Choose One From The Writing Buffet

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Hi Students,

This week please choose one writing prompt to respond to and follow the directions on the image.

No matter which one you choose, two paragraphs written well are expected. Have clever opening  and concluding lines.

If you choose the first one about the teacher, it goes without saying that you should be respectful. Have fun but be respectful.

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A Meaningful Object

Hi Students!

Please follow the directions on the prompt. I want you to really think on what these questions are asking. One good paragraph to include a creative lead sentence and a concluding sentence. Watch those run-on and incomplete sentences. Think outside the box!

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Trick or Treat!! Halloween Style

Hi Students,

It’s time for the annual Halloween post! Please craft two well-written paragraphs, one describing your favorite Halloween costume, and one sharing a funny or scary memory that happened when you either went trick or treating and/or attended a Halloween event of some kind. If you have never participated in Halloween, then describe a time when you wore a costume whether it be for a theater production or some other occasion and tell about the events surrounding it.

Be very descriptive (use those adjectives) when describing your costume. This has always been a fun prompt to do. We love reading about the clever and creative costumes and the funny or scary things that happened to you. Please do not make stuff up and watch those run-on sentences…I am seeing way too many of them. Many of you need to take better care when editing.

If you plan on going out this Halloween, have fun and be safe!!

(Photo taken at a haunted house at its scariest moment!)

And a very clever costume!

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Padawan, Wizard, Demigod, or Dragon?

Hi Students!

Since we are reading about Harry Potter and Bilbo Baggins, I thought prompts having to do with wizards and dragons would be fun.

Choose ONE of the two writing prompts to answer and follow the directions on the image. I’m looking for a good, descriptive (use those colorful adjectives!) paragraph that begins with a creative lead (so the reader knows which prompt you are answering to), lots of details, and a clever concluding sentence that wraps up your ideas nicely. Watch for apostrophes and run-on and incomplete sentences.

A Padawan is a young Jedi (Star Wars) apprentice.

Be sure to explain why you choose to go to that particular school and what kinds of things would you learn/do there? Do not borrow from Harry Potter.

For the dragon prompt, include what living with a dragon would be like.

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What Makes A Hero?

Students, since we have begun our hero unit with the reading of Harry Potter and The Hobbit, I would like to open up discussions on the essential question: What makes a hero? Using the short documentary BoatLift, An Untold Story of 9/11 Resilience to guide your thinking, please craft a well-detailed paragraph and include the following elements:

What is your definition of a hero? Include the qualities and what a hero means to you.

When you watched the video, what struck you (stood out for you) about the boat captains/workers?

What particular images demonstrated heroism?

In their own powerful words, the boat captains/workers narrated the events from that day. What is one stand-out thing you remember from what was said?

After watching the video, I….(finish the sentence)

Begin your paragraph with a creative lead-in sentence and end with a concluding sentence that sums up all your ideas. NO repeating the first line, or saying in conclusion, or that is why…think!

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