Witnessing an “Outsider”

In addition to Mrs. Cobb’s response, I would like to ask a few questions about witnessing an “outsider”. Do you ever see someone “outside” and help them come “in”? Do you not help because it would be a waste of your time? Also, do you ever get annoyed when you see one of your friends trying to be “inside” a different group?


  1. Hey Skyler! Cool blog!!!! 😀

    Yeah, sometimes, especially when there’s like a new kid, I usually help them get comfortable and introduce myself. Then eventually, we’d probably become friends! But also if someone is kind of an “outcast” or “weirdo”, I would try to make friends with them to make them happier, so it’s like someone else to turn to, like a good friend! 😀

  2. Great idea Skyler!
    I have helped someone come in! Think about it, because you did too! Remember the first day when Hannah came for the first time? (Hannah if you read this you can also tell how it was) She was new so she didn’t know any of us, except me and Jacob and Traci because of a neighborhood get together. You and a lot of other people made her feel comfortable and I know she made a lot of friends! The same with Victoria K.! You helped her a lot when she came to our school out of the blue!

    Also, my opinion… I think it shouldn’t matter who you hang out with or sit by at lunch as long as you are still nice to everyone else!

    1. @sydney14, thanks for your comment! You are right, and you were also hospitable when Hannah and Victoria K. came to our school!

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