In addition to Mrs. Cobb, Skyler, and Jacob, have you ever noticed having an outsider near you? Maybe a new classmate, neighbor, or an acquaintance? Well, if you have, how did you react to the person? Did you show them around? Introduce them to other people and your friends? Most importantly, did you make them feel welcomed? If this is the way you treat outsiders, could you please respond to this post and tell what you do? I am sorry if this is similar to Skyler’s post.

-Victoria B.picture about post


  1. PS: If you did not notice this was posted by victoria B. I would love it if anyone could respond. Thanks and enjoy bloging!

  2. Hey Victoria! I love your blog prompt. Yes, I do help outsiders become insiders. When a new kid comes to Shorecrest, I introduce myself and get to know them. Sometimes I even end up being friends with them. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

  3. I think everyone should try to include people around them more. If you see them standing by themselves, just include them. For you, it’s just a simple gesture, but to them, it could mean the world.

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