes. The ladies have over 9 underclothes and over 5 over clothes. The men have 4 underclothes and over 8 over clothes. The people of this time must have gotten very hot very easily with all of the clothes that they had to wear everyday of their lives.
    I also learned about the Elizabethan sports and there were lots of them! They included of archery, bowling, dice, hammer-throwing, quarter-staff contests, quoits, skittles, and wrestling. There were also bear and bull baiting, dog and cock fighting, and sports involving dogs and hawks. There were many other sports too, and there were also many sports that involved the participation of a team. The most interesting thing that I learned was all of the different ways the food was prepared in Elizabethan times. They had mostly what we have today. They had spit roasting, baking, boiling, smoking, salting, and making fried items. Back then they had such a wide range of preparing foods!

    If I could watch a play in the Globe Theater I would watch it from the top floor because in my opinion you can have a better view the higher up you are. You can see the whole stage and all of the action that is going on on it.

    My thoughts on the video are just like the ones that I had when we went over it in class. There is much forbidden love in the story. An example is Lysander and Hermia. Hermia’s father won’t let Hermia marry Lysander because he wants her to marry Demetrius. But Helena loves Demetrius but Demetrius does not love Helena. Demetrius love Hermia. Then Lysander and Hermia decide to go out into the woods. But Hermia and Demetrius follow them. But the faries interfere and they make Lysander fall in love with Helena.

    I think that parents should not have the right to control thier child’s life. Differences between a parent and a child should be settled with whatever is more reasonable or the answer with more common sense. But when it comes to a wedding, the child should be able to pick.

  14. I learned quite a few things from the Elizabethean website. One thing was that girls were allowed to marry at age 12 and boys legal age to marry was 14. I also learned that going to protestant church was very important. Family’s were seperated by social classes, and male and females had completely different lives. For entertainment people gambled, played games, and sports. At that time bubonic plague was killing many people, and medicine was not advanced. Other than that many of the jobs and foods are still eaten and done today.

    If I was at the globe theater I would probably sit in the upper gallery. This seat would be the best because you have a great view of the whole place. You can really get the feel from up high and if you were paying to watch a play that would probably be a good place.

    After watching the video I had a few thoughts that I would like to make clear. The story was very intersting and weird at the same time. It has a plot that is easy to understand but the actual play would be hard to understand because of the old english used. The story play seems pretty enjoyable and I can’t wait to read the book.

    In the play the father chooses who Hermia has to marry. I believe this is wrong because they should both have a say. It is not fair and stupid for parents to be dictators. Although we may need guidance and when to say no. Something as personal as a groom or bride should not be chosen by a parent. Instead of arguing about it sons and daughters should settle it with peaceful words over screaming. This just might change the parent’s answer.

  15. I thought it was funny how the men wore tights and corsets and how many things the women had to ware. I think the most intresting thing I learned was how crule the people were to animals, because they would make them fight and go see it for “FUN”. If I were to go watch a play in the Globe Theater I would want to sit in the second level of seats because it would the best place to see all of the actors and the stage. The video was very cool and I think the acting in our class is going to be very funny.

  16. One of the things that we did in New Zealand in our class this week was share a coin from Elizabeth the First. The coin which the teacher got from a second hand coin dealer was from 1561-1565. Having something that old was a stimulus for the students to think about age and we had some wonderful creative ideas about it. I also think your blog is wonderful and creative. A lot of interesting activities and work. Our students are on their weekend break today but come Monday here (which will be Tuesday in USA) I’ll get them to come and take a look!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

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