What Makes A Hero?

Students, since we have begun our hero unit with the reading of Harry Potter and The Hobbit, I would like to open up discussions on the essential question: What makes a hero? Using the short documentary BoatLift, An Untold Story of 9/11 Resilience to guide your thinking, please craft a well-detailed paragraph and include the following elements:

What is your definition of a hero? Include the qualities and what a hero means to you.

When you watched the video, what struck you (stood out for you) about the boat captains/workers?

What particular images demonstrated heroism?

In their own powerful words, the boat captains/workers narrated the events from that day. What is one stand-out thing you remember from what was said?

After watching the video, I….(finish the sentence)

Begin your paragraph with a creative lead-in sentence and end with a concluding sentence that sums up all your ideas. NO repeating the first line, or saying in conclusion, or that is why…think!

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Who Would Be Your Friend?

Students, please follow the prompt on the image, but I will change the following: It must be a fictional character from a book you have read within the last two years. Do not choose a character from a picture book you had when you were little, no movie characters, and no comics. I am looking for meaningful content.

NO Disney children’s characters!!

We need to work on writing one good paragraph before we can move on to more. Begin with a creative opener, a hook, to grab the reader’s attention. Fill in with the details. Watch your sentences. Be sure to explain why you chose this character and what it would be like to have that character as a friend. Remember to wrap up your ideas with a concluding sentence.

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Your Ultimate Treehouse

Hi Students! Welcome to your first post of the year!

These images are the magical Hogwarts-inspired tree houses that J.K. Rowling built for her children behind her home in Scotland. Pretty amazing, huh? I would play in these all day!

What would be your ultimate treehouse?

Include the following in your writing:

What would it look like?

What elements would it have?

Where would it be?

Be creative, be detailed, and think outside the box! One good paragraph. Have a creative opening lead sentence, details, and a concluding sentence that wraps up your ideas. It should NOT be a repeat of your lead sentence. Watch spelling and please use punctuation!

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