Looking Inside The Outsiders

What do you think it means to be an “outsider?” Who are “outsiders?” Have you ever felt left out of a conversation, for example? What does it feel like to be on the “outside” of a social circle or situation? Please respond with details and specifics. After commenting on this post, if you would like to post another thought in regards to this topic for others to comment on, please feel free to do so.


  1. This is a really good topic and I could relate to it in many different ways. An outsider to me means either being left out in a group or people just think that you are an outcast. I’ve been left out in many conversations, groups, and my friend circle. I think it is very normal at this age to be left out a lot or having your friends move from one group on to another. For me I am in the middle of all of this so I am always the one being left out. It is really not fun being on the “outside” of my group of friends. Sometimes it might be a good thing just because you could go and meet new people. But most of the time it makes you feel weird and not very good. Sometimes I wish this wouldn’t happen but I think I can relate to a bunch of people.

    1. @Allie, I agree with you about this. What you said in your comment made me think about situations that I have with my friends, and also situations that other people may have without you realizing it.

  2. I think that outsiders are people that are with the group that they do not belong to. Whether you consider somebody an outsider or not all depends on opinion. One example of an outsider could be a person from china that came to Ethiopia for a trip. Truly I have never felt like an outsider other then the times I am new at a school or a camp. It makes you feel down when you are excluded, and it is not something that should be tolerated. I think that everbody should be able to get along not depending on who you talk with, race, gender, and religion. These are all things that keep us apart. If we break that barrier there will be no outsiders, we will be united as one.

    1. @rahul14, I like your comment. Going to camps like you said reminded me about the first two years of the away camp I’ve been going to lately. I met friends that already knew each other, but I didn’t know them so that made me feel left out (being an outsider) and I eventually got to know them. Great comment by the way Rahul.

  3. I personally think that being an outsider means that you are a loner drifting from “clique” to “clique” looking for the one that you want to belong to and that you think you can find real friends in.

    Outsiders might be people ( or kids) who have had their best friend move to another school and their other friends drift farther away from that other person in to other groups. They could also be people with mental problems that no one really wants to befriend. Or they could be really mean.

    When you are on the outside of a social circle or situation you feel really alone even though there are people all around you.

    I bet that every one at one point in time has felt left out and like the outsider. I feel that I can relate to this with Nina going back to Wellington. I’m glad that I have other friends that don’t exclude me.

    I feel that if you see someone being excluded than you should try your best to include them…

    1. @tess14, Your blog relates to most people in the seventh grade! They aren’t sure which group to go to so most of us are considered outsiders.

  4. I think being an “outsider” means not being “inside,” whether that means in a conversation, a clique, a club, or even a game. “Outsiders” are just average people who can’t always fit in. It is not always his or her fault that he or she is left out. The “insiders” could just be unkind. However, sometimes the “outsiders” make no effort to try to be more friendly or look for a compromise, like finding new friends. I usually don’t like being on the outside because it is not a very social place, but sometimes I do prefer it when I am not feeling up to having a conversation. One very clear memory I have that strikes me as “outside” is from when I was eight or nine, and my brother and two older cousins were all over the age of ten. We were at our grandparents house, and they were on the porch swing, laughing, and having a good time. When I asked to get on, they spread out and said that only kids over the age of ten were allowed, (or as they would say, double digits). This attitude continued for the entire day and I became quite upset, finally seeking the safety of the house and playing with the dogs, trying to make it look fun so that my cousins would join me. This is not a very happy memory, but it did teach me a lesson. From then on, whenever my brother, or anyone else, was leaving me out I followed the “try again, then go” rule. I would ask very politely to play, and if they said no again, I would go find someone else to play with. Now that I am older, these situations still happen frequently, whether on accident or on purpose, with me, or other people. Sometimes I am an “outsider” but rarely now that no person finds it fun to leave me out (my brother). If I am ever on the “inside” I always do my best to help people join in the game, group of friends, or conversation. Young, old, or shy, it is never fun to be an “outsider”.

  5. I think an “outsider” is someone who is left out of a conversation, group, ect. An “outsider” could be someone who is shy or someone who is not interested in the same activities than others. Many times I have felt left out of a conversation. I do not like when my friends are talking, and when I walk up they stop. This makes me feel like I am not important enought to hear, or maybe they are saying something about me. I have also seen this happen to other people, and I can feel empathy because I have been in that situation. I see people strive to hang out with other groups, and I can tell that they just want to be friends with another person to be cool. Sometimes that also makes me feel “outside” because they are hanging out with other people and I am not. My friends may not want to feel like “outsiders” by trying to be with a group at all times; when a few people from our circle leave, everyone follows to stay with the group or listen to what they are saying. If I see someone “outside” I ask him or her if he wants to hang out with us. For example, at lunch today someone was sitting alone next to us because his friends went to sit at a table, and I asked him if he wanted to sit with us. Another example is at tryouts for club soccer: every year new people come in, and every year I leave our group and talk to them to make them feel comfortable. Being an “outsider ” is not a good feeling, but if a person can bring the “outsider” in, it makes him or her more comfortable and less alone.

    1. @skyler14, great comment!!! I really liked your comment because it was descriptive and very detailed! You also mentioned some things that I didn’t even think about!! Good job! 🙂

  6. I think that an outsider is some one who is left out of the “loop.” Or it could be someone that is not let in the “loop.”Also it could be somebody who is not doing what the majority group is doing. Either way, they would still be an outsider.
    I felt like an outsider this summer when I went to Colorado for the Youth Elite National Championship. This was a different type of triathlon than I am used too. The difference was that you needed to use a different style of bike and it was a draft legal race, meaning that you could draft off of your competitors and use it as an advantage to you. This was my first ever race that consisted of these rules. I felt like an outsider because I did not know anybody there and everyone there has competed in that racing style at least once before. But now I met a few friends and now I know what I am doing on the race course.

  7. John, that is interesting how you applied being an “outsider” to not knowing information as well as other people. That is a clever concept!

  8. An “outsider” is basically someone who doesn’t fit in or belong. I know exactly how it feels to be an “outsider”. This feeling usually occurs in new situations, like if you move to a different city. When you are an “outsider”, you feel like you are unimportant, like you don’t belong, and sometimes you just feel invisible. You want to be a part of what is going on, but you are stuck on the outside looking in. You start to wonder what it is about yourself that makes you an “outsider”, you become very self-conscious. What don’t they like about you? Why are you so different from them? Maybe you dress differently, or you don’t have the same interests, or maybe they have just known each other for a long time or they don’t like having “new people” in their group because they are insecure. Whatever the case, just please do yourself one little favor and don’t conform to them. If you do, you will just become more of an outsider. People like you better for who you are, not what the newest trend is. If you are feeling like an “outsider”, just be yourself, and soon people will start to appreciate you for that.

  9. I think an outsider is a person who is literally outside of all the commotion and the current events going on around them. An example of an outsider is most likely someone who is immigrating from one country to another, especially one voyaging to the United States of America. I have many times felt outside of a conversation, especially ones pertaining to me that I can hear, however, that I’m not a part of. It feels left out and depressing when I’m an outsider. Also, it makes my heart sink.

    I loved your last sentence in conjunction with Mrs. Cobb. “If we break the barrier there will be no outsiders — we will be united as one,” really stands out to me for it depicts the true meaning of why we have outsiders. Great response!

    1. @jacob14, great response……you can reply directly to Rahul or anyone else for that matter, just hit the reply button underneath their comment……this new feature is called a threaded comment.

    2. @jacob14, I like how you said from moving from country to country, especially you feel left out, is exactly how I, once I moved here in 4th grade, so I understand that you took some time and thought about your comment.

  10. I think being an outsider means to not be in the city and be in the rural areas. I think the outsiders is like being more in the country like on a farm. The opposite would be living in a place like New York City. Yes many times I have felt like an “outsider.” Sometimes, when I was little they would leave me out of the conversation but now it is better and they usually include me. It made me feel like I wasn’t important and they didn’t like me as much as everyone else they were talking to. It wasn’t a good feeling.

  11. My definition of an outsider is someone who is not like other people, or they refuse to do what others want them to do. This results in them being left out in the cold by themselves. Perhaps their talents are not recognized, or thought to be useless. It is also possible that their outward appearance is unpleasant, and no one ever took the time to get to know them. Some people prefer to hang out by themselves because it makes them feel like an individual. Other people desire protection and support from a variety of friends. I am somewhat in the middle. I am okay with a fair number of friends, but have the desire to hang out with the other boys sometimes as well. When I do this, often I am left hanging on the outside of their circle, laughing when their jokes are funny. All together it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. My hand in my pockets, my weight shifts from side to side. Most eye contact from them to me is avoided all together. My mind starts imagining and exaggerating the extent of what is happening to me until what I would tell happened to me was only half true. In the end, the place I end up is with my established friends. Luckily, if you work at it enough, they often warm up to you eventually.
    In other instances, people will pretend to be your friend, but are setting you up to make a fool out of yourself. This can happen from only a few minutes to a few days. The feeling of being with them is satisfactory and uplifting. Eventually, when all of his or her friends are around, they will put you down in a deeply insulting way. It does not take long to realize that it is not worth it to attempt to become a friend of these kinds of people.

  12. To be an outsider can mean a lot of different things. For instance say all of your friends were going to a place and you were not invited. That would make you on the outside of what they were doing. I think that the definition of “outsider” is someone that is either being left out or is not being allowed into something such as a group of friends. To be on the outside of a social circle can make you think bad about yourself and make you think people don’t like you. That isn’t very nice. If you notice someone who looks like they are an outsider you could bring them in by talking to them or making other contact with them to make them feel like they are your friend and they are no longer an outsider.

  13. If I was an outsider, I probably wouldn’t be included as much as I wanted to be. I would know much about what others are doing or talking about. To me, outsiders are the people that you push away and make fun of or insult. I have been left out of conversations many times, and believe me, it’s not fun. I will try to just listen, and say something about it as I understand it, or I will ask, “What are you talking about?” But the response I usually get is, “Nothing.” So I now know how others feel, and I try even harder not to do that to others.

  14. To me being an outsider means being left out or being somebody that nobody understands or does not know the feelings of. People that do not fit in a certain group may be or they do not have friends or how to make friends. Sometimes, but it does not happen often. When a person is on the “outside” looking in on a circle they probably do not feel wanted or very happy about how they are seen to other people, for example unimportant or neglected. They most of the time want in to this social group.

  15. Usually the word “outsider” is usually considered a bad thing. To see what made it sound like something bad, I looked it up in the dictionary. The dictionary said an outsider is a person not part of a particular group, but it has a lot more meaning than that to me. To me an outsider is someone that is left out of something that they want to be a part of. That can be anything from a day to day conversation to a group of friends or a sports team. Being an outsider is probably considered to be a bad thing because when you are an outsider according to my definition, you feel left out and sometimes lonely. Then to try to get into the group they try to “fit in” by doing whatever the group does. This can bottle up personality and make the person feel worse than when they were an outsider. Being an outsider isn’t always a bad thing though. For some people that are shy, they may just have a few friends that they hang out with occasionally and might not be considered part of a group by people.

    1. @adrian14, Wow! Not many people would think to look up “outsider” in the dictionary. I bet it helps give a more clear understanding of the word.

  16. When ever I hear the word outsider it makes me picture two things. One is the poster of the Outsiders Movie in Mrs. Cobb’s room, but the other is way different. I see a small group of people sitting or standing around a fire, and outside the window, there in the snowy backround, a man is standing looking in. The people notice him but the shoo him away, and the man is left outside in the cold with no one else like him out there because they are all compfortly sitting around their fires staying warm.
    That picture that I make in my head leads me to what I think an outsider looks like, and how he feels; alone, cold, and scared. Sometimes being an outsider is bad, like the man story, but other time’s eighter you (the outsider) eighter doesn’t care about a conversation, or you find the conversation important to you but you see no way become part of it. Sometimes I feel that way about something like a conversation, and others I don’t care what it ends up saying, but a conversation isn’t life-threating so sometimes being an outsider might just be okay. But in the man’s situation, being an outsider is one of the worst places to be.
    Other than that there are almost always other outsiders that you can count on. If you join a group of outsiders and you’re an outsider yourself, than that group of outsiders is no a group of outsiders because now there are people inside. Which means that if you (or I) do happen to be an outsider in a conversation or other social activity, if you hang out with other outsiders, you and them are all now inside outsiders because you have eachother, which is all a person needs.

    1. @kenny14, I totally agree with you about all a person needs is a few friends and that you might be an outsider to others but not to your friends. That’s truly all that matters. Great comment.

    2. @kenny14, Your intro about a man who is left out in the cold is cool. The fact that you created a mini story to describe an outsider impresses me.

  17. There are probably many definitions for “outsiders.” I think they would be a group of people that are just not interacting with everyone around them. This group of people would probably be less happy and talkative. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of “outsiders” is a crowd of people talking and then a group of three or four people standing in a corner doing nothing. Maybe sometimes these peoples are actually “outsiders” because no one will talk to them. Them being an “outsider” could also just happen because they are shy and not comfortable in front of other people. I think that another reason a group of people could be called “outsiders” is that all of the people who are interacting with one another think that these “outsiders” could be weird since they never talk. I have only talked about a group of people being “outsiders,” but there are probably a lot people who are not in a group of “outsiders” but by themselves. Basically, these people or groups are left outside the conversations and interactions.
    I have been left out of a conversation before. This usually happens, though, if I do not know a lot about the topic the people are talking about, or if i do not really know the people. I guess this would be an example of being a temporary “outsider.” This is not a good feeling because when you are an “outsider” you feel more alone and usually less happy. I would not want to be an “outsider” because I like talking with my friends.

  18. When I hear the world “outsider”, I think of people who either don’t belong, or feel as if they don’t belong or don’t fit in. Outsiders are people who are not wanted by anyone else. For instance, at school there may be a few kids who no one likes or wants to be with; they would be considered “outsiders”. There have been a few times that I have felt like an outsider. For example, if everyone is talking about something big that is happening and I come in the middle of the conversation, and no one will take the time to explain, I feel like an outsider. Next time that we see an outsider, or someone who feels like an outsider, we should take the extra mile and make them feel welcome.

  19. I think an outsider is someone who simply doesn’t fit in in a social situation. Outsiders could also be translated as “nerds”, which is more commonly heard than “outsider”. Outsiders can simply just be someone who is bullied a lot also. Most victims of bullying situations are teased because they’re overachievers, which means that person is extremely smart, or they’ve accomplished amazing feats. Usually, if the person is teased or bullied a lot, those bullies are just jealous. Maybe they want to be like them, so instead of trying to help themselves become like that, they just make fun of the overachievers. They might also look much different from other people. Sometimes it involves race, religion, or it could just be their hobbies and interests. Overall, I think that outsiders are people that just don’t fit in for some reason.

    I hate being left out of conversations. It makes you feel excluded and not wanted in the conversation. In some cases, people might not want you to know something because you’re an outsider and, basically, you’re not worthy enough to know. Plus, you never know if those people are saying something mean about you. It really makes you feel left out and makes you feel really bad.

  20. The definition of an ‘outsider’ for me is someone that no one understands and someone who doesn’t fit the status quo. No one wants anything to do with an outsider. Like at school there would be some kids that don’t ‘fit in’ and people just don’t “get” them in a sense. I absolutely know what it’s like to be an outsider, it’s a terrible feeling, people won’t except you for who you are, and usually you can become an ‘outsider’ because people make judgments to quickly or are stereotypical. If they took time and just got to know you they would understand that your not a freak like they think you are. From a view of an outsider, all I can say is this, usually an outsider looks at the “in” crowd as just plain out mean. As I have learned if you actually communicate, you know, use your words, you’ll find out that you will find friends and even your enemies will accept you. For future reference- Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or even its synopsis (the little paragraph on the back that gives you some quick info about the book.) Actually “read the book” you might feel uncertain at first but you might up ending to want to “read the book” over and over. And if you just don’t like it, don’t ridicule that book, there are plenty of other “books” you can enjoy. Outsiders are created by those who decide to make quick judgments, and outsiders can be their own worst enemy by just deciding to feel miserable instead of trying to make friends.

    1. @alice14, I loved reading your comment! It’s great because it’s very descriptive! I love your book analogy. 🙂

    2. @alice14, Wow! Your reasoning is so deep and it very descriptive! “Outsiders are created by those who decide to make quick judgments, and outsiders can be their own worst enemy by just deciding to feel miserable instead of trying to make friends.” This is so sad but it is true and people need to know that people need to be accepted no matter what. You made an outstanding point!

  21. I have once been an outsider. I was an outsider when I moved to Spain for the 32 America’s Cup. We were going to live there for two years so we had to go to school there. I went to a private English school where everybody was Spanish but went to an English school. Whenever someone talked outside the classroom they spoke Spanish and I could not understand them. In the beginning when they started laughing I thought that they were laughing at me. I didn’t know anybody and felt lonely. They didn’t know me and did not translate what they were saying into English. So then I started to learn Spanish and could understand better and I made a couple of friends. Then some people came from Canada, Norway, New Zealand and the USA because their dads were sailing too. We all learned how to speak Spanish. Later in the year I met a person that became my best friend and he was from Puerto Rico and so he could speak both languages really well. He helped me and I made lots of friends in Spain after I learned how to speak better.

  22. In my view, an “outsider” is someone who is left out, or not a part of, a certain group. Some outsiders might be excluded from a group becouse the group thinks something is bad about that person. The “outsider” could be the complete opposite of what the group thinks but they will never find out because of their exclusion of the person. My friends talk about video games a lot. Most of the time they talk about video games I do not have. This makes me feel left out. Every once and a while, I will say “That’s cool” or “Awesome.” I get really bored most of the time. I htink that is how an “outsider” might feel sometimes.

  23. halee14
    January 7, 2009 · No Comments

    To me an outsider is a person that is left out of a conversation or activity. Outsiders are usually either together as in two people or just one person. The outsider is the person who is quiet and does not say very much. They may also seem mad or upset. Some people in the conversation try to just ignore the outsider by giving them an eye like they don’t care. I know that I have been out of a conversation or activity a bunch of times. I think we all have. I did not have a very good feeling. I felt neglected and unwanted in the discussion. I know I also felt a little nervous that my friends were going to forget about me and ignore for a very long time. I know exactly the feeling of being on the outside of a conversation. It is like no one wants you there and you just feel like you lost all of your friends. But when you think about it and when you are included in the conversation later on you have to remember how another outsider might feel. So you want to be a good friend as you wanted the others to be when you were the outsider. To me now I treat others as I want to be treated!

    1. @halee14, You had a really good start and I loved the way you thought about an outsider. Wonderful job halee i like reading your comment.

  24. Anyone can be an outsider; it all depends on the crowed. If you go to Africa and everyone dresses different, talks different, and looks different, acts different, you are an outsider. If an African comes hear the shoe is on the other foot, he/she is the outsider. So in my opinion an outsider is anyone who does not fit. A lot of my friends enjoy biking; I do not necessarily share the same enjoyment. Every now and then at lunch or break they will start talking about bikes, biking shoes, ext. I myself, not being a biker, am completely lost in the conversation and find it best to keep quiet. I do not really mind but once and a while I wished I knew what they were talking about. To be an outsider of a social circle is hard. You feel like you just don’t fit, like you are not wanted. It can hurt sometimes but it happens to everyone and you just have to be your self and you will be fine.

  25. An outsider to me could mean two different things. It could mean the person that isn’t included in conversations, or it could mean the person that is very unique and doesn’t exactly have a “clique”. Any person on the outside of a social circle always feels discluded and unwanted.

  26. An outsider can be someone outside of the social circle and it can also only be something you think of yourself. Someone outside of the social could mean that you are not “popular,” you are not included in most conversations, or you are “different” to other people. You can think of yourself as an outsider if you don’t think you have any friends or find youself “unpopular” even if you are. You might act, dress, or talk different than everyone and they will think poorly of you. Sometimes if you let people make fun of you, you will think less of yourself and make yourself an ousider. Being an ousider sometimes isn’t a social thing but actually a judging yourself.

  27. I think outsiders are people that have not many friends. These people sometimes are happy with no friends. They are solitary and like to sit and think by themselves. There are other people that popular people make fun of that do have no friends and are sad about that fact that they have no friends. But, these people have no friends because they might look or act different. That is what an outsiders are.

    1. @clay14, I don’t think outsiders are always people with no friends they could have friends, but they may want to become part of a group and the group could leave him or her outside of a conversation.

  28. I think that outsiders are people who aren’t in a group of friends and it’s kind of like they are outside of everyone else. I have felt outside of a conversation before but only a few times. Sometimes at lunch I sit at the end and my friends talk but I can’t hear them so that kind of makes me feel left out but I don’t really care because when they realize they are doing it they always apologize. Being an outsider doesn’t feel that bad but that is only my opinion.

  29. An outsider is someone who is considered not being part of a “group”. Being an outsider makes you feel left out and not excluded. The people who think that some people could be outsiders are wrong because I think that nobody is an outsider. I think that because people assume that someone is an outsider if they don’t hang out with other people, but sometimes those people are just shy and like to be by themselves or there isn’t anyone for them to hang out with. Everyone that is in a group of friends get left out of a conversation or a sleepover which doesn’t make them an outsider. It is just sometimes you don’t get included in everything. Sometimes if people believe they are an outsider which makes there confidence level go down. I think an outsider is just a label some people get if they are seen alone.

  30. I believe that an outsider is an individual who maybe sees him or herself as maybe not good enough as others. But that is not true. They just look around themselves and see everyone talk, or hug and feel like it could never be that way for them. I think that they are very left out, and maybe don’t have anyone to talk to or hang out with. I think that usually this outsider is shy and maybe only has one friend. He may seem “unusual” or “not cool enough” to other people. But really, people should all be treated as fairly as other people treat others. People should not just be nice to someone and then hate the other person without getting to know them. You have to give them a CHANCE and let them open up. I know how it feels like to be an outsider, and I think that everyone knows but they just cannot show it. Sometimes it just happens if you are in a fight with a friend, and then feel like you are not accepted. So if any of you guys see someone who is sad, I think we should maybe talk to them and make them feel better and more comfortable. It will make you feel happier, and that specific person would be excited too.

    1. @molly14, I love how you put it not so much as to what an outsider is or how bad it is but rather how we can change it. I also like your insight on how outsiders are usually shy.

  31. My understandings of an outsider is someone who feels that they do not belong with a group of people. I personally feel that I have been left out of a conversation about maybe myself or something is going on that I should not be allowed to know. If you are on the outside of a group then it does not make you feel very good, it makes you feel like you have no friends or people to hang out with.

  32. Outsiders are people that hang outside the group. Those type of people mostly just sit/stand and watch the conversation being told. In public schools to be an outsider would mean that you aren’t POPULAR. In public schools that one of the most common things. That’s why many girls get into fights at public schools because the POPULAR girl thinks she’s the coolest and owns the school. My example for myself was when I first came to my new school. (SPS) I came to this school in fourth grade. I didn’t hang out with anyone the first few days because I had to see what was going on in different social groups. Wow this is funny because I remember like it was yesterday. . . . . . Anyway, one day I was eating my snack and these two girls come up to me. I looked at them with curiosity. They were so nice to me and they invited me to go to Busch Gardens. After that they became my two best friends. Its amazing how things work like that. The whole point of me saying that was if your someone new at a school (like an outsider) and your not sure what to do. Wait. . . . and you’ll see that someone will find you eventually. Those two little girls that came up to me that day are still my true and best friends and they always will be.
    I’ve been an outsider before. I don’t think that its the best feeling to be an outsider because I’m the type of person that talks about really anything. Like, I’ll hear a conversation going on and I’ll just jump from one social group to another social group. It’s funny. I just love talking so I don’t really have a problem being an outsider. Outsider’s are usually quiet and just observe but thats the exact opposite of what I am.
    In a situation though I might be an outsider. For example lets say my friends and I are going to the mall to do some christmas shopping. While I’m there I hear my friend say something about going into “Old Navy,” grabbing something we like, walk into the dressing room, and put it in my bag. Now the only reason she is doing this is to prove something to her enemy at school. So as we all walk to “Old Navy” everyone agrees that they were all gonna take something. Then there’s me thinking this is not a smart idea. Someone who is an OUTSIDER say anything and go with the flow. I would not be an OUTSIDER and stand up for myself and maybe someone else would too, but you never do. . . . Now, because I was an OUTSIDER and didn’t say anything I’M PAYING THE PRICE IN JAIL. That would be my example of how an OUTSIDER would work. The OUTSIDER just wanted to fit in so she did something bad and now is in jail for it.
    It’s amazing how thinks work like that in this WORLD. The person just wanted to fit in but yet she is gonna get into even more trouble by her guardian.

    1. @taylor14, I like how you took the time to write a long, descriptive post. I also like how you capitalized important or certain words.

    2. @taylor14, Taylor you had a really good response and really long to. Great ideas and I agree with gavin it was smart to capitilize important words. I loved your response.

  33. I feel that an outsider is just like it sounds, someone who is on the “outside” of something, or at least they think they are. I think that it is not correct to call anyone an outsider because although you and the person in question think they are not in the “loop” they are an “insider” in some way, whether they realize it or not. Just because they are on the outside of some groups, that doesn’t mean they are a total outsider. They aren’t an outsider with their family. Also, if someone wants to find a place to belong, they will find one eventually. They might just currently be looking in the wrong places.
    At one point or another, most people will feel that they are an outsider for something. I felt like an outsider when all my friends were talking about different Wii games when I didn’t have one. It was pretty annoying because I really couldn’t be part of the conversations. Sometimes people are left out of things by accident like what I just said about Wii games. My friends weren’t trying to leave me out, they were just having a normal conversation.

    1. @ricky14, Ricky, I also know what it feels like to be accidently left out of the conversation. I remember how people used to talk about different bands and how to play the guitar, but I don’t know how to play the guitar. Also, they talk about games like Halo and Call of Duty a lot, but I don’t have those games either. Anyway, I like the expressions you used. For example, you said,”people aren’t in the ‘loop’.” Also, I thought you were very descriptive when explaining your ideas. I hope you don’t get left out of the conversation more.

    2. @ricky14, Hey Ricky, first off I’m sorry for leaving you out of all those conversations. If you just spoke up then I would have changed the subject or explained it better to you for you to paint a better picture in your mind of what we where talking about.
      Anyways……. You’re right, even if a person is or feels like an “outsider” they always have someone that cares for them, whether it’s their family, maybe their one or few friends and people they know, or a secret admirer. You’re also right that if that “outsider” just keeps trying and looking for a place they feel that they fit into, then they do, and their happy, and when someone is happen with where they are in life and such they truly are an “insider”.
      Once again sorry for leaving you out of those conversations and next time just ask!!! We’ll gladly clear the game up for you.

  34. The feeling of being left out is quite common, especially for adolescents. Unfortunately, that fact doesn’t make it any less painful. To feel left outside a social circle is one of the worst feelings. I’ve felt it and it hurts. Most kids start changing their personalities only to get rid of the feeling. Sometimes they even start going to drastic actions like crimes – just to fit in. I’ve been left out of conversation before. I don’t think it’s too bad and I usually forgive people for doing it. Most of the time they don’t mean it. The best thing to do when you feel like an outsider is to take matters into your own hands. Make an effort to start a conversation. That’s all it takes. You don’t have to change yourself.

  35. I believe that an “outsider” is someone who doesn’t belong anywhere or is just left out of conversations or groups. An “outsider” is usually someone who is very shy and nervous or someone who doesn’t have anything in common with anyone else. An “outsider” is could also be someone who doesn’t want to be with a group or just feels better by them self. Yes, I felt that I have been left out of a conversation many times. I remember a few years ago, I hung out with a group of kids and they usually told the group to go someplace, but when we started walking the rest of the group would turn around and ditch me and a few other people who were sometimes left out of the conversation also. It feels really bad to me when people do things like that to me, and I’m left out of the conversation. After a while, I finally decided to leave that group and find new people that I can hang out with. I have now found a group where I feel that I can say what I want and not be left out of the conversation.
    Now that I’ve already witnessed what it’s like to be an “outsider” in the past, I found out that it feels bad and depressing. In the future, I’m going to look out for other “outsiders” and ask them to either join us or I’ll talk to them to cheer them up and make them not feel so sad and left out.

  36. I think an “outsider” is someone that doesn’t belong to a group. I have been left outside of a conversation or basically ignored. I was trying to talk, but my friends didn’t care what I said. When I an left out of a conversation it doesn’t feel to bad just a little because when I am being ignored I just leave the group and go talk to somebody else. I also don’t feel that bad because I know it happens to a lot of people.
    I see outsider all the time. When the bell rings and everyone is eating their snacks at break, there are always groups talking and if someone looks at the groups usually there are people being left out of a conversation.

  37. To me, I feel an outsider is one who is rejected within their social group of friends. I guess there are times when every one of us is eventually left out of a conversation, but sometimes it may not be purposeful, rather mistakingly. Either way, it’s a very ‘alone’ feeling, it’s a feeling of not being appreciated or respected.

    It is a true statement to say we all are guilty of making our peers feel like “outsiders” at one time or another. I’d like to apologize to anyone that I may have done this to.

    The time I felt most like an “outsider” was, well, everytime we lived in a foreign country! Before I was able to learn a little about their the culture, their language, their food, and their people, I felt like I didn’t belong, and that I never would. But then one of the greatest challenges of feeling like an “outsider” is becoming an “insider”, which is very fun and a feeling of great satisfaction. 🙂

    I guess the bottom line is this; sometimes you can change being an outsider, and sometimes you can’t.

    1. @victoriak14, I love how you say”…..one of the greatest challenges of feeling like an “outsider” is becoming an “insider.” How lucky you are to have had the experiences of living in different countries!

    2. @victoriak14, Victoria I really liked your last comment and I remember thinking that you were an outsider when you first showed up the second day of school. Then as I got to know you I relized that you were a great, nice, funny, and very excited to meet new people. Now it turns out we are close freinds. And I am happy about meeting you and going to meet and talk to an outsider. I loved your response.

  38. I think that a outsider means that someone or something being left out or not being excepted into a certain group. You can not really be outside of something because there is always away to be inside of a group ( I noticed ricky said this in a way also). You could even be inside of something by being in the world because the world is one big general group of its own if you think about it. I have really never felt “left out” of a conversation because there is so many conversations going on that you can just go to a new one if someone does not want to talk to you. For example say Tim did not want to talk to Heather. Heather could still go to a new conversation and not be “left out”. There is no real way to be “left out” because like I said the world is a general group of its self and you can never be “left out” of the world unless you die.
    However not all people look at being “left out” in that way. Most people would feel bad if they were left out. So they would say they have been “left out” of a conversation because at one point or another people will not want to talk to you and ignore you. In this perspective people would consider being on the “outside” bad. There is tons of ways to look at this post you just have to look at it in different ways.

  39. I believe that an “outsider” is someone who has not found their true character and prefers to be alone until they find people that they can connect and feel comfortable with. It also could be someone who does not “fit in” according to the other groups and cliques that they are frequently around.
    I felt like an outsider when I first came to Shorecrest in third grade. The first day I visited the school I did not really know a lot of people. I felt different because I was new. I had to meet a bunch of people and see who I related to. It turned out that there was a copious amount of my peers that I would feel comfortable associating myself with.
    It definitely feels different being an outsider than it does being in a group of friends. When you are in a group of friends, you always have someone to talk to or a conversation to listen to. If you are an outsider, you usually don’t communicate with others very often. How someone feels about always being out of the conversation circle or situation is different with each person. For example, to some people it could be okay because they maybe don’t like being in touch with the gossip or drama. Others may feel ashamed or depressed because they feel left out. Being an “outsider” can be looked at in many different perspectives. People have individual opinions of the term “outsider”. Particular people might enjoy being an outsider. Others might always rather be with a companion. In my opinion it is all about acceptance. Whether you are accepted or not determines whether you are an outsider or not. The only question is what do we do to make sure these people are only outsiders if they choose to be.

  40. Being an outsider is more of a feeling then a person. People are outsiders because they feel unwanted and unneeded. Outsiders are people who are not in the social ring. There are many ways to be an outsider, physical appearance or mental thoughts. I was once an outsider in my lifetime. The first time I came to Shorecrest Preparatory School I was nervous and hung out in the corner, ate lunch by my self, and had no friends. One day when it was naptime a boy pulled his mat up to mine and we talked and had a great time. Soon we were friends and he introduced my to other people. I felt better and left the felling of being a outsider.

  41. An outsider is someone who may not be apart of a group or conversation. Therefor they have been “left out”. Normally an outsider is someone who is “different”. They don’t fit in with the others because they aren’t accepted.
    I think everyone has been an outsider atleast once. I feel left out of conversations all the time. It doesn’t bother me a lot because no one can know everything about every conversation, but it is nice to be filled in. People should look at it that way instead of always feeling excluded.

  42. I think an “outsider” is someone who does not fit in and they choose not to obey the rules. I think criminal and homeless people are considered an outsider. Many times I have felt like I was left out of a conversation. Like when my friends are talking in a circle and I don’t know what they are talking about. I feel like I am left out and just ignored. Like I don’t know what is going on and I am missing out on something. I think that is exactly how an outsider must feel.

  43. I think an “outsider” is someone who does there own thing and does not care too much about what anybody else thinks. I also think that it means to be on the outside of a group or click. Sometimes I do feel like I have been left out of a conversation. If some of my friends are having a conversation and I don’t know what they are talking about or I don’t know what is going on. I think that some people are fine being “outsiders” but I prefer hanging out with friends and not being by myself.

  44. To me a outsider is a person who is different than everyone else there for not excepted. Sometimes people who are different are excepted, but this doesn’t happen a lot. Sometimes outsiders form a group with other outsiders who they have things in common with. I have felt like a outsider when two of my friends leave me out of discussions or do not acknowledge me. Once I was over at my friend’s house and she had another one of my friends over too. I felt left out because they kept talking about things I didn’t know about.

    1. @madison14, I love your definition of an outsider. It is true, most people that are different are not accepted, therefore they create their own group.

  45. To me an outsider is a new person or someone different. This means it could be a new person or maybe someone you truthful have not had time to meat and talk to. i know in times i have felt like an outsider. For example once my freind and I were acompined by three other girls. This was on a really hot day so we all wanted to go swimming at least we thought all of us. It ended up we went to get someones bathing suit and when we got there they purposly forgot their bathing suit. I turned out my freind and I had been wanted to swimming for at least three days so we decided to leave and I felt like an outsider from the other three girls because they went of and did their own thing and it made you think about if they were talking about me behind my back. I think being an outsider is tough. Everyone should go out on a limb and help out a new person or become freinds with someone you know but not real personal. “Getting to know new people and helping them meet new people is always that right choice,” I always here that from everyone. Although the saying does mean a lot in the way it is said. Everyone should follow the quote. Outsiders are good so you should give them a chance.

  46. I think that an outsider is someone who is left out of a group of people, or someone that chooses to remain friendless. The second one is highly unlikely. Outsiders, to me are a group of people that have been kicked out of society and have banded together. In Spain I felt left out a lot (surprise!) even when they didn’t mean to and I felt horrible a lot of the time. It was even worse when people made fun of my accent and my light hair. No one should be left out because to many people being friendless in a place like school is one of the worst things that can happen to them.

  47. An outsider is a person that is either self-excluded from a group or the group excludes them. You may self-excluded yourself for many reasons. You may think that you are not good enough to be included or maybe you think your better then the group so you don’t join in. You may think you have nothing in common with the group. Other times the group may be excluding you with knowledge or without knowledge. Many times people don’t even realize they are making others feel like outsiders. They are oblivious to their actions. Either way, being excluded from a group makes you feel sad.
    Many times I am excluded from a group, but usually it’s my own fault. I’m not much of a talker so people forget I am there and close me out. I often drift from one group to another until I feel comfortable. I am sort of like my own group with some people drifting in and out on a daily basis while others stay for the long run. I think people have to strive to find a group of people they feel comfortable with. You also have to remember that people change and one circle of friends may not last forever, but may lead you to another circle. There will always be a person that has something in common with you, but you can’t wait around for that person to find you. You have to seek that person out.

    1. @evie14, I like how you say” I am sort of my own group with some people drifting in and out on a daily basis while others stay for the long run.”

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