Kiki Strike

Pretend that you received an invitation to join the Irregulars in the exploration and discovery of the Shadow City. What would be the special talent that makes you you? Why did Kiki choose you? Please don’t make something up. Each one of you is special and unique in your own way. What do you already possess that would be of benefit to the group?
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Which Faction Defines You?

Hi Students,

Since many of you have read this book, Divergent (or series), and with the movie just released, I thought it would be a fun prompt to write to. It certainly is one that will make you think. Even if you are not familiar with the book, answering to this prompt will not be a problem.  (To be selfless means putting the needs and wishes of others before yourself; erudite is pronounced:  ˈer(y)əˌdīt – (er/eye/e/dite)

Which faction would you choose to belong? Why? (Read the definitions on the image.)

What appeals to you about that virtue (desirable quality) compared to the others?

What do you think life would be like living with people who are solely dedicated to that virtue?

Three small paragraphs, please skip a space to indicate a new paragraph, and no silliness.

Warning to those who have the book (series) NO SPOILERS! If I have to delete all or part of your response, that will earn you a zero.)


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Mt. Olympus Theme Park

Ground has broken and construction has begun on the Mt. Olympus theme park scheduled to open in two years. Using the research on your god or goddess, please design a ride or attraction that reflects the personality of your deity. Take some time to think your ideas through using the information you know to create something special. Unique attributes, divine powers, interesting or fun facts from a myth should be considered. Let your clever and creative juices flow! Your ride or attraction must have a name. Do not use any elements or ideas from a real theme park. Be descriptive and remember to separate paragraphs by putting in an extra return. Two paragraphs at the most. (Image courtesy of  Oh My Gods! Mythlopedia, Megan Bryant)

I can’t wait till the park opens!


For Sale: One Magical House!

Hello Students! Pretend you are a real estate agent for an agency that sells magical homes, and you have been asked by the owners of this enchanted house to sell it. You have your first prospective buyers coming by to take a tour. What are you going to say? How would you go about selling this house? As a real estate agent, it is your job to point out all the wonderful and unique features a magical house would have. Gather your inspiration from all the fantasy books and/or movies you have seen to describe some of the magical elements that might be in a magical house.

Be mindful, that I am not looking for silliness…but be specific in your descriptions. Have fun and be creative and clever! Think in terms of what the different rooms in the house might have. If you were buying a magical house, what features would you want it to have?

No dialog! But do put a space between paragraphs if you write more than one (like I do here)…remember, you cannot indent in a blog. (Two paragraphs at most)

Please use a topic sentence: It is the sentence that captures the meaning of the paragraph and tells the reader about what he/she will be reading. It usually is written at the beginning of the paragraph, but it can appear a few sentences in. Most of you already do this. Every paragraph should have a topic sentence. End with a concluding sentence, too. No I think and be careful of repetition. (I like winter. I like winter because…) MANY of you still do this. Watch out for any run-on sentences; I’m seeing them less and less! :)

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