Greaser Or Soc?

“You greasers have a different set of values. You’re more emotional. We’re sophisticated-cool to the point of not feeling anything. Nothing is real with us.”

“We’re always going and going and going, and never asking where. Did you ever hear of having more than you wanted? So that you couldn’t want anything else and then started looking for something else to want? It seems like we’re always searching for something to satisfy us, and never finding it. Maybe if we could lose our cool we could.”

That was the truth. Socs were always behind a wall of aloofness, careful not to let their real selves show through.

“That’s why we’re separated,” I said. “It’s not the money, it’s the feeling-you don’t feel anything and we feel too violently.” Cherry and Ponyboy (Hinton, 38)

Please explain the passage above and what it means to you. Also, would you want to be a greaser or a soc? Why? From your readings so far, how are these two groups different and how are they the same?


  1. That passage above really spoke to me and I understood the feeling Cherry used when she was talking. I thought that passage said the differences between greasers and Socs. She said that greasers are very emotional, but Socs are more sophisticated and cool. Also, the Socs were rich, and the greasers were poor. But it wasn’t the money the money that separated them, it was their personality. The greasers didn’t feel anything or care too much, but the Socs were very violent.

    I would so much rather be a greaser than a Soc. I would rather be a greaser because greasers always kept their cool, minded their own business, stayed out of fights, and always sticked together. The greasers tried to keep away from the Socs, and keep out of fights (except for Dallas.) But the Socs are always looking for fights. Even if the greasers want to fight, they do fight fairly. The Socs always gang up on innocent people, like Ponyboy, and the greasers like to fight one-on-one. One last thing, is the Socs are always breaking the law and getting out of trouble for doing it. The greasers never like to break the law (except for Dallas.) The greasers don’t break the law because they will get arrested for it, unlike the Socs.

    After reading these first few chapters, the greasers and Socs aren’t that different. They have some similarities and differences. Some similarities between them are they both have friends and they usually get into fights. Except one difference is the Socs look to get into fights and the greasers try to stay out of them, but when they have to stand their ground they will. Another similarity is they both have their own problems. The greasers have to deal with the Socs fighting them and they also have to deal with breaking the law and being careful what they do. A difference between them is the Socs are filthy rich and get away with whatever they do, but the Socs are poor and could get arrested very easily. Another difference is they live own different territories of town. Also, the greasers are very emotional and care highly about things, but the Socs could care less for what they do and do whatever they want. In the end, they both could get along, or else they’ll end up killing all of each other.

  2. When I first read that passage it really made cense. If you think about it enough its really the feeling that people have that make them individual, not how much money they have. If I had to choose between being a greaser or a soc I would choose to be a greaser. This may be a weird choice because the greasers don’t have a lot of nice things but they can really feel things, even if it’s not always in the right way. But I would rather feel violent then not feel anything at all. From what I have read so far, the two groups are very different from each other. The socs, or most of them, really think that they are better than everybody and think that they can do whatever they want without taking into consideration how anyone else feels. The greasers stick together and just try to get by the best that they can and instead of blowing off their steam jumping other socs they have organized fights, clean organized fights. I don’t think that they really have anything similar to each other besides their hatred for one another.

  3. The passage above is about the main difference between the socs and the greasers. The socs get what they want and are always looking for more, but the greasers don’t have a lot and they don’t complain about it. The greasers find one thing that they want and sometimes they get it sometimes they don’t, and if they don’t get it they will not complain or dwell over it. I think I would rather be a greaser they have a hard life but in the end it pays off, they will look back on what they have been through and live with it, and they really appreciate what they have. These two social groups are different because they have different hang outs, the socs come from wealthier families and the greasers come from the poor families they life on different side of town and the people they meet are different from the way they look, act, and from how their lifestyles are. They are different from the way they apply themselves to life. They are the same because they are both, “looking at the same sunset” they may live in two separate worlds but they go through and experience some of the same problems, weather it is with school, at home or with friends.

  4. This passage above tells the difference between the socs and the greasers. The quotes were said by Cherry and Ponyboy the night they were at the drive-in. They were giving their thoughts on why the socs and greasers were separated. This passage basically says that the socs are so cool and sophisticated that they do not feel anything and the greasers are more emotional. To me, this means that the greasers have real feelings and the socs do not. The second quote said by Cherry seems like she is saying the socs just go with the flow and already have so much of the things they want because they can afford it. Then, because they have so much they just have to think of other things to want. When it says they’re always looking for something to satisfy them, I think they try to find satisfaction by jumping the greasers, but they still never find it. One of the quotes also says that the socs do not show their real selves. This means that they never would let their inside feelings come out and show. If I could choose from being a soc or a greaser, I would choose to be a greaser. I would want to be a greaser because they are the people who actually do feel things. They may be treated worse than the socs, but they still have a good gang who are like family. I would like to be in the gang because everyone sticks up for one another no matter what. I also like how in the book the whole gang serves as Johnny’s family. Another reason I would not want to be a soc is because they do not let their real personality show through, and they always have to look for something to satisfy them. The socs are very different from the greasers. The greasers let their hair grow long and wear old clothes like jean jackets and tennis shoes. The socs wear nicer clothes like Madras shirts. Greasers are the East Side kids who are in gangs and have less money. Socs are richer and do not have to worry about their jobs. The two groups’ feelings are also very different. The socs don’t feel anything and the greasers feel too violently. Even though the groups are very different they are similar in some ways. Both groups are in small gangs. Also, things are rough all over for the groups.

  5. The passage above means that the two worlds that Ponyboy and Cherry live in appear to be very different but they really are similar. I would rather be a greaser because I would rather have emotions and work towards wanting something than having too much stuff and do bad things just because you can.

  6. This passage took place between Ponyboy and Cherry when they were walking home from the movies with Marcia, Johnny, and Two-Bit. Ponyboy was telling Cherry how easy life must be for a Soc. After all the Socs have comfortable lives while the Greasers have no luck at all. Cherry informs Ponyboy that life as a Soc is not all that simple. Money is not the only difference between the two groups. Cherry points out that Greasers are all like brothers looking out for each other. They show their emotions unlike Socs who fight amongst themselves and against Greasers. Cherry describes Socs as too cool and aloof to even realize their own emotions. Their too busy trying to fill up their empty lives, looking for something that will satisfy them. In contrast, the Greasers are all about emotions. They experience the true realities of life which brings out the emotional feelings. They know that if they don’t stick together as a gang family they will never be able to survive against the Socs or life. What both groups fail to realize is that unless they learn to coexist peacefully there will always be violence.

    I would most definitely chose to be a Greaser rather then a Soc. Greasers always stick together and support each other. They are true to themselves. I see the Greasers as strong kids with higher morals then the Socs. Socs don’t know who they truly are. They always want more, never satisfied with their “tuff”cars or fancy clothes. Just like Ponyboy’s first ideas, many of us think that the only difference between social classes is money, but that is just the beginning of the differences. It’s the way they act around others. The Greasers act like they are all brothers in a big family going through life with a few bumps in the road. The Socs don’t even respect each other or their girlfriends. Every Soc thinks their better then their own gang members causing anger and isolation among the group. The Socs and the Greasers both envy each other for different reasons. Cherry wants the Socs to act more like a group and be one. While the Greasers, like Ponyboy want an easier life with money and cars. After Ponyboy’s conversation with Cherry he realizes that kids from both groups do share things in common. They enjoy the same sunset, the same books, and can actual talk to each other without violence. Once Ponyboy comes to the realization that Greasers and Socs are very similar except for their attitude and money, he thinks that a Greaser life might be better than a Soc life.

  7. I believe that the passage explains the difference between greasers and socs perfectly. I think that nowadays people are more like socs than greasers. I myself would much rather be a greaser than a soc. A soc would simply be a monster with too much power in my mind. A greaser would probably have a rougher time but at least I would still have some of my moral value. I do know that some socs and greasers arent’ bad and that some are. Still I believe that I would have a greater chance of “going bad” if I didn’t feel anything or never got in trouble. Most people think that hate is the worst emotion possible. They are wrong. Not caring is much worse than hate.

  8. This passage in the book is really important and helped me think about the Greasers and Socs differently. It’s all about Cherry and Ponyboy talking about the differences in their social groups, the Greasers and the Socs. Cherry is saying that the Socs get everything the want, but still want more; which is very different from the Greasers. The Greasers are content with just having friends to hang out with. I would much rather be a Greaser than a Soc. A Greaser appreciates even the small things in life when the Socs want more. A Greaser has more deep emotions that they can show around their friends unlike the Socs who try and hide their real feelings. Both groups are still people that enjoy similar things and do similar things. They’re not that much different except for the clothes they wear and what they own. They may have a different set of values and activities in their lives, but both groups are still people who want happiness and are trying everything they can to find it and keep it.

  9. To me, it means that the thing that separates the Socs and the Greasers is the way they express themselves. the Socs do not show much emotion. They keep their cool. On the other hand, the Greasers have too moch emotion. They have so much emotion that they sometimes release it through violence. I would probably be a Greaser. I usually let out my emotions and loose my cool. Sometimes this might result in violence. The Socs are from the well off families. The Greasers are not from well off families. The Greasers like Elvis, and the Socs like The Beatles. Like I explained earlier, the Socs don’t feel enough and the Greasers feel too much. The two groups are also the same. They are both gangs. The members hang out together and do stuff together. The members of each gang have eachother’s backs. And, like said by Ponyboy, they both watch the same sunset.

  10. I think that in that passage, Cherry is trying to say that greasers and socs are overall the same. It isn’t the money or physical apperance that separates the two groups. It’s mainly emotions. Greasers are emotional, maybe even too emotional sometimes. They take out their anger on other people or things. Socs are not emotional at all. They are hard as rocks and don’t let anything get in their way. They just beat all the greasers up for fun, not for any certain emotional reasons. I would want to be a mix between a greaser and a soc. Greasers are nice and are always there for eachother. Socs on the other hand don’t let anything get to them. They’re strong emotionaly and that helps in life. I agree with Cherry how socs are not emotional, and greasers are emotional. They are the same because they are almost always there for eachother and stay within their groups.

  11. The quotes that were given were quotes that show the differences between greasers and socs in the story. To me the passages mean that both of the different groups of people don’t understand each other enough to care for each other or show respect they just think since he hates him I do to. This continues until someone like Ponyboy or Cherry say you know what we aren’t really that different.

    If I lived in the 60’s I would like to be a greaser because in the story it proves that the greaser are the kid being bullied by the big guys. Greasers also care about each other a lot so if everyone in our grade were a greaser we would think of each other as family.

    From reading the story so far the differences between greasers and socs are the greasers respect everything in life even small things. Where the socs find something good but the want great and they won’t accept it unless it is. In other words greasers are emotional and the socs really just don’t care.

  12. I think this message shows how different the two groups of people are. In the story the Socs are people with money and a better life style. They have good cars and basically get whatever they want. In the story the Greasers are the ones who are getting jumped by the Socs and don’t have the best cars or that much money. They work for money unlike the Socs who basically do what they want. Similarities between these two groups are that not all of them are the same. Some socs, like Cherry and Marcia, aren’t like Bob and his crew. They actually know what it’s like to be a soc and sometimes she doesn’t like the feeling. That’s why she accepts Johnny, Ponyboy, Two-Bit. If i had to choose between a greaser and a soc I would say a greaser. You may not get a lot of money or respect when you’re a greaser but you face more challenges which you can easily over come which is better when you’re an adult. I would be a greaser because I would show my emotions more and have friends who actually are my real friends and stick up for me unlike the Socs who don’t really stick up for each other. Greasers and socs may be two different types of people but in the end we should accept who we are.

  13. I think the passage above says that everyone has problems. Also, that the Socs and the Greasers aren’t that different. The Socs may have more money and act like jerks but in many ways they are like the Greasers. The Socs and the Greasers are both basically gangs. The Greasers look at it as somewhere to fit in or a family. The Socs just see it as a group to hang out with. Characters in the book think the Socs have it easy but they don’t. They have problems just like the Greasers. Their problems might not be as big as the Greasers but they still have problems. The part about we watch the same sunset made me think of when I look at the moon and think that my bestfriend who moved to Lebanon looks up at the same moon every night.

  14. The passage above is describing the Socs and how they look at things. The Socs don’t like expressing themselves. They try not to show their emotions or let anyone know if they need anything or how they are feeling. The Socs try to hide behind their coolness and cover up themselves.
    If I had to choose between Soc and a Greaser my choice would be a Greaser because they are the ones who stand up for themselves. They are close as a family and support each other and look out for one another. Also if I was a Greaser I channel my energy into making a better community instead of destroying it.
    The two groups are similar in a few ways. They both have their gangs and the members are close to each other. They each have fears. The differences are that the Socs have money and families that are strong and the Greasers have broken families and are poor. The Socs have nice cars and the Greasers have old cars or no cars.

  15. What this passage meant to me is that Socs and Greasers aren’t all that different. Socs have nice things and Greasers don’t, but it’s not just the money that seperates them. It’s the feeling. The Greasers get real emotional when the Socs might not even feel anything at all. I think that I am probably a Greaser. Greasers do what they think is right. They don’t go around and jump people for the fun of it.

  16. This passage to me seems to especially answer this question, where Ponyboy tells Cherry, “That’s why we’re separated,” I said. “It’s not the money, it’s the feeling-you don’t feel anything and we feel too violently.” This is saying that the Greasers are more, for lack of a better word, deep and the Socks are not as deep. This means that the Greasers have more of a family-like friendship as where the Socks have a more non-family like friendship. In light of what I have said I would be a Greaser not because I wanted to look tough and stuff, but to feel the friendship of family.

  17. Mrs. Cobb, I am very sorry…I actually fell asleep studying last night!

    I feel that in the above passage, Cherry is trying to explain to Ponyboy that Socs rarely reveal their inner emotions, or act passionately around people, nor do they show their pain or distress. In contrast, Greasers show every morsel of emotion and sometimes they become volatile and get out of control. Ponyboy then realizes that the real difference between the Greasers and the Socs, was not the money or what neighborhood they live in, but rather how they feel, how they relay their feelings to others, and how they respond to the world around them.

    Basically, I think the Greasers and the Socs have some of the same qualities, while others are completely different… One thing that Ponyboy brings up at the end of Chapter 2 to Cherry is to always remember that some of them look at the SAME Sunset. This tells me that the Socs may be rich and get anything they want, but that dosen’t mean they don’t have problems too. Just like the Greasers they may be afraid of something or even someone and just not show it. Another similarity is that both groups are just groups of people…people that just want to hang out, and who talk to each other about their troubles or joys or whatever! They are both just a group of highschool kids.
    I think their differences are potrayed perfectly in the above passage. Unlike the Greasers, the Socs do not show their emotions, they try to act all cool, when really they’re being annoying! 🙂 The Greasers feel for their fellow gang members, they have compassion and empathy towards them and would do anything for each other. They are a Family!

    I would want to be a Greaser. I know that may sound silly, since the Socs are the ones with the good cars, the nice homes, and who get everything they want or desire. But the Greasers are the ones who have integrity and courage; who speak their minds, who dress the way they want and act like themselves- no matter what the situation. My mother thinks this is natural for youth to feel this way, probably, but for right now, this is the only way I know how to think. :0)

  18. I think the passage means that both groups the socs and the greasers both want to get everything but when the socs get what they want they do not know what to do with it or they are fed up with it. The greasers want as everything that the socs have , but the socs do not show any emotion as for the greasers every chance they get something they are greatful because they have to work hard to get certain things while the socs get things that come to them because they have the money and the time to get certain things. Greasers and Socs are the same because most of them are bad kids who get into a lot of trouble. Socs are different then Greasers in many ways because they are rich, they are good in school, and they get the prettier girls while the Greasers are poor, they do not use their head, and they tend to take their emotions out on other people. I would want to be a greaser because they have feelings for one another but I would want to be a soc for popularity, education, and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason why people want certain things is mainly because they know someone who has this thing says it’s really cool and people buy these things for popularity. Basically it is a series of events. For an example I use to have the playstaion 2 because everybody had it but now I want the x box 360 which I have. I garauntee that in one year I will be tired of the x box.

  19. I thought the poem ” The Road not taken” reminded me of life. The message of the poem is that the two paths are exactly like choices in life. So in this poem he said that he looked at two paths and when he said this it reminded me of choices. So these two paths could be good and bad choices. But when he looked at them he realized that one had be traveled many times and one was less traveled. Then he chose to take the one that had been less traveled, but in the end it made all of the difference. The less traveled path is like making the decision that might be harder, but it turns out Ok in the end. The path that has been traveled is like the easy way out and there would be no excitement at the end like the less traveled path where at the end say wow I did it. I really enjoyed this poem and would like to to read something like it someday.

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  25. am i greaser you decide i like to carry a switchblade and i wear blue jeans i wear white shirt and las but not least i am the odd one in my school.

  26. I am a Soc, and I believe that Socs are way better than Greasers. I am actually Sherri (Cherry) Valance, believe it or not! (Remember that for the future, you guys!) I am currently working with Randy, my friend, to assist me in helping Marcia (who is Randy’s boyfriend) learn about the Greasers. I’ve attempted everything, but I cannot seem to help her, no matter what I do! Those no-good do-gooders called the Greasers are trying to palm off Marcia on me and the rest of the Socs; maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to learn about them, because she knows what they are trying to do to us Socs!
    Zap out, guys!

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