Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

We are going to take a break from our literature discussions on The Outsiders and do some creative writing. The idea for this creative prompt actually comes from the book.

“All three of us like chocolate cake for breakfast. Mom had never allowed it with ham and eggs, but Darry let Soda and me talk him into it. We didn’t really have to twist his arm; Darry loves chocolate cake as much as we do.” (Hinton, 104,105)

Is there something you would love to have for breakfast but are not allowed to have? What are your favorite foods for breakfast, and do you ever have breakfast for dinner? (I love!)

What is the best meal you have ever eaten? It doesn’t have to be breakfast. Please give details as far as the food descriptions are concerned, and be sure to tell about the occasion and where this meal took place.

Also, please check out the new posted videos of The Beatles and Hank Williams. The lyrics of “The Two Of Us” correlate with the theme of friendship in the book. The Hank Williams song, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” speaks to the theme of ostracism. Please know the definition of this word, and be prepared for class discussion on all the song videos in regards to the song lyrics and how they relate to the themes of forbidden love, friendship, and ostracism in The Outsiders in the coming weeks. The “What’s In Your Ipod?” project/essay will revolve around these three themes.


  1. Popsicles. A nine-letter word meaning, “used for flavored and colored water frozen on a stick.” To me, it’s more than just flavored water frozen on a stick. To me, it is a stick of scrumptious flavor that is not allowed at the bar stools. I would definitely love to have a popsicle for breakfast, but of course, I’m not allowed to, probably parallel to everyone else I know. My favorite foods/drinks for breakfast are bagels with lox, Raisin Bran Crunch, FruityPebbles, and BOOST. Every Sunday morning, I eat bagels with lox. On school days, I will either eat Raisin Bran Crunch or FruityPebbles. If I am running late to any occasion and I haven’t eaten, I will drink a BOOST. Probably once a month, I have breakfast for dinner. My family calls it, “Silly Supper,” and we are allowed to have anything we want. The best meal I’ve even eaten is Matzo Ball Soup. On chilly days or holy Jewish holidays, my family and sometimes outgrown family, has Matzo Ball Soup, a soup consisting of chicken broth, carrots, and matzah meal. I will have this dish for only the last two courses of the day. For class tomorrow, I printed out the lyrics to both of the songs for discussion and the definition of ostracism. I really enjoyed writing creatively about this blog prompt.

    1. @jacob14, Mrs. Cobb, I apologize for not answering the question correctly. I ate my favorite dish in Prague, Czech Republic. When I visited there, I had the best filet mignon. It was 9 oz., thick, and juicy. We were at a very nice and casual restaurant and to go along with the steak I had a small side of pasta. Overall, it was the best meal I had ever eaten, without a doubt.

  2. I think the fact about the brothers eating choclate cake for breakfast in The Outsiders was really intresting. I wish I could have a sweet treat for breakfast like they do.
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX If I could have anything I wanted for breakfast, it would be jell-o with whipped cream. This treat is my favorite dessert, and I would love to have it for breakfast. On weekdays I usually eat Special K or Crispix cereal. I don’t have time to prepare anything else to eat when I’m trying to get ready in the morning. On weekends I eat cereal with yogurt and fruit. I have cereal almost every week for diner. The best meal I have ever eaten was in London, England, at Wagamama cafe. They serve delicious noodle bowls, and green tea ice cream. When I go to restraunts I usually eat starchy foods like rice, crackers, and pasta because I don’t eat salads or meat.

  3. I would love to have chocolate cake for breakfast. It sounds yummy! What I always ask for is breakfast pizza. Publix doesn’t sell them anymore. I still ask for them every time we go to Publix and my mm gets really annoyed. The pizza had ham, eggs, cheese, and a bunch of breakfast foods on it. It was the best.
    My favorite thing to eat for breakfast are chocolate chip pancakes. My momma makes the best ever! And sometimes instead of chocolate chips she puts mini m&m’s.
    At my house, breakfast for dinner is very common. Sometimes even dinner for breaskfast. I recommend Cup of Noodles in the morning. The hotness waked you up.
    The best meal is a tie between the meal I had last night at Salt Rock Grill and wings and Quaker Steak. The wings at Quaker Steak are the ultimate best in the world. Mild flavored is just incredible. The wings are so good that I forget about the fries! What I had at Salt Rock Grill was calamari and bread as an appetizer, salad before my meal, and steak and garlic mashed potatoes as the end result! Delicious!
    Last night at Salt Rock Grill I was out with my family and grandparents. My grandpa has always wanted to go so we went for him. At Quaker Steak…well I’ve been there four times. Once with just my mom, dad, and brother and myself. Once with us and Christina. And twice with all of my family that lives in Florida.
    I absolutely love food!

  4. The food that I love for breakfast is chocolate brownies with powder sprinkled on it. This is my favorite treat for breakfast, because brownies are amazing and everyone always eats them within a few days. What I usually have for breakfast is bagels toasted with butter on top. I do not usually have breakfast for dinner, but I do remember that I had breakfast for dinner in 2008, my mom made pancakes which tasted delicious. The best meal I have ever eaten was in Germany. There is many reasons I loved and still love the meal in Germany. The meal was at a restaurant called Pizza and Pasta Land. I had schnitzel with lemon lightly dripped on it. The taste was amazing, and I got to watch the chef make the whole meal, and another reason I will remember this meal is because I went to the restaurant on my 8th birthday.

  5. I would love to be able to eat a hot fudge sundae for breakfast! The feel of warm chocolate sliding down my throat is sensational. Chocolate is something too good to fully explain in words. I would even call myself a “chololaholic.” Hot fudge goes well with cold, vanilla ice cream. They form an unbeatable pair. I would probably put the hot fudge sundae on top of a brownie. Or even better, the brownie would be in bite-size crumbles atop a mountain of whipped cream with streaks of the fudge. It would be somewhat like a real, snow-covered mountain. Some rocks might stick up out of the snow, and the chocolate drizzle could be paths where people’s skis sliced through thin snow. My favorite real breakfast foods are bacon, eggs, hash browns, and grits. When I go to Cracker Barrel, those are the three food items I eat. The bacon is thick cut and smoked. The grits are surprisingly bland, but I add salt. It tastes simplistic, yet it has a crave-worthy taste to it. This is not my favorite meal, so I will move on.

    Although my favorite meal is not breakfast, my most memorable meal was brunch. Most of the foods I ate were breakfast foods. The only separation between it and breakfast was I ate around 11:00. I was at the Yacht Club in their upstairs dining room next to the ballroom. Our next-door neighbors were taking some of their neighbors including us to the Yacht Club. The beginning of the line to your food began with salad. I decided to take some. Next were fish, meaty ravioli, and brown rice with special seasoning. I chose some rice and ravioli. Next were the chicken wings. I do not particularly love chicken on bones, so I decided to pass. There were meat patties and bacon. Loads of bacon was piled on my plate. Eggs accompanied them. There was a heated tin container with grits containing streaks of cheese throughout it like gold in rocks. I went for the cheesy parts. There were other foods I took as well, but that is as many as I can remember. Finally, there was a separate little island where omelets were being made. I hurried over. A man was making two omelets at once. When he started mine, the one in the other pan was already about half way done. First, he poured an egg yolk mixture into the pan and asked me what I wanted. My omelet was basically a southern omelet. After a few moments, he started adding the ingredients. Fresh, juicy cubes of ripe red tomato, squares of pink ham, green peppers, jalapeño peppers, cheddar cheese and a white cheese, and onions. When I tasted it, I bit into a tomato and was shocked. You cannot beat home made omelets.

  6. PS:
    When I go to Cracker Barrel it is evening, so that is an example of when I eat breakfast for dinner.

    The foods I usually eat for breakfast are oatmeal, occasionally microwavable cheese grits, or a waffle. On days I have soccer, I cover the waffle in peanut butter for protein. I add real maple syrup on top of that.

    1. @ross14, I’ll have to try the peanut butter topped waffle……with syrup. Peanut butter is a great source of protein, you’re right!

  7. I usually like having breakfast foods for breakfast and dinner foods for dinner. If I could have anything I wanted for breakfast it would be a breakfast food. I would want pancakes. I have had breakfast for dinner but I don’t really like it that much. For some reason it grosses me out a little. The best meal I have is Thanksgiving, every year. I love it so much! We have it at my cousin’s house in New Jersey. All of my family is there and it is so fun! My uncle is a great cook and every year he makes this huge dinner. He makes everything you could ever want. After all that there is still desert. There is a whole table long of things you can have. We even have a chocolate fountain. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year because I love having it in New Jersey and it’s a great meal.

  8. Actually I really do like having Chocolate cake for breakfast. Sometimes, my mom gets bored and whips up a chocolate cake for my family (mainly me) to enjoy. When I was younger I would eat the cake at every meal, and I loved it especially during breakfast. The sweet chocolate icing and the sugar woke me up in the morning and got me ready for the day.
    No longer do I eat these cakes in the morning. I should really because she makes one every once in a while, but for some odd reason I do not. I love to do it and would like to eat it for breakfast, but I haven’t gotten a chance in a longer period of time.
    The best food I have ever eaten? Well, to be honest when I go to another country or go out to eat, I just have burgers, every time. Yea there have been other times, but I never liked them. There was always something queasy about what ever I was eating, mainly in other countries though. I have to say though, even though it was probably one of the (if not the) worst food experiences I ever had, I liked it. I was in Xian or Beijing, China, in a restaurant and I had orders potato fries. The picture made them look thick and just like normal fries. But after about half an hour, don’t ask why, they finally came. They were long, thin, and spicy. It burnt my tongue to eat them, but I ate most of them and drank around 4 glasses of water/coke. They looked like noodles, but on a spice steroid, but I really enjoyed it.
    I hardly ever eat breakfast for dinner. I do it for lunch because they serve it sometimes, but I’ve only had it for dinner once or twice. One, if not both, were at Cracker Barrel, which Ross reminded me of in his P.S. post. Other than that I really don’t have breakfast for dinner much at all, but when I do have it, it is pretty good.

  9. My favorite breakfast food I have ever eaten is called a mighty man breakfast and I ate it at my summer camp in North Carolina. It is basically a combonation of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a bunch of spices. I have breakfast for dinner only a couple times a year not including when I am home alone and don’t feel like cooking and get cereal. If I could have somthing for breakfast I wouldn’t be allowed to have would probably be a cake that I only had once that was amazing. It was chocolate and had chocolate icing, it had chocolate shavings on the side of the cake and had whipped cream on the top. There was chocolate shavings and chocolate drizzled on the whipped cream.
    The best thing I have ever eaten was probably a cheeseburger I had in Cabbage Key. I am not shure where Cabbage Key is but you could only get there by boat and it was tiny. The cheeseburger was so good that is where Jimmy Buffet wrote the song “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.

  10. I would love to have ice cream for breakfast every day! Ice cream would be perfect because it is milky and nice but my mom wouldn’t let me because it is so sugary. I love all breakfast foods, like waffles, pancakes, cereal, yogurt, bagels, bacon, eggs, and french toast. I especially love dough boys, but we only have those on the weekends. Dough boys, if some people don’t know, is dough that is fried in hot veggie oil and then covered in powdered sugar. It is such a delicious treat but is more like a dessert than a breakfast food! I like mine with raspberry jam because it makes it juicy and sweeter! Another breakfast option I like, a healthier option, is a cheese omelet in an english muffin. I especially love brunch or breakfast buffets. I don’t usually have breakfast for dinner, but it sounds yummy! Sometimes I do have cereal for dinner, though.

    I have had three best meals ever and so I am going to talk about all three! In no particular order,(because they were all delicious!) they are chicken parmesan, pizza, and a sandwich.
    The chicken parmesan I ate on a weekday, the week after New Year’s Eve. My mom and I had just seen it made on Next Food Network Star on the Food Network and so we made it together. We made it by first covering the thin chicken breast with bread crumbs, then we laid out the chicken, put slices of mozzarella on them, rolling up the chicken, and sprinkling on parmesan cheese. Then we put them in a marinara sauce for an amazing meal! We served pasta on the side.
    The pizza my grandpa made for me and my brother Super Bowl night when my parents were out. I don’t know how he made it, but it was delicious! It had a thick crust, a bit of a sweet, thick sauce, and cheese with a bit of a kick! For my half, he put on black olives, and for my brother he put on pepperoni. It was an amazing pizza!
    I ate the sandwich at the Bayou Club Grill, the restaurant in my neighborhood. It was a chicken bruschetta sandwich in bread that was crunchy and had seeds on it. I can’t exactly describe it, but I remember it was cheesy and had some sort of balsamic sauce and was amazing!
    I think my best meals were the most amazing meals ever!

  11. I would love to have chocolate cake for breakfast! It sounds great! Honestly, I don’t understand how Soda likes eggs with grape jelly. That’s not something I would enjoy.

    I eat lots of different things for breakfast. I usually eat combinations of the following: cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast, eggs, or orange juice. I love breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day because it gives you the boost of energy you need to start your day. Studies show that people who eat a relatively healthy breakfast do much better at school or work than someone who doesn’t eat breakfast. When you skip breakfast, you become very groggy and unattentive. I never skip breakfast. Unfortunately, I have never had breakfast for dinner. It sounds really fun, though!

    One of the best meals I have ever eaten was a burger and fries from El Cap. El Cap is an awesome restaurant on 4th street. It’s kind of small, but it’s worth it, because the food is amazing. El Cap is a sports bar. There are tons of huge TV’s playing all kinds of current sports games. I went to El Cap on the night of one of the first playoff games of the Rays. It was totally packed. Every single TV played the game. It was really cool. The El Cap burger was voted Best Burger by the St. Pete Times.

    My meal was delicious. The burgers are really big and juicy. I only ate half of it because they are so big and I got full very quickly. The fries are the best part. The fries aren’t greasy at all, unlike how some other restaurants cook them. They are really crispy and they almost taste like potato chips.

  12. Well first of all I’m not really a breakfast person. I don’t know why but breakfast foods usually make me sick. In the morning I need a small portion of something sweet or fresh. Like I need a muffin, yogart, cereal, or fruit. But my favorite breakfast foods are probably just some plain old cereal or a muffin. Also on special occasions I love Starbucks!! I can’t eat greasy bacon, salty eggs, or mushy oatmeal. Also I can’t eat breakfast foods out; the fake syrup makes me want to puke. I know you might think I’m weird, but it’s just how it is for me.
    I guess I’m not allowed to have the more sugary cereals or toaster strudel. I’m not allowed to have pop tarts either, but thats really ok, they are just chemical goo in cardboard bread. I like toaster strudel, so I do wish I could have that more often. So I would LOVE to have toaster strudel but only on special occasions. Don’t ever try to give me breakfast for lunch or diner. I do not like that at all. In fact, I do the opposite, I have left over diner for breakfast. I’ll have some cold turkey or steak, or even heat up some chili.
    The best meal I ever had…well see thats really, really hard because I never really had a bad meal. My dads an amazing cook and we always have great stuff for diner. But the best, well maybe not the best ever, but recently I have had a very good meal. I went to Universal a while back and we ate at this Irish pub. They had the best food. I had some wicked beef stew with mash potatoes on top and we also ordered some yummy fruit. I guess you could say that was the best meal I ever had.

    -pretty sure it’s the first definition.

    os*tra*cism [os-truh-siz-uh m]

    1. exclusion, by general consent, from social acceptance, privileges, friendship, etc.

    2. (in ancient Greece) temporary banishment of a citizen, decided upon by popular vote.

  13. Hmmm, if I were allowed to have anything for breakfast it would probably be this amazing milkshake I had in Austria. It had melted chocolate and strawberries and vanilla ice-cream in it and it was amazing!

    My favorite food for breakfast is a cinnamon roll with a warm cup of milk. he cinnamon roll melts in your mouth if you put it in the microwave before you eat it. (but if you leave it sitting it gets chewy)

    We only have breakfast for dinner seldomly if not at all and when we do it is a for a holiday or something.

    The best meal I have ever eaten is probably when we were in Nicaragua visiting my grandmother and she cooked up some grouper. She melted butter on it as she cooked it and it was warm and soft. On the side we had some hand-picked lettuce from her garden and potato’s. On the potato’s she also melted butter. For the sauce on the grouper she put orange butter sauce. (you should try it is good)

  14. Even though I love chocolate cake so much, I think I would love to have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for breakfast because, they are really gooey, warm and sweet. My favorite foods for breakfast are pancakes, and biscuits and gravy (yes I know they are very fattening), but usually I would have yogurt or Ovaltine. I have had breakfast for dinner, and I think it is very fun and I think that the taste of pancakes is good either in the morning or in the evening. The best meal I have ever eaten was at “Reid’s Jamaican Cuisine”. I had oxtail with beans and rice with hot sauce to top it all off. I like really spicy foods, and also with my Jamaican heritage, I think that is another reason why I love those kinds of foods. Also, since I loved the hot sauce there so much, the owner of the restaurant (my god father’s brother), gave me my own bottle to keep! I have been to quite a few places that made oxtail, but I’m pretty sure that this place makes the best I have ever had.

  15. I would love to have chocolate cake with a fudge ripple in the middle. That would be the best. My mom would say that I need real food so I could have strength that day. But who listens to that. I could maybe get away with it if I never showed her that I ate it. For real breakfast my favorite meal is chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon. So I do have a bit of chocolate in the morning. I sometimes have breakfast for dinner. If we do not have dinner plans I go to some breakfast resturant with my dad or I make some homemade chocolate chip pancakes. The best meal I have ever had was a dinner I had here in Saint Petersburg. I had some steak and some mashed potatos. I had shrimp before it and it was great! My dad and I had the best meal of our lives that night. My dad had decided that we went somewhere close to the store he was going to and he picked a great place. I forget the name of the place. Sorry! I would really want to have a great desert for breakfast. Maybe one time I will try it.

  16. There really isn’t anything that I am not allowed to have for breakfast that I would really want. My parents will let me eat anything I want for breakfast as long as we can make it or buy it. My favorite thing for breakfast is two Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with icing. My next favorite thing is a chocolate milkshake. I know it sounds weird but it is a great thing to wake me up in the morning. My dad always makes the best. My third favorite thing is two plain pancakes lathered in syrup. I absolutely love brinner. My family usually has brinner when either my sister or I ask for it. My favorite meal ever was the burger at Cabbage Key. I did not get it Jimmy Buffett style, “with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potato, big kosher pickle and a cold draught beer.”(Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett) Obviously, I could not get the “cold drought beer” because I am under age. I only get the “Heinz 57 and french fried potato.” The rest I do not get on my burger. My family has gone to Cabbage Key twice.

  17. I would love to have chocolate cake and ice cream for breakfast. I am not aloud to have it 364 days of the year, but on my birthday, I get chocolate cake for breakfast. I do have breakfast for dinner but it is rare. My favorite food for breakfast would be eggs, pancakes, and bacon. The best meal I have ever eaten was at Kinjo’s sushi bar. We had guests in town and we got a huge boat of sushi that had every type of sushi on it that you could ever imagine, but my favorite sushi on the boat was the Salmon roll. It has salmon, rice, avacado, and roe wrapped in a seaweed paper.

  18. My absolute favorite food for breakfast would be Fruit Loops with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles ALL over! Of course my mom would never allow that, but when I was little my grandpa used to visit and make me that breakfast every single morning and I loved it! Whenever I visit him in Washington he always remembers to make me my special Fruit Loops and we always get up early in the morning so my parents don’t find out.
    I love every type of American breakfast food which is probably the reason I love breakfast and brunch so much!! I sometimes make chocolate chip waffles and put some powdered sugar on top, which is my favorite breakfast food. I especially love to eat breakfast for dinner because the two meals are so different and it’s fun changing things every so often, and my family does it occasionally.
    The best meal I have ever eaten was in a really fancy restaurant in Costa Rica. My family and I were on vacation and it was our first night there and we decided to go out and eat. I forgot the name of the restaurant but there food was amazing! I ordered the baby-back ribs and garlic mashed potatoes and it was so yummy. The mashed potatoes were creamy and fluffy and the baby-back ribs had a sweet barbeque sauce and were really juicy. My sister got a side of plantain fries which are basically banana fries and they were delicious! I would really like to make them because they tasted similar to French fries but they weren’t greasy at all and they tasted more like potatoes.

  19. I am usually allowed to eat anything I want for breakfast, but one thing I am not allowed to eat is candy. Chocolate or any sweet type of candy will satisfy my stomach, and would be a pleasure to have for breakfast everyday. Out of the stuff I am allowed to eat, anything from waffles, pancakes, eggs, french toast, yogurt, cereal, and fruit is filling and healthy at the same time. Never have I eaten breakfast for dinner, and I haven’t ever heard that saying before. One thing I can conclude is that I have never skipped breakfast before, and that’s a good thing. The best meal I have eaten before was when I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich at T.G.I.F’s in an airport. I had gone 9 hours without eating and I was famished. As soon as I ordered my food I couldn’t wait. I managed to fill myself with coke, but when it arrived I devoured it like an animal catching its prey. After my stomach was full I went on my next flight and took a long nap. I now understand how important food actually is.

  20. I would love to have chocolate cake for breakfast but my Mom would tell me no. But actually funny story I had ice cream for breakfast this morning I had never done that before.

    For breakfast I usually have dinner food because I am not really a fan of breakfast food it doesn’t go well with me because when I wake up my mouth is all dry and it ruins the taste of it. I would never have breakfast for dinner though because I had already had not wanted it in the morning.

    The best meal I’ve ever eaten was in Alaska. We had just gotten off a bear watching tour on a island called Koedak Island and there was a long trip back because first there wasn’t a clear way to fly because you know they fly small planes. Then we had to go back and land on the beachat the island then we tried to take off and the propeller didn’t work so we had to hand crank the propeller to have the plane start so when we finally landed I was so hungry. We ended up finding a local pizza place called Fat Olives. It was the biggest Pizza I have every seen bigger than American Pie’s Pizza. It was 42 inches. We had to turn the pizza sideways to get it through the door it was great I wish there was one here in Florida.

  21. I love breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day! I do not think there are many foods I am not allowed to eat for breakfast, but if I could eat anything, it would be a big lemon pound cake. Pound cake is really yummy!

    During the weekdays I usually have Cheerios for breakfast, and I cook on the weekends. My favorite breakfast to make is an egg omelet with mozzarella cheese and salami chunks. It is really tasty and fun to make.

    I have never really had breakfast for dinner, except once when I ate scrambled eggs for dinner. It would be so fun to eat warm pancakes with sweet maple syrup and bacon on the side for dinner. (I like making pancakes with smiley faces on them! It’s a cooking trick I know.)

    Some of the best meals I have ever eaten have been ones I have made. They are the best meals because they taste good, and I have the satisfied feeling that I cooked something great. The best meal I have made is a recipe for “Tuna Pockets”. They are pastries filled with tuna, cream cheese, and celery. I got that recipe from a cooking camp. Some other good things I made were a pesto pasta, a meat and tomato caserole, and a chicken-pot-pie caserole. I may not have eaten these foods anywhere really special, but it felt special because I made these foods from scratch with my own hands.

  22. I would love to eat ice cream or cake or some other kind of sweets that you can only have after dinner. My mom always nags me about eating sweets or candy before our breakfast is done. If the rules were changed I would definitely eat some sweets for breakfast but not too much because I wouldn’t want to get too sick. For breakfast I love having biscuits, sausage, bacon, waffles or pancakes with wiped cream on either, and sometimes when I eat breakfast at my grandma’s house I love her fish and grits, but pretty much all of my other relatives cook that for breakfast when a lot of people are over. I have to say that I’ve never eaten breakfast for dinner. It sound so good though I might just have to ask my mom if we can change it up some time. I don’t really know the best meal that I have eaten but I have eaten pretty good food before. I love my mom’s shrimp salad. It has shrimp, of course, noodles, the spiral kind, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers that are cut in half, and different types of seasonings. I had it a couple of days ago for dinner and it was yummy.

  23. Like Pony, Darry, and Soda, I love chocolate. But of course my mother never allows chocolate for breakfast. But if she makes her famous chocolate cake cookies, I try to steal a few. (unsucessfully, of course)
    The breakfast I look forward to every year is the Father’s day brunch at Bellair Country Club. Along with ham, bacon, and sausage there are the most amazing bacon, ham, and cheese omlettes ever. Of course I snack on some chocolate pastries made by the chef. But my best meal ever was in Paris. We ate on the Eiffle Tower! The menu was very French, but my eyes wandered to a black angus beef burger and steak fries. I don’t know if it was the tenderness of the beef, or my seven days without any American food icons, it was the most fantastic meal ever. It came out with a little American flag in it and the fries were made to look like the Eiffle Tower.

    1. @kylem14,
      That is so cool how you got to eat on the Eiffle Tower! That is also funny how the fries looked like the Eiffle Tower.

  24. If I could have anything I wanted for breakfast, it would probably be either brownies or ice cream. I love brownies, especially the ones my mom and my sister make. They make the best brownies! I also love ice cream. My favorite flavors are chocolate, strawberry, and peppermint.
    My favorite foods for breakfast are bagels, cinnamon crescents, and chocolate chip pancakes! Whenever I sleepover at Amanda’s house her mom makes them and they are the best!
    My family has breakfast for dinner a lot because my dad loves it. I don’t love it but its ok.
    I have lots of favorite meals. One is when I went to Chicago with my family and my Uncle David and Aunt Karen. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was a steakhouse and I got filet mignon. We had been going around Chicago all day and I was really hungry. It was one of the best steaks I have ever had. I also love J. Alexander’s restaurant. My favorite thing to eat there is the crescents with butter. They are truly the best crescent ever!!!!

  25. I have not found a food that my parents said I can’t have for breakfast. It’s probably because I don’t have anything other that cereal for breakfast. I don’t eat unique breakfasts! My most favorite meal I have ever had would be my mom’s brisket and noodle coogle. There was no real occasion for the dinner, my mom just loves to cook! This meal took place at my house.

  26. I do not like breakfast that much, so just to get me to eat something, my mom lets me eat almost anything. There is nothing that I would love to eat that I can’t. My favorite food for breakfast is probably ice cream cake. I have never imagined having breakfast for dinner, which real does not sound good. I have had some great meals. One of my favorite places to go for breakfast is the Vinoy. They have a Sunday brunch that is to die for. The buffet has everything from crab claws to cake. You can have anything that you can imagine, there are probably 60 different things to chose from. We usually go for an occasion but some times just to have good food. The other best meal that I have ever had was in Maine at this restaurant on a river that is a reversing waterfall. This means that the water goes a different way when the tide is coming in and another way when the tide is going out. Tidal Falls is the name of the outside restaurant. You walk up to a counter to order the food. Their main food is lobster which they have alive in a tank. They also have many other things. Once your food is ready your beeper goes off and you go get the food. While you are waiting you can go out on the rocks that are in front of the restaurant and skip rocks. This blog has made me think about all the great meals I have had, the great thing is that I like them all for different reasons.

  27. I would like to ice cream and cookies for breakfast, but my mom and dad never let me. I like ice cream because it is cold I like the way it tastes. My favorite flavor is probably mint. I don’t get to have ice cream that often so that is why I would want it for breakfast.
    The best meal I have ever ate would probably be in England like Jade. Except mine was in Bradford, England. I had pasta with sauce and for dessert I something called sticky chocolate pudding but it wasn’t really pudding it was like cake and it was delicious. I liked this me so much because the pasta was really good and I was very hungry and I cleared my plate. That would be my favorite meal or in St. Pete, Florida at my house. I ate stone crabs with my family. I have eaten stone crab before , but there was something about this batch that was very good. I don’t know what, but they were amazing.

  28. Every morning when I wake up I have breakfast. Half of the time I will have a bagel for breakfast and the other half I will have a bowl of corn flakes with blueberries. With breakfast I love to have strawberries too. Those are my two favorite breakfasts and that is what I have all the time for breakfast. So I guess you could say I haven’t found anything that I would want for breakfast that I can’t have. My family has breakfast for dinner sometimes when my dad is out of town for work. We have it because it is easy for my mom to cook when she doesn’t have my dads help with the kids. My favorite meal would be spaghetti and meatballs from Carrabas. I would say that is my favorite meal. I also love the ribs from Outback Steakhouse. We don’t go to those resteraunts often but when we do I always order the same thing. I liked the blog prompt this week because it had nothing to do with school.

  29. For breakfast I usually have normal breakfast food and prefer to have normal breakfast food, but if I could have anything I wanted for breakfast I would probably have a chocolate brownie volcano with ice cream and raspberry icing drizzled on the top of it. My favorite food for breakfast is chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and a fruit salad on the side. I like to have it on the weekends. We (my family) rarely have breakfast for dinner, but when we do we have it with biscuits, sausage, and eggs or something else like that. I don’t have a favorite meal I have had many meals in my life it is to hard to narrow it down to one meal. I do have a favorite dessert and that is a chocolate brownie volcano with ice cream and raspberry sauce on top of it.

  30. If I could have anything for breakfast, I would have fried ice cream with whipped cream. My favorite foods for breakfast are pancakes, waffles, and egg sandwiches. I have had breakfast for dinner, but I really didn’t like it. When I ate the breakfast for dinner I enjoyed it, but when it was breakfast time, I didn’t know what to eat because I was sick of breakfast items. The best meal I every had was a dinner at “Red Mesa.” At Red Mesa I had grilled grouper, boiled vegetables, and steamed rice. It was amazing and I loved it. I usually go to Red Mesa when someone has a birthday and when visitors come to town.

  31. Since my mother is Italian and my father, Greek, eating is always the center of every day. This may seem foolish to some, but I have grown to not only appreciate it, but also to anticipate it!

    My all time favorite breakfast meal would definitely be Belgium Waffles with savory maple syrup. I enjoy comparing this choice at every restaurant. This is a hobby for my family- to compare and contrast foods, ambiance and service with every place we visit.
    This is fun!
    I had Belgium Waffles for the very first time in Brussels. I know you’re thinking, “Of course, right?” but I remember trying to order French Toast in France and they had no idea what I was talking about.
    For breakfast, I am able to eat anything at any time…sometimes. 🙂 But I am always blessed with amazing choices, so I hardly ever eat junk food.

    …“Breakfast for dinner?” Yes, all the time! My father makes THE MOST INCREDIBLE feta omelets ever! Also, we toast Bay’s English Muffins and put a little olive oil with tangerine slices, unbelievable, really! Important to note, is that we always have Greek yogurt with honey for our desert at home AFTER dinner. Since you can only get this at Greek restaurants, we stick to more traditional deserts, like Crème Brulee’, which is my mother’s specialty. 🙂

    OMG! The best meal I have ever eaten is a very difficult question to answer since I have been very blessed with many, many wonderful meals. So my choice is one that may sound a bit cheezy considering the countries we’ve lived in.

    Nonetheless, my favorite is a New Years Eve meal at my Grandmother and Grandfather’s home where my parents prepared a feast. . The menu was: Beefsteak tomatoes with Buffala mozzarella and basilica, topped with olive oil and balsamic vinager. Next, were unusually humongous Brazilian Lobster Tails with a lemon Butter Sauce and Medium rare Kobe filets with inch and a half thick veal chops covered with a Portabella sauce; later, we enjoyed cheeses and fruits, apples with honey and cinnamon, and of course, Greek Yogurt.

    It wasn’t the mouth watering filets or the lobster tails that melted in your mouth that made this meal my favorite, but rather the specialness of the event. It was the first time in a very long time that we were truly able to celebrate.

  32. I am allowed to eat whatever I want for breakfest because all I eat is breakfest foods , not left over pizzazs or ice cream for breakfest. I have to admit when I was younger I use to eat blueberry beagles and cereal for dinner. When I eat breakfest I am not allowed to eat cereals with a lot of suguar in them. My favorite breakfest foods are an omelette with ham and lots of chesse, homemade waffles with a lot of syrup, and cereal with a lot of strawberries and bannanas. I do not like to eat breakfest for dinner because makes your stomach feel weird because you are so use to eating breakfest foods during the opposite time of day it makes your stomach off time and it takes time to regain your eating periods. My favorite meal I have ever eaten was filet mignon at Ruth’s Crist Steakhouse it was really juicy and soft. This restraunt is very formal and very expensive , and it is not a really good place to take your kids , but I went to test my manners. I had a great meal and experienced a tranquil atmosphere.

  33. I have little time in the mornings on everyday so big breakfasts are not something I’m used to. I wish that I could have a big breakfast such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, and everything else you can imagine when you think of a luxerious breakfast. I have many wonderful meals every week and it is very hard to pick just one. I LOVE having breakfast for dinner because it is the only time I can have big breakfasts. One of the best meals I have ever had was in New York City. In New York, I had home made pizza. I don’t remember where it was from though. I remember the resturaunt was very big with brick walls and you could watch the chefs cook the pizza. It was the best pizza ever and they had numerous salads. Almost every day of the ten days I was in New York City, I went there.

  34. If I could have anything for breakfast I would want to have chocolate cake like Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry. I usually eat cereal for breakfast and I like to eat breakfast for dinner. The best food I have ever eaten was the maccroni my Grandma made for me for my birthday and I use to make her make it for me every year.

  35. At my house I am allowed to have whatever I want for breakfast! It could be ice cream, cake, candy, chocolate, or anything else I feel up to having. But I am usually not too hungry when I wake up during the week because it is still a little early, and I am still tired. But I usually have eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and fries once I wake up on the weekends. During the week I will have strawberries and maybe a bagle with cream cheese.
    My favorite foods for breakfast are the ones that my dad makes. Every weekend he will make a meal of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and fries. Believe me, it is good! Especially his eggs. They are to die for!
    I never do have breakfast for dinner though sadly because my mom or dad is usually preparing dinner, or my family and I go out to a restaurant and order something to eat.
    The best meal I have ever had must have been in Sanibel, Florida. Me and my family go there every year over the summer to see the beautiful beaches and enjoy all of the wonderful experiences. There is a restaurant called The Green Flash. I ordered cheese sticks to start out with, and they were the best ever because the restaurant made them by hand instead of taking them out of the package. Then I had grouper with a side of rice, and the grouper was absolutely amazing!

  36. Not to totally copy the Curtis boys, but chocolate cake for breakfast DOES sound really good. It would probably be my second choice for food, right after brownies. My favorite food for breakfast is always controversial. It really just depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I would just love to have a warm omelette filled with cheese and mushrooms. Other days pancakes, French toast, or waffles sounds delicious with fresh fruit and syrup.
    Breakfast for dinner has never appealed too much to me. I like to keep the syrup and sweet-tasting foods for breakfast, and for dinner some green beans, mashed potatoes, and that sort of food will suffice.
    I don’t really eat out much, so the times I do are pretty memorable. There was this one time pretty recently that I had been riding on a snowmobile for hours and I was freezing, and we arrived at a nice restaurant. It was pretty early in the morning, so I ordered an omelette and hot chocolate. After I’d warmed up, I got some orange juice, tater tots, and pancakes that were taken from neighboring plates. Yum! I think because I could’ve eaten anything at that point and it would’ve tasted good, that meal was especially memorable.

  37. Something that I would like to have for breakfast would be chocolate/vanilla ice cream cake. My favorite thing to have for breakfast is blueberry waffles. I sometimes have eggs for dinner but that is as far as my breakfast for dinner experience goes. The best meal I have ever eaten was sushi at Blue Fin. Blue Fin is a restaurant in New York City. I go there every summer and it never gets old.

  38. I think that being able to have chocolate cake for breakfast would be awesome! If I ever asked I know it will be a flat out NO! But if I could choose one thing that I could eat for breakfast that I am not already allowed to eat, it would be my aunts coconut creme cake. My Auntie Dar Dar makes the best cakes and pies, but her coconut creme cake has to be my favorite. It is so soft and moist, with a thick cremey filling inside.
    My favorite breakfast food that I am allowed to have are eggs, bacon, and fluffy panckes. On Sunday mornings before church my mom makes a huge breakfast of all of our favorite foods. We usually have freshly squezzed orange juice, pancakes, eggs, and sausages.
    I absolutley love it when my mom makes breakfast for dinner. It is one of my favorite dinners. Whenever my cousins come over they love having it, so we always make it.
    The best dinner I have ever had was when I went to my Auntie Dar Dar’s house(over Thanksgiving break), and she cooked up a storm! A lot of our other realitives came up to her house too. We had cous cous, chicken, biscuits, and all sorts of stuff. I felt like I was in heaven! Everything was so good. My Aunt loves making people happy by cooking!

  39. If I were to eat something for breakfast that was kind of unusual, it would be this Coldstone ice cream cake that I got on my birthday this year. I probably would be allowed to eat it for breakfast but I might not be as energized for the day as I would be with a regular breakfast. My parents don’t really monitor what I eat for breakfast, so I don’t think they would mind. My favorite food for breakfast is homemade waffles. I have had breakfast for dinner. It is rare for my family to have breakfast for dinner. Sometimes my mom will make like french toast and eggs for dinner but only when there is like nothing else to cook.
    I have eaten so many great meals but I would have to pick this really good lasagna as my favorite. It is from Mazzaro’s Italian Market. I had it at Brooke’s house and now my mom gets it sometimes, too, because it is so good. I really love pasta and bread and that kind of food so it really appeals to me.

  40. Hmmmm… What would I have for breakfast that I can’t? There is nothing I can’t have for breakfast, my breakfast on Monday proves that. I had my mom’s snickerdoodle cookies and a lump of peanut butter on my plate (I didn’t want to ever eat peanut butter again after that) It was pretty good until I was down to half the lump of peanut butter and I started to get sick of eating it. Lesson learned.

    My favorite breakfast food is either a tortilla with melted cheese in it or pizza (yes it is a breakfast food if you are not sure). Most people would call those dinner foods, but not me. I think food is food and you can eat anything at any meal, even steak for breakfast. Sometimes we have “Breakfast foods” for dinner, but not as often as we used to.

    I’m not sure what the best meal I’ve ever eaten is, but I have to say that the lunch at Pepin today was phenomenal! I think my favorite meal at the moment was when a had a steak for the first time in a year or more over winter break with my grandparents. It was no where fancy, just my dinner table, but what made it special was not only the good food, but the company and how nobody argued and we were all perfectly happy for about an hour and it was really nice.

  41. I definitely know what I would love to have for breakfast that I usually am not allowed to have. I would have my giant cupcakes slathered with chocolate frosting. I make these super large cupcakes that are the best! I do it every time I babysit my sisters so we all can have a nice treat while we watch a movie!! (I babysit my sisters often so I get to make them quite a bit!) These cupcakes are like giant muffins that you buy in a store, but taste better! My favorite food for breakfast would probably have to be cinnamon rolls that my mom makes for us. When I eat them I always want more so I end up eating three big ones with extra frosting!! 🙂
    The best meal that I have probably ever eaten was at Sushi Rock Grill. That is my favorite restaurant here in St. Pete. At Sushi Rock Grill I discovered my favorite meal that I have ever had. It is teriyaki chicken, white rice with soy sauce, and vegetables. Every time I go there I order the same thing, but I can’t help it, it’s just so delicious!

  42. I love having breakfast, but I would not want anything different then I usually have in the morning. I like it how it is. It makes me a little sick if I have something different then normal breakfast. My favorite foods I like for breakfast is then normal pancakes, bacon and a bowl of fruit. I usually have that in the weekends because I have no time to make it during school days. A couple times I have had breakfast for dinner. I don’t like it that much because it is just not the same as breakfast in the morning. To me I think it tastes a little different and not as good as in the morning. My favorite food I have had is every Christmas my dad makes the best meal at our house. Most of our family comes and my dad cooks a really good seafood dinner. Last year it was really good. He made lobster, shrimp, scallops, salmon and a lot more. He just went crazy on seafood and he is a good cook , but he can cook seafood the best.

  43. I am really allowed to eat anything for breakfast. My mom doesn’t really care because she knows I don’t really like sugary stuff in the morning. I like regular breakfast foods and stuff. I love pancakes with chocolate chips though! I usually don’t have breakfast for dinner, but if I want a quick dinner sometimes I have cereal. My mom usually doesn’t buy sugary cereal, my house is usually pretty healthy so I usually don’t eat Lucky Charms and Coco Puffs.

    My favorite meal was in Costa Rica. Last summer I traveled to Costa Rica. One of the places we stayed was called Corcavo Tent. It was a place literally on the sand with tents. The place was very small and there was wildlife walking just outside our tent. The food there was great! They had a gourmet cook that cooked for us every meal. They served everything family style with the whole tent city (only like 10 people). My favorite meal that they served was a four course meal. They first served a soup of corn cowder. Then there famous salad. For the main corse we had, shrimp in a garlic sauce and crab legs. My two favorite things! For desert we had a chocolate jello like thing that tasted delicious! I was so surprised that at a little out door place like that they could serve us gourmet food. The kitchen was also very small. (and a boa lives in the kitchen)

  44. My parents don’t really care what I have for breakfast on the weekends, as long as it’s something healthy. My favorite breakfast foods are pancakes but without syrup. To me, they just taste better that way, and it’s healthier. We will sometimes eat breakfast for dinner, but usually only when I have a ton of work to do. My mom makes really good fried egg sandwiches in an instant, so dinner goes a lot faster.

    The best meal I ever ate has got to be the humongous dinner my mom made for my nana’s birthday. The reason we had this dinner was because her actual birthday dinner was at the Vinoy, but it took them 45 minutes just to ask us what we wanted to drink. (I swear, I’m not kidding.) My nana and I were begging my parents, “Please, we’re starving! Can’t we leave?” We got to the restaurant around 6:00 and didn’t leave until about 10:30. It was a nightmare. But anyway, my mom made some lobster tails, crab legs, steak, and a huge cake with lots of icing. It was so good, and I even remember saying, “Mom, why don’t you go work at the Vinoy? They could use some good service!” I’ll always remember that meal; not only because of the food, but because of the story that comes with it.


  45. To me breakfast is the best meal of the day. Amazingly, most people disagree. For breakfast I normally have cereal, which is real boring. However, if I could have anything for breakfast it would be mint chocolate chip ice cream. I would also pour hot fudge all of the ice cream. Of course, I’m not aloud to have this for breakfast. The reason I like this so much is that I think mint and fudge are the perfect combination. I think I like mint chocolate chip ice cream because my dad loves it. However, after awhile I would get sick of having ice cream. So after awhile I would want to have home made delicious chocolate chip cookies. They are the best! Chocolate chip cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream are foods that I am not aloud to have for breakfast. Surprisingly, there are some sweet not healthy foods that I am aloud for breakfast. One of my favorite foods to have for breakfast is home made cinema roles. They are so good. I could eat ten if I was aloud to. I also like French toast at Sweet Sage (this is a restaurant on the beach). At Sweet Sage they have French toast with a cinema sauce. I pour it all on and eat the French toast at once. My most favorite food to have for breakfast is Egg Benedict. The reason I like this is because I have a thing for anything with eggs. The best dinner is having a breakfast for dinner. I have it once of twice a year and it is awesome. The best meal I have ever had was home made Chicken Brian. My mom makes it occasionally. She got it from Carrabba’s were I first tried it. It is by far the best meal I have ever had and my favorite meal I have ever had. If I have this meal it is for dinner.

  46. Like most kids, I’m not allowed to have anything for breakfast. My mom limits it to “breakfast” foods. That means bagels, cereal, toast etc. My favorite breakfast treat would be Krispy Kreme donuts. In North Carolina they taste so good!
    The best meal I ever had was at the Biltmore Winery Bistro. If you had ever been to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina, than you get an idea of where it is. Anyway the Biltmore Estates has a gigantic winery where they have – well, wine. A bistro is there with world class food. I go there whenever I can. I always order this absolutely delicious pizza, and they have the best bread too! I have no idea what the bread is called, but the pizza has a million ingredients in it. My family and I also share an order of calamari there, which is loaded with fresh herbs and spices. Anyway I better get off this subject before I start drooling on the keyboard.

  47. The one thing I would love to hace for breakfast is homemade pumkin pie. My grandma makes a kiler pumpin pie and she donates one to my family once a month. My favorite meal for breakfast is a strawberry smoothie, fruit, and cereal. When my family doesn’t have anything good for dinner, we would have breakfasst for dinner. This always happens because my mokm forgets to go to the grocery store. The best meal I have ever had was at a Japeness resturant called Blue Fugu. Blue Fugu is on the beach and they cook your food right in front of you. I ordered chicken, fried rice, and shrimp. This fod comes with two kinds of sauces. They are soy sauce and what I like to call yummy-yummy sauce. For an appetizer the resturant gives you a salad and a soup for free. I don’t eat the salad, but I LOVE the soup. I thring it is called mushroom soup. The first time I went there I loved the food so now I go there once a month. This meal was surely the best meal I have ever had.

  48. If i were to have a dish for breakfast I would definatly have icecream with a montain of whip creap toped with rainbow sprincles, hershys harding choclate syrup, and a cherry on top. I would also have norwgein waffles which is usally a meal for lunch. The waffles are like belgian waffles but better. The one best thing I would have for breakefast is a norweigein cookie type food called Kroom Cakes. Our family makes them every Christimas as a tradition. They are very good and differant. I love norweigin foods since I am norweigin. My favorite breakfast food would have to be pancakes and bagels. I sometimes do have breakefast for dinner. A good example would be when we have pancakes for dinner, but ofcorse they are norweigin and differant from american pancakes. We also have on Christimas Day we have breakfast foods for dinner. We have scrambled eggs, bagels, and luch meats. The reson we do this is becuase since I am norweigin we celebrate Christmas on nomal Christmas Eve. We open our presents at night after dinner. I love having differant things for breakfast and having breakfast for dinner.

  49. I could probably have anything I want for breakfast as long as I would eat it. Breakfast is not my favorite meal. I’m not crazy about eggs or any dairy products. I guess my favorite breakfast would be Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and a mango smoothie. The waffles have to be cooked just right and served piping hot with melted honey butter and grade “A” maple syrup drizzled all over. A frozen mango smoothie with bits of mango served in a pineapple with cherry garnish and a cool straw to help the waffle down would be pretty good too. Having this served to me at the Grand Floridian pool would make this the best breakfast ever!
    I have to admit my mom makes a good breakfast every morning, but its all that granola
    and fresh fruit stuff. I do love her hot ginger peach tea with honey. Weekend breakfast is always at Panera. Hot tea or a latte, if I can talk my mother into it, along with a chocolate chip muffie top or a souffle is the weekend menu. I never have breakfast for dinner, but I have had dinner for breakfast. When I was younger, I use to get Panera soup for breakfast. I would have to take what ever type they had ready in the morning, but it was a great hot meal.
    The best meal I have ever had was at my Aunt Teri’s house. Aunt Teri is like Rachel Ray, Paula Dean, and Emerald all rolled into one. Anything she makes is great. Every time you eat at her house it’s like a special occasion. Whether it is X-mas, Thanksgiving, or just a get together, the food and the company is excellent. Last summer when we went to visit her in Siesta Key she made these Margarita smoothies that were awesome. It was like drinking lemon-lime ice bubbles. She made my favorite chicken salad with almond slivers and huge green grapes. She topped it off with eclair cake which just melted in my mouth. She even sent me home with a goody bag of warm chocolate chip cookies which didn’t even make it to the Skyway Bridge. Even though it wasn’t a special occasion, it’s always a good time with great food at my Aunt Teri’s house.

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