Greaser Or Soc?

“You greasers have a different set of values. You’re more emotional. We’re sophisticated-cool to the point of not feeling anything. Nothing is real with us.”

“We’re always going and going and going, and never asking where. Did you ever hear of having more than you wanted? So that you couldn’t want anything else and then started looking for something else to want? It seems like we’re always searching for something to satisfy us, and never finding it. Maybe if we could lose our cool we could.”

That was the truth. Socs were always behind a wall of aloofness, careful not to let their real selves show through.

“That’s why we’re separated,” I said. “It’s not the money, it’s the feeling-you don’t feel anything and we feel too violently.” Cherry and Ponyboy (Hinton, 38)

Please explain the passage above and what it means to you. Also, would you want to be a greaser or a soc? Why? From your readings so far, how are these two groups different and how are they the same?


  1. I think that this passage explains how the greasers and socs are really different. They aren’t just different because the socs have more money and dress better and have better cars. They are also different because of their feelings and appreciating what they have. The socs have so much that they don’t know what to do with it and don’t appreciate what they already have. The greasers don’t have too much which I think is good because they learn to appreciate what they have and they aren’t always wanting more. Their feelings are also very different. The socs have everything they want and don’t really feel anything. Just like Cherry says, nothing is real with the socs. The greasers are like one big family and all love each other. They have lots of feelings and just like Ponyboy says, the greasers feel too violently.
    If I could choose to be a greaser or a soc, I would probably choose to be a greaser. Even though the greasers have more money and more of pretty much everything, the greasers have more love and feelings and in my opinion, they have a better life. Another thing is that the greasers just act like themselves and don’t have to worry about being cool like the socs do.

  2. This passage tells the real difference between greasers and socs. Even today there are differences between and poor people. Some times it is the money, but most of the time it is the attitudes the different sides have. I also thought that not all socs have no feelings and not all greasers feel too much. I would rather be a greaser. I would be a greaser because I know money and things aren’t everything. I would also rather feel too much than not feel anything and I would rather have just enough than too much. I also don’t like to keep my feelings all inside of me and it would be hard to have no feelings.

  3. The passage above basically explains that the greasers act on their emotions and Socs really show no emotion. The Socs don’t let you see what they are like, or who they are. I think because of this, I’d rather be a greaser. The major differences between the two are that greasers are poorer, show emotion, and don’t go looking for a fight. The Socs have an excess of money, are cold and unemotional, and jump greasers for fun. They are the same, however, because they both are groups of friends with certain common traits and are all people.

    1. @ricky14, I like your descriptions of both the Socs and the Greasers! You got to the point right away, so if I had not read the first part of The Outsiders, I could imagine what the Socs and the Greasers were like.

  4. I believe this passage is saying Socs are troubled in a different way than Greasers. Socs are always trying to fit in, and they are caught up in being someone other than themselves. They do not let their individual emotions be exposed to others who might look down at them. These people are usually other Socs. Socs have substantially more money than Greasers. They do not know what to do with all of it. This problem troubles them to the point of nothing satisfying them. Material items are easily obtained by the Socs, but over all they might not be much, if any happier than Greasers. Us kids at Shorecrest are often like Socs. We have cliques, we are always trying to fit in, (or be cool), and some of us are not always sure what to do with our money. Greasers have trouble handling their surplus of emotions.
    I would rather be a Soc. Neither Socs nor Greasers are people I would really want to be. The reason I would rather be a Soc is because there would be a better chance I would end up alive in the end. Greasers were always getting beat up by the Socs. Socs sometimes beat up each other, but they would probably have less chance of killing each other than if they got in a fight with Greasers. Another reason I would rather be a Soc is because, I admit, I am not used to always have to worry about money. If Greasers even had a roof over their heads, they probably would have crude accommodations. I would rather have too much money to handle than not enough to lead a decent life. All together though, if there was an option of having a reasonable amount of money, no fighting, and not getting in fights with other teenagers, I would.
    Greasers and Socs are similar, but they have different values and ways of life. Socs do not show emotion, while Greasers have trouble bottling theirs colorful ones. Greasers feel you are lucky and extremely privileged to have a lot of money, but Greasers take it for granted and do not even give it a thought. The style for Greasers is to wear their hair long and greasy, while Socs have shorter, neater looking hair. However, Greasers and Socs have similarities. Both need companionship, protection, belonging, a love of music artists, and share some of the same hobbies. In the book, Cherry and Ponyboy both gazed at the sunset when they had time.

  5. I think that the point of the passage is to understand how the two groups are different, and this explains to me why they do not like each other. It says that the greasers are just out with their feelings, and let the world know that they are kind of free and like it that way. While on the other hand the socs are very conservative of what they say and do. These are the differences about the “gangs” and so this is why I believe that the two “gangs” do not cooporate with each other.

  6. The paragraph above was a very powerful passage said by a soc named Cherry to Pony boy. She was basically describing the differences between Socs and Greasers, and that they do not reallly belong with each other. If I had a choice I would probably be a soc because they have more money, power, and an easier life to live. Greasers I think are the last of the class system. The two gangs are different because Socs are rich, cool, and live a life of luxuries. The Greasers are pretty much the opposite. They are both similiar because they are gangs, have values, are like family, and each one has their own personality. Both gangs have ups and downs, and I would really like to see what happens at the end of the book.

  7. The passage above was quite interesting and I was astonished by it when I came across it while reading the book. It means that these two people, Ponyboy and Cherry aren’t that different even though they are in two different groups. Individually, they are pretty much the same. What it means to me is that every group of people have difficulties and that they are close to each other, not by a relationship, but by a bond they share with their similarities. I would probably want to be a greaser, only because the Socs seem more aggressive, even though that’s what I am. Also, they seem to wait for things to come to them instead of charging at them. I am also guilty of that. But, if I could start fresh as a character in a book i would definitely be a part of the Greaser group. The two groups are different for they are on different sides of town, they fight each other, and they are each other’s arch enemy. They share things such as friendship with others and going through bad times which every group has. Overall, groups of people can seem far away, but act close to your group.

  8. From this passage I comprehend that it means that Cherry thinks Socs are different from the Greasers because Socs feel too violently and Greasers don’t feel anything. At this moment Cherry is talking to Ponyboy about this because Ponyboy thinks Socs and Greasers are different because of money but Cherry is explaining that is not the case and sometimes Socs, like Cherry, don’t want so much. Sometimes Socs and Greasers see the same sunset whether it’s from a patio or from a curb on the side of the road. When Cherry says Greasers are emotional she means that they are who they are and they are them selves and show their feeling by doing what they want and doing what they don’t want. She thinks all Socs are doing is what other people want and they just follow whatever. She thinks with Socs you can’t tell who they really are. Socs and Greasers are the same because they both have problems. They may not be the same problems but they both have problems. According to Cherry Socs have problems the Greasers would not believe and Greasers have problems that Socs would not believe. Another thing that is the same is that both Socs and Greasers jump people for fun. This is not the case for all Socs and Greasers but just for some. Some differences are that Socs have more money then they need and most Greasers have basically none. Another difference is that Greasers mostly have extremely long hair and hardly get haircuts and look very tough and Socs have shorter haircuts and look very tuff. If I had to choose between being a Greaser or Socs I would probably want to be a Greaser because they are loyal to their gang and stick up for each other also the are who they are and not some phony. However, I would really not want to be neither because they both have a lot of bad things about them. I would want to be a normal person in the country, as Ponyboy would say. Socs and Greasers have more differences and similarities but I have only read through chapter four and I am sure there is a lot more.

  9. I think the passage is explaining how the greasers and the socs are different. Ponyboy tells what the greasers do and what he thinks the socs do. He thinks greasers are emotional and there is nothing real with them. He thinks that the socs have a lot of money and are bored all the time so the jump greasers. I would want to be a greaser because I don’t like hurting people and I can be emotional. I also like hanging out with friends and walking around town. I just wouldn’t steal things from stores. I think the groups are different because they have different thing that kind of get them satisfied but most of the time they are not satisfied at all. The greasers just like to hang out and steal things and the socs jump greasers and have fights. They are the same because they both have problems and have bad stories to tell.

  10. When you ask whether I’d want to be a greaser or a Soc, I guess that I would be a little of both. I would be a greaser because they seem to have more of a heart, but I’d like to be a Soc because they have almost everything. To explain that passage, I would say that Ponyboy and Cherry are discussing why these to social groups are so different. It means a lot to me because you normally wouldn’t see two people from groups as separate as that talking and having a conversation. I think that the greasers and the Socs are different because the Socs have all sorts of luxuries, while the greasers aren’t as lucky. The greasers also tend to like eachother a little more, so to speak. They don’t have as many similarities as they do differences. The only similarities that I can think of are that they are both gangs, they both are looking to fit in, and they are both trying to find out what they want.

  11. The passage above means a lot. Many people think that money means everything, but those people have to see more than that. In the passage it says that “it’s not the money, it’s the feeling-you don’t feel anything and we feel too violently.” Ponyboy was trying to tell Cherry that Greasers are more emotional than Socs. Socs are sophisticated, cool, and don’t feel anything, nothing is real with them. Socs also don’t let their real selves show through. Greasers are the opposite.
    I would rather be a Greaser than a Soc. I don’t care about how much money I have because it’s not all about that. Having great friends that back you up no matter what is what counts. I would rather have caring friends than friends that care about what kind of car they have.

  12. I think the passage explains how the greasers and socs are different because of their point of views on life. The greasers and the socs have different values in life, which probobly makes them appose each other. If I were living in the sixties, I would probobly want to be a greaser because they are unique, and they show their real selves, instead of pretending to be a different person. Although greasers and socs are not the same, they still may enjoy the same things, such as sunsets like Ponyboy and Cherry. Maybe if socs take the time to enjoy small things in life, they wouldn’t be so stuck up all the time, and jump greasers for fun.

  13. In the passage Pony and Cherry are talking about the differences of a Soc and Greaser, which are extremely different the way they are describing them at least. Cherry is saying that the Socs are all emotionless, not caring about what they have and always wanting more. Where as the Greasers are always feeling emotions of some sort about whatever they are doing.
    Personally I feel that I am a Soc. Mainly because I feel that I am always wanting more, no matter what I have. I do have emotions about things, though I don’t always show them, I do. The only reason I feel I am a Soc is because of that, I do like fair, if not unfair to my side of a fight (video games) but I never would fight a person for no reason (jumping) unless I was forced to by some evil force.
    I had talked earlier about the Greasers and Socs and their emotional differences, they also have differences about how they fight, which I mentioned on who I am. Even through all these differences there are similarities between the two. They both have trouble in their lives, which might be the reason that they fight so much. The other similarity is that they are both alive and in the same world. That’s the biggest similarity that has shown so far in the book. Other than those prominent things they are pretty much the same.

  14. The main point of the passage is to explain how the greasers and the socs are different. It says that the greasers have different values and are more emotional. The greasers are always moving and looking for something. They say that if we lose our cool, we could find whatever we’re looking for. The passage says that the socs were behind the wall of distress and they try not to let it out to cause too much trouble. The end of the passage says the reason why the greasers and socs are separated. The reason so is the different feeling both of them have.

    To me the meaning of the passage is how the greasers and socs are different and why.

    Deciding between the greasers and socs, I would be a greaser. I would want to be a greaser because you’ll be with your friends (gang) and you’ll have fun going to places and doing other things. Being a soc is someone I wouldn’t want to be because they will start fights and just get away with it. They think their so cool and think they’re so tough.

    The greasers are people who like to hang out and just go to places for fun. The socs like to beat on the greasers for kicks. The socs also have nice things maybe from their parents and the greasers don’t have as much. The greasers would defend themselves in a fight, but the socs would just start a fight and get away with it.

  15. Adding on to my first response, the greasers and the socs are really the same. They may have different amounts of money but they are all just kids who watch the sunset. They both have most of the same likes and they both have problems.

    1. @madison14, I like that! It’s a good way to explain why the Socs and the greasers are more alike than we think they are.

  16. I think the passage is saying the difference between the two fractions. It’s saying how they think differently, view things differently. I think that they are different because of their relationships with each other. With the Socs you never know when they will turn on each other. The Greasers are loyal to the end, anything could happen but they will always come to the occasion we they are needed. The Socs are topsy-turvy, meaning they lookout for mainly themselves. They are the same because they are both looking for the same thing, friends. Both groups go about doing it different ways, but “they all watch the same sunset” in the end.
    I would probably want to be a Greaser, not a Soc. Greasers have that friendship and bond that Socs don’t. No matter what happens they stick together, and to have something like that is a great thing to have and would give a lot to get it.

  17. The passage above is Cherry talking about her way of life and how she see’s it.Cherry is included as a SOC because she is a richer kid that lives on the good side of town. Cherry is describing that they don’t have the easy life either. Soc’s are cooler and richer and the greaser’s are more emotional. Nothing seems real to them. Soc’s always look for different things to like instead of liking the same thing ,but they can’t find this thing their looking for. Soc’s aren’t satisfied with many of the things. The passage is just showing the difference of the two groups. It’s showing how the Soc’s feel and also how the Greaser’s fell on those things.
    I would want to be a Soc. Socs have the good life. If I was a boy though I would want to be a greaser I would not want to be a Soc. Boy Soc’s are mean and the boy greaser’s are really nice. If I was a girl though I would like to be a Soc. The girls are really pretty, get nice things, and get a lot of attention. I wouldn’t want to be a tough little girl (greaser girl). I would just want to be my nice self. I would hang around the Greaser’s but not at school only out at places. I think it would be fun either way to be a SOC or a GREASER. . . . . . . . . .

    1. @taylor14, I liked how you wrote a long, descriptive passage and how you said if you would want to be a soc or a greaser in a boy and girl point of view!

  18. That passage from “The Outsiders” describes the differences between the “Socs” and the “Greasers”. Cherry is saying that the greasers have emotions, good and bad, while the Socs are “cool to the point of not feeling anything”, meaning they are aloof and indifferent. The Socs have so much that they do not need anything, but they are searching for something to want that they do not already have. If they “could loose their cool”, they may find something to satisfy them. Pony hears Cherry explaining this and realizes they are different in these ways, but the Socs and Greasers both have some similarities. Pony and Cherry both point out together that they “see the same sunset”, which shows them no matter how different they are, they still live in the same world.

    I would prefer to be a Greaser if I had to be either of the two. I would not want to be a Soc because the Soc boys are bad (not the good bad), and they are horrible criminals (even though not all of them are as bad as the Socs who own the blue Mustang). The Greasers seem better than the Socs because they are less violent, and I would not like to live among the Socs notorious crimes. I would not be a sloppy Greaser girl like they describe in “The Outiders”, but I do think a Greaser would be a better path to take. In the book “The Outsiders”, we only have the perspective of the Greasers, with a small bit of the Socs’ perspective, but I think if we had an equal amount of both lives I could be positive on what side to be on.

    (There are no buttons, so I am unable to underline or italisize my “The Outsiders” titles.)

  19. Reading the shown paragraphs lets us become aware that the differences between Socs and Greasers that Ponyboy thought were there in the beginning of the book are not. Socs and Greasers really share common interests, hobbies, and habitats. They go to the same school, the Nightly Double, watch the same stars and sun, and love to be with friends.
    The difference between Socs and Greasers is money and priorities. The Greasers put friendship and family first and the Socs seem like they don’t care because they don’t get emotional. The Socs have what they want and don’t need to want more. So they have nothing to be emotional about.
    If I had to choose between being a Soc or a Greaser I would chose being a Soc. Socs seem to have more fun and less troubles. But I would be one of the few girls that would be friends with Greasers. Well maybe not the Greaser girls because they seem scary. I would try to be their friends anyways. Greasers are very sensitive and emotional and I hate it when I get emotional because it doesn’t feel good. But I would help my Greaser friends get through their troubles and then everything would be alright.
    If Socs and Greasers would realize that we are all equal and we are all god’s family then all problems would be solved and life would be fantastic!

  20. This passage explains how the Greasers and the Socs think that they are 100% different; but in reality they are both pretty much alike.

    The Greasers have more to be thankful for because they aren’t rich, and they can’t afford to be caught in trouble. The Socs keep wanting more and more because they are rich. That is one of the big differences between them.

    The Greasers and the Socs also have very much in common. Both groups have bad kids who like to get into trouble; and both groups have kids who stay in the shadows but are called bad kids because they are with that gang, and from that place. For example, Dally likes trouble whereas Ponyboy doesn’t. And many Socs like to jump Greasers, whereas Cherry most likely doesn’t.

    It all depends on how the situation is looked upon. But in reality, both groups are the same, should be treated the same, and should get along with eachother.

  21. The passage is a very important part of The Outsiders because it describes the main difference between the Socials and the Greasers. Cherry is very truthful when she talks about feelings and wanting things; many wealthy people are never satisfied and are always looking for more. In the book, the greasers are always either crying, or laughing, or having some other emotion, and they have to think about acting calm and cool. I think I am more like a Soc because I am not like a Greaser. I don’t have greasy hair, a gang of hoodlum friends, or a criminal record. I like it when Cherry explains how she acts kind of fake sometimes when she is talking to a girlfriend, and I think a lot of people do that, because I know I do, however rarely. I do not think that I would want to be a Greaser because they are always being jumped and teased, but I would love the sense of family between friends, because that is what real friends are. In The Outsiders, the Socials are always fighting amongst each other and that would bother me, because friends should be friends, not enemies. You know you have good friends when you can count on them for anything and you trust them with all you’ve got. In the book, the Greasers are described as hoods, even though not all of them are. The Socs are usually described as mean kids with mustangs and madras, but not all of them are mean, like Cherry. I think I would be most like Cherry because she is a Social but she still talks to Ponyboy.

  22. The couple of quotes above were very important in the book. The passage doesn’t mean much too me, but the fact that I learned that Socs feel pain too and don’t always have everything they want. I know what Cherry said meant a lot to Ponyboy. He now knew that Socs feel pain to and are the same person underneath. If I could be a Soc or Greaser I would be a Soc.First of all I would get everything I want and could do anything I want. Also I get good grades in school and get luxuries that greasers don’t get. Socs is just a term for the people that live in the West side of town, that doesn’t mean all Socs jump people and get drunk at bars. Over all being a Soc is better than being a greaser. The Socs and greasers are different because of many reasons. First of all Socs are usually rich and greasers are usually poor. Another reason is that greasers wear their hair long messy while the Socs wear theirs short and neat. Another reason is that Socs are a gang that looks for helpless kids to jump, but greasers are just very close friend that stick together (like brothers). The two groups are the same because they both want to be wanted in the world, they all want to be normal and not have gangs and fights.

  23. I think this passage is about Cherry explaining the true difference between Socs and greasers. She’s saying that Socs don’t have feelings as strong as greasers. Greasers are more emotional, so they express their feelings much more than Socs.

    I really can’t decide if I’d rather be a Soc or a greaser. What I don’t like about both groups is that they’re both so involved in crime and fighting. I really don’t understand that and I wouldn’t want to be a part of it. But I do think that there are more positives on the greaser side. The Socs always start fights, the greasers defend themselves. They don’t want to start trouble like the Socs do. I also think that the greasers have a much better perspective on life. They have a much more realistic life than the Socs. While the Socs are materialistic and are more focused on being popular and rich, the greasers accept life as what it is. They don’t abuse their lives by filling it in with money and popularity. They live much more realistic lives.

    When we started reading The Outsiders, I instinctively thought that the Socs were absolutely nothing like the greasers. The Socs were rich, always looked nice, and they were the “high class”. The greasers were poor, always looked greasy and dirty, and they were the “lower class”. But after reading the part where Cherry tells Ponyboy all about how the Socs really aren’t as great as people make them out to be, I realized that the Socs and the greasers had more in common than I thought.

    1. @annie14, Whoooooops! I take back my second sentence in the second paragraph. I meant to say that the SOCS are more focused on jumping people while GREASERS are more focused on defending themselves. Sorry!

  24. The passage I think shows only how the Socs and the Greasers are different. In my opinion though, I think there are many similarities that Cherry and Ponyboy didn’t talk about. For instance, both groups like to hang out with their friends a lot. Also, it seems like both groups usually stick with their buddies and don’t really hang out with other people outside their group (except for Ponyboy, Dally, and Two-Bit of course for hung out with non-greaser girls). A lot of the things that Cherry and Ponyboy said in the passage made me realize though how different the two groups really were too. For example, Cherry saying that Greasers were more emotional than the Socs, who usually don’t feel any emotion. I would probably rather be a Greaser because I think they seem more down-to-earth than the Socs. Also, since they show their feelings and emotions more, I would tend to know more about my friends than I would if I were a Soc.

  25. This passage can mean many different things. The way I view it is how everyone isn’t so different, it’s just the way people view life. I understand h0w the Socs think now that I have actually thought about the passage. In my point of view, a greaser is a laid-back person that has a great friend ship with all of their friends. A soc has a perfect life even though they love to beat people up and sometimes kill them, but that’s just what I think. I think I would rather be a greaser because I would mostly love to have a tight friendship with my friends. If I was a soc, I would have to follow all of the rules just to “fit in.” I would rather like to play it cool and chill.

  26. This passage impacts me in the fact that money can affect how people feel. I understand that everyone felt differently now and then but that’s why the socs jump the greasers so often. They don’t care who they fight, as long as they can win. While the greasers can be together with differences and similarities, socs have to “chill” and be like the group. I would much rather be a greaser because I would have a close friendship with everyone around me and I could keep my passions and aspirations different than everyone else.

  27. I think the passage means that the Socs, who have everything they want, are different from the greasers, who only want what they really need. That’s why the Socs don’t seem to care about anything but themselves. The greasers care about their family and friends, but manage to do it while looking tough and fighting off Socs. The Socs will do stuff together, but they’re not really “together.” They just say, “Let’s do this, let’s do that,” and forget about it because it’s not really that important to them. The greasers are the opposite. They’re true friends.
    I would definitely want to be a greaser, and not a Soc, because of what I said before: their friendship is real and not for jumping people so it’s five people against one. That’s the Socs’ job. Sure the greasers get into fights, but they’re not doing it for fun as much as the Socs.

  28. Those quotes were really good. They talk about how the Socs try not to let their feelings show and that the Greasers let their feelings show too much. Some people think that the difference between a Soc and a Greaser is the money, but it is how they react to life in general.
    I’m not sure exactly if it would be better to be a Soc or a Greaser. I’m like a Greaser in the way that I have feelings and sometimes I let them show, but I’m like a Soc because I try not to let my feelings show sometimes.
    To sort of get away from the emotional status of Socs and Greasers, I don’t think I would go around and beat people up for no reason. It is cruel and heartless. I would probably be a Greaser in that sense.

  29. This passage is surprising to see how it is not about the money and it is not about the power that the socs have but it is because the socs do not feel anything. The greasers feel everything even though they try to hide their feelings by trying not to cry. I have seen that the socs obviously have more money but they act cooler and calmer and act with no feelings. I was wondering about why they acted with such cruelty and hatred but then I read this conversation between Ponyboy and Cherry. The Greasers are poorer and more driven for revenge then the socs. The greasers are more likely to attack back at the socs for hurting them or jumping them then the socs. But, both of the groups are human and think that their way of living is second-best to the other group of people.

  30. This passage is talking about the differences between a Soc and a Greaser. Greasers are more emotional and Socs basically have no emotion at all. Greasers live on the East Side and Socials live on the West Side or the richer side. Socs have nothing else to do so they just jump greasers, have beer blasts, and party on the river banks. But Greasers and Socs are not completely different as said in Chapter four they both watch the same sunset. If I could be a greaser or a soc I would be a Soc or a Greaser. I would want to be a little of both. I would not jump people if I were a Social and I would not steal things if I were a Greaser.

  31. I think that the passage is basically saying that the socs get everything that they want. It’s also saying that when they want something they get it so there is nothing more to want. I would want to be a soc. Being a soc seems better to me because you are living in a better area of town. From reading the book so far it also seems like the people you would hang out with are better people. In the book when you are a soc you have a more normal lifestyle. In the book so far the socs and greasers are very different and a little alike. The two groups are different because the socs usually live in a more normal house hold. Another way they are different is the socs usually can get what they want and do not have to work to hard to get it. On the other hand the greasers usually live a pretty hard life and have to work hard to get what they want. The two groups still have some similarities. They are both people and like it said in the book they both look at the same sunset. Another thing is they both don’t like each other.

  32. I would rather be a greaser because I could just be around my friends without having to be someone that I am pretending to be like the socs. They always have to be something that they are not, and they can never show their own feelings that are inside of them. I also like being able to have emotions because they are very special. I would want to have different feeling at certain times like if I was dragged into a fight I would have hatred and stand up for my friends or the person that was hurt or showed up. I would want to have the emotions of love and many others. I would want to express myself, and a greaser will do that.
    Socs and Greaser have differences and similarities in many ways. Socs don’t express themselves as openly as greasers. They are scared that their friends will look down on them if they come out of their costumes. The greasers feel more emotions, but the socs don’t feel and they don’t have as many emotions as the greasers. Greasers will stand up for each other, but the socs could care less about there fellows. But they are the same because they each “watch the same sunsets.” They may be in different worlds, but they are both people who have certain feelings about different things. That is how socs and greasers are alike and different.

  33. This passage is about Cherry telling Ponyboy about Socs and why they are the way they are. If I could chose between being a Soc and a Greaser I would be a Greaser because I would be cool but when someone tried to make a fight and was hurting one of my friends (like what happend at the park near the fountain with Jonny and Ponyboy) I would fight back.

  34. The passage posted for this week’s blog prompt was a memorable one that I thought brought in a new perspective to the whole story. Cherry said that the Socs don’t feel, while the greasers feel too much. I see what she was saying with that. The Socs have so much that they don’t need to worry about anything or hold on to anything because they could just get a new one. The greasers really bond because they are the only people that are there for them. When one of them is hurt or one hurts another, they get really emotional about it and it’s a pretty big deal for them. I understand why both groups feel a certain way and their reasons for it.

    I would rather be a greaser over a Soc. It’s not only because Ponyboy and the rest of the gang are greasers, though. The Socs, or at least many of them, have lost their set of values. There could be many reasons for this. They might think it doesn’t matter, they might think they have the money to do whatever they want. Also, the Socs beat up kids just because they can. It’s not a big deal for them. The greasers, on the other hand, know where they stand and who is who. They have a little perspective issues, but they have strong bonds with each other and have fun. Some break the laws all the time, but that’s not me. I would probably be more like Ponyboy than any of the others. I don’t thing greasers are better than Socs, I would just prefer to be a greaser.

    As far as I have read, the Socs and greasers are not that different. The Socs have more money, beat up kids for fun, drive better cars, and are more care free. The greasers are poorer, have better values, and don’t beat up kids whenever they want to. They can get a little wild, but so do Socs. They both have problems, even though both groups don’t realize that of the other. They are all human with the same basic feeling, just the greasers feel it more. They have their friendships and fights, but overall, if they knew both sides of the story, they could probably be friends in the end.

  35. I thought this passage was very important in the story. It really said the difference between a greaser and a soc. I liked this passage because Cherry really got her feelings out about what she believed in. She said that greasers were more emotional and they share their feelings with one another. I think that I’m a soc more then a greaser. But I would be the nice soc like Cherry because she says that not all socs are bad. I think I’m not a greaser because I never get jump by other people. I am also not a hood or having people calling me greaser were ever I go. I think I’m definitely one of the good socs. Even though they are always getting in fights that would make me very mad. Like Cherry always gets mad and she wants them to just stop. I really like the character Cherry and if I were a soc I would want to be like her.

  36. I think that Cherry and Ponyboy are talking about their differences. Greasers are strait forward and don’t care what they look like. Where on the other hand Socs are fake not themselves, they are just trying to be cool. I would rather be a greaser. I would not want to be a greaser like Dally or Tim Sheppard. Being a Greaser like Ponyboy would be better because it is more fun to be playing football or a sport like the greasers play than jumping other kids just for fun. It also would be nice to have friends as close as the greasers are. Some differences in the two groups are that the Socs have anything they want and the greasers do not have much at all, or they are poor and the Socs are rich. They also live in different parts of the town and are enemies. Some similarities between them are that they both consist of friends that are close. They go to the same school. These groups are really closer than they think and do many of the same things.

  37. To me the passage meant that although we may have our differences, we are all more alike than we may have realized. It may also mean that Soc’s have no feeling but an intense desire for something that they can never find, but Greasers have, as Ponyboy said, too much emotion bottled up inside of them.
    I don’t know which one to choose, hmmmmmm …
    Soc or Greaser? They both have their ups and downs. Greasers are always there for each-other, but Socs are kind of too.
    I would probably want to be a Soc because Cherry made them sound so nice. I would probably try and “help” the vicious Socs who go around jumping Greasers for fun.
    These two groups are different because Socs are rich and according to Cherry have no feelings at all or at least don’t show them whereas Greasers do have feelings and do show them.

  38. This passage really shows that Socs and Greasers both have difficulties even though they are completely different. The greasers show more emotion and don’t worry about being cool while the Socs just cover all of their emotions up with cars, madras jackets, and beer. When Cherri says that they are always going and going and going, and never asking where, I think that she meant that their moms tell them when to go to school, what to eat and so on and their only real choices in life are their lives out of school and their house. That is why they almost beat up greasers to see if their parents actually care. If I had to be a Greaser or a Soc, I would want to be a Greaser because they are less worried about what people think about them and their “image” that other people see. Also greasers steal for a necessity and the Socs just beat up Greasers for fun. I think that the two groups are the same because they both have problems, but the problems are completely different. They are different because the Greasers are poor while the Socs are rich.

  39. This passage that I just read said a lot to me. First, it really told about the differences and simularities about the Socs and Greasers. In the story, Cherry talks about how Greasers are emotional and are always planning to do things. Socs, on the other hand, are very wealthy and try to be cool.

    I really don’t know if I would want to be a Soc or a Greaser. There are both ups and downs. I would like to be a certain type of Greaser. I would not want to be the type of Greaser who gets in trouble and in jail. I would like to be in the type of “gang” that Ponyboy is in. Not a bad one though. A gang that looks out for each and one another and that loves each other. But I wouldn’t want to get jumped by the Socs.

    I would also like being a Soc because not all Socs jump greasers and I wouldn’t be that type of Soc. I would be someone who accepts others for who they were. Just like how Cherry accepts Ponyboy for who he truely is. But, Greasers and Socs do have things in common, and they think they live in different worlds, but they really don’t. Just like Ponyboy mentioned, that they all watch the same sunset.

  40. I think that the passage above is saying that greasers are more down to Earth than Socs. Greasers feel feelings more violently and Socs are spaced out kind of and don’t really feel anything. Socs also don’t care if they get in trouble or not. They have everything they ever wanted so they just don’t feel anything. Also Greasers already have it hard on them so when something bad happens it just hits them even harder. If something bad happened to a Soc they wouldn’t really feel anything because they already have everything they ever need or want. If I could be either a Soc or Greaser I think I would be a Greaser. I would be a Greaser because they have true friends that are with them through thick and thin. A Soc’s friend might jump him or not be a true friend. Socs also seem mean and not trustworthy at all. This weeks blog was a very interesting topic.

  41. I think the passage is telling the difference between a Soc and a greaser. It is saying that greasers are more emotional; they show their feelings and are always sincere. On the other hand, Socs are so into fitting in that they never really show their true feelings or emotions. They keep their feelings inside to the point where none of the emotions they show are real. I would want to be a Soc. The Socs come from better situations. As Cherry said, not all Socs are violent and cruel. I would be one of the few who aren’t mean and terrible. I would just be a normal kid who happened to live on that side of town. I would rather live on the nicer side of town and be safe than have to hold my breath walking down the streets like a greaser, afraid that a Soc would come and jump me. Also I would rather live in a nice house with a family than be in a poor home with parents who beat me or who left me. So far in the story, the two groups are different because of the way they live their lives. Socs go to beer-blasts and jump greasers on the street, while greasers come from messed up families and have to work to hold up their families or are always having to run away from home. Another difference is with the actual gangs. Socs hang out as a gang, but jump each other and don’t really have each others’ backs. Greasers are always together, and they are always there for one another no matter what. One similarity is that greasers and Socs live in the same town. They go to the same school, and they see the same sunset. So even though the Socs watch the sunset from the balcony of their mansions, and the greasers watch the sunset from an empty lot, they both see the same sun setting.

  42. The passage shows how the Greasers and the Socs have their differances. The passage said a lot and ment a lot to me. I think Greasers and Socs are the same by the way they think of each other. Two each other they both dislike each other. I feel that Greasers are more true to freinds while the Socs are not as loyal to their freinds. I also think that the last quote in the passage says a lot. Inside they sometimes are the same people, but they live in differant worlds with differant people. I would consider my self a Greaser because i am emotional and I think everything happens for a reason. Although in some cases I am a Soc. I would be a soc because I sometimes feel behind th ewall of aloofness when I am excluded from conversations in school and out of school. To me deciding weather or not I am a Greaser or Soc is a hard desicion for me because of the differant meanings.

  43. This passage is explaining the differences between Socs and Greasers. I think that they need to set their differences aside, leave each other alone, and just live their own lives. The Socs think that they are so much better than the Greasers because they are rich and they can get away with anything they want while making the Greasers look like the criminals.
    When it comes to Socs and Greasers, they both have their positive and negative features. The Socs, like I said before, are stuck up and think they are better than everyone else because they have everything that they could ever want and more. They also find it fun to antagonize the Greasers. But the Greasers are tough and strong and if the Socs lash out at them they will lash back just as hard. The Greasers are very emotional, which can be good, but emotion is like playing with fire. Words can hurt a lot more than sticks and stones. Sometimes I wish I could be numb to it all, just like the Socs. But then again, it is great to feel like somebody cares for you. So, when it comes to that decision, I think I would be more like a Greaser than a Soc.

  44. The passage really tears me, at first I thought that the ‘socs’ were the bad guys, now I’m rethinking. I don’t doubt that the ‘greasers’ aren’t exactly saints, but they aren’t the bad guys either. But I don’t think ALL ‘socs’ are necissaraly evil. I mean the ‘socs’ ,the ones that are bad, are worse then the ‘greasers’. Then Cherry talks about how ‘socs’ aren’t bad, they just have a different set of values. That might be true for some. But the violent ones are just rich kids who want to beat up the ‘greasers’ because they maybe don’t have a lot of money, fancy cars, or come from a nice family or neighborhood. The ‘greasers’ don’t care what other people think of them, or at least thats what they show. The ‘socs’ are always about being cool and never letting their true feelings or opinions out. ‘Greasers’ are rebellious, ‘socs’ go with the flow. They have a lot incommon. Both have problems, deffinetly not the same problems but still problems are problems. One just has money which can make them “jerkish” and one has NO money which can make them “jerkish”. But it’s two COMPLETELY different species of “jerk”.

    Am I a ‘Soc’ or a ‘Greaser’. We’ll, in all honesty, I don’t really know. I’d say I would prefer to be a ‘greaser’ because they are in a sense the “good guy” but in all honesty I’m a mix of both. In the end if I am forced to pick one or the other, I would be a ‘greaser’. I understand what it’s like to not fit in and I know what it’s like to be picked on by other people who think they’re better then you because they have more money in the bank. I am positive, well negative that in high school some individuals, will make comments about other peoples cars compared to theirs. I am a ‘greaser’ but not on such a serious level.

  45. The passage above explains that Greasers show emotion and who the really are. By what we are reading, it seems like Socs have no emotion and are afraid of showing who they really are. I’d rather be a greaser because I don’t like to look for fights.The differences between Socs and Greasers are that Socs have surpuls of money, try to pick a fight and show no emotion. The Greasers are poorer than the Socs, they get jumped by the Socs for no reason, and they show emotion.

  46. The passage above ment so much. Both of the groups have their differences, but they have to set them aside at one point. I think if they set the differences aside they are basically the same. Some people think money is everything but it is not. Money has nothing to do with friendship. Money should never get in the way of anything. I was heartbroken when cherry said that if she saw Ponyboy in the hall at school and would not talk to him because of her reputation. I think that if you really want to be friends with someone just go for it. If you ask me I would rather be a Greaser. I would rather be a Greaser because they can be really mean and rude. But down deep they are great kids and care about eachother. That is why I would like to be a Greaser. The Greasers are emotional and don’t care where they are as long as they have eachother. That is what I like about them. The Socs are spoiled and care about being cool. That is not what life is about. It is about having fun. I personally think that the Socs try to grow up way to fast. They grow up to fast because at there age they already care about money. That is only one reason. I really enjoy this book and can’t wait to see what happens next in the book.

  47. I think that the passage means that the Socs and the Greasers aren’t that diffrent, I think that’s what Cherry was trying to tell Pony, that the world has problems, they are just diffrent ones. If I got to choose to be a Soc or Greaser, I would be a Soc. I think that being a Soc doesn’t mean your bad, but they were also discribed as smart as well, and I’d rather be mart and have an awsome Mustang, cause i love old Mustangs a lot, I think some of the things are more up to the person than how afluent they are. So just because you are a bit more afluent than others doesn’t mean you half to be a total snob about it. You have the power to do what you want and peer preasure shouldn’t change the way you think. The Socs have tough cars like Mustangs, the Greasers have tough cars like the T-bird. The Socs dress preppy, the Greasers dress badly.

  48. I think that the passage meant that everyone, everywhere, is different, but that we’re all connected in some human way. That sounds weird, but it’s what I think. On choosing a side, well, that’s really hard. Both sides have their ups and their downs, and I think I choose the middle. 🙂 It just seems like the best place to be, even if it’s not a real choice. Moderation in all things, right? The Socs and the greasers are alike in that they have their own problems, and as I said before, all people are connected and alike by being human. They’re different because, as the passage says, the feel differently. I also think that money and upbringing separate them, maybe more, maybe less, than feeling.

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