Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

We are going to take a break from our literature discussions on The Outsiders and do some creative writing. The idea for this creative prompt actually comes from the book.

“All three of us like chocolate cake for breakfast. Mom had never allowed it with ham and eggs, but Darry let Soda and me talk him into it. We didn’t really have to twist his arm; Darry loves chocolate cake as much as we do.” (Hinton, 104,105)

Is there something you would love to have for breakfast but are not allowed to have? What are your favorite foods for breakfast, and do you ever have breakfast for dinner? (I love!)

What is the best meal you have ever eaten? It doesn’t have to be breakfast. Please give details as far as the food descriptions are concerned, and be sure to tell about the occasion and where this meal took place.

Also, please check out the new posted videos of The Beatles and Hank Williams. The lyrics of “The Two Of Us” correlate with the theme of friendship in the book. The Hank Williams song, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” speaks to the theme of ostracism. Please know the definition of this word, and be prepared for class discussion on all the song videos in regards to the song lyrics and how they relate to the themes of forbidden love, friendship, and ostracism in The Outsiders in the coming weeks. The “What’s In Your Ipod?” project/essay will revolve around these three themes.


  1. I love how Darry will just let them eat chocolate cake for breakfast. That makes me laugh because if I had chocolate cake for breakfast my mom would not be very happy. I don’t think I would eat anything else for breakfast besides cereal or toast. I like just the way my normal breakfast is. I wouldn’t change anything. My favorite food for breakfast is when my dad makes Scooby Doo Waffles. They are so delicious my taste buds in my mouth have a party. I just love the way he makes them. They are so good. I don’t ever eat breakfast for dinner. I haven’t had it in a really long time. I usually have breakfast for dinner when I’m sick!!!!! My most FaVoRiTe MeAl would be at my friend Sam’s house. Her dad is a cook and he makes homemade things every night for dinner. One time I was over there and he made his special pizza. He gets dough from Publix, marinara sauce that is so delicious, and then puts yummy tummy cheese on it. It was the best pizza I ever ate in the entire WORLD. The weird thing was though I don’t like PIZZA. He made the pizza taste so good that I actually had like five pieces. He then made this other pizza with white cheese and barbecue chicken. That was also very delicious. Her dad is a great cook and I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a cook one day. We ate it outside on her big table. Her house is on the water and it was a perfect place to enjoy a piece of mouth-watering pizza.

  2. There’s really not much that I would change about what I eat for breakfast. I usually eat a bagel and some fresh strawberries or blueberries and sometimes even bacon. This is what I love to eat for breakfast. I think I’ve had breakfast for dinner once or twice, but I would much rather have dinner for dinner… (I like that better).
    So lets see… the best meal I’ve ever eaten? That’s a hard decision. I would have to say the best meal I have ever had was whatever I had for breakfast after Relay for Life last year. I didn’t eat any of the food because they didn’t have anything I liked. I was starving and full of caffeine and couldn’t walk in a straight line. I can’t remember exactly what I ate that morning, but I remember it was delicious. 🙂

  3. I am not allowed to eat two bacon sandwiches. The only two favorite foods that I like to eat for breakfast is a plain bagel and bacon. Every once in a while, I’ll eat a bagel for dinner or fry up some bacon. My favorite meal that I had ever had was in Orlando in “I Hop.” I had two fried eggs with toast and hash browns. When I was done, I ordered another because I thought that I might need more energy for the game and so I’ll just order another. I was in Orlando for a hockey game and so that was the reason why I ordered another plate.

  4. I can pretty much have anything for breakfast as long as I eat it ,and don’t get sick because of it. Normally I don’t eat breakfast. Personally, its not one of my favorite meals. If I have time or have an appetight in the morning I usually just have a piece of toast. I know! Plain right? Its really rare that I am hungry in the morning. If I ever would have a normal breakfast it would be around 10. Well thats more like brunch. Anyways, I would probably have eggs and bacon. The best meal I have ever had was in an italian restaurant in Toronto, Canada. Twelve Hundred dollars later we walked out with our stomachs stuffed and big grins on our faces. The meal consisted of veal and kobi stake, belgua caviar and calamari. The desert was homemade gelato. I have breakfast for dinner a lot, because it is something I can make. Also if I don’t like what my mommy makes I can have breakfast instead of dinner.

  5. When I was younger my parents let me eat candy for breakfast sometimes, maybe even pizza other times. Now I don’t really want all that junk for breakfast. I just want some bacon and fresh fruit! I love having breakfast for dinner though! It’s different and fun! It was a great idea to come up with a breakfast meal for dinner.
    The best meals I eat are at my friend Delaney’s house. Whenever I am there for dinner we always cheese quesadillas and for breakfast her dad always makes a small buffet of croissants, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, bacon, sausage, milk, and sometimes toast! It is extremely delicious! Going there is such a treat and besides the food we always have so much fun!

  6. The food that I would always love to have for breakfast but cannot always have is easy over eggs. Mainly this is because my mom doesn’t want to wake up every morning and make me eggs and I am too lazy to get up and make eggs. My ideal breakfast to have right when I wake up is easy over eggs, bacon, and toast. It’s the most amazing breakfast ever! I have never had breakfast for dinner but I did have brunch one time. I thought that it was disgusting! I had to eat pancakes with syrup when what I was craving was a cheeseburger. I remember when I had the best meal of my life. It was when I was at Universal Islands of Adventures in the comic strip café. I ordered some chips and salsa and a taco type thing. It wasn’t really the food that made it the best meal ever, it was the atmosphere. I was having a great time at the most fun theme park in the world eating a meal that I loved at a restaurant that was great.

  7. If I could have anything for breakfast I would have powdered doughnuts. My mom does not let me have powdered doughnuts because they will make me hyper. My favorite thing to have is peaches and cream oatmeal with a side of waffles. I love to have breakfast for dinner. Sometimes my dad will make pancakes, bacon and eggs. The best meal that I ever ate was at the melting pot for my thirteenth birthday. There are meal started with a cheese and artichoke dip. In the main cores we had beef, shrimp, and pasta. Last and best of all, a banana foster that we dipped sweets in. This would have to be the best meal that I have ever had.

  8. I’m usually the person who likes to have regular breakfast foods in the morning but if I had to say something that I would like to eat for breakfast I would probably say brownies. For breakfast I like to eat pancakes or waffles. I love having breakfast for dinner sometimes. When my friend was over we had bacon later in the day. Over the summer two years ago I went to California. We stopped in this little town called Carmel. There was a little Vietnamese restaurant that was very kid friendly. I had steamed chicken with vegetables and it had to be one of the best meals I have ever had. The food was fresh and really hot which made it have a really good taste.

  9. My favorite foods for breakfast are usually Honey Nut Cheerios and a glass of Orange juice. Sometimes waffles with chocolate chips, whip cream and syrup if I wake up early enough ( its definitely worth it). If I could have anything that I wanted it would be a plate of brownies with the addition of cream cheese icing. I would crave that with each sugary bite. I do not usually have breakfast for dinner. I like to keep my meals separate and in order, I don’t know why. The best meal that I have ever eaten was at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club the meal that I had was the sixteen ounce New York Prime Rib.

  10. If I could have anything for breakfast, I would have Lasagna, I love italian food, especially lasagna. I tried it for breakfast once and it was really good I thought it tasted even better because it was just zapped in the microwave, wich to me changes the flavor, to one that I like. It is weird, but I like it a lot. But lasagna is not the best meal I ever had, the best meal I ever had was Thanksgiving 2 years ago, at my Grandparents, my grandma made Chicken and Dumplens, she made it a lot, like three times a week on average, and it was always perfect, but she tried a new recipie she told us, and it was the best meal I ever had, all we I had besides that was her steamed Brocoli with her speciel spice that makes it taste great.

  11. I thought the whole chocolate cake thing was kind of cool. The Curtis boys keep each other in line and happy. I, too, am a chocolate addict. Chocolate is hard to describe… it’s just so good. But on the topic of the blog, there is one thing I would love to have for breakfast. Hot chocolate. It’s like chocolate that you drink, if you didn’t already know. I used to have it when I was younger almost every day. But I haven’t ever since I moved in with my aunt about five years ago. Considering that my aunt is a major health nut, she would never consider allowing me to have hot chocolate for breakfast with my cereal or anything like that. I really do wish that I could have it though. Also, I think Cocoa Puffs sound nice for breakfast. They are extremely unhealthy, but hey, they’re good. I really enjoy Cocoa Puffs because they are chocolate. Yum…

    For breakfast, I usually have granola. I actually really like granola. It’s healthy, tasty, and homemade. My aunt makes granola every so often and we eat it for breakfast almost every day. I also like to take vitamins. I take Omega 3s, which are pills that have fish oils in them to help your brain. I also take another vitamin that is a powder called OPC 3. I don’t know exactly what’s in it, but it’s a powder that you pour into a cup and mix with water. Then you just drink it. I like to drink orange juice, even though we never really have it. I also like to eat a banana. Actually, I always like to eat bananas. But I do like to eat them for breakfast.

    It’s a rare occasion when I eat breakfast for dinner. I love doing it, though! Just grabbing a bowl or cereal or pancakes at seven o’clock is a dream come true on some days. It’s kind of like starting your day right at the end, and it feels nice. Breakfast just has that certain flavor that I love. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just like a little message that goes to my head saying, “Wake up!” It re-energizes me at the end of the day when I’m tired, and I feel as good as new.

  12. I would love to have sugary cereals for breakfeast, but my parents hate that. I would definitely want to have Lucky Charms, but my parents wouldn’t let me have a spoonful of it. I usually have a waffle, pancakes, or french toast, but I would mostly love sugary cereals like Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    The best meal I’ve ever had is when I went to Bern’s, which is the best, but most expensive resturant in the whole wide world. A bunch of famous people like Rays and Bucs players go there, and I went there only once, but it was amazing. First, I had one of my 3 favorite salads in the world with the best bread in the world. Then I got steak, which was mouth-watering, juicy, and delicious. After our dinner, our waiter took us and he showed us a tour of our kitchen and there wine cellar. There kitchen was huge and amazing, and there wine cellar was even bigger and had 200 year old wines in it! Then, we went in to another room where they served dessert. I got the best chocolate cheesecake ever. It’s the best resturant in the world and I would suggest for anyone to go there, but stop at the ATM first.

  13. I can’t think of anything that I can’t have for breakfast because I can have anything I want. My favorite foods for breakfast are pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, waffles, bagels, fruits, yogurt and cereal. Sometimes I eat breakfast for dinner. Usually it is after a party where I don’t eat enough and so I have cereal for dinner. The best meal that I have ever eaten was in Switzerland In the Palace Hotel where they had every thing you ever wanted for break fast like pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, waffles, bagels, fruits, yogurt, cereal and many more.

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