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By now you should have all finished  reading The Outsiders. I know I can speak for all of you when I say that you absolutely loved this novel. Aside from the captivating, heart warming, and heart wrenching story, what makes this book so special are the characters whom all of you have come to know and love. Having said this, I have come up with an interesting, and I hope fun, prompt for you to answer. It does require some thought though, and you’ll need to apply what you know and have learned about each character.

First, I would like for you to pick three characters. Then, I would like for you to consider the following:

If you were to choose the perfect gift, a different one for each character, what would it be? To answer this, it might be easier to think in terms of what each character needs or wants. Remember, gifts don’t always have to be something you see, and they can be humorous as well as serious. Be sure to explain why you have chosen each of these particular gifts, and how they are perfect for your characters. Also, while it is always encouraged that you read and comment on other classmates’ posts, please do not borrow any of their ideas. Make your ideas your own.

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There are two new music videos for you to listen to in regards to your reading of The Outsiders. When you listen to Bob Dylan, which group relates to that song, the Greasers or the Socs? And when you listen to The Who, which group comes to mind when you hear those lyrics? Do not answer these questions now, hold on to your thoughts for future class discussions. We will discuss all the lyrics to all of the music videos on this blog, and look at their relation to the characters and themes of this book as we prepare for the Ipod project.


  1. If i had to give gifts to three characters in the book I would give Ponyboy, Soda, and probably Darry a gift. I would buy Ponyboy a frame with different pictures of sunsets from places all around the world. Since he always reminds Cherry that he too watches sunsets now he can have one in his room or house thathe would be able to look at 24 hours a day.
    I would probably get Darry something that has to do with his family and so when Ponyboy and Soda leave him one day like move or go to college he will have something to remember them. I would get them all to write what they love about each other and put it on a nice sheet of paper with everyone’s picture on it, so their warm words will let him know how much they love him.
    Last but not least is Soda’s gift. Since Soda is movie star handsome, reckless, and lively. I would call an agent and see if he could star in his own movie about him and how outgoing, and crazy he could get, because soda, “he could get drunk in a drag race or dancing without ever getting near alcohol.” (8) Each are the perfect gifts for all three and relate to something abot them or what they have done in their life.

  2. The three characters that I pick from The Outsiders are Johnny, Ponyboy, and Darry. They all are good boys who deserve something better than what they have. I would give Johnny another chance with his parents, what he really wants. In the book he tries to act like he does not care about them but you can see that he really does. You can tell that he wants his parents to love him and care about him. I would give Ponyboy a scholarship to collage. I think that he really deserves it. Ponyboy is the only one out of his brothers that is still in school and actually enjoys it. Darry and his other brother Sodapop, work really hard at their jobs. They earn money to keep them going but not enough to pay for a good education. I think that Ponyboy would succeed in school a lot because he works hard. A gift that I think Darry should get is a good and easy way to support his two brothers. He works really hard to make their lives as best as it could be and try to make them stay out of trouble. If they do not stay out of trouble the brothers could get separated. If this happened he would of felt like it was his fault and his responsibility. He would be very thankful if someone helped him out like that.

  3. Three characters that I would give a the prefect gift to are Darry, Two-Bit, and Soda.

    I would give Darry a scholarship because he deserves to have a life and get married and such so going to college will help him with his life.

    I would give Two-Bit courage because he needs some courage to have make his life better because of the loss of his close friends he also needs to forget about the switchblade and get a new one for goodness sakes!

    Last but not least I would give Soda love because he needs to get over Sandy like he said it wasn’t him she liked someone else so he needs to go find another girl that likes him just as much as he likes her.

  4. I would give Ponyboy a journal. In The Outsiders, he is very fond of reading- especially Gone With the Wind- so maybe he would also enjoy writing stories. As for Darry, I would give him a bench-press. He seemed like the kind of guy that would enjoy that. Last comes Two-Bit. I would give Two-Bit a brand-new switchblade. He lost his when the police searched Dally after they shot him. Granted that I had the money, I would love to give these characters the gifts I described.

  5. If I could give a present to Ponyboy I would give him a snow globe. I chose this object because it would show him all of the other places that are not all that different than him and that some of the people that inhabit that place watch the sunset too. I would also pick Marcia and would give her a shirt with the world on it and people holding hands around it. I would choose this because she doesn’t like fighting and she wants everyone to be equal in some way. Also, I would pick Dally and would give him a collage scholarship because he is always pushing Ponyboy to do his work and I think he wants to go to collage.

  6. The three characters I would give a gift to is Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally.
    For Ponyboy, I would give him a interesting novel so he can get his mind off of the tragic events that happened.
    For Soda, I would give him a 25 dollar gift card to the mini mart so him and his buddys’ don’t need to steel cigaretts.
    The gift I would get Dally would be a gift card to a local amunition store so he can shoot back when he is getting shot.

  7. The three characters that I would like to give a gift to would be Johnny, Ponyboy, and Sodapop. I would give Johnny another chance at life. I would give him a second try to make his life the fullest and he would have learned from his mistakes already. He had such a hard life and it ended so soon. I would like to see him do it over and maybe he would know how to make his life better. Next I would give Ponyboy a library card. That way he would be able to get whatever book
    he wanted and wouldn’t have to read the same ones over again. He really loves to read and it makes him smarter. For Sodapop I would get him another chance to go to school. He could have been smart and I think it would get him and the rest of the family a better lifestyle.

  8. The three characters that I choose for this project are Johnny, Dally, and Soda. These characters aren’t specifically my favorites, but they are great characters in the book who have distinct personalities and needs/wants. They all seem to be the same and different than the others in different ways. The perfect gifts for these characters aren’t exactly something realistic, which you will find in the blog response. But they are perfect gifts, so they don’t have to be realistic.

    I will begin with Johnny. Johnny was a scared, lonely character in the book. Ponyboy said that he was “everybody’s kid brother,” or that everybody was nice to him and cared for him. This was because of abuse from his parents and from the Socs beating him up. Johnny, I think, needed love from his parents. That is my perfect gift towards him. Love from his family would have changed his whole life and could have lengthened it. If his parents had loved him, he would have been confident and had more self-esteem. He would also feel safe sleeping at his home. And if he slept at home, he wouldn’t have been out in the vacant lot that night he killed Bob. He would have been home sleeping. His whole life would have been changed if his parents had only loved him and wanted him.

    Dally would be the next character that I would give a gift to. This gift is pretty unrealistic. He was so hardened by reality that he loved nobody, or at least it seemed like it. The one person he loved was Johnny. Dally would’ve lived if he had Johnny. He wouldn’t have robbed that grocery store if he had Johnny. With Johnny, Dally would at least have gotten by. That was the final straw that finally drove Dally into death’s grips. Johnny would be the perfect gift for Dally because he was the cure for Dally’s loneliness.

    The final character of the book that I would give a gift is Soda. He seemed like he was okay for the whole book, but right at the end he finally snapped. He bolted out the door and ran all the way to the park. When Darry read the letter that Soda wrote to Sandy, I knew that was it. Aside from the arguments between Ponyboy and Darry, Soda really missed Sandy. Sandy had cheated on him, which was the real reason that she had to go to Florida. This must have been terrible for Soda. My gift to him would be Sandy. She would have made him so much happier. I was kind of sad to know that Soda snapped, too.

    Hopefully these gifts would have a positive affect on the lives of these characters. It’s always nice to be generous and it’s a great feeling when you make someone’s life better.

  9. I would give gifts to my three favoite characters Soda, Ponyboy, and Dally.
    My gift to Soda would be a new girlfriend who was kind and sweet just like Sandy, but who also loved him just as much as he loved her. Because Soda was really depressed when he found out Sandy had left.
    I would give Ponyboy a giant picture of an amazing sunset that he could put up on his whole wall so when there isn’t a sunset in the sky he can go into his room and look at the sunset on his wall.
    I would give Dally a free membership to a gym so he could work out everyday and relieve all his stress from working so hard.

  10. If I had to pick a different gift for every character in the Outsiders it would take all day because there were a lot of them, so I’ll do the main characters. For Poneyboy I would get a book that could transform into any book that you wanted. I think that he would want this because he loves to read and having every book at your fingertips would kind of rock, if you liked to read. Soda would be receiving a can of soda. But not just any can of soda, this can would be a mix of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I would give him this because his dad used to call him Pepsi-Cola for a nickname so I think that he would like it. Darry would get a robot that would do his job for him. I think that it is obvious why he would want this. Last, Johnny would get a workout machine. With this incredible devise he would actually look like a sixteen-year-old.

  11. I would give Soda the horse Mickey Mouse because Soda loved that horse. Or so I’ve read. To Darry I’d give a good college education. In the book, he was very sad about missing collage. To Johnny, I’d give him better parents. This sounds really bad and unrealistic, but this is about a “perfect gift”, not real life. I know this is a stretch.

  12. The three people that I would give gifts to are Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally. For Ponyboy, I would get him a huge stack of books and some money for the movies. This being because he loves to read and he’s really the only one that understands movies. For Johnny, I would get a new family because his family didn’t care much for him. I would also get him a wig because he cut his hair to prevent the cops from finding him. For Dally, I wouldn’t really GIVE him anything but I would make sure that he didn’t waste his life doing something crazy that would result in an early death. Everyone deserves to live longer than a couple of years.

  13. I think the first gift would be to Pony, he had the gift of a caring family, he just didn’t know that both Soda and Darry cared about him, because they showed affection in different ways. My second gift would be to Johnny, the gift that he had someone who cared about him, he just didn’t know that Dally cared about him because he was hard. My third gift would be for Cherry because she became a friend of a grearser which taught her to be respectful of both sides of an argument.

  14. I would give Darry the gift of fun. I would because unlike most twenty year olds he has to support a family. Darry has no time to have fun or just chill and not care about anything. He always has to worry wether Pony’s going to get home okay or on time. Also, he has to worry about Ponyboy and Soda getting in trouble. I would give Ponyboy the gift of staying innocent forever. Pony isn’t like the rest of the gang. He is not as tough and if he were to act as if he was, he wouldn’t be lying to himself. Ponyboy is the one who could make friends with about anyone and was more sensitive then the rest of the gang.

  15. The three characters that I have chosen to bestow my gifts upon would be; Ponyboy, Dally, and Cherry Valence. These three characters are simultaneously completely different and completely alike.

    For Ponyboy, I would give him a ‘Heaven’s’ V.I.P. Card, which would enable him to see his parents once again. I would give him this card because he loved and adored his parents so, that it would be most precious for him to look into their faces one more time. Now, while Pony is in Heaven, he meets Jesus. Ponyboy falls in love with Him and made Jesus his Lord and Savior FOREVER.

    My gift to Dally would be a family. I would give him a family who loved him with all their hearts and just wanted to show that love to him. He would have two brothers, a sister, a mother and father. I feel this is something he needs since he hasn’t a family, hasn’t anyone to love him, nor has he anyone to love. (everbody needs somebody to love, haha)

    I want to give Cherry a snow- globe with a beautiful sunset backround. I feel she would appreciate this gift and always be able to remember the sameness between the two sides, because they do in fact watch the same sunset.

    ……..It would be a extremely large snow-globe, maybe the world’s largest!

    I hope these three individual’s enjoy their special gifts. May they always know that everything is possible when you believe….

  16. If I could give any of the greasers gifts, they would be to Two-Bit, Johnny, and Soda. I would give Two-Bit a switchblade. His old switchblade was his favorite thing in the whole world. After Dally was killed, the police took Two-Bit’s switchblade. I would give him another one just like it. I would give Johnny a copy of “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” The words in that poem were the last words that Johnny ever said. He also wrote a note to Ponyboy about the poem. It showed that he cared about that poem, and that he thought it was a good reference. The last gift I would give would be to Sodapop. I would give him back Mickey Mouse. Ponyboy said that Soda really loved that horse. It meant the world to him. With what little the three Curtis boys have, I would want to give Soda back something that was that important to him.

  17. If I could give a present to any three characters in the book Outsiders, I would give presents to Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny. First I would like to start with Dally. If I could give a perfect present to Dally I would give him the note that Johnny wrote before he committed suicide. I would give him this not to get him to look at sunsets but to show him that he did not have to give his life to stop the pain. I would give Johnny parents that cared for him so that he would not become so scared so often and so that when his mother came to the hospital to see him that he would have hope instead of gloom. Lastly I would give Ponyboy the ability to accept the loss of his friends and not have to go through the as much pain.

  18. My first character I’m going to choose is Dally. If I were to give Dally something, I would give him one of those stress balls. They are those things that are like a hacky-sack and when you’re very mad a stressed out, you let out your anger my squeezing the stress ball as hard as you can, and it will make your temper go down. I think this is perfect for Dally because when ever he gets mad, he would most likely let it out by doing something bad like speeding, robbing a store, jumping someone, or doing something illegal. For example, Dally cared about Johnny a lot. When Johnny died, Dally got so mad and let his anger out by robbing a shop then running away from the cops. Then he pulled a gun that wasn’t loaded on the cops, but they didn’t know and they shot Dally, and he died too. I believe this is a great way to let out Dally’s anger.

    My second character is Two-Bit. For Two-Bit, I would like to give him a brand new switchblade that was just like his first one. Two-Bit loved his switchblade and thought it was his prized possession, and showed it off to everyone. But when Ponyboy and Two-Bit checked on Dally before the rumble, Dally took Two-Bit’s switchblade and didn’t give it back. After he was killed, Two-Bit searched Dally and couldn’t find it. His prized possession had been lost. So to make it up to him, I would give him a brand new switchblade to make him feel a lot better.

    My third, and last, character I’m using is Soda. I would give him a cookbook that teaches people to make certain types of crazy snacks and meals. In the book, the narrarator said that Soda loved making crazy meals like green pancakes. So I would give him a cookbook to make crazy meals like purple eggs or chocolate-covered bacon. That would be a perfect gift for Soda.

  19. Dear acobb7,

    I read your post The Perfect Gift. I enjoyed reading it because I had to read The Outsiders last year in our Literature class. I really loved it too. My Favorite part was when Ponyboy returns home from the hospital and Darry apologizes for hitting him. This year I’m reading the sequel, That Was Then, This Is Now. I definitely recommend it if you haven’t already read it! Great Post!

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